Questions Asked on
March 2, 2015

  1. Art

    The Art of War 1) How has Colantonio used visual composition to communicate the glory of war in Alexander the Great and His Conquest of Asia? :Colantonio shows exuberant soldiers celerbrating their victory. :Colantonio shows powerful Alexander slaying his

    asked by TheLOUDEST_0430
  2. Math

    Eighteen students in a class play baseball. Seventeen students in the class play basketball. Thirty students in the class plau either or both sports. Select the Venn diagram that shows the number of students who play basketball and baseball. A.The first

    asked by Callie
  3. Art

    During which time period were artists keenly interested in using the golden ratio in their paintings? A.Baroque Period B.Oriental Period C.Futuristic Period D.Renaissance Period When the Greeks built the Parthenon its dimensions nearly matched the golden

    asked by Anon
  4. math help!!!!! Thanks

    Eighteen students in a class play baseball. Seventeen students in the class play baseball. Thirty students in the class play either or both sports. In a Venn diagram which one shows the number of students who play basketball and baseball? A. 13 (1) 12 B.

    asked by anonymous
  5. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of water produced when 3.09g of butane reacts with excess oxygen. 2C4H10 + 13O2-->10H2O + 8CO2 Help.

    asked by Jennie
  6. L.A

    Which line in the poem contains a metaphor A. line 25 B. line 18 C. line 16 D. line 6 Line 25: past towns that mark its passing and then Line 18: It claws and crashes as its fury is subdued Line 16: A wildcat roaring past steep banks Line 6: Quiet enough

    asked by anonymous
  7. math

    what is the experimental probability of rolling a 3

    asked by nichole
  8. 4th grade math

    explain how you know that 21/30 is greater than 2/3. Please help!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. Also, I need a FOURTH GRADE ANSWER, nothing else, perferibly using fraction strips.

    asked by Yellow
  9. chemistry

    I need to know how to figure this out, step by step... Don't assume I know anything.. Break it down for me like I'm a 5 year old... I'm really horrible at figuring out where to even begin... what steps to use.. etc.. Thank you!!

    asked by Jennie
  10. Math

    The bottom of a shopping bag measures 8 inches by 10 inches. The bag height of 12 inches. How much paper is needed to make the bad? A.256 in B.296 in C.512 in D.592 in Surface Area Of Prisms and Cylinders

    asked by Savy
  11. Science for ms. Sue

    If you were to walk towards a Van der Graaf generator, the effect of its electric field would get weaker as you got closer to it. A.True B.False I think it is A

    asked by Naomi
  12. L.A

    which of the following sentences uses a predicate pronoun A. My favorite coach is he B. He is my favorite coach C. The night seems scary tonight D. Tonight, the night is a threat I think it's B am i right

    asked by anonymous
  13. socialstdies

    Which of the following is not a right of a juvenile in custody? (1 point) the right to a trial*** the right to a jury of his or her peers the right against self-incrimination the right to an attorney 3. Which step of the juvenile justice process is similar

    asked by XenaGonzalez

    Clyde is appearing before a judge today because he has missed 30 days of school this year without any medical excuse. Clyde is best described as (1 point) a juvenile delinquent. an unruly child. a deprived child. a guardian ad litem.*** 7. In which of the

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  15. math

    a rectangle has a area 3 square feet and width 1/2 foot. What is the length of the rectangle? I think it is 3 times 1/2 equals 1 1/2 feet. Is this correct?

    asked by Alice
  16. English

    In The Diary of Anne Frank, Act I, what causes the Franks and the Van Daans to move into the rooms on the top floor of the warehouse? A. Their own homes have been destroyed by bombs. B. They are hiding from the Nazis, who have been persecuting Jews. C. The

    asked by help?thanks
  17. L.A

    To clear things up for Ms. Sue and Reed the question I asked earlier was basically saying.. The question is asking which word has both of the following meanings to both these sentences. The responsibility of managing or watching over something The fee

    asked by anonymous
  18. ela 1 question

    If somebody could quickly help me that would be very nice. You could look up on Google "Almost Summer Sky" by jacqueline woodson. how does the poet use personification to describe the trees? a. trees upstate think they are better than other trees b.the

    asked by JASON DERULO#1
  19. L.A

    which word has both of the following meanings the responsibility of managing or watching over something the fee demanded for something A. charge B. control C. number D. transaction I think its B

    asked by anonymous
  20. ss

    1. Which of the following are accurate statements regarding the origins of county government? (1 point) County seats served as social and economic hubs. County governments gave rural Georgians a voice in the legislature. The county seat contained the

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  21. Chemistry

    The dosage of technetium -99m for a lung scan is 20 uci/ kg of body weight. How many millicuries should be given to a patient (1 mci=1000uci)

    asked by Dee
  22. Writing Skills Part 4

    2.which of the following would most likely be an entry in a topic outline? A.Toys can be gender - neutral. *B.Toys children love C.Quality toys should require some imagination D.It's possible for toys to be both educational and entertaining. Thank you for

    asked by Samantha
  23. social studies

    Which of these Australian Aboriginal populations would have suffered the LARGEST number of deaths in the 1780s and 1790s? A) settlements in the Outback B) roaming bands of hunter-gatherers C) densely populated coastal settlements D) villages along

    asked by allyssa
  24. helth plz help

    the blood vessels that carry blood away from the heart to the rest of the body are… plasma ****** red blood cells whight blood cells platelets 4.Which component of blood is used to help create a scab after you cut your finger? plasma red blood cells

    asked by bmx_kyle

    Prizes were awarded to the winners :active or passive voice

    asked by sk sharma
  26. Writing Skills Part 4

    1.When creating a writing plan,which of the following should come first? *A.Material that will capture the reader's interest B.The first section of the body of the essay C.A brief summary of the conclusion 2.Which two things must be accomplished by the

    asked by Samantha
  27. art

    what perspectives are important in understanding a work of art?

    asked by stephen
  28. geometry

    The diameter and height of this cylinder are equal to the side length, S, of the cube in which the cylinder is inscribed. What is the expression for the cylinder's volume?

    asked by Mary
  29. Math

    Ben is making a bread that calls for 5 cups of flour.He only has a cup 1/2-cup measuring many times will Ben need to fill the 1/2-cup measuring cup to get the 5 cups of flour?

    asked by Jada
  30. Calculus I

    A spherical balloon is inflated at a rate of 10 cm^3/min. How fast does the radius change when the radius is 20 cm? Need help with set up and work through of problem.

    asked by Mike
  31. social studies

    which of these holidays would the most turkish people like to observe 1. the Kurdish holiday of Nowruz 2. the Islamic holy month of Ramadan 3. the Jewish festival of Hanukkah 4. the Christian celebration of Easter

    asked by gramma
  32. CHEM

    Suppose 50.0 g NH3, 80.0 g CO2, and 2.00 mol H2O are reacted. Determine the maximum grams of NH4HCO3 that can be produced.

    asked by Dianne
  33. Algebra

    Abbi invested $1,500 in a certificate of deposit with a simple interest rate of 4%. Find the interest earned in 6 years. Then find the total of principal plus interest.

    asked by Yaz
  34. math

    a rectangle has length 3 feet and width 1/4 foot. What is the area of the rectangle? I think it is 3 x 4 equals 12 feet. Is this correct?

    asked by Alice
  35. journalism

    Like newspapers, magazines have been similarly affected by the Internet in which of the following ways? Employees are enjoying more free time because the technology has made them more efficient. Libel suits are more prevalent because people have more

    asked by jimm
  36. college chemistry

    We did not find any results for 'An automobile gasoline tank holds 23.0 gal when full. How manypounds of gasoline willit hold if the gasoline has a density of 0.737 g/ml?

    asked by kristy
  37. Social Studies

    1. Why did Japan need to rebuild its economy following World War II? because bombing had destroyed almost all of the country’s industry because Japan had a new democratic government because Japan wanted to switch to an agriculturally based economy

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Chemistry

    Ok, I'm trying my best here, I'm learning, and I'm thinking I'm on a roll, until I can't get the right answer again..... First.. the butane question Calculate the mass of Butane needed to produce 82.7g Carbon dioxide. 2C4H10 +13 O2--->10H2O +8CO2 Ratio is

    asked by Jennie
  39. math

    Two ship P and Q left a port R at the same time.Q sailed on a bearing of 150 while P sailed on the north side of Q.After a distance of 8km and 10km by P and Q respectively,their dirtance part was 12km.find the bearing of P from R.

    asked by amarachi
  40. Chemistry

    What is the mass of a cube of aluminum that is 4.0 cm on each edge? The density of aluminum is 2.7 g/cm3.

    asked by Ciaria
  41. chemistry

    Find the molar masses of the following compounds: 1. LiI 2. PbCO4 3. Mg(OH)2 4. (NH4)3PO4 Find the percent composition (percent by mass) of the given element in the following compounds: 1. Fluorine in AgF 2. Hydrogen in glucose (C6H12O6) 3. Oxygen in

    asked by Alex
  42. social studies

    what is the greatest challenge facing people in turkey as a result of its diversity? 1. Turks must protect their status as the largest ethnic group 2. Turks must encourage other to follow Turkish traditions 3. Kurds must struggle to keep their cultures

    asked by Anonymous
  43. S.S

    the bill of rights is a document that... a. was added to the constitution to protect citizens' right. b. was used to limit the powers of state government. c. outlined the rights of the federal government. d. stated the ways citizens can participate in

    asked by Eduarda
  44. Math

    If you place $1000 in a savings account with an interest rate of 5.25% a month how much should you earn an interest at the end of the month?

    asked by Dylan
  45. Math

    Phil Anthropist likes to give away money. One day he went to the park with a wad of cash. He gave $100 to a man feeding pigeons. He then gave half of his remaining money to a child eating an ice-cream cone. He then gave $50 to the balloon seller. He then

    asked by Anonymous
  46. Math

    Eighteen students in a class play baseball. Seventeen students in the class play basketball. Thirty students in the class plau either or both sports. Select the Venn diagram that shows the number of students who play basketball and baseball. A.The first

    asked by Callie
  47. social studies 8th

    Which of the following are informal powers of the governor? Choose all that apply. (2 points) serving as spokesperson for the state*** acting as honorary head of his or her political party commanding the state's military forces*** proposing an annual

    asked by XenaGonzalez
  48. Calculus Physics

    Imagine a spaceship on its way to the moon from the earth. Find the point, as measured from the center of the earth, where the force of gravity due to the earth is balanced exactly by the gravity of the moon. This point lies on a line between the centers

    asked by danny
  49. geometry

    find the area bounded by a regular pentagon with radius 6 cm. round to the nearest tenth.

    asked by al
  50. science

    Part I: Units of Measurement for Gas Laws For the following questions, use the following answer choices to indicate what each unit of measurement is used to measure (pressure, volume, or temperature). 1. atm 2. kPa 3. L 4. oC 5. torr 6. K 7. mL 8. cubic

    asked by Alex
  51. Chemistry

    Why a model of the atom is crucial to understanding chemistry and in explaining the behavior of matter?

    asked by Ciaria
  52. Calculus Physics

    A glass of orange juice is on the floor of a subway car traveling along a straight path at constant velocity. Everything's fine. The coefficient of static friction between the glass and the floor is 0.32. The subway suddenly accelerates forward. What is

    asked by danny
  53. algebra

    A farmer wishes to fence in 3 different breeds of animals in a rectangular area and keep all the breeds in separate areas. If the farmer has 144 feet of fence what is the maximum area he can fence in? Type in your answer to the nearest whole number

    asked by Nikalina
  54. physics

    Jane and John, with masses of 50kg and 68kg , respectively, stand on a frictionless surface 13m apart. John pulls on a rope that connects him to Jane, giving Jane an acceleration of 0.86m/s2 toward him. What is the magnitude of the John's acceleration? If

    asked by Herb
  55. grammar

    The task is to find the subject pronoun. The sentence is: Tell her that her parents will pick her up. My thought is that the subject pronoun would be the implied "You" before the word tell. Is that right or wrong? Thanks!

    asked by Lisa
  56. Science

    .100 KG piece of metal is heated to 480°C and then quickly place in .250 KG of water at 20°C which is contained in a .200 KG aluminum calorimeter the final temperature of the water metal and calorimeter is 36°C what is the specific heat to Capacity of

    asked by Michaela
  57. social studies

    what best defines diversity in Turkey? 1. a region containing many cities 2. a special cultural practices unique to one group 3. conflict over varying ideas and traditions 4 a whole made up of many different parts

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Language Arts

    where do you look up context clues to the meaning of a word

    asked by Sophie
  59. math

    Rick has a collection of 6 video games. He lets his best friend borrow: of his video game collection. Write two equivalent to this number Explain how you came fractions up with the fractions.

    asked by melanie
  60. Novel

    In chapter 9 of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, Charlotte goes to the forecastle for the first time since she has been aboard the Seahawk to get a needle for Ewing. What might this suggest about her character? Of what literary device is this an

    asked by Nicole
  61. physics

    A negatively charged balloon has 4.5 μC of charge. How many excess electrons are on this bal- loon? The elemental charge is 1.6 × 10−19 C. Answer in units of electrons.

    asked by Anonymous
  62. math

    If you place $2,000.00 in a savings account with an interest rate of 4.5%/month versus an account with a rate of 3.75%/month, how much more interest could you earn in that month using the first account?

    asked by dylan
  63. social studies

    what is the greatest challenge facing people in turkey as a result of its diversity? 1. Turks must protect their status as the largest ethnic group 2. Turks must encourage other to follow Turkish traditions 3. Kurds must struggle to keep their cultures

    asked by jon
  64. math

    A retailer planned to buy some computers form a wholesaler for a total of Shillings 1,800,000. Before the retailer could buy the computers the price per unit was reduced by shillings 4,000. This reduction in price enabled the retailer to buy five more

    asked by OJ
  65. American Constitutional Law

    List the two (2) primary paths you would pursue to amend the U.S. Constitution. Cite the applicable section(s) of the Constitution.

    asked by Manda
  66. Science

    A piece of copper at 90°C is added 2.200 KG of water at 15°C inside an aluminum calorimeter that has a mass of .100 KG the final temperature of the copper water and calorimeter is 25°C what is the mass of the copper piece

    asked by Michaela
  67. Maths

    The line x 7y=5 cuts the circle x^2 y^2=15 at the points P & Q. Find: a) P & Q. b) the midpoint of PQ.

    asked by Francis
  68. ethincs

    "Deontology" comes from the Greek work deon, meaning

    asked by moniqa
  69. Science

    A neutralization reaction between an acid and a base produced the salt Na2CO3. What acid and what base participated in this reaction? ---------------- Sorry about just asking without showing work or anything, but I don't really get the concept of this and

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math- Data Management

    How would you solve this problem. The mean of 10 numbers is 8. If an 11th number is now included, the mean becomes 9. What is the value of the 11th number? Make an algebraic solution.

    asked by Cathy
  71. math

    Kenyan businessman bought goods from Japan worth 2, 950 000 Japanese yen. On arrival in Kenya custom duty of 20% was charged on the value of the goods. If the exchange rates were as follows: 1 US dollar = 118 Japanese Yen 1 US dollar = 76 Kenya shillings

    asked by OJ
  72. geometry

    A cylinder has a height of 16 cm and a radius of 5 cm. A cone has a height of 12 cm and a radius of 4 cm. If the cone is placed inside the cylinder as shown, what is the volume of the air space surrounding the cone inside the cylinder? (Use 3.14 as an

    asked by Mary
  73. business math

    Israel signed a simple discount promissory note for $15,000. The discount rate is 7.5%, and the term of the note is 120 days. What are Israel’s proceeds on the loan?

    asked by tia
  74. Philosopy

    Imagine that scientists discovered that causal determinism is true. What would be the moral implications (if any) of this finding? Would this discovery affect the way in which you live your life? Why or why not?

    asked by TayB
  75. physics

    A 4.40kg bucket of water is accelerated upward by a cord of negligible mass whose breaking strength is 74.0N

    asked by AHMED
  76. Social Studies

    I have 2 questions... 1) Why did most merchants not travel the entire distance from China to the Middle East to trade their goods? A. difficult terrain B. taxes C. language barriers D. all of the above I think it is D 2) Which of these were received by

    asked by Mina
  77. Calculus I

    Sand falls from a hopper into a conical pile with radius equal to half its height. The sand is poured at a rate of 3 m^3 each minute. How fast is the radius increasing after 10 minutes? Need help with the set up and work through of the problem.

    asked by Mike
  78. science

    what are four kinds of speed

    asked by pernell
  79. chemistry

    How many grams of carbon are in 2.42 moles of C2H6

    asked by Anonymous
  80. college physics

    A fisherman poles a boat as he searches for his next catch. He pushes parallel to the length of the light pole, exerting a force of 245 on the bottom of a shallow lake. The pole lies in the vertical plane containing the boat's keel. At one moment, the pole

    asked by molly
  81. Trigonometry

    From a window of one building, the angle of depression to the base of the second building is 29.5, and the angle of elevation to the top is 47.833333. If the building are 200m apart, how high is the second building?

    asked by hasdasd
  82. American Constitutional Law

    In view of the canons of construction and interpretation, name and explain three (3) necessary elements that you must consider before drafting language to amend the U.S. Constitution.

    asked by Manda
  83. Earth Science

    Which of the following organisms is most likely to survive? A. the top carnivore in a food chain B. a herbivore in a food chain C. the top carnivore in a food web

    asked by Emi
  84. chemistry

    1. You are given a mixture containing two compounds, A and B. Both compounds have a solubility of 1 g/ 100 mL of solvent at 20 °C and 16 g/ 100 mL of solvent at 100 °C. The sample is composed of 3.5 g of A and 10 g of B. At 100 °C the entire sample just

    asked by Jon
  85. English

    What happens when the mother goes to the state Capitol to give her speach ?

    asked by verenice
  86. History

    Four major candidates ran in the 1824 election, all under the "Democratic-Republican" name. One of the candidates, Andrew Jackson, was already famous. In the 1780s, he earned the right to practice law and served in various offices of the state government,

    asked by Amanda
  87. MATH

    Show three ways to estimate 3/5 ¡¿ 9 1/2. Identify each method you used.

    asked by Joanna
  88. Fraction

    to make one fruit drink: 4/8 cup of yogurt and one cup of ice 5/8 cups of bananas how many cups of ice? 2/8 cups of blueberries how many cups of ice?

    asked by Bryce
  89. AP English

    Hello I have to create a thesis statement comparing the stories "The Story of an Hour" and "The Open Window". I must convey which story (in my opinion) had the most twisted ending. Does this sound appropriate? "While both 'The Story of an Hour' and 'The

    asked by N.
  90. general math

    A father's age is three times the age of his childs. After five years of age, father's age childs would double the sum, the father's age - please help me for this question here is not given number of child.

    asked by Pradeep
  91. Chem-mystery

    Determine the PH of a solution that results from mixing 50 ml of .200 M hydroazoic acid, HN3 with 50 ml of CA(OH)2

    asked by Molly
  92. Statistics

    How does the standard deviation differ to of the sample mean x bar. Please help I'm confused

    asked by Sam
  93. Math

    Sam rolls a strike in 6 of the 10 frames of bowling What is the experimental probability that Sam will roll a strike in the first frame of the next game ? Explain why a number cube would not be a good way to simulate this situation Please help !!!!😖

    asked by Kim
  94. Physics

    A 100kg object moving at 20 m/s comes to a stop over distance of 40 m. What is the coefficient of dynamic fiction between the object and the ground? I tried to work it out with the formula, but I'm really confused. Please help.

    asked by Mary
  95. math

    The gradient of the tangent to the curve y= ax^3 + bx at the point ( 1, 1) is -5. Calculate the values of a and b

    asked by kudu
  96. math (algebra )

    a box contains oranges and apples,there is a total of 15 piece of fruits ,there are more oranges than apples,how many apples are there?

    asked by mally
  97. Physics

    A 4.12 kg mass undergoes an acceleration along both the x and y directions. Ax = -2.60 m/s2 and Ay = 3.50 m/s2. Find the magnitude of the resultant force. Answer in units of N.

    asked by Joey
  98. chemistry

    1. Many types of spectrophotometers produce graphs containing a base line with peaks. How are the peaks seen on the graphs produced by a spectrometer used in identifying substances? 2. If the analysis of a substance by using spectroscopy shows

    asked by Morgan
  99. American Constitutional Law

    Provide two (2) reasons why amending the U.S. Constitution would be necessary versus passing a law. Include Marbury v. Madison and U.S. Term Limits, Inc. v. Thornton.

    asked by Manda
  100. American Constitutional Law

    Explain the three branches of government including each branch’s authority and responsibility. How would your plan impact each branch?

    asked by Manda
  101. english

    susan b anthony was a schoolteacher what adverb that modifies the verb?

    asked by kathy
  102. Judicial Process (Criminal Justice)

    I'm supposed to describe, compare, and provide exaplmes for the 4 forms of diversion, deferred prosecution and deffered sentancing. I have no clue where to start my text book does't really do a good job of explaining!! Can someone please help me get

    asked by breeamberr
  103. Physical Anthropology

    Wood fragments from the floor of a palace in Syria - Syro-Hittite period. Date: 675 ± 50 years BCE. How do I find out the BP age?

    asked by Carmal
  104. Math

    An unfair coin with Pr[H] = 2/3 is flipped. If the flip results in a head, then a marble is selected from an urn containing 9 red, 1 white, and 1 blue marbles. If the flip results in a tail then a marble is selected from an urn containing 10 red and 3

    asked by Sophia
  105. Physics

    An outdoor swimming pool contains 100000 kilogram of water how much energy is needed yo heat water from 15 celius to 20 celius

    asked by Anonymous
  106. Ratio

    The ratio of cats to dogs at the shelter is 3 to 2. If there are 16 cats at the shelter, how many dogs are there?

    asked by Sam
  107. math

    The line x plus 7y=5 cuts the circle x^2 plus y^2=15 at the points P & Q. Find: a) P & Q. b) the midpoint of PQ. (I don't know why, but the plus sign does not show after I submit d question so dats y I wrote it in words)

    asked by Francis
  108. Goverment

    1. Read each situation. Write whether a bill of attainder, an ex post facto law, or a writ of habeas corpus woul prevent the situation from happening. A. ______________ shortly after video cameras were invented, a man evident aped a rock concrete. Years

    asked by Daisy
  109. math

    square brass plate is 2 mm thick and has a mass of 1.05 kg. The density of the brass is 8.4 g/cm3. Calculate the length of the plate in centimeters

    asked by kudu
  110. Basic Physics

    There is a rocket on a stage connected a spring with the spring constant k(N/m). The weights of the rocket and the stage are m(kg) and M(kg), respectively. The length of the spring without the stage and rocket or free is h0(m) and it becomes shrunk to h(m)

    asked by Sarwar
  111. Writing Skills Part 3

    1.Under the Library of Congress system,where would you begin to research for books on the legal system of Greece? A.E B.k C.U [ D.G] 2. You've located three books on a topic you're researching for an essay.The first thing you should do in determining if

    asked by Samantha
  112. Math

    How can you graph y=2X +0.5 and y=0.5+1? Thank you

    asked by Mariam
  113. Math

    Bill has 180 coins. Of these coins, 1/12 are dimes. About how many dimes does he have? I think I have to divide . 180 divided by 1/12 equals 15 dimes that he has. Is this correct?

    asked by Alice
  114. math

    Scale factor of 0.5 inches = 1.5 feet

    asked by sam
  115. Physical science

    The diameter of the planet saturn is 10 times that of the earth but the mass of the planet is only 90 times greater than that of the earth.what isthe gravitational acceleration(or number of 'gs'you"ll feel)on saturn?

    asked by Thando
  116. Math

    There were 25 turkey balloons, 12 pilgrim balloons, and 30 native american balloons. Seventeen of the turkey balloons popped. How many balloons were left?

    asked by Student
  117. Physics

    Analyze the flight of a projectile moving under the influence of gravity (mg) and linear, i.e., laminar- flow drag (fD = bv, with b > 0 constant). Neglect \Phase I"; assume the projectile is launched from the origin at speed v1 and angle 1 above the

    asked by Alyssa
  118. english

    What does this quote mean: “Fire hath its force abated by water, not by wind, and anger must be allayed by cold words and not by blustering threats.” Please help. I have no idea.

    asked by h
  119. Chemistry

    Consider two non-interacting Fermions (half-integer spin) confined in a “box” of length L. Construct the antisymmetric wave functions and compare the corresponding groundstate energies of two systems; one with particles of identical spin and the other

    asked by lolo
  120. physics

    Heat can never flow from ________. how come it is cold to hot?

    asked by Sabina
  121. math

    Find the domain of the function g(x) = (x+7) / (x^2 - 36)

    asked by Mildred
  122. Chemistry

    What concentration of of CN- is needed to produce the same POH as 3.5*10^-5M solution of BA(OH)2?

    asked by Molly
  123. scdience

    the density of gas was done twice, but with the tablet and 15 cm^3 of water in each case.When the rubber tube was placed as shown , 435 cm^3 of gas was collected. When the tube reached only slightly beyond the mouth of the bottle, only 370 cm^3 of gas was

    asked by david
  124. S.S

    Shays' Rebellion made some Americans realized that the Article of Confederation failed to...... a. uphold the ideals of liberty written in the Declaration of Independence. b. Allow women and free African and free African American to vote. c. separate

    asked by Eduarda
  125. Math

    Tony wants to study 5 hours for the reading test. If he reads 1/3 hour per night, how many nights will he have to study? I think it is 5 divided by 1/3 so is it 15 nights that he would study?

    asked by Alice
  126. Novel

    In chapter 9 of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, what does Charlotte try to work out in her head? What conclusion does she draw?

    asked by Nicole
  127. pre algebra

    What value of y makes the following system of equations true? 3x + 6y=12 5x + 6y = 4

    asked by feeling silly
  128. grammar

    The task was to add commas in the correct places. Did I place them correctly in the sentence below? One of the greatest classes he ever took was after school, as many of his friends left, he had to go to band practice, play the drums, guitar, and

    asked by Lisa
  129. English

    Write a sentence using the words incessant and brief. This is my last one and I'm having trouble. Does this one sound okay? I prefer the brief disturbance of thunder to the incessant dripping of our kitchen sink.

    asked by Hayley
  130. Science

    What is the mass in grams of 24.32 moles of CaCO3? So far I got: 24.32mol CaCO3 x 100.09gCaCO3 / 1mol CaCO3 = I am not sure if this is correct, because I got a really big number and I feel like I am missing something in the question.

    asked by Anonymous
  131. math

    Give that x is angle in the first quadrant such that 8sin 2x + 2cosx – 5 = 0 Find: cosx tanx

    asked by kudu
  132. Algebra

    Mr. Smith has 100 students in his Algebra classes. The grades of a quiz are normally distributed with a mean of 70 and a standard deviation of 4. Sally claims that 75 students scored between 66 and 74 on this quiz. Given that this is normally distributed,

    asked by Help is needed
  133. physics

    An atomic nucleus at rest decays radioactively into an alpha particle and a different nucleus.

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Science // Chemistry

    How many grams of KOH are needed to make 1.00L of a 1.3 molar (1.3 M) solution? ------------------ I am not sure how to start this question, my teacher wants us to use conversion factors and write it out but I don't get how I am supposed to start it.

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Math

    PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! When you use a credit card, you are charged interest each month on the balance in your account. You can use a spreadsheet to investigate the interest chargeed n a credit-card account. you use a credit card to buy a $450 airline ticket.

    asked by Camryn
  136. Science

    .100 KG of an unknown metal at 94°C is placed in 100 g of water at 10°C the final temperature of the metal and water are at 70°C what is the heat capacity of the unknown metal

    asked by Michaela
  137. pschology

    Research Data Critique Scenario One The CEO of ABC manufacturing commissioned a study to look at the differences between the current salaries of her employees by employee job title. There were three job categories: clerical, custodial, and managerial. The

    asked by sandra
  138. math

    Tom's town has a population of $25,000. If the population increases. 12% next year,how many people will be living there.

    asked by jake
  139. Social studies.

    Hi I am supposed to write a dialoge essay. The question I have to answer is How did James K polk work to help change the United States. My answer James K polk did many things to help change the United States, these are the things he did. Manifest Destiny:

    asked by Callie
  140. physics

    The largest tension that can be sustained by a stretched string of linear mass density μ, even in principle, is given by τ = μc2, where c is the speed of light in vacuum. (This is an enormous value. The breaking tensions of all ordinary materials are

    asked by barýþ
  141. books

    In chapter 9 of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, where does Charlotte go for the first time since she has been aboard the Seahawk? For what does she go there? What might this suggest about her character? Of what literary device is this example?

    asked by Nicole
  142. Math

    Gabby has 130 insects in her bug collection that have wings and 70 that have pincers. She wants to buy display cases for her collection. Each display cases should have an equal number of insects with wings and pincers. If she wants each display case to

    asked by Amy
  143. MatLab

    In Matlab Write a function file that determines the following sum (for all odd n from 1 to 11): y=Ó 2^n/n

    asked by jasmine
  144. Math

    Twelve students half bikes. Half of the bikes ate black and one-sixth are silver. The rest of the bikes are other colors. How many bikes are black? silver? other colors? I drew twelve bikes, colored six in for the half, colored one for the one-sixth, and

    asked by Anonymous
  145. please assist me with science

    1.a car moves at a constant velocity up an inclined plane angle of 28 degrees with the horizontal.The coefficient of friction is 0.387. The force exerted by the engine on the car is 588N... A.Calculate the of the car? B. Frictional force acting on the car

    asked by Johanna
  146. ethincs

    Which of the following ethical frameworks suggests that morality should be linked to human nature, including a concern for human dignity and universal human rights

    asked by moniqa
  147. Math

    Roger bought a sandwich with half of his money and a candy bar with one fifth of his money. How much of his money did he spend?

    asked by Kalelha
  148. help journilism

    First Human Source Name and Position: what do they mean by this ?

    asked by jimm
  149. science

    A body with a mass of 490kg is pulled along a horizontal plane at a constant velocity.the pulling force is 1.2 kN is making an angle of 20degrees with the plane. A.determine the coefficient of friction

    asked by Maria
  150. MATH

    I don't get it. At all. HELP!! ¤Ð-¤Ð 😭 Jenna lives 4 3/10 miles from school. She estimates that she travels 4¡¿2¡¿5, or 40 miles each week. Is her estimate an overestimateor an underestimate? EXPLAIN!!!!

    asked by Joanna
  151. Chemistry

    What concentration of of CN- is needed to produce the same POH as 3.5*10^-5M solution of BA(OH)2?

    asked by Molly
  152. Math (Asap)

    If someone could help fast that would be great. :) Write a trinomial with 9ab as the GCF of all three terms. I don't understand how to do this. So if someone would help that would be great. Thank you so much!

    asked by Tia
  153. physics

    NEEDS HELP PLEASE!! A 100kg shot putter is putting a shot 4kg. Just before he releases the shot, he is in the air (feet are off the ground). At this instant, the only force he exerts against the shot is an 800N horizontal force directed forward. a-what is

    asked by sam
  154. Novel

    In chapter 10 of The True Confessions of Charlotte Doyle, why does Cranick suggest that Captain Jaggery have Charlotte defend him?

    asked by Nicole
  155. Physical science

    What is apparent weightlessness?

    asked by Thando
  156. science

    1 . A body with a mass of 490kg is pulled along a horizontal plane at a constant velocity.the pulling force is 1.2 kN is making an angle of 20degrees with the plane. A.determine the coefficient of friction

    asked by Maria
  157. To "WOK..."

    Please put your School Subject in the School Subject box (Examples: math, science, algebra, geography). When all you put is one letter, most tutors are not inclined to open your post since you are not following instructions.

    asked by Writeacher
  158. Philosophy

    Do you think the Standford Prison Experiment and Miligram Experiment offer a convincing case that free will is an illusion?

    asked by TayB
  159. study unit main ideas

    witch one of the folowing clue words indicates choronological order?

    asked by carla
  160. Science

    What are the classification of a Emerald Rock?

    asked by Mo
  161. Algebra II

    From 1990-1994 the mail order sales of health products can be modeled by S= 10t^3+115t^2+25t+2505 where S is the sales (in millions) and t the number of years since 1990. In what year were about $3885 million health products sold.

    asked by Q
  162. English

    1. listen: to pay attention in hearing 2. listen: to pay attention when you hear 3. listen: to pay attention when a person hear ------------------------------- word: definition Does #1 mean #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv
  163. Social studies.

    Were there any key events in James K polks life that shaped his dream for the United States? I can't find a source that seems to fit this question.

    asked by Callie
  164. matLab

    Write a function file that determines the value of n2 over the range 1 to n. Plot your data on separate plots in the same window for n=3, 6, 9, and 12.

    asked by Anonymous
  165. biology

    Pls how can i itemize the blood cells in litres

    asked by diana
  166. math

    Check plz There are shirts on sale for 25% off. The sale price is 12.75. What is the original price. $12.75 *.25=3.19 $12.75+3.19=15.94

    asked by jake
  167. Math

    How do you graph a function like y=2x+0.5 and y=0.5x+1?

    asked by Mariam
  168. Math- MDM4U data Managment

    How do you solve this question. I literally have no idea on where to start. "If the mean of the following numbers is /7, find the c value. Produce an algebraic solution. Numbers: 12, 18, 21, c, 13 Please help.

    asked by Sandy
  169. math

    Check plz Jake Vought a hammer for $11.70 and four pieces of paneling for $7.95 each. If the sales tax rate is 6%_ how much change will he receive from $50.00 7.95*4=31.80 11.70+31.80=43..50 43.50*.06=2.61 43.50+2.61=46.11 50.00-46.11=3.89

    asked by jake
  170. Data Management

    Could you help me with this math question. The mean of 4 numbers is 5 and the mean of 3 different numbers is 12. What is the mean of the 7 numbers combined? Produce an algebraic solution.

    asked by Mabel
  171. Pre-Calculs

    Find the rectangular coordinates of (7,30°).

    asked by Kam
  172. math

    a lime weighs 1/12 ounce. Sue has 1 pound of limes. About how many limes does she have. I think I have to multiply 16 times 1/12 and I got 192 limes. Is this correct?

    asked by Alice
  173. math

    Thank you Ms Sue for your help. I meant to type dime instead of lime. So it should of been 192 dimes. That would make more sense.

    asked by Alice
  174. linear

    Is the set S = {v1, v2, . . . , vk} linearly independent? 1 0 2 −2 0 1 0 0 1 0 −1 −1 2 0 0 0 −1 2 1 0

    asked by sam
  175. Math (Asap)

    If someone could help fast that would be great. :) Write a trinomial with 9ab as the GCF of all three terms. I don't understand how to do this. So if someone would help that would be great. Thank you so much!

    asked by Tia
  176. tourism;Geography;history and mathematics literac

    What would you be with this subjects

    asked by seopela neo
  177. Chemistry

    What volume (mL) of .20 M HCL needs to be added to 1.23 L of .10 M acetic acid to reduce percent ionization to 1.00%?

    asked by Molly
  178. English

    What is the difference between 'game' and 'sport'? Can they be interchangable?

    asked by rfvv
  179. Environmental Science

    Over the past 20 years in the United States, nuclear power production?

    asked by Dee365

    PLEASE HELP ASAP!!! When you use a credit card, you are charged interest each month on the balance in your account. You can use a spreadsheet to investigate the interest chargeed n a credit-card account. you use a credit card to buy a $450 airline ticket.

    asked by Britney
  181. Chemistry

    If 16.5 grams of the base were used in the neutralization of *question 7*, how many grams of acid must have been used to neutralize the base? *neutralization of Na2CO3* ---------------- Would the answer be 16.5g of acid? I was thinking that the acid and

    asked by Anonymous
  182. math

    Adam wants to compare the fractions 129 6 and 1. He wants to order them from least to greatest and rewrite them so they all have the same denominator. Explain how Adam can rewrite the fractions.

    asked by melanie
  183. Statistics

    what is the cost of a dinner when there is a 0 rating when y hat=1.6+2.9x

    asked by Mark
  184. Math

    What is the value of 15-7 2/5 =?

    asked by Kalelha
  185. math

    Mark is running 5 kilos. He decides to break the run into 3 equal lengths. How long will each length be? I think it would be 5 divided by 3 and my answer would be 1 2/3 for each length. Is this correct?

    asked by Alice
  186. math

    75,000, how much tax must that citizen pay to each of the two countries? 21. A giant pumpkin is 90% water and weighs 250 pounds. The pumpkin is placed on display as the largest pumpkin of the year at the LA county fair. During the week-long fair, the

    asked by ted
  187. History

    How might historians of the future describe the social significance of houses today, in 2015?

    asked by TayB
  188. Math

    Jay's favorite football game was over on Thanksgiving Day at 11:45 a.m. The Thanksgiving dinner was served at 2:15 p.m. How long after the game did Jay have to wait for dinner?

    asked by Student
  189. Calculus 2

    Can someone please show and explain step by step how to evaluate this integral? Problem #1)∫ 1/(x^3+x^2+x+1) dx This is what I got so far. I am not sure what to do thereafter after doing partial fraction decomposition (in which I got A = 1/2, B = 1/2,

    asked by Miki
  190. math

    my question is : price was $25 and increased to $1200 what is the percent increase?

    asked by monty
  191. Math

    0.6 of students walk to school. Of those 3/4 live within 1 mile of the school there are 640 students at the school. How many students walk to school and live 1 mile or farther from school? Thanks for the Help!

    asked by Sonic
  192. math

    if x= 1¡Ì2 find (x+1/x)3

    asked by parul
  193. Math

    She has a special recipe for cranberry relish. She grinds 2 cups of cranberries and 3 cups of orange rind. If there are about 75 cranberries in one cup, how many cranberries go into her grinder?

    asked by Student
  194. a

    A shortage of what would have devastating consequences for the South during the Civil War?

    asked by PLZ... CHECK MY WOK~LA
  195. English

    1. What is he like? 2. What does he do for a living? 3. What's his job? -------------- Does #1 mean #2 or #3?

    asked by rfvv
  196. help! Physics

    I've been getting this question wrong so many times! What is the relationship between the coefficient of friction and the time that it takes the object to reach the bottom of the ramp?

    asked by Stephanie
  197. Math

    What is a rule for the series below? 1/5 + 1/10 + 1/15 + 1/20 + 1/25 I think it is 1/5k, but the answer key says 1/5^k?

    asked by Anonymous
  198. English Lit.

    meaning of illustration in a question

    asked by Sara
  199. Math

    Hi! Can someone help me with this? Thanks! Directions: Solve this equation by doing it twice; one time using the substitution method and one time using the graphing method. x – 2y = 0 3x – y^2 = 0

    asked by Lori
  200. S.S

    the article of confederation were ratified more slowly because of disagreements over.. a)the number of votes each colony would have in congress. b)Congress's use of colonial soldiers. c)Colonies wanting control over land in the west. b)role of the courts

    asked by Eduarda
  201. Math

    What is 8 3/4 - 5 5/6 =?

    asked by Kalelha
  202. math

    find x and y given 120 3x (6y-12)

    asked by Ai
  203. grammar


    asked by kathy
  204. maths

    What's the coefficient of x^2 in the expansion of (2 - 1/2x)^4 (I've no idea hw to go bout this & I would also like to know under which topic it falls)

    asked by Francis