Questions Asked on
March 16, 2015

  1. statistics

    According to a college survey, 22% of all students work full time. Find the mean and standard deviation for the number of students who work full time in samples of size 16.

    asked by Hannah
  2. stats

    Find the probability of at least 2 girls in 10 births. Assume that male and female births are equally likely and that the births are independent events.

    asked by Greg
  3. Math

    In a survey of 300 college graduates, 58% reported that they entered a profession closely related to their college major. If 6 of those survey subjects are randomly selected without replacement for a follow-up survey, what is the probability that 3 of them

    asked by Hannah
  4. physics

    Which of the following statements about electric field lines due to static charges are true? (Select all that apply.) Electric field lines can never cross each other. Static charges can create closed loop electric field lines that do not begin or end on a

    asked by mathew
  5. Math

    I am a polyhedron. I have 7 faces. Six of my lateral edges are equal in length. One of my faces has six sides. Who am I?

    asked by Part
  6. Statistics

    The average SAT score for the 300 students accepted at Tiny College this year is 1,050 with a standard deviation of 275. If a random sample of 40 students is selected from this class, what is the probability that the average SAT score will be greater than

    asked by Leo Elvis
  7. Business Statistics

    A filling machine is designed to fill soda bottles with 16 ounces of soda. The distribution for the weight of the bottles is normal. Twenty bottles are selected and weighed. The sample mean is 15.3 ounces and sample standard deviation is 1.5 ounces.

    asked by Leo Elvis
  8. consumer math

    You are paid $7.45/hr at your part-time job. Your deductions are FICA (7.65%), federal tax withholding (10.65%), and state tax withholding (5.7%). Your travel expenses are $5.70 per day worked. You work 12 hours over a 3-day period of time. What is your

    asked by dj--
  9. math

    The organizer of a television show must select five people to participate in the show. The participants will be selected from a list of 24 people who have written in to the show. If the participants are selected randomly, what is the probability that the 5

    asked by Marli
  10. math

    Find the fifth term of a geometric sequence whose fourth term is 8/9 and whose seventh term is 64/243.

    asked by Alexis
  11. Chemistry

    1. Imagine you have a saturated solution of Ca(OH)2, at equilibrium, that has some undissolved Ca(OH)2 precipitated on the bottom of the test tube. If you add an additional scoop of Ca(OH)2 to the solution will concentration of [OH-] in the solution

    asked by Caroline
  12. Health

    1. flammable materials A. catch fire easily and burn easily B. are only something construction workers need to worry about C. are safe if stored correctly D. don't catch fire easily 2. You can prevent most accidents true or false 3. Avoid deserted places,

    asked by Kel
  13. Chemisty

    how many moles of hydrogen will be liberated from 200.0ml of 3.00M HCL reacting with an excess of magnesium?

    asked by Anonymous
  14. ss

    1.which of the following best describes the conservative democrats in south carolina during reconstruction? a. they favored small land owners and workers b. they were wealthy and formerly confederate leaders c. the believed in social equality between races

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Economics

    VERY HARD PLEASE HELP Kristin lives in Alaska. Ben lives in Rhode Island. They each drive a car with a 12-gallon fuel tank. When Kristin fills her empty gas tank in Alaska, she has to pay a federal gasoline tax of $.18 (or 18 cents) per gallon, plus a

    asked by Kesha
  16. Math

    An art class is planning to paint a rectangular mural with an area of 60 square feet. It has to be at least 4 feet high but no more than 6 feet high. The length and width have to be whole numbers. List all possible lengths for the mural.

    asked by Tommy
  17. STATS

    An IRS auditor randomly selects 3 tax returns from 55 returns of which six contain errors. What is the probability that she selects none of those containing errors?

    asked by Jodi
  18. Chemistry - Solubility

    Calculate the solubility of copper(II) sulfide in a solution that is 0.150 mol L^-1 in NaCN. I am very confused on what to do. Since there are no common ions, I know that this is not the common ion effect. Also I do not believe this is a pH effect

    asked by Karla
  19. Economics

    4. Cecelia is an avid art collector who owns many original works of art. Recently, she decided to sell an oil painting by Norman Rockwell. The buyer paid $500,000 for the painting. Since Cecelia had paid just $350,000 for the painting, she made a profit,

    asked by Kesha
  20. health

    If you are overweight or obese, getting active can help you lower your risk of?

    asked by Dalton
  21. Physics

    A 65 kg sprinter completes a 100 m race in 9.83 s. Calculate the average kinetic energy of the sprinter.

    asked by Onyeka
  22. books

    Which is the best summary of the argument between Azaz and the Mathemagician in Act I of The Phantom Tollbooth?

    asked by Crazybredstix
  23. Art

    What is the main subject of Persian landscape art, and what does it communicate about the Persian culture and worldview? A. Rivers; they represent life and are central to Persian mythology. B. People; Persians enjoy group gatherings and value

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Health

    Healthy pregnant and postpartum women should get at least ________ of moderate-intensity aerobic activity a week. A. 200 minutes B. 150 minutes C. 60 minutes D. 30 minutes I got D.

    asked by Dalton
  25. statistics

    An unprepared student makes random guesses for the ten true-false questions on a quiz. Find the probability that there is at least one correct answer.

    asked by Hannah
  26. Pre-Calculus

    1. A projectile is fired straight up from a height of 6 feet. Its height (h) in feet after t seconds is given by h = 6 + 192t -16t^2. Answer: h = -16t^2 + 192t + 6 h = -16( t^2 -12t +36) + 6 +576 h = -16 (t-6)^2 +582 The maximum height will be 582 feet. 2.

    asked by Lucina
  27. Science

    What is a four-cell battery with the cells connected in series with each other? How would it look like?

    asked by Thi
  28. Economics

    Mallory's total income last year was $24,000, but she could deduct $12,000 for various reasons. Her taxable income equals the amount left over after deductions. If she had to pay 15 percent of her taxable income in federal income tax, which you can

    asked by Kesha
  29. Art

    How does a landscape artist make an object in the foreground appear closer than an object in background? A. By making the object in the foreground larger in comparison to the background objects. B. By making the object in the foreground less detailed in

    asked by Anonymous
  30. Math

    Let AB be taken as unity, and let it be required to multiply BD by BC. I have only to join the points A and C, and draw DE parallel to CA; then BE is the product of BD and BC. Show that the length of BE is the product of the lengths BD and BC.

    asked by Vi
  31. Math Help

    A right triangle has a leg B of length 7 and a hypotenuse of length 11. What is the length of the other leg A? Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. A. 2.0 B. 8.5 C. 13.0 D. 9.6 Please help, I was gone for this lesson, just need someone to explain how

    asked by Matt
  32. Math

    How many lateral edges does a 50-gonal pyramid have? How many lateral faces?

    asked by Part
  33. Art!

    what 3-d imaging use to capture a digital map of an artifact? a. electromagnetic radiation b. laser technologe c. laser technology d. photography

    asked by Bella
  34. Algebra

    What are the intercepts of the equation? Graph the equation. -3x + 4y = -12 A. x-intercept: (4, 0) y-intercept: (0, –3) B. x-intercept: (–3, 0) y-intercept: (0, 4) C. x-intercept: (4, 0) y-intercept: (0, –3) D. x-intercept: (–3, 0) y-intercept: (0,

    asked by Ciaria
  35. Economics

    David lives in Manhattan, where the combined state/local sales tax is 8.375 percent. David just purchased a digital camera that was priced at $800. Determine the sales tax he paid by calculating 8.375 percent of $800 (multiply by 0.08375). How much sales

    asked by Kesha

    A simple open U-tube contains mercury. When 11.9 cm of water is poured into the right arm of the tube, how high above its initial level does the mercury rise in the left arm? Take the density of mercury to be 13.6 g/cm3 and the density of water to be 1.00

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    A bottle of water costs $1.50. Explain how you would make a graph of four ordered pairs to model the total cost of the water in terms of the number of bottles.

    asked by Devon
  38. physics

    What is the magnitude and direction of an electric field that exerts a 4.00 ✕ 10 -5 N upward force on a - 1.80 µC charge? N/C

    asked by mathew
  39. statistics

    The mayor of the town of Quahog, Rhode Island, Adam West, conducted a study to determine the mean household income of his constituents. The study surveyed 500 households and determined that the sample mean was $30,000. The population standard deviation is

    asked by Cara
  40. Algebra

    1. What polynomial has a graph that passes through the given points? (-2, 2) (-1, -1) (1, 5) (3, 67) A. y = -x3 + 4x2 + 2x - 2 B. y = x3 + 4x2 + 2x - 2 C. y = x4 + 4x3 + 2x2 - 2x D. y = x3 - 4x2 - 2x - 2 B? 2. Write -2x 2(-5x 2 +4x 3) in standard form. A.

    asked by Ciaria
  41. Math

    1. Explain the difference between (-3)^2 and -3^2. 2. Explain the difference between -23 subtracted from 17, and -23-17. I have no idea what to do I am so lost :(

    asked by Sammy
  42. Chemistry

    I need definitions for chemistry and I can't come up with any heterogeneous reaction homogeneous reaction activation energy activation energy activated complex elementary reaction

    asked by Al
  43. chemistry

    The enthalpy of formation of MX is ΔHf° = –493 kJ/mol. The enthalpy of sublimation of M is ΔHsub = 143 kJ/mol. The ionization energy of M is IE = 437 kJ/mol. The electron affinity of X is ΔHEA = –317 kJ/mol. (Refer to the hint). The bond energy of

    asked by megan
  44. Physics (Tension and Springs)

    An archer must exert a force of 375 newtons on the bowstring so that the string makes a 35 degree angle with the vertical. a)find the tension in the bowstring b)if the applied force is replaced by a stretched spring, and the spring is stretched 30 cm from

    asked by Emily
  45. chemistry

    If a solution of lead iodide has [I-] = 1.1x10-4 M, what is the lead(II)ion concentration at equilibrium?

    asked by paula
  46. MATH

    A ship sails north, then turns 45° in a clockwise direction. After another hour, it turns clockwise 90°. In which direction is the ship now sailing? 90 + 45 = 135° west?

    asked by Ivy
  47. maths

    A series of steps lead to a temple.The number of step is 30. The height of each step is 20 cm.Then find the height of the temple from the base.

    asked by sanjay
  48. ethic and social responsibility

    A utilitarian might use which statement in an argument that supports the use of embryos in stem cell research? (Points : 1) The harm caused to the embryos outweighs the good that comes from the research. There would be greater overall happiness from the

    asked by Rafael
  49. chemistry

    In a coffee cup calorimeter, 50 mL of 0.1 M HCl and 50 mL of 0.1 M NaOH are mixed to yield the following reaction: HCl + NaOH  NaCl + H2O. The two solutions were initially at 22.1 oC and the final temperature is 24.2 oC. Calculate the heat that

    asked by Diana
  50. Statistics

    A researcher predicts that watching a film on institutionalization will change students’ attitudes about chronically mentally ill patients. The researcher randomly selects 36 students, shows them the film, and gives them a questionnaire about their

    asked by Scott

    How many moles of methane gas, CH 4 , are in a 1.00×103L storage tank at STP?

    asked by dakota
  52. Chemistry

    HCI is a strong acid. What is the ion concentration, (H+), of a 0.0015M solution of HCI? What is the pH of a 0.0015M solution of HCI? I have looked in my book but it not making sense. I am not sure where to even start the problem. A little guidance please

    asked by Yvonne
  53. math

    scientist is mixing a chemical solution for an experiment solution contains 3/8 of chemical solution 1/6 ounce saline solution what is the unit rate of chemical to saline solution? 3/8 x 1/6 + 3/48 divided by 3 + 1/16 is this right

    asked by Joshiah
  54. calculus

    a 50 m long chain hangs vertically from a cylinder attached to a winch. assume there is no friction in the system and that the chain has a density of 5 kg/m. how much work is required to wind the entire chain onto the cylinder using the winch

    asked by anto
  55. statistics

    In a certain lottery, five different numbers between 1 and 31 inclusive are drawn. These are the winning numbers. To win the lottery, a person must select the correct 5 numbers in the same exact order in which they were drawn. What is the probability of

    asked by Greg
  56. Math

    Decide whether each statement is always true, sometimes true, or never true. a. a square is a rectangle b. a right triangle is an isosceles triangle c. an acute triangle is an isosceles triangle d. an isosceles triangle is a right triangle

    asked by Part
  57. L.A.

    1. Her brother lives near the sea. It makes him happy. Which sentence combines the two sentences using a gerund phrase? A. Her brother lives near the sea, it makes him happy. B. Living near the sea makes her brother happy. C. It makes her brother happy to

    asked by *
  58. Chemistry

    How much heat is required to convert 6.78g of ice at − 14.0∘C to water at 24.0∘C ?

    asked by Kirsten
  59. Math

    Name a flat surface in nature that has reflection symmetry and one that has rotational symmetry.

    asked by Part
  60. chemistry

    I need an example of an elementary reaction to go with the definition An elementary reaction is a reaction in which reactants are converted to products in a single step.

    asked by alyssa
  61. Math

    What is the difference between unique triangle, more than one triangle, and no triangle?

    asked by Humanoid
  62. History

    1.what was the purpose of jim crow laws in south Carolina? A,to stop African Americans from voting B,to stop poor whites from voting C,to take land for Africans americans D,to help african americans gain jobs I believe its b idk? 2.what was the purpose of

    asked by Help me,plz
  63. Tech. Ed

    delia is developing a storyboard for her movie about her autoniography. In this lesson you learned about the phases of creating an informative movie. In was phase of movie creation is delia? A. research Phase B. Planning Phase C. Editing Phase D. creation

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Physical Chemistry

    If a 30g piece of ice at -5C is immersed in 125mL of water at 25C in an insulated container... A. Determine the final temperature and final composition of the system B. Determine the entropy changes of the ice and the water and the overall entropy change

    asked by Jo
  65. reading and writing

    Please read the following excerpt from an essay. The sentences are numbered to help you respond to the question that follows. (1) After Sean was arrested for breaking into a pawnshop, I began to wonder. (2) Why did some kids from my neighborhood end up in

    asked by Eva
  66. calculus trigonometric substitution

    ∫ dx/ (x^2+9)^2 dx set x = 3tan u dx = 3 sec^2 u du I = 3 sec^2 u du / ( 9 tan^2 u + 9)^2 = 3 sec^2 u du / ( 81 ( tan^2 u + 1)^2 = sec^2 u du / ( 27 ( sec^2 u )^2 = du / ( 27 sec^2 u = 2 cos^2 u du / 54 = ( 1 + cos 2u) du / 54 = ( u + sin 2u / 2) / 54 =

    asked by Blake
  67. Math

    A bacteria has a doubling period of 9 days. If there are 2550 bacteria present now, how many will there be in 27 days?

    asked by Yvette
  68. Economics

    The assessed value of Patty's residential property was $200,000 in 2004. In 2006, the assessed value increased to $225,000. The property tax rate in both years was 1.2 percent. Patty earned $60,000 each year. Determine Patty’s property taxes for 2004 by

    asked by Kesha
  69. engineering

    A steel tube 30 mm outside diameter and 25 mm internal diameter and length 500 mm is subjected to a tensile load of 37 KN, determine the change in length in mm to 3 decimal places when the load was applied. For the material E = 210 GPa.

    asked by engineering
  70. physics

    dahnay carried a box (5,4)m.the box had a mass of 5kg.dahnay says that over 300J of work was done on the box . is dahnay correct?explain the answer.

    asked by Prince
  71. math

    A plane flying at 200 knots left an airport A( 30° S, 31°E) and flew due North to an airport B( 30° N 31° E) (a) Calculate the distance covered by the plane, in nautical miles (b) After a 15 minutes stop over B, the plane flew west to an airport

    asked by kudu
  72. physics

    n automobile traveling at a speed of 29.3 m/s applies its brakes and comes to a stop in 4.9 s. If the automobile has a mass of 1.2 103 kg, what is the average horizontal force exerted on it during braking? Assume the road is level. magnitude N direction

    asked by mavis
  73. Math

    John has 4 cups filled with fruit juice.He said that he has a gallon of fruit juice.Is his statements reasonable?explain why or why not.

    asked by Cynthia
  74. ss

    which was the most important industry in south carolina during reconstruction a. meat packing b. oil c. textiles d. iron

    asked by basketball&batman
  75. Literature

    (Ethan Frome by Edith Wharton) discuss whartons use of short flashbacks. why are they placed where they are?

    asked by Theo
  76. Business Statistics

    A firm claims that only 10% of it's accounts receivables are over 30 days past due. The bank that supplies working capital or interim loans to the firms is suspect of the figure and accordingly takes a random sample of 100 accounts of the firm. Find the

    asked by Leo Elvis
  77. English

    Identify awkward or pretentious diction in the following sentences, and revise each sentence as necessary to improve clarity. 2. Let’s have a discussion of the essay you read for homework. 3. Khaya finally came to the realization that she preferred

    asked by Julia
  78. marketing research and method

    Topic: Measure the various factors that influence consumption of fast food among uni. students

    asked by kelly
  79. ethic and social responsib

    People who work in the field of mental health__________a________ (Points : 1) may reveal information in cases where the patient intends bodily harm to another person. may never reveal confidential information. ought to never reveal any information. may not

    asked by Rafael

    a 50kg boy suspends himself from a point on a rope tied horizontally between two vertical poles. the two segments of the rope are then inclined at angles 30 degrees and 60 degrees respectively to the horizontal. the tensions in the segments of the rope is

    asked by ESSIEN UBONG
  81. ethic and social responsibility

    With which of these statements would Hippocrates agree? (Points : 1) all the above Doctors have a duty to care for others’ children as if they were their own. A doctor has a duty to teach people the art of medicine if they are interested. A doctor ought

    asked by Rafael
  82. Physics

    A motor cyclist travelling at 12m/s decelerate at 3m/s(squared)? How far does he travel while coming to rest?

    asked by Shweta Chand
  83. plysics

    a yacht sails 50km north and then another 20km at an unknown angle .Using GPS£¬the skipper finds that bearing from their starting point is N20¡ãW. (1) What was the direction of the yacht for the 20km of itd journey? (2) In what direction and how far

    asked by xiaohong
  84. Kinematic

    A motor cyclist travelling at 12m/s decelerate at3m/s(squared) how far does he travel while coming to rest?

    asked by Shweta Chand
  85. Reading Comprehension

    "The steady wash of the waves, the bobbing and swaying of the ship, the creak and groan of timbers, all told me the Seahawk was plowing toward home...Nervously,I glanced over my shoulder through the steerage cabin...I had neglected to consider something

    asked by Nicole
  86. science

    you are given a 1kg trolley and a trolley of unknown mass.explain how the mass of unknown . Explain how the mass of the known trolley can be determined if a mass-meter scale is not available

    asked by ali
  87. Sociology

    Outline the main aspects of each of the structural functionalist (SF), conflict(C), symbolic interactionist (SI) and feminist (F) approach as explanations of the social world. So far I have for SF I have that it looks at the society as an organism that has

    asked by Annie
  88. physical

    1.What kind of information is indicated by the graph of the acceleration due to gravity versus ball¡¯s mass if the slope of the curve is zero?

    asked by lena
  89. statistics

    A certain type of dvd player is sold at just two stores. 30% of sales are from store A and 70% of sales are from store B. 2.7% of the dvd players sold at store A are defective while 3.7% of the dvd players sold at store B are defective. If Kate receives

    asked by Amy

    find the heat of fusion of ice M copper calorimeter= 50 g M h20 200 g at 30 C M ice=20.45 at 0 C t2= 20C

    asked by lollipop225
  91. Constructed Responce Help

    Hi can you see if this constructed responce makes sense, or if I need to clean it up or add anything to it. thanks! I needed to compare and contrast the two versions of "the great chicago fire" and also tell how the format of each passage allow the author

    asked by Lia
  92. math

    The number of students receiving an a on the test was equal to 15% of the total number of students. What would the equation be? I have started it off : s=

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Physics

    Problem Solving. Anne throws a ball horizontally from the top of a building that is 50 m high. He hopes the ball will reach the swimming pool that is at the bottom of a building 12 m horizontally from the edge of the building. If the ball is to reach the

    asked by arlene
  94. Algebra help please

    Let f(x) = -5x - 4 and g(x) = 6x - 7. Find f(x) + g(x) A. x + 3 B. x - 11 C. -11x = 3b D. -11x - 11 C?

    asked by Ciaria
  95. chem

    Calculate the number of moles required to make 100 mL of a 3.0 M solution of CuSO4·5 H2O. is the answer .03? if not walk me through the steps thanks

    asked by fgf
  96. sciences

    what is the total linear momentum of the trolleys (before the spring is released)

    asked by ali
  97. Algebra help please

    Let f(x) = 3x - 6 and g(x) = x - 2. Find f/g and its domain. A. 3; all real numbers B. 3; all real numbers except x = 2 C. -3; all real numbers except x = 3 D. 1; all real numbers B ?

    asked by Ciaria
  98. Algebra help please

    Let f(x) = x + 2 and g(x) = x2 Find ( g o f)(-5) A. -3 B. 9 C. 49 D. -10 B?

    asked by Ciaria
  99. math

    Would you guys mind help me to solve this question? : The scale of a map is 1:1000. What are the actual dimensions of a rectangle which appears as 4cm by 3cm on the map? What is the area on the map in cm squared?what is the actual area in meter squared? I

    asked by alain
  100. sciences

    explain in your own word why is it acceptable to take displacements of the trolleys x1 and x2 as a measure of the velocities of the trolleys.

    asked by ali
  101. physics

    A ball is thrown upward. Its initial vertical component of velosity is 30m/s and its initial horizontal component of velosity is 20m/s. What is the ball's speed 2 s later? Give: Viy = 30m/s Vix = 20m/s T = 2 sec a) V = gt =10m/sec2 x 2 sec= 20 m/sec b) c2

    asked by arlene
  102. algebra

    For the function f(x) = x2 - 12, find (f o f-1)(4) A. 0 B. 4 C. 6 D. 10 A

    asked by Ciaria
  103. Science

    When a football is kicked into the air, it has a velocity of 32m/s at an angle of 25º. At the very top of the ball’s path, what is it's vertical velocity?

    asked by Brenna
  104. Math

    Is 1/5, 3/8, 4/10, 0.45, and 0.6 in order from least to greatest? I'm still trying to figure this stuff out. :/

    asked by Oasai
  105. math

    Let g be a function that is defined for all x, x ≠ 2, such that g(3) = 4 and the derivative of g is g′(x)=(x^2–16)/(x−2) with x ≠ 2. Find all values of x where the graph of g has a critical value. For each critical value, state whether the graph

    asked by Gary
  106. english grammar, please corect my english grammare

    Invite you to share celebration of love as we exchange our marriage vows

    asked by cito
  107. Language Arts

    What is the analogy in "O Captain My Captain"? I tried looking it up but the answers were not making sense... So if anyone could clarify it for me that would be great! :)

    asked by M
  108. english grammar, please corect my english grammare

    darryl and shirly, invite you in a celebraion of marriage vows.

    asked by cito
  109. Math

    Theo made the table below to show the number of middle school students who attented the last football game. if this data were displayed in a circle graph, how many degrees would be in the sector representing the 8th grade Grades 6,7,8 # of students in 6th

    asked by Ann
  110. english

    my friends were tenants in a certain house with backrooms. what part of speech is the word "certain" in this sentence?

    asked by jemina
  111. science

    In which of the following statement the word light year is used correctly? (A) Ceres dwarf galaxy is 2.46 million lightyear away from us.(B) light travels with the speed of 1 lightyear in the universe (c) the next complete solar eclipse will be seen after

    asked by sanjay
  112. Accounting

    E13 Selected account balances of the Lakeside Grocery Store for the year ended December 31, 20xx, follow. Beginning merchandise inventory was $ 26,000, and ending merchandise inventory is $ 22,000. Prepare closing entries, assuming that the owner of

    asked by Bob
  113. ethic and social responsibility

    Pluripotent stem cells are__________________ (Points : 1) those cells that have the potential to be used for multiple types of tissue. those cells that have potential to be used only for one type of tissue. those cells that are generally taken from adults.

    asked by Rafael
  114. Constructed Responce Help

    Hi, I was told I could re-do my CR and post it for checking. There are many ways to compare and contrast the two versions of the stories “The Chicago fire”. The first version differs from the second version in many ways. Some ways is that in the first

    asked by Lia
  115. Chemistry

    for a project i had to make cards with words and then an example of those words, and i've done almost all of them, but I have a few words I need examples for activation energy activation energy activated complex elementary reaction

    asked by Alyssa
  116. Trigonometric

    tan^2 x − 7 tan x − 8 = 0 Use inverse functions where needed to find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0, 2π).

    asked by Diana
  117. Math

    In this document... berkleyschools . org/NorthstarMedia/download/123084?token=OCaRojCyVwc%3D Is A the correct answer to question 70?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Vectors

    Two lines with the slopes m1=4/3 and m2=-7/2 intersect at (3,4). Determine the equations of the two lines and check your answer by solving them

    asked by Sara
  119. Chemistry

    Container A contains argon gas at 0C and pressure 380mmHg. Container B of volume 700 ml contains neon gas at 25C and pressure of 3atm. Both of these gases are placed in a 2L vessel at 273K and the total pressure is 1.46atm. What is the volume of container

    asked by Karrie
  120. physics

    The body of a 1285 kg car is supported on a frame by four springs. The spring constant of a single spring is 2.80 × 104 N/m. Four people riding in the car have a combined mass of 275 kg. When driven over a pothole in the road, the frame vibrates and for

    asked by d
  121. English

    English - rfvv, Monday, March 16, 2015 at 11:17pm 1. I am good at playing the piano. 2. I am good at the piano. 3. I am good at playing basketball. 4. I am good at basketball. ================= Are they all grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  122. Math

    Larry mows the same-sized lawns in his neighborhood each weekend during the summer. Part A Each time Larry mows a lawn he uses 1/6 of a gallon of gasoline. If he has 2/3 of a gallon of gasoline, how many lawns can he mow before he needs to buy more

    asked by Anonymous
  123. ethic and social responsibility

    In euthanasia, ___________________ (Points : 1) patients take a lethal dose of medication on their own. the doctor acts in some manner to bring about the death of the patient. the doctor is present when a family member administers the lethal dose. all of

    asked by Rafael
  124. math

    The of a loading crew estimated that they could load 8 boxes in 20 minutes at this rate ,how many boxes could they load in one hour ?

    asked by flomo
  125. Math

    The pet shop owner told Jean to fill her new fish tank 3/4 full with water. Jean filled it 9/12 full. What fraction of the tank does Jean still need to fill?

    asked by Jamason
  126. Global Studies

    how do the positions of governor general and prime minister in the canadian government differ?

    asked by Dayna
  127. chemistry

    How to prepare 14M Sulfuric acid

    asked by Vitthalsing Rajput
  128. math

    An art class is planning to paint a rectangular mural with an area of 60 square ft. It has to be at least 4 ft. but no more than 6 ft. High. How long could the mural be if the length and height have to be whole numbers?

    asked by Mya
  129. Math

    1. What is the value of z so that -9 and 9 are both solutions of x^2+z=103? a) -22 b) 3 c) 22 d) 184 2. What is the value of b in the triangle below? The triangle has one side that is 3b and another that is just b. The area of the triangle is 24in.^2. a)

    asked by Tia
  130. Trigonometry

    16 sin^2 x = 16 − 8 cos x Find all solutions of the equation in the interval [0, 2π)

    asked by Jenn
  131. Science

    What kind of substance has properties that reflects light very well, warms up in my hand, flattens out when it hits with a hammer and conducts electricity?

    asked by Karla
  132. ethic and social responsibility

    The relativist would agree with which statement about stem cell research? (Points : 1) It should not be practiced. It should be practiced in places where people believe that life begins when an egg is fertilized. It should not be practiced in places where

    asked by Rafael
  133. Math

    A motorboat went 20 miles on 5/8 gallon of fuel. How far can the motorboat go on a gallon of fuel?

    asked by Part
  134. Math

    A person's heart may beat at 75 beats per minute. How many beats would that translate into a day?

    asked by Part
  135. Math

    Look around the classroom. What polygons and polygon regions to you see?

    asked by Part
  136. Math

    Decide whether each statement is always true, sometimes true, or never true.

    asked by Part
  137. Math

    It has two long sides and two short sides. What shapes are possible?

    asked by Part
  138. Math

    Two of the angles are the same. What shapes are possible?

    asked by Part
  139. Math

    In a game, you have a 1/27 probability of winning $100 and a 26/27 probability of losing $4. What is your expected value?

    asked by Marli
  140. Math

    Based on examples she has seen, a child might think that a trapezoid is" a shape with 4 sides, top and bottom are parallel, bottom longer than the top, no sides the same size, large, no right angles, cut off at the top." Which of these characteristics are

    asked by Part
  141. PHI208

    Tom Regan’s view of animals is that (Points : 1)

    asked by Anonymous
  142. science help

    a 2500kg car moves at 15m/s 2; 15m/s2 is the __________ of the car

    asked by Kennabug
  143. Math

    Is a shape congruent to itself? Explain you answer.

    asked by Part
  144. math

    Two towns P and Q are 400 km apart. A bus left for P and Q. It stopped at Q for one hour and then started the return to P. one hour after the departure of the bus from P, a trail also heading for Q left P. the trailer met the returning bus ¾ of the way

    asked by kudu
  145. Math

    1. What is the value of z so that -9 and 9 are both solutions of x^2+z=103? a) -22 b) 3 c) 22 d) 184 2. What is the value of b in the triangle below? The triangle has one side that is 3b and another that is just b. The area of the triangle is 24in.^2. a)

    asked by Tia
  146. Math

    Which of the five types of regular polyhedra is your favorite. Why?

    asked by Part
  147. physics

    dahnay carried a box (5,4)m.the box had a mass of 5kg.dahnay says that over 300J of work was done on the box . is dahnay correct?explain the answer.

    asked by Christina
  148. Math

    Which capital letters, in block print style (A, B, C, D, E, F, G, H, I J, K L M, N O, P, Q, R, S, T U, V, W, X, Y, Z) have reflection symmetry(ies)? Rotational symmetry(ies)?

    asked by Part
  149. Chemistry

    How many oxygen atoms are in 6Al (SO4)3

    asked by science wiz
  150. physics

    how can we derive the work-energy theorem form Newton's second law of motion?

    asked by sarah
  151. math

    In the year 2003, the population of a certain district was 1.8 million. Thirty percent of the population was in the age group 15-40 years. In the same year, 120,000 people in the district the Voluntary Counseling and Testing (VCT) contra for an HIV test.

    asked by kudu
  152. Math

    Solve -11>t + 7

    asked by Anonymous
  153. Geometry

    Prove that any altitude of a triangle must be less than the semiperimeter.

    asked by Jay
  154. Math

    Q. The rodeo stared 7 minutes late. It was scheduled to last 3 hours, but it ran 22 minutes longer. If the rodeo ended at 9:59 p.m, at what time did it begin? - A. Do I muplite 7 by 3 and than add the answer with 22?

    asked by Destinee
  155. math

    paige's dad just made a new front door for their house.the door measures 84 inches by 54 many square inches will paige have to paint if she paints the front side of the door.

    asked by Angelina
  156. english

    Hello. I would really appreciate some help. I need to translate the official name of a company into English. Please have a look and say whether the result sounds natural English: Public Joint Stock Company "Higher Educational Institution Delika Business

    asked by Nalmi
  157. Art

    What does this painting by Constant Troyon Suggest about his culture's relationship with nature? If you search File:Constant Troyon - Coast near Villers the painting should A. humans lived in fear of nature B. humans lived in harmony with nature C. humans

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Math

    Can you please explain how to do this? 8=4w divided by 3

    asked by Zero
  159. ethic and social responsibility

    Pluripotent stem cells are__________________ (Points : 1) those cells that have the potential to be used for multiple types of tissue. those cells that have potential to be used only for one type of tissue. those cells that are generally taken from adults.

    asked by Rafael
  160. chemistry

    A restaurant serves tea in aluminum mugs. The aluminum mug has a mass of 125 g, initially at 24.0 oC with 341 mL tea at 80.0oC. What is the final temperature of the tea after the tea and mug attain equilibrium. Assume the tea has the same specific heat

    asked by treasa
  161. AP Chemistry

    To have a buffer with a pH of 2.50, what volume of 0.510 M NaOH must be added to 100. mL of 0.230M H3PO4?

    asked by Shannon
  162. Vectors

    Determine the vector equation of a line passing through the point P(3,2,-1) and with a direction vector perpendicular to the line r=(2,-3,4)+s(1,1,-2), seR

    asked by Sara
  163. english

    Dear Ms. Sue, thank you for your answer. I'm not a native speaker, but I also feel that "Higher Educational Institution" sounds a bit strange, however, it's the official name of the institution (in all documents), so do you think Public Stock Company

    asked by Nalmi
  164. Math

    I'm so confused. 3=6.2*y

    asked by Zero
  165. Math

    the eighth grade students are selling magazine subscriptions to raise money for a class trip. they earn $3 for every subscription they sell. so far, they have earned $228 of the $396 needed. how many more subscriptions must the students sell to meet their

    asked by Student
  166. Math

    On their vacation, the Li family traveled from their home to a resort in the mountains. The odometer in their car read 35286.9 miles when they started and 35514.2 miles when they returned home. What was the distance from their home to the resort?

    asked by Matthew.
  167. algebra

    Write out variable expression for the following. I. 15 more than a number II. 6 less than a number III. The product of a number m and 7 Its part of a review but I don't understand it.

    asked by Cookie
  168. computer applications

    John wants to see the formulas he has used in his spreadsheet but he does not want to see the results of the formulas. How does he display his formulas? A. Click on Trace Precedents. B. Click Print Formulas. C. Click on Show Formulas. D. Click Evaluate

    asked by Sam
  169. algebra

    Write the sum as a product then simplify the product. (-4)+(-4)+(-4)+(-4)

    asked by Cookie
  170. math

    write a word probelm that has more than one step in the solution

    asked by Anonymous
  171. chemistry

    The concentration of a solution made by diluting 10.0 mL of 0.685 mol/L NaBr to 300 mL is

    asked by ronnie
  172. chemistry

    The number of moles of solute in a bottle containing 300 mL of 0.178 mol/L sodium sulfite solution is

    asked by ronnie
  173. Criminal Justice

    I have to answer the following: Name and descrbe the four types of prisons I have no clue what the four types are and google isn't giving me the info I need, cane someone please help!!

    asked by breeamberr
  174. Math

    Can you draw a rectangle with a scale of 0.5cm:2ft? What would it look like?

    asked by Sunshine
  175. chm

    The equilibrium constant for the equation 2 H2(g) + CO(g) CH3OH(g) Is 19 at a certain temperature. If there are 3.11 x 10-2 moles of H2 and 5.79 x 10-3 moles of CH3OH at equilibrium in a 6.75 L flask. What is the concentration of CO? At 1280 °C the

    asked by vikki
  176. algebra

    Find the sum: -15+4+(-10) 22+(-4)-15 Can you show me work too I think that'll help me understand better.

    asked by Cookie
  177. chm

    The equilibrium constant for the equation 2 H2(g) + CO(g) CH3OH(g) Is 19 at a certain temperature. If there are 3.11 x 10-2 moles of H2 and 5.79 x 10-3 moles of CH3OH at equilibrium in a 6.75 L flask. What is the concentration of CO? What is the Kp at 1439

    asked by vikki
  178. Math 7th grade

    Geraldo bought some computer software on layaway. He paid $12 down and must make a payment of $5 each week for 4 weeks. How much will Geraldo pay in all?

    asked by Robert
  179. Tech Ed

    Soren is organizing the files that he will use in the movie he is creating. his files include the following extensions: jpg, .gif, .wmv, and .mov. which subfolders should he place in the unit project folder. choose all that apply A. images B. audio C.

    asked by Anonymous
  180. Criminal Justice

    in my previous question i asked what the four types of prisons were and forgot to add that i'm supposed to describe and name the four types of prisons for adults. Can someone help me find a good resource to start with please?

    asked by breeamberr
  181. Math

    Q. The rondo stared 7 minutes late. It was scheduled to last 3 hours. But it ran 22 minutes longer. If the rodeo ended at 9:59 p.m, at what time did it begin? - A. So, do I mulpite 7 by 3 = 21, than muplite that answer by 22. than divide that by 9:59 p.m?

    asked by Zoella
  182. EES

    Name a mineral or rock that has more than one element and how humans use it in everyday life

    asked by Daniel
  183. Math Problem

    Mrs. Bond made a deposit of $100 into her checking account. Then she wrote checks for $97.54 and $48.27. If her previous balance was $320.39, what is her new balance? - I also need help with Mika bought two copies of the same book and a tape priced at

    asked by Anonymous
  184. English

    I need some help finding quotes with explanations of the quote for a greeting card. Can anyone list some quotes with the explanations?

    asked by Thi
  185. algebra

    What is the value of the expression below? |-4-5| - |7+3| Show work please or else I won't understand and confused :)

    asked by Cookie
  186. Math

    Samuel, Thea, Ling, Jose, and Mark all want to go on the trip. How many different combinations are possible for the remaining 4 spots?

  187. engineering

    1100 kg car accelerates from rest reaching distance of 139 m in 8.7 sec determine average power in KW your answer to 2 decimal places?

    asked by engineering
  188. maths

    Determine the stress in a solid steel rod of diameter 30 mm when subjected to a tensile load of 91 KN (your answer must be in MPa to 2 decimal places).

    asked by engineering
  189. math(5th grade)

    some 1 centimeter squares are arranged in a staircase pattern. The drawing below shows a 3 step staircase. the area is 6 square centimeters and the perimeter is 12 centimeters. what is the area and perimeter of a 10 step staircase? pls help!

    asked by ary
  190. Economics

    Please simplify. Thanks. Cecelia is an avid art collector who owns many original works of art. Recently, she decided to sell an oil painting by Norman Rockwell. The buyer paid $500,000 for the painting. Since Cecelia had paid just $350,000 for the

    asked by Kesha
  191. math

    You receive a salary of $400 each week plus 12.5% commission on all sales. In on week you sold $2300 worth of merchandise. What is your total earnings for that week.

    asked by elijah
  192. Calculus

    Determine the slope of the tangent to the function f(x)=5e^x - 2e^(2x) at the point with x-coordinate x=1

    asked by Sara
  193. math

    Plot three points with first coodinate equal to (-2.8) and join them

    asked by athanasia
  194. programming

    how do you write a flow chart for program that accepts a salespersons ID num and num of policies sold in the last month, and displays the data only if the salesperson is a high performer-a person who sells more than 25 policies in the month?.. Im lost on

    asked by elayne
  195. Statistics

    A firm claims that only 10% of its accounts receivables are over 30 days past due. The bank that supplies working capital or interim loans to the firm is suspect of the figure and accordingly takes a random of 100 accounts of the firm. Find probability

    asked by Leo Elvis
  196. Calc

    A balloon, 50 feet from an observer is rising at 20 ft/sec. At 5 sec after lift off, a)how fast is the distance between the observer and the balloon changing? b)How fast is the angle of elevation changing. I just need to know what formals to use. I know

    asked by Ryan kustin
  197. math

    the level of pool water goes from4.5 feet to 6 feet. what is the percent increase?

    asked by Anonymous
  198. math

    Q2.Plot three points with second coordinate equal yo (1.3) and join them . Q3.What is the slope of the line y= -1/3x +3 (B)Does it slope upwards? (C) It is steeper than the line y=-1/2x -5? Give reason for your answer. Q4.The equation of the straigth line

    asked by athanasia
  199. English

    I'm not seeing any of what the teacher is asking? can someone help Directions: Place all prepositional phrases in parentheses. Underline the subject or subjects once and DOUBLE underline or bold face the verb or verbs 1. Sandy’s revealing suit attracted

    asked by John lee
  200. reading and writing

    Which of the following is a common error in composing a thesis statement? A. Your thesis statement is specific as opposed to general. B. You offer an original perspective on a familiar theme. C. You focus your thesis statement after you begin writing. D.

    asked by Eva
  201. Business Statistics

    There are 300 students enrolled in Business Statistic. Historically, exam scores are normally distributed with a standard deviation of 30.9. Your instructor randomly selected a sample of 30 examinations and finds a mean of 74.2. Determine a 90% confidence

    asked by Leo Elvis
  202. English.

    O Romeo, Romeo, wherefore art thou Romeo? Deny thy father and refuse thy name, Or if thou wilt not, be but sworn my love, And I’ll no longer be a Capulet. Can someone help me change this into a greeting card quote ?

    asked by Thi
  203. physics

    dahnay carried a box (5,4)m.the box had a mass of 5kg.dahnay says that over 300J of work was done on the box . is dahnay correct?explain the answer.

    asked by plzzzzz help
  204. Business Statistics

    A marketing class is engaged in a project to estimate the proportion of homes receiving both HBO and Showtime cable service. The class plans to use a confidence coefficient of 0.95 and a maximum error of the estimate equal to 0.10. Determine the sample

    asked by Leo Elvis
  205. English

    Can you check my answers for "To Kill A Mockingbird"? please help Chapter 1 from the passage that begins with "Maycomb was an old town" and ends with " Mrs. Dubose was plain hell" . 1. The narrator creates a mood for Maycomb primarily through the use of A.

    asked by Jessie
  206. calculus

    find a projectile fired with an initial velocity of 128 feet per second at an angle of 26 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  207. Math

    The following circle graph was published in the Cane Country annual report. If there are 1,000 registered voters in Cane Country, how many 35-45 years old? On the graph 35-45 years old is graph at 30%. A. 150 voters B. 250 voters C. 300 voters D. 350

    asked by Anonymous
  208. maths

    A man whose height is 5ft 8inches stands in an open square. If the length of his shadow is twice his height, determine the altitude of the sun?

    asked by Godsent
  209. math

    A football team gained 4 in one play. In the next play, the team lost 4 yards. What is the team's net yard gain.

    asked by jasmine
  210. Chemistry

      show that the time dependent expectation value for the position x and momentum p match the solution of newton classical equation for HO drive the amplitude of vibration?

    asked by lolo
  211. Language Arts second grade

    I had to make a complete sentence using, won't, turn and on. I could add any additional words. My sentence is ...The tv won't turn on mom and dad. My mom says that's not correct grammar?

    asked by Aniya
  212. Math

    Q1.Plot three points with first coordinate equal to (-2.8) and join them.

    asked by Athanasia
  213. math

    What is the slope of the line y=-1/3x + 3?

    asked by Athanasia
  214. chemistry

    N2 + 3H2 = 2NH3. What is the DeltaGo of the following reaction? 33.5 kJ/mol 34.5 kJ/mol 35.5 kJ/mol 36.5 kJ/mol

    asked by khursida
  215. physics

    Two ice skaters hold hands and rotate, making one revolution in 2.4 s. Their masses are 60 kg and 70 kg, and they are separated by 1.5 m. Find the angular momentum of the system about their center of mass.

    asked by Anonymous
  216. chemistry

    An aqueous solution contains 0.445 M ethylamine (C2H5NH2). How many mL of 0.226 M hydrochloric acid would have to be added to 150 mL of this solution in order to prepare a buffer with a pH of 10.200

    asked by chem
  217. Math

    6 children ate 3 pizzas many pieces did they eat altogether in fraction

    asked by Iliesa
  218. 3 rd grade Math

    If the hexagon represents one whole, what fractions do the trapezoid, the parallelogram, and the triangle represent? explain how you found your answers. can anybody please explain this how to tell to my son.

    asked by mfr
  219. math

    How do I write one equations in slope-intercept form, and three other lines in slope-intercept form that are perpendicular to the first line ?? -- one line: y=mx+b second line perpendicular y= -x/m + c of course, you have to know m, b, c. ----- for the

    asked by may
  220. Science

    A horizontal force of 24 N is being applied to a box on a level surface. The box is accelerating at the rate of2280889against a frictional force of 14 N. What is the mass of the box?

    asked by Jabrika
  221. math

    8 friends attend a read a thon. They take turns reading aloud for a total of 3 hours. If each friend reads for the same amount of time, what fraction of each hour does each friend spend reading?

    asked by linda
  222. MATH


    asked by BONNIE
  223. English

    1. Memorize all the sentences on the page. Raise your hand if you want to recite all the sentences here. 2. Memorize all the sentences on the page. Raise your hand if you want to talk about all the sentences here. 3. Memorize all the sentences on the page.

    asked by rfvv
  224. Geology

    Rank the following three types of sedimentary rocks in terms of rate of sedimentation from highest (1) to lowest (3) by assigning numbers 1 to 3 to the following: A) Limestone B) Chert C) Sandstone

    asked by Daniel