Questions Asked on
April 2, 2015

  1. Math

    You work 40 hours/week for 52 weeks and are given the option to be paid hourly or to go on salary. In which situation will you earn the most? • $30,000/year • $15.00/hour • $30,000/year with a 10% bonus • $15.00/hour and a $2,000 bonus at the end

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Precalc

    Water is flowing from a major broken water main at the intersection of two streets. The resulting puddle of water is circular and the radius r of the puddle is given by the equation r = 5t feet, where t represents time in seconds elapsed since the the main

    asked by Zoe Cameron
  3. Math

    Help, Divide 50 by half, and add 20. I do not understand.

    asked by Anon
  4. Chemistry

    Calculate the value of ΔS when 1.10mol of Br2(l) is vaporized at 58.8 ∘C

    asked by Austin
  5. Civics

    3. The _______ form of city government merges executive and legislative functions in a single group of officials. A. township B. commission C. mayor-council D. city manager Not sure?

    asked by Sarah
  6. Chemistry

    The ph of a solution is 9.55 at 25degree celcius. What is the hydroxide-ion in the solution?

    asked by Sophie
  7. math please help

    In the diagram below, we have DE = 2EC and AB = DC = 20. Find the length of FG. I have no idea how to do this. I did a problem almost exactly the same and approached it the same way, it did not work.

    asked by Gem
  8. math

    Beth & J had $2880. Beth gave 1/4 of her money to J. Then J gave 1/3 of the total amount she had to Beth. In the end, both girls had same amount of money. 1 - how much money did beth have at first? 2- how much money did J had at first?

    asked by Bob-Bob
  9. Chemistry

    I am trying to solve a buffer problem. I know I need to use the Henderson-Hasselblach equation but I am not getting the correct answer. The problem is: Propionic acid is a weak monoprotic acid with Ka = 1.3×10-5 M. NaOH(s) was gradually added to 1.00 L of

    asked by Cara
  10. Physics. URGENT Help Please

    What is the separation of colors in a rainbow produced by? (Points : 1) different diffraction for different wavelengths different interference for different wavelengths

    asked by Taylor
  11. Econ 220

    Suppose we have the following market supply and demand schedules for bicycles: Price Quantity Demanded Quantity Supplied $100 70 30 $200 60 40 $300 50 50 $400 40 60 $500 30 70 $600 20 80 a. Plot the supply curve and the demand curve for bicycles. (Note

    asked by Ty Webb
  12. Ms.Sue

    I have a question about Thomas Hardy's "The Darkling Thrush" does the speaker most directly acknowledge the forces of nature? A. "Some blessed Hope, where of he knew/And I was unaware."********* B. "So little cause for carolings/Of such ecstatic sound." C.

    asked by Cassie
  13. chemistry

    17. Calculate H for the following reaction using Hess law H2 (g) + Br2 (g) → 2 HBr (g) Experimental information 2 H+ → H2 H -436.4 kJ 2 Br- → Br2 H -192.5 kJ 2 H+ + 2 Br- →2 HBr H -144.8 kJ

    asked by john
  14. Steve/Ms.Sue

    Steve can you please show me how to do this problem? What is the area of the shaded region in the given circle in terms of pi and in the simplest form? the picture shown is of a circle with a triangle from 1 oclock to 3 oclock with a 60 deg opening. the

    asked by Cassie
  15. Chemistry

    For the reaction 4FeCl2(aq) + 3O2(g) - 2Fe2O3(s) + 4Cl2(g); how many grams of FeO3 are produced from 8.71 x 10 to the 21st power molecules of O2?? Help Please!

    asked by Pria
  16. math

    The sum of two numbers is 33. The sum of the smaller and 3 times the larger is 81. Find the numbers.

    asked by Anonymous
  17. math

    1/4 of henry sticker is equal to 2/3 of daisy. difference in number of sticker each of them has is 135. how many stickers do they have in all?

    asked by Bob
  18. physics

    Boxes are moved on a conveyor belt from where they are filled to the packing station 12.0 m away. The belt is initially stationary and must finish with zero speed. The most rapid transit is accomplished if the belt accelerates for half the distance, then

    asked by shannon
  19. Chem pls!!!!!

    1) name one specific instance in which single displacement reactions can be useful. 2) zn + cucl --> cu + zncl2 in this reaction, a solid would be formed from the copper. what is the solid known as a ___________ please help me

    asked by A
  20. Chemistry

    the rate of diffusion of a gas having molecular weight just double of hydrogen gas is 30 ml/s.the rate of diffusion of hydrogen gas will be

    asked by Tanya
  21. Physics

    The position of a body moving along x-axis at Time t is given by x=(t^2-4t+6)m. The distance travelled by body in time interval t=0 to t=3s.

    asked by Diksha
  22. English

    1. In formal writing, abbreviations ________. A. can be used sparingly B. should never be used C. can be used depending on the instructor's preference D. can be used depending on the discipline 2. A paragraph contrasting two teachers in which the first

    asked by Jay
  23. Math/Calculus

    Solve the differential equation y'=3t^2+4. Solve the initial value problem y(0)=3. Separation of variables! My work: dy/dt= 3t^2+4 dy= 3t^2+4 dt Then you integrate both sides. ∫ dy= ∫ 3t^2+4dt Question: is there a 1 in dy? ( ∫ 1dy)? If so:

    asked by Sarah
  24. Science

    State how matter moves through the biosphere. State how energy moves through the biosphere. Explain each statement using examples to illustrate your explanation.

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Chemistry

    Why can't milk of magnesia (Mg(OH)2), act as a buffer?

    asked by Michelle
  26. math

    Tall versus Short All tall 787 tall 277 short Smooth versus Wrinkled Seeds All smooth seeds 5,474 smooth 1,850 wrinkled Yellow versus Green Seeds All yellow seeds 6,022 yellow 2,001 green From the table and the theoretical results answer questions 1 and 2.

    asked by rob
  27. chemistry

    You weigh out an antacid tablet and determine the mass to be 1.1990 g. After taking a 0.2455 g sample of the antacid tablet, you dissolve it in 25.00 mL of a 0.1006 M solution of hydrochloric acid in a 250.0 mL Erlenmeyer flask. After heating the solution

    asked by zee
  28. Physics

    In a straight line motion the distance travelled is proportional to the square root of Time taken. The acceleration of a particle is proportional to:-(i)√v(ii) v^2(iii)velocity (iv)v^3.Why?

    asked by Diksha
  29. Math

    Sarita used 54 ounces of apples to make an apple pie. How many pounds and ounces of apples did Sarita use?

    asked by Kee-Kee
  30. Math

    84 is no less than 7 times than a number k

    asked by Zero
  31. 5th Grade Math

    Jason and Doug competed in the long jump at a track meet. Jason long jump was 98 inches. Doug long jump was 3 yards. How much longer was Doug jump than Jason Jump? would this answer = to 10 if not please can you show me the steps so I can understand,

    asked by Kee-Kee
  32. physics

    Rachel's crew is finally successful in shooting the firework. They shoot it to its maximum height in 7 seconds and it explodes sending fragments scattering in horizontal directions all around at a speed of 20 meters per second. In answering the questions

    asked by Cynethia
  33. calculus

    A closed cylindrical can is to hold 2 litter (200 cm³) of liquid. How should we choose the height and radius to minimize the amount of material needed to manufacture the can?

    asked by nani
  34. math

    Which of the following fraction is smallest? 3 2 1 4 __ __ __ __ 7 3 9 11 show your work

    asked by Lakshmi
  35. physics

    A car traveling 30 k/h suddenly speeds up to 60k/h.What can you conclude from this information? (A) There was a change in the potential energy of the car. (B) No work ( in its scientific meaning) was done on the car. (C)The car will take four times longer

    asked by Cynethia
  36. physics

    Taylor is interested in archery. She draws her bow and shoots an arrow at angle of 50°. It goes a distance of 100 meters. At what other angle could Taylor shoot an arrow with the same amount of force and have it go the same distance?

    asked by Cynethia
  37. Algebra 1

    A right triangle's legs are 7 inches and 24 inches. What is the measure of the angle opposite the 24 in leg?

    asked by Steve
  38. Math, Science

    A woman throws a 0.25 kg ball straight up in the air with a initial speed of 15 meters per second. how far above the woman will the ball go before it starts coming back down?

    asked by Wyatt Bendickson
  39. math

    Esth had five times as many cards as Rich. Esth gave 1/4 of her cards to Rich. Rich. gave 1/6 of his cards to Esth in return. In the end, Esth had 90 cards more than Rich. How many cards did Esth have at first?

    asked by Bob
  40. math please help

    In a triangle, we have

    asked by Gem
  41. math

    Sam and Jill had 576 stamps in all. Sam gave 1/7 of his stamps to Jill. Then Jill gave 1/4 of the total number of stamps she now had to Sam. In the end, both of them had the same number of stamps. What was the difference in the number of stamps they each

    asked by Bob
  42. Math

    The price of a movie ticket is half the normal price on Tuesday. If the normal price is $8.50, how much would 4 tickets cost on Tuesday? We have to make it so you're multiplying fractions, not some other way. I really don't get it.!

    asked by Zoe
  43. cda

    An important aspect of childhood that has been decreasing since the 1950s is A. creative play. B. structured sports. C. usage of electronic devices. D. television viewing. I choose B

    asked by Kaleisha
  44. Math please help

    In triangle ABC, we have

    asked by Gem
  45. algebra

    7/20x^3y^5,1/30 x^6y^4 find lcd do not combine fractions

    asked by bree
  46. IT

    Do the planning and write an algorithm for the following questions. Each problem contain a do loop. When planning your algorithm, decide which type of loop will be best suited to solving the particular problem (pre-test or post-test). If the problem

    asked by kwena
  47. Math

    Sally had ten $10 bills. She saved 3/5 and spent 2/5. how much did she save?__ How much did she spend?__ I'm very confused on this one two.

    asked by Zoe
  48. math

    ball a weighs 1 1/2 times as much as ball b. find all combinations of ball a and ball b that will be needed to balance 10 ball b?

    asked by Bob-Bob
  49. variation

    T varies inversely as R and T =3.5 when R =10

    asked by jay
  50. math

    Rick spent $3000 of his salary on furniture and 1/5 of his remaining salary on shoes. If he had 2/5 of his salary left in the end, how much was his salary?

    asked by Bob-Bob
  51. Math

    The volume of a rectangle prism with a square bases is 5880 cubic inches and it's height is 30 inches. Find the side length of the square base? 5880\30 = 196 square = side length of 14

    asked by Jake
  52. Math

    Given the two-way relative frequency table below, which of the following statements is correct? Autumn Winter Spring Summer Total Male 0.10 0.08 0.11 0.16 0.45 Female 0.14 0.12 0.05 0.24 0.55 Total 0.24 0.20 0.16 0.40 1 A. The largest percentage of people

    asked by Ciaria
  53. chemistry

    How many grams of H2 are needed to produce 12.22g of NH3?

    asked by Branson
  54. chemistry

    How many molecules (not moles) of NH3 are produced from 3.55×10−4g of H2?

    asked by samantha
  55. Algebra help Will only take a minute

    5 • 3ⁿ a.15,30,45,60 b.5,15,45,135 c.0,15,45,135 d.15,45,135,405 Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  56. algebra

    Sales of frozen pizza for a club fund-raiser increased from 500 one year to 730 the next year. What was the percent of increase?

    asked by Jackie
  57. Science

    What is the effect of the slope of an incline of a surface on an object’s speed?” PLEASE do not answer...I just need help understanding it. Thank You

    asked by Jordan
  58. math- please help me - Ms. Sue

    Sheds R Us sells $600 sheds on a monthly payment plan over 2 years. a) If the interest rate is 1.5% per month, find the monthly payment. Answer = $ b) If instead the interest rate is 1.75% per month, find the monthly payment Answer = $ can anyone help me

    asked by Mimi
  59. algebra

    A train leaves Buffalo traveling west at 60 miles per hour. An hour later, another train leaves Buffalo traveling east at 80 miles per hour. When are the two trains the same distance from Buffalo? Show the equation you use.

    asked by Anonymous
  60. science

    how is a parameter related to designing an experiment?

    asked by haylee
  61. Pre Calc

    Juliet and Mercutio are mov- ing at constant speeds in the xy-plane. They start moving at the same time. Juliet starts at the point (0, − 6) and heads in a straight line toward the point (10,5), reaching it in 10 sec- onds. Mercutio starts at (9, − 14)

    asked by Zoe Cameron
  62. self

    I have 10 letters. My 1st and 2nd letter means not. My 1st to 5th letter means below. My 6th to 10th letter is to stand. In all, I am when you know. What am I?

    asked by john
  63. Math

    The length of a classroom is 34 ft. What is this measurement in yards and feet?

    asked by Kee-Kee
  64. help History Ms.sue

    OR trail what is it about HELP

    asked by Stacy
  65. chemistry

    what volume of a 0.247 M perchloric acid solution is required to neutralize 23.8 mL of a 0.156 M calcium hydroxide solution? _titration problem of acids/bases

    asked by Elise
  66. physics

    60 cubic feet of air at 30 PSIG and 50 degrees F is compressed to 80 PSIG and 110 degrees F. What is the final volume?

    asked by emma
  67. forth

    i am a number between 22 and 30 the sum of my digit is 9 and different is 5 who am i ?

    asked by yasn
  68. Math 222

    I need someone to check this to see if I am doing it correctly. k^3+k k^2+k-42 k(k^2+1) (k+7)(k+6) k=-7 k=6 (-0,-7)(-7,6) (6,0)

    asked by Raven
  69. Math

    For question 10 here: I have these answer choices: a. glide reflection symmetry b. no symmetry c. glide reflection and translation symmetry d. translation symmetry Is answer

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math 222

    Please check this to see if I am doing it correctly. g^2-6g-55/ g g=0 Because you can not divide by zero

    asked by Raven
  71. math

    i am a number between 22 and 30 the sum of my digit 9 and different is 5 who am i?

    asked by yasn
  72. math

    If y varies inversely as x, and y = 12 when x = 6, what is K, the variation constant? A. 1⁄3 C. 72 B. 2 D. 144

    asked by Anonymous
  73. calc

    If possible, find a, b, and c so that v = [a b c] is orthogonal to both w = [1 6 1] and x = [1 −9 1]

    asked by sara
  74. math

    Question:write a system of equation that is linear. can this two equation work? 2x – 3y = –2 4x + y = 24

    asked by TD
  75. math help`

    is it true that no matter what the ordered pair is that parallel lines have the same slope and perpendicular lines some is always -1

    asked by math help
  76. 6th Grade Science

    Hi, I really need help and I'm really confused I don't know what they are asking me to do. Provide three statements that demonstrate the importance of units when describing motion. Please someone help me because it is very important. Thank You :/

    asked by MusicLover14
  77. Physics

    a 475 kg pre-stressed concrete beam is to be raised 10.0 m in 24.0 s. how many kw of power is needed to for the job

    asked by Don
  78. stastic

    Given the following information about a sample, calculate a z score for a test grade of 91. = 87, s = 4.01 (Points

    asked by damon
  79. Computers

    What is the only layer of the TCP/IP model that places information used to perform a frame check sequence at the end of the frame? A. Internet B. Transport C. Presentation D. Network Access Suck between two answers.

    asked by mw
  80. trig

    How do I verify this? Cos^4x-Sin^4x=1-tan^2x/sec^2x

    asked by Alli
  81. English

    Which of the following words has experienced the most significant connotative and denotative shift over time as a result of conversational usage? A. fiery B. tepid C. cool D. warm A?

    asked by Ciaria
  82. Chemistry

    What is a balanced equation for a Base-Acid Titration?

    asked by Madison
  83. English

    What is most likely the purpose of King’s Letter from Birmingham Jail? [RI.9-10.6] A. to publicize his personal achievements as a community leader B. to influence others to join the nonviolent civil rights movement C. to provide a legal argument that

    asked by Ciaria
  84. Chemistry

    When 85g of CH4 are mixed with 85g of O2 according to this equation: CH4 + 2O2 - cO2 + 2H2O What is the theoretical yield in gams of CO2? What is the percent yield if 45.7g of CO2 are produced? Please explain!

    asked by Pria
  85. Accounting

    Completed a project for Chang Corporation abd received $3620 cash. I need to know the debit and credit. Thanks

    asked by Sam
  86. Accounting

    Paid $1,200 cash to Hilldale Mall for Success Systems' share of mall advertising cost. I need to know the debit and credit.

    asked by Sam
  87. English

    Which word in the following sentence is spelt incorrectly? “The ambidectrous student was conspicuously popular on the baseball team because he could pitch with either his right or left hand.” A. pitch B. popular C. conspicuously D. ambidectrous D

    asked by Ciaria
  88. english

    The friendly _____ looking puppy pawed on the window to attract the attention of the people walking by on the sidewalk. [L.11-12.2.a] A. : B. & C. , D. – C

    asked by Ciaria
  89. Math

    William solves the equation 5(3x-2)=15x-2. How many solutions does he find? A.0 solutions B.1 solution C.2 solutions D.Infinitely many solutions I'm only up to making it to: 15x-10= 15x-2 I was also wondering if I did anything wrong.

    asked by Rabie
  90. Calculus

    Use implicit differentiation to differentiate y=x^(8/37), by writing it as y^37=x^8. Express your answer only in terms of x.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. chemistry

    What is the heat involved when 3.00 g of aluminum oxide is formed?

    asked by Kodi
  92. MATHS

    In the given figure, O is the center of the circle and

    asked by Anonymous
  93. English

    I have found that when I travel some cities effuse warmth and hospitality while others are very difficult for a stranger to navigate. In this context, “effuse” most closely means A. ignore B. disseminate C. dislike D. earn C?

    asked by Ciaria
  94. MATH


    asked by Anonymous
  95. Physics 101

    A 25 kg box rests on an inclined plane which is 30o to the horizontal. The coefficient of sliding friction between the box and the plane is 0.30. Determine the acceleration of the box down the plane. (9.8 m/s2)

    asked by Roman
  96. Physics

    How are lights in schools usually wired... Series or parallel circuits?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Math - hw check

    The admission fee for student is $8 and the admission fee for Adult is $15. In one hour, 12 adults and students enter the museum and a Total of $131 in admission was paid. Write a linear system to model this problem and solve this problem graphically.

    asked by Ray
  98. GeneralChemistry

    What is the minimum amount of 6.7M H2SO4 necessary to produce 27.9g of H2 (g) according to the following reaction? 2Al(s)+3H2SO4(aq)→Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3H2(g) I don't know how to solve it, and I don't understand the explanation given online.

    asked by Sarah
  99. Social Studies

    Can you check my answers? My answers are marked with this: (*) 1. What was the effect of World War I on South Carolina? A. The state economy shrunk significantly. *** B. Citizens used more resources, such as meat and fuel, than before the war. C. Factory

    asked by Trey
  100. Math


    asked by Anonymous
  101. Life science,agric science,geography,history,maths

    I'm doing these subjects and my career is to be a dectective,so now I just want to know regarding coarses.

    asked by YANDISA GILO
  102. Unisa

    1.Do the planning and write an algorithm to solve the following problem. Prepare test data for the example to test all possibilities and draw a trace table. Sam works at a coffee company where all the employees receive a bonus of R700, except the employees

    asked by Mako
  103. physics

    (b) A boy wishes to walk on ice block at a constant speed. The coefficient of sliding friction for steel on ice is 0.05 and the boy weighs 150 N. Find the force required to keep the boy moving at a constant speed along the ice.

    asked by tiisla
  104. Computers2

    In the following routing table entry, where will a packet addressed to be handled? is subnetted, 4 subnets C is directly connected Serial 0 R via Serial 1 R via Serial 1 C is

    asked by mw
  105. math- please help me

    Sheds R Us sells $600 sheds on a monthly payment plan over 2 years. a) If the interest rate is 1.5% per month, find the monthly payment. Answer = $ b) If instead the interest rate is 1.75% per month, find the monthly payment Answer = $ can anyone help me

    asked by Mimi
  106. physics

    Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction for tyre rubber on the road surface.

    asked by patrick
  107. chemistry

    assuming only glassware was supplied for the original experiment, what would be the procedural change necessary to titrate 25.00mL of commercial bleaching solution.

    asked by gladys
  108. Algebra 1

    A right triangle has a 40 degree angle. The hypotenuse is 10cm long. What is the length of the side opposite the 40 degree angle? I got 6.4cm but not sure of how I got it.

    asked by Steve
  109. Unisa

    Flow chart of an if-then-else statement Sam works at a coffee company where all the employees receive a bonus of R700, except the employees in the coffee department 3, who receive a bonus of R850. Enter his gross salary and his personal department number.

    asked by Mako
  110. math

    what is another way to equal 40 and i already have 10•4•1, 20•2•1,5•4•3,40•1•1,10•2•2?

    asked by bret
  111. English

    1. Buy one, get one free. 2. Buy one, and get one free. 3. If you buy one, you will get one free. 4. If you buy one, you get one free. ============================ What does #1 mean?

    asked by rfvv
  112. math

    Solve the set of linear equations by the matrix method : a+3b+2c=3 , 2a-b-3c= -8, 5a+2b+c=9. Solve for a

    asked by azeez
  113. algebra

    A plane can fly a certain distance in 6 hours with the wind, but can return only three-fourths the distance in the same time. If the speed of the plane in still air is 200 km per hour, find the velocity of the wind.

    asked by Help, pls
  114. Math

    Please tell me if i got this right... Fill in the blanks... “The __Sum__ of the length of the hypotenuse of a __Right__ triangle is equal to the __Sum__ of the squares of the __Length__ of the other two __Sides__.”

    asked by Dan
  115. physics

    Alice is trying to open a jar of pickles. Trying as hard as she can, the top to the jar will not turn. According to the scientific definition, is Alice doing work? What has to happen for Alice to be doing work?

    asked by Cynethia
  116. Physics

    determine the mass of ice that will be melting when 1.3g of steam at 102 ° C is passed into a calorimeter containing 80g of ice at 0 ° C

    asked by Ansari Ahmed
  117. cda

    George Herbert Mead believed that children learn internalized conversation through the stages of A. play and games. B. cognitive evaluation and vocal usage. C. verbalization and practice. D. self-talk and thought processes. I choose A

    asked by Kaleisha
  118. chemistry

    Why do you add Sodium hydroxidein your reduction procedure

    asked by mino
  119. physics

    A 2kg block situated on a rough incline is connected to a spring of negligible mass having a spring costant of 100N/m.the pulley is frictionless.the block is released from rest when the spring is unstretched.the block moves 20 cm down the incline before

    asked by virginia
  120. Ethics in Tech

    Who wrote that every violation of a "privacy right" is also a violation of another right? A. Stanley Benn B. Louis Brandeis C. Morton Levine D. Judith Jarvis Thomson is it D

    asked by Amy
  121. Ethics In Tech

    The Census Bureau has not always kept confidential the information it has collected. According to the textbook, this became apparent: A. during the Civil War. B. after the attack on Pearl Harbor. C. during the Vietnam War. D. during the first Gulf War. is

    asked by Amy
  122. Statistics

    How large a sample should be taken if the population mean is to be estimated with 90% confidence to within $75? The population has a standard deviation of $892. So far I have n= (.2)(5)^2, but I don't think that's right....

    asked by Megan
  123. Algebra

    For f(x)=(3x^2)+5and g(x)=7x-2, a. Verify: g(x + 2) ≠ g(x) + g(2). b. Find (f – g)(x). c. Using the resulting function in (b), show that (f – g)(2) = f(2) – g(2). (The work should be different for each side of the equation.) d. Is (fg)(0)

    asked by Sam
  124. Statistics

    By measuring the amount of time it takes a component of a product to move from one workstation to the next, an engineer has estimated that the standard deviation is 6 seconds. (a) How many measurements should be made to be 90% certain that the maximum

    asked by Megan
  125. Asia

    1.) The Himalayas separate ______. a.) Pakistan and India b.) The Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia. c.) Afghanistan from the rest of South Asia. d.)Northern and Southern Asia. 2.) The Green Revolution changed the way in which people benefit from

    asked by South Asia
  126. Social Studies

    1.) The Himalayas separate ______. a.) Pakistan and India b.) The Indian subcontinent from the rest of Asia. c.) Afghanistan from the rest of South Asia. d.)Northern and Southern Asia. 2.) The Green Revolution changed the way in which people benefit from

    asked by South Asia
  127. Statistics

    A sample of 53 night-school students' ages is obtained in order to estimate the mean age of night-school students. = 25.7 years. The population variance is 12. (a) Give a point estimate for mu. (b) Find the 95% confidence interval for mu (lower and upper

    asked by Megan
  128. physics

    Alex works at a legal firm which produces a lot of documents. Often Alex has to carry heavy stacks of documents from one office to another. On this particular day Alex, who weighs 75 kilograms, has to transport a stack of documents which weighs10

    asked by Cynethia