Questions Asked on
March 24, 2015

  1. algebra

    Anais bought 2 1/2 yards of ribbon. She had 1 feet 6 inches of ribbon left after trimming some curtains. How many inches of ribbon did Anais use to trim the curtains?

    asked by ada
  2. math

    The temperature in your town is 31 degrees fahrenheit. The radio announcer says that the temperature will drop 15 degrees. what will the temperature be? I have been trying to figure this out can someone help me with this?

    asked by #HOMEWORK
  3. college chemistry

    solid diarsenic trioxide reacts with Flourine gas to produce liquid arsenic pentaflouride and oxygen gas. Write the Qc for this reaction

    asked by Mia
  4. Educational Technology

    Which of the following are the two main types of copyright relevant to the recording industry? Select all that apply. 1. Manuscript copyright 2. Musical composition copyright 3. Sound recording copyright 4. Electronic copyright

    asked by DacnMoan3crnkt
  5. Social Studies 8th thank you

    1. The Bourbon Democrats would have been likely to support which of the following? (Choose all that apply.) (3 points) lower taxes*** less government spending growth of industry*** African American rights*** 2. Unhappy farmers formed what organization? (1

    asked by Linda
  6. sssssocial studies please

    1. Which of the following were effects of Jim Crow laws? (Choose all that apply.) (2 points) Blacks and whites were allowed to attend the same schools.*** Blacks and whites were allowed to use the same public transportation. Blacks had to pay poll taxes

    asked by Linda
  7. Social Studies 8th Help please?

    1. What was the progressive movement? (1 point) a reform movement of farmers and laborers a reform movement of people who held fast to traditional ideas a reform movement that sought to move society forward by improving it a reform movement that criticized

    asked by Linda
  8. Math

    Clayton wants to be a musician. After school one afternoon, he spends half his time practicing the drums and 3/4 of the remaining time on homework and dinner. He spends the remaining 3/4 hour talking with and texting friends. How long did he practice the

    asked by Gabby
  9. Math Help!!!

    determine whether each sequence is arithmetic or geometric. find the next three terms. 1. 14,19,24,29.... geometric, 34,39,44 arithmetic,32,36,41 arithmetic 34,39,44**** the sequence is nether geometric nor arithmetic 2. -4,8,-16,32.... arithmetic.

    asked by help asap
  10. chemistry

    Refer to the table given for the ionic radii in your lab manual and approximate the attractive portion of the lattice energy for 1 mole of the following salts. (Consider only one bond if more than one bond exists.) (a) SrO

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Math

    Which explains why the sequence 64, 4, 1/4,... is arithmetic or geometric? A. The sequence is geometric because it decreases by a factor of 1/16. B. The sequence is arithmetic because it decreases by a factor of 1/16. C. The sequence is geometric because

    asked by Angel
  12. Chemistry

    Methane burns with oxygen to produce carbon dioxide and water as a gas. The balanced thermochemical equation is Ch4(g) + 2)2(g) ---> CO2(g) + 2H2O(g) H = -802kJ How much methane, in grams, must be burned to release 544 kJ of heat? My answer: 544/802 =

    asked by Is my right correct?
  13. Chemistry

    The amino acid glycine, C2H5NO2, is one of the compounds used by the body to make proteins. The equation for its combustion is 4C2H4NO2(s)+9O2(g)---> 8CO2(g)+10H2O(l)+2N2(g) For each mole of glycine that burns, 973.49 kJ of heat is liberated. Use this

    asked by Please check answer
  14. Math!!! HELP

    john invested $2,975 at 4% interest compounded annually. what will be the balance after 2.5 years. i got this fr my answer $7,735.00

    asked by Anynomus
  15. am i right? :/ ss

    1. Why did African American urban communities develop? (Choose all that apply.) (3 points) African Americans overcame legal limitations placed on them and found solidarity in city communities.**** African Americans were placed in urban communities against

    asked by Linda
  16. Physics

    Calculate the electric force between these two electrons. The value of the Coulomb constant 9 × 109 N · m2/C2 and the elemental charge is 1.6×10−19C. Answer in units of N (Newtons)

    asked by Shannon
  17. L.A

    late in Act 2 of the diary of anne frank, why do the attic dwellers get less food A. there is no more food in Amsterdam B. the Nazis are trying to starve them out C. the people supplying their ration books have been arrested D. miep has decided it is too

    asked by kel
  18. Englisg

    1) Using a single formatting _____ helps to make reading researched information easier;it lets the reader know what to expect. A. Citation B. Text C. Style D. Website My answer was B I got it wrong 2) when creating a writing plan,which of the following

    asked by Justin Please Check
  19. Chemistry

    A voltaic cell operates with 0.40 M Zn 2+ at the solid zinc anode and 1.45 M Zn2+ at the solid zinc cathode at 25 C. Is the reaction thermodynamically favored?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics

    A Ferris wheel with a diameter of 35.0 m in starts from rest and achieves its maximum operational tangential speed of 2.20 m/s in a time of 15.0 s. (a) What is the magnitude of the wheel's angular acceleration? (b) What is the magnitude of the tangential

    asked by Alam
  21. Algebra

    Translate this phrase into algebraic expression--Three more than the product of 24 and Mabel's height with m to represent Mabels height

    asked by Mae
  22. Math

    CAMERON AND HIS FAMILY WERE EATING LEFTOVER LASAGNA. There was 1/2 of the lasagna left. Cameron has one brother, one sister, and two parents. If everyone gets the same size pieces, what fraction of the original lasagna does each member of cameron's family

    asked by Keith
  23. PHYSICS -urgent

    A bomber in level flight, flying at 92m/s, releases a bomb at a height of 1950m. (a) How long is it before the bomb strikes earth? (19.9s) (b) How far does it travel horizontally? (1832m) (c) What are the horizontal and vertical components of its velocity

    asked by eddie
  24. chemistry

    What volume of nitrogen gas at STP can form from 1.20 mol NaN3? 2NaN3(s) 2Na(s) + 3N2(g) A. 40.3 L B. 1.20 L C. 13.4 L D. 1.80 L

    asked by Cortney
  25. social studies

    How did silk cloth change life in Europe? How did porcelain change life in Europe? can someone plzz help

    asked by #HOMEWORK
  26. History

    1. How did new England's textile industry affect both children and women? a) It allowed them to earn a living wage until the age of 25. b) It gave them opportunities not available on family farms. c) It permitted them to complete their schooling. d) It

    asked by emma
  27. Chemistry

    In the recovery of iron from iron ore, the reduction of the ore is actually accomplished by reactions involving carbon monoxide. Use the following thermochemical equations, Fe2O2(s) + 3CO(g) ---> 2Fe(s) +3CO2(g) ΔH° = -28kJ 3Fe2O2(s) + CO(g) --->

    asked by Lenny
  28. Physics

    The captain of a plane wishes to proceed due west. The cruising speed of the plane is 245 m/s relative to the air. A weather report indicates that a 38.0 m/s wind is blowing from south to north. In what direction should the pilot head the plane relative to

    asked by Jrom
  29. us history

    Robert Fulton's steamboat design had which of these effects on American society? It slowed down the settlement of the Louisiana Territory It produced a rapid increase in immigration from Europe. It made the early industrialization of New England possible.

    asked by Oscar
  30. S.S

    1.Witch statement BEST describes yokohama? 2.Which describes a difference between life in Japan and life in the United States? 3.Which innovation would BEST address a challenge facing modern Japan?

    asked by Mclovin
  31. us history

    Which of the following best describes the relationship between factory owners in the North and people in the South during the late 1800s? Northern factory owners depended on the South for factory workers to produce goods. Northern factory owners depended

    asked by Oscar
  32. us history

    Which statement best explains how Ralph Waldo Emerson, Harriet Beecher Stowe, and Ned Buntline were similar? A. They all attempted to revive traditional religious values. B. They were all founders of influential social-reform movements. C. They all shaped

    asked by Oscar
  33. Chemistry

    Refer to the table given for the ionic radii in your lab manual and approximate the attractive portion of the lattice energy for 1 mole of the following salts. (Consider only one bond if more than one bond exists.) a) PbS2 b) Ca3P2 c)Ca3N2

    asked by Anonymous
  34. History

    please help i have my answers just not sure if im correct :( what criticism did tillman direct at conservations? a.)they controlled the office of the govnr b.)they didn't think blacks should vote ****** c.)they believed in white supremacy d.)they didn't

    asked by anna
  35. us history

    Which answer offers the best explanation of the idea of Manifest Destiny? A theory that the United States could only expand so much A belief that the growth of the United States was a certainty A belief that a country should share its resources with the

    asked by Oscar
  36. chemistry

    The molecules of which gas have the greatest velocity at 120°C? A. O2 B. CO2 C. NH3 D. Cl2

    asked by Cortney
  37. math

    A recipe calls for 2 cups of flour to make 2 dozen cookies. Use the proportion to calculate how much flour is needed to make 6 dozen cookies. 2 cups/2 dozen= x cups/6 dozen A. 2 cups B. 4 cups C. 6 cups D. 12 cups Is the answer C?

    asked by MATH help
  38. Physics

    A dragster's top acceleration is 60m/s^2. If it accelerates for 3 seconds from the starting line, how fast will it be going?

    asked by Help please!
  39. us history

    Which of these writings was associated with the Transcendentalist movement? "Nature" The Last of the Mohicans Uncle Tom's Cabin "The Ballad of Davy Crockett" is it c

    asked by Oscar

    What is the area of a triangle? 7 ft by 3 ft with 55 degrees angle Please confirm my answer or tell me what I did wrong... • 6.0 ft² • 8.6 ft² • 15.0 ft² • 17.2 ft² my answer

    asked by Anonymous
  41. MATH

    Joelle set up the following proportion to solve for x. Determine if her proportion is correct. If not, explain what is wrong with it.

    asked by sexycat211
  42. Chemistry

    How many moles of gas will occupy 6.75 m3 at 65.0°C and 3.28 x 105 Pa? A. 7.98 x 104 mol B. 4.10 x 103 mol C. 7.88 x 102 mol D. 4.15 x 105 mol

    asked by Cortney
  43. Social Studies

    Which event led most directly to a decline in the political power of ancient Greek city-states in the Mediterranean Sea? A. Fighting between city-states led to the Peloponnese War. B. Alexander the Greek committed the Macedonian army to a costly war

    asked by Taryn Hughey
  44. Chem

    A 4.44 kg piece of granite with a specific heat of 0.803 J g-1 °C-1 and a temperature of 98.8°C is placed into 2.00 L of water at 24.8°C. When the granite and water come to the same temperature, what will the temperature be?

    asked by James
  45. Help with Psychology Homework

    Your professor asks you to take a personality test. After taking the test, you read your description of your personality type, and are disappointed that the results do not seem to capture your personality at all. In fact, you think the test probably

    asked by Chris
  46. us history

    Which of the following is associated with Jacksonian Democracy? support of individual liberties support of funding for state projects support of flexible interpretation of the Constitution support of a national bank through implied powers of the

    asked by Oscar
  47. us history

    Which act required Native Americans to move to territory in the west? The Indian Removal Act of 1830 The Homestead Act of 1862 The Compromise of 1850 The Fugitive Slave Act of 1850 is it a pls help me

    asked by Oscar
  48. Physics

    A 20kg box is being pushed across the floor by a constant force (90,0,0)N. The coefficient of kinetic friction for the table and box is 0.25. At t=5s the box is at location ( 8,2,-1)m, traveling with velocity (3,0,0) m/s. What is the position and velocity

    asked by reem
  49. 7th grade math

    1. Evan withdrew a total of $160 from an ATM machine over a 4-day period. He withdrew the same amount of money each day. a. Write an expression to represent the total amount that Evan's account changed each day. Ans: 4d b. What integer represents the total

    asked by Alexis
  50. Chemistry

    Sulfuric acid can dissolve aluminum metal according to the following reaction. 2Al(s)+3H2SO4(aq)→Al2(SO4)3(aq)+3H2(g) Suppose you wanted to dissolve an aluminum block with a mass of 24.4g . What minimum amount of H2SO4 in grams would you need?

    asked by Kelsey
  51. ENGlish

    In “A Rose for Emily,” what type of conflict is shown by Homer Barron's not being “a marrying man”? A. internal conflict in Miss Emily's mind B. external conflict between Homer and Miss Emily C. ambiguity about what Homer may have felt D.

    asked by Ciaria
  52. Needs help in math

    1. During a triathlon, Sharon swims 1/4 of the total route and cycles 3/5 of the remaining route. She runs the rest of the route. If she runs 3600 meters, find the total distance of the triathlon route. 2. A square foot of wall space needs 1/8 quart of

    asked by Anika
  53. chemistry

    One gram of pbcl2 is dissolved in 1.0 l of hot water. When the solution is cooled to 25degrees Celsius, will some of the pbcl2 crystallize out? If so, how much? I just don't know where to start/ where to go with this problem Any help is appreciated!!

    asked by Anonymous
  54. math

    In triangle ABC, the length of side AB is 10 inches and the length of side BC is 19 inches. Which of the following could be the length of side AC? 7 inches 31 inches 24 inches 34 inches

    asked by Angelina
  55. Science

    london england is approximately 51° north latitude 0° longitude. binghamton new york is about 42° north latitude 76° west longitude why does binghamton have colder winters?

    asked by Daniela
  56. English

    Why is Romeo intelligent, clever and quick witted?

    asked by Thi
  57. chemistry

    A spark plug fires before the gases in a cylinder are fully compressed. How will the engine be affected? A. The engine will get better gas mileage as less fuel is burned during each cycle. B. There will be fewer pollutants as the fuel has more time to

    asked by Cortney
  58. Math

    1. When their child was born, Elaine and Mike Porter deposited $5,000 in a savings account. The money ears interest at 6 percent compounded quarterly. How much will the account be worth when their child celebrates her second birthday? My answer= $5,632.46

    asked by kk
  59. Life orientation

    To what extent can interpersonal conflict affect choice of a career?

    asked by Xalati
  60. geometry

    triangle ABC is isosceles with AC = BC and

    asked by G
  61. geography

    Which of the following best describes the effect of the Protestant Reformation on Europe? A. Monasteries throughout France and England became more firmly Roman Catholic. B.The Roman Catholic church no longer influenced Italy and Spain. C.Martin Luther

    asked by Cierra Shepherd
  62. Business communication

    use concrete, specific words with the right shade of meaning for: 1-we have found that young man are best for this work. 2- she makes good grades. 3- John lost a fortune in Las Vegas. 4- If we don't receive the goods soon, we will cancel.

    asked by Elie
  63. social studies

    How did spices change life in Europe? How did gun powder change life in Europe? On the website you gave me Ms.Sue can You help me I don't understand How it changed life in Europe?

    asked by #HOMEWORK
  64. us history

    Which answer best describes why high numbers of children were hired to work in factories in the 1800s? Employing children allowed factories to keep costs low and productivity high. Factories were often built too small, and only children could fit at the

    asked by Oscar
  65. Art Please HELP!

    In addition to skills in creating art, which type of knowledge is important for art therapist to have to successfully perform their jobs? A. Knowledge of Physical Therapy B.Knowledge of Psychology C.Knowledge of teaching Strategies D. Knowledge of Art

    asked by Ricky
  66. Math

    Trey can drive his car 130 miles on 4 gallons of gas. At this rate, if gas cost $ 3.45 per gallon how much will it cost to drive 260 miles?

    asked by Amy
  67. physics

    . A long string carries a wave; a 6-m segment of the string contains four complete wavelengths and has a mass of 180 g. The string vibrates sinusoidal with a frequency of 50 Hz and a peak-to-valley displacement of 15 cm. (The “peak-to- valley” distance

    asked by youssef
  68. chemistry

    A spark plug fires before the gases in a cylinder are fully compressed. How will the engine be affected? A. The engine will get better gas mileage as less fuel is burned during each cycle. B. There will be fewer pollutants as the fuel has more time to

    asked by Cortney
  69. Math

    given a standard deck of 52 cards, 3 cards are dealt. If each card is replaced in the deck (and the deck is well shuffled) after being dealt answer the questions below. 1. If the first two cards are queens, what is the probability that you will be dealt

    asked by Austin
  70. History

    What was the goal of the minimum foundation program for education? A. It integrated whites and blacks int he same school system. B.It improved the quality of white-only education. C. It raised taxes. D. It put more money into black schools. @Writeacher

    asked by Paul
  71. Math-I don't quite get it.

    Rodney has a board that is 5/6 yard long. He uses 1/5 of the board to make a frame. How long is the board used to make the frame?

    asked by Zoe
  72. chemistry

    What are the parameters of a sample of gas that are all interrelated and affect each other when any one of them changes? A. Pressure, volume, number of moles, and temperature B. Shape, hardness, transparency, and odor C. Mass, density, color, volume, and

    asked by Cortney
  73. Math

    1. Rishi ram obtained an installment loan for $3,000.00. He agreed to repay the loan in 6 monthly payments. His monthly payments is $516.50. What is the APR? MY ANSWER=0.33% 2. Tim Newman took out a simple interest loan of $1500 at a 10 percent interest

    asked by kk
  74. Math

    An open-topped box is constructed from a piece of cardboard with a length 2 cm longer than its width. A 6 cm square is cut from each corner and the flaps turned up from the sides of the box. If the volume of the box is 4050 cm3 , find the dimensions of the

    asked by Aria
  75. L.A

    In the diary of anne frank act 2 why wont Mr. Frank answer the telephone A. he doesn't speak dutch very well. B. he is afraid that the caller will give him bad news. C. he prefers to speak to people face to face D. he doesn't want anyone to know that the

    asked by anonymous
  76. Business mathematics

    Find the compound interest on 650 in 5 years at 4% per annum

    asked by Theophilus
  77. Math

    Hi. I have a few math questions I need some help with. Hamid Husain took out a $50,000, 5-year term policy at age 50. The premium per $1,000 was $4.80. He will be 55 years old this year. The premium per $1,000 will be $6.58. What is the percent increase?

    asked by kk
  78. Life orientation

    To what extent can interpersonal conflict affect communication in relationship?

    asked by Xalati
  79. us history

    How did the Nullification Crisis reflect Andrew Jackson's policies? He refused to support laws that would set up a national bank. Jackson supported a strong central government to enforce federal laws. He thought states should not use federal government

    asked by Oscar
  80. math

    How to make pyramid pattern of 140 blocks?

    asked by ashley
  81. Simple interest

    Find the simple interest earned to the nearest cent for each principal interest rate, and time $500,4%, 2 years

    asked by Remi
  82. Chemistry

    There is a picture of a brick lying face down and one standing straight up. The question asks: Is each brick exerting the same force? Explain. I know that they are exerting the same force, but I don't understand why and how to explain it?

    asked by Jessica
  83. Business communication

    Break up these sentences into shorter, more readable: 1- Records were set Wednesday by both the new york stock exchange composite index, which closed at 8,001.40 up 27.08 points, topping its previous high of 7,986.5, and standard & poor's 500 index, which

    asked by Elie
  84. physics

    One end of a piano wire is wrapped around a cylindrical tuning peg and the other end is fixed in place. The tuning peg is turned so as to stretch the wire. The piano wire is made from steel (Y = 2.0x1011 N/m2). It has a radius of 0.51 mm and an unstrained

    asked by miles
  85. TMCC

    Donna has scored 73 , 82 , 71 , 79 , and 69 on her previous five tests. What score does she need on her next test so that her average (mean) is 75 ?

    asked by Maria
  86. math

    Write a rule for the sequence 8, -1, -10, -19... A. Start with 8 and add -9 repeatedly B. star with -9 and add 8 repeatedly c. start with 8 and add 9 repeatedly D. start with 8 and subtract -9 repeatedly

    asked by . . .
  87. chemistry

    Which of the following is not a physical property of gases? A. Low density B. No thermal expansion C. No fixed shape D. Compressibility I believe the answer is B

    asked by Cortney
  88. social studies

    How did spices change life in Europe? How did gun powder change life in Europe?

    asked by #HOMEWORK
  89. geometry

    On July 16, 1882, a massive thunderstorm of Dubuque, Iowa, produced huge hailstones. The diameter of some of the hailstones was 17 inches. Ice weighs about 0.033 pounds/inches cubed. What was the approximate weight of these hailstones to the nearest pound?

    asked by Helena
  90. physics

    A coin with a diameter of 1.37 cm is dropped on its edge onto a horizontal surface. It starts rolling with an initial angular speed of 10.5 rad/s and rolls in a straight line without slipping. If the rotation slows with an angular deceleration of 2.34

    asked by chris
  91. algebra--1 question

    A sphere has a radius of 4x + 1. Which polynomial in standard form best describes the total surface area of the sphere? Use the formula S = 4(pi)r^2 for the surface area of a sphere. 16(pi)x^2 + 16(pi) 16(pi)x^2 + 48(pi)x + 16(pi) 36(pi)x^2 + 48(pi)x +

    asked by SkatingDJ
  92. us history

    How did the Compromise of 1877 affect the political participation of African Americans? Southern legislatures, which were given power in the compromise, failed to persecute the Ku Klux Klan. The Freedmen's Bureau, which encouraged civic programs for freed

    asked by Oscar
  93. social studies

    a Do you think it was possible for a native person to adapt to victorian society? was such adaptation necessary ? Was it right? why or why not?

    asked by mimi
  94. math

    For questions 5–7, find the solution to the system of equations by using either graphing or substitution 5. y = 6 – x and y = x – 2 (1 point) (2, 4)*** (–4, 2) (4, 2) no solutions 6. y = 2x – 1 and y = x + 3 (1 point) (4, 7) (7, 4) (–7,

    asked by Linda
  95. geometry

    The circumference of a bowling ball is about 27 inches. Find its volume to the nearest tenth.

    asked by Helena
  96. Solid mensuration

    A wooden ball 7 inches in radius sinks to a depth of 10 inches in a river. Find the exposed area of the ball above the water.

    asked by Yell
  97. geometry

    An equilateral triangle and a square both have perimeters of 48 inches. What is the ratio of the length of the side of the triangle to the length of the side of the square?

    asked by G
  98. Solid Mensuration

    a hemispherical container contains water to a depth of 10cm. If the volume of the water inside the container is 5000pi/3cm^3,find the diameter of the vessel. (i already tried using V=2/3 pi r^3 since it is a hemisphere but my answer and the answer of the

    asked by Yell
  99. chemistry

    A particular weak acid (HA) with a Ka of 2.0e-5 is 75% titrated with a strong base to produce a buffer solution. What is the pH of this final solution? Show all work.

    asked by Nicole
  100. us history

    Which is the best definition of the word "naturalization"? A) the transition people make in becoming vegetarians B) the process of jury selection used in the court system C) the process of becoming a citizen of a country D) the ceremony performed to

    asked by Oscar
  101. Science

    Describe the life cycle of a parasite that relies on its host for part of its reproductive cycle. I was thinking a mosquito and human but i don't know how to describe it.

    asked by HI
  102. Chemistry

    Zn(OH)2 was saturated in a solution of sodium hydroxide. The following equilibra exist under these conditions Zn(OH)2 -> Zn2+ +2OH- Ksp Zn2+ +OH- -> Zn(OH)+ K1 Zn(OH)- + OH- -> Zn(OH)2 K2 Zn(OH)2 + OH- -> Zn(OH)3- K3 Zn(OH)3- +OH- -> Zn(OH)42- K4 a) Sum of

    asked by Troy
  103. math

    When the equation of a line is written in general form, Describe the Slope of the line when A=0 or and B=0 ? Thanks!

    asked by sara
  104. PHYSICS

    A certain resistance thermometer at triple point of water is 152.0 ohms. What is the temperature of the system in degrees celsius when the resistance of the thermometer is 230.51ohms.

    asked by LOVELINE
  105. Sociology

    This golf club did not allow African-Americans and women to be members until 1990 and 2012, respectively.

    asked by Elizabeth
  106. Science

    1. Air masses that form over land would be mostly A. Warm B. Cold C. Dry* D. Wet 2. Air masses that form over oceans or seas would be mostly A. Warm* B. Cold C. Dry D. Wet 3. Air masses that form over northern locations would be mostly A. Warm B. Cold* C.

    asked by Molly
  107. Math, Algebra

    Rod a is twice as long as rod b, rod c is 1/12m shorter than rod b. If rod c is 1/6m long, find the total length of Rod a and Rod b I thought it would be 2x+(x+1/12)+1/6

    asked by Reine
  108. PreCalculus

    Problem 1.) Three friends want to share a circular 16-inch pizza equally by exactly only two parallel cuts. How far from the center must the cuts be? Hint: The pizza is a circle of radius 8 inches. Problem 2.) You are at the southernmost point of a

    asked by Jackie
  109. math

    Mark plays basketball and he scored 6 times in 8 shots. He says odds in favour of him scoring are 3:4 is he right? Explain. I said he is wrong because 6/8=3/4 which is the probability and the odds in favour for him scoring are 3:1. Am I right?

    asked by sakura
  110. physics

    We have to do a lab in physics where we research and write on real life applications of momentum, the guidelines we have are Research Assignment: Application of Momentum in Real-Life Situations Task: Choose any real-life situation where the concept of

    asked by Al
  111. math

    Suppose that there are two functions, f and g. The domain of f is the interval [-2,10] and the range of f is the interval (-15,2]. The domain of g is the interval (-5,7) and the range of g is the interval [-2,3). Determine all information that you can

    asked by G
  112. Physics

    Mass m1 = 0.5 kg moves with constant velocity v1i = 2.5 m/s along the x-axis and collides with mass m2 = 2.6 kg, which moves with velocity v2i = 3.1 m/s, as sketched below(completely vertical). After the collision, m1 and m2 stick together. a.) Find the

    asked by Emma
  113. math

    1.Which of the following is a true statement? a) -7 > 5 b) -7 < 5 c) -7 < 7** d) 0 > -5 2. Solve the equation. b/-4=-2 a) 8 b) -8 c) 1/2** d) - 1/2

    asked by #HOMEWORK
  114. math

    Suppose that there are two functions, f and g. The domain of f is the interval [-2,10] and the range of f is the interval (-15,2]. The domain of g is the interval (-5,7) and the range of g is the interval [-2,3). Determine all information that you can

    asked by G
  115. chemistry

    There are 5.00*10^-3 moles of lead II nitrate. Calculate how man grams this is.

    asked by akihito
  116. math

    Suppose that there are two functions, f and g. The domain of f is the interval [-2,10] and the range of f is the interval (-15,2]. The domain of g is the interval (-5,7) and the range of g is the interval [-2,3). Determine all information that you can

    asked by G
  117. Science

    Describe the life cycle of a parasite that relies on its host for part of its reproductive cycle. human and mosquito???

    asked by HI
  118. math

    Wanda bought a pair of jeans for $32.50.She can purchase a second pair for 40% off the regular price.How much will she spend on two pair of jeans?

    asked by tracey
  119. Math

    How do you find the surface area of a triangular prism?

    asked by Jordan
  120. Math Check

    Hi! Can someone check this for me? My teacher wants me to write the system of equations that will correspond to the final matrix. I have the matrix already, but I need help with the writing the system stuff. Thanks! Matrix: [-10 2 | 48] [-5 -6/4 |-9] My

    asked by Yuri
  121. math

    A rope is 15 feet long. Cut it into 3 pieces. The first piece was 3.57 feet longer than the second piece. The third piece was 2.97 feet longer than the second piece. How long was the third piece of rope?

    asked by Carol R
  122. physics

    An object is projected from the surface of the earth with a speed of 2.73x10^4 m/s. What is its speed when it is very far from the earth? (Neglect air resistance).

    asked by Kristen
  123. physics

    during a scienceday learners use a plastic cold drink bottle as a rocket. they use a bicycle pump to increase the bottle. when the pressure becomes high enough, the bottle is launched vertically upward into the air. the bottle returns to its original

    asked by warren
  124. Probablity

    Two dice are tossed simultaneously. What is the probability that “either the sum of top faces of dice is six or both top faces are similar”?

    asked by Ali
  125. Spanish II

    Write a paragraph using the preterite & the imperfect and tell about: ¿Cuál era tu pasatiempo favorito cuando tenias 12 años? 5-6 frases completas Here is the paragraph I wrote: Mi pasatiempo favorita cuando tenía 12 años era leer libros. Me encantaba

    asked by Sarah
  126. Coding

    This 23 year old female is brought into the emergency department after being found by her collage roommate. Sometimewithin the last hour and a half after th roommate left, the patient ingested her intire bottle of verapamil (estimated at over 20 pills) as

    asked by Jessica
  127. physis

    a accelerates steadily so that it goes from a velocity of 20m/s to a velocity of 40m/s in 4 seconds.what is its acceleration?

    asked by q1
  128. Analytical Chemistry

    For a triprotic acid H2PO4. Ka1=7.11e-3, Ka2=6.32e-8 and Ka3=7.1e-13. 50mL each of 0.05F CaCl2 and 0.05F phosphoric acid were mixed. Ksp CaHPO4=2.6e-7. a) Would CaHPO4 precipitate when phosphoric acid and calcium chloride were mixed together? b) List all

    asked by Mia
  129. Spanish Check

    Hello! Can someone please help me check my answers? I really appreciate it and thanks! Directions: Rewrite the following English sentences in correct Spanish form. The verb you will just is limpiar. 1.) I cleaned the house. 2.) Has Juan cleaned the house?

    asked by Jackie
  130. Math

    Given the points (3,52488) and (-4,-393216), determine (a) the linear function , (b) the power function , for these two points. ( N.B. If you use your calculator immediately without thinking, it will say that there are no solutions, but there are

    asked by Lake
  131. science

    A bird flying west at 35m/s dives south at 35m/s. Did the bird’s velocity change, if so how?

    asked by emily
  132. Business

    How can I create a new restaurant that follows a blue ocean strategy? I am trying to find a way to attract a target market that would not usually be a target market or make the restaurant sell something or have a unique running style that makes it

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Cultural Anthropology

    What role do anthropoligist play in migration?

    asked by breeamberr
  134. Chemistry

    Estimate the solubility of TISCN in a solution of which ionic strength is 1.265e-2M at 25 degree and Ksp=1.6e-4. I do not know why Prof. gives me ionic strength? In the next question, Prof. said " For a sparingly soluble ionic compound of type AB the

    asked by Lyna
  135. Delete Question

    Hi! Is it possible to delete a question I asked since I got it answered? Thanks! Subject: Math Date: Monday, March 23, 2015 Time: 8:27

    asked by Holly
  136. Math, Algebra

    Every month Jen spent 1/4 of her salary and saved 2/5 of the remainder. After 6 months, Jen saved $4320. How much did she earn each month?

    asked by Reine
  137. chemistry

    the combustion of co2 gives -393.5kj/mol calculate the heat of formation of 35.2grams of co2

    asked by shankar
  138. Physics

    Los Angeles (32 degrees North, 119degrees West) and Atlanta (33 degrees North, 84 degrees West) are approximately at the same latitude but not longitude. If a crow were to fly between the two cities what is the approximate shortest flight distance in

    asked by Chris
  139. Spanish

    Write a paragraph using the preterite & the imperfect and tell about: ¿Qué hacías o jugabas cuando eras niño (5 o 6 años) (a)? 5-6 frases completas Here is the paragraph I wrote: Cuando tenía 5 o 6 años que jugué muchos deportes. Yo siempre jugaba

    asked by Sarah
  140. Math

    Two less than a number is more than 15. x-2>15

    asked by Zero
  141. Math

    Matt works with machines that measuer the weights and widths of small objects. He weighed a piece of sand that was 0.0000031 gram. What is this number in scientific notation? 3.1 x 10^-6

    asked by M
  142. English (writing)

    Hello! I have to write an essay a critical paragraph/essay tommorrow on the following topic: In the first half of the novel, the author uses the idea of gender identity and societal expectations. In what way does the author use the character of Scout to

    asked by Lucina
  143. Chemistry

    What volume of carbon dioxide is produced when 7.5g of butane react with 19g of oxygen gas at 74 degrees celsius at 550 torr?

    asked by Rose
  144. English

    How do you pronounce the Russian names? 1. Sonya 2. Olga 3. Anton What about Russian pronunciation? Is Russian pronunciation the same as English pronuncination?

    asked by rfvv
  145. 4th grade math

    The drill team is selling cookies to raise money. It costs .78$ to make each cookie. They sell them for $1.50 each. If they sell 253 cookies, how much profit will they make? Do I have to subtract the .78 from 1.50 then multiply that answer by 253? Or do i

    asked by reid
  146. Math

    Twice a number c is at least -8. Write it as an inequality. I'm thinking its 2c≥-8 Am I right?

    asked by Zero
  147. us history

    Which set of issues led to the Civil War? Economics, religion, boundaries Politics, education, voting rights Slavery, politics, economics Voting rights, slavery, politics is it c or d

    asked by Oscar
  148. math

    ted takes out a student loan to pay for his college tuition this year. Find the interest on the loan if he borrowed $2,500 at an annual interest rate of 6% for 15 years. Could someone help step by step, I cant seem to get it. Thank you

    asked by sam
  149. Science

    How can I find the potential difference? It's a parallel circuit. R1, R2 and R3 is 0.3 and the current is 8.0. Is the volts 8.8?

    asked by Tara
  150. chemistry

    how much ml of concentrated hci required to make 0.5N hcl solution? /

    asked by Ashwin
  151. Math

    Karol bought 1lb of sugar. She used 1/4 lb of sugar to bake a big cake and some of the remaining sugar to make lots of cookies. She had 3/8 lb of sugar left. How much sugar did Karol use for the cookies? I came up with 3/8-1/4=3/8-2/8=1/8 lb

    asked by Reine Meghan
  152. statistics

    A cereal company claims that 2 in every 15 boxes win a prize. What is the probability that you do not win a prize three times in a row?

    asked by Nina
  153. Chemistry

    Step 1: A 12.70mL sample of cyanide solution was mixed with 25.00mL of a solution of nickel ions at an appropriate pH to form the Ni-cyanide complex. The resulting solution was titrated cs 0.0130M EDTA and required 10.10mL to reach the end point. Step 2:

    asked by Catherine
  154. Chemistry

    How many mL of HCl solution are required to change pH from 2.67 to 9.25?

    asked by Rhonda
  155. Physics

    There 46.5J of elastic potential energy stored in a spring. How far is the spring stretched if the spring constant is 455N/m

    asked by Jacob
  156. Math.

    Half of Allan's test score plus eight equals 50. What did Allen score on his test?

    asked by Sara
  157. math

    which fraction is greatest 5/6 7/9 2/3 or 9/12

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Cultural Anthropology


    asked by breeamberr
  159. Implicit Differentiation (Please HELP)

    Write the equation of the line tangent to the curve x^2 − 4y^2 + 192 = 0 at (8, 8) Thank You

    asked by Tom
  160. math

    The equation of a certain line, when written in general form, is 5x+3y+7=0 . The slope of the line is m , the y-intercept of the line is b , and x-interept of the line is x1 . what is the Value of m*b*x1 ?

    asked by Joy
  161. physics

    a ball was thrown vertically upward from the ground and reaches a height of 50 meters. a) with what speed was it thrown? b) how long will it remain in the air?

    asked by sandra
  162. Co-operate Finance

    As the investment analyst for King breweries you are required to analyze the automated loom system in the Castle larger production line. The old system was purchased 5 years ago for $200,000. It falls in the accelerated cost recovery 5 year class and it

    asked by Patricia
  163. cylinder word problem

    Caitlin enjoys italian ices with her friends. The place scoops the ices into a cylindrical cup that has a radius of 3 cm and a height of 8 cm. each ice is topped off with a half scoop. Each scoop has a radius of 3 cm. What is the total amount of ice that

    asked by andrea
  164. Math

    What is the inverse of 987x=1 (mod 11)? What I've done so far is: GCD(987, 11) 987 = 89 * 11 + 8 GCD(11, 8) 11 = 1 * 8 + 3 GCD(8,3) 8 = 2 * 3 + 2 GCD(3,2) 3 = 1 * 2 + 1 ...So basically, the GCD(987, 11) is 1. So... 1 = 3 - 2 = 3 - (8 - 2 * 3) = 3 - 8 + 2 *

    asked by Nora
  165. English

    1. A lot of Russian families have a dacha. 2. A lot of Russian families have their dacha. 3. A lot of Russian families have dachas. 4. A lot of Russian families have their dachas. -------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Do they have the same

    asked by rfvv
  166. math

    which mixture is more blue? 4gallons primer over 8 gallons paint or 3 gallons primer over 5 gallons paint

    asked by miranda
  167. algebra--1 question

    A ball is thrown into the air with an initial upward velocity of 45 ft/s. Its height (h) in feet after t seconds is given by the function h = –16t² + 45t + 6. After about how many seconds will the ball hit the ground? (1 point) 3 4 5 6 I get 2.9, so

    asked by SkatingDJ
  168. chemistry

    How would you make 1L of a buffer of pH=11 starting with 15g of base, C5H11N:. At you disposal are 1M HCl and 1M NaOH, pH meter, balance, distilled water and glassware. Try to be quantitative in expressing amounts of material that you will use. Given for

    asked by Katy
  169. science

    what is electrical deduction?

    asked by liz
  170. geometry

    the following system of equations bounds a region. If the region is rotated about the line x=0, what is the shape of the resulting solid figure? y=-2x+4 X=0 Y=0 Y=2

    asked by al
  171. math

    let x and y be two complementry angles. form an equation and draw its graph. find graphically measures of the other angle. if one of the angle is

    asked by pintu
  172. Cultural Anthropology

    What are two key differentiators about anthropology compared to psychology and Sociolog. I also need to provide examples, however my textbook is no help, can someone please give me some refrences to read over to answer this question please?

    asked by breeamberr
  173. algebra

    how do you simplify (sqrt18)over(sqrt8)-3? And (4-3sqrt2)squared? I tried but get some unreal answer. thanks in advance.

    asked by Robin
  174. math

    1.Find the quotient. -18 ÷ (-2) a) 1/9 b) 9 c) - 1/9 d) -9 idk plzz help me. 2. Find the sum. -11 + 3 + (-6) a) -20 b) -14** c) -8 d) 14

    asked by #HOMEWORK
  175. Biology

    8) Describe the difference between a prosthetic group, cofactor, and coenzyme; provide an example of each.

    asked by Ryan
  176. Math

    Jorge is trying to learn all of the perfect squares. This knowledge will help him estimate square roots that are not perfect. Between which two whole numbers is the square root of 76? Answer : 7 and 9

    asked by M
  177. maths

    find the probabily of having atleast two same number on throwing of three dices

    asked by saloni garg
  178. Calculus

    Santr 109 (a fictitious substance) decays by about 6% every day. How much of a 84 pound sample remains after: (a) 7 days (b) 3 weeks (b) 48 days

    asked by Irina
  179. Math

    Given the following data set, x 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 y 0.06 0.156 0.4056 1.05456 2.741856 7.1288256 18.53494656 Determine by regression the best exponential function that fits the data Function =

    asked by Irina
  180. Math

    Hello I need some help with these questions. A survey of 115 children found that 39 liked The Little Mermaid 43 liked 101 Dalmatians 56 liked Mickey Mouse 7 liked The Little Mermaid and 101 Dalmatians 10 liked The Little Mermaid and Mickey Mouse 16 liked

    asked by kk
  181. science

    a person rolled a large ball across a field. What information is needed t determine how much work the person did?

    asked by Jason
  182. Physical Science

    I have no idea how to do this, and I'm not sure what the formula is. Here's my question: In space, there is almost no air, so there is virtually no friction. If an astronaut throws a ball in space with an initial velocity of 3.0 meters per second to the

    asked by Lindsey
  183. Science

    A 2000 kg car is rolling at 3 m/s. You would like to stop the car by firing a 10 kg blob of sticky clay at it. How fast should you fire the clay? How much energy is required to accelerate the clay to this speed?

    asked by Yoyo
  184. Math

    Will 2 1/4 divided by 1/2 result in a number less than 1 ?

    asked by Amy
  185. math

    The Eastman's average 56 miles pee per hour on a driving trip. If they drove for 3 hours and 15 minutes,how far did they travel?

    asked by chance
  186. Math

    r * 2/3=30 How do you solve this?

    asked by Zero
  187. Math, Algebra

    A dog is 3/8lb heavier than a squirrel. The squirrel is 3/8lb lighter than the ferret. If the weight of the ferret is 1/2lb , find the weight of the dog? ( x+3/8)+(1/2-3/8)+1/2 was the equation I came up with

    asked by Meghan
  188. math

    Alice is 5 feet and has shadow of 4 feet long. how tall is the tree?

    asked by alexis
  189. Math

    A CD player which regularly costs $239 is marked 1/3 off. About how much is the sale price of the CD player

    asked by M
  190. Math

    The population of Austin is 698,269. What is the scientific notation 6.98269 x 10^5

    asked by M
  191. math

    Assume that you have to select some of the applicants for registration in some particular academic programme. Also assume that there happens to be a tie among two students having the least score. One of them has 85 marks out of 100 in the eligibility

    asked by Ali
  192. MATH


    asked by ALYCIA
  193. stuff

    why dosen't anyone answer me. i'm only 11!

    asked by m
  194. math


    asked by michael
  195. English

    What does scroll products mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  196. math

    You need to prepare 120 g of a 7% cream using a 21% stock cream and a 2% cream base. How much is needed of each?

    asked by Lalo
  197. Math

    What is the price of a tennis ball if a package of three costs $12.75?

    asked by Lilly
  198. maths

    probability of having all are even or odd while throwing three dices

    asked by saloni garg
  199. Please help me with Psychology

    What type of study would be appropriate for this situation: Determine whether regular meditation will help depression.

    asked by Jennifer
  200. math

    please solve x+y = 1 and y-x=1 by graphing

    asked by Anonymous