Questions Asked on
April 5, 2015

  1. calc 1

    Gravel is being dumped from a conveyor belt at a rate of 30 ft3/min, and its coarseness is such that it forms a pile in the shape of a cone whose base diameter and height are always equal. How fast is the height of the pile increasing when the pile is 14

    asked by Dan
  2. Physics

    If a person weighs 500 N on Earth, what would she weigh on Jupiter, where the acceleration due to gravity is 26 m/s2? Show all work leading to your answer.

    asked by Ciara

    An object is launched from the ground into the air at an angle of 38.0 o (above the horizon) towards a vertical brick wall that is 15.0 m horizontally from the launch point. If the ball takes 1.30 seconds to collide with the wall, with what speed was the

    asked by baz
  4. Writing Skills, Part 3

    6. You have found an article in the Readers' Guide that you want to locate. What information would be least important in finding it? A. Subject heading B. Volume and page numbers C. Author's name D. Title of the article Student Answer: B Answer: Incorrect

    asked by yes help me I'm an idiot
  5. physics

    A falling 50-kg skydiver experiences an upward acceleration of 6.2 m/s2 when she opens her parachute. Show (by calculation) how much drag force is produced by the parachute. (50*10)=500N (10+6.2)=16.2m/sec^2 force = (ma)=50*16.2=810N

    asked by Ciara
  6. Math

    On Joe Martin's graduation from college, Joe's uncle promised him a gift of $12000 in cash or $900 every quarter for the next 4 years after graduation. If money could be invested at 8% compounded quarterly, which offer is better for Joe? I have done this

    asked by Maggie Hopkins
  7. Math

    Which of the following would best display information in a frequency table that has been divided into categories? A. Bar graph B. Pitograph C. Circle graph D. Histogram Is the answer A? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  8. chemistry

    Why is the second derivative of a titration curve more accurate method to determine endpoints and equivalence points than the first derivative?

    asked by tevon
  9. Physics

    A parachutist drops out of a plane at an altitude of 150m and accidentally drops his camera. If the parachute opens the instant he drops out of the plane and he descents at a constant speed of 6 m/s, how much time separates the arrival of the camera on the

    asked by Anna
  10. chemistry

    If 5.40 kcal of heat is added to 1.00 kg of ice at 0⁰C, how much liquid water at 0⁰C is produced?

    asked by allexelle
  11. phy111

    1 The principle of conservation of heat energy states that that when an object is at constant temperature or is in thermal equilibrium, it is losing and gaining heat at equal rates. the heat lost by a hot body is equal to the heat gained by the cold body

    asked by tk
  12. Macroeconomics

    Please check my answers; stuck on a few questions on my homework. 1. In the long run, an increase in the supply of bank loans is matched by a __________ in the price level and the quantity of real loans is __________. A. rise; unchanged B. rise; increased

    asked by Beth
  13. Math

    What are the mean, median, mode, and range of the data set 18,19,20,21,23,26,26,26? A. Mean=22.4; Median=22; Mode=26 B. Mean=22.4; Median=26; Mode=22 C. Mean=26; Median=22.4; Mode=24 D. Mean=23.4; Median=22; Mode=26 Is the answer A? Thank you for your help

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Math

    Which stem-and-leaf plot represents the data set below? 56,65,67,72,85,88,89,96,97,104,113 A. 5|6 6|5 7 7|2 8|5 8 9 9|6 7 1|04 1|113 B. 5|6 6|5 7 7|2 8|5 8 9 9|6 7 1| 0 4 1| 1 3 c. 5|6 6|5 6 7 7|2 8|5 9 9|6 7 8 10|4 11|3

    asked by Anonymous
  15. physics

    At a particular point, a satellite in an elliptical orbit has a gravitational potential energy of 7000 MJ with respect to Earth’s surface and a kinetic energy of 4000 MJ. At another point in its orbit, the satellite’s potential energy is 2000 MJ. What

    asked by Ciara
  16. physics

    A 2.0-gram bullet is shot into a tree stump. It enters at a speed of 3.00 x 104 cm/s and comes to rest after having penetrated 0.05 m in to the stump. What was the average force during the impact? Show all calculations leading to an answer. KE 1=

    asked by Ciara
  17. physics

    You are riding your bike and the tire has a radius of 0.33 m and mass 1.5 kg rotating at 98.7 rad/s. You just notice you are just seconds to riding off a cliff what torque will you need to stop the tire in 2.0 s before you find yourself at the bottom of a

    asked by Anonymous
  18. geomatry

    A triangle has an area of 15 square feet. the height is 8 feet.What is the length of the base?

    asked by milo
  19. physics

    Leon’s bicycle wheels have a circumference of 2 m. What is his linear speed when the wheels rotate at 1 revolution per second? Show all work leading to your answer. The wheel doesn't slip on the ground so the ground goes by at the same rate that a point

    asked by Ciara
  20. Math

    A back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot showing the points scored be each player on two different basketball teams is shown below. Team 1 | | Team 2 6 1| 0| 3 7 8 4 2| 1|4 6 8 9 9 6 3| 2|5 7 Key: 4|0|2 means 4 points for Team 1 2points for team 2 What is the

    asked by Anonymous
  21. maths

    how do I calculate the minimum or maximum value of the missing side of a triangle with the other sides measuring 7cm and 15. cm ?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. trig

    if sin23=p,write down the following in terms of P *cos113 *cos23 *sin46 so i draw the diagram an solve for x in terms of P an got 1-p so i don't know how to apply cos113and sin46 in terms of 23 or P but *cos 23 i wrote it as> 1-p/1 wch is 1-p

    asked by onika
  23. science

    When the metal sample reacts with acid, the gas evolved will be collected over water; the gas is said to be "wet". What is the composition of the wet gas? How can the partial pressure of hydrogen be obtained from the total pressure of wet gas? From where

    asked by anonymous
  24. cda

    Which of the following is one of the steps for successful inclusion? A. Provide every program requested. B. Modify appropriate environments and curriculum. C. Organize all children in an assigned, designated area. D. Use every inch of space in designated

    asked by Kaleisha
  25. english

    Phantom of the Opera. What are some actions of Erik that show horror? What are some actions of Erik that show romance

    asked by Anonymous
  26. US History

    How does the relative uniqueness of America’s history and culture affect its relationship to such increasingly international issues as economic development, the environment, immigration, and terrorism?

    asked by Ada
  27. cda

    _______ are necessary to defuse disagreements with parents. A. Avoidance and ambiguity B. Accounting records and photographs C. Respect and discretion D. Power and authority I choose C

    asked by Kaleisha
  28. cda

    The natural consequence of forgetting one's lunchbox and not being rescued by a parent, would be A. not being allowed to play with a friend. B. not having lunch at lunch time. C. being reminded to take the lunchbox the next day. D. staying late

    asked by Kaleisha
  29. AP CALC

    1.Suppose the amount of water collected from a mountain spring decreases over the summer at a rate of 1.5% per day. When will the spring's output fall to four-fifths its present level? Select one: a. 61.086 days b. 34.055 days c. 14.876 days d. 3.347 days

    asked by Rachel
  30. astronomy

    Even though I do not believe the Big Bang is what created the universe(although what people clam the bing bang was would have been similar to what happened when God said "Let there be light" I still have astronomy hw. haha. I am having trouble with this

    asked by sara
  31. cda

    According to the results of a 1971 experiment, children who play together are better able to A. work together. B. argue with each other. C. covertly steal from one another. D. read complex material together. I choose A

    asked by Kaleisha
  32. Physics

    If a freely falling rock were equipped with a speedometer, by how much would its speed readings increase with each second IF it were on a planet where g = 20 m/s2? Show all work leading to your answer. g=20 m/s^2 20 m/s V=gt S=g( T ^2) / 2 Is this right ?

    asked by Ciara
  33. Precal

    Is this correct? y^2/25 + x^2/21 =1 Vertices: (5,0),(-5,0) Foci: (0,2),(0,-2)

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    An equation can be used to find the height of a child. Equation is h=2c. The child is 36 inches at 18 months. (12in=1ft) How tall is the child?

    asked by Jade
  35. Math

    1,000 people were surveyed about the of vehivles they owned. The results are shown in the circle graph below. 42% own a SUV 25% own a Wagon 5% own a Hatchback 25% own a Sedan How many people own a Sedan? A. 2,500 B. 25 C. 3 D.250 Is the answer D? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  36. geography

    We can't find the continent closest to 85south and 120 east on the map

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    The mean of a set of four test scores is 85. If three of the test scores are 81,83, and 85, what is the fourth test score? A. 89 B. 87 C. 91 D. 85 Is the answer A? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous

    A net force of 47.0 N acts on a 53.0 kg body initially at rest. Compute the work (in joules) done by the force in the first second of time. Not sure where to start at all :(

    asked by Beckles
  39. math

    How do you find the slope for the direct variation equation y=11x

    asked by Brandon
  40. physics

    If a stationary cart is struck head-on by a cart with twice mass of the stationary one and a velocity of 5 m/s, what will be the new velocity of the stationary cart if the collision is inelastic? Show all calculations leading to an answer.

    asked by Ciara
  41. physics

    The sun’s mass is about 2.7 x 107 times greater than the moon’s mass. The sun is about 400 times farther from Earth than the moon. How does the gravitational force exerted on Earth by the sun compare with the gravitational force exerted on Earth by the

    asked by Ciara
  42. physics

    A 912 kg drag race car accelerates from rest to 108 km/h in 0.795 s. What change in momentum does the force produce?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. chemistry

    what is the rate law for NO+O3=NO2+O2 in second order reaction if [NO] Doubled

    asked by mercy
  44. Transformers

    Two 6600/ 250 V transformers have the following short circuited characteristics: Applied voltage 200 V, current 30 A, power input 1200 W for one of the transformers; the corresponding data for other transformer being 120 V, 20 A and 1500 W. All the values

    asked by B .N
  45. Precal

    Solve for x 9^(x^2) = 3^(-5x-2)

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Physics

    1. A cannon ball M = 10.0kg with V = 2.4×102m/s is broken into 2 parts, if m1 = 6.4kg with angle 37° and m2 with 53°, what is the magnitude of v1 and v2?

    asked by natalia
  47. Precal

    Solve for x and show the steps 1. 3^(x+1) =9^5x 2. 3^(5x)9^(x^2) =27

    asked by Anonymous
  48. chemistry

    The Kw of water varies with temperature. Calculate the pH of water at 46⁰C with a Kw = 1.219 x 10-14.

    asked by allexelle
  49. chemistry

    When a 2.5 mol of sugar (C12H22O11) are added to a certain amount of water the boiling point is raised by 1 Celsius degree. If 2.5 mol of aluminum nitrate is added to the same amount of water, by how much will the boiling point be changed?

    asked by allexelle
  50. Physics

    The university skydiving club has asked you to plan a stunt for an air show. In this stunt, two skydivers will step out of opposite sides of a stationary hot air balloon 2,500m above the ground. the second skydiver will leave the ballon 20 seconds after

    asked by Tony
  51. PHYSICS!!!!!

    A 950-kg car is initially travelling at 60 km/hr. If the speed increases so that its kinetic energy increases by 165 kJ, determine the final speed of the car.

    asked by baz
  52. Calculus

    1. integral (x^3 * sqrt(x^2-4)) dx I'm confused on how to start this problem, if I am doing trig substitution.

    asked by K
  53. Science

    Who have made god

    asked by Aayu
  54. english

    rewrite the following sentence. 1)The exam is around the corner. Begin:The corner....

    asked by Chuchu
  55. CGCC

    What mass of manganese(II) chloride must react with sulfuric acid to release 54.0mL of hydrogen chloride gas at STP? MnCl2(s)+H2SO4(aq)¨MnSO4(aq)+2HCl(g)

    asked by Rachel
  56. law

    What is a key personnel in the courtroom? I have tried research, yet I am just stuck.

    asked by Help Needed.

    Find the mean score

    asked by Oyeniyi
  58. Economics

    Here is Mrs. Baker's revenue and expenses for 2014: Revenue from sale of bread = $65,000 Cost of materials (such as sugar, yeast, baking soda, etc.) = $15,000 Wages paid = $20,000 Rent paid = $10,000 Mrs. Baker's contribution to the 2014 GDP was what? I'm

    asked by Larry
  59. Economics

    A used car dealer bought a 1998 Volvo for $1,000. He paid a worker $200 to wash it. He purchased four tires for a total of $400 to replace the existing tires on the car. He sold the car for $4,000. All these economic activities took place in 2011. The used

    asked by Larry
  60. Maths

    How to find an angle using measurements

    asked by Paige
  61. Physicsl

    What is the magnitude of the electric field a distance 3.5mm from an electron?

    asked by Eric
  62. chemistry

    A thermally activated process (a reaction) takes four minutes at 816oC. How long will it take (in minutes) at 707oC if the activation energy is 150 kJ/mol? What is the % ionicity of the bond B_I&B_F?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    Jorge wants to bring 150 cookies. How much flour will he need to make 150 cookies?

    asked by Tiny Q
  64. Probability

    Let Θ1 and Θ2 be some unobserved Bernoulli random variables and let X be an observation. Conditional on X=x, the posterior joint PMF of Θ1 and Θ2 is given by pΘ1,Θ2∣X(θ1,θ2∣x)= 0.26, if θ1=0,θ2=0, 0.26, if θ1=0,θ2=1, 0.21, if θ1=1,θ2=0,

    asked by SPS
  65. physical

    In1911 ernest rutherford

    asked by Anonymous
  66. algebra

    The combined age of a father and his two sons is 50 years. Four years ago the father was eight times as old as his older son. Four years from now he will be 4 times as old as his younger son. Find the age of each at present. I found that the ages are 36,

    asked by Age Problem Help
  67. math

    Antwon is having a party for 48 people.he surveyed the group and found out that five-eights of them like snickers and seven-twelve of them like milk ways . he wants to get the candy liked by most guest. which candy should he buy?

    asked by thania

    A tangential force acts on the rim of a 2.0 kilogram disk-shaped wheel (0.50 m radius) and gives the wheel an angular acceleration of 4.8 rad/s^2. Neglect friction and find the magnitude of the force

    asked by Chris
  69. Math

    what are the values of the function y = -2x - 4 for x= 0,1,2 and 3? (1 point) A: 0,-6,-8,-10 B: -4,-6,-8,-10 C: -4,-2,0,2 D: 0,6,8,10 Please help me !!!! I'm doing a big math quiz and I can't figure this one out! I got all the other ones right can you

    asked by Dolly
  70. maths

    how to write the X-coordinates of the point of intersection of the graph sin2x and 1/2tanx

    asked by onika
  71. Macroeconomics

    Can someone check my homework answers? Can not find these topics in my book; I read the chapter several times. Thank you 1.Income taxes create a difference between the wage rate paid by companies and received by workers. These taxes __________ both

    asked by Josh
  72. language

    Write a preposition from the box in the blank.(by-from-to-over-under) 1/ Lucy has rarely been very far......home. answer: from 2/ They are amusement park. answer: to. 3/ Lillian and her family went.... ..plane. Answer:by 4/Lillian remembers

    asked by nn
  73. chemistry

    1)Which of the following single bonds has the greatest bond energy? B-F B-Cl B-I B-Br 2)What is the % ionicity of the bond you chose above? (answer in full percent, not a fraction) 3)What is the % ionicity of the weakest single bond above? (answer in full

    asked by ocre
  74. Pschology 202

    True or False? Exercise not only reduces the risk of stroke, osteoporosis, and diabetes, but it also improves overall mental health, reduces stress and depression, and increases happiness. (Points : 1) True False

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Statistics

    Find the margin of error for a 95% confidence interval for estimating the population mean when the sample standard deviation equals 100, with a sample size of (i) 400, (ii) 1600. What is the effect of the sample size? (b) Find the margin of error for

    asked by courtney
  76. algebra

    a recipe requires flour and sugar in a 3:1 ratio. if the flour required is 2 3/4 cup, how much sugar is required? show work please.

    asked by jaimecarlon
  77. algebra

    divide the fractions x+3 6 _______ divided by ____ xcubed x-3 show work please

    asked by jaimecarlon
  78. science

    The solubility of sugar in water in room temperature is 204 g/ 100 ml. a) How much sugar will dissolve in 100 ml of water at room temperature? b) How much sugar will dissolve in 200 ml of water at room temperature?

    asked by parneet
  79. science

    The solubility of sugar in water in room temperature is 204 g/ 100 ml. a) How much sugar will dissolve in 100 ml of water at room temperature? b) How much sugar will dissolve in 200 ml of water at room temperature?

    asked by parneet
  80. Math

    What are the decimals less than 1/2? I don't know how to do this. Pls help😞

    asked by Bub