Questions Asked on
March 29, 2015

  1. Math

    Fifteen smart cars were randomly selected and the highway mileage of each was noted. The analysis yielded a mean of 47 miles per gallon and a standard deviation of 5 miles per galon. Which of the following would represent a 90% confidence interval for the

    asked by Arturo
  2. Civics

    2. One main difference between the United States Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions A. are much longer. B. don't provide for a legislature. C. can't be amended. D. don't have bills of rights. So your saying it's D? (Reed)

    asked by Sarah
  3. Calculus 1

    If two resistors with resistances R1 and R2 are connected in parallel, as in the figure below, then the total resistance R, measured in ohms (Ω), is given by 1/R= 1/R1+ 1/R2. If R1 and R2 are increasing at rates of 0.3 Ω/s and 0.2 Ω/s, respectively, how

    asked by TayB
  4. math

    last week at a festival, a man sold 3 times as many tie-dyed shirts as silk-screened shirts. He sold 148 shirts altoether. How many tie-dyed shirts did he sell?

    asked by shari
  5. Civics

    1. Suppose Bill HR612 is currently in Congress. One thing you know about this bill is that it A. originated in the House of Representatives. B. has been vetoed by the president. C. has no riders attached. D. is currently in committee. A?

    asked by Sarah
  6. English

    Read the following line from Act IV, Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet, when Capulet speaks of his daughters apparent death: Death lies on her like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field. How does Shakespeare use a simile to emphasize the

    asked by Steve
  7. Calculus 2 - Series

    I am so confused on how to do series problems...especially these. How can you tell the pattern and determining the formula for them? Can someone please help? 26) Write the first five terms of the sequence {an} whose nth term is given. an = (n + 3)/(2n −

    asked by Helen
  8. Math

    The rainbow bridge of Utah is a natural arch that is approximately parabolic in shape. The arch is about 88m high. It is 84m across the base. Determine a quadratic relation, in standard form, that models the shape of the arch My answer was y=-22/441x^2+88

    asked by Anonymous
  9. Geometry

    In the triangle, angles ABC and ADE are right angles. If AC = 35, AE = 11, and BE = 10, then what is AD?

    asked by Mona
  10. Calculus 2 (Differentiate & Decay Problem)

    I have two problems I need help on, can someone show and explain step by step how to do the problems? For #1, how would you differentiate and solve the inital-value problem? For #2, I don't understand what I am doing wrong with the problem..I am sure it is

    asked by Misa
  11. physics

    (a) A charged particle accelerates as it moves from location A to location B. If V A = 170 V and V B = 210 V, what is the sign of the charged particle? positive negative (b) A proton gains electric potential energy as it moves from point 1 to point 2.

    asked by mathew
  12. Physics

    a red car and a green car move toward each other in adjacent lanes and parallel to an x axis. At time t = 0, the red car is at xr = 0 and the green car is at xg = 212 m. If the red car has a constant velocity of 23.0 km/h, the cars pass each other at x =

    asked by Mike
  13. Math

    A new fence is constructed on three sides of a housing block with area 240 m2. The fourth side facing the road is left open. If 52 m of fencing is used, what are the dimensions of the block?

    asked by Aria
  14. Shegal

    Three identical metal spheres are hung from a ceiling on rigid non-conducting rods. Sphere 1, sphere 2, and sphere 3 have charges 75 µC, −44 µC, and 50 µC, respectively. Each sphere is separated by 0.15 m. What is the net electric force on the middle

    asked by priya
  15. chemistry

    What is the total change in entropy when 10.0 g of ice melts at 25.0°C? DHfus = 6.01 kJ/mol The answer is 1.03 J/K but idk how to find it.

    asked by paula
  16. math

    1. Shawn Fitzgerald finds a suitable property and agrees upon a selling price of $137,900. The mortgage company requires a 20% down payment and Shawn chooses to finance the property for 30 years at 8%. What is the total amount of interest charged, rounded

    asked by Nadia

    What does method mean in math?

    asked by DJ Jazzy
  18. Geometry

    In a triangle, we have line QR parallel to line ST, PQ = 8, QS = 6, and PT = 12. Find PR.

    asked by Harry
  19. math

    If Will gives Molly $9, he will have the same amount of money as her. If Molly gives Will $9, the ratio of the money she has to the money Will has will be 1 : 2. How much money does Will have in the beginning?

    asked by Sally
  20. Chemistry

    Hi, can you help me with this question: "you have 25.00 mL of a 0.1000 M sugar solution. How much water must be added to make a 0.025 M solution? Thank you.

    asked by Cassandra
  21. Calculus

    The area of a circular oil slick is increasing at a constant rate of 2 square miles per day. How fast is the radius increasing when the area is 4(pi) square miles (approximately 12.57 square miles)? So far I have that the area increases at the rate of

    asked by Emily
  22. chemistry

    Hydroxyapatite is the main mineral component of bone. How many grams of hydroxyapatite will dissolve in 1.00 L of H2O? Ksp = 2.34 × 10–59; Molar mass = 502.3 g/mol? I keep getting 5.83x10^-18 g but the answer is supposed to be 4.35x10^-5 g. I don't

    asked by paula
  23. maths

    i have to design a wine glass using quadratic and linear and i don't know what to do!!!!!

    asked by jem
  24. factor

    how to factor the quadratic: 63x^2-10x-25

    asked by ho
  25. Chem

    Calibration of a glass electrode gave a reading of 139.3 mV with 0.05 m potassium dihydrogen citrate buffer standard (pH = 3.766) and a reading of -79.0 mV with 0.08 m HEPES, 0.08 m NaHEPES, 0.08 m NaCl buffer standard (pH = 7.454), both measured at 30°C.

    asked by Cassie
  26. Computer science C++

    A problem in timber management is to determine how much of an area to leave uncut so that the harvested area is reforested in a certain period. It is assumed the reforestation takes place at a known rate per year, depending on climate and soil conditions.

    asked by Computer Science
  27. Chemistry

    Sulfuric acid dissolves aluminum metal according to the following reaction: 2Al(s)+3H2SO4(aq)→Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3H2(g) Suppose you wanted to dissolve an aluminum block with a mass of 14.5g . 1.) What minimum mass of H2SO4 would you need? 2.)What mass of H2

    asked by Katie
  28. Ethics in Technology

    Which of these statements about the National Crime Information Center (NCIC) is true? A. The NCIC databases contain about 40 million records. B. Improper use of the NCIC has led to about 1 million false arrests. C. Local law enforcement agencies enter most

    asked by Pat
  29. physics

    A proton is acted on by an uniform electric field of magnitude 233 N/C pointing in the positive x direction. The particle is initially at rest. (a) In what direction will the charge move? (b) Determine the work done by the electric field when the particle

    asked by mathew
  30. Ethics in Technology

    Which of the following is NOT a reason to use a computer simulation? A. To model past events B. To produce a detailed financial model C. To reduce costs D. To save time I think it's D, but not sure.

    asked by Pat
  31. Calculus

    Solve without a calculator. cos(arcsin (3x/2)) I made a triangle but im stuck after that..

    asked by Anonymous
  32. pharmacy calculations

    If a patient is on a morphine drip in the hospital from Friday morning, until Monday morning, (3 days) how many minutes has the patient been receiving this morphine regiment?

    asked by brown
  33. Civics

    12. In 1900, how were members of the United States Senate chosen? A. They were elected by the people. B. They were appointed by their state legislatures. C. They were appointed by the governor of their state. D. They were elected by the House of

    asked by Sarah
  34. chemistry

    Determine the limiting reactant for this reaction if 3.027 grams of Aluminum are reacted with 60.00 mL of a solution that is 6 M KOH. Determine the amount of KAl(SO4)2•12 H2O that can be produced from this reaction. Molar mass Alum = 474 g/mol 2 Al (s) +

    asked by Jonathan
  35. Stats

    In a study of children with a particular disorder, parents were asked to rate their child on a variety of items related to how well their child performs different tasks. One item was "Has difficulty organizing work," rated on a five-point scale of 0 to 4

    asked by Hunter
  36. social studies

    1.What role did Marco Polo play in the age of exploration? a)He found the first sea route to Asia. b)He conquered native peoples in the Americas. c)He invented new tools and methods of navigation. d)He increased European interest in foreign lands idk i

    asked by #HOMEWORK
  37. Civics

    20. The governmental body responsible for interpreting the Constitution is the A. Supreme Court. B. president. C. House of Representatives. D. Senate. A?

    asked by Sarah
  38. statistics

    A simple random sample of a size n is drawn from a population that is normally distributed. The sample mean, x is found to be 110, and the sample standard deviation, s, is found to be 10. A- Construct a 95% confidence interval about u if the sample size,

    asked by Anonymous
  39. Calculus

    Th integral of tan(3x)dx

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Radiometric (Radioactive) Dating

    How old is a sample that contains 125 atoms of U-235 and 375 atoms of Pb-207? ...Given that the half life values on my handout are 713 million years. *I do not even know where to start so could you please explain in steps too? Thanks.

    asked by J
  41. English

    What quote from Romeo and Juliet Act 3, Scene 5 illustrates Shakespeare's use of comic relief?

    asked by Steve
  42. Project management

    Build a PowerPoint® presentation that will address each of the Project Management Areas of Knowledge, the process groups that use these areas of knowledge, and how the process groups interact with the knowledge area processes. Use table 3-1, Project

    asked by Anonymous
  43. physics

    a body projected with velocity 30m/s an angle 30¡ã with horizontal maximum height attained by he object is.........?

    asked by yogesh
  44. math

    Ruth's brother just went away to college this fall and had to buy his own laundry soap and fabric softener.The laundry soap was twice the cost of the fabric softener. the total of the two items was $7.47. how much did the laundry soap and the fabric

    asked by nicole
  45. statistics

    A recent survey showed that among 675 randomly selected subjects who completed 4 years of college, 138 smoke and 537 do not smoke. Determine a 95% confidence interval for the true proportion of the given population that smokes.

    asked by Richelle
  46. English

    Death lies on her like an untimely frost Upon the sweetest flower of all the field. (Act 4, Scene 5) ow Does this example of dramatic irony create tension? My answer is because the reader know that Juliet is actually sleeping

    asked by Steve
  47. math

    Carlos has 7 1/2 acres of farmland. He uses 1/3 of the acres to graze animals and 1/5 of the acres to grow vegetables. How many acres does Carlos use for grazing animals of for growing vegetables?

    asked by Hector
  48. math

    Problem: A riding stable manager is planning a nutritional diet for 9 horses. The manager finds the table below in a guide about horse health. The cost of 1000 Calories of horse feed is $0.25. What is the cost per day to feed 9 horses? (Hint: First, try

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Algebra

    How much metal is need to build a trough 6 ft long and 2 feet wide?

    asked by Ben
  50. Math

    If the flight of a rocket can be modelled by the function h=-4.9t^2+49t+2.5. Where h is height in meters and t is time in seconds. How long was the rocket above 100m? I know that you have to find the two times when the rocket hits 100m. And then subtract

    asked by Anonymous
  51. basic math

    I have 14 minutes left to complete this test. use the net decima equivilant to find thr net price. List price is $700 and the trade discount rate ie 10/8/6

    asked by shari
  52. chemistry

    What is the delta Hvap of a liquid that has a vapor pressure of 612 torr at 77.6 degrees C and a boiling point of 94.9 degrees C at 1 atm

    asked by kim
  53. chemistry

    What is the delta Hvap of a liquid that has a vapor pressure of 612 torr at 77.6 degrees C and a boiling point of 94.9 degrees C at 1 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. exponential equations

    The City of South Bay has a current population of 85 000. If the city is increasing at a rate of 7.25% per year, calculate the future population in 8 years time. Round to the nearest person.

    asked by Anonymous
  55. chemistry

    What is the delta Hvap of a liquid that has a vapor pressure of 612 torr at 77.6 degrees C and a boiling point of 94.9 degrees C at 1 atm?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. exponential equations

    Jen made an initial investment of $1000 into a T-Bill account. After 2 years, her investment totaled $1 175. Calculate the rate of appreciation, r, of the investment. Give answer to 2 decimal places.

    asked by Anonymous
  57. exponential equations

    The Sign Guys purchased a new hoist for $1' 500. If this particular hoist has an annual depreciation rate, r, of 15% calculate the value of the machine in 3 years time. Give answer to 2 decimal places.

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Chemistry

    What intermolecular forces are responsible for neoprene's stretchiness?

    asked by Cortney
  59. exponential equations

    If a brand new Nissan Frontier pickup truck has a current value of $22 500 off the lot, calculate how long, t, it will take to depreciate to half of it’s current value. This particular model has a depreciation rate of 23%. Give answer to 2 decimal

    asked by Anonymous
  60. math

    Lexie divided these hexagons into 2 parts and shaded one part. Which shaded parts cover half the hexagon? A.only the shaded trapezoid B.both the shaded triangle and the shaded Pentagon C.only the shaded Pentagon D.both the shaded trapezoid and the shaded

    asked by Anonymous
  61. exponential equations

    6. Staphylococcus bacteria has a doubling time, d ,of 18 minutes. Calculate how long, t, it will take for the population to increase, from an initial population of 400 organisms, to 6400 organisms.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Biomechanics

    Shoulder abduction = 15¡ã Abduction acceleration = 50/rad/s/s Abduction velocity = 20 rad/s Radius of gyration and COM location from joint = 25cm Mass of hand + Arm = 8 kg Force of middle deltoid =400N Middle deltoid only active muscle Force of theraband

    asked by Ming
  63. Precalculus

    Find and equation of the circle with center at (0,0) that passes through the poijt (5,2)

    asked by Anonymous
  64. math

    Stacy and Steve each have brownies of equal size,as shown. Stacy cuts her brownie into halves.Steve cuts his brownie into eighths. Which statement is true? A.Stacy has more pieces than Steve. B.Stacy has 4 pieces. C.Steve has smaller pieces than Stacy.

    asked by Anonymous
  65. Chemistry

    What pressure is required to reduce 34 mL of a gas at standard conditions to 16 mL at a temperature of 20◦C

    asked by Emily
  66. Davis

    Calculate the mass of water produced when 4.36g of butane reacts with excess oxygen.

    asked by Aimee
  67. English

    What does this mean "beyond hope of help from any source" when describing the Ewells in To Kill A Mockingbird? It's not a quote from the book.

    asked by Jasmine
  68. Math

    the perimeter if a rectangle is 42 centimeters. the lenght of a rectangle can be represented by (x+4), and its width acn be represented by (2x-7). what are the dimensions of this rectangle in centimeters?

    asked by Mariah
  69. Precalculus

    Find an equation of the circular orbit of a satellite 500 miles above the surface of earth. Place the origin of the rectangular coordinate system at the center of Earth and assume that the radius of Eatch is 4000 miles.

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    Jenna will use 1/3 of a piece of wood to make 4 shelves of equal size.

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Pre Ap Chemistry

    A sample of carbon dioxide gas occupies 566 mL at 0.825 atm and 15 ◦C. What will the pressure be at a volume of 834 mL and a temperature of 20◦C

    asked by Analyse
  72. Chemistry

    You have 100 mL of a 0.450 M sulfuric acid solution, but you now need to add NaOH to make the solution basic. How much NaOH ( in grams) will you need to add to make the solution have a pH of 13.0? The units are grams of NaOH.

    asked by Tessa Lehan
  73. math

    1. Macon Steinberg purchased a motor scooter with an installment loan that has an APR of 16 percent. The scooter sells for $1,687.00 The store financing required a 20 percent down payment and 30 monthly payments. What was the finance charge? Answer: $69.19

    asked by Katherina
  74. Chem

    When an ion-selective electrode for sulfate was immersed in 0.0300 M sodium sulfate, the measured potential was 0.0460 V. What is the concentration of sulfate when the potential is 0.0610 V? Assume that the electrode follows the Nernst equation, the

    asked by Cassie
  75. English

    Are these sentences compound, complex, or compound complex? Volunteer helped clear roads so that supplies could get to villages that needed them. Complex..

    asked by Kelley
  76. Life orentation

    Differences between nsfas and other student loans

    asked by Lelo
  77. chemistry

    what would be the final concentration if you incorporate 11m: of 29'' concentration of HF to 800mL of water?

    asked by camille
  78. Physics

    A motorist is trying to loosen a stubborn lugnut by standing on the end of a wrench. The wrench is inclined 33.8 degrees above the horizontal and the distance from the center of the nut to the end of the wrench is 0.60 m. Assuming the motorist does not

    asked by Michelle
  79. AP Chemistry

    A 5.0 M solution of HNO3 is titrated with 0.3 M NaOH. Identify the species that have the highest concenttrations in the solution being titrated halfway to the equivalence point. A 25.15 ml of 0.35 m HNO3 was titrated with an unknown concentration of NaOH.

    asked by Sara
  80. Physics

    A uniform disk of radius 0.5 m and mass 3.9 kg is rotating about its center of mass. Its moment of inertia about its center of mass is I=(1/2)mR^2. Its angular velocity as a function of time is given by (t)=7kt^6/t1^7 where k = 3.8 rad and t1= 5 s. Find

    asked by Esha
  81. Chemistry

    A 1.0-g sample of MgCl2 produced a 10.00C increase in a calorimeter charged with 40.0mL of deionized water. The specific heat is of MgCl2 is 0.750J/C*g. What is the value of delta(s)H for MgCl2? I know that the formula needed is

    asked by MB
  82. Chemistry

    For the substance SO2F2(g), ΔHºf = -858 kJ mol-1 and the S-F bond, 308.0 kJ mol-1 Determine the average S=O bond energy in SO2F2 in units of kJ. Is my answer right, if so how do I convert this to kJ? x= S=O bond -858= 2(308) + 2(x) -737kJ/mol

    asked by Nicky
  83. math

    The area of a triangle is 135 square inches. If the height is 15 inches, what is the length of the base?

    asked by Anonymous

    During past hurricanes, medical rescue teams took instructions from any number of sources, resulting in confusion and poor coordination of efforts. During Hurricane Andrew, the Metro-Dade Fire Rescue team changed its protocol. How? A. Managers adjusted

  85. math

    An Artisan has 63 kg of metal of density 7,000kg/m3. He intends to use make a rectangular pipe with external dimensions 12 cm by 15 cm and internal dimensions 10 cm by 12 cm. Calculate the length of the pipe in meters.

    asked by kudu
  86. Geometry

    Points F, E, and D are on the sides line AB, line AC, and line BC, respectively, of right triangle ABC such that AFDE is a square. If AB = 12 and AC = 8, then what is AF?

    asked by Mona
  87. Calculus 2

    I need help in solving an initial-value problem and a few series problems (Especially on #45 & #46). I don't really understand how to do the series problems...majority of the time. An explanation would be great as well. Thank you for your time. #20) Solve

    asked by Erin
  88. Geometry

    In triangle ABC, points X and Z are on line AB and Y is on line AC such that line XY is parallel to line BC and line ZY is parallel to line XC. If AZ = 8 and ZX = 4, then what is XB?

    asked by Jake
  89. math

    In quadrilateral QRTS, we have QR = 11, QS = 9, and ST=2. Sides line RQ and line ST are extended past Q and S, respectively, to meet at point P. If PS = 8 and PQ = 5, then what is RT?

    asked by lily
  90. chemistry

    PH of gatorade and body sweat

    asked by jk
  91. math

    In the triangles, we have XY = 2AX = 2YB and AZ/ZC = 2/3. Find the ratio of the area of triangle YBC to the area of triangle ZYC.

    asked by will
  92. social studies

    1.which of the following improved during the industrial revolution? a)treatment of disease*** b)pollution in cities c)child labor conditions d)housing for the poor what industry did the industrial revolution begin? a)coal mining b)electrical

    asked by #ASAP
  93. statistics

    a repair shop believes that people travel more than 3500 miles between oil changes a random sample of 8 cars getting an oil change has average distance of 3375 standard deviation of 225 miles with alpha 0.05 is there enough evidence to support the shops

    asked by Anonymous
  94. math

    simplify (9-m^2)7m^3 / (3-m)14m please help i am stuck

    asked by dev
  95. maths

    three resistors are connected the resistances are R2 = 2 R3= 3 R1=r r is not specified Question: Derive the total resistance of the system as an expression containing r

    asked by dev
  96. Calculus 2 (Series - Convergent or Divergent?)

    Can someone show me a step by step process and explanation how to solve this problem? 1) Consider the following series. (∞ on top of summation symbol) (k = 1 under the summation symbol) ∑ k(k+15)/(k+13)^2 Determine whether the series is convergent or

    asked by Erin
  97. Chemistry help

    A gas occupying 29 mL at standard conditions is heated to 14◦C while the pressure is reduced to 0.98682 atm. What is the new volume occupied by the gas?

    asked by Quintin
  98. social studies what industry did the industrial revolution begin? a)coal mining b)electrical production** c)steel manufacturing d)textile manufacturing 3.Which renaissance scientist first proposed the heliocentric theory? a)Francis Bacon b)Nicolaus Copernicus

    asked by #ASAP
  99. chemistry

    what is the delta Hvap of a liquid that has a vapor pressure of 612 torr at 77.6 degrees C and a boiling point of 94.9 degrees C at 1 atm

    asked by kim
  100. Algebra

    Describe how you know if an inequality is an “and” or an “or” problem. (use -3 < x+5 < 8). Also, how do you know if an absolute value question is an “and” or an “or” problem? Lastly, will you always have two solutions to an absolute value

    asked by Danise
  101. physics

    A 8.0 kg shell leaves a 2.0 x 103 kg cannon, at a speed of 4.0 x 102 m/s. What is the recoil speed of the cannon?

    asked by Abby
  102. ALGEBRA

    Describe how you know if an inequality is an “and” or an “or” problem. (use -3 < x+5 < 8). Also, how do you know if an absolute value question is an “and” or an “or” problem? Lastly, will you always have two solutions to an absolute value

    asked by Anonymous
  103. physics

    Part 2: Complete the following math problems by using the Law of Momentum Conservation. Formulas: i. Momentum = (mass) * (velocity) ii. Impulse = (Applied force) * (time) and Impulse = Change in Momentum iii. Applied Force = (Change in Momentum) / (time)

    asked by Sarah
  104. math

    Find the lateral of the square pyramid if its height is 8m its slant is 22m and its length is 8m.

    asked by U.D.
  105. Calculus

    Find the equation of the tangent line when x=2 for the functin f(x)=5^(x/2)

    asked by Anonymous
  106. physics

    A simple harmonic oscillator executes motion whose amplitude is 0.20 m and it completes 60 oscillations in 2 minutes. i) Calculate its time period and angular frequency. ii) If the initial phase is 45°, write expressions for instantaneous displacement,

    asked by meenu
  107. integral Calculus

    ʃ (x4 + 6x3 – x2 + 2)dx I really need it for practicing this subject...please please help

    asked by Olya
  108. Pschology 202

    A person's social status or choice of peers during childhood can predict a number of behaviors in adulthood.

    asked by Chanelle
  109. Pschology 202

    After school, Raven enjoys going to the park to hang out with her friends and watch them do tricks on their skateboards. Every day, her friends encourage her to get a skateboard so that she can learn how to skate and do what they do. Eventually, Raven

    asked by Anonymous
  110. integral calculus

    (x^4+6x^3-x^2+2)dx need help

    asked by Olya
  111. spanish

    In the sentence:"Hay muchas historias sobre dónde y cuándo Piña coladas fueron encontrar," is fueron correct? or do I use eran instead?

    asked by ally
  112. Calculus

    Simplify using basic simplification. f(x)=ln[(sqrt(x^2+1))/(x(2x^3-1)^2)]

    asked by Anonymous
  113. physics

    1) What average power is required for a runner with a mass of 85 kg to reach a speed of 8 m/s from a stationary start during a time of 2 s? 2) A 1000 kg car travels east at 30 m/s and collides with a 3400 kg truck travelling south at 20 m/s. After the

    asked by k
  114. physics

    A spherical buoy of radius 25 cm and mass 8 kg sits in sea water of density 1025 kg/m3 . At low tide its anchoring chains have got tangled. What is the maximum tension force this chain may have to withstand at high tide? Assume calm conditions.

    asked by bri
  115. physics

    If 50 g of ice at −5 ◦C is mixed into 300 g of water at 60◦C in a completely insulated container, what is the final equilibrium temperature of the water? Why did we insist on the container being completely insulated?

    asked by bri
  116. physics

    An ideal gas has an initial volume of 500 cm3 , an initial temperature of 20◦C, and an initial pressure of 2 atm. What is its final pressure if the volume is allowed to expand to 1000 cm3 while the temperature increases to 60◦C?

    asked by khalifah
  117. Civics correction

    3.Which one of the following statements is accurate for the Articles of Confederation. A. There was only one central court. B. Each state could veto a presidential decision. C. There was no president. D. Interstate commerce could be regulated. I got this

    asked by Sarah
  118. Pschology 202

    1. David is somewhat afraid of flying. When he is required to travel on business, he prefers to take a train or drive if the distance is short enough that he can arrive on schedule. However, if the distance is long and driving does not make sense, he will

    asked by Sharnii23
  119. Chemistry

    Molality of aqueous solution of urea is 4.What will be the mole fraction ofH2O?

    asked by Dipika Dang
  120. Calculus

    Simplify using basic simplification. y=x^(1-x)

    asked by Anonymous
  121. Chemistry

    Weight of solution is 1026gm in aqueous solution.what will be the weight of per kg H2O?

    asked by Dipika Dang
  122. Pschology 202

    1. The three broad categories, also called domains, of adult development are: physical, cognitive, and sexual. (Points : 1) True False Question 2.2. Temperament is a term that relates to personality and emotional development. (Points : 1) True False

    asked by Sharnii23
  123. English

    1. Did you lock the keys in the car? 2. Did you lock the doors in the car? ------------------ Are they grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  124. Geometry

    an architect designs a rectangular window such that the width of the window is 40 com less than the height. If the perimeter of the window is 500 cm, what are the widths and heights?

    asked by CJ
  125. Differential Calculus

    Hi pls help me i dunno what to do show me complete solution please please Thank you. a piece of wire 10ft. long is cut into two pieces , one piece is bent into the shape of a circle and the other into the shape of a square. How should the wire be cut so

    asked by Ella
  126. Geometry help

    Find the perimeter, apothem, and area of a regular triangle with a radius of 6sqrt3. How do I do this?

    asked by Anonymous
  127. math

    The ratio of Maya’s beads to Kayla’s beads was 12:7. After Maya bought another 28 beads and Kayla gave away 32 beads, 57of Kayla’s beads were left. a) How many more beads did Maya have than Kayla in the beginning? b) Find the new ratio of Maya’s

    asked by Sam
  128. Chemistry

    What volume of carbon tetrachloride (density = 2.71 g/mL) contains 2.46x10^25 chlorine atoms?

    asked by Charles
  129. Chemistry

    A helium-filled balloon has a volume of 2.68 L at 15◦C. The volume of the balloon decreases to 2.33 L after it is placed outside on a cold day. What is the outside temperature in K? Answer in units of K.

    asked by Maggie
  130. Geometry check

    Find the perimeter and are of a regular truangle with an apothem of 9 ft. Is the perimeter 54 ft & the area 243 ft?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. basic math

    find the net price of a computer that lists for$220 if a discount rate of 10% is offered

    asked by shari
  132. Physical science

    I Don't UnderThis . It Says V=55mph D=68mi T=?

    asked by Jakeandria
  133. Chem

    SO2F2(g) has a ΔHºf = -858 kJ mol-1 and the S-F bond is 308.0 kJ mol-1 Determine the average S=O bond energy in SO2F2 in units of kJ.

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Math

    does the series (1-(2/k))^k from k=1 to infinity converge?

    asked by Issa
  135. READING

    IN UR OWN WORDS WRITE no man can be the best at everything he tries,but he can try his hardest at everything

    asked by VANESSA
  136. Calculus

    Does the series (cos(k/3))^2/2^(k/3)+1 from k=1 to infinity converge?

    asked by Jenn
  137. physics

    Two parallel conducting plates are separated by 10.0 cm, and one of them is taken to be at zero volts. (a) What is the electric field strength between them, if the potential 8.50 cm from the zero volt plate (and 1.50 cm from the other) is 450 V? kV/m (b)

    asked by mathew
  138. Chemistry

    What volume of carbon tetrachloride (density = 2.71 g/mL) contains 2.46x10^25 chlorine atoms? I did: 2.46x10^25 Cl atoms x 1 atom/4 atoms x 1 mol/6.02x10^23 x 154 g/1 mol x 1 mL/2.71 g And the correct answer is apparently 572 mL when I got 581 mL.

    asked by Charles
  139. Calculus

    Integral of [1/(sqrt(8+2x-x^2))] dx

    asked by Anonymous
  140. chemistry

    What is the delta Hvap of a liquid that has a vapor pressure of 612 torr at 77.6 degrees C and a boiling point of 94.9 degrees C

    asked by kim
  141. chemistry

    What is the delta Hvap of a liquid that has a vapor pressure of 612 torr at 77.6 degrees C and a boiling point of 94.9 degrees C at 1 atm

    asked by kim
  142. Math

    Tiffany is using wooden cubes to make rectangular prisms. if she has exactly 8 wooden cubes, make a model to find the length, width, and height of the two possible rectangular prisms. i don't quite understand the question so can u help me comprehend what

    asked by Angelina
  143. math

    a large piece of cadboard, 5cm by 8cm to be made by cutting out sqaures in each corner. find dimensions that will maximize the volume? vol= (8-2w)(5-2w) (w) answer= 1cm and 10/3 cm is this correct?

    asked by Andy
  144. Chemistry

    Calculate the percentage yield if, on heating 50g of limestone(CaCO3), 21 g of lime(CaO) were obtained.

    asked by Armaghan
  145. Physics

    An eagle is flying horizontally at 5.8 m/s with a fish in its claws. It accidentally drops the fish. (a) How much time passes before the fish's speed doubles? (b) How much additional time would be required for the speed to double again?

    asked by KS
  146. English

    Is this sentence compound, complex, or compound complex? Charity groups distributed food and safe drinking water, and they handed out sleeping bags and mosquito nets, which were needed in the tropical climate. Is this compound complex?

    asked by Kelley
  147. Algebra 1

    In a right triangle the height = 54 (ba) The hypotenuse is 90 (ac) and the base ism 72 (bc). What is the value of cosC? a-.5 b- .6 c- .8 d- .9 My answer is .8 72/90

    asked by Steve
  148. Chemistry

    calculate the molarity of cl- ions in a solution made from mixing 50.0 ml of a 0.100 m/l solution of ferric chloride with 50.0 ml of a 0.500 mol/l solution of ammonium chloride

    asked by Amy
  149. math

    solve for the unknown equation. 7A=14

    asked by shari
  150. Algebra 1

    A right triangles hypotenuse is 20 cm long. What is themlength of the side opposite a 60 degree angle? a- 40 b- 18.5 c- 20 d- 17.3 My answer is 17.3

    asked by Steve
  151. math

    I need help with two questions,. they both have attachments. is there another program where someone can come on and help me

    asked by math
  152. Ethics in Technology

    hich of the following is NOT an issue with DRE voting machines used in Brazil and India? A. Lack of a paper audit trail B. Vulnerability to tampering C. Voter identity may be revealed D. Source code is a trade secret I am stuck between C & D.

    asked by Pat
  153. Algebra 1

    Solve for x sq root 2x+3= sq root 6x-1 a-1 b-2 c-3 dsq root 6 My answer is a = 1

    asked by Steve
  154. math

    the fany budget is: food $450, housing $300, insurance $122, personal $80, misc. $80, clothing $160, savings $150, transportation $178. what percent of take home pay is spent for education if education, savings, and misc. funds are used for education?

    asked by shari
  155. programming

    Peter decided to save money to buy a house. Enter this amount as well as the amount he will be able to save each month. He earns 0.8% interest per month while the amount is less than R70,000 and 0,7% interest per month if the amount is equal to or more

    asked by joyce
  156. Pschology 202

    The psychological term for mental activities in which we think, solve problems, and use language is called?

    asked by Anonymous
  157. Algebra 1

    In a right triangle c=90 degrees a=52 degrees b = 38 degrees the base length =11 What is the hypotenuse length? a-6.8 b-8.7 c-14.0 d-17.9 my answer is 17.9 d

    asked by Steve
  158. Physics

    The drawing (not to scale) shows one alignment of the sun, earth, and moon. The gravitational force that the sun exerts on the moon is perpendicular to the force that the earth exerts on the moon. The masses are: mass of sun=1.99 × 1030 kg, mass of

    asked by Kristyn
  159. Chem

    1. What is the molarity of a copper(II) dihydroxide [Cu(OH)2] solution if 25.25 mL of the solution is titrated to the equivalence point with 36.18 mL of 0.549 M prussic acid [H(CN)]? 2. What volume of a 0.138 M dihydroxyl base solution is needed to

    asked by TK
  160. Writing

    My name is Devon and I am about to tell you about a time I went fishing. I went one day last summer, it was lot of fun. Original Sentence: My name is Devon and I’m going to tell you about a time I went fishing. I went fishing one day last summer. It’s

    asked by YOLO
  161. Math

    How do you know if a word problem question is asking for simple interest or compound interest? P.s. I already know the formula and what both of them mean

    asked by Katy
  162. Chemistry

    a gas is placed in a 3.56L flask at 1.00 atm pressure. If the volume of the flask is reduced by half, what is the new pressure? V-3.56 P-1.00 I don't know what formula to use and how to apply it.

    asked by Ann
  163. math

    a number increased from 460 to 621. find the percent of increase

    asked by shari
  164. English

    And if we meet we shall not ’scape a brawl, For now, these hot days, is the mad blood stirring. the fight in which Mercutio and Tybalt are killed or the duel in which Romeo is killed my answer is the 1st one because it was a fight

    asked by Steve
  165. exponential equations

    The Bruce’s purchased $2500 worth of GIC’s. How long, t, will it take for the investment to increase to $3500, if the interest rate is 2.75%.

    asked by Anonymous
  166. Algebra 1

    Find the measure of the smallest angle of the right triangle. c= 90degree a= height ac= 7 and cb = 11 a-32.5 degree b-57.5 degree c-13.0 degree d-50.5 degree my answer is a 32.5 degrees

    asked by Steve
  167. History

    Even though I asked this before, can you please help me with this and yes it's a crossword puzzle. My teacher gave us clues that don't really help at all and I've looked back in my textbook but I can't find the words for each clue. 1.Equality of Sexes 7

    asked by Jamie
  168. Math

    Determine how many triangles can be drawn. Calculate, then label, all side lengths to the nearest tenth and all interior angles to the nearest degree. a= 2.1 cm, c= 6.1 cm,

    asked by Jeremy
  169. basic math

    use the appropriate form of the percentage formula. findP if R=66and 2 thirds and B=150. Sorry, can't state as a fraction

    asked by shari
  170. math

    what is moving number of 90

    asked by sunny
  171. math

    anyone know ogood math tutor

    asked by to ms.sue
  172. Statistics

    College officials want to estimate the percentage of students who carry a gun, knife, or other such weapon. How many randomly selected students must be surveyed in order to be 94% confident that the sample percentage has a margin of error of 2 percentage

    asked by Richelle
  173. Physics

    A cup of coffee is on a table in an airplane flying at a constant altitude and a constant velocity. The coefficient of static friction between the cup and the table is 0.420 . Suddenly, the plane accelerates forward, its altitude remaining constant. What

    asked by Kristyn
  174. Math

    Monica had a saving a account which paid her an interest rate of 4%. After she had this account for 12 years, she had received $192 in interest. How much money had she put into the account at the beginning of the 12 years? Please help me answer this

    asked by Katy
  175. chemistry

    calculate the pH after 0.02 mol NaOH is added to 1.00 L of .1 M sodium propanoate NaC3H5O2

    asked by jk
  176. basic math

    find the total debt to total assetss for the bakery for 2012. totl liabilities-5342 total assests-8754 owners capital-3412 total liabilities and owners equity-8754

    asked by shari
  177. calculus

    When air expands adiabatically (without gaining or losing heat), its pressure P and volume V are related by the equation PV1.4=C where C is a constant. Suppose that at a certain instant the volume is 330 cubic centimeters and the pressure is 99 kPa and is

    asked by Anonymous
  178. science

    What is the momentum of a two-particle sys- tem composed of a 1300 kg car moving east at 60 m/s and a second 1500 kg car moving west at 95 m/s? Let east be the positive direction. Answer in units of kg · m/s.

    asked by ANON
  179. English

    I am having to come up with a thesis statement About dreams. This is what I came up with but don't know how I should proceed with the essay. Dreams are like the housekeepers of the mind. At the end of the day they sweep out the trash like the sensory input

    asked by Sue
  180. Calculus

    The integral of [(x+3)/(x^2+9)] dx I think you split it into two fractions but im not exactly sure what to do.

    asked by Anonymous
  181. Civics

    2. One main difference between the United States Constitution and state constitutions is that state constitutions A. are much longer. B. don't provide for a legislature. C. can't be amended. D. don't have bills of rights. ? Can't find it.

    asked by Sarah