Questions Asked on
March 18, 2015

  1. language arts

    1. in diary of anne frank, act 1, what causes the franks and the van daans to move into the rooms on the top floor of the ware house? A. Their own homes have been desroyed by bombs. ***** B. They are hiding from the Nazis, who have been persecuting Jews.

    asked by jamie
  2. 7th grade math

    For questions 1, 2 identify each sentence as arithmetic, geometric both or neither. 1) 7, 9, 11, 13 ...... A) arithmetic B) geometric C) both D) neither (my answer) 2) 2, 1, 1/2, 1/4, .... A) arithmetic B) geometric C) both (my answer) D) neither

    asked by Ashley
  3. 1

    1. In The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I, what causes the Franks and the Van Daans to move into the rooms on the top floor of the warehouse? (1 point)

    asked by 1
  4. Chemistry1412

    The reaction below has an equilibrium constant of Kp=2.26×104 at 298 K. CO(g)+2H2(g)⇌CH3OH(g) Calculate Kp for the reaction below. 3CH3OH(g)⇌3CO(g)+6H2(g)

    asked by jessicaCC
  5. Physics

    A 1,280-kg car pulls a 350-kg trailer. The car exerts a horizontal force of 3,600-N against the ground in order to accelerate. What force does the car exert on the trailer? Assume an effective friction coefficient of 0.15 for the trailer.

    asked by Breauna

    1. Which of the following stretches from southern Mongolia toward the Huang River in China? A.the Gobi Desert* B.the Himalayas C.the North China Plain the Tibetan Plateau 2. Which of the following places would most likely have hot, humid summers and mild

    asked by indigo
  7. Chemistry1412

    Consider the following reaction: CO(g)+2H2(g)⇌CH3OH(g) An equilibrium mixture of this reaction at a certain temperature was found to have [CO]= 0.115M , [H2]= 0.110M , and [CH3OH]= 0.190M . What is the value of the equilibrium constant (Kc) at this

    asked by jessicaCC
  8. chemistry

    The reaction below has an equilibrium constant of Kp=2.26×104 at 298 K. CO(g)+2H2(g)⇌CH3OH(g) Calculate Kp for the reaction below. 3CH3OH(g)⇌3CO(g)+6H2(g)

    asked by jessicaCC
  9. Physics

    Two systems are formed from a converging lens and a diverging lens, as shown in parts a and b of the drawing. (The point labeled "Fconverging" is the focal point of the converging lens.) An object is placed inside the focal point of lens 1 at a distance of

    asked by Damien O' Connell
  10. math

    How many 50 centimeter pieces of ribbon can Casey cut from a roll of 60 meters long?

    asked by Janice
  11. Math help

    What type of graph does not show the number of times a response was given? box-and-whisker plot line plot stem-and-leaf plot bar graph Is the answer A? Thank you for your help

    asked by Anonymous
  12. algebra

    The sum of a number and three times another number is 18. Find the number if their product is a maximum.

    asked by Joe
  13. Physics

    A car, starting from rest, accelerates in the positive x direction. It has a mass of 1.10 x 103 kg and maintains an acceleration of 4.6 m/s^2 for 5 s. Assume that a single horizontal force accelerates the vehicle. Determine the power generated by this

    asked by Amiel
  14. english

    What reason is given for the lack of progress made after the Seneca Falls Convention? A)The Seneca Falls Declaration was not persuasive enough. B)The abolition movement consumed all of the nation's attention. C)Women across the country did not support the

    asked by jimm
  15. Art

    Which two cultures use creatures to protect or transport humans after death? A. America (bald eagle) and Spain (Bull) B. Egypt (the animal-headed sons of Horus) and China (the dragon) C. Egypt (the jackal) and China (the lion) D. Mayans (the crow) and

    asked by Student
  16. chemistry

    calculate how many moles of CaCl2•2H2O are present in 1.0 g of CaCl2•2H2O and then calculate how many moles of pure CaCl2 are present in the 1.0 g of CaCl2•2H2O

    asked by she
  17. Probability

    The random variables X and Y have a joint PDF of the form fX,Y(x,y)=c⋅exp{−12(4x2−8x+y2−6y+13)} E[X]= var(X)= E[Y]= var(Y)=

    asked by Ravi
  18. Chemistry

    1. How many moles of ammonia NH3 are produced when 0.45 moles of nitrogen N2 reacts? N2 + 3H2 yields 2NH3 2. How many mililiters of water will be produced when 2.05 g of hydrogen reacts? The density of water is 1.00 g/mL ? 2H2 + O2 yields 2H2O 3. What is

    asked by Melanie
  19. Can somone Please help me with this

    1. Which of the following stretches from southern Mongolia toward the Huang River in China? the Gobi Desert the Himalayas the North China Plain the Tibetan Plateau 2. Which of the following places would most likely have hot, humid summers and mild winters?

    asked by Lesson 3, Unit 1
  20. business math

    Stereo Inc. sells a stereo system for $500 down and monthly payments of $60 for the next 4 years. If the interest rate is 1.75% per month, find: a) The cost of the stereo. b) The total amount of interest paid.

    asked by Alex
  21. Math

    Write two mixed numbers with a sum of 3.

    asked by Zoe
  22. chemistry

    A 8.60-g sample of solid CaSO4·2H2O was heated such that the water turned to steam and was driven off. Assuming ideal behavior, what volume would that steam occupy at 1.00 atm and 100.0 °C?

    asked by Chad
  23. Chemistry

    What is the molarity of an HNO3 solution if 24.1mL of a 0.250M Ba(OH)2 solution is needed to titrate a 15.0mL sample of the acid? Can you tell me the process to finding this answer?

    asked by Holly
  24. algebra

    An amusement park charges $8 admission and average of 2000 visitors per day. A survey shows that , for each $1 increase in the admission cost, 100 fewer people would visit the park. Write an equation to express the revenue, R(x) dollars, in terms of a

    asked by henry
  25. journalism check answers

    What is satire's underlying goal? to sell newspapers to shock people to get people to think c Many young people today get their news from which of the following unlikely sources? comedy shows such as "The Daily Show" their friends video games B Which of

    asked by jimm
  26. Help- English

    The poem 1. I sit on the bank in my special place, 2. Feel the breeze that lifts my hair, 3. And watch the ripples run across the river. 4. It is so peaceful here. 5. Deep enough to justify a fishing pole, 6. Quiet enough for my every thought, 7. The

    asked by BUBBLES
  27. science

    Calculate the concentration of all species in a 0.145M solution of H2CO3

    asked by Kris
  28. math

    Limx-0 sinx/tanx+tanx.sinx

    asked by bharat chaudhari
  29. chem

    A very flexible helium-filled balloon is released from the ground into the air at 20. ∘ C . The initial volume of the balloon is 5.00 L , and the pressure is 760. mmHg . The balloon ascends to an altitude of 20 km , where the pressure is 76.0 mmHg and

    asked by dakota
  30. Chemistry

    Which of the following statements is (or are) true? I. All polar molecules have dipole moments. II. All polar molecules have oppositely charged regions. III. A polar molecule is attracted to other molecules because of electrostatic forces. IV. All polar

    asked by Cortney
  31. probability

    On any given day, mail gets delivered by either Alice or Bob. If Alice delivers it, which happens with probability 1/4, she does so at a time that is uniformly distributed between 9 and 11. If Bob delivers it, which happens with probability 3/4, he does so

    asked by sagar
  32. Chemistry

    An unknown gaseous hydrocarbon contains 85.63 % carbon. If its density is 0.488 g/L at 0.355 atm and 100°C, what is the molecular formula of the gas? I can't figure this out. By assuming the total mass to be 100g, I get 85.63g C and 14.37g H which I then

    asked by Michael
  33. Art

    Chinese artists often express their philosophies using calligraphy. Which is the best definition of philosophy? A. a complex idea B. a religion C. a way of practicing creativity D. a system of guiding principles I think its C. Please answer as soon as

    asked by Student
  34. algebra

    What is the discriminant of the polynomial below? 4x2 + 4x + 1 A. 0 B. -4 C. -12 D. 32

    asked by jen
  35. French, foreign language

    Read each definition and write the appropriate word or expression in the space provided. 1. C'est un plat typiquement français. On les prépare avec du beurre et de l'ail. Ce sont un escargot . (incorrect) 4.On les utilise pour faire des omelettes. Ce

    asked by Alex
  36. Probability

    This figure below describes the joint PDF of the random variables X and Y. These random variables take values in [0,2] and [0,1], respectively. At x=1, the value of the joint PDF is 1/2. Are X and Y independent? - unanswered Yes No Find fX(x). Express your

    asked by ubn
  37. LA - 1 question

    Read the following stage directions and dialogue from Billy Elliot: [Billy suddenly sees DAD and freezes. His reaction puzzles Mrs. Wilkinson for a second. The music comes to a standstill. Mrs. Wilkinson turns to see Dad.] DAD: You.Out.Now What do these

    asked by SkatingDJ
  38. social studies

    I really need help I'm stuck and can't figure it out? 1. Which of the following stretches from southern Mongolia toward the Huang River in China? the Gobi Desert the Himalayas the North China Plain the Tibetan Plateau 2. Which of the following places would

    asked by Lesson 3, Unit 1
  39. Geometry- Surface Areas- Please Help

    Find the lateral area of the cone. Use 3.14 for pi and round the result to the nearest whole unit. The cone is on its side and the radius is 15cm and the length is 28cm a 1,319 cm^2 b 2,639 cm^2 c 707 cm^2***** d 2,026 cm^2 I need help desperately I am

    asked by BUBBLES
  40. algebra

    A rectangular lot is bordered on one side by a stream and on the other three sides by 600m of fencing. Find the dimensions of the lot if area is a maximum.

    asked by henry
  41. Chemistry

    How does table salt (NaCl) dissolve in water? A. The oxygen atoms in water molecules attract sodium ions. B. Each sodium ion is surrounded by chloride ions. C. Each NaCl molecule is surrounded by water molecules. D. Water molecules hydrogen bond with

    asked by Cortney
  42. physics

    A 1100-kg car moving on a horizontal surface has speed v = 60km/h when it strikes a horizontal coiled spring and is brought to rest in a distance of 3.1m .What is the spring stiffness constant of the spring?

    asked by Ikpo
  43. chemistry

    As an ionic solid dissolves in water, the temperature of the solution increases. What best describes the enthalpy and entropy of the solution? A. The enthalpy change is negative, and the entropy decreases. B. The enthalpy change is negative, and the

    asked by Cortney
  44. Life orientation

    Write a report. Evaluate one organization that you think is making a useful contribution to our country in terms of addressing human rights violation. Give at least 3 practical examples. Discuss in detail why you chose this organization.

    asked by Tumelo koloti

    Political parties are a principal means by which the people’s will is made known to the government and government is held accountable to the people. Briefly describe party functions that achieve these goals.

    asked by Ciaria
  46. Physics

    A weight lifter is bench-pressing a barbell whose weight is 710 N. He raises the barbell a distance of 0.65 m above his chest then he lowers it at 0.27 m. Determine the work done on the barbell by the weight lifter during:a.)the lifting phase and b.) the

    asked by Amiel
  47. precap

    a rectangle has one corner in quadrant I on the graph of y=25-x^2, another at the origin, a third at the positive y-axis, and the fourth on the positive x-axis

    asked by Anonymous
  48. physics

    a =4.0 c point charge and a-4.0 point charge are placed as in figure .what is the potential difference va vb between two points

    asked by varla
  49. Physics

    Hello!I was wondering if anybody had the time to help me with this question. I am not sure what equation to use with three polarizing filters! I thought we use Malus' Law, but doesnt seem to work. Any help would be greatly appreciated!! The question:

    asked by Tommy
  50. Chemistry

    Assuming that the lab procedure was conducted in an identical manner in all other respects, if a large quantity of vinegar had been taken initially for analysis, for example, a 50.0mL instead of 25.0 mL discuss briefly how each of the following would

    asked by Linda
  51. Physics

    A 120 kg crate on the flatbed of a truck that is moving with an acceleration of 1.5 m/s^2 along the positive x axis. The crate does not slip with respect to the truck undergoes a displacement whose magnitude is 43 m. What is the total work done on the

    asked by Amiel
  52. Math

    y is directly proportional to the cube of x. If x is increased by 50% show that the percentage increase in y is 237.5%

    asked by Kaylen
  53. Art

    An artist is asked to create a painting of a politician, Illustrating qualities of power and benevolence. Which visual composition best suits these goals. A. the politician bending down from the stage to shake the hands of his supporters. B. the politician

    asked by Student
  54. Physics

    The owner of a van installs a rear-window lens that has a focal length of -0.320 m. When the owner looks out through the lens at an object located directly behind the van, the object appears to be 0.240 m from the back of the van, and appears to be 0.330 m

    asked by Damien O' Connell
  55. Science

    the energy an object has due to it's motion is called a what?

    asked by Lala
  56. chemistry

    The pressure in car tires is often measured in pounds per square inch (lb/in. 2 ), with the recommended pressure being in the range of 25 to 45 lb/in. 2 . Suppose a tire has a pressure of 45.0lb/in. 2 . Convert 45.0lb/in. 2 to its equivalent in

    asked by dakota
  57. Physics

    A 58 kg skier is coasting down a 250 slope. Near the top of the slope, her speed is 3.6 m/s. She accelerates down the slope because of the gravitational force, even though a kinetic frictional force of magnitude 71 N opposes her motion. Ignoring air

    asked by Amiel
  58. chemistry

    1. Ideal gas particles: A. have no mutual attraction and no individual volume. B. have no mass or volume. C. have no odor and no color. D. have no density and do not form bonds. Is it A? 2. Why does the density of gas in a hot air balloon decrease as the

    asked by Cortney
  59. Chemical Engineering

    High-pressure helium is available from gas producers in 0.045-m^3 cylinders at 400 bar and 298 K. Calculate the explosion equivalent of a tank of compressed helium in terms of kilograms of TNT. Assume helium is an ideal gas

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Social Studies-Great Depression

    2. Which of the following were efforts to help struggling Americans? (choose all that apply 3 points) a Hoover's strong policies for economic reform and government restructure b breadlines ** c campaigns to raise money** d assistance from private

    asked by BUBBLES
  61. chemistry

    Why is it possible to float a pin on the surface of water? A. The molecules of water on the surface change bonding as they dry out. B. The density of the pin is less than that of the water's surface. C. The surface tension of the water is so low. D. The

    asked by Cortney
  62. physics

    A block of mass 3kg starts from rest and slides down a surface, which corresponds to a quarter of a circle of 1.6m radius. a) if the curved surface is smooth, calculate the speed of the block at the bottom. b) if the block 's speed at the bottom is 4m/s,

    asked by gourav
  63. science- punnet square

    If both parents have freckles but one of their children do not have freckles (ff). What are the geno types of the parents? Use the punnet square to help you. so since the child doesn't have freckles the geno type of the parents must be mother Ff and father

    asked by E6
  64. Ethics and Technology

    Programming languages were developed in order to: A. make it possible to program computers in English. B. make programming faster and less error-prone. C. speed translations between America and the Soviet Union during the Cold War. D. improve the

    asked by Amy
  65. Chemistry

    ______________ are similar to covalent bonds in that they hold atoms together. They are different from covalent bonds in that they ___________ . A. Ionic bonds; hold atoms together within a molecule B. Intermolecular forces; require less energy to break C.

    asked by Cortney
  66. chemistry

    How do intermolecular forces determine the vapor pressure of a liquid? A. A nonpolar compound has a low vapor pressure because of London dispersion forces. B. A compound that can form hydrogen bonds has a low vapor pressure. C. A polar compound has a high

    asked by Cortney
  67. chemistry

    1. What is the cause of a gas sample exerting pressure on its surroundings, such as a container? A. The sum of the volumes of all the gas particles in the sample B. Chemical reactions with the container walls C. Collisions of particles of gas D. The weight

    asked by Cortney
  68. Phyisics

    1. Two concentric conducting spherical shells have radii of 0.126 m. and 0.225 m. The inner sphere bears a charge of -8.00E-08 C. An electron escapes from the inner sphere with negligible speed. Assuming that the region between the spheres is a vacuum,

    asked by Steven
  69. Math

    What is the reference angle for θ = -195 degrees? Is it 75 degrees?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    1. What is the remainder when 2^190 is divided by 5? How do I approach these questions; do I write it down on paper, or use my calculator(how do I see the remainder?)? 2. Figure: A large right triangle, shortest base in on the ground, shorter height is

    asked by Linda
  71. Physics

    The near point of a naked eye is 32 cm. When an object is placed at the near point and viewed by the naked eye, it has an angular size of 0.068 rad. A magnifying glass has a focal length of 15 cm, and is held next to the eye. The enlarged image that is

    asked by Damien O' Connell
  72. finance

    Earnings are expected to grow at 11 percent for the next year. Using the company’s historical average PE as a benchmark, what is the target stock price in one year?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Algebra

    You are driving away from home at a constant velocity of 50 km per hour. The first landmark you see is your favorite park which happens to be 25 km from your house. Which of the following sequences describes the distances you cover at intervals of one

    asked by Katie Lawson
  74. Ethics and Technology

    Objectivism is based on the idea that: A. there are no universal moral principles. B. morality has an existence outside the human mind. C. morality and law are identical. D. there is no such thing as free will. is it B

    asked by Amy
  75. Cal state

    A movie theatre has 30 rows. The first row has 26 seats and as you move to the back each additional row has one seat added. How many seats are in the theatre?

    asked by Joe
  76. Chemistry1412

    T (K) [N2] [H2] [NH3] [Kc] 575 0.110M − 0.134M 9.6 Find [H2] at 575 K.

    asked by jessicaCC
  77. business

    A proportionate tax consumes a determinate apportionment of one’s monetary flow.

    asked by Jo
  78. science

    Which of these compounds would you expect to have the highest melting point: C2H6,CL2,AsCL3, BaBr2? Explain your answer

    asked by Jada GOrdon
  79. U.S Government

    1. This graph illustrates the fact that there is a ________________ turnout for general elections than for primaries. 2. When the will of the people is translated into public policy directly by the people themselves, ____________ exists.

    asked by Ciaria
  80. Career Explorations

    Caroline is in JROTC (Junior Reserve Officers’ Training Corps), which is an extracurricular program that trains and prepares students for becoming officers in the armed forces. Since she wants to join the Army after high school, this extracurricular

    asked by Jackson
  81. Writing

    Which of the following are example of coordinate headings?

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math

    If you divide this mystery number by 4, add 8, and multiply by 3 you get 42. What is the mystery number?

    asked by Mo
  83. math

    Determine the quadratic function of the following: Congruent to y=-12x2; opens up; vertex at (-3,2)

    asked by gal
  84. Math

    A mail truck picks up two boxes of mail from the post office. The total weight of the boxes is 32 pounds. One box is 8 pounds heavier than the other box. How much does each box weigh?

    asked by Mo
  85. Social Studies (Check Answers Please!)

    HELP: PART 1 1. What was the result of the 1995 referendum held in Quebec? A. Quebec separated from Canada* B. French became the official language of Canada C. Quebec's people voted to remain part of Canada D. Quebec became part of France 2. Early Spanish,

    asked by Noel
  86. Chemistry

    What is the concentration of arsenate ions in 3.5 M solution of arsenic acid? The acid-dissociation constants of H3AsO4 are: Ka1 = 5.0 x 10-3 Ka2 = 9.3 x 10-8 Ka3 = 3.0 x 10-12 I can't figure out how to set up the question

    asked by Kelly
  87. english

    These are the times that try men’s souls: The summer soldier and the sunshine patriot will, in this crisis, shrink from the service of his country; but he that stands it NOW, deserves the love and thanks of man and woman. Tyranny, like hell, is not

    asked by jimm
  88. chemistry

    High-pressure liquid chromatography (HPLC) is a method used in chemistry and biochemistry to purify chemical substances. The pressures used in this procedure range from around 500 kilopascals (500,000 Pa ) to about 60,000 kPa (60,000,000 Pa ). It is often

    asked by dakota
  89. Ethics and Technology

    1. The first electronic networking technology widely used in the United States was the: A. Internet. B. radio. C. telegraph. D. telephone. is it C

    asked by Amy
  90. chemistry

    How much energy is needed to completely remove an electron from n = 2 in a hydrogen atom?

    asked by Anna
  91. math

    Suppose you borrowed $15000 to buy a car at an interest rate 7.2% compounded monthly. What will the monthly payments be on loans of 36, 48 and 60 months if you do not have to put any money down on the financing?

    asked by laura
  92. Math

    Q. Tickets to the rodeo sell for $12 each. If they are bought in groups of 10 or more, you revice 1/4 (fraction) off the price of each ticket. Julie wants to buy 14 tickets. How much will her total cost for the 14 tickets. A. Do I add 12 + 14? and minus

    asked by Zoella
  93. Math Answer Check

    P is a point on the terminal side of θ in standard position. Find the exact value of the six trigonometric functions for θ. P(-8, -8) Ans: cotangent: 1 secant: negative square root 2 cosecant: negative square root 2 sin: square root 2 / 2 cosine: square

    asked by Anonymous
  94. EDUC2120

    Treena is a personable student in Mr. Jordan’s math class. Mr. Jordan can see that Treena is popular with her peers. He regularly sees her conversing animatedly with her friends in the cafeteria and before and after school. She does well in class also.

    asked by Cristina
  95. chem

    A sample of ideal gas is in a sealed container. The pressure of the gas is 615torr , and the temperature is 10 ∘ C . If the temperature changes to 56 ∘ C with no change in volume or amount of gas, what is the new pressure, P 2 , of the gas inside the

    asked by dakota
  96. CHEM

    Mass percent is one way to represent solution concentrations, though not the only one. A common measure of solution concentration is Molarity; moles of solute per liter of solution. Calculate the molarity of vinegar in each sample that you titrated and

    asked by Linda
  97. Chemical Engineering

    High-pressure helium is available from gas producers in 0.045-m^3 cylinders at 400 bar and 298 K. Calculate the explosion equivalent of a tank of compressed helium in terms of kilograms of TNT. Assume helium is an ideal gas

    asked by Anonymous
  98. Math

    3x^2+5xy-2y^2=0, where y is not the same as 0. Find the possible values of x/y

    asked by Mckenzie
  99. chem

    A sample of gas in a balloon has an initial temperature of 19 ∘ C and a volume of 1.47×103L . If the temperature changes to 63 ∘ C , and there is no change of pressure or amount of gas, what is the new volume, V 2 , of the gas?

    asked by dakota
  100. art

    Which of the following painters was most closely associated with the Ashcan school?

    asked by jabali
  101. physics

    A student pushes a coin off the edge of a counter with some horizontal velocity. At the instant the coin goes over the edge, a second student drops a second coin from countertop level so it falls vertically to the floor. Which coin hits the floor first?

    asked by eddie
  102. Phyisics

    3. A small sphere whose mass is 8.00E-03 g. carries a charge of 7.00E-08 C. It hangs from a silk thread which makes an angle of 30 degrees with a large charged, nonconducting sheet. Calculate the surface charge density (in coulombs/meter^2) for the sheet.

    asked by Steven
  103. maths

    my number is larger than 350. but smaller than 425. it has double the number of hundreds in the tens place. its ones number is 2 less than its tens number.

    asked by Anonymous
  104. physics

    Suppose you want to negotiate a curve with a radius of 50 meters and a bank angle of 15. If the coefficient of friction between your tires and the pavement is 0.50, what is the maximum speed that you can safely use? (NB: friction acts down the slope).

    asked by Aiza
  105. chemistry

    consider mixing 3.5L of co2 and 1.8L of h2o at 35C and 740mm Hg. determine the mass of the unbalanced reaction. CO2 + H2O = C4H10 + O2

    asked by Kimmie
  106. algebra

    10w + 11 - 3w -8

    asked by tim
  107. U.S Government

    How was President Roosevelt’s proposal?

    asked by Ciaria
  108. physics

    Help: A 2 meter long, uniform bar with a mass of 46 kg is suspended from a pin so it can rotate freely. It is supported by a cable half a meter from the end. Find the tension force in the cable and the magnitude and direction of the reaction force at the

    asked by Tracey
  109. Chemistry

    Provide the balanced reaction, the value of K, and E(cell) at equilibrium for the for the electrochemical cell created from the two half-cell reactions below Cr^(3+) + e ==> Cr^(2+) Fe^(2+) + 2e ==> Fe Well, I got the balanced reaction: 2Cr^(2+) + Fe^(2+)

    asked by Nora
  110. chemistry

    A chemist heats a sample of copper(II) sulfate and finds that 63.9% of the mass is copper(II) sulfate and the other 36.1% by mass is the water. What is the formula of the hydrate?

    asked by Grayson
  111. math

    Use the following situation to answer the question. The number of letters (n) which can be typed on a sheet of paper varies inversely as the square of the size (s) of the letters used. What is the relationship connecting n and s?

    asked by love
  112. math

    the graph of y=f(x) is transformed into y=-f(1/3x+9)+8. a.Describe the transformations in correct sequence. b.Is there any other sequence of transformations that could produce the final graph? If so, describe all possible ones.

    asked by gal
  113. phy

    Calculate the change in internal energy of 2kg of water at 90 degree celcius when it is changed to $3.30m^{3}$ of steam at $100 ^{o}$C. The whole process occurs at atmospheric pressure. The latent heat of vaporization of water is $2.26\times10^{6}$ J/kg.

    asked by Emma
  114. Maths

    Sue,Martin and Lucy have £1180 in the bank shared between them in the ratio 16:23:20. Marvin takes out £100 and Lucy puts some money into the bank.Their total money is now in the ratio 8:9:12.How much more money Lucy put into the bank? Could somebody

    asked by Damian Donarski
  115. Science

    What is a good experiment that shows light traveling in straight line until it hits a new medium?

    asked by Hailee
  116. Algebra

    Find the fifth term of a geometric sequence whose fourth term is 32/27 and whose seventh term is 256/729.

    asked by Allyssa
  117. math

    25 % of a class of 40 students are girls. When some new girls joined the class, the percentage of girls increased to 40 %. How many new girls are joined the class

    asked by saurav
  118. Physics

    A projectile is launched from a compressed spring on an inclined plane. The spring constant of the spring is k= 10 N/m, the mass is 1kg and the plane is inclined 30 degrees to the horizontal. If the spring is compressed 15 cm what will be the velocity of

    asked by Carolyn
  119. Math

    Nat has 5 pieces of string. Each piece is 7/8 inch long. How many inches of string does Nat have?

    asked by Gabriel
  120. math

    in a spin circle are numbers 10, 2, 4,6, 2, 8, what is the probability of spinning a 2 at first spin.

    asked by Frederick udemba
  121. math

    kurt cut pizzas into wedges measuring 40 degrees if each person eats one slice of pizza how many could he feed with two whole pizzas

    asked by mya
  122. Math

    An agent receives a monthly salary of 1500 plus a 4% commission on every home sold what amount of monthly sales will he earn at least 5000

    asked by Anonymous
  123. maths

    my number is less than half of a thousand. it is made up of odd numbers only. its tens number is half way between the hundreds number and the ones number in size.

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Math

    Is 2, 3, 5, 8, 12 arithmetic, geometric, neither, or both?

    asked by Riccardo Arjona
  125. phy

    Which of the following is NOT true? evaporation occurs at any temperature of a liquid boiling takes place only at the surface of the liquid evaporation occurs only at the surface of a liquid boiling of a liquid takes place at a definite temperature and

    asked by Emma
  126. Economics

    1. (TCO 3) Which of the following is most likely to be an implicit cost for Company X? (Points : 1) Forgone rent from the building owned and used by Company X Rental payments on IBM equipment Payments for raw materials purchased from Company Y

    asked by Kaye
  127. Algebra

    A stunt man drops from the top of a 50 foot elevator shaft. His height above ground is determined by the equation h=-16(t)(t)+50. At the moment the stunt man begins to drop, an elevator goes up so that its height above ground is determined by the equation

    asked by Jacqueline
  128. english

    “It is fifty-one years since we first met, and we have been busy through every one of them, stirring up the world to recognize the rights of women,” Susan B. Anthony wrote her friend Elizabeth Cady Stanton in 1902. The letter, in honor of Stanton’s

    asked by jimm
  129. Ethics and Technology

    The divine command theory is an example of: A. relativism. B. objectivism. C. egoism. D. existentialism. is it A

    asked by Amy
  130. Physics

    Hi guys, I'm a little stuck on this question I'm doing at the moment. If anyone has spare time, I'd be extremely grateful! A lens with 50-cm focal length produces a real image the same size as the object. a)How far from the lens is the object? b)How far

    asked by Tommy
  131. math

    Berkley has 10 pieces of ribbon that are 2 yards each. She uses 8 pieces that are 3 feet long. How many feet of ribbon does Berkley have?

    asked by ski
  132. Math

    A garden is edged with landscaping tiles that are 9.2 cm wide. The length of the garden is 6.2 m and the width of the garden is 5.6 m. What is the perimeter of the garden inside the landscaping tiles, to the nearest tenth of a meter?

    asked by Troy
  133. Math

    The diagram: it is a large triangle labelled ACD(AC a line horizontal, then AD and CD joining at the tip going down-so the triangle is "upside down" with the base up) with a line drawn that connects point E, which intersects segment CD at the middle(a

    asked by Winnie
  134. chemistry

    A sample of ideal gas at room temperature occupies a volume of 32.0L at a pressure of 272torr . If the pressure changes to 1360torr , with no change in the temperature or moles of gas, what is the new volume, V 2 ?

    asked by dakota
  135. Math

    Find the future value of an ordinary annuity that calls for depositing $100 at the end of every 6 months for 15 years into an account that earns 7% interest compounded semiannually. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.)

    asked by Allyssa
  136. Health

    For adults, which ranges below reflect an accurate BMI category? A. If your BMI is less than 18.5, it falls within the obese category B. If your BMI is 18.5-24.9, it falls within the normal or healthy weight category C. If your BMI is 25-29.9, it falls

    asked by Dalton
  137. Math

    a cone and a hemisphere share the base that is a semicirclee with radius 3 and the cone is inscribed inside the hemisphere. find the volume of the region inside the hemisphere

    asked by nicole
  138. Chemistry

    A hot air balloon has a volume of 5.00x10^6 liters. Assuming a density of air of 1.293g/L at 25C and 1atm pressure, what temperature must the operator of the balloon achieve in order for the balloon to lift a 500.0kg payload? How do I set this up???????

    asked by Emily
  139. math

    Let f(x) = −3x + 5. For what value of x does function f have the given value? f(x) = −1

    asked by suzz
  140. History

    Hi ! Can someone give me some really really really good websites about the "Manhattan Project" (WWI/WWII).. you know.. I need ONE primary resource and ONE secondary resource. I know you guys are really good at giving good websites. I cannot use wiki, or

    asked by Lia
  141. chemistry

    Bacl2+h2so4 white coller way to ans

    asked by bharat chaudhari
  142. Math

    The concentration (in milligrams per liter) of an antibiotic in the blood is given by the geometric series A + Aekt + Ae2kt + + Ae(n − 1)kt where A is the number of milligrams in one dose of the antibiotic, n is the number of doses, t is the time between

    asked by Allyssa
  143. Quick English check

    (6) At first glance Bug Bowl events may seem rather ordinary, but a closer look reveals some surprises. (7) The races aren't relay or sack races; they are cockroach races. (8) Held at Pudue's Roach Hill Downs, these races are quite popular with visitors,

    asked by Anonymous
  144. science

    Are there any websites that explain Mendelian genetics and show how to solve such problems in an easy, concise manner at an AP Bio level? Thank you

    asked by Jason
  145. Health

    The National Weight Control Registry found in their research that those who had maintained a significant weight loss reported improvements in ________. A. Physical health and energy levels only B. Stress reduction and general health C. Physical health,

    asked by Dalton
  146. chem

    Using the same sample of gas (P 1 = 615torr , T 1 = 10 ∘ C ), we wish to change the pressure to 6150torr with no accompanying change in volume or amount of gas. What temperature T 2 , in Celsius, is needed to reach this pressure?

    asked by dakota
  147. Math

    Q. On Friday night 2,950 people attended the rodeo, and 3,159 people attended on Saturday night. If the staudim seats 4,000 people, how many empty seats were there for two nights? - A. So do I add 3,159 + 2,950 = 6,109 and subtract 6,109 - 4,000 = 1,891?

    asked by Zoella
  148. English

    The boy was asked to read the sentences on the page. He started to read the first sentence and then the next sentence...There was a pause...The teacher said " _______" 1. Go ahead. 2. Go on. 3. Keep on. 4. Keep on reading. (Can we use all the expressions

    asked by rfvv
  149. MATH

    I am trying to find the rule for a function table with input 2, output 30; input 3, output 48; input 4, output 66.

    asked by Lance
  150. english

    five paragraph eassy about the journey by mary oliver

    asked by bukola
  151. math

    How many different permutations can be created when anne, Becky,Carlo, dan and Esi line up to buy movie tickets, if Esi always stand behind becky?

    asked by akihito
  152. 4th grade math

    What is the fomula to figure out the reasoning to this question? "Kurt cut pizzas into wedges measuring 40 degrees. If each person eats one piece of pizza, how many people could he feed with two whole pizzas?

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Health

    What are eating disorders? A. An illness that causes little disturbance to a person’s everyday diet B. An illness that causes serious disturbances to a person’s everyday diet C. An illness that leads to starvation D. An illness that leads to binging I

    asked by Dalton
  154. Math

    The function h(t) = 2 + 50t -1.862t^2, where h(t) is the height in metres and t is the time in seconds, models the height of a golf ball above the planet Mercury's surface during its flight. A) What is the maximum height reached by the ball (i got 1165.8,

    asked by Missy
  155. Algebra

    A stunt man drops from the top of a 50 foot elevator shaft. His height above ground is determined by the equation h=-16(t)(t)+50. At the moment the stunt man begins to drop, an elevator goes up so that its height above ground is determined by the equation

    asked by Jacqueline
  156. Calculus AB: Area Between Curves

    Hello! I'm having trouble understanding how I'm supposed to work out this problem. Any help would be appreciated! Find the area of the region bounded by the curve y = f(x) = x3 – 4x + 1 and the tangent line to the curve y = f(x) at (–1,4).

    asked by Pax
  157. English

    I need help with my essay for the book things fall apart The prompt is: what happens when different cultures collide. I don't know how to actually do an essay I need an attention grabber, connector, thesis so basically a ACT also like a melcon I don't know

    asked by Brittany
  158. MATH

    How do I write one equations in slope-intercept form, and three other lines in slope-intercept form that are perpendicular to the first line ?? for ex. If I pick the equation y=2/3x+4 for the first equation. and for the second line , the slope -2/3x +4 ,

    asked by MAY
  159. Algebra help please

    Part A: Divide (16x^5y^4 + 6x^3y - 2x^2y - 24x^2y^4) by -2x^2y. Part B: How would your answer in Part A be affected if the x2 variable in the denominator was just an x? Part C: What is the degree and classification of the polynomial you got in Part A? Is

    asked by Andrea
  160. math

    Limx-0 sinx/tanxsecx+tanx.sinx

    asked by bharat chaudhari
  161. lewis

    20 minutes after being launched, a hot-air balloon has risen to an altitude of 300m. the pilot can still see the starting pt on the ground at a 25 degree angle of depression. how many meters is the balloon from the starting pt?

    asked by ki
  162. math

    a person's heart may beat at 75 beats per minute. how many beats would that translate into a day?

    asked by you
  163. Math

    The theater offers a yearly membership for which customers pay a fee of $50 after which they pay only $1 per movie Create an equation for the membership deal Use C for the cost in dollars and N for the number of movies rented

    asked by Anonymous
  164. Algebra 2 (DIVIDEPOLYNOMIALS)

    How do you divide this polynomial using long division? (6x^3-17x^2-104x-60) divide by (2x+5)

    asked by Emma
  165. Math

    Jane collected 53 dollar notes for the competition of which x are $2 notes and y is $10 notes. The total value of the dollar notes is $394. Form 2 equations in terms of x and y. Solve the equations and hence find the number of $2 notes

    asked by Miley
  166. journalism

    Which of the following is the lead? "On Wednesday, the Department of Justice released the utterly devastating results of its investigation of the Ferguson Police Department." "When people say “Black Lives Matter,” they’re not referring only to the

    asked by jimm
  167. physics

    A tourist being chased by an angry bear is running in a straight line toward his car at a speed of 5.04 m/s. The car is a distance d away. The bear is 17.5 m behind the tourist and running at 7.26 m/s. The tourist reaches the car safely. What is the

    asked by Kristyn
  168. chemistry

    What would be the mass in grams of one million (1.0*10^6) chromium atoms?

    asked by sakura
  169. Physics

    A solid sphere, a hoop, and a solid disk. all with equal masses and radii, roll at the same translational speed along a horizontal surface toward a ramp inclined at a 30 degree angle. Which of the three will make it furthest up the ramp before it stops and

    asked by Joe
  170. Philosophy

    Does Rene Descartes provide a persuasive reply to the challenge of skepticism?

    asked by TayB
  171. math

    what is set-up for three dollars less than half of $128. ?

    asked by jill
  172. Math

    (-3,5) (-2,-6) I do not understand equation of a line

    asked by selena
  173. Math

    A painter bought some paint for $500. He paid $x for each litre of paint. He accidentally spilt 5 liters of paint and sold the remainder of the psint for $2/litre more than he paid for it. If he made a profit of $40, find the amount he paid for each litre

    asked by Jon
  174. chem

    What Celsius temperature, T 2 , is required to change the volume of the gas sample in Part A (T 1 = 19 ∘ C , V 1 = 1.47×103L ) to a volume of 2.94×103L ? Assume no change in pressure or the amount of gas in the balloon.

    asked by dakota
  175. 3rd grade math

    what is the standard form of 213

    asked by Anonymous
  176. Science

    Explain the process of filtering blood

    asked by Daisy
  177. math

    Evaluate using L'Hopital Rule? lim as x approaches x from left (1-x)^(3/x)

    asked by john
  178. Chemistry I

    A bottle of vintage port wine has a volume of 750ml and contains 135ml ethanol. Ethanol has a density of 0.789g/ml. What is the molarity?

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Math

    If m ≥ n > 1, what is the largest possible value of log base m (m/n) + log base n (n/m)?

    asked by Toni
  180. Math

    Show that log base b [(x + (sqrt x^2-5))/5] is equal to -log base b (x-(sqrt x^2-5))

    asked by Leslie
  181. math

    Given the proportion 3x+2y/7=2x+3y/8, determine the value of xy^2-x^2y/x^3+y^3 This is what I got so far... 3x+2y/7=2x+3y/8=k 3x+2y=7k 2x+3y=8k And that's where I'm stuck at solving this math question.

    asked by Ivia
  182. maths

    The difference between 2 positive numbers, x and y where x > y, is 7 and the sum of their squares is 137. By forming 2 equations in x and y, find the product of these 2 numbers.

    asked by katelyn
  183. Algebra1414

    9.6 = [0.134]^2/[0.110][x]^3

    asked by jessicaCC
  184. business math

    This question is based on a standard modeling problem in business. The unit cost of a item (or drink or chemical) affects how much of the thing is sold. The revenue is the amount of money raised from sales. Hence, raising price should drop sales, but that

    asked by g
  185. Math

    Solve these system of equations. Then, write the final answer in (x,y) form. 1.) x-y=7 3x+2y=6 2.) 2x-4y=3 -3x+5y=1

    asked by Hope
  186. English

    A big difference in the South is that people drink a lot of sweet tea and drink a soda called Rcola which is not found in the Midwest. Another common food is found in South is fried green tomatoes. One food that is found in the South is grit it is a dish

    asked by m
  187. Quick english check

    15) I was stuck with so many needles that Shannon laughed and said, Now you understand what it feels like to be me!" What change should be made in sentence 15? A. Insert a colon after stuck B. Change that to then C. Delete the comma D. Insert the quotation

    asked by Anonymous
  188. chem

    If the volume of the original sample in Part A (P 1 = 272torr , V 1 = 32.0L ) changes to 76.0L , without a change in the temperature or moles of gas molecules, what is the new pressure, P 2 ?

    asked by dakota
  189. math

    How do you solve? what is the area if it is 32. times smaller that 3003.014cm?

    asked by Sammy
  190. Physics

    If the force of repulsion between two socks is .003 and they are 2 cm apart what is the charge on each sock

    asked by Anonymous
  191. math

    This is a continuous from my last question Let g be a function that is defined for all x, x ≠ 2, such that g(3) = 4 and the derivative of g is g′(x)=(x^2–16)/(x−2) with x ≠ 2. On what intervals is the graph of g concave down? Justify your answer.

    asked by Gary
  192. math

    Aisha invests twice the amount invested the previous month. If she invested $26.25 during the 1st month, how much did she invest during the 6th month?

    asked by jill
  193. math

    the perimeter of a paved area being built at a playground it's going to be 46 meters is the land and went are each a whole number of meters what should the length and width of the area be to cover the greatest possible area draw a picture and make an

    asked by Anonymous
  194. Mathematics

    Solve the equation (3x-1)(x-5)=-11

    asked by stef
  195. Quick english check

    (14) National news agencies are always on hand. (15) They take pictures and interview the people who participate in this stage event. 1. How should sentences 14 and 15 be combined? A. National news agencies are always on hand because they interview the

    asked by Anonymous
  196. chemistry

    how many grams of hydrogen are produced if 22.1g of sodium hydroxide is produced

    asked by ked
  197. Quick English check

    (21) Before they leave this festival, many visit the insect petting zoo. (22) Scientists believe some insects have been on Earth since prehistoric times. (23) Children line up for the opportunity to hold strange bugs of all kinds. (24) Most people agree

    asked by Anonymous
  198. math

    Solve for n: (n-2)!/(n-3)!=15 and (n-2)!/(n-1)=12

    asked by sakura
  199. physics

    You have an RC circuit and you measure the "zero" voltage to actually be 2.385 [Volts]. The peak voltage is measured to be 8.262 [Volts]. At what voltage value will you look for t4 = time stamp for 15/16 total charge?

    asked by B
  200. Quick English check

    (6) At first glance Bug Bowl events may seem rather ordinary, but a closer look reveals some surprises. (7) The races aren't relay or sack races; they are cockroach races. (8) Held at Pudue's Roach Hill Downs, these races are quite popular with visitors,

    asked by Anonymous
  201. math

    Mary invested $3,750 for 42 months at a simple interest rate of 3.85%. How much interest did she earn?

    asked by john
  202. Math

    Solve the simultaneous equation 1/p minus 1/q = 3/2 1/p plus 1/q = 4

    asked by Nicole
  203. Science

    When is allergy season? Is it during the Spring?

    asked by Anonymous
  204. math

    541,641,741.what is the next number.

    asked by nevaeh
  205. rate law chemistry

    hey so this is for rate law if the first step is the slow step. it is also an equilibrium. I just want to check if this is right. [Acetophenone]+[Ethoxide] k-1 [Intermediate]+[Ethanol] Just want to make sure this will be the rate law: k1/k-1

    asked by help me lol
  206. rate law chem

    can rate law concentrations on opposite sides of the equation cancel? Say you have ethanol on the right side of an equation and it comes up again in another equation but on the left, do they cancel?

    asked by help me lol
  207. physics

    A taxi hurries for 1 hour 3 minutes wit a constant speed of 118km/hr and then for another 1 hour 9 minutes with a constant speed of 40km/hr. What is its average speed for the total trip?

    asked by Kayla
  208. Science

    what is the distance above Earth's surface?

    asked by Judah
  209. Social studies

    1.why were American Indians asked to moved? 2. Did the u.s government have the right to ask American Indians to move? 3.what were the benefits of accepting gifts and moving to indian territory.?

    asked by Katy
  210. Math - 7th grade (repost)

    Can someone please help? I'm given a box and whisker plot that represents the cost, in dollars, of 12 CDs. How can I determine how many CD's cost between $14.60 (Q1 value) and $26 (Q3 value) and how many CD's cost less than $14.60?

    asked by Alexis
  211. Math

    Hi! I need help with this question. Thanks! Directions: Try to find the number of solutions for the following system of equations then determine if it is Dependent, Inconsistent or Consistent. -3x-2y=6 x=-2-2/3y

    asked by Kevin
  212. Math

    7 7/8 + 2 11/12

    asked by Zoe
  213. math

    what are the procedures on how to measure the length of an object with a ruler?

    asked by mariam
  214. algebra

    9.6 = [0.128]^2/[0.110][x]^3 solve for x

    asked by jessicaCC
  215. english

    five eassy paragraph about thejourney by mary oliver

    asked by bukola