Questions Asked on
March 7, 2015

  1. Math Ms.Sue

    Scientists estimate the rate of a wildebeest running at full speed to be 66 feet per second. Write a function rule to describe the relationship between the time, t, and the distance, d,a wildebeest travels when running at full speed. t = 66d 66 = d • t d

    asked by SmartyPants
  2. science

    A construction worker is using his weight to keep a stationary stack of wooden beams from falling. If the construction worker uses 689.0 N of force to hold 10 beams stationary against a wall, how much work does he do? (1 point) 0 J 0.0150 J 68.9 J 6,890 J

    asked by Oscar
  3. Math (Help)

    When baking a cake, you have a choice of the following pans: a round cake pan that is 2 inches deep and has a 7 inch diameter a 6 inch × 9 inch rectangular cake pan that is 2 inches deep a. Which of these pans has the larger volume? Justify your answer.

    asked by SmartyPants
  4. Math

    A gift box is 15 inches long, 10 inches wide, and 3 inches high. How much wrapping paper is needed to wrap the gift box? 225 in.2 450 in.2 525 in.2(my answer) 650 in.2

    asked by SmartyPants
  5. Physics

    A car comes to a bridge during a storm and finds the bridge washed out. The driver must get to the other side, so he decides to try leaping it with his car. The side the car is on is 19.5m above the river, while the opposite side is a mere 1.6m above the

    asked by Kevin
  6. Math

    Alex needs to buy compressed air to fill 5 empty cylindrical tanks for his tire store. Each tank is 12 feet deep and has a radius of 6 feet. What is the volume of compressed air needed?

    asked by SmartyPants
  7. Physics

    A 0.02 kg ball moving to the right at 0.25 m/s makes an elastic head-on collision with a 0.04 kg ball moving to the left at 0.15 m/s. After the collision, the smaller ball moves to the left at 0.16 m/s. What is the velocity of the 0.04 kg ball after

    asked by Please help
  8. statistics

    The mean cost of domestic airfares in the United states rose to an all-time high of $385 per ticket

    asked by spha
  9. astronomy

    The peak luminosity of a white dwarf supernova is around 10^10LSun and it remains above 10^8LSun for about 150 days. In comparison, the luminosity of a bright Cepheid variable star is about 10000LSun.The Hubble Space Telescope is sensitive enough to make

    asked by Landy
  10. maths

    there are 104 students in class 10th and 96 students in class 9th in a school .in a house examination the students ate to be evenly seated in parallel rows such that no two adjacent rows are of the same class. (a) find the maximum number of parallel rows

    asked by ritik
  11. Chemistry :/

    Experiment 1 results: mass of crucible 88g mass of hydrate 93g mass of salt 91.196g 1. Calculate the following: a:mass of water in the hydrate sample (g) b:number of moles of water in the sample c:mass of pure salt in the sample (g) d:number of moles of

    asked by Leanna
  12. English 2

    is "The Poetic Interpretation of the Twist" by Cornelius Eady a literature poem ?

    asked by Ciaria
  13. physics

    A car A is going north-east at 80km/h and another car B is going south-east at 60km/h. The direction of the relative velocity of A with B makes an angle of x with north find x

    asked by shubham
  14. Ms.Sue! Math

    A DVD store charges $4.70 for each day, d, a DVD is rented. The store also gives you a dollar off if the DVD is returned before 5 days a. Write a rule to represent the rental charges C. b. How much will you pay if you return the DVD after 4 days? 7 days? C

    asked by SmartyPants
  15. Science

    When the energy of a light wave is transferred to a particle and causes it to vibrate and generate heat the energy of the light wave is A. Absorbed B. Reflected C. Refracted D. Transmitted Is the answer A? Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Physics

    A volleyball is served at an angle of 35 degrees with an initial speed of 5 m/s. What is the maximum height reached by the ball?

    asked by Please help
  17. algebra

    Sheila is climbing on a ladder that is attached against the side of a jungle gym wall. She is 5 feet off the ground and 3 feet from the base of the ladder, which is 15 feet from the wall. How high up the wall is the top of the ladder?

    asked by chrissy
  18. chemistry

    Liquid hexane will react with gaseous oxygen to produce gaseous carbon dioxide and gaseous water . Suppose 43.9 g of hexane is mixed with 57. g of oxygen. Calculate the minimum mass of hexane that could be left over by the chemical reaction. Round your

    asked by Natasha
  19. statistics

    A coin mint has a specification that a particular coin has a mean weight of 2.5 g. A sample of 39 coins was collected. Those coins have a mean weight of 2.49491 g and a standard deviation of 0.01372 g. Use a 0.05 significance level to test the claim that

    asked by slomomo
  20. Probability

    Let A,B,C be three events and let X=IA, Y=IB, Z=IC be the associated indicator random variables. We already know that X⋅Y is the indicator random variable of the event A∩B. In the same spirit, give an algebraic expression, involving X, Y, Z for the

    asked by qwerty
  21. Physics

    A football is kicked at an angle of 40 degrees with an initial speed of 7 m/s. What is the horizontal distance traveled by the ball?

    asked by Please help
  22. Physics

    A frisbee is thrown horizontally with a speed of 12 m/s. If the frisbee moves a horizontal distance of 15 m, how long will it stay in the air?

    asked by Please help
  23. Physics

    Your parents have just bought you a new Canon digital camera. You wish to show your friends a picture of it, but you have no other cameras in the house. So you decide to stand 1.5 m in front of a flat mirror. For what distance should you focus your camera

    asked by Anonymous
  24. chemistry

    A scientist measures the standard enthalpy change for the following reaction to be -172.4 kJ : 2SO2(g) + O2(g) 2SO3(g) Based on this value and the standard enthalpies of formation for the other substances, the standard enthalpy of formation of SO2(g) is

    asked by jojo
  25. Math

    80 boys took the examination in the three subjects: Chinese, English and Mathematics, and none of them failed in all three subjects. It was noted that 8 passed in English only and 10 passed in Mathematics only; 7 passed in Mathematics and Chinese but not

    asked by Jiskhans
  26. physics

    A body accelerate from rest at (2m/s square) calculate its velocity after travelling 9m

    asked by Mayowa
  27. Physics

    A 7500kg rocket blasts off vertically from the launch pad with a constant upward acceleration of 2.20m/s2 and feels no appreciable air resistance. When it has reached a height of 595m , its engines suddenly fail so that the only force acting on it is now

    asked by Kevin
  28. please help

    Suppose Tyler sprayed around the house for ants. Which formula would be used to find the number of ants still alive after a certain time if the number of ants was changing exponentially? a. a = P(o.56)^t b. y = mx + b c. a = x d. a = P(1.23)^t

    asked by Meredith Grey
  29. math word problem

    Martha earns $8.76 per hour at her job. Last week, she worked for 32.5 hours. On average, if Martha worked 5 days last week, how much did she earn each day?

    asked by anonymous
  30. math

    A retailer planned to buy some computers form a wholesaler for a total of shilling 1,800,000. Before the retailer could buy the computers the price per unit was reduced by shilling 4,000. This reduction in price enabled the retailer to buy five more

    asked by John
  31. Elemements of Math

    Little Caesar's Pizza had a commercial on television that claimed you could buy one pizza and get another one free, with up to 5 toppings per pizza (do not count the pizza sauce or the cheese as a topping). The dialogue on the commercial went something

    asked by Zoe
  32. Probability

    Consider three random variables X, Y, and Z, associated with the same experiment. The random variable X is geometric with parameter p∈(0,1). If X is even, then Y and Z are equal to zero. If X is odd, (Y,Z) is uniformly distributed on the set

    asked by qwerty
  33. Business Statistics

    The following tables shows the hourly wages of all workers in a certain hospital. Determine the pearsonian coefficient of skewness (population data). Hourly wages frequency 90-99 5 100-109 9 110-119 5 120-129 7 130-139 5 140-149 3 My answers: mean = 116.56

    asked by rianne
  34. Probability

    A fair, 6-sided die is rolled 6 times independently. Assume that the results of the different rolls are independent. Let (a1,…,a6) denote a typical outcome, where each ai belongs to {1,…,6}. Find the probability that the results of the 6 rolls are all

    asked by qwerty
  35. physics

    A billiard ball moving at 4.0 m/s strikes a pair of billiard ball at rest. One of the ball moves off at 2.0 m/s in a direction 60 degrees from the line of motion of the first ball and the other moves off at 3.0 m/s in a direction 30 degrees from the line

    asked by kezuya
  36. statistics

    Suppose IQ scores were obtained from randomly selected twins. For 20 such pairs of people, the linear correlation coefficient is 0.876 and the regression line is y-hat = 11,76 + 0.89x, where x represents the IQ score of the twin born second. Also,the 20x

    asked by slomomo
  37. physics

    A rigid tank having a volume of 0.100 m3 contains helium gas at 155 atm. How many balloons can be inflated by opening the valve at the top of the tank? Each filled balloon is a sphere 0.300 m in diameter at an absolute pressure of 1.15 atm. (Remember that

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Criminal Justice/Probation & Parole

    Each of the following statements is true about the indeterminate sentence except: A. it originated at Elmira Reformatory. B. it requires the use of a parole board. C. it was not popular during the Great Depression. D. it usually involves a minimum and a

    asked by Pat
  39. English

    “Nature is bountiful, which is why logging should be strictly regulated.” Which logical fallacy is illustrated in this sentence? A. Ad hominem B. Non sequitur C. Post hoc ergo propter hoc D. Red herring

    asked by jb
  40. physics

    a brass rod is 2 m long at a certain temperature. what is its length for a temperature rise of 100 K, if the expansivity of brass is 18 *10^-6K-1?

    asked by Edward
  41. chemistry

    A sample of tin (Cp = 0.227 J/g•°C) is placed in a freezer. Its temperature decreases from 15.0°C to −10.0°C as it releases 543 J of energy. What is the mass of the sample?

    asked by Kitty
  42. math

    The graph of f(x) = |x| is transformed to g(x) = |x + 1| – 7. On which interval is the function decreasing? A) (–∞, –7) B) (–∞, –1) C) (–∞, 1) D) (–∞, 7) I put D but i'm not sure if it right

    asked by Kitty
  43. Chemistry

    Experiment 1 results: mass of crucible 88g mass of hydrate 93g mass of salt 91.196g 1. Calculate the following: a:mass of water in the hydrate sample (g) b:number of moles of water in the sample c:mass of pure salt in the sample (g) d:number of moles of

    asked by Leanna
  44. Math

    In a group of girls, 20 play volleyball, 21 play badminton and 18 play table tennis; 7 play volleyball only; 9 play badminton only; 6 play volleyball and badminton only and 2 play badminton and table-tennis only. a)How many play all three games? b)How many

    asked by Jiskhans
  45. math

    A cylindrical piece of wood of radius 4.2 cm and length 150 cm is cut length rise into two equal pieces. Calculate the surface area of one piece

    asked by kudu
  46. Physics

    Carl hits a 0.05 kg golf ball giving it a speed of 65 m/s. What impulse does he impact to the ball?

    asked by Please help
  47. art

    A piece of japanese armor was once used to protect the heads of soildiers this work has since been replaced by twenty-first century fighting gear but the original armor is on in a museum this change over time is a example of

    asked by rome
  48. accounting

    A company purchased merchandise inventory at a cost of $8,500 with credit terms 2/10, net 60. If the company borrows $8,330 to pay for the purchase on the last day of the discount period and pays the loan plus interest in the amount of $8,466.93 on the

    asked by dee
  49. Math

    I know someone has posted this question before but didn't get an answer so sorry for the post. The box-and-whisker plots show data for the test scores of four groups of students in the same class. Which plot represents data with the greatest range of

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Dynamics of machinery

    1. a flywheel is making 180 r.p.m and after 20 second it is running at 140 r.p.m. how many revolutions will it make, and what time will elapse before it stop, if the retardation is uniform?

    asked by Rafiqi
  51. addmath A.P.

    Tn=3n-2 Find the first term,a;the common difference,d;and then find the 5th term.

    asked by mandy
  52. Pre-Cal

    Confirm that f and g are inverses by showing that f(g(x)) = x and g(f(x)) = x. f(x) = (x-7)/(x+3) and g(x) = (-3x-7)/(x-1) I got to the point where f(g(x)) is plugged in but how would I simplify it? (((-3x-7)/(x-1))-7)/(((-3x-7)/(x-1)+3)

    asked by Michaela
  53. Bar graph?

    I need to create a bar graph for a retail store I created that sells clothing for men, women, kids, etc. I already made a circle graph, frequency table, and line graph to show my stores budget and what customers favorite items are, and the frequency of how

    asked by Giovanna
  54. Satistic help Please

    The population of California is approximately 38 million. If you were in charge of making license plates for California, describe the method you would use to ensure you would have enough license plates. Assume that you may use letters and numbers to create

    asked by Jenifer
  55. Psychology

    Martina heard the noise, but could not understand what was being said. Perhaps it was simply the humming of the machines that she heard? She was uncertain whether she should move toward or away from the sound. Martina is having difficulty with? A.

    asked by Brooke
  56. indian ridian ridge

    Simplify the given expression to rational exponent form and justify each step by identifying the properties of rational exponents used. All work must be shown. 1/cubed root of x to -6 exponent

    asked by dylan
  57. math

    The distance between towns M and N is 280 km. A car and a bus travel from M to N. The average speed of the bus is 20 km/h less than that of the car. The bus takes 1 h 10 min more than the car to travel from M and N. (a) If the speed of the bus x km/h ? car

    asked by kudu
  58. Math

    Mike and Lani stand 21.2 meters apart. From Mike’s position, the angle of elevation to the top of the Eiffel Tower is 40°. From Lani’s position, the angle of elevation to the top of the Eiffel Tower is 38.5°. How many meters high is the Eiffel Tower?

    asked by Anonymous
  59. Math

    a scale drawing of a rectangular field is 10 centimeters by 8.5 centimeters. If the actual field has a dimension of 40 meters by 34 meters which could be the scale used for the drawing? a. 0.5cm = 16m b. 0.5 cm = 8m c. 0.5 cm = 4m d. 0.5 cm =2m I

    asked by Rico
  60. math

    If a $5000 piece of equipment depreciates at a rate of 5% per year, how much will it be worth after 5 years? is it $3,868.9?

    asked by Meredith Grey
  61. math

    Point T is the midpoint of a straight line AB. Given the position vectors of A and T are i - j + k and 2i + 1 ½ k respectively, find the position vector of B in terms of i, and k

    asked by kudu
  62. Statistics

    If a mother has three bananas, two pears, and two oranges, in how many different ways can she give the fruit to her daughter in one week, one piece of fruit per day?

    asked by Jenifer
  63. Physics

    Kaitlin is going off to her physics class, jogging down the sidewalk at a speed of 3.30m/s . Her husband Scott suddenly realises that she left in such a hurry that she forgot her sandwich, so he runs to the window of their apartment, which is a height

    asked by Kevin
  64. physics

    A black and tackle with a velocity ratio of 5 is used to raise a mass of 25kg through a vertical distance of 40cm at a steady rate.if the effort is equal to 60N, determine a. The distance moved by the effort b. The work done by the effort in lifting the

    asked by abubakar
  65. math

    John bought a new car for shilling 800,000. After 5 years, he sold it through a second-hand car dealer. The dealer charged a commission of 4% for the sale of the car. If John received shillings 480,000, calculate the annual rate of depreciation of the car.

    asked by John
  66. math

    Two towns P and Q are 400 km apart. A bus left for P and Q. It stopped at Q for one hour and then started the return to P. one hour after the departure of the bus from P, a trail also heading for Q left P. the trailer met the returning bus ¾ of the way

    asked by kudu
  67. Geometry

    Horizon has a cell phone plan for $28.00 per month plus $.30 per minute with unlimited anytime network minutes and a free flip phone for new customers. How do I put this in an equation. Sprint has a plan for $30.00 per month plus $.029 per minute unlimited

    asked by Marita C
  68. physics

    how much force is required to stop a 100 mi/hr fastball? Assume the catcher's mitt stops the ball in 1 millisecond and the mass of a baseball is 145 g.

    asked by george
  69. Criminal Justice/Parole & Probation

    All of the following statements are correct about "good time" except: A. good time serves to control inmate misconduct. B. good times refers to recreation and meal times in prison. C. good time does not use threats of additional punishment as an incentive

    asked by Pat
  70. Microeconomics

    In the shortrun function of a company with a constant variable cost is given by the equation q=225+55q,where TC is the total cost and q is the total quantity of output,both measured in thousands.1.what is a company's fixed cost?2.if the company produced

    asked by Grace pebetse
  71. Matrix

    If A=(aij) and B=(bij) are arbitrary square matrices of order 2, show that |AB|=|A||B|? I don't understand how to start this question. What is the question even asking?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Education/College level

    National Education Technology Standards: NETS for Teachers. 1. Facilitate and Inspire Learning and Creativity. b. engage students in exploring real-world issues and solving authentic problems using digital tools and resources. What skills and competencies

    asked by Cathy
  73. physics

    wo vectors A⃗ and B⃗ have magnitude A = 3.02 and B = 3.03. Their vector product is A⃗ ×B⃗ = -5.05k^ + 2.06 i^. What is the angle between A⃗ and B⃗ ?

    asked by Kevin
  74. Criminal Justice/Probation & Parole

    Sir Walter Crofton: A. established the "Irish System" that influenced the use of parole in the United States. B. was influential in the movement to establish a police force for the city of London. C. agreed with the classical approach to criminals. D.

    asked by Pat
  75. Math

    Predict how many times a six sided die will land on the six if you roll it 24 times? Thank you!

    asked by Tina
  76. Physics

    A 0.2 kg ball moves to the right with a speed of 3 m/s. It hits a 0.5 kg ball that at rest. After collision, the second ball moves to the right with a speed of 1 m/s. What is the speed of the first ball after collision?

    asked by Please help
  77. Maths

    How fast was Calvin driving if he covered 50 km in 45 minutes? Round off your answer to the nearest whole number. Your answer should be in km/h [Hint: use the formula: speed=distance /time]

    asked by Samkelisiwe Petunia Mthombeni
  78. algebra

    What function is represented by the cost of cell phone service that charges abase amount plus $.20/min?

    asked by Becky
  79. Sosiology

    1. What is the Bully 2. What is the cause someone could be bullied?

    asked by Bella
  80. chemistry

    why doesnt the radius ratio rule work for TlCl3??? the division would be the radius of the cation / radius of the anion. For Tl3+ and Cl-...88pm/181pm = .49 which would correspond to a 'zinc blende' crystal structure and not a CsCl type crystal as the rest

    asked by matthew
  81. english

    paul was sad when the football burst

    asked by Ann
  82. Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu

    what career I can follow with this subjects?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. math word problem

    A high school student created a remote control car that can travel 66 feet in 6 seconds. Express as a unit rate A. 11 feet/sec B. 66feet/sec C. 11sec/feet D. 6 feet/sec

    asked by anonymous
  84. statistics

    I need help, I am trying to figure out the critical value of my homework and I am having a great deal of trouble. if z= 1.69 p = .0455 What is the critical value(s) , is/are z =?

    asked by phyllys
  85. Probability

    A binary communication system is used to send one of two messages: (i) message A is sent with probability 2/3, and consists of an infinite sequence of zeroes, (ii) message B is sent with probability 1/3, and consists of an infinite sequence of ones. The

    asked by qwerty
  86. statistics

    In the population, the average IQ is μ = 100 with a standard deviation of σ = 15. A team of scientists wants to test a new medication to see if it has a positive effect on intelligence. A sample of n = 10 participants who have taken the medication has a

    asked by sam
  87. English

    What does the proverb 'you catch more flies with honey than you do with vinegar' mean?

    asked by Samkelisiwe Petunia Mthombeni
  88. English

    Is the Midwest vs South a good compare and compassion essay

    asked by m
  89. math

    Verizon has a cell phone plan for $28.00 per month plus $.30 per minute with unlimited anytime network minutes and a free flip phone for new customers. How do I put this in an equation. Sprint has a plan for $30.00 per month plus $.029 per minute unlimited

    asked by Marita C
  90. economic

    What is accounting terms according to the opinion of American Accounting Association (AAA)?

    asked by jeyson
  91. physics

    skater has a mass of 45 kg and is at rest. skater 2 has a mass of 50 kg and is moving along at a constant velocity of 3.2 m/s East. skater 3 has a mass of 75 kg and is moving quickly at a constant velocity of 9.6 m/s East. which state experiences the

    asked by ella
  92. math

    Give that x is angle in the first quadrant such that 8sin 2x + 2cosx – 5 = 0 Find: cosx tanx

    asked by kudu
  93. Force

    Lever is 15 feet long rock is 150 lbs folcrum is 12 feet from the rick how much force is exerted

    asked by Anonymous
  94. Math

    Find the first five terms: a sub 1 = 4 and a sub n = 0.5a sub (n - 1) + 1 Are they 3, 2.5, 2.25, 2.125, and 2.0625?

    asked by Anonymous
  95. Math ASAP

    Verizon has a cell phone plan for $28.00 per month plus $.30 per minute with unlimited anytime network minutes and a free flip phone for new customers. How do I put this in an equation. Sprint has a plan for $30.00 per month plus $.029 per minute unlimited

    asked by Marita C
  96. SAT Math

    If x and y are positive integers, which of the following could be equal to 3x+ 4y? The answer is 10, but not sure on how to get the answer? Also, is there a short cut to get to the answer without taking a lot of time on the SAT to work this type of problem

    asked by Student
  97. english please help me! i'm afraid incorrect

    Arrange the words into correct sentences! 1. kimono - have - you - worn - a - ever ? 2. house - in - twenty - parents - same - have - my - lived - over - the - for - years 3. with - you - have - done - books - my - what ? 4. has - the - lately - weather -

    asked by mika
  98. English

    Which sentence most clearly exhibits bias? A. The professor’s points appear to be based on outdated research. B. If my argument is true, Blake’s argument is clearly false. C. Few would disagree that poor people are incapable of rational thinking. D.

    asked by jb
  99. Computer Science

    For this task you will create a program that prints out a user-specified string. Then, on the next line, it prints out the string again, all except the last character. It continues printing the string with one less character on each line, until the last

    asked by Science Java
  100. Math ASAP

    2, 1,1/2 , 1/4 , . .. arithmetic geometric both neither I don't know how to solve it?

    asked by SmartyPants
  101. Math

    At & T has a cell phone plan of $25.00 a month plus 30 cents per minute. There is a one year contract wit a new phone for $19.99 Can someone put this into a equation for me.

    asked by Jessica
  102. Math 112

    A student wants to know why, if we can define 0! as 1, we cannot define 1 over 0

    asked by Juddy
  103. math

    1 2/3 add 2 8/9 then divide the answer by 3. 1 2/3 add 2 8/9= 7/3 add 26/9= 21/9 add 26/9=47/9 I got that bit I just don't know how to divide

    asked by remi
  104. math

    79.9% of 10,034.. and can someone please explain how to do these.

    asked by Meredith Grey
  105. Maths

    If 192;x;y;3 form a geometric progression, calculate the value of x and y.

    asked by Zikhona
  106. Math

    Two parallel resistors have resistances R1 and R2. If the total resistance is R, then 1/R = 1/R1 + 1/R2. R1 is increasing at 0.04 ohm/sec,and R2 is decreasing at 0.03 ohm/sec. How fast is the total resistance changing at the moment that R1 is 3 ohms and R2

    asked by Anonymous
  107. english

    yesterday I had homework. Um.. so, question is: what is the difference between the english language British with english language USA? ya, I really don't know what's the difference?

    asked by anonymous
  108. Math

    Mike was voted Most Valuable Player for 2 out of 5 seasons. What is the probability that Mike will be Most Valuable Player this year? I thought the answer would be 40%, but I'm not sure. I wasn't sure how to include this year in with the past 5 years or

    asked by Tina
  109. Algebra

    What is point-slope form?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. math

    What is 100+91x3+94+93+82+89/8?

    asked by NOYB
  111. Maths literacy,life science,physical science,consu

    what careers I can follow with this subjects?

    asked by nomaphelo
  112. Geo

    What is state that only 2 seasons????

    asked by ROGER
  113. Math

    Mike was voted MVP for 2 out of the past 5 seasons. What is the probability that he will be MVP this year? Thank you!

    asked by Tina
  114. Math

    Katy just brought a brand-new 2009 Toyota Camry Hybrid FOR $30,000. Her car was traded in for $16,000. What fraction of the purchase price was not covered by the trade-in? 30,000 -16,000 = $14, the amount not covered. Can you tell me what method to

    asked by Rachel
  115. algebra

    32.8% off of 106

    asked by Meredith Grey
  116. math

    1.find: 32 out of 110 in percentage 2.find: 41 out of 40 in percentage

    asked by Meredith Grey
  117. arabic!!!

    3. مَا .......... ياَ أَخِي ؟ إِسْمِي سَالِم ‌أ. إِسْمُكِ ‌ب. إِسْمُهُ ‌ج. إِسْمُكَ ‌د. إِسْمُهاَ

    asked by anon
  118. math

    find integral exp(-x)x^-2

    asked by assma
  119. Math

    A military plane maintains an altitude of 15,000 feet over a vast flat desert. It flies at a constant speed on a line that will take it directly over an observer on the ground. At noon, the angle of elevation from the observer’s shoes to the plane is 30

    asked by Jane
  120. geography

    Explain the rise in sea level due to global warming? With your opinion, please!

    asked by zaky