Questions Asked on
March 17, 2015

  1. Physics

    A baseball player leads off the game and hits a long home run. The ball leaves the bat at an angle of 30.0o from the horizontal with a velocity of 40.0 m/s. How far will it travel in the air? Working out please

    asked by Charles
  2. English-please help

    "President Lincoln's Declaration of Emancipation, January 1, 1863 bu Frances E. W. Harper It shall flash through coming ages, It shall light the distant years; And eyes now dim with sorrow Shall be brighter through their tears IT shall flush the mountain

    asked by BUBBLES
  3. Social Studies

    What characteristics of the area made the Indus Valley a cultural hearth? a.Its nearness to the Himalayas protected it from northern invaders b.Its river and rich soil made it an agricultural and trading center** c.Its port cities made it attractive to

    asked by Pandaboo143
  4. Math Help Me Please

    4 Determine which ordered pair is not a solution of y= -5x – 4 A (10, -52) B (7, -39) C (-7, 31) D (8, -44) I don't know how to solve it?

    asked by SmartyPants
  5. Math!! Help ASAP

    6. Which is the best measure of central tendency for the type of data below- the mean, the median, or the mode? Explain. Hours of sleep at night A. Median; there will be outliers B. Range; there are no outliers C. Mode; the data are non-numeric D. Mean;

    asked by Anonymous
  6. math <3

    7. the back-to-back stem-and-leaf plot below shows the ages of patients seen by two doctors in a family clinic one day. what is the difference between the age of the oldest patient seen by doctor 1 and the age of the oldest patient seen by doctor 2. AGE OF

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Science

    Which is most likely to be part of an ionic bond? A. An atom with no valence electrons B. An atom with one valence electron C. An atom with two valence electrons D. An atom with three valence electrons I think it is B.

    asked by M
  8. Chemistry

    an unknown salt is either NaCN,NaC2H3O2, NaF, NaCl, or NaOCl. when 0.100 molar of the salt is dissolved in 1.00 L of solution, the ph of the solution is 8.07. what is the identity of the salt? where do I start? How do I solve it, cuz im not gettign right

    asked by DF
  9. French, foreign language

    Hi, I need help with answering some questions for French Here's my work on them tell me what you came up with for each question that is incorrect: 1.C'est un plat typiquement français. On les prépare avec du beurre et de l'ail. Ce sont un escargot

    asked by Alex
  10. I need help with this ALGEBRA

    The velocity of sound in air is given by the equation  , where v is the velocity in meters per second and t is the temperature in degrees Celsius. Find the temperature when the velocity is 329 meters per second by graphing the equation. Round the answer

    asked by Ciaria
  11. chemistry

    2.241 g sample of nickel combines with oxygen to produce 2.852 g of metal oxide. Calculate the number of grams of xygen in the metal oxide.

    asked by Julie

    If the local linear approximation of f(x) = 3sin x + e3x at x = 2 is used to find the approximation for f(1.9), then the % error of this approximation is

    asked by KRISTAL

    3. The Step-And-Leaf Plot below could NOT represent which of the following? 1 | 1 2 2 7 7 2 | 1 4 4 7 3 | 3 5 6 8 9 Ket: 3 | 5 means 3.5 A. The average number inches rain in june B. The height of plant seedlings, in inches C. The weight of phonebooks, in

    asked by Anonymous
  14. math

    Find the point P on the curve y2 = 4ax which is nearest to the point (11a, 0).

    asked by kartik
  15. Math

    Theo made the table below to show the number of middle school students who attended the last football game. If the data were displayed in a circle graph, how many degrees would be in the sector representing the eigth graders? Grade 6 Number of students in

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Life orientation

    To what extent can intrapersonal conflict affect choice of a career

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    A bag contains 22 1\2 cups of flour. A recipe for pancakes uses 1 1/4 cups of flour. How many batches of pancakes can be made with one bag of flour?

    asked by Jenny
  18. probability

    FUNCTIONS OF A STANDARD NORMAL The random variable X has a standard normal distribution. Find the PDF of the random variable Y, where: 1. Y=3X-1 , Y = 3X - 1 answer: fY(y)=1/3*fX*(y+1/3) f_ Y(y)=1/3*f_ X*(y+1/3) 2. Y=3X^2-1. For y>=-1, Y = 3X^2 - 1. For y

    asked by RVE
  19. Language Arts

    The word ensemble is an English word borrowed from French, based on the French word meaning "together." In which of the following sentences is the word used incorrectly? A. The string quartet is a popular ensemble, and it always plays at graduation. B.

    asked by M
  20. Algebra

    The volume in cubic feet of a box can be expressed as (x)=x^3-6x^2=8x , or as the product of three linear factors with integer coefficients. The width of the box is x-2. Factor the polynomial to find linear expressions for the height and the length.

    asked by Ciaria
  21. physics

    If the speed of sound in air is 340 m/s, what is. approximately the length of a shortest air column closed at one end that will respond to a tuning fork of frequency 134 Hz? Answer in units of cm.

    asked by d
  22. Algebra Help please

    In an experiment, a petri dish with a colony of bacteria is exposed to cold temperatures and then warmed again. Find a quadratic model for the data in the table. Type your answer below. show your work. time hours , 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 Population (1000s) 5.

    asked by Ciaria
  23. math

    Draw a picture that represents 3x50=150?

    asked by Jin
  24. Math

    The circle graph shows data on the suitability of land for farming. Which three categories together account for exactly half of the land? The percetage for Too Shallow is 13% The percentage for Chemical Problems is 25% The percentage for Too Dry is 30% The

    asked by Anonymous
  25. chemistry

    Which step during the dissolving process releases energy? A. Separating solute particles from one another B. Adding solute into the solvent C. Separating solvent particles from one another D. Mixing the particles of solute with particles of solvent

    asked by Cortney
  26. math

    Nolan practices the piano for 1 2/5 hours every Saturday and Sunday. How long does he practice each weekend? Express your answer in hours and minutes.

    asked by andy
  27. precal

    identify all solutions in the interval [0,2pi]: cos (2x) csc^2x=2cos(2x) I have no clue how to solve.

    asked by DF
  28. ss

    In what ways can it be argued that the European union caused ww1 and ww2

    asked by stephen
  29. Chemistry

    Enthalpy Change Given the following reactions: S(s) + O2(g) → SO2(g) ΔH = -297 kJ/mol SO2(g) + ½ O2(g) → SO3(g) ΔH = -141 kJ/mol Calculate the ΔH for the reaction: S(s) + 3/2O2(g) → SO3(g)

    asked by chem_01
  30. Chemistry

    Olive oil has a higher viscosity than benzene. Which statement best explains the reason for the difference in viscosity between these two liquids? A. Molecules of olive oil take up a smaller volume than molecules of benzene. B. Fewer intermolecular forces

    asked by Cortney
  31. Algebra

    For the given quadratic equation convert into vertex form, find the vertex, and find the value for x = 6. Show your work. y = -2x2 + 2x +2 -(1/2)y=x^2-x-1 (-1/2)y+1=x^2-x (-1/2)y+1=(x-1/2)^2-14 (-1/2)y=(x-1/2)^2-5/4 y=-2(x-1/2)^2+5/2 Is this right ?

    asked by Ciaria
  32. Math

    Plane A leaves the airport. One hour later, Plane B leaves the same airport on the same course. It catches up to Plane A in 2.5 hours. The average speed of Plane B is 300km/h faster than Plane A. Find the speed of each plane.

    asked by Jessica
  33. Math

    Grade 7 students were surveyed to determine how many hours per day they spent on various activities. The results are shown in the circle graph below. About how many hours per day altogether were spent on watching TV and homework? The percentage for

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Math

    An object is launched at 9.8 meters per second from a 73.5-meter tall platform. The object's height s (in meters) after t seconds is given by the equation s(t)= -4.9t(-4.9t) - 9.8t = 73.5. When does the object strike the ground? I literally have no idea

    asked by dan
  35. Chemistry

    Liquid methyl alcohol, which has polar molecules, will dissolve: A. only solutes that are other polar liquids. B. only solutes that are other liquids. C. nonpolar solutes. D. polar solutes. Is the answer d.

    asked by Cortney
  36. math

    Q1.Two dozen eggs and a loaf of bread cost K4.82.Half a dozen eggs and two loaves of bread cost K2.29.Find the cost of a loaf of bread.

    asked by Athansia
  37. Chemistry

    I just want to make sure that D is the correct answer. Each halogen is a diatomic element. However, under normal conditions chlorine is a gas, bromine is a liquid, and iodine is a solid. What is the best explanation for this difference? A. The strength of

    asked by Cortney
  38. chemistry

    To dissolve an ionic solid in water, you must first disrupt the ionic bonds that are holding the ionic lattice together. This is an endothermic process, yet many ionic solids have an exothermic heat of solution. (Heat is released when the ionic solid is

    asked by Cortney
  39. Art

    What is the main subject of Persian landscape art, and what does it communicate about the Persian culture and worldview? A. Rivers; they represent life and are central to Persian mythology. B. People; Persians enjoy group gatherings and value

    asked by Anonymous
  40. statistic

    Two samples each of size 25 are taken from independent populations assumed to be normally distributed with equal variances. The first sample has a mean of 35.5 and standard deviation of 3.0 while the second sample has a mean of 33.0 and standard deviation

    asked by joanne
  41. physics

    An automobile having a mass of 1330 kg is driven into a brick wall in a safety test. The bumper behaves like a spring of constant 4.12 × 106 N/m and compresses 4.99 cm as the car is brought to rest. What was the speed of the car before impact, assuming no

    asked by d
  42. maths

    express 40% of right angle into radian measure. express two third of straight angle into radian. express sum of angles of a quadrilateral intoradian.

    asked by samantha
  43. physics

    A girl on top of a building drops a baseball from the same moment a boy below throws a golfball upwards towards her with a speed of 20m/s.the golfball is thrown from a point 18m below where the baseball is far will the baseball have

    asked by olawale
  44. Math Quick Help Please

    Which of the following types of information is not suited for display on a double bar graph? populations of boys and girls at three different schools number of records versus compact discs sold each week during a one ­month period at The Music Den the

    asked by SmartyPants
  45. physics

    Two vectors of magnitudes 10 units and 15 units are acting at a point. The magnitude of their resultant is 20 units. Find the angle between them.

    asked by yacer
  46. Calculus

    Find the area of the shaded region below. x=(y^2)-2 x=e^y y=1 y=-1 I was doing a horizontal split so I had the integral from -1 to 1 (y^2-2)-e^y dy and had the answer -5.683... and it's wrong. What am I doing wrong?

    asked by Angela
  47. physics

    M1 and M2 are two masses connected as shown. The pulley is light (massless) and frictionless. Find the mass M1, given that M2 (7.0 kg) accelerates downwards at 3.39 m/s2, θ is 30o, and μk is 0.45.

    asked by lauren
  48. Chemistry

    What are the concentrations of Cu^2+, NH3, and Cu(NO3)4^2+ at equilibrium when 18.8 g of Cu(NO3)2 is added to 1.0 L of a .400 M solution of aqueous ammonia? Assume that the reaction goes to completion and forms Cu(NH3)4^2+.

    asked by Jamila
  49. math

    How many square yards of carpeting are needed to cover the floor of a rectangular room that is 21 ft. long and 12 ft. wide?

    asked by bob
  50. Algebra help please

    Simplify:  4sqrt400/4sqrt80 Show your work. 4sqrt400/4sqrt5 = 4sqrt80 4sqrt80=4sqrt16 * 4sqrt5= 2*4sqrt5= 2^4sqrt5 Is this right ?

    asked by Ciaria
  51. Science

    Which of the following is a pure substance? A. Chocolate milk B. Orange Juice C. Seawater D. hydrogen peroxide (h202) is the answer C.

    asked by U.D.
  52. Integral Calculus

    Find Mx, My, and (x, y) for the lamina of uniform density ρ bounded by y=1/2x ,y>0 x=2

    asked by pao09
  53. Language Arts

    what does a reader look for in the second reading of a drama in the multi-draft reading process? A: Relationships about theme B: Key ideas and details about characters and settings C: stage direction and dialogue that advances action. D: similarities with

    asked by M
  54. physics

    A planet has a mass of 6.08 × 1023 kg and a radius of 2.62 × 106 m. (a) What is the acceleration due to gravity on this planet? (b) How much would a 63.6-kg person weigh on this planet?

    asked by Anonymous
  55. chemistry

    Thermochemistry: 1. Calculate the amount of heat required to decompose 3.5 moles of sodium bicarbonate. 2NaHCO3 + 129 kJ  Na2CO3 + H2O + CO2 In this question, the heat of the reaction is part of the question instead of being written beside it- (What's

    asked by Bethany
  56. Science

    A scientist is trying to determine the identity of an element. It is highly reactive in water and forms an ionic bond with chlorine. It is also very shiny. The element is most likely A)from group 17 B)from group 1 C)from group 15 D)a noble gas Mrs. Sue Is

    asked by M
  57. math

    An 18 ounce box of cereal sells for $2.88. What is the unit cost of the cereal?

    asked by tank
  58. chemistry

    I believe the answer is c I just wanted to make sure. What can help overcome a positive enthalpy of solution and allow a solid solute to dissolve in water? A. A decrease in entropy B. A large amount of energy released C. An increase in entropy D. A large

    asked by Cortney
  59. math

    For questions 4–5, use the following two ways to display the test scores received on Mr. Alexander's math test. Use these displays to solve each problem. Stem | Leaf 6 | 8 9 7 | 0 3 5 8 9 8 | 1 2 2 5 7 8 8 9 9 | 0 2 3 Pie Chart: 80-89= 44.4% 90-99=16.6%

    asked by Kel
  60. Math

    Explain how you could write 35% as the sum of two benchmark prevents or as a multiple of a percent.

    asked by Nathan
  61. statistics

    (10 pts) Using diaries for many weeks, a study on the lifestyles of visually impaired students was conducted. The students kept track of many lifestyle variables including how many hours of sleep obtained on a typical day. Researchers found that visually

    asked by lisa
  62. math

    In a class, 3/4 of the pupils wore spectacles.1/3 of the pupils who did not wear spectacles were boys.What fraction of all the pupils were boys who did not wear spectacles?

    asked by shyen
  63. math

    a sphere of radius 3m is circumscribed about a regular triangular prism. if the base edge of the prism is 2m, find the volume of the prism

    asked by ameen
  64. math

    A woman spent 2/5 of her money. She lost 2/3 of the remaining and then she had $8 left. With how much money did she start?

    asked by kyerim
  65. physics

    A bock of mass 3kg starts from rest and slides down a surface , which corresponds to a quarter of a circle of 1.6m radius. a) if the curved surface is smooth , calculate the speed of the of the block at the bottom.

    asked by gourav
  66. Math

    The “Limited Plan” offers a 15% discount for power usage between 7pm – 9am if most of your usage happens during that time. If not, then you lose your discount and you pay a 20% premium on the usage outside of that time. The cost per kilowatt hour is

    asked by Anonymous
  67. accounting

    A machine costing $85,000 with a 5-year life and $5,000 residual value was purchased January 2, 2011. Computed depreciation for the first year, using the double declining-balance(DDB) method would be what?

    asked by Edwood
  68. Math

    A rectangular park has an area of 2_3 square mile. The length of the park is 22_3 the width of the park. What is the width of the park? this is the example of how they want them solving it The width of the room is 5/6 the length of the room. What are the

    asked by Mel
  69. math

    A bus left the bus station with 90% of the seats full. After six stops, a total of 26 passengers got of the bus and 4 passengers boarded the bus. Now, 35% of the seats are full, How many seats are there on the bus ? 35%*2= 70%= 2*22=44 seats.

    asked by Claire
  70. algebra

    Look at this diagram. Assume that each square is 1 m × 1 m and that up is positive, left is negative, and north is at the top. Describe Bill’s location as seen by Sue, the reference point, using x and y coordinates. x = –2 m, y = 1 m x = –1 m, y = 2

    asked by keegam
  71. physics

    A 4 kg projectile has 1400 J of kinetic energy when it leaves the ground. If it has 120 J of kinetic energy at its highest point, how high did it travel?

    asked by mark
  72. Algebra

    If a function, f(x) is shifted to the left four units, what will the transformed function look like?

    asked by Ciaria
  73. algebra

    Which of the following equation describes the quadratic parent function after it has been shifted two units down? A. y=x^2-2 B. y=-x^2-2 C. y=x^2+2 D. y=-x^2+2

    asked by Clarissa
  74. LA

    Why did Robert Frost write the Road Not Taken? Why did Walt Whitman write O Captain! My Captain!?

    asked by Sarah
  75. math

    Shelby walks at a constant rate. the equation that represents this relationship is d=4t, where d is the distance in miles and t is the time in hours. What does the constant 4 tell you about shelby? Make use of structure. What question is answered by the

    asked by april
  76. C. MATH

    I have tried and tried to get the answer but am still confused; please help, thank you... The “Limited Plan” offers a 15% discount for power usage between 7pm – 9am if most of your usage happens during that time. If not, then you lose your discount

    asked by Anonymous
  77. English

    1. It is fifteen past three. 2. It is fifteen after three. 3. It is a quarter after three. 4. It is three quarters after/past two. (Are they all the same and grammatical?) 5.It is ten before three. 6. It is ten minutes before three. 7. It is ten minutes

    asked by rfvv
  78. Education

    What is the most appropriate reason for having learning centers in the science classroom?

    asked by Alicia
  79. math

    The area of a square plot of land is 1156m2. The plot is to be fenced with three strands of wire. What is the length of the wire that is needed? Area = S2 √1156 = S S=34 P = 4s = 136 = 136(3) = 408

    asked by kudu
  80. math

    Eric and Frank want to equally share 4/3 feet of rope. What length of rope should each friend get? Explain how to use a drawing to help solve the problem.

    asked by Mel
  81. chemistry

    Ammonia is often produced by reacting nitrogen gas with hydrogen gas. How many liters of ammonia gas can be formed from 12.9 L of hydrogen gas at 93.0°C and a pressure of 43.5 kPa? (Assume an excess amount of nitrogen gas.) I have absolutely no idea how

    asked by kendall
  82. Maths

    Paul travels from Rye to Easton at an average speed of 90km/h. He travels for T hours. Mary makes the same journey at an average speed of 70km/h. She travels for 1 hour longer than paul. Work out the value of T.

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Physics

    Hi! I need some help with some physics questions. 1. When two point charges are moved farther apart, what is true about their resulting electric and gravitational forces? a. both forces stay the same b. gravitational force stays the same but electric force

    asked by N.
  84. chemistry

    C6H12O6(s) + 9 O2(g) --------- 6 CO2(g) + 6 H2O(g) What volume of oxygen gas measured at 27oC and 0.987 atm is needed to react with 8 g of C6H12O6? (C-12.01, H-1.008, O-16.00).

    asked by James J
  85. Algebra

    f(x) = x2 + 2x - 9 find minimum or maximum value then find coordinates of the maximum or minimum value

    asked by Jodi
  86. math

    Ridwan work in a factory packing computers. He packed 1/3 of all the computers in the morning. 1/2 of the computers he packed were shipped out immediately after packing. What fraction of all computers in the factory was shipped out after packing?

    asked by shyen
  87. physics

    A dockworker loading crates on a ship finds that a 17-kg crate, initially at rest on a horizontal surface, requires a 70-N horizontal force to set it in motion. However, after the crate is in motion, a horizontal force of 53 N is required to keep it moving

    asked by Anonymous
  88. math

    Kool Klothes has determined that the revenue function for selling x thousand pairs of shorts is R(x) =-5x^2 + 21x. The cost function C(x) = 2x + 10 is the cost of producing the shorts. How many pairs of shorts must the company sell in order to break even

    asked by Rose
  89. life sciences

    In the moss the sporophyte is sometimes referred as a smi-parasite , explain why

    asked by nthabiseng
  90. Physical Science

    3. What is the cracking and reforming? For what purposes are either or both used by the petroleum industry?

    asked by Anonymous
  91. I need help with these please ALGEBRA

    1. Consider the leading term of the polynomial function. What is the end behavior of the graph? Describe the end behavior and provide the leading term. -3x5 + 9x4 + 5x3 + 3 2. Evaluate : sqrt7x(sqrtx-7sqrt7) show your work. 3. Solve the equation. Check for

    asked by Ciaria
  92. Math

    How do you write 4/9 as a decimal? Thanks for the help.

    asked by Missy
  93. physics

    The distance between two consecutive nodes of a standing wave is 22 cm. The hand generating the pulses moves up and down through a complete cycle 3.89 times every 4.68 s. Find the velocity of the wave. Answer in units of m/s

    asked by d
  94. Algebra II

    Is this correct? Solve: 2lnx-2=0 2lnx=2 Lnex=1 E^1=x

    asked by Sora
  95. Math

    a basketball tournament starts with 64 teams. after one loss the team is out. how many games does the team that wins the tournament have to play? 64/2=32 32/2=16 16/2=8 8/2=4 4/2=2 2/2=1 The answer is 6 games. How would I write the number sentence?

    asked by Heidi
  96. Calculus

    The ride has 100 metres of fencing to make a rectangular enclosure as shown. link for the image imageshack com /a/img909/2881/WTnncK.jpg It will use existing walls for two sides of the enclosure, and leave an opening of 2 metres for a gate. a Show that the

    asked by Pre Calculus
  97. Health

    The U.S. government categorizes body weight status as ________. A. Underweight, healthy weight, overweight, obese B. Healthy, unhealthy C. Underweight, healthy, overweight D. Thin, healthy, heavy, obese

    asked by Dalton
  98. Vectors

    The shortest distance between a point and a line occurs at: a) infinitely many points b) one unique point c) random points d) a finite number of points

    asked by Sara
  99. Physics

    An ice skater with an initial moment of inertia of 1.44 kg*m^2 is spinning at a rate of 3 revolutions per second. As she extends her arm outward her moment of inertia increases to 2.52 kg*m^2. What is her new angular velocity (in rad/s)?

    asked by Sarah
  100. Calculus

    Snacks will be provided in a box with a lid (made by removing squares from each corner of a rectangular piece of card and then folding up the sides) link to image imageshack com /a/img661/6094/fZUQXg.jpg You have a piece of cardboard that is 40cm by 40 cm

    asked by Pre Calculus
  101. math

    Find the unit vector perpendicular to the plane ABC where the position vectors of A, B and C are 2 ^i – ^j + ^ k , ^i + ^j + 2 ^ k and 2 ^i + 3 ^ k respectively.

    asked by kartik
  102. Art

    The painting: Coast near Villers by Constant Troyaon its the first picture in google search What does this painting by Constant Troyaon suggest about his culture's relationship with nature? A. Humans lived in fear of nature. B. Humans lived in harmony with

    asked by Anonymous
  103. chemistry

    When a mixture of two black powders is heated, it gave off a gas which turned lime water milky Give a chemical equation to show the reaction between gas and lime water Red scales residue can be seen on the black residue. Name the red scales The red scale

    asked by saurav
  104. Chemistry

    A certain reaction has an activation energy 52.93 kJ/mol. At what kelvin temperature will the reaction proceed 8.00 times faster than it did at 315K? Ea = 52.93 kJ/mol = 52930J R (gas constant) = 8.314 T1 = 315K k1 = rate constant at T1 T2 = ? k2 = rate

    asked by Jessica
  105. math

    The low temperature in one city was -4 degrees F. The low temperature in another city was 8 degrees F. Write an inequality to compare the temperature. HELP!

    asked by angel
  106. Vectors

    determine the number of solutions, the generalized parametric solution, and explain why there are no integer solutions for the equation 2x+10y=31

    asked by Sara
  107. math

    Christina Dwyer is searching for a new job. She lives in Shreveport, Louisiana, and has interviews in Barrow, Alaska; Tucson, Arizona; and Rochester, New York. The cost of one-way flights between these four cities is as follows: Shreveport to Barrow costs

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Math

    How can you tell which fractions represent a number that is less than 1% without doing any computation? 0.02/5, 0.2/5, 2/5, 2/50, 2/500

    asked by Kaashif
  109. Pre-Calculus

    Determine a quadratic function with this set of characteristics. x-intercepts of 2 and 7 and maximum value of 25 ( How would I find the x-coordinate for the vertex?) (Thank you!)

    asked by Lucina
  110. Math

    Q. On Friday night 2,950 people attended the rodeo, and 3,159 people attended Saturday night, if the stadium seats 4,000 people, how many seats were there for the two nights? - A. So do I subtract 3,159 - 4,000 = 951 & add 951 + 3,159 ?

    asked by Zoella
  111. Physics

    How fast (in rpm) must a centrifuge rotate if a particle 8.55 cm from the axis of rotation is to experience an acceleration of 1000 g's? (use 9.8 m/s^2) You may assume constant angular velocity.

    asked by Sarah
  112. Vectors

    To answer this I would just sub in the x and y values right? I got a) as my answer since it equals 0. Which of the following would describe the sketch of the expression xy+2y-3x-6=0 a) the planes x=-2 and y=3 b) the planes x=3 and y=-2 c) the planes x=6

    asked by Sara
  113. chemistry

    2 NH3 (g) ----> N2 9g) + 3 H2 (g) at equilibrium, [NH3] = 0.0227 M, [N2] = 0.119 M, and [H2] = 0.346 M. Calculate Kc for the reaaction at this temperature

    asked by Sam
  114. math - slope-intercept

    How do I write one equations in slope-intercept form, and three other lines in slope-intercept form that are perpendicular to the first line ?? for ex. If I pick the equation y=2/3x+4 for the first equation. and for the second line , the slope -2/3x +4 ,

    asked by may
  115. chemistry

    A mixture of gases contains 0.235 mol CO2, 0.124 mol CO, and 0.326 mol O2. If the total pressure of the mixture is 4.62 atm, what is the partial pressure of each gas?

    asked by James J
  116. History

    How did the French influence the Vietnamese government?

    asked by Blair
  117. math

    David and John shared some money in the ratio 5:2 John received $30 less than David. How much money did John get?

    asked by kudu
  118. Calculus

    1.) Consider the graphs x+5y=17 and x+7=y^2 where a=7 b=2 c=57 f(x) = ? g(x) = ? I have solved for a,b, and c but I can't figure out f(x) and g(x) For f(x) I thought it was (17-x)/5 but it's not the correct answer. For g(x) I thought it was the sqrt(x+7)

    asked by Annie
  119. Health

    ________ physical activity and ________ time spent in sedentary behaviors. A. Increase; increase B. Reduce; increase C. Increase; reduce D. Reduce; reduce I got C.

    asked by Dalton
  120. Math

    The cash in the school canteen contains x quarters and (30-x) dimes. If the total value of the coins is $5.85, how many of each kind of coins are there?

    asked by Troy
  121. math

    a rectangle with a length of 60mm and a perimeter of 200mm

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Algebra 2

    Can you write a binomial in standard form with a degree of 0? Can you write a binomial with a degree of 3?

    asked by Mackenzie
  123. psy 101

    When a goal states quantifiable indicator of its achievement such as a target date, it is?

    asked by Sherri
  124. athm

    He preforms the simulation 15 times and his results are recorded in the table. What is the probability that Joel scores in 4 of the 5 games?

    asked by jazmyn
  125. Chemistry

    The starting material in this synthesis experiment Fe(NH4)2(SO4)2*6H2O. What is the ionic charge of the atom? Show your calculations

    asked by Tyler
  126. sociology

    Talcott Parsons has suggested that with increasing institutional role specialization in modern societies, the family has taken on fewer functions” Based on your experience, apply this functionalist perspective to evaluate the main functions of a

    asked by Susan
  127. Algebra

    HI can you please help this is the only question I cant figure out :) Graph the linear function y = 1/3x - 4 1/3 is one third :)

    asked by Jeff
  128. Physics

    A 5.6 kg ball (I=2/3mr^2) starts on a hill 11.3 m above level surface of the ground. The ball then rolls (without slipping) down the hill. What is the linear speed of the ball when it reaches the bottom of the hill?

    asked by Sarah
  129. statistics

    Does a correlation ever prove causation? (For any subject/field?)

    asked by Anonymous
  130. physics

    Water waves in a lake travel 5.23 m in 1.52 s. The period of oscillation is 0.84 s. What is the speed of the water waves? Answer in units of m/s. what is the wavelength?

    asked by josh
  131. Math

    A box of greeting cards contains 7 graduation cards, 4 thank you, 3 blank cards. What is the ratio of blank cards to thank you cards?

    asked by Amy
  132. Economics

    Is a country with a trade surplus better off or worse off than a country with a trade deficit? Provide your rationale.

    asked by Jennie
  133. Calculus

    Compute dy/dx using the chain rule. y = (u/4) + (4/u) u = (x - x^7) dy/dx =

    asked by Henry
  134. Acrostic Poem Science!!

    Sodium!! S- O- D- I- U- M-

    asked by Valerie
  135. Quote Analyzation

    "I backed away from him until I was atop the forecastle deck. The line of the crew had split, some to either side. 'Help me!' I appealed to them again. But though they were deaf to Captain Jaggery, they were equally deaf to me. The captain, in careful

    asked by Nicole
  136. Statistics

    What do SEM (standard error of the mean) error bars tell you? How would you describe them in a figure caption for a graph? I know what regular error bars are, but I can't find any information on SEM error bars!

    asked by Jamie
  137. Chemistry

    Write equations for the separation of Fe2O3 from Bauxite ore, along with a short description of the process. I have no idea where to start for this question, any help would be appreciated!

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Chemistry

    Write an equation to represent the oxidation of I- to I2 in acidic solution, with ozone as the oxidizing agent. I know ozone will be reduced to H2O, but I am not sure how to figure out the acidic solution. Thank you!

    asked by Anonymous
  139. math

    An open cylindrical tank has an internal diameter of 5.6 cm and an internal height of 4 cm. The inside of the tank was painted. What area of the tank in square centimeter, was painted?

    asked by kudu
  140. Math

    Directions: Solve the following system of inequalities. 1.) 3x + 2y < 6 x > 0 y > 0 2.) 2x^2 + y ≥ 2 x ≤ 2 y ≤ 1

    asked by Gloria
  141. Math - 7th grade

    I'm given a box and whisker plot that represents the cost, in dollars, of 12 CDs. How can I determine how many CD's cost between $14.60 (Q1 value) and $26 (Q3 value) and how many CD's cost less than $14.60?

    asked by Alexis
  142. Math

    a simple Model (model 1)of distance,d meters,fallen in time t seconds by free-fall skydiver is d(t)=4.9t^2 a. sketch the model b. a different model (model 2) for the distance travelled by a skydiver is d(t)=4.9t^2-0.1t^2.sketch a graph of this function

    asked by sana
  143. Chemistry

    How many grams of aspirin are present in 0.50 mole of aspirin?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. poetry

    five paragraph eassy about the journey by mary oliver

    asked by bukola
  145. Economics

    Why would a country such as the United States, which can presumably produce everything it needs itself, choose to trade with other nations?

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Health

    In striving to meet the 2010 Dietary Guidelines for Americans, one should consume fewer foods with ________. A. Added sugars B. Trans fats C. Sodium D. All of the above i got B?

    asked by Dalton
  147. physics

    A cat moving in a desert walks 15m due north, then 6m due east then south calculate the resultant of the cat.

    asked by proflabo
  148. mensuration

    the area of square is 4 times the area of rectangle .the length of the rectangle is 25cm and its breadth is cm less than one fifth of its length.what is the perimeter of square.

    asked by niraj
  149. math

    A tank contained 22.5m^3 of water. More water was poured into the tank at the rate of 1.45m^3 per minutes. The tank was full at the end of 30 minutes. What is the capacity of the tank in tank? =22.5 + 1.45(30) =22.5 +43.5 = 66 = 66 * 1000 = 66000 liters

    asked by kudu
  150. Project management

    can you please show an example of advertisement for project manager over construction of a dam.

    asked by anedria
  151. math

    Kibet left school by bicycle at 8:00 a.m. and took 1 ½ hours to reach the market 20 km away. Akinyi left the school for the market by car at 8:30 a.m. The average speed of the car was 80 km /h. What was the difference between their arrival times?

    asked by kudu
  152. math

    Today 4% of employees vat Super Toys were absent,how many employees are there in all?

    asked by tank
  153. statistics

    There is a multiple choice exam with 24 questions, and five options each. If i guess every question, what is the probability that i will get exactly 15 correct.

    asked by ben
  154. Physics

    A M2= 6.40 kg mass is released from rest at height h = 6.60 m . Using the law of conservation of energy, determine the speed of the M1= 2.70 kg mass just as the M2= 6.40 kg mass hits the ground.

    asked by James
  155. Chemistry

    how many grams of potassium hydroxide would need to be added to 400 mL of 0.150M HNO3 to raise its pH to 2.5

    asked by Ruth
  156. Help !

    Consider the leading term of the polynomial function. What is the end behavior of the graph? Describe the end behavior and provide the leading term. -3x5 + 9x4 + 5x3 + 3

    asked by Ciaria
  157. critical thinking

    Which of the following is an example of an indefinite pronoun? A. This B. You C. Which D. Each my answer is a.

    asked by Eva
  158. math

    Q1.Two dozen eggs and a loaf of bread cost K4.82.Half a dozen eggs and two loaves of bread cost K2.29.What is the cost of a loaf of bread?

    asked by Athansia
  159. Business

    I need to create a business idea using the blue ocean strategy but I cannot think of anything that would work. Can anyone recommend some ideas?

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Health

    Examples of foods with empty calories include: A. Lima Beans B. Broccoli C. Sweetened applesauce D. Watermelon I say D. or B.?

    asked by Dalton
  161. Vectors

    What is the distance between the parallel lines having equations 2x+2y=16 and x+y=0 a) 16 b) 4 root 2 c) 2 d) 8 I got the answer 2. I solved for y in the 2x+2y=16 equation and got 8. that gave me point (0,8) I used the d= (ax+by+c)/root (a^2+b^2) using the

    asked by Sara
  162. math


    asked by Marybeth
  163. grammar

    Even in Hollywood, there was a “blacklist” of entertainment figures that should not be hired because they were suspect for their role in support in communism. I believe this sentence is confusing with the use of should. Do you agree? If so, what word

    asked by Morgan
  164. Psychology

    Within each Gene element of DNA are arranged in a particular proteins, this code effect every aspect of the body from structure to chemical and keeps it running process describes what?

    asked by shay
  165. Physics

    A block of mass 13.9 kg slides from rest down a frictionless 40.0° incline and is stopped by a strong spring with a spring constant 32.3 kN/m (note the unit). The block slides 7.80 m from the point of release to the point where it comes to rest against

    asked by James
  166. math.

    y=2/5x+c, determine the value of c if the line passes through the point P(-2,-4). answer: c=-16/5 ?

    asked by ivy
  167. Math (ASAP)

    Solve the following inequalities. 1.) 3x + 2y < 6 2.) 2x^2 + y ≥ 2

    asked by Gloria
  168. math

    Kibet left school by bicycle at 8:00 a.m. and took 1 ½ hours to reach the market 20 km away. Akinyi left the school for the market by car at 8:30 a.m. The average speed of the car was 80 km /h. What was the difference between their arrival times?

    asked by kudu
  169. precalculus

    z1=[cos pi/4 +sin pi/4] z2= [cos 2pi+sin 2pi] z1= sqrt 5 solve. how do you do this? substitute z1 and do what?

    asked by DF
  170. Math

    The opposite sides of a square, a rectangle, a parallelogram, and a rhombus are what type of triangle?

    asked by Jordan
  171. Vectors

    can you please explain how to answer this: Which of the following is not a plane a) r=(1,3,4)+s(2,-1,2)+t(1,1,1), s,t∈R b) r=(2,4,2)+s(1,-2,3)+t(3,2,2), s,t∈R c) r=(3,2,3)+s(4,-4,2)+t(-2,2,-1), s,t∈R d) r=(-2,1,4)+s(2,2,-1)+t(2,2,1), s,t∈R

    asked by Sara
  172. math

    Evaluate this expression: (30-5) + (-7) this what I did (25) + (-7) is 18.

    asked by Mei Ling
  173. bio/chem

    how do electrolytes affect the formation of micelles?

    asked by pan
  174. Vectors

    Multiple choice. How would I answer this in a short way? what is the distance between the skew lines L1:(0,4,-3)+s(-1,1,3),seR and L2: (1,2,5)+t(-3,2,5),teR? a) 4 root 2 b) 7/2 c) root 2 d) (7 root 2)/2

    asked by Sara
  175. SS

    What are some similarities between East, North, and West Africa?

    asked by Anonymous
  176. Math

    How can you tell which fractions represent a umber that is less than 1% without doing any computation? .02/5, .2/5, 2/5, 2/50, 2/500. I know the numbers less than 1% are .02/5 and 2/500, but how do you know without doing the computation

    asked by Kaashif
  177. Vectors

    Can you please explain how to answer this? What is a solution for the following system? x-4y+z=2 and -x+4y-2z=8 a) x=4s+12, y=s, z=-10 b) x=s+4, y=3s, z=-4 c) x=2s+5, y=s, z=-12 d) x=s, y=4s, z=-12

    asked by Sara
  178. chemistry

    what is the iobic equation of zinc +iron(ll)sulphate solution

    asked by demiz
  179. biology/ chemistry

    how do electrolytes affect the formation of micelles?

    asked by pan
  180. Vectors

    Multiple choice: Can you please explain how to answer this? Which point does not lie on the same plane as the points P(1,5,6), Q(-2,-3,4) and R(-1,3,2) a) S(0,4,4) b) S(4,13,8) c) S(0,-1,8) d) S(1,-3,2)

    asked by Sara
  181. Math

    order of operation (100-7 x 2+3) /10

    asked by Kathy
  182. Math, HELP PLEASE!

    is the sequence 2,3,5,8,12 geometric? please explain why

    asked by Kennabug
  183. math


    asked by tyler