Questions Asked on
April 21, 2015

  1. Language Arts

    If you are in connections and did Rhythm and Rhyme Unit Test: Closed book then plzz help me with it I just need multiple answer question. ://

    asked by Pauly
  2. Chemistry

    You have to prepare a pH 3.50 buffer, and you have the following 0.10M solutions available HCOOH, CH3COOH, H3PO4,CHOONa, CH3COONa, and NaH2PO4. a) What solutions would you use? b) How many milliliters of each solution would you use to make approximately 1

    asked by Caitlin
  3. Life orientation

    Describe the human right violation(Xenophobia) that is taking place in your community

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Math

    The teacher gave this pattern to the class: the first term is 5 and the rule is add 4, subtract 1. Each student says one number. The first student says 5. Victor is tenth in line. What number should Victor say?

    asked by Jayden
  5. Civics

    1. A basic position in American foreign policy has been that America must defend its foreign interests related to trade and security. The main foreign policy position opposed to this American policy is called A. imperialism. B. militarism. C. isolationism.

    asked by Sarah
  6. Chemistry

    Could you please check my work about complete ionic and net ionic equations. They really confuse me. My original equation, after I balanced, was: FeCl2(aq)+Na2S(aq)=FeS(s)+2NaCl(aq). For complete Ionic I think its:

    asked by DeDe
  7. hinkley

    Sam Sounds received a $290 discount loan to purchase a stereo. The loan was offered at 16% for 90 days. Find the interest in dollars and the proceeds for the following problem.

    asked by carla
  8. English

    1. She is a medium height woman. 2. She is medium height. 3. She is of medium height. 4. She is a woman of medium height. =================== Are they all grammatical? Which ones are right?

    asked by rfvv
  9. Social studies

    1.In what ways can it be argued that the formation of the European Union resulted from World Wars I and II?

    asked by @HELP PLEASE
  10. Language Arts

    Hello, this is long but I need my answer checked to this short selection the question is asking What best expresses the Author's point of view. Story selection: There's good news and bad news about grizzly bears in the American West. The good news their

    asked by kyle
  11. Math

    A car measures 20 feet. What is the length of a model car if the scale factor is 1:64 inches? I can't show my work because i don't even understand any of it!

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Algebra

    kyle drops a ball from a height of 15 feet above the ground. The function h = -16 f2 +15 gives the height h of the ball (in feet) after t seconds. Graph the function to determine at about what time the ball hits the ground

    asked by Samantha
  13. Chemistry

    a student carefully measures the melting point of a solid material. she measures the range to be 81.2 - 83.7 degree. assuming she has done the measurement correctly. what can she conclude about the sample, and why

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Finance

    Eric Jones develops computer software for a major company. Eric's salary and bonuses total $82,000, but he pays $29,233 in income and social security taxes. If Eric's annual debt repayments are $33,620, what is his debt service-to-income ratio?

    asked by Dena
  15. Math

    is the area of a paperback book cover closer to 28 square inches or 28 square centimeters? Tell how you decided.

    asked by Angie
  16. Math

    Josef said that he could represent the amount of money he made last week with the expression: 24d + 8n. Write a problem about the money Josef made last week.

    asked by Mary R.

    2. Which was a part of the Populist Party’s platform? (1 point) tax breaks for farmers*** civil rights for all Americans higher tariffs on foreign goods increased industrial development 3. Whom did Rebecca Latimer Felton replace when she was appointed a

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  18. Physics

    A car is initailly travelling at 50.0km/h. The brakes are applied and the car stops over a 35m distance. What was magnitude of the car's acceleraion while it was braking? I don't know what formula to use.

    asked by Student
  19. physics

    The coil in a generator has 200 windings and a cross-sectional area of 0.0100 m^2. If the coil turns at a constant rotational speed and the magnetic field in the generator is that of Earth (B = 0.500 × 10^-4 T), how many 360 rotations must the coil

    asked by titu
  20. Probability

    Let U, V, and W be independent standard normal random variables (that is, independent normal random variables, each with mean 0 and variance 1), and let X=3U+4V and Y=U+W. Give a numerical answer for each part below. You may want to refer to the standard

    asked by qwerty
  21. math calc

    A water tower is located 354 feet from a building. From a window in the building, an observer notes that the angle of elevation to the top of the tower is 42° and that the angle of depression to the bottom of the tower is 20°. How tall is the tower? How

    asked by Michael

    In attempting to pass the puck to a teammate, a hockey player gives it an initial speed of 1.43 m/s. However, this speed is inadequate to compensate for the kinetic friction between the puck and the ice. As a result, the puck travels only one-half the

    asked by KS
  23. Probability

    Let N,X1,Y1,X2,Y2,… be independent random variables. The random variable N takes positive integer values and has mean a and variance r. The random variables Xi are independent and identically distributed with mean b and variance s, and the random

    asked by qwerty
  24. maath algegra 5

    force of gravity on Earth is 6 times greater than on the moon. As a result, objects weigh 6 times as much on Earth as they do on the moon. A scientific instrument weighs 34 pounds on the moon. How much does the instrument weigh on Earth

    asked by tia
  25. math

    Agus sold packets of sweets to Halim and Kairi in the ratio 8:13.He sold the sweets in 2-kg packets.What was the smallest possible mass of sweets Agus sold to both of them?

    asked by harry
  26. Bio

    If a person’s liver makes 1000 mg/hour of urea during an average day, what would the concentration of urea be, in mg/mL, for a person making 1.0 L of urine during a particular day? What would it be for a person making 1.5 L of urine during a particular

    asked by Anonymous
  27. chemistry

    One way to raise the pH of an acidic lake (and restore aquatic life) is to add limestone (CaCO3). How many grams of CaCO3 are needed to neutralize 1.2kL of the acidic water from the lake if the acid is sulfuric acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Personal Finance

    Blake Williams has done some research and has discovered that economists believe interest rates will rise significantly over the next two years. Blake believes that this will lead to fewer homes being sold and fewer jobs in the banking and mortgage

    asked by Jackie
  29. Personal Finance

    The financial planning process concludes with efforts to: A. review and revise your actions. B. create a financial plan of action. C. analyze your current personal and financial situation. D. review the financial plan. I believe its A

    asked by Jackie
  30. Social Studies

    Beginning in the 1600s, the Tokugawa shoguns who ruled Japan tried to maintain stability and order by A. increasing trade with Europeans. B. conquering nearby countries to creat barriers to invasion. C. developing a new style of writing that was not

    asked by Shay
  31. Science

    If you lift a 15 °C unsaturated air bubble from the surface to 1 km height, what would be its final air temperature?

    asked by Katelyn
  32. Math Help

    Find a12 for the following geometric sequence. 1/32, 1/16, 1/8,

    asked by Tami
  33. SS

    China's cities are growing rapidly due to A. a high percentage of arable land B. people moving there to look for work C. rural areas becoming too crowded D. the one-child policy A?

    asked by Help
  34. Science

    What is the equilibrium concentration of silver ions at 25 degrees C in a 1.0-L saturation solution of silver carbonate to which .20 mole of NaHCO3 has been added? The Ksp of Ag2CO3 is 8.1 x 10-12 at 25 degrees C

    asked by Jade
  35. Maths

    A movie theatre seats 200 people. For any particular show, the amount of money, m, the theatre makes is a function of the number of people, n, in attendance. If a ticket costs $12 and the cost to the theatre to run one show is $120, state the domain and

    asked by Rick
  36. Calc

    A stone is thrown straight up from the edge of a roof, 625 feet above the ground, at a speed of 20 feet per second. A. Remembering that the acceleration due to gravity is -32 feet per second squared, how high is the stone 2 seconds later?

    asked by Frank
  37. math

    at the end of a soccer game season four families decide to buy the coach of gift certificate to a sporting goods store. each family contributes $35 towards the gift certificate. write and solve a division equation to find how much the gift certificate is

    asked by Angelina
  38. micro

    We assume that when a firm hires additional workers, the marginal physical product of labor will: 1. decrease because each worker now has less capital and other resources to work with. 2. decrease because the new workers are likely to be less able than the

    asked by lisa
  39. Social Studies

    Which of the following would be an example of physical destruction that needed repair during the Reconstruction period? A. the continued reliance on agriculture for the South B. the restrictions placed on former slaves by southern states C.the aftermath of

    asked by basketball&batman
  40. Probability

    Let Θ be an unknown random variable that we wish to estimate. It has a prior distribution with mean 1 and variance 2. Let W be a noise term, another unknown random variable with mean 3 and variance 5. Assume that Θ and W are independent. We have two

    asked by qwerty
  41. Science

    If you lift a 15 °C air bubble from the surface to 1 km height and the environmental temperature at 1 km is 10 °C, what stability does the atmosphere demonstrate at this level?

    asked by Katelyn
  42. science

    A boy is pushing a lawn mower with a force of 200N.The force makes an angle of 20° with hprizontal . 1. determine the force applied to move the lawn mower forward 2. Maximum height reached by an object.

    asked by Tshilidzi
  43. intoduction to business

    35. Union workers at an auto parts plant go out on strike. In response, management closes the plant. This tactic is a A. cooling-off period. B. secondary boycott. C. lockout. D. strikebreaker.

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Personal Finance

    If a person deposited $50 a month for 6 years earning 8%, this would involve what type of computation? A. Present value of a series of deposits B. Future value of a single amount C. Future value of a series of deposits D. Present value of a single amount I

    asked by Jackie
  45. Math

    Find the effective rate of interest (APR) for a loan with a loan amount of $6,300, a time of 270 days, and interest of $685.13. a. 14.5% b. 6.5% c. 9.3% d. 12.3%

    asked by Matt
  46. SS 6th grade

    I have to study for a test which is called New Empires and New Faiths Unit Test. Do you have any websites that I could go to review or to practice?

    asked by Stephanie
  47. math

    Tim Newman took out a simple interest loan of $1500 at a 10 percent interest for 12 months. After 4 payments, the balance is $1100. He pays off the loan when the next payment is due. What is the interest? Is it $9.17? Thanks!

    asked by Nadia
  48. Math

    Meghan deposited $2,500in an account at a bank that pays 16% compounded quarterly. Use the compound interest table to find the interest earned on the investment after 2 years. a. $921.43 b. $204 c. $2,704 d. $3,421.43 **This is a sample question** (Please

    asked by Markus
  49. help last one asap ss

    Discuss the significance that segregation, voting rights, and education had on African American life in the South during the late 19th and early 20th centuries.

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  50. History

    Q: The Gadsden Purchase enabled the United States to do which of the following? A. Gain access to important natural resources in the Southwest B. Increase crop production in the Southwest C. Link to the Southwest by railway system D. Provide better

    asked by Nomy
  51. Probability

    Let X be a random variable that takes non-zero values in [1,∞), with a PDF of the form fX(x)=⎧⎩⎨cx3,0,if x≥1,otherwise. Let U be a uniform random variable on [0,2]. Assume that X and U are independent. What is the value of the constant c? c= -

    asked by qwerty
  52. please answer my question (math)

    the price of a 3- pack spinner is one third the price of the of a dozen flyboys. write and solve a division equation to find the price of a dozen fly-boys. there are $3 for each 3-pack spinner . is the equation supposed to be n/12=27?

    asked by Angelina
  53. Personal Finance

    Most consumer complaints are resolved by: A. legal action. B. assistance from a government agency. C. contacting a company's headquarters. D. returning to the place of purchase. I believe it's C

    asked by Jackie
  54. MATH

    Really need help with this: You purchase a computer for $875.00 plus 5% sales tax. You decide to finance it through the store's 0% program for 12 months. The terms state that you must pay $100.00/month and that if you miss a payment, you will be assessed a

    asked by Sandy
  55. accounting

    A debit increases the balance in all of the following accounts except for which one? A. Cash B. Withdrawals C. Expenses D. Accounts payable My answer is D

    asked by Emi
  56. Social Studies

    How would the Philippine government respond to an insurgency? A. the government would try to work with their members. B. the government would want to support it. C. the government would ignore it. D. the government would fight it fiercely. D?

    asked by Samantha
  57. accounting 100

    Moteki Company accumulates the following adjustment data at December 31.

    asked by Terino
  58. Personal Finance

    One aspect of financial planning is to make sure you maintain adequate insurance coverage for your needs. Which aspect of financial planning does this deal with? A. Retirement and Estate Planning B. Spending C. Managing Risk D. Investing I can't decided

    asked by Jackie
  59. Math

    A hardware store had 300 gallons of paint. At the end of the month the store had 252 gallons. What's the percent decrease?

    asked by Zo
  60. Chemistry

    40.0 grams of Al2S3 are dissolved into 200ml of water yielding 220ml of solution, what is the percent strength of the solution?

    asked by Hattie
  61. English

    1. I have a pen. 2. I don't have a pen. 3. I have not a pen. 4. Do you have a pen? 5. Have you a pen? ============= Are they all grammatical? Do they use #3 and #5 in The UK?

    asked by rfvv
  62. Probability

    Consider a fire alarm that senses the environment constantly to figure out if there is smoke in the air and hence to conclude whether there is a fire or not. Consider a simple model for this phenomenon. Let Θ be the unknown true state of the environment:

    asked by qwerty
  63. geometry

    Remove the radical from the denominator below. Do not simplify the answer. -2 sqrt15 / (6- sqrt13)

    asked by lindsey
  64. Math

    What is the ninth term of the following geometric sequence? a4=27 a7=64 a9=

    asked by Betty
  65. science

    Which of the following best describes the overall function of hormones? A. To control physiological processes in the body B. To stimulate the growth and maturation of body organs C. To provide a pathway for nerve messages D. To determine masculine or

    asked by yogita
  66. business

    21. _______ ratios measure the degree to which a firm relies on borrowed funds in its operations. A. Retail earning B. Wholesale earning C. Earnings per share D. Leverage (debt)

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Physics

    A cricket ball hits the ground with kinetic energy K at an angle 30* with the vertical. What will be its kinetic energy at the highest point?

    asked by Sweta sinha
  68. math

    a bag of super dog food, at $12.50, is one third the price of a bag of power dog dog food. write and solve an equation to find the price of a bag of power dog dog food

    asked by Angelina
  69. Language Arts

    Hello, I need help with these questions and checking my answers. First Question: Which one of these lines is the main conflict? I don't have to remind you to get your grades up,You're the only one without approval that's due in two weeks, or Jason who is

    asked by kyle
  70. math

    The Total Surface Area Of Rectangular Solid Is 4.65cm. If The Solid Is 7cm Long And 5cm Wide, Calculate The Height.

    asked by esther
  71. Chemistry

    I am having so much trouble understanding how to classify reactions as precipitation, acid base, or oxidation reduction. In one example in particular, it reads Iron II oxide reacts with oxygen and water to yield Iron III hydroxide. I wrote out the equation

    asked by Tracey
  72. Algebra

    What the minimum of y=2x^2-7x-2? How do you find it?

    asked by Jack
  73. math

    the fourth terms of an AP is 37 and the 6th terms is 12 more than the fourth term.Find the first and seventh terms.

    asked by Dallas
  74. Statistics

    Find the minimum sample size needed to estimate the population proportion if the margin of error is 0.07 confidence level is 95% and from a prior study p hat is estimated by decimal equivalent of 94% A) 39 b)45 c)43 d)44

    asked by Leslie667
  75. business

    28. The North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) can be expected to A. increase trade restrictions among the member nations. B. result in political unification of the member countries. C. increase the number of low-wage jobs in the U.S. D. vastly

    asked by Anonymous
  76. Chemistry AP

    This isn't quite an HW question, I'm needing any site that gives practice Free Response problems for equilibrium for AP Chemistry if there are any for study and practice.

    asked by Ethan
  77. educational technology of online learning

    the little builders company creates colorful plastic blocks for toddlers boys and girls to play with. based on what you learned in this lesson, which of the following statements describes strengths and weaknesses in the Lego design? choose all that apply.

    asked by GummyBears
  78. Math

    a 150-day loan for $2,500 has interest of $57. Find the rate to the nearest tenth of a percent. a. 3.2% b. 24.4% c. 10.4% d. 5.5% Please walk me through on how you got the answer. I have tried, and can not figure it out.

    asked by Cheyenne
  79. Algebra-VERY IMPORTANT

    Given the polynomial x^2+10x+k Find all the values of k so that this given polynomial is factorable

    asked by Josie
  80. Ethics in Tech

    The Ariane 5 satellite launch vehicle failed because: A. a faulty on-board computer caused the other computers in the network to crash repeatedly. B. a bad sensor fed faulty information into the flight control computer, causing it to fail. C. the rocket's

    asked by Amy
  81. chemistry

    the accepted density of helium at stp is 0.18 g/L. during an expirement, 0.10g of helium with a volume of 0.54L at stp was collected. what is the percent error in this expirement? (accepted-expiremental)/accepted X 100

    asked by dani
  82. English

    What can you do to save the environment? 1. I'd better take the stairs instead of the elevator. 2. I'd better turn off the light when I don't use it. 3. I'd better turn off the tap water when I am not using it. 4. I'd better not use paper cups or plates.

    asked by rfvv
  83. Math

    The teacher gave this pattern to the class: the first term is 5 and the rule is add 4, subtract 1. Each student says one number. The first student says 5. Victor is tenth in line. What number should Victor say?

    asked by Jayden
  84. accounting

    A debit increases the balance in all of the following accounts except for which one? A. Cash B. Withdrawals C. Expenses D. Accounts payable My answer is D

    asked by Emi
  85. maths, functions

    The demand in units per week for a given product as a function of its price, p, in dollars is given as D(p) = 1100 Ð 200p, the supply of the same product in units per week as a function of its price, p, in dollars is given as S(p) = 100p Ð 100. The

    asked by Jack
  86. Probability

    Manhole explosions (usually caused by gas leaks and sparks) are on the rise in your city. On any given day, the manhole cover near your house explodes with some unknown probability, which is the same across all days. We model this unknown probability of

    asked by qwerty
  87. English

    Mom came to Emily's room and found the window was open. It was raining hard outside. Because the window was opened, the books on the desk were wet. A: Emily, look at the books. They are all wet. B1:Oh, no. I'm sorry. I forgot to close the window.

    asked by rfvv
  88. can you explain this to me government

    First decision by the Supreme Court to declare a law unconstitutional. At the very end of his term, President John Adams had made many federal appointments, including William Marbury as justice of the peace in the District of Columbia. Thomas Jefferson,

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  89. division write and solve

    the price of a 3- pack spinner is one third the price of the of a dozen flyboys. write and solve a division equation to find the price of a dozen fly-boys. there are $3 for each 3-pack spinner . is the equation supposed to be n/12=27?

    asked by Angelina
  90. Maths

    Does anyone know who invented simultaneous equations? Signed by Kinga M.

    asked by Kinga M.
  91. Physical Chemistry

    The weight of one atom of uranium is 238amu. Its actual weight is ......g.

    asked by Rahul
  92. science

    Which of the following is called the "master gland"? A. Pancreas B. Adrenal C. Thyroid D. Pituitary

    asked by yogita
  93. oceanography

    Compute the amount of heat is needed to raise the temperature of 1,200 grams of ice at -30 degrees C to 1,200 grams of water vapor at 140 degrees C. Show work.

    asked by MB
  94. 8th Grade

    Give an example of when you would want to reduce friction. Please help!

    asked by Mae
  95. calc

    An isosceles triangle has an area of 24 yd², and the angle between the two equal sides is 166°. Find the length of the two equal sides.

    asked by Dan
  96. History Please I Am Soooo Stuck :(

    1. During the 1960s, many Americans were killed in conflicts in Europe. Korea.* Southeast Asia. Saudi Arabia. 2. On March 31, 1968, President Johnson announced troops were going to Vietnam.* a “war on poverty.” he would not run for reelection. students

    asked by YOLO
  97. Algebra IMPORTANT

    2k+ 5k+1 + 10k+2 are three successive terms of a geometric sequence find the value(s) of k

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math 222

    How do I write as a radical expression a^7/8

    asked by Maxine
  99. Economics

    what is a hype song to rap to a economics question. Like this example: search (I'm on econ) on youtube

    asked by Devin
  100. calc

    Find the inverse of each of the following matrices, if possible [i 3 1+i -i]

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Maths, functions

    The height of a ball thrown straight up into the air as a function of time is given as h(t) = 1 + 15t Ð 4.9t^2. At what time does the ball hit the ground?

    asked by Reza
  102. Math

    Bill and Harry are practicing for a track meet. Last week, Bill ran 900 meters on each of 3 days. Harry ran 1.2 kilometers on each of 2 days. Between last week and this week, Bill wants to run a total of 6 kilometers. How far does Bill need to run this

    asked by Shannon Lin
  103. Chemistry

    What is C7H6O3 in empirical form and how do you get there?

    asked by Kelley
  104. Life orientation

    What are the Socio-econimic issue that affect human Rights in south Africa?

    asked by Xalati
  105. Ethics and Tech

    Computer simulations can: A. accurately predict the weather a month in advance. B. save automobile manufacturers time and money as they develop new cars. C. prove our planet is overpopulated. D. All of the above Im confused between A and D

    asked by Amy
  106. To Tracey

    Regarding the FeO==> Fe(OH)3 problem below, take a look at the additional post. Here is the link.

    asked by DrBob222
  107. Chemistry

    What is the volume of 2.0 moles of an ideal gas at 290 K and 2.8 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  108. physics

    If the kinetic energy of an automobile triples because of a speed change, it momentum is ?

    asked by titu
  109. College/education class

    What are the most effective and ineffective uses of objective assessments for instructors and learners? What is your view on the relative advantages and disadvantages of using objective tests? How might you incorporate objective assessments in your

    asked by Cathy
  110. Geometry

    Are my geometry answers correct? Please help, I'd like to make sure before I hand this in. Name the property of equality each statement illustrates. 1.) If m∠2=m∠3 and m∠3=m∠1, then m∠2=m∠1. My answer:Transitive Property 2.) AC=AB+BC, then

    asked by Maggie
  111. french

    compare and contrast the play's George Dandin and Le Commissaire est bon enfant(1899) please and thank you.. im really stuck i already find two compare: both have male main characters, and both are unlucky but i need some contrast

    asked by rose
  112. Social Studies

    What was the effect of the Act on both the North and South.

    asked by Shannyn
  113. Social studies

    Please go to my social studies question thanks😄

    asked by @HELP PLEASE
  114. Physics

    Three moles of an ideal monoatomic gas are at a temperature of 345 K. Then, 2917 J of heat are added to the gas, and 1140 J of work are done on it. What is the final temperature of the gas?

    asked by Adwait
  115. Reading

    what is description of an object a scientist might have discovered buried in the city of Pompeii

    asked by Bro
  116. Chemistry

    Determine the pH of a solution of 12.00 mL of 0.2 M acetic acid with 10 mL of a 0.025M NaOH? (Ka = 1.8E–5) I've calculated my excess moles of acetic to be .00215. Total volume being .022L. Where do I go from here? Thanks!

    asked by Jessica
  117. Chemistry

    What is the empirical formula of a magnesium oxide compound that contains 0.2717 moles of Mg and 0.1811 moles of O?

    asked by Jake
  118. English

    What are you like? What's your personality like? What's your personality? What's your character like? What's your character? Describe your personality. ================== Are the questions all grammatical? Which ones are commonly used?

    asked by rfvv
  119. Chemistry

    DrBob222 you were so helpful earlier in assuring me I was on the right track with the ionic equations. Your very gifted in chemistry. I have spent from a short time after that post until now banging my head against the wall trying to figure out how to

    asked by DeDe
  120. Math 222

    what is square root 11/3. Sorry I can input the square root symbol.

    asked by Maxine
  121. genetics

    If a green eyes girl whose father is green eyeid marries a brown eye boy then what genotype the nxt generTION has

    asked by jazz
  122. math

    the price of a 3- pack spinner is one third the price of the of a dozen flyboys. write and solve a division equation to find the price of a dozen fly-boys. there are $3 for each 3-pack spinner . is the equation supposed to be n/12=27?

    asked by Angelina
  123. Science

    What are the four flight forces? Give a brief description of each.

    asked by Sam
  124. English

    1. Many people have a car these days in the country. 2. Many people have cars these days in the country. =============== Are both OK? Does #1 mean each person has a car?

    asked by rfvv
  125. English

    In america, our government is based on the principles of society and the rights of man. do you agree or disagree? List at list 3 example.

    asked by Allen
  126. Please Read

    I just wanted to say thanks to all of the teachers who help out the kids on here because without you guys we do not know where we would be. You guys take out the time of your day to help us out and I really appreciate it and I'm sure everyone else on here

    asked by Kareemah
  127. Genetics

    A researcher who has pioneered cell-free fetal DNA testing to detect trisomies has received threats from people accusing her of killing babies. she counter that the test will actually saves lives. explain how the test can do this the accuracy statistics on

    asked by Shala
  128. genetics

    If a green eyes girl whose father is green eyeid marries a brown eye boy then what genotype the nxt generTION has

    asked by jazz
  129. Math

    Find the slope of the line that goes through the following points. X 0, 1, 2, 3 Y -4,-3,-2,-1 A. -1 B. 1 C. -4 D. -7 Is the answer C? I'm really confused. Thank you

    asked by Sabrina C.
  130. English

    1. Many Russian families spend weekends at their dacha. 2. Many Russian families spend weekends at their dachas. =============== Which one is grammatical? Are both OK? Then which one is commonly used?

    asked by rfvv
  131. Math

    Cally wants to coat her driveway with a winter sealer. Her driveway is 18 feet long and shaped like a trapezoid. At the garage door, the drive way is 12 feet wide, then it widens to 20 feet at the street. How many square feet of sealer should Cally buy if

    asked by Shannon Lin
  132. Math

    In this problem we consider drawing some straight lines which form a nice pattern. Consider joining the point (0.1,0) to the point (0,0.9) by a line segment; then joining (0.2,0) to (0,0.8) by a line segment; and so on. In general, consider joining the

    asked by Alex
  133. functions

    The estimated value of the Mona Lisa was about $100 million in 1960. By the year 2000 its value had increased to approximately $600 million. Write a straight line appreciation equation for the painting where y is the approximate value in millions of

    asked by Rick
  134. math

    Factorise the following 1) a^3 - b^3 - a - b 2) a^2 - b^2 + 10a - 2b + 24

    asked by Anonymous
  135. math

    What is the root of 345 without the use of tables?

    asked by Tony
  136. Ethics in Tech

    The Patriot missile system: A. was designed to shoot down airplanes. B. failed to shoot down a Scud missile that killed 28 U.S. soldiers in the Gulf War. C. failed because it had been left running too long. D. All of the above is it D

    asked by Amy
  137. geometry

    for Remy I need x and y. tri< ABC similar to tri< ADE th you . | \ y | \ 9 | \. 90 deg < | / \ | x/ \ | / \ 90 deg < B.__/________\. A 2 10

    asked by robin
  138. Pysics science

    The resultant of vectors A⃗ and B⃗ has a magnitude of 20 units. A⃗ has a magnitude of 8 units, and the angle between A⃗ and B⃗ is 40o . Calculate the magnitude of B⃗

    asked by Sammmy
  139. Math

    Tell whether the sequence is geometric. If it is, find the common ratio. 1.) 9, -6, 4, -8/3 2.) 16, 12, 8, 4

    asked by Tami
  140. Math

    A) 2y=√5y+6. Show your work on how you solved it and checked to see if it was right. I know the answer is y=2, but I do not know how to get that. So, If anyone could help me that would be amazing. Thank you!

    asked by Tia
  141. Science

    How do you think that a plane could initialize the dragging? (Think of the parts of the wing that move)

    asked by Aimee
  142. government LSN

    whats Marbury v. Madison can u explain it to me in the simplest way as possible?

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  143. English

    1. Many American people have two houses. 2. Each American has two houses. ================= Does #1 mean #2?

    asked by rfvv
  144. Math

    Use mean median or mode to predict how many strokes need to complete a golf ball

    asked by Anonymous
  145. business

    8. Student Betty says that physical distribution includes both transportation and storage. Student Bob says that exchange includes both buying and selling. Which student is correct? A. Bob only B. Neither C. Both D. Betty only

    asked by Anonymous
  146. geometry

    what got sent looks like ??. I need x & y. I'll try again C | \ | \ y 9 | \ | \.D 90de< | x /\ | / \ 8 90de< B .____/______\. A 2 E 10

    asked by robin
  147. creative arts

    south African monologue for teenage girls

    asked by bongiwe gamede
  148. Religon

    Why are Gods promises important to you this year

    asked by Bro
  149. Science

    On an inclined plane, how much force will move a resistance of 30 kg? I know that 5 kg of force will move a resistance of 15 kg, but cannot see the connection between the two numbers to finish the rest of the examples.

    asked by Marcia
  150. Math

    Find the slope of the line that goes through the following points. X -1, 0,1,2 Y -4,-1,2,5 A. -5 B. -3 C. -1\3 D. 3 Is the answer A? Thank you

    asked by Sabrina C.
  151. human resource management

    define employee training?

    asked by yashi jain
  152. English

    1. A lot of Russian families have a dacha. 2. A lot of Russian families have dachas. ================ Are both correct? Does #1 mean that each family has a dacha?

    asked by rfvv
  153. math

    If interest on a $4,500 loan is $ 720 What would be the interest on a loan $5,800

    asked by Jasmine
  154. linear algebra

    Find the inverse of each of the following orthogonal matrices. A= [1 0 0 0 cos(theta) sin(theta) 0 -sin(theta) cos(theta)]

    asked by kat
  155. French

    compare and contrast the play's George Dandin and Le Commissaire est bon enfant(1899) please and thank you.. im really stuck

    asked by rose
  156. french

    compare and contrast the play's George Dandin and Le Commissaire est bon enfant(1899) please and thank you.. im really stuck

    asked by rose
  157. government

    um ok so what are the words that describe the precedent created by the cases i know judicial review may be one what else can i put??

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  158. AP Chemestry

    The question is as follows: went wrong, I'd really appreciate it!

    asked by Katherine
  159. Physical Geology

    How do you find the numerical age and can you provide an example.

    asked by Bryan
  160. Science

    The effect _______ explains how fast air moves across a surface, the ____ pressure that presses on that surface. In contrast, the more ____ that air moves, the more of _____ there will be. I'm sorry that it might not make sense, I translated it from

    asked by Alex
  161. Algerbra


    asked by Tristan
  162. English

    Thank you very much for your help. One more questions goes.... 1. We have 25 boys in our class. All of them have a TV at home. 2. We have 25 boys in our class. They have a TV at home. ====================== #1 mean each boy has a TV at home. Am I right? #2

    asked by rfvv
  163. system analysis and designs

    what is form . explain form design methodlogy?

    asked by priyanka jain