Questions Asked on
April 19, 2015

  1. physics

    A 4.00 kg ball traveling North with a momentum of 11.2 kg.m/s collides with a 6.0 kg ball traveling West with a momentum of 18 kg.m/s. The two balls stick together and head off as one. What is the momentum of the combined masses? What is the velocity of

    asked by alexis
  2. Redox Reaction

    In an acidic solution, manganese(II) ion is oxidized to permanganate ion by bismuthate ion, BiO3-. In the reaction, BiO3- is reduced to Bi3+. How many milligrams of NaBiO3 are needed to oxidize the manganese in 30.2 mg of manganese(II) sulfate?

    asked by Kelly
  3. Math

    You purchase a computer for $875.00 plus 5% sales tax. You decide to finance it through the store's 0% program for 12 months. The terms state that you must pay $100.00/month and that if you miss a payment, you will be assessed a late fee of $39.00 plus the

    asked by Sandy
  4. 7th grade math

    1. Which ordered pair is not a solution of y = –12x – 3? (–3, 33) (8, –98) (–9, 105) (3, –39)* 2. Find three solutions of the equation. y = 2x – 6 (–2, –10), (1, –4), (2, –1) (–2, –10), (1, –4), (0, –6)* (0, –6), (3, –2),

    asked by makaly
  5. Calculus

    Determine the interval on which f(x) = sqrt x-3 is integrable

    asked by joe9
  6. statistics

    Find the Z-score that separate the middle 63% of the distribution from the area in the tails of the standard normal distribution

    asked by sue
  7. chemistry

    When 6 liter of nitrogen gas reacts with 18 liters of hydrogen gas at constant temperature and pressure, how many liters of ammonia gas will be produced?

    asked by braeden
  8. mass

    A hard water sample contains 0.0081 %Ca by mass (in the form of Ca2+ ions)What mass of water in grams contains 1.3g of Ca? (1.3g of Ca is the recommended daily allowance of calcium for 19- to 24-year-olds.) Need help set this up?

    asked by Chemistry
  9. english

    Choose the correct sentence pattern for the sentence below. I hereby declare Tuesday Shakespeare Day.

    asked by charles
  10. algebra

    Suppose a car that sells for $40,000 depreciates 10% per year. How many years would it take for the car to have a value less than $25,000

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Social Studies

    1. ) At the height of Topa Inca's rule, how many people lived in the Incan Empire? a. ) 100,000 b. ) 2 million c. ) 12 million d. ) 200 million 2. ) Like many modern-day countries, Incan nobles conducted a ____ so that people could be taxed. a. )

    asked by Anon

    1. Which ordered pair is not a solution of y = –12x – 3? (–3, 33) (8, –98) (–9, 105) (3, –39)* 2. Find three solutions of the equation. y = 2x – 6 (–2, –10), (1, –4), (2, –1) (–2, –10), (1, –4), (0, –6)* (0, –6), (3, –2),

    asked by HELP PLZZZ
  13. Physics

    A stone is catapulted at time t = 0, with an initial velocity of magnitude 18.6 m/s and at an angle of 41.6° above the horizontal. What are the magnitudes of the (a) horizontal and (b) vertical components of its displacement from the catapult site at t =

    asked by Danielle
  14. chemistry

    Consider an electrochemical cell based on the reaction: 2H+(aq) + Sn(s) = Sn2+(aq) + H2(g). Which of the following actions would NOT change the measured cell potential? lowering the pH in the cathode compartment addition of more tin metal to the anode

    asked by danny
  15. math

    divide the sum of 65/12 and 8/3 by their difference

    asked by shehzad
  16. math

    Gabriel walked 100m around the perimeter playground.How long and how wide could the play ground be? give three different answers.

    asked by Emma
  17. chem 100

    For the reaction CH3OH(g)←→CO(g) + 2H2(g), a. Determine ΔHo and ΔSo for the reaction at 298K b. Determine the entropy change for the surroundings assuming that they are at 298 K. What does this result tell you? c. Calculate ΔGo at 298 from tabulated

    asked by Mall
  18. Biochemistry

    describe the preparation of 2litres of 0.2M acetate buffer of pH 5.5,starting from 2.5M solution of acetic acid and 2.5M solution of KOH{4.77}

    asked by OCHAI
  19. Precalculus Trig (Geometry)

    A large doorway has the shape of a parabolic arch. The doorway is 20 feet high at the top of the arch and 20 feet wide at the base. At a height of 10 feet above the floor, find the width of the arch. If you start the vertex of the parabola at 0,0, that

    asked by Michele
  20. Chemistry

    Two atoms with charges of +1 and -1 are separated by a distance of 0.5 angstroms. What would happen to the lattice energy between ions if the distance increases to 2 angstroms? A. The lattice energy decreases by a factor of 4. B. The lattice energy

    asked by Cortney
  21. Science

    Which of the following statements is true? A. There is more water on Earth now than there was millions of years ago. B. There is less water on Earth now than there was millions of years ago. C. There is no way to tell how much water was on Earth millions

    asked by Katy
  22. physics

    A solid aluminum cylinder, ρ = 2700 kg/m3 , “weigh” 67 g in air and 45 g when immersed in turpentine. Determine the density of turpentine.

    asked by Doctor
  23. Molarity

    A 4.0−L sample of a 6.3M NaCl solution is diluted to 50L . What is the molarity of the diluted solution? How would I set this up?

    asked by Chemistry
  24. Chem

    You made 100.0 mL of a lead(II) nitrate solution for lab but forgot to cap it. The next lab session you noticed that there was only 80.7 mL left (the rest had evaporated). In addition, you forgot the initial concentration of the solution. You decide to

    asked by Becca
  25. chem

    The solubility of air in water is approximately 2.1x10^-3 M at 20 C and 1 atm. What is the constant for air.?

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Chemistry 1002

    Over a period of time, the concentration of sulfuric acid in a lead storage battery of an automobile has decreased from 38 percent by mass(density=1.29 g/mL) to 26 percent by mass(1.19 g/mL). Assume the volume of the acid remains constant at 715 mL.

    asked by Jen
  27. English

    Read this passage from Donne’s “Meditation 17.” Then, answer the question that follows. No man is an island, entire of itself; every man is a piece of the continent, a part of the main. If a clod be washed away by the sea, Europe is the less, as well

    asked by Sarah
  28. computer science,python

    Write a program called ‘’ to do basic vector calculations in 3 dimensions: addition, dot product and normalization.

    asked by Scar
  29. Math

    What is the least perimeter of a rectangle with an area of 32 square feet?

    asked by Elizabeth
  30. Chemistry

    Check my work & answer please. I need to make sure I am able to do this type of problem correctly. A typical car engine produces 44,000 kJ of heat in an hour. The cooling system has a capacity of 8.40 L and is filled with a 50:50 mixture of anti-freeze

    asked by Thomas
  31. chem

    For the reaction: N2+3H2 2NH3 1.000 mol N2 and 1.000 mol H2 are placed in a 1.000 L container and allowed to establish equilibrium. When equilibrium is established the [N2] =0.921M. Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of hydrogen and ammonia.

    asked by Julia
  32. Math/Algebra

    Jeremy opened two saving accounts at the beginning of 2010, each with an initial deposit of $4,000. Account A earned simple interest, and account B earned interest that was compounded annually. By the end of 2012, which account earned more interest, and

    asked by Tris
  33. math

    A nut wholesalersells a mix of peanuts and cashews. He charges $2.80 per pound for peanuts and $5.30 per pound for cashews. If the mix of peanuts and cashwes is to sellfor $3.30 pre pount, how many pound each of the peanuts and cashews should be used to

    asked by cherrel
  34. Molarity

    A 44.8−mL sample of a 7.0M KNO3 solution is diluted to 1.10L What volume of the diluted solution contains 16.0g of KNO3? Would I do the same thing for this one or would does it have an extra step it it.

    asked by Chemistry
  35. Error Analysis

    Please help me find the wrong grammar, word use and sentences structure for me.. *It's not essay. It's my homework from teacher to modify What can you do to reduce global warming in Thailand Global warming is big problem for the word. Now, the word want

    asked by Na
  36. Science

    An iodoalkane A, with a molecular mass of 198, contains 30.3% carbon and 5.6% hydrogen by mass. It reacts with aqueous sodium hydroxide solution to give an alcohol which can be oxidised and with ethanolic potassium hydroxide solution to give two alkenes,

    asked by Fasi
  37. sociology

    What is anomie and its connection to norms?

    asked by Joy
  38. English

    Traditional African marriage is an advantage for men only,not women.

    asked by Tshiliso Mabote
  39. math

    Chad has a rope that is 9 yards long. How many pieces of rope measuring of a yard can he divide his rope into?

    asked by Ally
  40. non profit Accounting

    The mayor of a large city approaches a group of citizens and suggests that they form an organization to provide social, educational, and recreational programs for local youth. The group agrees and forms an entity called the Community Youth Organization

    asked by mary
  41. Science

    How does a hurricane form? A. It forms over warm ocean water as a low-pressure area. B. It forms over warm ocean water as a high-pressure area. C. It forms over cool ocean water as a low-pressure area. D. It forms over cool ocean water as a high-pressure

    asked by smoochy
  42. Statistics

    Suppose a random family of four is selected (two parents and two children). Suppose further that you are told one of the two children is a girl. Given that this family has at least one daughter, what is the conditional probability that it also has a son?

    asked by Gary
  43. stats

    8.a) Consider the data below for Alaska Airlines and for American West Airlines. Construct a bar graph which breaks down the data by airline and by city, and which shows, for each airline, the percentage of on-time flights at each city.

    asked by Nisa
  44. Microeconomics

    The quantity of TVs sold is 100 at the unit price $200. Suppose the price elasticity of demand for TVs by the initial value method is 2.0, and you would like to decrease the unit price for TVs to $150. Then the new quantity sold must be __________ . A. 125

    asked by Josh
  45. chem

    For the reaction: A+B 2C (all gases) 2.0 mol A, 2.8 mol B and 1.0 mol C are placed in a 2.0 L container and allowed to reach equilibrium. When equilibrium is established [C]=0.75 M. Calculate all equilibrium concentrations. Calculate K. I am so confused!

    asked by Julia
  46. calc

    integral from 1 to x of (5/(t^3 +3))dt

    asked by sam
  47. Chemistry

    Consider this real reaction, and answer the questions based on it: TiO2 (s) + HCl (aq) ==> H2O (l) + TiCl4 (aq) 1) Based on this balanced equation, if the amounts used are 3 mol TiO2 and 5 mol HCl, Which one is the limiting reactant? 2) How many moles of

    asked by Janelle
  48. Math/Algebra

    Jeremy opened two saving accounts at the beginning of 2010, each with an initial deposit of $4,000. Account A earned simple interest, and account B earned interest that was compounded annually. By the end of 2012, which account earned more interest, and

    asked by Tris
  49. physics

    You are driving to the grocery store at 20 m/s. You are 110 m from an intersection when the traffic light turns red. Assume that your reaction time is 0.70 s and that your car brakes with constant acceleration.How far are you from the intersection when you

    asked by Scar
  50. physics

    water runs into a house through a 5cm pipe.its pressure at entering the house is 1 times 10^5Pa.the faucent on the second floor 2,5cm above where the water enters the house has an inside diameter of 3cm.when the faucent is in use the flow velocity at the

    asked by connie
  51. Elementary Statistics

    10. In a game of “chuck a luck” three dice are rolled. If your number comes up on all three dice you win $3. If your number comes up on two dice you win $2. If your number comes up only once you win $1. If your number doesn’t come up at all you lose

    asked by Gary
  52. geometry and measurement

    A Cone-shaped piece of paper has a height of 15 centimeters and a radius of 1.2 centimeters. The cone is 2/3 filled with sand. What is the approximate volume of the portion of the cone not filled with sand?

    asked by Trinity
  53. statistics

    there are 500 passenger with a mean age of 60 years and a standard deviation of 12. what is the minimum age of the oldest 20%?

    asked by Busisiwe
  54. chem help

    a. Determine the percent ionization for a 1.00M phosphoric acid solution at 25.0 oC given the following (assume the small x approximation is valid) H3PO4(aq) H2PO4(aq)H+(aq) ΔGf (kJ/mol) -1142.6| -1130.2 | 0 b. Assuming ΔGf does not change with

    asked by Mall
  55. Pre-Calculus

    A sailboat in a lake travels 4 km due north and then 4 km due west. From there, the boat travels 5 km due north and 4 km due west. How far is the bboat from the starting point? Express your answer as a mixed radical. (How would I use radicals for this??)

    asked by Lucina
  56. anthropology

    Older people are given more respect in all societies when they are (Points : 1) no longer working. married. economically productive. living on their own.

    asked by aja
  57. biology

    1.1 The gametophyte generation in a fern plant changes to the sporophyte generation by A.fertilisation B.melosis C.asexual reproduction D.fusion of spores the answer is A.fertilisation right? 1.2 the male cone differs from the female cone in the pine in

    asked by john
  58. math

    Standard soft drink cans hold 12 ounce or 355 milliliters of soda. Assume that soda can must be right circular cylinders. Through trial and error with cans of different sizes, find the dimensions of a 12-ounce can that has the lowest cost for materials.

    asked by betty
  59. history

    im working on persuasive essays, the question is asking me to write a response showing where his essay proves to be more persuasive. Could i get some help on which points were more persuasive than others? i didn't think his speech was meant to be

    asked by abbey
  60. Trig

    Prove that : (Sin Ө + Cosec Ө)/(Tan Ө+Cot Ө) = Sin Ө + Cos Ө

    asked by Someone
  61. Microeconomics

    If the price elasticity of demand is 2, this means that a __________ increase in price causes a __________ decrease in quantity demanded. A. 15%; 100% B. 15%; 10% C. 20%; 40% D. 30%; 20% answer B 15%, 10%

    asked by Erin
  62. Math 10

    Factor, if possible. 36xy - 12x^2y

    asked by Rav
  63. physics, QUESTION = At what depth below the free surface of oil having a density of 600kg/m^3 will the pressure be equal to 1bar.

    asked by ^Ekingdeft^
  64. english

    traditional african marriage is an advantage for men only,not women

    asked by jikiqwa
  65. Physics

    The white ball in the figure has a speed of 1.67 m/s and the yellow ball is at rest prior to an elastic glancing collision. After the collision the white ball has a speed of 1.43 m/s. To the nearest tenth of a degree, measured counterclockwise from east,

    asked by Roger
  66. Math

    Jennifer rode her bike to the store at a rate of 15 mph. She rode back home at a rate of 10 mph. How far is it to the store if the round trip takes an hour?

    asked by Joe
  67. Calculus

    Let f and g be the functions given by f(x)=1+sin(2x) and g(x)=e^(x/2). Let R be the shaded region in the first quadrant enclosed by the graphs of f and g. A. The region R is the base of a solid. For this solid, the cross sections, perpendicular to the

    asked by Anonymous
  68. calculate the area of plane figures

    y=x^2 y=8-x^2 NEED HELP

    asked by Anonymous
  69. English 3

    What is the message/theme in "Eulogy" by Brian Turner?

    asked by K
  70. stats

    8.a) Consider the data below for Alaska Airlines and for American West Airlines. Construct a bar graph which breaks down the data by airline and by city, and which shows, for each airline, the percentage of on-time flights at each city. b) Consider the

    asked by Nisa
  71. Stats

    Instructions for the Experiment / Data Collection regarding questions 1-4: Collect data regarding the caffeine content in a 16oz cup of coffee. Collect the amount of caffeine in 20 different brands of coffee. 1.Calculate the following descriptive

    asked by Nisa (Please Help me)
  72. Calculus check and help

    Let f and g be the functions given by f(x)=1+sin(2x) and g(x)=e^(x/2). Let R be the shaded region in the first quadrant enclosed by the graphs of f and g. A. Find the the area of R. B. Find the value of z so that x=z cuts the solid R into two parts with

    asked by Anonymous
  73. chem

    For the reaction: N2+3H22NH3 4.000 mol N2, 2.000 mol H2, and 6.000 mol NH3 are placed in a 2.000 L container and allowed to reach equilibrium. When equilibrium is established the [H2]=2.77 M. Calculate the equilibrium concentrations of nitrogen and

    asked by Julia
  74. Vectors

    What is the nature of intersection of these three planes: 5x+3y-z=11 -2x-7y+10z=2 6x+21y-30z=-6 I know that the answer is two parallel planes and the other one intersecting in a line. my question is how would you know that the first equation intersects in

    asked by Sara
  75. English

    Which sentence is punctuated correctly? A. Milton wrote many prose works, but is more famous for poetry. B. In a sequence of sonnets dedicated to his wife Edmund Spenser traced their courtship. C. Sonnets were new to England, when Sir Philip Sidney wrote

    asked by Sarah
  76. Physics

    A rock of mass 0.234 kg falls from rest from a height of 28.9 m into a pail containing 0.492 kg of water. The rock and water have the same initial temperature. The specific heat capacity of the rock is 1840 J/kg C°. Ignore the heat absorbed by the pail

    asked by Student
  77. Science

    Calculate the heat required, in joules, to raise the temperature of a 0.20 kg block of aluminium from 20°C to 60°C.

    asked by Rev
  78. Physics

    Consider a spherical plastic shell with inner radius r=1cm, r2=2cm, and a dielectric constant K=4. The center is hollow. Free charge is bound within the plastic. The charge distribution is spherically symmetric but decays with radius, following a charge

    asked by Help
  79. English

    1. He is outgoing. 2. He is extrovert. 3. He is extroverted. (Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning?) 4. He is shy. 5. He is reserved. 6. He is introvert. 7. He is introverted. (Are they all grammatical and the same in meaning?)

    asked by rfvv
  80. math

    How old are they? I found this question online. Please help me understand where I may have made a mistake. Thanking you in advance. My question: Norman is now 4 times the age of her son, 3 years ago, the sum of their ages was 49. How old are they now?. My

    asked by Taywi4020
  81. Math

    An ice cream store sells 30 different flavours of ice cream and it offers a choice of 3 different kinds of cones. In how many ways can we order a dozen two-scoop ice cream cones if any two of them in one order must differ at least by a flavor or by the

    asked by Excel
  82. physics

    an object fall from rest of total height h and covers a distance of h/2 in last second find out time it remain in air

    asked by sham
  83. Physics

    You will use the formula p*V = kB*N*T to find the depth of the box (front to back measurement). The volume of the box is given by the formula V = W * H * D. (You will need to convert the pressure from atm to Pa, or pascals, by multiplying atms by 1 * 105.)

    asked by Jennifer
  84. English

    I have to memorize and recite exactly 12 lines from Shakespeare's "Othello" for class. I am having trouble picking from the entire play, a nice and notable speech section from the play. Any suggestions? I would prefer a part by Othello or Desdemona :)

    asked by Linda
  85. geometry

    I did problem but would like someone to see if I did it correctly. triangle ABC similar to ADE by AA theorem need x and y. start at B and go rt. around the 2 connected triangles BA=12; (AD 8 with rest of line =y so have ADC = 8+y; CD = 9. Line DE = x.

    asked by robin
  86. Chemistry

    An atom emits a photon of wavelength 1.08 meters. What is the energy change occurring in the atom due to this emission? (Planck's constant is 6.626 × 10-34 joule seconds, the speed of light is 2.998 × 108 m/s)

    asked by Ella
  87. Chemistry

    Copper has a specific heat of 0.387 J/g·°C. How much energy is required to raise the temperature of 215 g of copper from 47.0°C to 164.0°C?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. Physics

    A heat engine carries 2.60 mol of an ideal monatomic gas around the cycle shown in the figure. Process 1-2 takes place at constant volume and takes the gas from 300 K to 600 K, process 2-3 is adiabatic and takes the gas from 600 K to 455 K, and process 3-1

    asked by Anonymous
  89. Physics

    (Image included with problem) 9.186E-1 moles of an ideal diatomic gas undergoes a transition from a to c along the diagonal path in the figure. The temperature of the gas at point a is 1310 K. During the transition, what is the change in internal energy of

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Spanish

    Can someone proof my spanish composition? Aprenda a vivir con la diabetes tipo 2 La diabetes tipo 2 es, desafortunadamente, una enfermedad muy común en los EEUU. Si usted ha sido diagnosticado con la diabetes tipo 2, es normal sentirse confundido, triste

    asked by martha
  91. Math

    a probability that new years is on a Saturday in a randomly chosen year is 1/7. 15 years are chosen randomly.find the probability that 1. exactly four of these years have new years day on a Saturday 2. at least 2 of these years have new years day on a

    asked by shenice
  92. Physics

    A rectangular wire loop has a 10 ohm resistor on the back as it moves into a region of uniform B=3T field at v=10m/s. The rectangle is w=5cm wide and l=20cm long. How much heat is generated in the resistor during the loop's entire path into and out of the

    asked by Alice
  93. Maths- Please help

    How do i work out the mass of a flywheel. I am given the density as 7500kg/m3, a 500mm diameter and a 10cm thickness. Please help

    asked by lee
  94. math

    ibrahim has a bag containing five red balls,six yellow balls and four white balls , the ball is pick at random from the bag.find the probability that: (a))red or white ball ? (b) yellow or red ball ? (c) not red

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Calculus

    Evaluate the integral f sin(x)/1-sin^2(x) dx

    asked by joe9
  96. MAth

    How many inches are in 75% of 20 yards?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. English

    What is the difference between modern fantasy and regular fantasy. Is modern fantasy merely a subgroup of fantasy? Some examples would help.

    asked by Marcus
  98. MicroEconomics

    A firm currently uses 50,000 workers to produce 120,000 units of output per day. The daily wage per worker is $100, and the price of the firm's output is $48. The cost of other variable inputs is $400,000 per day. (Note: Assume that output is constant at

    asked by Samantha
  99. Finance

    how long will it take $3,500 to double when it is invested at 3.8%

    asked by shaon
  100. Chemistry

    How does the freezing process of ice cream occur? What happens to ice when salt is added?

    asked by Jamie
  101. English

    Hello. Please help me with my question. Is there any difference between the verbs 'learn' and 'study' in the sentences: 1) I'm going (want) to learn English. 2) I'm going (want) to study English. Thank you for your help a lot.

    asked by Nalmi
  102. sam

    integral from 1 to x of (5/(t^3 +3))dt

    asked by Anonymous
  103. math

    Jim used 6 white cubes to make a rectangular prism. He painted the whole outside blue. If Jim separates the cubes, how many will have more blue faces than white. How many will have an equal number of blue and white faces

    asked by Brady
  104. Math

    what is the perimeter of a rectangle if L=3x+5 meters W=4x-3 meters?

    asked by Rebecca
  105. English

    Where do I need a comma? After returning to the United States from Canada Sitting Bull was put in prison for two years. Just after canada?

    asked by Kelley
  106. Precalculus Trig (Geometry)

    A rectangular doorway is 38 meters wide and 60 meters high. The doorway is capped with a semi-ellipse that is 13 meters high at its center. Find the height h of the doorway and window 5 meters from the center. From the ellipse equation, I can see that a

    asked by Michele
  107. Calculus

    Let f and g be the functions given by f(x)=1+sin(2x) and g(x)=e^(x/2). Let R be the shaded region in the first quadrant enclosed by the graphs of f and g. A. Find the the area of R. B. Find the value of z so that x=z cuts the solid R into two parts with

    asked by Anonymous
  108. math

    A boat leaves port P and steers 5 km due east and then 10 km on a bearing of 060 degrees. Find its distance and bearing from P

    asked by joe
  109. Vectors

    Determine the vector equation of a plane that contains the line with symmetric equation (x+3)/-2=(y+1)/5=(z+2)/4 and the point P(1,3,0). For this question to find the direction vector you would use subtraction with the points (-3,-1,-2) and (1,3,0). Why

    asked by Sara
  110. Statistics

    For the data set (−2,−3)(1,3)(5,4)(9,7)(11,12) find interval estimates (at a 94.6% level) for a single observation and for the mean response of y corresponding to x=1. Note: For each part below, your answer should use interval notation. Prediction

    asked by STATISTICS
  111. Math

    Can you please help with correct format for the following?: re: d = rt equation A boat traveled 40 miles down a river in 2 1/2 hours. The return trip going upstream took twice as long. What is the rate of the boat in still water? Appreciate any help on the

    asked by Cassandra
  112. Metals

    Transition metals (also called heavy metals) form insoluble compounds with hydroxide ions. Therefore, it is possible to extract heavy metal ions from water by raising the pH. The precipitation reaction between cadmium(II) and hydroxide is shown below.

    asked by Chemistry
  113. Calculus

    Let f and g be the functions given by f(x)=1+sin(2x) and g(x)=e^(x/2). Let R be the shaded region in the first quadrant enclosed by the graphs of f and g. A. Find the volume of the solid generated when R is revolved around the line y=pi. B. Fine the volume

    asked by Anonymous
  114. history

    why did Britain have any control over Canada (1930s)

    asked by Leo
  115. English

    Which clause in this sentence is used as an adjective? When Beowulf arrived, the Danes welcomed him, for they desperately needed someone who could stop Grendel. A. When Beowulf arrived B. the Danes welcomed him C. they desperately needed someone D. who

    asked by Sarah
  116. English

    Which choice would supply the strongest, most logical support for this claim? Lakeside Manor is a wonderful new community on Lake Winchester. A. After just a few hours, you will know you want to move there. B. There is ample parking for all residents and

    asked by Sarah
  117. Physics

    Let 70.0 J of heat be added to a particular ideal gas. As a result, its volume changes from 65.0 cm3 to 169.0 cm3 while the pressure remains constant at 1.7 atm. By how much did the internal energy of the gas change?

    asked by Shane
  118. physics

    a block weighs 200 N and is being held against a door. The coefficient of static friction between the door and the block is 0.470. What is the minimum force applied? Please show how you got it

    asked by billy
  119. maths

    $1200 is invested at 6%p.a. for 42 months how much interest is earned after 2 years?

    asked by yara
  120. Chemistry

    Why is Potassium and Bromide KBr? Why does Br not follow 2n2? Br = 35 electrons, 2,8,18,7 why does the shell not fill to 32 and is happy with one of Potassium electrons. Thank you kindly.

    asked by Steph
  121. english

    Biographies are based on A. Rumor B. Fiction C. Imagination D. Study and research Is it B?

    asked by Meredith Grey
  122. Physics for Physical science

    A picture frame hung against a wall is suspended by two wires attached to its upper corners. If the two wires make the same angle with the vertical. (Draw a free body diagram)

    asked by tina
  123. science

    A car,mass of 1500kg,accelerates at 2m/s from rest. Find 0-60mph time, use 1 mile=1613m

    asked by lee
  124. maths

    a shopkeeper has 500kg of potato. he sells 45 kg potato on each day. find how much potato was left after the sale of 8 days

    asked by shehzad
  125. Calculus

    Give a Right-hand sum approximation of integral 1 to 4 of x^2 with n=4? I have done this problem alot and my teacher says the answer is 30 but I cant get it. HELP

    asked by Jason
  126. Science

    Estimate the pressure that is exerted on the ground by an average female. In runners? and then In "high heels"?

    asked by Joe
  127. maths

    divide the sum of 13/5 and -12/7 by the product of -31/7 and 1/-2 and add the result to (-2/3-1/3)

    asked by shehzad
  128. social studies

    Why was the admission of Missouri as a slave state controversial in the Senate?

    asked by sabre
  129. life orientation

    Human factor causes ill health ,accident ,crises or disasters

    asked by boohle
  130. Sociology

    Why does morality have little part to play in your Judging of deviance?

    asked by Joy
  131. Math

    Can you please help with this geometry question. An open box is formed from a square piece of material by cutting 2-in squares from each corner of the material and folding up the sides. If the volume of the box that is formed is to be 72 in cubed, what was

    asked by Cassandra
  132. English

    Where does the comma go in these sentences? 1. Usually castles sat on a hilltop, and had high stone walls. 2. Loo at this picture of a castle Cate.

    asked by kelly
  133. physics

    how to determine the net electric force on q3 q3= + 10 uC distance from q3 to q2 =40 cm distance from q1 to q2 =50 cm distance from q1 to q3 = 30 cm q2 =-80 uC q1=+50 uC

    asked by brad