Questions Asked on
March 5, 2015

  1. math

    Aaron earns $1.50 for every video game he sells. When he sells one carton of 30 video games, he earns an additional $10. What is the minimum number of video games he has to sell in order to earn $450?

    asked by Al
  2. english composition 2

    A simple standard definition is normally composed of all of the following exept. a. characteristic of some class b.the term to be define c. A class containing the term to be define d. the distintive characteristic of the term I chose A

    asked by siulaniperez
  3. english composition 2

    Motivational letters are to encouraging positive action as diplomatic letters are to ? a.sustaining important personal and organizational relationships. b.dealing with local, state. and federal regulatory agencies c.resolving internet or external dispute

    asked by siulaniperez
  4. english composition 2

    Which kind of descriptive device is used in the following sentence from a narrative ? “ As I looked around the room in search of clues, the teddy bear __propped up on the neatly made bed—stared at me with suspicious eyes. “ a.Analogy b.simile

    asked by siulaniperez
  5. english composition 2

    Which statement best illustrates the nature of a Bildungsroman? a. The hero of the story never seems to understand his own fault. b. In Caldwell novel, her protagonist, Lucille seeks the approval of seriously slimy characters c. The hero in the story stand

    asked by siulaniperez
  6. english composition 2

    Thinking about narrative categories, which sort of essay helps people feel that they’re joined in a common cause ? a. Entertainment b. curiosity c. redemption d. solidarity I chose D

    asked by siulaniperez
  7. physics

    Your car rides on springs, so it will have a natural frequency of oscillation. (Figure 1) shows data for the amplitude of motion of a car driven at different frequencies. The car is driven at 24mph over a washboard road with bumps spaced 12 feet apart; the

    asked by Miya
  8. Statistics/Probability

    A certain brand of candies have a mean weigh of 0.8576 g and a standard deviation of 0.0523. A sample of these candies came from a package containing 447 candies,and the package label stated the net weight is 381.3 g. (If every package has 447 candies, the

    asked by slomomo
  9. math

    At a school camp, 30% of the students were boys. When 87 students left the camp after the second day, half the original number of boys were left behind, and the number of girls decreased by 20%. How many girls were at the camp in the beginning?

    asked by Ally
  10. english composition 2

    Motivational letters are to encouraging positive action as diplomatic letters are to ? a.sustaining important personal and organizational relationships. b.dealing with local, state. and federal regulatory agencies c.resolving internet or external dispute

    asked by siulaniperez
  11. Chemistry

    Complete and balance the molecular equation, including phases, for the reaction of aqueous iron(III) nitrate, Fe(NO3)3 and aqueous lithium hydroxide, LiOH Enter the balanced net ionic equation, including phases, for this reaction.

    asked by L
  12. Math

    Make a box-and-whisker plot of the data. 21,21,22,20,13,13,27,24 A. The lowest value is numberd 13, the lower quartile is numberd 15, the median is numberd 21, the upper quartile is numberd 23, the highest value is numberd 27. B. The lowest value is

    asked by Anonymous
  13. math

    A rectangle measuring 7cm by 4cm is enlarged by a ratio of 2:1.what is the area of the enlarged rectangle.

    asked by james
  14. physics

    The sweeping second hand on your wall clock is 24cm long. a)What is the rotational speed of the second hand? b)Find the translational speed of the tip of the second hand. c)Find the rotational acceleration of the second hand.

    asked by help me please
  15. Chemistry

    a) A current of 1.50 Amperes passes through a solution of AgNO3 for 3.0 hours. What mass, in grams, of silver collects on the cathode? (molar mass of silver = 107.9 g/mol) b) How many seconds would it take to collect 100 g of silver to collect on the

    asked by Morgan
  16. Algebra

    A rectangular pool has a perimeter of 142 feet. The length is 25 feet longer than the width. Find the length and width of the pool.

    asked by Emily
  17. Directions

    What does N70 degrees E mean? Thank you

    asked by Lucina
  18. statistics

    A survey found that women's heights are normally distributed with mean 62.4 in and standard deviation 2.8 in. The survey also found that men's heights are normally distributed with a mean of 68.9 in. and standard deviation 2.8. Complete parts a through c

    asked by slomomo
  19. math

    A map scale indicates that 1 inch equals 175 miles. The distance between two points on the map measures 5 3/4 inches. What is the actual distance between those two points in kilometers? (1 mile = 1.61 kilometers.)

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics

    a man sets his watch at noon by the sound of a factory whistle 4.8 km away. If the temperature of the air is 20 degrees C, how many seconds slow will his watch be?

    asked by Jay
  21. physics

    What mechanical work must you do to lift a uniform log that is 3.3m long and has a mass of 100kg from the horizontal to a vertical position? [Hint: Use the work-energy principle.]

    asked by help me please
  22. using skills

    What is the primary advantage of purchasing a publisher's kit? A. The kits contain consumable supplies. B. Kits are self-contained and ready to use. C. Kits can be used as supplementary material. D. It provides opportunities for hands-on learning. my

    asked by lauren
  23. Math

    A farmer has 2,400 feet of fencing and wants to fence off a rectangular field that borders a straight river. He needs no fence along the river. Write the function that will produce the largest area if x is the short side of the rectangle.

    asked by Gary
  24. 5th grade math

    It takes Marty 1 1/4 hours to get ready for school. If 1/5 of that time is used to shower, what fraction of an hour does it take him to shower? 1/4answer

    asked by Beverly
  25. chemistry

    In a reaction involving the iodination of acetone, the following volumes were used to make up the reaction mixture: 10 mL 5.0 M acetone + 10 mL 1.5 M HCl + 10 mL 0.005 M I2 + 20 mL H2O A student found that it took 400 seconds for the color of the I2 to

    asked by leticia
  26. P.E.

    About 80% of infections disease is spread by hand contact. True* False

    asked by Anon
  27. reading

    Compare and contrast the two different versions of the story of the Great Chicago Fire. How does the format of each passage allow the author to add details and information to support his/her purpose? Excerpt 1: Fannie Belle Becker (later Fanny Dement), ten

    asked by kitty
  28. 5th grade math

    Kallisto built a rectangular sign that measured 2 3/4 feet in length by 1 1/2 feet in width. To find the area, multiply the length and width. what is the area of the sign in square feet? Write an equation to solve. 2 3/4 1 1/2 +2 3/4 1 1/2 =11/1/2 ------

    asked by Beverly

    Find the area of an irregular shape.Round to the nearest tenth. The picture looks like the post office mail box. The top half radius is 5cm and the lower half is 8cm a 90.2 cm^2 b 241 cm^2 c 65.1 cm^2***** d 72.3 cm^2 Please help

    asked by BUBBLES
  30. ela

    I have to write a sentence with a polysyndenton sentence structure; is this an example of one? ex: I was stressed because the teacher inundated me with many projects and homework and classwork and materials

    asked by ally
  31. History

    Theodore Roosevelt's taking of the Panama Canal Zone is an example of: Select one: a. his ability to "speak softly". b. his belief in intervening with the sole purpose to "uplift" the peoples of Central America. c. his belief in "liberal internationalism"

    asked by TayB
  32. math

    A student athlete runs 3 1_ 3 miles in 30 minutes. A professional runner can run 1 1_ 4 times as far in 30 minutes. How far can the professional runner run in 30 minutes?

    asked by Larry
  33. using skills

    According to the text, why should teachers of young children share science activities with parents? A. Everybody should know the facts of science. B. Parents want to learn science. C. Science relates to all aspects of a child's life. D. Parents are their

    asked by lauren
  34. Inorganic Chemistry

    Which of the following species contain a C4 axis and a σh plane? Choose all that apply. [ICl4]- SiCl4 XeF4 GeH4 [PO4]3

    asked by Joseph
  35. Science

    When Marie Curie isolated uranium from pitchblende, she realized that the pitchblende was more radioactive than the uranium she had extracted. What did she conclude about her observations? A. Pitchblende itself is a radioactive element. B. The pitchblende

    asked by Anonymous
  36. World History

    1. What is Social Darwinism and how was it tied to imperialism? Social Darwinism is the belief of “Survival of the Fittest”. During the struggle between nations there were different factors that went into how you were treated like your ranking in

    asked by Nick
  37. chimestry

    150 ml of 0.4m nitric acid reacts with 100 ml 0.3m mg(oh)2. calculate the ph as poh of the solution after completion of the reaction. 2hno3+mg(oh)2-->mg(no3)2+2h2o

    asked by ileen
  38. Physice

    A 10 cm long, 2 cm wide wooden wedge is pushed into a soft wood block.Calculate: 1. The velocity ratio of the wedge. 2. The load on the soft wood if the effort applied is 30 N (assuming the wedge is 100% efficient).

    asked by Yared moges
  39. macon state

    A consumer values a car at $30,000 and it cost a producer $20,000 to make the same car. If the transaction is complete at $24,000,the transaction will generate.

    asked by toot
  40. Chemistry

    Phosphoric acid, H3PO4(aq), is a triprotic acid, meaning that one molecule of the acid has three acidic protons. Estimate the pH, and the concentrations of all species in a 0.250 M phosphoric acid solution. [H3PO4] = ? [H2PO4^-] =? [HPO4^2-]=? [PO4^3-]=?

    asked by Anna
  41. Ap chemistry

    Suppose NaOH is added to the following system when it is at equilibrium. NH3 (aq) + H2O (l) = NH4 (aq) + OH (aq) a) in which direction will the reaction shift after the NaOH is added? b) will this stress increase or decrease the value of the reaction

    asked by Ivey
  42. Math

    provide one of the two positive integers whose sum is 200 and whose product is a maximum.

    asked by Gary
  43. Pre-Calc

    This is the last question on my pre-calc homework, I looked through the textbook and have no idea how to do this. Use the Law of Sines to solve for all possible triangles that satisfy the given conditions. (If an answer does not exist, enter DNE. Round

    asked by Cat Jones
  44. Math

    What is the area of the largest rectangle with lower base on the x-axis and upper vertices on the curve y equals= 12 minus x^2?

    asked by Gary
  45. Math

    1/3divided by 4= 12 I made a model that has 4 sections and each space has 3 1third sections

    asked by Beverly
  46. chemistry

    How many grams of water will be produced by the reaction of 7.00g NH3 of 9.00g of NO?

    asked by mary
  47. Physics

    I need help with the second part of this question. Please show work so I can see. Thanks. I. The fastest land mammal, the cheetah, can accelerate from 0 mi/hr to 70.0 mi/hr in 3.0 seconds. What is the acceleration of the cheetah? Give your answer in units

    asked by Anonymous
  48. physics

    A police car is traveling at a constant velocity 18 m/s north, when a car zooms by at a constant velocity 42 m/s due north. After a reaction time of 0.8 s the police car pursue the speeder with an acceleration of 5 m/s2. How long (in s) does it take for

    asked by Emanuel
  49. math

    I know everyone is busy but could u please take a sec for this question???? Thank you in advance. What is the length of the diagonal for the rectangular prism to the nearest whole unit? LENGTH:12 cm WIDTH:4 cm HEIGHT:9 cm A.16 cm B.15 cm C.13 cm D.10 cm i

    asked by bruh
  50. Calculus, HELP!!

    1) A rectangular page is to contain 24 square inches of print. The page has to have a 6-inch margin on top and at the bottom and a 1-inch margin on each side. Find the dimensions of the page that minimize the amount of paper used. 2) A cable runs along a

    asked by Henry
  51. ela

    what is the prepositional phrase in the following sentence? the food and the extra water were kept in the storage cabinet A)the food B)and extra water C)were kept D)in the storage cabinet I think its D. Somebody pls help me WriteTeacher or Ms Sue or just

    asked by Oscar
  52. using skills

    At which grade level is it most appropriate for children to group by more than one attribute? A. Four years old B. Kindergarten C. Preschool D. Primary my answer is d.

    asked by lauren
  53. chemistry

    Hot air balloons gain their lift from the reduction in the density of air that occurs when the air in the envelope is heated. To what temperature should you heat a sample of air (initially at 374 K) to increase its volume by 13%? Answer in units of K.

    asked by kurtis
  54. math- urgent help

    For the following scenario, develop an equation and a set of 5 ordered pairs for equation: 1. the amount a sales person earns is a flat rate plus commission. 2. the volume of fuel in a snowmobiles tank related the distance travelled. 3. the cost of a hotel

    asked by tj
  55. History

    During World War I, the power, size, and scope, of the federal government: Select one: a. stayed the same. b. shrank, as more power was delegated to individual states. c. expanded greatly. d. was strictly limited. I think c or a

    asked by TayB
  56. History

    A cause not widely championed by Progressives was: Select one: a. regulating industry b. women's suffrage c. prohibiting alcohol d. equal rights for blacks I think c or d

    asked by TayB
  57. History

    The Progressive movement primarily drew its strength from: Select one: a. big business b. farmers c. middle class reformers d. military leaders e. socialists I think a. If not a then I think c

    asked by TayB
  58. History

    Progressives wished to put an end to industrial capitalism, and move rapidly toward socialism. Select one: True False False

    asked by TayB
  59. math

    i'm working on this question and honestly I have tries but I don't understanding anything about the question, can someone please HELP me? I have been posted this question and hoping for someone can help me please! For the following scenario, develop an

    asked by tj
  60. Chemistry

    A 20.0-mL sample of 0.300 M HBr is titrated with 0.150 M NaOH. What is the pH of the solution after 40.3 mL of NaOH have been added to the acid?

    asked by Jason
  61. calc

    A particle moves along the curve below. y = sqrt(8 + x^3) As it reaches the point (2, 4), the y-coordinate is increasing at a rate of 5 cm/s. How fast is the x-coordinate of the point changing at that instant?

    asked by kirsten
  62. history

    Which of the following correctly describes the flow of commodities in the triangle trade? (1 point) Cuba's rum is traded for slaves in New England. The slaves are brought to Cuba to grow sugar. Cuban sugar is exported to New England, where it is distilled

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Calculus

    1) A rectangular page is to contain 16 square inches of print. The page has to have a 2-inch margin on top and at the bottom and a 2-inch margin on each side. Find the dimensions of the page that minimize the amount of paper used. 2) A rectangular garden

    asked by Gary
  64. Physic

    You are moving into an apartment and take the elevator to the 6th floor. Suppose your weight is 640 N and that of your belongings is 940 N. (a) Determine the work done by the elevator in lifting you and your belongings up to the 6th floor (15.2 m) at a

    asked by Lena
  65. math

    A cyclist covers his outward journey downhill at 24mph. His return journey, over exactly the same distance uphill, is covered at only 12mph. What is the cyclist's average speed over the entire journey?

    asked by Matthew
  66. Maths- Proof

    The question is: Prove algebraically that the difference between the squares of any two consecutive even numbers is always a multiple of 4. My working was: Let the numbers be n and n + 2 (n+2)^2 - (n)^2 =n^2 + 4n + 4 - n^2 =4n + 4 =4(n + 1) But the answers

    asked by Harry
  67. Maths

    Ann has 4 different jobs and she works 10 hours per week for each job. She earns $2 per hour at one job. Write an expression to represent how much Ann earned last week if she earns a dollars per hour at her other jobs help please I put 10x20x4

    asked by Pinks
  68. Math

    If neon has a melting point of -248 and hydrogen a melting point of -259. Is the melting point of neon greater or less than hydrogen's. I think greater than. Am I correct?

    asked by Angel
  69. Math (Asap)

    You are building a concrete deck around a rectangular swimming pool. The pool is three times as long as it is wide. The deck will have a constant width of four feet. In order to have enough concrete, you have calculated the area of the deck to be 832

    asked by Tia


    asked by Shannon
  71. Math

    evaluate this expression: (31) - (-1)=

    asked by Angel
  72. Spanish Check

    Hi! Can someone check my answers to these three Spanish sentences? Thanks! Directions: Re-write the Spanish sentences in the present subjunctive. 1.) I feel that she is honest. My answer: Siento que ella es honesta. 2.) We doubt that the boys clean the

    asked by Gigi
  73. physics

    An inclined plane rises to aheight of 2 m over adistance of 6 m. Calculate: 1.The ange of the slope 2.The VR (and so IMA) of the inclined plane. 3The theoretical force required to push an object with a mass of 200 Kg up the slope.

    asked by Yared moges
  74. math

    Solve for X and Y: 2^x=8^1+y And (x+2y)(x-y)=0

    asked by Jerome
  75. Physics

    A transverse wave 1.1cm in amplitude is propagating on a string; the wave frequency is 44 Hz. The string is under 23-N tension and has mass per unit length of 16g/m . What is the wave speed? What I've done: using sqrt(Tension/mass_per_unit):

    asked by Tommy
  76. Physics

    1.For the following simple see-saw calculate: 1. the load that could be lifed, 2. the maechanical advantage (assume the lever is 100% efficient).

    asked by Eleni
  77. Physics

    A car of mass 1490 kg traveling at 22 m/s is at the foot of a hill that rises 115 m in 3.2 km. At the top of the hill, the speed of the car is 12 m/s. Find the average power delivered by the car's engine, neglecting any frictional losses.

    asked by Jennifer
  78. math

    first multiply first 2 digits, wrire answer side by then multiply1st and 3rd digits write answer next to earlier answer. Then add both answers and minus middle digit of the question

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Physics

    During a workout, the football players at Rutgers State University ran up the stadium stairs at a steady pace in 48 s. The stairs are 135 m long and inclined at an angle of 35 degree. If a typical player has a mass of 120 kg, estimate the average power

    asked by Jennifer
  80. Physics

    The speed of a wave doubles as it passes from one medium to the next. How will this affect the frequency of the wave?

    asked by Mercedez
  81. Science

    Henri bacquerels original hypothesis was that florescent minerals became excited by solar energy and gave off X-rays. However, after he discovered uranium minerals emitted their own radiation without the help of solar energy, he abandoned his hypothesis.

    asked by Anonymous
  82. setswana

    Ke kopa le nkwalle tlhamo e khutswane ka setlhogo sa motho ga a itsiwe e se naga

    asked by pulane
  83. math

    Thank you Ms. Sue. I need help with this problem. The surface of Jupiter is made of colorful clouds created by various chemicals in the atmosphere. The temperature at the top of the clouds is -230 degrees F. The temperature below the clouds is 70 degrees

    asked by Mel
  84. Math

    Which statment is true? A right triangle alwas has two acute angles.

    asked by Elizabeth
  85. Physics

    Object A is moving due east, while object B is moving due north. They collide and stick together in a completely inelastic collision. Momentum is conserved. Object A has a mass of mA = 17.0 kg and an initial velocity of VoA = 8.15 m/s, due east. Object B,

    asked by Jennifer
  86. Physics

    A cue ball traveling at 0.70 m/!@#$%^&s a stationary 8-ball, which moves off with a speed of 0.23 m/s at an angle of 39° relative to the cue ball's initial direction. Assuming that the balls have equal masses and the collision is inelastic, at what angle

    asked by Jennifer
  87. math

    You have exactly $100 to spend. You must get 100 animals. The chicks cost $0.50 each. The pigs cost $2.00 each. The sheep cost $5.00 each you must get some of each animals. How many of each animals can you get.

    asked by Sidhugurkirt
  88. Physics

    An echo in Cowboys Stadium is heard after 2 seconds. How far is the person standing from the wall if the speed of sound is 340 m/sec?

    asked by Mercedez
  89. Physics

    An explosion breaks an object initially at rest into two pieces, one of which has 2.0 times the mass of the other. If 7300 J of kinetic energy were released in the explosion, how much kinetic energy did the lighter piece acquire?

    asked by Jennifer
  90. Physics

    A simple wheel and axle is used to life a bucket out of a well. The radii of the wheel and axle are 20 cm and 4 cm, respectively. Determine: 1. The velocity ratio (and so the IMA), 2. The thoretical effort required to life a load of 30 N assuming no energy

    asked by Eleni
  91. Science

    Which of the following is the smallest conceivable amount of time that could pass between a lunar eclipse and a solar eclipse? a. about 14 days* b. about 28 days c. about 183 days d. about 365 days

    asked by Lilly Allen
  92. Optimum Wifi

    Hey guys is there anyone know that if i have a optimum wifi so i can use or login the cable wifi? if you know please tell me !!

    asked by Hossain
  93. mathematics


    asked by AYOMIDEY
  94. sociology

    What are the three processes that can cause major changes for a population? A. crude birthrate, crude death rate, demography B. fertility, mortality, and migration C. infant mortality rate, fertility, and crude birthrate D. life expectancy, life span, and

    asked by Anonymous
  95. physics

    A sled is moving at a constant speed down a surface inclined at 45.0° with the horizontal and travels 30 meters in 4 seconds. Calculate the vertical velocity of the sled at the end of 4 seconds.

    asked by Anonymous
  96. Economics

    How do you accelerate economic growth in China? What policies in Switzerland could potentially help China's economy, which would in turn help Switzerland's?

    asked by Linda
  97. social studies

    In the second Punic War, (1 point) Carthage attacked Rome Most battles took place at sea Carthage defeated Rome Rome invaded Spain 2. who was Cincinnati? (1 point) a dictator who served 16 days a dictator until his death a plebeian a member of the senate

    asked by mikael
  98. Programming c++

    Hello, sorry if its possible i want a code written in c++. question. Write the pseudocode for a program to calculate the wages of a sales according to the following rules. The wage is calculated at a rate of 15% of sales. If the salesman has been with the

    asked by Evani
  99. math

    If Someone estimatesthat their book bag weighs 8.5 pounds and actually weighs 11 pounds what is the percentage error

    asked by Jack
  100. physics

    A turntable turning at rotational speed 21rpm stops in 50s when turned off. The turntable's rotational inertia is 1.2×10−2kg⋅m2. a)Determine the magnitude of the resistive torque that slows the turntable.

    asked by help me please
  101. accounting

    Which of the following adjustmnts will require the company to record a debit memo sent by the bank? a. The bank collected a $550 note receivable, plus interest, which had not been recorded in the company's journal. b. The company recently made a $692.28

    asked by Anonymous
  102. Math

    is this statement always, sometimes, or never true: the absolute value of a positive integer is a negative integer. i think never am i correct

    asked by Angel
  103. Physics

    A plane traveling at 200.0 km/h attempts to land on a 250 m runway. The plane’s engines and brakes accelerate uniformly at –7.0 m/s2. Will the plane be able to land safely? Show all your work. Include any equations used, including the given and the

    asked by Vivian
  104. Phsyics HELP!

    A car accelerates uniformly from +10.0 m/s to +50.0 m/s over a distance of 225 m. How long did it take to go that distance? Show all your work, including the equation used, given and unknown quantities, and any algebra required. Make sure your answer has

    asked by Vivian
  105. maths

    after allowing 12% on the marked price a dealer still gains 21% by what percent is the marked price above the cost price

    asked by manavi
  106. math: algebra

    I need help checking my answer. I wasn't sure if 8 and 8 were both side lenegth's or if 22 is the slant height but I think it is got kind of confused there also wasn't sure how I was suppose to solve it but I sloved the problem how I though it was suppose

    asked by meep
  107. Math

    What is this written in postfix notation: !(!((5-10)*(4-(9/2)) > 60)-(((5*7)/(4/(5+3)))=15))

    asked by N
  108. Art

    How does a landscape artist make an object in the foreground appear closer than an object in the background? **A. by making the object in the foreround larger in comparison to the background objects B. by making the object in the foreground less detailed

    asked by Jack Beanstalk
  109. Math

    When dropped on a hard surface, a rubber ball takes a series of bounces, each one about 4/5 as high as the preceding one. If the rubber ball is dropped from a height of 20 ft, what is the approximate distance the ball travels before coming to rest? Please

    asked by Ashley
  110. Math (PLEASE HELP)

    Can someone please help me do the following problems? I don't care for the answers, I just wanna know how to do this stuff. I am always forgetting how to do certain things in math. 1)ABCD is a rhombus with diagonals intersecting at E. If m

    asked by Losa
  111. Acceleration

    I need help with the second part of this question. Please show work so I can see. Thanks. I. The fastest land mammal, the cheetah, can accelerate from 0 mi/hr to 70.0 mi/hr in 3.0 seconds. What is the acceleration of the cheetah? Give your answer in units

    asked by andrea
  112. Geometry

    what is the length of base 1 and base 2 of a trapezoid with the midsegment 32 and the height 16

    asked by Janet
  113. physics

    This green box, which has a mass of 500 kg, is hanging from the ceiling by two ropes. However, it's not quite centered correctly. Angle θ1=20.8 degrees and angle θ2=30.8 degrees. What is the tension in Rope # 2?

    asked by Jannatul
  114. World History

    1. Competing among nations to gain foreign territory and influence is the definition of ___________. a. nationalism b. realism c. imperialism I think it's c

    asked by Nick
  115. math

    if x=-2 and y=2, which of the following is false: (a) (x) is greater than 1 (y) (b) (x) = (y) (c) (y) is less than 1 (d) (x) = y

    asked by Angel
  116. physics

    A painter is pressing a 125g paint pad against the ceiling with a force of 8.3 N at an angle of 30° from the vertical. The pad moves at a constant velocity. What is the coefficient of friction between the pad and ceiling?

    asked by Matt
  117. using skills

    Assignment 33 discusses a natural way to reinforce science process skills and introduces the scientific method. This strategy, especially appropriate for primary grades, is to have children do which of the following? A. Begin a collection B. Manipulate

    asked by lauren
  118. chemistry 12u

    2NH(g) +2.5O2(g) --->

    asked by angela
  119. Pre-Algebra

    What is the length of the diagonal for the rectangular prism to the nearest whole unit? LENGTH:12 cm WIDTH:4 cm HEIGHT:9 cm A.16 cm B.15 cm C.13 cm D.10 cm i thinks its c. i think...

    asked by bruh
  120. Math

    At middle Avenue school,1/30 of students are on the track team. Of the track coach offered to buy pizza or subs for everyone 3/5 ordered pizza. What fraction of the students at middle Avenue school ate pizza? 1/30 divided by 3/5,1/30x5/3=5/90=1/18

    asked by Beverly
  121. computer programming

    Write a fortran program to compute the geometric information for a kite. The program should read the a, c and p lengths and compute the q length

    asked by Anonymous
  122. Math

    23rds plus 93

    asked by Rashi
  123. CHEMISTRY!!!!

    Determine the pH at the equivalence point in the titration of 41.0 mL 0.096 M formic acid with 0.108 M NaOH at 25oC. Calculate the pH of a solution that is 0.22 M pyridinium ion (C5H5NH+) at 25oC.

    asked by Michelle
  124. World History

    3. Nationalism is… a. Pride in one’s country especially marked by a belief in the superiority over other countries b. Policy of cooperation between nations to expand trade c. Diplomatic strategy to promote exploration I think I know it, but I wanna

    asked by Nick
  125. Physics

    Two positive charges of +2 coulombs are 3 meters apart. If one of the charges is replaced by the negative charge -2 coulombs, the magnitude of force between them is: a)larger b)smaller c)the same d)zero e)none of these

    asked by Vashti
  126. Physics

    The force between positive charges from the problem 18) has the magnitude a)4 Newtons b)9 Newtons c)9x10^9 Newtons d)4x10^9 Newtons e)none of these

    asked by Vashti
  127. using skills

    Which earth science lesson is especially appropriate for the primary grades? A. Moon B. Volcanoes C. Stars D. Weather my answer is d.

    asked by lauren
  128. Physics

    A 150 gram golden (specific heat 0.03 cal/gram^0 C) spoon at 20^0C is placed in a cup of tea at 100^0C. The amount of heat which the spoon absorbs from the tea which is necessary to reach spoon's tempature 47^0C is a)360.4 Cal b)121.5 Cal c)78.24 Cal

    asked by Vashti
  129. using skills

    All of the following describe home learning experiences except A. provision for drill and practice. B. time for exploration and discovery. C. an emphasis on play. D. parents who are positive and enthusiastic models. my answer is a.

    asked by lauren
  130. World History

    4. What was a consequence of British imperial rule in India? a. Indian culture exceled and the people of the country became wealthy. b. Indian people were massacred in Jallianwala Bagh and their culture decimated. c. Gandhi became a prominent leader for

    asked by Nick
  131. Math, geometry

    A porch has the shape of a semicircle with a diameter of 7 ft. What is the approximate area of the porch, rounded to the nearest square foot? Use 3.14 to approximate pi. Help!

    asked by ♪♫
  132. physics

    a sound wave of frequency 1.2hz is reflected from a barrier 75m away and its receiver 0.5 sec after transmission.calculate the wave length of the sound

    asked by Anonymous
  133. using skills

    Valuable pictorial math materials are A. blocks. B. buttons. C. flash cards. D. picture books. c. is my answer.

    asked by lauren
  134. physics

    The power output in the sun is about 4.00 x 10^26W. (a). Calculate the power per unit area (intensity), in kilowatts per square meter, reaching Earth's upper atmosphere from the sun. The radius of the Earth's orbit is 1.5 x 10^11m.

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Quick english check

    Please correct me if I'm wrong on any of these questions. I'm on the story of "Sally" in house on mango street! 1. In the following sentence, what is the best definition for the word suede mean? ​My mother says to wear black so young is dangerous, but I

    asked by Anonymous
  136. chemistry

    A container of gas at 24 psi is compressed to one eighth its original volume. What is the new pressure of the gas? Answer in units of psi.

    asked by Anna
  137. Civics

    1. The German leader who headed the Nazi party was A. Hitler. B. Idi Amin. C. Perón. D. Stalin. A?

    asked by Sarah
  138. math

    Jay has 6,200 beads. He is making bracelets with 9 beads each. How many bracelets can he make? How many beads will be left. I know the answer to the first question, but i don't know the second.

    asked by sky
  139. Chemistry

    A .2688-g sample of a monoprotic acid neutralizes 16.4 mL of .08133 M kOH solution, calculate the molar mass of the solution? First of all how can I calculate the molar mass?

    asked by Bob
  140. Algebra

    Joel has twice as many CDs as Mariella has. subtracting seven from the number of CDs Joel has an dividing by three equals the number of CDs Blake has. If Blake has 25 CDs how many CDs does mariella have?

    asked by Ann
  141. History

    When Theodore Roosevelt failed to win the Republican nomination for president, he and his supporters formed their own political party: the Progressive Party. Select one: True False I think true

    asked by TayB
  142. using skills

    Which of the following is necessary for the learning of health and nutrition concepts? A. Learning cycle lessons B. Concrete experiences C. Skeletons and other models D. Food from the four food groups my answer is d.

    asked by lauren
  143. math

    Two towns P and Q are 400 km apart. A bus left for P and Q. It stopped at Q for one hour and then started the return to P. one hour after the departure of the bus from P, a trail also heading for Q left P. the trailer met the returning bus ¾ of the way

    asked by kanga
  144. World History

    6. Which form of resistance to British rule in India was MOST effective? a. Non-violent civil disobedience under Mohandas Gandhi b. Sepoy Rebellion ****** c. Pressure from foreign powers 7. European nations used two types of rule, indirect and _________ to

    asked by Nick
  145. life orientation

    Evaluate the extent to which peer pressure can impact negatively on intrapersonal conflict

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Physics (Kinematics)

    In a television tube, the electron travels from an electron gun to the screen 0.45m away in 6.0×10exponent-9seconds. If the electron starts at rest, what is its final speed when it hots the screen? ( I have the answer,but I don't know how to get it)

    asked by jen
  147. using skills

    Which is inappropriate as a section of the parent newsletter? A. Suggestions for supportive home activities B. The problems of individual children C. Special field trips and other special activities D. Math and science units that are currently being

    asked by lauren
  148. chemistry

    how do i find a name and formula for a combination of an anion and a cation? ex: Na2CO3 + Ba(NO3)2 please help!

    asked by mary
  149. math 5th grade

    if you have a drawer with 10 black socks and 8 white socks, what is the probability that you would reach in and choose a white sock without looking?

    asked by kayli
  150. math

    You read 7 pages in 3 minutes How many pages can you read for 6 hours how would you put this in a numeric response

    asked by 548441sd
  151. using skills

    Animal observation and investigations usually begin with A. handling the animal. B. a guiding question. C. feeding the animal. D. an outline of animal behavior. my answer is d.

    asked by lauren
  152. algebra

    what is y=x^2-2x-8 in vertex form?

    asked by john
  153. world history

    what are the respective strengths of WTLC(workers) and the opponents (management) in the Winnipeg general strike?

    asked by Leo
  154. ela

    has anybody read the diary of anne frank act 2

    asked by Oscar
  155. chemistry

    how do i find a name and formula for a combination of an anion and a cation? ex: Na2CO3 + Ba(NO3)2

    asked by mary
  156. chem

    How much 12M HCl would you need to make 100.0 mL of 2M HCl?

    asked by anonymous
  157. French

    Which is correct? J'ai besoin de l'Internet et un gomme. J'ai besoin du Internet et d'un gomme. J'ai besoin de Internet et un gomme.

    asked by Anonymous
  158. essay edit excerpt

    can someone edit this? The Monroe Doctrine allowed the president to extend his diplomatic power by specifying that he can provide for defense against other nations. Prior to this document’s establishment, the Neutrality Proclamation set the skeleton of

    asked by christine
  159. Calculus

    Find the general solution of the DE. Write your solution explicitly. y'=(y^(2)+y^(2)cosx)^2

    asked by Cat
  160. history

    what are the respective strengths of WTLC(workers) and the opponents (management) in the Winnipeg general strike? please provide full answers

    asked by George
  161. Calculus

    Find the general solution for the differential equation. Leave your solution in implicit form. dx/dt=(2-x)sqrt(1-x)

    asked by Anonymous
  162. World History

    What is Social Darwinism and how was it tied to imperialism?

    asked by Nick
  163. science

    Which of the following illustrates mechanical weathering? A. Carbonic acid weathers marble limestone B.As plants grow, they produce weak acids that slowly dissolve rock C.Oxidation causes weathering in rock D.Repeated freezing and thawing in rocks causes

    asked by Tia
  164. math

    solve. 4r= -36

    asked by anonymus
  165. Math

    If 9 red balloons and 6 blue balloons are to be distributed to 4 children, how many distributions are possible if every child must receive a balloon of each color?

    asked by Unamed
  166. algebra

    factor polynomial by grouping 3z^3+2z-12z^2-8

    asked by rose
  167. math

    Explain why an account balance less than -40 dollars represents a debt greater than 40 dollars.

    asked by Mel
  168. math

    Spin both spinners. add the numbers you spun. what sums are possible?

    asked by jaci
  169. Energy&Society

    How do i find the fuel cost per energy unit (different energy sources). I don't have to calculate it. I just want to know from where I can get it.

    asked by Matt
  170. Chemistry

    The mass of spectrum of 2,4-dimethylpentane shows peaks at m/z 43, 57, and 85. Show the fragments which produce these peaks.

    asked by Ryan
  171. L.A

    In The Diary of Anne Frank , Act 1, what effect is their situation having on the at dwellers after two months? A. They have all become close friends. B. Most relationships are becoming tense. C. The family groups have allied against each other. D. Everyone

    asked by anonymous
  172. physics

    A child on a beach tosses a walnut straight upward. it reaches the peak of its trajectory and then falls straight downward retracing its path when a hungry seagull grabs the walnut 10.1m above the release point at a time of 1.6s after it was thrown. find

    asked by Mary
  173. English

    1. What is he like? - He is a lawyer. 2. What is she like? - She is a nurse. ------------------- Are the answers grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  174. Economy

    Firms benefit in many ways from increased productivity. What is one of the ways consumers benefit when firms increase their productivity?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. S.S

    Were there any key events in Elizabeth Cady Stantons life that shaped her dream for the U.S

    asked by anonymous
  176. Life orientation

    The link between intrapersonal confilt an initiatin relationship

    asked by Daphney
  177. chemistry

    A chemist prepares a sample of hydrogen bromide and finds that it occupies 249 mL at 60◦C and 552 Torr. What volume would it occupy at 0◦C at the same pressure? Answer in units of mL

    asked by Anna
  178. Math

    The box-and-whisker plots show data for the test scores of four groups of students in the same class. Which plot represents data with the greatest range or scores? A. The lowest value is numberd 30, the lower quartile is numberd at 40, the median is

    asked by Anonymous
  179. algebra

    A graduated cylinder with a radius of 3 cm contains water to a height of 9 cm. Yann adds 15 steel balls, each with a diameter of 2.54 cm. What is the total volume of the contents in the cylinder after the balls are added? Use 3.14 to approximate pi and

    asked by tami
  180. delgado community college

    seawater contains 0.0065% (by mass) of bromine. how many grams of bromine are ther in 1.oo l of seawater? the density of seawater is 1.025 g/ml.

    asked by nona
  181. Algebra

    Find the principal when the amount in the account is 11,000 and rate of interest is 3.45 percent compounded interest is quarterly for 2.5 years.

    asked by Dave
  182. Geometry

    The volume of a rectangular prism is 280cm cubed and the height is 8cm. Which of the following could be the dimensions of the length and the width?

    asked by Hayden
  183. chemistry

    How many moles of hydrogen would be obtained if 2.7g of aluminium reacts with excess hydrochloric acid?

    asked by Serena
  184. Physic

    A person pushes a 13.7-kg shopping cart at a constant velocity for a distance of 16.3 m on a flat horizontal surface. She pushes in a direction 22.2 ° below the horizontal. A 48.7-N frictional force opposes the motion of the cart. (a) What is the

    asked by Lena
  185. Physic

    A person pulls a toboggan for a distance of 43.1 m along the snow with a rope directed 33.3 ° above the snow. The tension in the rope is 109 N. (a) How much work is done on the toboggan by the tension force? (b) How much work is done if the same tension

    asked by Lena
  186. Inorganic Chemistry

    Which of the following molecules contain a C3 axis but not a σh plane? AlCl3 SeO3 SbBr3 PCl3

    asked by Joseph
  187. Physic

    A 287-kg crate is being pushed across a horizontal floor by a force P that makes an angle of 25.6 ° below the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.236. What should be the magnitude of P, so that the net work done by it and the kinetic

    asked by Lena
  188. Math

    Find the first five terms: a sub n = 2^n - 5 -3, -1, 3, 11, 27?

    asked by Anonymous
  189. Physic

    A 16-kg sled is being pulled along the horizontal snow-covered ground by a horizontal force of 27 N. Starting from rest, the sled attains a speed of 2.2 m/s in 9.6 m. Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the runners of the sled and the snow.

    asked by Lena
  190. Inorganic Chemistry

    Which of the following species contain an inversion center? Choose all that apply. SeF6 [IF4]- SnF4 InH3

    asked by Joseph
  191. Physic

    The concepts in this problem are similar to those in Multiple-Concept Example 4, except that the force doing the work in this problem is the tension in the cable. A rescue helicopter lifts a 75.4-kg person straight up by means of a cable. The person has an

    asked by Lena
  192. chemistry

    If four grams of Oxygen and four grams of Helium are placed in a five liter vessel at 338 K, what will be the partial pressure of each gas and the total pressure in the vessel?

    asked by Greg
  193. Science

    What was henri Becquerel studying when he accidetally discoverd radioactivity? A. Photography B. Properties of black light. C. Porperties of X-rays. D. Solar energy. I believe the answer is C. Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  194. English

    1. melt:to be changed into a liquid 2. melt:to be changed into liquid -------------------- word:definition Do we have to use 'a' before 'liquid' or not? Which one is correct?

    asked by rfvv
  195. math

    lilt saw a jelly fish at 6 feet below sea level. She saw a blue fish at 10 feet below sea level. What is the distance between the blue fish and the jelly fish? Is the answer -4 feet?

    asked by Mel