Questions Asked on
April 4, 2015

  1. math

    Mani, James, and isidro equally shared 1/2 of a pie. Which fraction of the whole pie did each of them receive ?

    asked by autumn
  2. chemistry

    A 100 w lightbulb is place in a cylinder equipped with a moveable piston. The ligshtbulb is turned on for 0.015 hours, and the assembly expands from initial volume of 0.85 L to a final volume of 5.88 L against an external pressure of 1.0 atm. Use the

    asked by Ebimobowei
  3. Chemistry

    The bubble in the tip of the buret is not removed prior to performing the NaOH standardization. Will the reported concentration of the NaOH be greater than, less than, or equal to the true concentration of the NaOH if the bubble is flushed from the buret

    asked by Michelle
  4. Chemistry

    am I doing this equation correctly, please help. K3PO4(aq) + Ba(NO3)2(aq) my answer: 3K(NO3)2(aq) + 2Ba(PO4)3(s) Double displacement precipitation

    asked by Michelle
  5. where would the commas be

    kamil is the only person who listens intently to professor tams long boring history lectures

    asked by Anonymous
  6. chemistry

    The volume of CO2 produced by the combustion of 20g of graphite containing 10% impurity will be?

    asked by Ris
  7. math

    Five people share these four candy bars . what fraction does each share?

    asked by autumn
  8. chemistry

    Uranium metal can be produced by reaction of uranium tetrafluoride (UF4) with calcium metal (Ca). The by-product of this reaction is calcium fluoride (CaF2). The reactor is charged with 292.0 kg of UF4 and 47.0 kg of calcium. Assume that the reaction goes

    asked by ocre
  9. Yuba Community

    A total of 432 tickets were sold for the school play. They were either adult tickets or student tickets. The number of student tickets sold was two times the number of adult tickets sold. How many adult tickets were sold? Click on "Explain" if you need

    asked by Catherine Diaz
  10. Trigonometry

    Write the equation of a sine wave (also called sine curve) given: 1. amplitude = 2 period = pi/2 phase shift = pi/8 vertical shift = 1 2. amplitude = 4 period = 3 phase shift = 2 vertical shift = -1 3. amplitude = 4 period = pi phase shift = -(pi/3)

    asked by Zeke
  11. math

    Of 25 students who took a test in math , only 5 received A's .what fraction of the class received an A on the test? Write your answer in simplest form.

    asked by autumn
  12. physics

    two point charge q1=50c , q2=10c are lactated at (-1,1,-3)m, and (3,1,0)m, respectivly. Find the force on q1.?

    asked by dlawer
  13. Trigonometry

    A golfer hits a ball off of the ground with an angle of elevation of 10 degrees and an initial velocity of 240 feet per second. There is an 80 foot tree 160 yards in front of her. Will she hit the ball over the tree?

    asked by E
  14. Differential Equation 2

    Construct the Fourier series of the following periodic function. f(x)={█(cosx,-π≤x

    asked by ijat
  15. Finance

    P4.3 Assuming you purchased a share of stock for $50 one year ago, sold it today for $60, and during the year received 3 dividend payments totaling $2.70, calculate the following. a. Income b. Capital gain (or loss) c. Total return (1) In dollars (2) As a

    asked by Steven Henager
  16. math

    A girl bought some pencils, erasers, and paper clips at the stationery store. The pencils cost IDR. 1000 each, the erasers cost IDR. 500 each and the paper clips cost 2 for IDR. 100. If she bought total cost IDR. 10000, how many of each did she buy ? I

    asked by Iman
  17. quantum

    Consider a particle with mass m bound to a potential v(x) = k^2|x|. Using the WKB quantization condition, find the energy eigenvalues .

    asked by physics
  18. math

    Tshabalala wants to reconstruct his farm to separate his sheep and goats. Therefore he decided to enclose a rectangular field with a fence and divide it into two smaller rectangular fields by constructing another fence parallel to one side of the field. He

    asked by kay206
  19. physics

    The man fires an 75g arrow so that it is moving at 80 m/s when it hits and embeds in a 13kg block resting on ice. What is the velocity of the block and arrow just after the collision? How far will the block slide on the ice before stopping? A 7.2N friction

    asked by Katie
  20. math

    A recipe for 1batch of muffins included 2/3 cup of raisins.Ina made 2 and 1/2 batches of many cups of raisins did she use

    asked by autumn
  21. Statistics

    Find the margin of error for a 95% confidence interval for estimating the population mean when the sample standard deviation equals 100, with a sample size of (i) 400, (ii) 1600. What is the effect of the sample size? (b) Find the margin of error for

    asked by Courtney R
  22. physics

    You hold a hose 45 degrees to the horizontal and at a height of 1 m from the floor. The water reaches a maximum distance of 10 m from where you are standing. Now you place your thumb over the end of the hose to occlude the opening by 80%, which in turn

    asked by carolyn
  23. geometry

    State whether the following numbers make a right triangle and a Pythagorean triple: 2, 2 root 2, and 2 root 3 I am pretty sure that both answers are no, because 2 squared and 2 root 2 squared equal 8, whereas 2 root 3 squared equals 6, so it cannot form a

    asked by Morgan
  24. Physics

    A constant retarding torque of 12 N*m stops a rolling 0.80 m diameter wheel in a distance of 15 m. How much work does the torque do?

    asked by Alan
  25. math

    Twenty -five students in a class were selling pizzas door to door in a community of 500.if the town was divided evenly among the students , how many did each student visit?

    asked by autumn
  26. Physics

    A tangential force acts on the rim of a 2.0 kilogram disk-shaped wheel (0.50 m radius) and gives the wheel an angular acceleration of 4.8 rad/s^2. Neglect friction and find the magnitude of the force.

    asked by Xavier
  27. Physics

    The current flowing in a solenoid that is 20.9 cm long and has a radius of 2.40 cm and 552 turns decreases from 3.51 A to 1.03 A in 0.250 s. Determine the magnitude of the induced electric field inside the solenoid 1.20 cm from its center.

    asked by Kayla
  28. Math

    Jamie wants to build a cd case for his room. The wood he will use is 3/4 inch thick and the four shelves are 6 3/8 inch apart. What is the height of the cd case?

    asked by Diane
  29. math

    If student A sold 1/5 as many as student B who sold 90 , how many pizzas did student A sell ?

    asked by autumn
  30. math

    Say if these numbers make a right triangle and a Pythagorean triple: 2, 2 square root 2, and 2 square root 3. I am confident that the answer for both parts of the question is no, because when 2 is squared and when 2 square root 2 is squared it is larger

    asked by Erin
  31. English

    I am writing argumentative essay about learning in the traditional classroom. I confused what my teacher means by presenting the other side in a presentation?

    asked by m
  32. math

    Brenden read 3/4 of a book that was 7/8 inch thick . how much of the book , in inches , did he read ?

    asked by autumn
  33. Physics

    How far does water travel if you restrict the hose opening by 80%

    asked by Carolyn
  34. math

    Adam wants to compare the fraction 2/5 1/6 and 1/3 he wants to order them from least to greastest and rewrite them so they all have the same denominator explain how Adam can rewrite the fraction

    asked by zoie
  35. math

    Jayden had some items to store in a storage unit that was 10 feet long , 8 feet wide , and 10 feet high. What is the volume of the storage unit ?

    asked by autumn
  36. Physics

    A spring with a spring constant of 531 N/m is used to propel a 0.363-kg mass up an inclined plane. The spring is compressed 37.7 cm from its equilibrium position and launches the mass from rest across a horizontal surface and onto the plane. The plane has

    asked by Demi
  37. Differential Equation

    Solve (ye^xy+1)dx+(xe^xy+2)dy=0,y(0)=0

    asked by ijat
  38. Differential Equation 1

    Solve x^3y^'''+5x^2y^''+7xy^'+8y=t+e^(-t)

    asked by ijat
  39. Elementary Algebra

    Walk 1or2 miles. Check the time before starting your walk and at the end of your walk. Determine your waling rate in minutes per mile. Create an equation that describes the rate. walk 1 mile time 6:00 to 7:30 so this would be 90minutes and that is where I

    asked by Lavery
  40. Physics

    A tangential force acts on the rim of a 2.0 kilogram disk-shaped wheel (0.50 m radius) and gives the wheel an angular acceleration of 4.8 rad/s^2. Neglect friction and find the magnitude of the force

    asked by Chris
  41. Chemistry

    A 5.00 L flask with mass of 463.873 g is filled with Ar gas to 3 atm pressure at 292 k. (19 celsius + 273) what is the mass of flask and gas?

    asked by Christine
  42. Science

    How much work do you do when you push a shopping cart with a force of 50N for a distance of 5M

    asked by Leana
  43. child development

    One way to test for the validity of research methods is to A. compare children’s answers to different halves of the same test. B. test for inter-rater reliability. C. compare children’s answers on different forms of the same measure. D. see how

    asked by younes
  44. child development

    10. In field experiments, researchers A. formulate conclusions based on extensive field notes. B. use treatment conditions that already exist naturally. C. avoid confounding variables by exposing the same participants to all treatments. D. randomly assign

    asked by younes
  45. Chem 12

    0.300 mol of S2 and 0.310 mol of C are placed in a 1.00 L flask and allowed to reach equilibrium according to this reaction: S2(g) + C(s) ⇔ CS2(g) At equilibrium, 0.271 mol of CS2 is present. The value of Keq for the reaction is ---- a)9.3 b)0.91 c)240

    asked by Steph
  46. child development

    10. In field experiments, researchers A. formulate conclusions based on extensive field notes. B. use treatment conditions that already exist naturally. C. avoid confounding variables by exposing the same participants to all treatments. D. randomly assign

    asked by younes
  47. maths

    a wheel with diameter 40 cm makes 50 revolutions per minute. how long it take to cover a distance of 6.28 km?

    asked by muskan
  48. child development

    Research on the importance of early experiences for children’s intellectual development played a major role in the founding of A. the Convention on the Rights of the Child. B. the Children’s Defense Fund. C. Project Head Start. D. the National

    asked by younes
  49. Chemistry

    Consider the following equilibrium: At equilibrium, 4.0 × 10-2mol H2, 4.0 × 10-2mol CO, 1.0 × 10-2mol H2O and 1.0 × 10-2mol C were present in a 1.0L container. What is the value of Keq? a) 0.063 b) 16 c) 0.16 d) 6.3 I got b, but I'm not too certain

    asked by Jane
  50. Geometry help

    1. If a square has a radius of twelve, would its apothem be 6sqrt2? What will its area be? How would I solve it? 2. If triangle has a radius of 12, would its apothem be 7sqrt3? How would I find the area? 3. How would I find the area of a hexagon if it's

    asked by Anonymous
  51. School

    What are some examples of school problems that student council can fix? Like unhealthy cafeteria food and too much homework.

    asked by Anonymous
  52. Math Question

    Tom Newman took out a simple interest loan of $1,500.00 at 10 percent interest for 12 months. after 4 payments the balance is 1,100. he pays off the loan when the next payment is due what is the interest? Is it $9.17 Thanks!!

    asked by Nadia
  53. math

    Stewart is playing a video game. He earns the same number of points for each prize he captures. He earned 1,200 points for 6 prizes, 2,000 points for 10 prizes, and 2,600 points for 13 prizes. Which is the dependent variable in this situation? A)the number

    asked by kyle
  54. algebra

    A man drove at the rate of 50 km/h while outside a cityand 30 km/h while within the city. If a trip 33 km took him 46 minutes, how much of the trip was outside the city?

    asked by Have a Problem
  55. algebra

    A man drove at the rate of 50 km an hour while outside a city and 30 km an hour while within the city. If a trip of 33 km took him 54 minutes, how much of the trip was outside the city?

    asked by Have a Problem
  56. Legal Studies

    Identify key personnel working in the courtroom.Outline their role.

    asked by aisha
  57. Law

    Describe the role of the court in Australia's legal system.

    asked by Help Needed.
  58. News

    Bakit ang lindon ay hindin natin maforecast? Why was an earthquake cannot be forecasr?

    asked by Marie Delle C. Cabigon
  59. english essay

    Pls help me..give me a best sample of introduction (paragraph 1) and Conclusion(p.6) & keywords of the contents(p.2-5) about "Why people should quit gambling."

    asked by mandy
  60. Music

    How to compose a music?

    asked by Marie Delle C. Cabigon
  61. sociology

    why is it impotrant for social workers to document essential and relavent details about their client

    asked by Anonymous
  62. statistics

    A test consist of 10 multiple choice questions, each with five possible answers, one of which is correct. To past the test a student must get 60% or better

    asked by pat
  63. Math

    The equation of the line a is y = -2x + 5. Find the equation of the image of line a after a dilation centered at the origin with scale factor 2. -4x + 10?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    Please explain to me 1 1/2 times the recipe.

    asked by Kee-Kee
  65. math

    4mLA=5mLB, find mLC

    asked by manisha
  66. Finance

    The following balance sheet extract relates to the Allied Insurance Company Bonds Payable $1,000,000 Preferred Stock $2,000,000 Common Stock $3,000,000 Additional Information: 1. The bonds are 8%, annual coupon bonds, with 9 years to maturity and are

    asked by friend
  67. Sports

    What are some good disciplinary enforcements for sports teams? Say for instance, like a dance team? I need help!!

    asked by Anonymous
  68. math

    solve: 2x + 5 = 3x - 9

    asked by jean
  69. Physics

    What is the ratio of the wight of a man when he is in a tunnel 1000 km below the surface of the Earth to his weight at the surface? ...I'm not sure how to proceed, not because I don't know how to do it, but because I have no idea how to come up with a(g)

    asked by Nora
  70. Math

    Please explain to me 1 1/2 times the recipe. are we dividing this by 2 which will be 5/2=2 1/2?

    asked by Kee-Kee
  71. Math

    Jorge wants to bring 150 cookies. How much flour will he need to make 150 cookies? if I divide 60 into 150 = 25. will I need 25 cups of flour to make this true?

    asked by Kee-Kee
  72. Physics

    Suppose we had a straight tunnel, through Earth's center, to a point on the opposite side of the planet, and used it to deliver mail to the other side. With what speed would our packages pass through Earth's center. So: ag = (GM)/R2 Mins = (4/3)πR3*ρ So,

    asked by Nora
  73. Physical Science

    A model electric train requires 12 V to operate. When connected to a household voltage of 120 V, a transformer is needed. If the primary coil has 500 turns, how many turns must the secondary coil have?

    asked by Melvin
  74. science

    The analysis of lead (Pb) in a sample of solder was carried out using atomic absorption spectroscopy as follows. 1.013 g of solder was completely dissolved in a small volume of nitric acid and the solution made up to 1.000 L with distilled water. A 50.0

    asked by Tasha
  75. finance

    You have a discount bond with a time to maturity of one year. The market price of this instrument is 97%. You want the model price to match it while you build you yield curve with ED futures; the contracts price as follows: 1st = 99, 2nd = 98, 4th =97.

    asked by sasi
  76. finance

    Two bonds A and B have the same yield to maturity. A prices at 90 while B prices at 110. Which one has the higher coupon?

    asked by sasi
  77. finance

    I give you a flat yield curve from 0 to 4 years: 2%. You have a five year swap contract that pays annually and want to use it to extend the curve to 5 years. How low can the swap par rate go before forward between 4 and 5 years goes negative?

    asked by sasi
  78. finance

    You are a risk manager that needs to hedge the IR risk on a portfolio of bonds. Your hedging instruments are futures and swaps. Discuss how you would go about mitigating sensitivity to changes in the interest rates. You may consider either bucketing the

    asked by sasi
  79. finance

    The bonds we discussed in class have positive convexity. What does a bond need to have in order for convexity to be negative? Do you know of such instruments?

    asked by sasi
  80. Life orientation

    Factors that could threaten or limit core functions of the media

    asked by Lola
  81. Macroeconomics

    working on homework & stuck on these three questions. Someone please check if I answered these correctly; Thank you! 1. In the event of excess supply in the coffee market __________. A. the price of coffee will increase B. the price of coffee will decrease

    asked by Beth
  82. linear algebra check

    Use the Gram-Schmidt process to transform the basis [1 1 1] , [0 1 1] , [2 4 3] for the Euclidean space R3 into an orthonormal basis for R3. (Enter each vector in the form [x1, x2, ...]. Enter your answers as a comma-separated list.) so i went through the

    asked by sara
  83. essay

    I need to come up with an outline for a essay on the differences between the North usa and South? Any ideas? Thanx if u can help

    asked by katy
  84. Civics

    15. The _______ was developed during the presidency of Lyndon Johnson. A. Rural Electrification Administration B. Peace Corps C. Works Progress Administration D. Upward Bound Project D?

    asked by Sarah
  85. chemistry

    Don't know where to begin. 1) A thermally activated process (a reaction) takes four minutes at 811°C. How long will it take (in minutes) at 748°C if the activation energy is 150 kJ/mol?

    asked by ocre
  86. physics

    Assume the muscle is 37C and is separated from the outside air by layers of fat and skin. The layer of fat, at a particular location on the skin, is 2 mm thick and has a conductivity of 0.53 W/mK. Finally, the outermost epidermal layer is 0.1 mm thick with

    asked by carolyn