Questions Asked on
April 23, 2015

  1. English

    From which statement in The Governess could you conclude that mistress is self important? A. I didn't bother making a note of it because I always do it*** B. Maybe you heard forty when I said thirty C. I excelled in mathematics. He gets that from his

    asked by Abby
  2. Math

    identify the sequence as arithmetic, geometric, or neither. Explain your answer. 1.6, 0.8, 0.4, 0.2. plz help me I'm really confused.

    asked by Abby
  3. Geometry

    The volumes of two similar solids are 1,331 m^3 and 216 m^3. The surface area of the larger solid is 484 m^2. What is the surface area of the smaller solid? A. 864m^2 B. 288m^2 C. 144m^2 D. 68m^2 I think the answer is B or C just a lil confused...

    asked by Cassie
  4. social studies 8th

    1. Which of the following was a cause of the Great Depression? (Choose all that apply.) (3 points) the Stock Market Crash of 1929 Prohibition Failed crops and drought A lack of demand for goods 2. What was the impact of the boll weevil? (Choose all that

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  5. Math- Probability Please Help!

    1) You and 3 friends go to a concert. In how many different ways can you sit in the assigned seats? A) 6 B) 12 C) 24 D) 10 2) You own 7 pairs of jeans and want to take 2 of them with you on vacation. In how many ways can you choose 2 pairs of jeans? A) 60

    asked by Sammy

    1. Which of the following best describes the economy of the 1920s in the United States? (1 point) It was a period of economic hardship. It was a wartime economy. It was a boom time, or a period of great economic growth.**** It was a period that did not see

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  7. Math - Probability

    A spinner is divided into 11 equal sections numbered from 0 to 10. You spin the spinner once. What is P(even)? a. 3/5 b. 1/2 c. 5/11 d. 6/11

    asked by Anon
  8. Math

    Can someone please explain to me how to solve this: Simplify 6P2. A) 30 B) 15 C) 12 D) 720

    asked by Carl
  9. Language Arts

    1. How do both employers first cheat their governess? The employers say they mad a note of the fact that the pay is 30 rubbles a month and not 40 The employers indicate that an agreement was made about losing pay for holidays The employers decide to deduct

    asked by Andrew
  10. L.A. The Governess :)

    The literature is The Governess by Neil Simon. What do you learn from these stage directions in The Governess? [The faintest trace of a smile her lips] A. Julia is suddenly very happy. B. Julia knows something Mistress doesn't know. C. Julia has made an

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math help?

    I am kind of stuck on this one Each of two urns contains green balls and red balls. Urn I contains 10 green balls and 8 red balls. Urn II contains 3 green balls and 10 red balls. If a ball is drawn from each urn, what is P(red and red)? (a) 23/18 (b) 10/27

    asked by plz
  12. English

    I have a major poetry test tomorrow and I just wanted to know how to tell apart a blank verse from a free verse. Thanks

    asked by Linda
  13. Math

    Simplify the expression 6P3. I don't know how to solve it so if you could help me with it as well i would really appreciate it.

    asked by David
  14. science

    Are BEVs or hydrogen fuel cell vehicles a more promising transportation technology for the future? (This is question #3 from p. 608.) Should car companies be required to produce electric cars?

    asked by Abby
  15. algrebra

    A scientist is working with 1.3m of gold wire. How long is the wire in millimeters? Be sure to include the correct unit in your answer.

    asked by t
  16. math

    Raj builds a side table in the shape of a cube. Each edge of the cube measures 20 inches. Raj wants to cover the top and four sides of the table with ceramic tiles. Each tile has an edge length of 5 inches. How many tiles will he need? THANK YOU!

    asked by kyle
  17. Math Help

    In a certain state, each automobile license plate number consists of two letters followed by a four-digit number. To avoid confusion between "O" and zero and between "I" and one, the letters "O" and "I" are not used. How many distinct license plates can be

    asked by Keith
  18. chemistry

    If you had left your copper(II) nitrate/potassium hydroxide precipitate stand for a while, the precipitate would turn into a black powder. The copper doesn’t reduce in this reaction, but one mole of water is produced from the reaction of one mole of the

    asked by Cortney
  19. Physics

    The bird perched on the swing has a mass of 48.0 g, and the base of the swing has a mass of 159 g. The swing and bird are originally at rest, and then the bird takes off horizontally at 1.20 m/s. How high will the base of the swing rise above its original

    asked by Dom
  20. Math

    1. which is a rule that describes the translation of point from (-5, 4) to (-1, 2) A (x,y) --> (x - 4, y - 2) B (x,y) --> (x + 4, y - 2) (my answer) C (x,y) --> (x + 4, y + 2) D (x,y) --> (x - 4, y + 2) 2. the ordered pairs (2, -17) and (5, -35) are

    asked by Jarrod
  21. math

    A picture on the wall in Jeremy's classroom has 4 right angles, 4 sides of equal length, and 2 pairs of opposite sides that are parallel. What quadrilateral best describes the picture?

    asked by Melody Dickson
  22. Math 7th Grade

    1. which is a rule that describes the translation of point from (-5, 4) to (-1, 2) A (x,y) --> (x - 4, y - 2) B (x,y) --> (x + 4, y - 2) (my answer) C (x,y) --> (x + 4, y + 2) D (x,y) --> (x - 4, y + 2) 2. the ordered pairs (2, -17) and (5, -35) are

    asked by Jarrod
  23. Math

    Six sprinters have qualified for the finals in the 100-meter dash at the NCAA national track meet. In how many ways can the sprinters come in first, second, and third? (Let's assume there are no tires).

    asked by Jackie
  24. Science

    the force of gravity on jupiter is much stronger than the force of gravity on earth. which of the following explains why this is true. A. Jupiter's orbit is farther away from the Sun and Earths orbit B. Jupiter has more mass than Earth C. Jupiter's orbit

    asked by Abby
  25. Health

    All bicycles, skates, skateboards, and scooters should follow traffic rules True False I say True

    asked by Kel
  26. Math

    If a snail can move 3/10 of a meter every 1/12 hour, what is the speed of the snail in meters per hour? 3/10*12=36/10=3 3/5 m/hr ?????

    asked by Cale
  27. English 4

    Which words best describe the character of the bridegroom in “Woo'd and Married and A'”? A. clever and wise B. foolish and poor C. wealthy and wise D. irresponsible and clever A?

    asked by Ciara
  28. math

    A video rental company offers a plan that includes a membership fee of $8 and charges $2 for every DVD borrowed. They also offer a second plan, that costs $14 per month for unlimited DVD rentals. If a customer borrows enough DVDs in a month, the two plans

    asked by ethan
  29. math

    Santana wants to cover a gift box shaped like a rectangular prism with foil. The foil costs $0.03 per square inch. Santana has a choice between Box A which is 8 inches long, 3 inches wide, and 6 inches high, and Box B which is 10 inches long, 3 inches

    asked by Cara
  30. math

    Sofia has a plate that has 4 sides of equal length, 2 pairs of opposite sides that are parallel, and no right angles. What quadrilateral best describes the plate.

    asked by Melody Dickson
  31. physics

    A 15.0cm object is placed 60.0cm from a convex lens which has a focal lenght of 15.0cm use the thin lens equation to find the distance of the image (60)1/15=1/60+1/60(1/15)=1-1+1/d

    asked by maria
  32. Chemistry

    What is the equilibrium equation for FeS(s) + 2H3O+(aq) - Fe2+(aq) + H2S(aq) + 2H2O(l) ? Explain if possible !

    asked by Maria
  33. Chemistry

    The molar heat of fusion for water is 6.009 kJ/mol. How much energy would be required to melt 15.11 mol ice? Answer in units of kJ. Thanks in advance!

    asked by Radio Active Wear
  34. physics

    A charge of -4.50 10-6 C is placed at a point in space where the electric field is directed toward the right and has a magnitude of 9.00 104 N/C. What are the magnitude and direction of the electrostatic force on this charge?

    asked by jeff
  35. chemestry

    A sample of 0.75 KCL is added to 35 g of H2O in a calorimeter and stirred until dissolved, the temperature of the solution decreases from 24.8 to 23.6 what is the enthalpy of solution expressed in kJ / mole KCL?

    asked by Daniela
  36. chemistry

    an old tablet of vitamin c weighed 1.022 g. It was dissolved in 500 mL water, and a 25.0 mL aliquot of this solution required 22.6 mL of .005 M I2 solution to oxidize it. Calculate the mg vitamin C in the tablet.

    asked by chem3a
  37. chemistry - kinetics

    Understanding the high-temperature behavior of nitrogen oxides is essential for controlling pollution generated in automobile engines. The decomposition of nitric oxide (NO) to N2 and O2 is second order with a rate constant of 0.0796 M−1*s−1 at 737∘C

    asked by Kayla
  38. Physics

    An object of 3.0kg is projected into the air at a 55 degree angle. It hits the ground 3.4s later. What is it's change in momentum while it's in the air?

    asked by Michaela
  39. English 4

    Sonnet 43 is mainly about A. the death of the speaker's beloved. B. the appearance of the speaker's beloved. C. the ways in which the speaker loves her beloved. D. the speaker's religious beliefs. B ?

    asked by Ciara
  40. Algebra

    Carly deposits $900 into an annuity at the end of every month for 2.5 years. The fund holds international stocks, and it yields about 12% compounded monthly. Find the interest earned after 2.5 years. a.$31,619.46 b.$31,306.40 c.$4,619.47 d.$4,306.40 (I can

    asked by Mac
  41. physics

    A 25 gram arrow fired from a bow has a speed of 80m/s. The energy in the arrow came from work done by the bow that acted over a 1m "draw" distance. What average force acted on the arrow over this distance?

    asked by JJ
  42. personal finance

    Which of the following is a true statement? A. The dividends-earnings ratio is a key factor that serious investors use to evaluate stock investments. B. The price-earnings ratio for a corporation must be studied for one period only. C. The price-earnings

    asked by Jackie
  43. Analytic Geometry

    The line segment joining a vertex of a triangle and the midpoint of the opposite side is called the median of the triangle. Given a triangle whose vertices are A(4,-4), B(10, 4) and C(2, 6), find the point on each median that is two-thirds of the distance

    asked by Alexis
  44. numerical methods

    Consider a spherical storage tank containing oil. The tank has a diameter of 8 ft. You are asked to calculate the height h to which a dipstick 10 ft long would be wet with oil when immersed in the tank when it contains 6 3 ft of oil. The equation that

    asked by aira
  45. math

    There are 45 questions in a Mathematics quizbee. For every correct answer, 5 marks are awarded and 3 marks for every wrong answer. If sofia scored 185 points, how many questions did she answer wrongly.

    asked by thania
  46. math

    A pedestal in a craft store is in the shape of a triangular prism. The bases are right triangles with side lengths of 12 centimeters, 16 centimeters, and 20 centimeters. The store owner wraps a piece of rectangular cloth around the pedestal, but does not

    asked by Eli
  47. math

    A my diver jumped from an airplane. He used his watch to time the length of his jump. His height above the ground can be modelled by h= -5(t-4)^2+2500, where h is his height above the ground in meters and t is time in seconds from when he started his

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Physics

    A 3.40 kg block of copper at a temperature of 74 °C is dropped into a bucket containing a mixture of ice and water whose total mass is 1.20 kg. When thermal equilibrium is reached the temperature of the water is 14 °C. How much ice was in the bucket

    asked by Jennifer
  49. Statistics

    I have been working on the following homework problem: Consider Homer and Bart's consumption of potato chips and donuts. Suppose that Marge is in the room 30% of the time that Bart is eating chips and 40% of the time that Bart is eating donuts. Similarly,

    asked by W
  50. geology

    I need help finding the BP ages of : (when the present year is 1950) Giant Sequoia tree rings from California. Date: 979 ± 52 years BCE Cedar of Lebanon fragments from funeral boat of Egyptian King Sesostris III. Date: 1843 ± 50 years BC and the BP dates

    asked by keanna
  51. Physics

    A gun converts 200J of stored energy into kinetic energy of the 0.02kg bullet. What is the speed of the bullet as it leaves the gun? If the gun is fired straight up how high will the bullet go?

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Chem

    Can someone help with this one? Half life of 55Cr is about 2 hours. A sample of the isotopes delivered from the reactor to lab requires 12 hours. What is the minimum amount of material that should be shipped to get 1.0 mg of 55Cr. I said 32mg but I got it

    asked by Marissa
  53. Heat and properties of matter

    1. Which of the following is not true a. Evaporation occurs at any temprature of a liquid b. Boiling takes place only at the surface of the liquid c. Evaporation occursonly at the surface of a liquid d. Boiling of a liquid takes place at a definite

    asked by Mutiyat
  54. Chemistry

    The standard molar heat of vaporization for water is 40.79 kJ/mol. How much energy would be required to vaporize 8.51 ×1010 molecules of water? Answer in units of kJ. Thanks for the help!!!

    asked by Radio Active Wear
  55. Geometry

    If the scale factor of two similar solids is 4:17, what is the ratio of their corresponding area and volumes? A. 4:289 and 17:4,913 B. 8:34 and 12:51 C. 16:289 and 64:4,913 D. 64:4,913 and 16:289 I am not sure of how to do this - please help...

    asked by Cassie
  56. math please help

    Medians line AX and line BY of triangle ABC are perpendicular at point G. Prove that AB = CG. In your diagram,

    asked by Jenna
  57. College Algebra

    The function w(x) = -0.01x² + 0.27x + 8.60 can be used to estimate the number of self-employed workers in America in millions, x years after 1980. For what years were there (or will be there) 9.7 million self-employed worker in America?

    asked by Sean
  58. Math

    In how many ways can a 15-question true-false exam be answered? (Note: No questions are taken away)

    asked by Faith
  59. Physical Science

    At 27 degrees Celsius and 750 mm Hg, a sample of hydrogen occupies 5.00 L. The space it occupies at STP = 4.49 L. Should the 4.49 L be rounded to 4.5 L? If not, is there a specific rule that explains rounding for this type of problem?

    asked by Doris
  60. Statistics

    The TreeDropped Fruit Company wants to sell its apples in pink and yellow gift boxes. To design the boxes, the company needs to estimate the average diameter of their apples. A random sample of 50 apples has a mean of 4.1 inches. Using previous research

    asked by Jenny
  61. health

    true or false. by taking safety precautions, individuals can remove some of the opportunity for crimes to occur true am i right

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Chemistry

    Someone help me with my titration molarity calculation please!? I have titrated 1.000 mL of Ca(IO3)2 with 2.197 ml of 0.022 M thiosulfate. First I found the moles of thiosulfate present with 0.002197 L x 0.022 M = 4.8388E-5. The mole ratio of S2O3^-2 and

    asked by Mel
  63. chemestry

    the enthalpy of combustion of benzoic acid C6H5COOH, which is used to calibrate calorimeters usualmete is -3227 kJ mol-1. burning 1.453g of benzoic acid into a calorimeter, the 2,265 ° C temperature increase what is the heat capacity of the calorimeter?

    asked by Daniela
  64. chem 2

    For 520.0mL of a buffer solution that is 0.140M in HC2H3O2 and 0.125M in NaC2H3O2, calculate the initial pH and the final pH after adding 0.020mol of HCl

    asked by jess
  65. English 4

    When the speaker of “Ode to the West Wind” speaks of the impulse of the wind’s strength, to what is he referring? A. the sound of the wind B. the force driving the wind forward C. the weakening of the wind D. the random nature of the wind’s

    asked by Ciara
  66. english 4

    Which vocabulary word correctly completes this sentence? After reading Chapman’s translation of Homer, Keats’s _____ about classic literature increased. A. vintage B. ken C. requiem D. teeming D?

    asked by Ciara
  67. History

    1. __________ make up the majority of the population in guatemala. (1 point) 2. One challenge that makes it hard for the Mayas to retain their land is that they are more likely to think of themselves as ___ than ___

    asked by SAO2<3
  68. physics

    a gun converts 200J of stored energy into kinetic energy of the 0.02kg bullet. What is the speed of the bullet as it leaves the gun? If the gun is fired straight up, how high will the bullet go?

    asked by jean
  69. Chemistry

    Question: Describe the procedure you would follow to determine the concentration of vitamin C in a sample if the volume of DCPIP required to reach the end point were more than the 10ml graduated cylinder could hold. The titration must still be carried out

    asked by Skylar Park
  70. Precalculus

    Write the equation for the following relation, Submit your solution. P = {(x, y): (1, 0), (2, 4), (3, 8), (4, 12), . . .}

    asked by Kierra McCormick
  71. Algebra. Help me please!

    Andrew decides to wait until age 65 to begin receiving social security benefits. Find the present value of his estimated $26,000 per year in payment assuming 6%per year and payment until his 90th birthday. A. $265,263.20 B. $322,3667.36 C. $338,082.42 D.

    asked by Lex
  72. science

    Infer how zebra mussels change the biotic conditions in an aquatic ecosystem. How could the changes affect the biodiversity of the ecosystem?

    asked by thi
  73. statistics

    Airline overbooking is a common practice. Many people make reservations on several flights due to uncertain plans and then cancel at the last minute or simply fail to show up. Jet Green airlines’ planes hold 100 passengers. Past records indicate that 20%

    asked by carlos
  74. Heat and properties of matter

    An ideal gas unergoes a cycle of processes as shown in d p-v diagram gases, which statement correctly escribe the situation a. The internal energy of the gas increases over one complete cycle b. Over the entire cycle, work is done by the gas. C. The gas

    asked by Mutiyat
  75. Calculating and Reporting Healthcare Statistics

    How do you: Calculate the total inches of documents filed per day for all clerks. Calculate the total documents filed per day for all clerks. Calculate the weekly total inches of documents filed per clerk (round to two decimal points). Calculate the weekly

    asked by Kat
  76. Math

    Hi! Can someone check my answers? Thanks!! Directions: Tell whether the following questions are either permutations or combinations. 1.) Number of ways the Junior class can elect a committee of officers - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

    asked by Callie
  77. math

    In January Doreens bank balance decreased by $50.00. In Febru ary, her balance increased by $30.00. What was the total change in her balance

    asked by Ashley Bostic
  78. Math. (Please Help)

    Andrew decides to wait until age 65 to begin receiving Social Security benefits. Find the present value of his estimated $26,000 per year in payment assuming 6% per year and payment until his 90th birthday. a. $265,263.20 b. $332,3667.36 c. $338,082.42 d.

    asked by Shae
  79. algebra

    A boat can travel 59 mph in still water. If it travels 325 miles with the current in the same length of time it travels 265 miles against the current, what is the speed of the current?

    asked by Kamsa
  80. Physics

    A bowling ball (solid sphere of mass = 7.27 kg and radius = 12.7 cm) is rolling on level ground at a constant angular speed of 55 rad/s. What is the total kinetic energy of the ball?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Heat and property matter

    When a gas in a container is squeezed to half its volume,its density

    asked by Hammed
  82. Math

    Hi! Can someone check my answers? Thanks!! Directions: Tell whether the following questions are either permutations or combinations. 1.) Number of ways the Junior class can elect a committee of officers - President, Vice President, Secretary and Treasurer.

    asked by Callie
  83. Genetics

    identify the structures and/ or DNA sequences that must be present for a chromosome to carry information and withstand the forces of cell division. explain the difference between a fetus found to have a trisomy and one found to be triploid Why would having

    asked by Shala
  84. physics

    a gun converts 200J of stored energy into kinetic energy of the 0.02kg bullet. What is the speed of the bullet as it leaves the gun? If the gun is fired straight up, how high will the bullet go?

    asked by JJ
  85. History

    1.What is popular culture? 2.How was post WWII popular culture affected by the Cold War? Did the Cold War “narrow” postwar popular culture and/or “distort and enfeeble” cultural expression? If so, how and in what ways?

    asked by TayB
  86. Analytic Geometry

    What are the lengths of the segments into which the y-axis divides the segment joining (-6,-6) and (3,6) ?

    asked by Alexis
  87. chemistry

    What is the volume occupied by 0.738g of xenon gas at STP?

    asked by tiffany
  88. chem

    how to find mass of aspirin if I used 0.2845g of the powder(crushed apririn) with 1mL of 6.0 mol/L of Nacl? Does the dilution(the above chemicals are diluted in a 500mL volumetric flask) matter ,and does adding the HCL/Fe^3+ stock solution in the end

    asked by linda
  89. CHE107

    which reaction will be faster? H(aq)+CL(aq)=HCl (aq) or H2(g) Thnx!

    asked by Azz
  90. math

    in a science experiment the temperature of a liquid dropped 30 degrees over 6 hours what integer shows the average hourly temperature change of the liquid

    asked by steven carpenter
  91. Chemistry

    A monoprotic acid of 0.065 M concentration has a pH of 2. 75. Is this a strong or weak acid?

    asked by Caitlin
  92. Algebra

    nikki ate 1/4 of a pizza. What is the fraction that describes how much of the pizza Nikki could have eaten. 3/10 2/8 2/6 4/12

    asked by Ozzi
  93. World History

    What were social, political and economic causes of WWI?

    asked by Jon
  94. Algebra

    Perform the indicated operation and if possible simplify x/5 * y/z

    asked by Angel
  95. nutrition

    a person can achieve optimum daily nutrition by

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Geometry

    Describe the difference between saying that two segments are congruent and saying that two segments have equal length. When would you use each phrase?

    asked by J
  97. Chem

    What is the order of rate = k[NO]2[Br2]. 2nd order?

    asked by Marissa
  98. Statistics

    What is the test scores of 4, X, 1, 2 and 5 have a mean of 10. What is the value 4 1 2 :10 15

    asked by Bee
  99. Heat and properties of matter

    1. How much pressure do you experience, when you balance a 5kg ball on the tip of your finger which has an area of 1cm square. a. 490 kpa b. 4600 pa c. 34n d. No answer 2. Heat can be define as a. The change in the temprature of a body b. The flow of

    asked by Mutiyat
  100. college math

    Write each ratio or rate as a fraction in simplest form. l 1/2 to 3/4 That's One and one half to three fourths I think the answer is 2/1

    asked by Carrie
  101. chemistry

    If 9.00 g of _27^60 Co (half-life = 5.30 y) are allowed to decay, how many grams would be left after 1.00 y and after 10.0 y? g after 1.00 y g after 10.0 y

    asked by tarsa
  102. chemistry

    how to find mass of aspirin if I used 0.2845g of the powder with 1mL of 6.0 mol/L of NaOH?

    asked by linda
  103. Physics

    Suppose the cross sectional of the tube is 0.05 cm2, what would be the volume (a) during the lowest pressure in the experiment? (b) during the highest pressure? (c) at the atmospheric pressure?

    asked by Sydney
  104. angles

    I am a closed figure formed by 6 segments. I have 2 angles less than a right angle and no right angles. What am I?

    asked by Evan
  105. math

    in golf, a score of 0 is called even par, one over par is represented by + 1 and one under par is represented by - 1. in a golf competition, a player had scores of +2, +1, -2, and 0. what was the player's total score

    asked by Danny Carpenter
  106. chemistry

    15.0 mL of an iodine solution of unknown molarity was titrated against a .001 M solution of S2o32-. The blue black iodine-starch complex just disappeared when 20.2 mL of thiosulfate was added. What is the exact molarity of the Ia solution

    asked by chem3a
  107. Ap chem

    How would the addition of hydrogen gas at constant temperature and volume effect rate=k[h2][I2]?

    asked by Marissa
  108. Math 222

    Please help me solve this Quadratic Formula with steps on how you got the answer. Sorry my addition and equal button doesn't work. -x^2 plus 3x plus 5 equal 0

    asked by Tika
  109. Heat and property matter

    What is the specific heat of a substance at its boiling point or melting point

    asked by Hammed
  110. College math

    Perform the indicated operations. Round division answers to the nearest thousandth if necessary. I have the answer 8.3, did not think you needed to round the thousandth.

    asked by Carrie
  111. Physics

    A remote control model airplane connected to a string is flown in a circle with a radius of 0.348 m about a fixed axis with an angular velocity of +1.47 rad/s. The plane’s throttle is increased, so that it acquires an angular acceleration of 2.18 rad/s2.

    asked by Anonymous
  112. chemistry

    How many milliliters of 0.748 M Mg(NO3)2 contain 1.700 g of Mg(NO3)2

    asked by ana
  113. benedicta

    tap A takes 12min to fill a tank with water tap B takes 15min to empty the same tank if the two taps are open at the same time how long will it take

    asked by Joshua
  114. ENG 1511

    Please give me some tips about ENG 1511 may/june exam paper. e.g suffix ,prefix, and adjectives together with tenses subject-verb agreement

    asked by LORRIE
  115. Some research questions

    I missed this week until today, and my science professor told me I have until tomorrow to do at least 50% of this project. Project: A 20 slide power point presentation over economy and environmental issues in Bolivia. Must include pictures, extra points

    asked by Kattliveslife
  116. College algebra

    . If i = ¡Ì-1, then (i + 1)(6i ¨C 10) is equivalent to?

    asked by Sean
  117. Chem

    What would the unit be if you calculate the rate when A= 0.30 M and b= 0.30 M. I have the calculation done right and its 1.57 x 10 to the -3 but I don't know the unit

    asked by Marissa
  118. Math

    Find the slope of a line that is parallel to the line ontaining the points (3, 4) and 2, 6) A. m= 2 B. m= -2 C. m= -1/2 D. m= -1 I say it's C Please check

    asked by Kel. Last post, please check
  119. French

    Could you please assist me with double checking my answers? Thank you! 1. C'est la suite de places disposées sur une même ligne. - le violoncelle - l’orchestre - le rang - le rideau I picked: l'orchestre 2. S'il fait chaud . . . - Nous irons la à

    asked by Anonymous
  120. Math 222

    How do I write this as a radical expression? a^7/8

    asked by Tika
  121. Math 222

    Please help me factor this with steps on how you got the answer. Sorry my addition and equal button is not working a^2-6a plus 9 equal 0

    asked by Tika
  122. Science

    What are some home appliances that can cause phase changes?

    asked by Mariam
  123. Heat and property matter

    Airplane flight is best illustrated by

    asked by Hammed
  124. Chem - Acid & Bases

    Please help with the solution: Question asks: A solution has [OH-] = 2.0 X 10 negative ^14. The [H-] in this solution is 2.0 x 10 negative ^14. Thank you for your help. Appreciated.

    asked by Cassandra
  125. math

    .5 into 5280. divided with simple strategie and got 280. am i right . will you help me?

    asked by caitlyn
  126. Algebra 2

    How do I find the exact value of 7 pi?

    asked by Amy
  127. DrBob222-re: chem question

    Sorry, I did make an error when I posted the earlier question: It should have said: A solution has [OH-] = 2.0 x 10-^14 M. The [H+] in this solution is? I hope you can help. Thank you. Sorry about the earlier error.

    asked by Cassandra
  128. Physics

    A bottle cork floating on water has a mass of 50g what is its weight?

    asked by Anabelle
  129. Math 222

    Please help me simplify this expression a^1/3 ______________ a^-3/2 a^1/2

    asked by Tika
  130. physics

    what is the acceleration in m/s2of a body moving at 63 km/h and comes to rest in 40s

    asked by jhanvi
  131. Heat and property matter

    A complete submerge object always displace its own

    asked by Hammed
  132. math

    Diagonalize the given matrix and find an orthogonal matrix P such that P−1AP is diagonal -2 3 3 3 -2 3 3 3 -2

    asked by Anonymous
  133. English

    Permission related expressions 1. You may/can go back home now. 2. You were permitted to join the club. 3. You were allowed to go hunting with us. 4. 5. (Are they grammatical? Would you name some other expressions related to 'permission'?)

    asked by rfvv
  134. Philosophy

    Between utilitarianism and Kantianism, which moral theory is the most persuasive?

    asked by TayB
  135. Algebra

    The graph of the linear equation y=mx+b has an x-intercept of 6. What is the x-intercept of the graph of the linear equation y=3mx+b?

    asked by Anonymous
  136. college math

    sorry forgot to give the figures 3.32 divided by 4 x 10 round to nearest thousandth if necessary I have 8.3

    asked by Carrie
  137. physics

    what is the acceleration in m/s2of a body moving at 63 km/h and comes to rest in 40s

    asked by aayushi
  138. Heat and property matter

    Why a dam is thicker at the bottom than at the top

    asked by Hammed
  139. Physics

    A car can stop from60mph in 2.5 sec. If the car has a weight of 3225 lbs what force acts on the car?

    asked by Anonymous
  140. ela

    Is Anne Frank legacy her diary?

    asked by Mariam
  141. English 4

    Parallel structure is the A. use of lines that are all more or less the same length. B. dispersal of thematic elements evenly throughout a work. C. balanced arrangement of stanzas in the sections of a narrative poem. D. use of repeated words, phrases, or

    asked by Ciara
  142. stats

    If the effect size of a hypothesized phenomenon is .8, then how many subjects are needed to achieve .5 power? alpha = .05; two-tailed

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Math

    Find the slope of a line that is parallel to the line ontaining the points (3, 4) and 2, 6) A. m= 2 B. m= -2 C. m= -1/2 D. m= -1 I say it's C or A Please check

    asked by Kel
  144. Heat and properties of matter

    A fixed mass of an ideal gas slowly releases 1500 j of heat and as a result contract slowly,at a constant pressure 2.0 x 104 pa, from a volume of 0.025 M3. What is the effect on the internal energy of the gas? A it decrease by 2000 j. B it decreases by

    asked by Mutiyat
  145. Chemistry

    Does a k constant have a unit?

    asked by Marissa
  146. French

    I would like to double check my work on a few questions: 1. Nous voulions sortir mais ________ la neige tomber, nous avons décidé de rester chez nous. Answer: voyant 2. J'attends ________ de ma meilleure amie. Nous allons au concert ce soir. un coup de

    asked by Anonymous
  147. Math

    What part of a mile is 1 rod

    asked by Kitty
  148. Heat and property matter

    What is the bouyant for acting on a 10-ton ship floating in the oceean

    asked by Hammed
  149. English

    Complaint-related expressions 1. I've got a complaint against him. 2. As for me, I'm not satisfied. 3. I'm really sick and tired of my job. 4. It's boring, isn't it. 5. Why are you acting this way. 6. Behave. 7. I'm not satisfied with my grades. 8. 9. (Are

    asked by rfvv
  150. math

    The number is a two-digit number. It is odd. The sum of the digits is 10. It is greater than 30 but less than 50. What is the number?

    asked by cameron
  151. algebra

    If f(x) and g(x) are two functions defined by f(x) = ã(x + 1), g(x) = | x - 1 |, then what is the value of f(g(9))?

    asked by Sean
  152. Pschology 202

    True or False? occupational achievement is a newer phenomenon for women than for men? True False

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Math 222

    Please help me simplify this as much as possible. Sorry no square root symbol 4 u square root 50x^3 - x square root 32xu^2

    asked by Tika
  154. 7th grade math

    Can you check the following problem? (forgot to incl last night) 1. Which is an equivalent equation to (2/3)x - 1 = 1/2 that does not contain fractions? (2/3)x = 1 + 1/2 (2/3)x = 3/2 x = 3/2 * 3/2 x = 9/4 x = 2 1/4 A. 4x - 6 = 3 4x = 9 x = 9/4 x = 2 1/4 B.

    asked by Alexis
  155. English

    Criticism-related expressions 1. Shame on you. 2. You have no shame. 3. You're insane/crazy. 4. Have you lost your mind? 5. Are you out of your mind? 6. He must have stolen the money. 7. Your writing is terrible. 8. Your explanation is totally wrong. 9.

    asked by rfvv
  156. statistics

    if alpha increases will beta increase or decrease? or are they not related?

    asked by Anonymous
  157. english

    Assonance is the repetition of?

    asked by O'Sheanna
  158. Science

    if 225 ml of 0.25M HCL and 25ml of 2.5M NaOH was used what is the limiting reagent in this experiment?

    asked by Pat
  159. chem

    I the following a correct balanced equation from a decomposition of H2O2? H 2 o 2 --> h 2 o + o 2 Thanks!

    asked by Azz
  160. social studies

    what conclusions can you make based on Riel's speech?

    asked by Anonymous
  161. economics

    the south african government is not providing welfare or suubsidies to the poor and underpriveledged

    asked by zipho madlala
  162. Spanish

    Please translate: -en cuanto -en caso de que -leugo que -despues *accent on 'e'

    asked by Ashika