Questions Asked on
March 19, 2015

  1. life orientation

    what are the 4 ways in which sport can support nation building

    asked by refiloe
  2. Math check please

    1. Solve the system of equations y=2x^2-3 y=3x-1 a)no solution b)(-1/2,5),(2,-5/2) c)(-1/2,-5/2),(2,5)**** d)(1/2,5/2),(2,5) 2. How many real number solutions are there to the equation 0=-3x^2+x-4? a)0 ***** b)1 c)2 d)3 3.solve the equation by completing

    asked by Kendra
  3. life orientation

    what are the two issues in sport that can impede nation building

    asked by happy
  4. physics

    if an iron cube of volume 400cm3 is immersed in water,the upthrust will be?

    asked by aisha
  5. painting

    what idea did the halos on the heads of Pichore's main subjects emphasize A) plentiful wisdom B) Exceptional power C) Divine connection D) extraordinary creativity

    asked by None
  6. chemistry

    As an ionic solid dissolves in water, the temperature of the solution increases. What best describes the enthalpy and entropy of the solution? A. The enthalpy change is negative, and the entropy decreases. B. The enthalpy change is negative, and the

    asked by Cortney
  7. Chemistry

    Which argument supports the claim that dissolving solid calcium chloride (CaCl2) in water is a chemical change? A. The ionic bond between the calcium ions and chloride ions is broken. B. The solid calcium chloride can be recovered by evaporating the water.

    asked by Cortney
  8. Math

    A taxi ride costs $3 plus $2.50 per mile. Write the equation.

    asked by Jund
  9. Chemistry

    After being heated, an enzyme loses its ability to catalyze a reaction. What change occurred to the enzyme? A. A physical change, because cooling will restore the enzyme's function C. A physical change, because intermolecular forces were overcome

    asked by Cortney
  10. physics

    In an historical movie, two knights on horseback start from rest 79.0 m apart and ride directly toward each other to do battle. Sir George's acceleration has a magnitude of 0.319 m/s2, while Sir Alfred's has a magnitude of 0.391 m/s2. Relative to Sir

    asked by Kristyn
  11. chemistry

    What is the strongest intermolecular force that occurs between methane (CH4) and ammonia (NH3)? A. Dipole-induced dipole attractions B. Hydrogen bond C. London dispersion forces D. Dipole-dipole forces Is that answer c?

    asked by Cortney
  12. math

    Suppose a 25-foot ladder is leaning against a wall making a 63 degree angle with the wall. How high up th wall is the end of the ladder?

    asked by Jose
  13. chemistry

    LiF, BeF2, PCl3, CCl4, F2 1. which is likely to conduct electricity when aqueous: 2. which is most likely to be a gas in room temp. 3. which is likely to be very soluble in water 4. which is a polar molecule? may have more than one answer

    asked by annie
  14. English help :)

    Aunt Elizabeth’s Dream Matthew Ramirez 1United States, 1919. Hanna and her sister, Ali, anxiously await their mother’s return. Their mother, who is the niece of the late Elizabeth Cady Stanton, is out voting for the first time since the passage of the

    asked by Camila
  15. Geometry

    a tire leaves a track in fresh snow. The area of the track is 250 square feet. how many turns does the tire make?

    asked by Kayla

    I have 2 questions which measure correctly completes the statement. 1,127.5 milligrams = ? grams (1 point) which measure correctly completes the statement 627.532 L= / ml a sunflower was 1.8 meters high one week ago. in 7 days it grew 12 centimeters. find

    asked by Eevee

    1. Which of the following contributed to the rise of the Populist Party? (1 point) a sense of discontent and inequality felt by farmers and laborers an agreement with Republican politics a need to keep government exactly as it was a desire to see Democrats

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  18. Science

    1. Which type of weather technology often carries cameras that can make images of Earth's surface, clouds, and snow cover? A. weather balloon B. weather satellite**** C. computer D. automated weather station 2. Why are weather forecasts more reliable now

    asked by Bob
  19. English

    I need help with the following poem analysis, I do not know what it is saying! FOGHORN Surely that moan is not the thing That men thought they were making, when they Put it there, for their own necessities That throat does not call to anything human But to

    asked by Michelle
  20. math(Discrete)

    Determine whether the statement ∀x ∈ Z, ∃y, z ∈ Z[x = 5y + 7z] is true or false. Explain.

    asked by Mary
  21. Chemistry

    A balloon is filled with hydrogen at a temperature of 20 C and a pressure of 755 mmHg. If the balloons original volume was 1.05 liters, what will the new volume be at a higher altitude, where the pressure is only 625 mmHg? Assume the temperature stays the

    asked by Lillie
  22. Trigonometry

    Determine the least positive coterminal of the angle 943degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  23. Chemistry

    1. Iron oxide and carbon monoxide react according to the following equation . Identify which reactant is limiting and which is excess if 43.5 grams of Fe2O3 reacts with 43.5 grams of CO Fe2O3 + 3CO2 --> 3CO2 + 2Fe 2. Calculate the percent yield of Carbon

    asked by Tiffany
  24. Life orientation

    What are the 5 democratic structures and what are their roles each of them

    asked by Lesedi
  25. Health

    What are common symptoms of stress? A. Short temper B. Low morale C. Headaches D. All of the above I pick D. All the above

    asked by Dalton
  26. algebra

    Consider the equation y=-2√3x-12 -5 a. Write the equation in function notation, y=af(k(x-c))+d. b. Describe the transformations that have taken place from base the function.

    asked by Leo
  27. mathematic

    determine the arithmetic sequence that has the seventh term equal to 3 and the twelfth term equal to -3

    asked by thulani
  28. Physics

    A 1kg block of wood is moving with a velocity of 10 m/s on top of a table. The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block of wood and the table is 0.1. The block of wood is a cube with sides of 12 cm. How far does the block move before coming to a

    asked by Carolyn
  29. Math

    A ball is dropped vertically. It reaches a height of 1.6m on the first bounce. The height of each subsequent bounce is 80% of the previous bounce. A. Find the height the ball reaches on the 6th bounce. B. Find the sum of the first seven terms of this

    asked by Sam
  30. Art Appreciation

    Which of the following statements is an accurate description of Pop Art? (Answer is not D) A. Painting and sculpture that is self-sufficient and has no subject matter, content, or meaning beyond its presence as an object in space B. Art created by artists

    asked by Bandini12
  31. Math

    A rectangular garden dimensions 30m by 20m and is divided into 4 parts by two pathways that run perpendicular from its side. One pathways has a width 8dm and 7dm. What is the total useble area of the garden?

    asked by Noreen
  32. persuasive paper

    iv'e been asked to write a persuasive and opinion paper on a list of topics my teacher laid out for us. I chose rap music, which happens to be my favorite type of music, the old stuff and the new stuff.many people today, young and old, say stuff like "rap

    asked by basketball&batman
  33. Help with physics!

    Hi! I need some help with some physics questions. 1. When two point charges are moved farther apart, what is true about their resulting electric and gravitational forces? a. both forces stay the same b. gravitational force stays the same but electric force

    asked by N.
  34. Chemistry

    A. The molecules of water on the surface change bonding as they dry out. B. The density of the pin is less than that of the water's surface. C. The surface tension of the water is so low. D. The force exerted by the mass of the pin does not increase the

    asked by Cortney
  35. physics

    a golfer hits a golf ball an initial velocity of 54m/s [42 degrees above the horizontal]. the ball lands on an elevated green that is 14m higher that the level from which the golfer hit the ball. a) how far away horizontally from the golfer does the ball

    asked by eddie
  36. Life orientation

    Name and explain in detail four organizations/agencies that work to address human violations?

    asked by Tumelo koloti
  37. physics

    A golfer is attempting to hit the ball onto an 18m green over a gorge. The location where the ball is hit from is elevated 35m above the green which is 65m away. Assume the ball was hit at a velocity of 20m/s at 40 degrees: Questions: 1. does the ball land

    asked by callie
  38. Math Help Please!!!

    Use the function rule to complete the table Table= x= -2, -1, 0, 1, 2 y= (figure out y) Function rule= -10x+y=4

    asked by Kennabug
  39. Geometry

    The point G(5,-9) is rotated 90 degrees about point M(-8,3) and then reflected across the line y=9. Find the coordinates of the image G'. I have no idea where to start. Please advice.

    asked by Jane
  40. Perimeter

    Lamar made a garden in the shape of a rectangle with an area of 36 square feet. The shorter side of the garden measures 4 feet. Explain how you can find the perimeter of the garden.

    asked by Maria
  41. language arts

    2. An example of literal description in the poem is (1 point)the sun brightening valleys. an audience being moved by a speech. the words of the president being relevant for a long time. shadows falling over the land.

    asked by Brooke
  42. math

    Find three mixed numbers so that the sum is 18 and the difference between the greatest number and the least number is 5 1/5.

    asked by susan
  43. Math

    Each of three pumps A, B, C can pump water either into, or out of, a swimming pool. Pump A can fill the pool in 6 hours, while pumpp B works twice as fast. Pump C however takes one third more time than pump A to fill the pool. 1. All three pumps together

    asked by Yin
  44. physics

    a golfer hits a golf ball an initial velocity of 54m/s [42 degrees above the horizontal]. the ball lands on an elevated green that is 14m higher that the level from which the golfer hit the ball. a) how far away horizontally from the golfer does the ball

    asked by eddie
  45. Math

    Solve the following system of equations. Then, write the final answer in (x, y, z) form. -12x+y-x=-20 -2x-4y+2z=10 x+2y+2z=25

    asked by Giselle
  46. Chemistry

    There's reaction involving gas: Fe + H2SO4 -> Fe2(SO4)3 + H2O + SO2 How Fe2(SO4)3 is occur? I know the "2" comes from the ion of SO4, but I don't know where the "3" comes up. Is the Fe2(SO4)3 comes up from half-reaction method? Is the reaction occurs in

    asked by Jeremy
  47. chemistry

    what mass of carbon, in grams, can be consumed by 44 g oxygen in in combustion to give carbon monoxide/ what mass of CO is produced?

    asked by Aman
  48. Health

    What can spark weight concerns for girls and impact their eating habits in potentially unhealthy ways? A. High self-esteem B. Maintaining a healthy weight C. Peer pressure to look a certain way D. Positive reinforcement from parents about how one looks I

    asked by Dalton
  49. Health

    When does body image typically become a concern for boys? A. When playing with friends in the neighborhood B. When they struggle with body changes C. When they fail a test at school D. All of the above I pick B. but I really don`t know?

    asked by Dalton
  50. Environmental and Risk Management

    David Hassenzahl discusses the relative risks of eating peanut butter contaminated with aflatoxin and apple juice contaminated with UDMH, a degradation product of Alar, in the Power Point presentation in a conference in one of our earlier weeks. The

    asked by Timi
  51. excel

    what formula would be used to calculate the calories from fat for food items which is equal to the grams of fat multiplied by 9

    asked by jordan
  52. math

    The sum of two consecutive integers is –49. Write an equation that models this situation and find the values of the two integers.

    asked by brittany
  53. math

    on a weekend road trip the jensen family drove 210 miles on highways, where their car gets 35 miles for each gallon of gas and 54 miles on city streets where their car gets 18 miles for each gallon. How many gallons of gas did they use?

    asked by jayden
  54. Quantitative method

    A client who contacted CWD this past week has a maximum of $50,000 to invest. CWD's has two investment funds. The projected return for internet fund is 12% and Blue chip 9%. The investment advisior requires that at most $35,000 of the client's funds should

    asked by Kistra
  55. Physics

    For the normal force exerted on the book by the wedge in the diagram, which force(s) complete(s) the force pair for Newton’s third law (action-reaction)? 1) the sum of the component of gravity perpendicular to the surface of the incline and the component

    asked by kurtis
  56. social studies

    Conflicto resultón

    asked by Anonymous
  57. Language arts

    I have to find symbolism and repetition in a poem. I know what the repetition is I just wanted to know if personification is a form of symbolism. Please help!

    asked by Crazyface1212
  58. English

    What does the “General Prologue” (in the canterbury tales) reveal about the values of society? How does the text reflect cultural attitudes? Look for patterns and repetitions. Do certain words, phrases, images or situations recur? Identify what effect

    asked by Sarah
  59. physics

    Unpolarized light from an incandescent lamp has an intensity 112.0 Cd as measured by a light meter. a) What is in Cd the intensity reading on the meter when a single ideal polarizer is inserted between the bulb and the meter? b) What is in Cd the intensity

    asked by Emily
  60. Civics

    The Preamble includes the phrase "to form a more perfect union." Why is this reason listed for creating a new Constitution? Plans were made to expand to the Pacific Ocean. The British had provided economic support. The Articles of Confederation did not

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Geometry

    A tire leaves a track of fresh snow. The area of the track is 250 square feet. How many turns does the tire make?

    asked by Alexa
  62. Geometry

    A wheel turns at a rate of 12 turns every 5 seconds. If the wheel travels at a speed of 225 inches per second, what is the wheel's diameter?

    asked by Maddie
  63. physics

    the positive point charges + q are placed at three corners of a square , and a negative point charge -Q is placed at the fourth , corner. the side of the square is L. calculate the net electric force that positive charges exert on the negative charge

    asked by Ahmed
  64. Geometry

    A 3-foot diameter wheel travels at a rate of 45 feet per second. How many seconds does it take for the wheel to make 100 turns?

    asked by Maddie
  65. Social Studies

    What characteristic did the Mauryan and Mughal empires share? a.Both helped spread Buddhism. b.Both helped spread Islam. c.Both embraced the idea of religious tolerance. d.Both were begun by Aryan people I think either a or d Help?

    asked by chloe
  66. chemistry micelles

    how does an electrolyte (KNO3) affect the formation of micelles?? I'm very unsure. Do they interact with the polar head?

    asked by pan
  67. Math i need someone awesome to help! ASAP

    I have 2 questions which measure correctly completes the statement. 1,127.5 milligrams = ? grams (1 point) which measure correctly completes the statement 627.532 L= / ml a sunflower was 1.8 meters high one week ago. in 7 days it grew 12 centimeters. find

    asked by Eevee

    Which of the following groups or people controlled Georgia after Reconstruction? (Choose all that apply). (2 points) Republicans men with close ties to Georgia and pre-Civil War politics Democrats*** men from the North who came to the South during

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  69. English

    Are theses sentences simple or compound sentences? Alex's younger brother, Cameron, and two other friends also became interested in the benefit. I think simple because it is just one independent clause. They would charge people for a dinner and hold the

    asked by Kelley
  70. CDA

    The organization of the environment provides _______ for children. A. experiences B. guidance C. routines D. curriculum

    asked by Kaleisha
  71. physics

    A model rocket blasts off from the ground, rising straight upward with a constant acceleration that has a magnitude of 88.6 m/s2 for 1.57 seconds, at which point its fuel abruptly runs out. Air resistance has no effect on its flight. What maximum altitude

    asked by Kristyn
  72. Social Studies

    Mrs. Sue can you help? What was Andrew Jackson's views on slavery? Thank you in advance.

    asked by M
  73. Math

    Ron wants to buy a used car and needs to have a down payment of 25%. If the car Ron wants to buy costs $5,100, how much down payment will he need?

    asked by Zero
  74. Math

    38 ounces=____lb ____oz

    asked by Anonymous
  75. chemistry

    To identify a diatomic gas (X2), a researcher carried out the following experiment: She weighed an empty 2.8-L bulb, then filled it with the gas at 1.20atm and 22.0 ∘C and weighed it again. The difference in mass was 3.9g . Identify the gas.

    asked by lisa
  76. OR history eveee

    nez perce help what did nez perce do?

    asked by Amy
  77. physics help

    Please explain the answers. Thank You 1. A rifle is fired horizontally over a large flat plane. At the instant the rifle is fired, a student drops a second identical bullet from the same height as the rifle. Which bullet hits the ground first? 2. A monkey

    asked by Mia
  78. Physics

    Three collinear charges +7.0 x10^-5 C , +4.8 x10*-5 C, and -8.0 x 10^-5 C exert forces on each other. The first and second charges are 35.0 cm apart. The second and third charges are 35.0 cm apart. What is the magnitude and charge of the total force on the

    asked by Anonymous
  79. algebra

    how do you simplify 3j cubed - 51j squared + 210j? I have the answer as j(j(3j-51) = 210 or is it 3j ((j squared -17j + 70)? thank you for your assistance.

    asked by Robin
  80. Math

    An atom of gold has a mass of approximately 3.25 times 10^-22 grams. What is the mass of 3000 atoms of gold?

    asked by Thaddeus
  81. math

    Travel 35mph,to reach spot 27 miles away, traveling 2/3 of hour will I reach spot? How long will it take to reach spot?

    asked by jamir seymore
  82. Advanced Algebra

    Please Help ; what does the average rate of change tell you about the function on the interval ?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Life orientation

    Write down three strategies to build confidence in yourself and others

    asked by Tumelo koloti
  84. physics

    A snowboarder is trying to gap a 14m wide road. He leaves the 19m high cliff at 10m/s at 30 degrees. Questions: 1. Does he make it? 2.When the snowboarder is 16m above the road, what is his speed?

    asked by callie
  85. Chemistry

    1. When adding the sodium borohydride solution to the vanillin solution, why are you told to do so in a dropwise fashion? -So you don't accidentally spill any sodium borohydride -To prevent formation of unwanted vanillin byproducts -to prevent formation of

    asked by Ley
  86. Education

    What are your "Hot buttons" in challenging moments with children? What can you do to extend expand, and build upon the story? Just want to know what these questions mean.

    asked by LEE LEE
  87. trig

    y= 3 cos(x+pi)-3

    asked by ana grace barba
  88. economic

    1) Explain the meaning of the notation [a, b, r, w] used in Bayes Theorem 2) Explain how the (r, w) probabilities determine the quality of information: for perfect, worthless, and imperfect better than pure chance information

    asked by kim
  89. sociology

    what are subtopics for education

    asked by Susan
  90. algebra

    how do you multiply two numbers that EACH have a RADICAL in the exponent (7 to the power of the square root of 3 times 7 to the power of the square root of 2)

    asked by btk
  91. math

    A diamond is purchased for $3500. Its value increases 4% each year. Find the value of the diamond at the end of the sixth year of ownership.

    asked by may
  92. Pls help me - English

    "President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863 bu Frances E. W. Harper It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with sorrow Shall be brighter through their tears IT shall flush the mountain

    asked by BUBBLES
  93. Social Studies

    Mrs. Sue What would James k. Polks dreams for america be? I have to do a project on this and I searched for answer and I could not find anything useful...Thank you in advance :-)

    asked by M
  94. Quick math help

    Which of the following is a like term to 3wx^3? A.8wx^3 B.3w^3x^3 C.-3wx D.8wx^4 I'm thinking its a.

    asked by Zero
  95. physics

    A bowling ball of mass 7.45 kg is rolling at 2.56 m/s along a level surface. (a) Calculate the ball's translational kinetic energy. J (b) Calculate the ball's rotational kinetic energy. J (c) Calculate the ball's total kinetic energy. J (d) How much work

    asked by alba
  96. physics

    A bicycle tire has a mass of 2.54 kg and a radius of 0.346 m. (a) Treating the tire as a hoop, what is its moment of inertia about an axis passing through the hub at its center? kg · m2 (b) What torque is required to produce an angular acceleration of

    asked by alba
  97. ap physics

    A man opens a 1.14-m wide door by pushing on it with a force of 49.5 N directed perpendicular to its surface. (a) What magnitude torque does he apply about an axis through the hinges if the force is applied at the center of the door? N · m (b) What

    asked by amar
  98. ap physics

    A mass of 1.50 kg is at (−2.55 m, 0) and a 2.04-kg mass at (4.00 m, 4.00 m). Find the center of mass of the system. m, m

    asked by amar
  99. ap physics

    A student rides his bicycle at a constant speed of 2.20 m/s along a straight, level road. If the bike's tires each have a radius of 0.338 m, determine the following. (a) What is the tires' angular speed? rad/s (b) What is the net torque on each tire? N ·

    asked by amar
  100. English

    1. I had better put less food on my plate tomorrow. 2. I had better put less food on my dish tomorrow. 3. I had better put less food on my bowl tomorrow. ================ What is the difference among 'plate,' 'dish' and 'bowl? Are 'plate' and 'dish' the

    asked by rfvv
  101. Geometry

    Let ABC be any triangle. Equilateral triangles BCX, ACY, and BAZ are constructed such that none of these triangles overlaps triangle ABC. a) Draw a triangle ABC and then sketch the remainder of the figure. It will help if (triangle) ABC is not isosceles

    asked by G
  102. management accounting

    how much should be invested now (to the nearest $)to receive $ 24000 per annum in perpetuity if the annual rate of interest is 5% ?

    asked by saru
  103. Chemistry

    I have to do a lab on equilibrium, where you have to transfer water with two different sized straws, and answer questions based on that the questions are about the significance of where there is a flat line on the graph, and the significance of the point

    asked by Al
  104. Physics

    In 2286, Admiral Kirk and his crew were forced to use the slingshot effect in a stolen Klingon Bird-of-Prey to travel back in time to the late 20th century to retrieve two humpback whales. The stolen Klingon Bird-of-Prey traveled towards the sun at a

    asked by Carolyn
  105. Geography

    What is the average temp in Alaska?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Physics

    Consider holding a carton of milk in your hand. The force of the bicep muscle actsat an angle of 15 degrees to the vertical, while the weight of the arm and the milk both act downwards. The distance from the elbow to where the bicep muscle is attached via

    asked by Carolyn
  107. physics

    An electron has an initial velocity of 2.00 ✕ 10 6 m/s in a uniform 6.00 ✕ 10 5 N/C strength electric field. The field accelerates the electron in the direction opposite to its initial velocity. (a) What is the direction of the electric field? (b) How

    asked by mathew
  108. Reading and Writing

    What is a cogent essay? Is a cogent essay an argumentative essay?

    asked by Isabel
  109. math

    This can be proven by using congruent triangles. Because ACX=YCB are two adjacent angles, one angle is

    asked by G
  110. biology

    it is not known if a tall pea plant is homozygous or heterozygous (a hybrid). you decide to do a test cross to find out. if there are 40 offspring and 7 out of them are short, what is the genotype of the unknown pea plant? draw a punnett square that

    asked by amy
  111. electrical principles

    Four resistors , each of 240ohms are connected in parallel , and the group then joined in series with a heater of 40ohms resistance. Then complete circuit is connected to a 240volts supply . Calculate total resistance in the circuit , the power dissipated

    asked by Achwil Solo
  112. math

    32, k 3 , are three consecutive arithmetic terms find k

    asked by rachel
  113. math

    20 men can do a piece of work in 24 days. After working for 6 days, additional men are employed to finish the work in 21 days from the beginning. Find the number of additional men

    asked by saurav
  114. physics

    A 50 kg girl runs up the stairs to a floor 6m higher in 10 s. What is her power output? P=f.dt P=(50kg x 10m/s2 x6m) __________________ 10 = 300J/s or 300 watts

    asked by arlene
  115. physics

    . A copper wire 1.00 mm in diameter is used to support a mass of 6.0 kg. If the wire was stretched by 2.00 mm, what was the original length of the wire? Y = stress/ strain r= 0.5 mm =5 X 10-4 m e= 2mm or 2 X 10-3 Given : m = 6 kg F = 60 N A =π r2 = (

    asked by arlene
  116. math(Discrete)

    Give the negation of the statement ∃! x ∈ U [P (x)].

    asked by Anonymous
  117. math

    Point X is on side AC of triangle ABC such that

    asked by G
  118. Lang arts

    What is the adverb in this sentence She did not know the answer.

    asked by Ceez
  119. geometry

    FredFred wants to carpet his room that measures 12ft by 15ft. The carpet costs $25 per square yard. How much will it cost Fred to carpet his room

    asked by Evan
  120. Math

    If 50 books is $86.45 for each Books and 150 books is $80.95 for each book what is the cost for 60 books?

    asked by Cam
  121. English

    1. It's very noisy here. 2. I can't stand it anymore. =========================== What does 'it' refer to in #1? What does 'it' refer to in #2? Are both refer to the same thing?

    asked by rfvv
  122. English

    1. Our school has a great audiovisual room. If Mohamed visits our school, i want to take him to the audiovisual room to watch a movie about Korea. 2. Our school has a great music room. If Mohamed visits our school, I want to teach him to learn Arirang, a

    asked by rfvv
  123. English

    1. The pianist whom I like most is Kissin. 2. The pianist who I like most is Kissin. ------------------------------ #1 is grammatical, right? What about #2? Can we use 'who' instead of 'whom'?

    asked by rfvv
  124. Math

    Solve the following equations 7f+f^2=60 6x^2-x-15=0 6(y-3)^2-(y-3)-15=0

    asked by Kaelyn
  125. Math

    On Monday at noon, the temperature was 23oF. By 9 pm it was -4oF. On Tuesday at noon, it was 18oF. By 9 pm it was -11oF. On which day did the greater temp. change occur?

    asked by Colleen
  126. maths


    asked by khizran
  127. math

    For more than 4000 years the Great Pyramid of Giza stood as the tallest structure in the world. After it was completed, the pyramid stood an amazing 481 feet high. Y 9 th. grade math Semester Project: The Great Pyramid of Giza

    asked by k
  128. science

    7th Grade Sarah heated two cubes of aluminum to 50oC. Cube A has a volume of four cubic centimeters. Cube B has a volume of two cubic centimeters. If the cubes do not touch each other, which of these statements is true?

    asked by Dorothy
  129. Math Help

    Directions: Decide whether the statements are true or false by using partial fraction decomposition. If the statement is false, show the correct way to decompose the partial fraction. 3/x^2+x-2=-1/x+2+1/x-1

    asked by Alexander
  130. social studies 8th

    What was the progressive movement? (1 point) a reform movement of farmers and laborers a reform movement of people who held fast to traditional ideas a reform movement that sought to move society forward by improving it*** a reform movement that criticized

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  131. math help please

    What type or graph does not show the number of times a response was given? A. Box_and _whisker plot B. Line plot C. Stem and leaf plot D. Bar graph Is the answer A?

    asked by Anonymous
  132. French

    Il vient d'aller à la piscine. Does this mean, "I just went to the pool"?

    asked by Anonymous
  133. Math

    The quantity Q of radioactive carbon remaining in a 300 - gram wood sample at time t is given by the expression Q(t) = 300 e^{- 0.000324*t}. How much radioactive carbon remains in the sample after (a) 200 years, (b) 50000 years, (c) 125500 years?

    asked by Irina
  134. S.S

    ". . . But now, after reiterated menaces, Mexico has passed the boundary of the United States, has invaded our territory and shed American blood upon the American soil. She has proclaimed that hostilities have commenced, and that the two nations are now at

    asked by Anonymous
  135. math help please

    Which of the following types of information is suited for display on a scatter plot? A. Relationship between favorite color and age. B. Relationship between number of pets and favorite TV show C. Relationship between hours of exercise and number of

    asked by Anonymous
  136. maths

    Shanza paid Rs98 for a necklace and purse.the necklace cost Rs 18.20 more than purse. Find the cost of purse.

    asked by khizran
  137. math

    You want to make a graph to show how you spend your time each day. What would be the best graph for this data? A. Circle graph B. Line graph C. Histogram D. Stem_and leaf plot Is the answer A? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  138. physics

    calculate the average angular acceleration and initial angular velocity of a wheel that has w=1.5wo(initial omega) at the end of 1min and w=45rev/sec at the end of 3min

    asked by sarah
  139. LA

    What is the theme, tone, characters and authors intentions for the poem named Your Little Voice by E.E. Cummings

    asked by Sarah
  140. Life orientation

    Can you please explain for me in a short paragraph what can trigger spectator aggression in sport

    asked by Dennis
  141. Math

    Could 7 be part of the solution set for the inequity? 5x > 40? Explain your reasoning

    asked by Amy
  142. maths financial

    Brenda takes out a twenty year loan of R400,000..she repays the loan by means of equal montly payments starting one month after the granting of the loan.the interest rate is 16% per annum compounded montly. calculate the montly instalments.

    asked by jay
  143. chemistry

    I have to do a lab on equilibrium, where you have to transfer water with two different sized straws, and answer questions based on that the questions are about the significance of where there is a flat line on the graph, and the significance of the point

    asked by alyssa
  144. business law

    Drafting on partnership deed

    asked by sushant chheniya
  145. Algebra


    asked by Scott
  146. Algebra 1

    The starting salary for a new empolyee is $25,000. The salary for this empolyee increases by 8 % per year.What is the salary after each of the following? a. 1 yr b.3 yr c.5 yr d. 15 yr

    asked by Gisselle
  147. environmental science

    what are the two main factors that determine where organisms live?

    asked by justice
  148. Math

    If I have test scores of 82, 89, & 77% what is my aveage?

    asked by Deb
  149. Math

    A retangular prism has a volume of 7,168 cm^3. It's base has an area of 512 cm^2. what is it's height?

    asked by Amy
  150. food science

    A sample of grain in a bin is at 80.6 degrees F. The vapor pressure of water in the bin is 17.09 mm Hg. Assuming that the grain is well mixed, is the grain in danger of fungal growth and mycotoxin production?

    asked by Anonymous
  151. Social studies

    What was the first act of the British government to cause colonial anger and what year did it take place?

    asked by Anonymous
  152. Algebra

    1.A right triangle has leg of b of length 7 and a hypotenuse of length 11. What is a length of the other leg, a? Round to the nearest tenth if necessary. (1 point) A. 2.0 B. 8.5 C. 13.0 D. 9.6 2. Find the length of a line segment CD with endpoint C at

    asked by Anon
  153. Math

    The equation d = 23 · t2 represents the distance in feet, d, the ball travels in t seconds. Part A How far does the ball travel in 5 seconds?200 feet in 5 seconds. Show your work. Part B How many seconds would it take for the ball to travel 25 feet? Show

    asked by Anonymous
  154. math

    two small pizzas are shared by three people how much pizza does each person get

    asked by zelma
  155. Homework

    a wire length 12 meters is cut into two parts; one part is bent to form a square, and the other is bent to form an equilateral triangle. Where the cut should be made if A. The sum of the two areas is to be a minimum? B. The sum of the two areas is to be a

    asked by Calculus

    “The need for collecting large campaign funds would vanish [go away] if Congress provided an appropriation [federal money] for the proper . . . expenses of each of the great national parties, an appropriation ample [large] enough to meet the necessity

    asked by Ciaria
  157. Question

    Are there any physics teachers on this site that can help? I've posted many questions on here but none of them get answered.

    asked by eddie
  158. Math

    A ball is placed on a long inclined ramp. It rolls down the ramp as shown in the diagram. The equation d = 23 · t2 represents the distance in feet, d, the ball travels in t seconds. Part A How far does the ball travel in 5 seconds? Show your work. Part B

    asked by Anonymous
  159. math

    1/4 of the plants are pepper, 1/3 of the peppers are yellow peppers what fraction of the plants are yellow peppers?

    asked by iam
  160. Math

    the back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot below shows the ages of patients seen by two doctors in a family clinic one day. what is the difference between the age of the oldest patient seen by doctor 1 and the age of the oldest patient seen by doctor 2. AGE OF

    asked by Anon
  161. Science, Physics

    Concave mirrors can be used as for shaving or applying make up. The face must be inside the focus. You hold a concave mirror, with a focal length of 40 cm, about 30 cm from your face. Where is your image located? How much bigger than your face is the

    asked by Nora
  162. History

    Hi, when someone tells you to write down the pade identifier.. what am I exactly writing down? Am I putting down the citation of the website?

    asked by Lia
  163. Math

    Which associations best describe the data in the table? Variable m 9 6 5 1 3 4 2 8 7 Variable n 33 24 18 3 10 14 7 32 26 Choose exactly two answers that are correct. A. linear association B. negative association C. nonlinear association D. positive

    asked by Nia
  164. Math

    A photo is 6 in wide and 3 in tall. If it is reduced to a height of 1 in, then how wide will it be?

    asked by Anonymous
  165. english

    I need help on finding 3 positive points on: why EBT cards should not be banned at fast food restaurants.

    asked by Josh
  166. english

    I need help with my essay can anyone read over it and give me pointers?

    asked by Kristian
  167. Math

    A photo is 6 in wide and 3 in tall. If it is reduced to a height of 1 in, how wide will it be?

    asked by Anonymous
  168. Math

    Zain goes swimming. He swims the first length of the pool in 2.5 minutes. The time he takes to swim each length is 10 seconds more than he took to swim the previous length. A. Find the time Zain takes to swim the fifth length. B. Find the time taken for

    asked by Sam
  169. english

    english is the language of an opportunity. Why bother to teach indigenous languages?

    asked by nokwanda
  170. history Ms.sue

    did George W. bush have kids? help it's a bio for my teacher

    asked by Jasmine
  171. Math

    Give the negation of the statement ∃! x ∈ U [P (x)].

    asked by Excel