Questions Asked on
February 28, 2015

  1. Calculus (Partial Derivatives)

    Using x hours of skilled labor and y hours of unskilled labor, a manufacturer can produce Q(x,y)=40xy1/5 units each week. Currently 20 hours of skilled labor and 243 hours of unskilled labor are being used. Suppose the manufacturer reduces the skilled

    asked by Bill
  2. Chemistry

    For the reaction 4A (g)+3B (g)=C(g) the following data were obtained at constant temperature: Experiment- 1. Initial (A) (mole/L) 0.0500, 01000, 01000 , 0.0500 2. Initial (B) (mole/L) 0.0500, 0.0500, 0.1000, 0.0500 3. Initial (C)(mole/L) 0.0100, 0.0100,

    asked by Munavvar
  3. Vectors Math

    I was given this info r=1.5 m d=3 m F= 50 N angle= 110 degrees 1. What torque is APPLIED ? T=Fsin T= (1.5)(50)sin(110) T=70 N m 2. At what angle would enough force be applied to achieve maximum toque? T=Fsin T= (1.5)(50)sin(10) T=13.0 N m 3. If someone

    asked by Jamie
  4. Vocabs

    1. When we saw the breathtaking (parody, panorama, relic, grit) on that lovely autumn morning, we did not want to miss the stunning vista and decided to (maneuver, amble, balk, compact) rather than rush. Panorama; amble 2. I am always (deluded, ingrained,

    asked by Anonymous
  5. algebra

    1. ratio a is equivalent to ratio b. ratio b is equivalent to ratio c. is ratio a equivalent to ratio c? 2. you are 13 years old, and your cousin is 19 years old. as you grow older, is your age proportional to your cousin's age?

    asked by elivia
  6. Chemistry

    Need Help! 1. Ammonia is produced by the reaction of hydrogen and nitrogen. N2(g)+3H2(g)→2NH3(g)ammonia How many moles of N2 reacted if 0.65mole NH3 is produced? How many moles of NH3 are produced when 1.2moles H2 reacts? 2.In the acetylene torch,

    asked by Jennie
  7. Vectors

    Expand to the general case to explore how the cross product behaves under scalar multiplication k (a x b) = (ka) x b = a x (kb).

    asked by Teejay
  8. Chemistry

    Even when a mechanism is consistent with the rate law , later experimentation may it to be incorrect or only one of several alternative. As an example, the reaction between hydrogen and iodine has the following rate law: rate=k[H]^3[I]2. The long accepted

    asked by Munavvar
  9. Chemistry

    Acetone is one of the most important solvents in organic chemistry, used to dissolve everything from fats and waxes to airplane glue and nail polish. At high temperature, it decomposes in a first order process to methane and ketene (CH2=C=O).At 600C, the

    asked by Munavvar
  10. chemistry

    One of the ways to produce iron is to take iron(II) oxide and react it with carbon monoxide to get pure iron and carbon dioxide. The reaction is FeO(s) + CO(g) = Fe(s) + CO2(g). What is the partial pressure of CO2(g) if 2.00 atm of CO and excess iron(II)

    asked by danny
  11. physics

    A 2200 kg car traveling at 8.7 m/s collides with a 2750 kg car that is initially at rest at the stoplight. The cars stick together and move 2.00 m before friction causes them to stop. Determine the coefficient of kinetic friction between the cars and the

    asked by Amy
  12. math

    Find the roots of the quadratic equations x^2 - 1/12x -1/12 = 0 ?

    asked by tuhituhi
  13. math

    Divide 12 into two parts such that the sum of their square is 74?

    asked by tuhituhi
  14. Chemistry

    At body temperature (37C), K of an enzyme-catalyzed reaction is 2.3x10^14 times greater than k of the uncatalyzed reaction. Assuming that the frequency factor A is the same for both reaction, by how much does the enzyme the E^a?

    asked by Munavvar
  15. Physics

    Hey, I'm studying for my physics class, and I'm not sure how to solve this problem. Can someone walk me through it please? I'd really appreciate any help! John throws a baseball from the edge of a cliff with an initial velocity of 17.0 m/s at an angle

    asked by James
  16. probability

    Let K be a discrete random variable with PMF pK(k)=⎧⎩⎨⎪⎪1/3,2/3,0if k=1,if k=2,otherwise. Conditional on K=1 or 2, random variable Y is exponentially distributed with parameter 1 or 1/2, respectively. Using Bayes' rule, find the conditional PMF

    asked by RVE
  17. Art

    What is one way that the industrial revolutions impact showed itself in the art of realist like Monet? A. Realists documented their inner reactions to the revolution B. realists documented the lives of rules and the wealthy C realists documented the

    asked by BUBBLES
  18. math

    A ship leaves an island (5°N, 45° E) and sails due east for 120 hours to another island. Average speed of the ship is 27 knots. Calculate the distance between the two islands In nautical miles In kilometers

    asked by kudu
  19. physics

    a rectangular loop with a=6.0 cm, and b=4.0 cm, moving with a velocity v=8.0 cm/s into an area where the magnetic field is uniform, pointing into the page, and whose magnitude is B= 440 mT. a) What is in volts the induced emf in the loop when the loop is

    asked by Ciel
  20. philosopy

    Do you agree with Bruce Hinrichs (in Kessler) that there is no good reason for people to feel "threatened or dehumanized" if scientific studies showed that the human mind is nothing more than the physical brain - and, more generally, that humans are

    asked by TayB
  21. Statistics

    Science scores for high school seniors in the United States are normally distributed with a mean of 78 and a standard deviation of 10. Students scoring in the top 10% are eligible for a special prize consisting of a laptop and $2,000. What is the

    asked by JOE
  22. chemistry

    50.0 mL of a solution of HCl is combined with 100.0 mL of 1.15 M NaOH in a calorimeter. The reaction mixture is initially at 22.4°C and the final temperature after reaction is 31.2°C. What is the molarity of the HCl solution? You may assume that there is

    asked by Marcus
  23. physics

    A rectangular loop with a=2.9 cm, and b=1.9 cm, moving with a velocity v=3.8 cm/s into an area where the magnetic field is uniform, pointing into the page, and whose magnitude is B= 450 mT. a) What is in volts the induced emf in the loop when the loop is

    asked by Trisha
  24. Calculus (Partial Derivatives)

    A car dealer determines that if gasoline-electric hybrid automobiles are sold for x dollars apiece and the price of gasoline is y cents per gallon, then approximately H hybrid cars will be sold each year, where H(x,y)=6000−13x^(1/2)+2(0.1y+20)^(3/2). She

    asked by Bill
  25. English

    ____1__ young people may be able to list the many accomplishments of the Reverend Dr. Marting Luther, King jr. They may know that he was a civil rights leader who aspired to achieve racial harmony and was an __2__ of peaceful but direct action. They may

    asked by Sora
  26. Chemistry

    Consider the uni molecular reaction cyclopropane? Propylene. The value of log A for high pressure limit is 15.17. Calculate the value of S? For the reaction. Calculate the contribution of S trans in the above reaction at 298K?

    asked by Munavvar
  27. Finance

    you have to replace a copy machine and you have 2 offers. both offers 3 year leases. offer 1 requires an up-front payment of $1700 with additional payments of $1200 at the beginning of years 2 and 3. The firm is also charged one-half of 1 cent, ($0.005),

    asked by Sophie
  28. physics

    the water in a 0.5 km wide river is flowing at 5 m/sec from west to east. a man row a boat with a velocity of 13 m/sec in a direction of north west relative to water. find the time taken to cross the river so that man reaches exactly at same point to

    asked by ali
  29. English

    I like baseball, it teaches me about the sport and it’s also fun.

    asked by Andrew
  30. physics

    an arrow is shot into the air with an initial velocity of 100m is at elevation of 60 degree find. a the time of flight b the maximum height attained c the range

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Math

    A multiple - choice quiz contains 5 questions with 4 choices for each answer. A student passes the quiz if they get at least an 80% on the quiz . If a student guesses on every question , find the probability that she passes the quiz . I have tried

    asked by Kaela
  32. ap calc

    find the volume generated by revolving the area bounded by y=-x^3, y=0, and x=-2 about the line x=1. I know how to the solve the problem but am not sure how to get the interval. Please help.

    asked by anonymous
  33. statistics

    how to summarize statistic assumption

    asked by blue
  34. Chemistry

    A principle of green chemistry is that the energy requirement of industrial processes should have minimal environmental impact. How can the use of catalysts lead to "greener" technology?

    asked by Munavvar
  35. Physics

    In a football game a kicker attempts a field goal. The ball remains in contact with the kicker's foot for 0.050 s, during which time it experiences an acceleration of 380 m/s2. The ball is launched at an angle of 51° above the ground. Determine the

    asked by Cetris
  36. probability

    For each one of the following figures, identify if it is a valid CDF. The value of the CDF at points of discontinuity is indicated with a small solid circle. (original images belonging to: "The science of uncertainty") 1. No, it is not a valid CDF 2. Yes,

    asked by RVE
  37. St Dans

    Amite wants to make a mold for a candle. She wants the shape of the candle to be a rectangular prism with a volume of exactly 23 cubic centimeters. She wants the sides to be whole centimeters. How many different molds can she make?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Physics

    In diving to a depth of 785 m, an elephant seal also moves 410 m due east of his starting point. What is the magnitude of the seal's displacement?

    asked by Cetris
  39. Sgt

    raymond wants to make a box that has a volume of 360 cubic inches. He wants the height to be 10 inches and the other two dimensions to be whole numbers of inches. How many different-size boxes can he make?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Physics

    A 42 kg man stands on a bathroom scale in an elevator. Starting from rest at the bottom floor, the elevator ascends, attaining its maximum speed of 1.95 m/s in 1.22 s. It travels with this constant speed for the next 7.80 s. The elevator then slows down

    asked by James
  41. VECTORS (need help)

    I was given this info r=1.5 m d=3 m F= 50 N angle= 110 degrees 3. The attempt at a solution T=Fsin T= (1.5)(50)sin(110) T=70 J How do i get (maximum) torque?

    asked by Teejay
  42. Physics

    Can someone help me with this problem? It requires a lot of visualizing and I've never been great at problems like that. A pair of blocks of mass m1 =29.0 kg, and m2 =58.0 kg, are being pushed on a horizontal surface by a constant forces of magnitude

    asked by James
  43. Vocabs

    negative 1. It was quite common for outlaws of the wild west to have several (names, aliases. aliases neutral 2. The gymnast achieved (meteoric, rapid) fame after her Olympic debut. Meteoric negative 3. Our cat (balked, hesitated) when I opened the door to

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Physics

    A fire hose ejects a stream of water at an angle of 30.9° above the horizontal. The water leaves the nozzle with a speed of 26.5 m/s. Assuming that the water behaves like a projectile, how far from a building should the fire hose be located to hit the

    asked by Cetris
  45. Physics

    An airplane is flying with a velocity of 248 m/s at an angle of 30.0° with the horizontal, as the drawing shows. When the altitude of the plane is 2.5 km, a flare is released from the plane. The flare hits the target on the ground. What is the angle θ?

    asked by Cetris
  46. Math

    Write a possible explicit rule for the nth term. 20, 40, 80, 160, 320 a sub n = 20(2)^n-1?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Physics

    Two boats are heading away from shore. Boat 1 heads due north at a speed of 4 m/s relative to the shore. Relative to boat 1, boat 2 is moving 35° north of east at a speed of 1.2 m/s. A passenger on boat 2 walks due east across the deck at a speed of 1.3

    asked by Cetris
  48. Vocabs

    Replace the boldface words in the sentences below. Then explain how connotation of the replacement word changes the tone of the sentence. Choices: unerring, replenished, sabotaged, foiled, stealthy, engulfed 1. Once again the police were vicarious when

    asked by Anonymous
  49. maths

    find the lowest common multiple of 45 and 60

    asked by manisha
  50. probability

    This figure below describes the joint PDF of the random variables X and Y. These random variables take values in [0,2] and [0,1], respectively. At x=1, the value of the joint PDF is 1/2. (figure belongs to "the science of uncertainty) 1. Are X and Y

    asked by RVE
  51. probability

    Determine whether each of the following statement is true (i.e., always true) or false (i.e., not always true). 1. Let X be a random variable that takes values between 0 and c only, for some c≥0, so that P(0≤X≤c)=1. Then, var(X)≤c2/4. TRUE 2. X and

    asked by RVE
  52. chemistry

    Hi Please ... is the absolute temperature equal temperature in kelvin? Thanks for you

    asked by doa'a
  53. Criminal Justice

    In order to make the most of every opportunity to preserve evidence and to ensure a complete investigation, the investigator should always: A. refrigerate evidence to preserve it. B. call for a second investigator to help out. C. strive to involve evidence

    asked by Amy
  54. government

    the principles of separation of powers is necessary if government tyranny is to be avoided; Discuss

    asked by ohemeng
  55. Torque Vectors Question (HELP)

    I was given this info r=1.5 m d=3 m F= 50 N angle= 110 degrees 1. What torque is applied? T=Fsin T= (1.5)(50)sin(110) T=70 J 2. At what angle would enough force be applied to achieve maximum toque? T=Fsin T= (1.5)(50)sin(90) T=75 (joules) 3. If someone

    asked by Rajpreet
  56. Math

    Help me set up the matrices for this! I can solve it, but having a difficult time getting the matrix set up. A pharmacist mixes together three types of vitamin tablets. Each Tablet A contains, among other things, 12 mg of niacin and 10 I.U. of vitamin E.

    asked by LBA1mt
  57. Math

    Write a possible explicit rule for the nth term. 1/2, 1/4, 1/6, 1/8, 1/10

    asked by Anonymous
  58. math

    If the elevator has an upward acceleration of 2.60m/s^2 and the balance reads 60.0 N, what is the true weight of the fish?

    asked by rick smith
  59. Religion

    State the Argument from Religious Experience, does God really exists? *Explain the argument's strengths * Explain (two) of the argument's weaknesses *Explain which attributes of God are supported by the argument. For example, "Is the God proven to exist

    asked by Lacey
  60. geography

    how did cultural diffusion impact the development of japan

    asked by rosie
  61. Science

    Describe the total momentum of billiard balls before and after the cue ball collides with another ball

    asked by John
  62. Geometrt

    Casey sights the top of an 84 foot tall lighthouse at an angle of elevation of 58 degrees. If casey is 6 feet tall, how far is he standing from the base of the lighthouse?........ Do I use cos, tan, or sin? I did the rest of the worksheet but I'm not sure

    asked by Ashley
  63. Earth Science

    Which of the following does NOT occur at a convergent boundary? A. The leading edges of both plates are bent downward. B. Oceanic crust is pushed down into the mantle. C. One continental plate moves into an oceanic plate. I think it's C

    asked by Emi
  64. chemistry

    Equilibrium is: a dynamic condition in which the concentration of the reactants is equal to the concentration of the products. a static condition in which the concentration of the reactants is equal to the concentration of the products. a static condition

    asked by danny
  65. chemistry

    Lead iodide is a relatively insoluble compound. It can dissolve from the solid phase into the aqueous phase with a Keq of 0.00027. If the concentration of lead iodide in the aqueous phase 0.125 M, then: a. we need more information to determine the progress

    asked by danny
  66. physics

    A 3.49 kg mud ball has a perfectly inelastic collision with a second mud ball that is initially at rest. The composite system moves with a speed equal to one-seventh the original speed of the 3.49 mud ball. What is the mass of the second mud ball?

    asked by Amy
  67. Math

    The sum of the ages of Dorothy and Dona is 41. In five years, Dorothy will be twice as old as Dona. Find their ages 3 years ago.

    asked by Liza
  68. formulas

    i want to lay carpet in a rectangular room30x20 how much carpet will i need

    asked by art
  69. Chemistry

    What is the uncertainty (+/- ?) of molar concentration (M)?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. calculus 2 extremely difficult

    The function is r(t)= 400texp(-0.2t^2) and it shows the rate at which people show up in a line outside a theatre to buy tickets. t is the number of hours after 8:00am Assume there is no people at 8:00am and the patrons are served at a constant rate of 200

    asked by Integration
  71. physics

    A 39-turn circular coil of wire has a diameter of 1.2m. It is placed with its axis along the direction of the Earth's magnetic field of 58μT at 52° below the horizontal, and then in 0.16s it is flipped 180°. a) What is volts the magnitude of the average

    asked by Katie
  72. Programming

    A sweater is on sale for 25% off the original price. The original price is $50 write a solution to calculate and print the sale price.

    asked by Jonson Anderson
  73. applyng fundamental concepts

    Which of the following examples describes a child in the symbolic level? A. A child who can't identify numbers above 10 B. A child lining up Unifix Cubes in a row C. A child who figures out the answer to 2 + 5 in his/her head D. A child who counts up using

    asked by lauren
  74. Problem Solving

    Michael has designated 5% of his paychecks for the year for presents (birthday, Monther's day, etc.) Write a solution to calculate the amount of money he can spread give the amount of money he earns.

    asked by Gary
  75. linear algebra

    1 0 2 −2 0 1 0 0 1 0 −1 −1 2 0 0 0 −1 2 1 0 Is the set S = {v1, v2, . . . , vk} linearly independent?

    asked by sam
  76. Probability

    Can someone help me with this question? In the game of craps, a player loses a pass line bet if a sum of 2, 3, or 12 is obtained on the first roll. In another version of the game called crapless craps, the player does not lose by rolling craps, and does

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Algebra Answer ASAP thx!

    (Rewrite each fraction with all the variables in the numerator) 8c^5/11d^4 e^-2

    asked by lol
  78. English

    1) charisma: A)feelings. B) personal appeal. C)luck 2)contemporary A)common. B) old-fashioned C)today's 3)contend A)to wish B) to deny C)to declare 4)conversely A)in contrast. B) in a modern way C)similarly 5)extrovert A)a supporter of causes. B) a timid

    asked by Celine
  79. applyng fundamental concepts

    To match figures with corresponding silhouettes, children need to develop the concept of A. spatial relations. B. graphing. C. symbols. D. measurement. my answer is c.

    asked by lauren
  80. chem

    In the laboratory you are asked to make a 0.574 m iron(III) nitrate solution using 315 grams of water.

    asked by qua
  81. Math

    To make 4 1/2 gallons of ice cream, it takes 6 3/10 gallons of milk. How many gallons of milk does it take to make one gallon of ice cream?

    asked by Angel
  82. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences uses a predicate noun? A. When you leave, I will feel sad. B. My sister is their most valuable player. C. Their most valuable player is she. D. I will be saddened when you leave. Thank you for any help you give!

    asked by Elizabeth
  83. applying fundamental concepts

    An understanding of which of the following processes is needed to do patterning skills? A. Pictorial mapping B. Algebraic thinking C. Numeral recognition D. Seriation my answer is d.

    asked by lauren
  84. Physics

    An unstable nucleus with a mass of 18.0 ✕ 10-27 kg initially at rest disintegrates into three particles. One of the particles, of mass 4.1 ✕ 10-27 kg, moves along the positive y-axis with a speed of 8.0 ✕ 106 m/s. Another particle, of mass 7.7 ✕

    asked by Carol
  85. Physics

    A 4.1 g dart is fired into a block of wood with a mass of 20.2 g. The wood block is initially at rest on a 1.2 m tall post. After the collision, the wood block and dart land 2.6 m from the base of the post. Find the initial speed of the dart.

    asked by Betty
  86. science

    If an object is thrown 60m into the air and it takes the object 6s to get there what's there average speed of the object

    asked by Jay
  87. chemistry 2

    For the simple decomposition reaction below, rate = k[AB]2 and k = 0.30 L/mols. AB(g) A(g) + B(g) If the initial concentration of AB is 1.20 M, what is [AB] after 10.0 s?

    asked by Anonymous
  88. English 102

    IS this a good research question? What stage of childhood development does research show how experiences affect brain development and why?

    asked by De
  89. calculus

    Find relative Minimum and Maximum f'(x) = (9-4x^2)/ (x+1)^1/3

    asked by Akki
  90. Malaysian Legal System II

    Write a research paper detailing the criminal justice systems of England and Malaysia, and outline any differences in how criminal justice functions in both systems.

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Chemistry

    A 45.4 grams of a gold metal sample was heated with the amount of energy of 228 J. Which of the following would the most plausible temperature change of the gold sample? The specific heat of gold is 0.131 J/g.oC. 12.8 oC to 38.3 oC 24.4 oC to 81.6 oC 23.8

    asked by Heather
  92. spanish

    Hello, I need to double check for incorrect grammar and sentence flow. Thank you very much. I am writing a (1) biography of Juan de Villanueva, (2) his architectural themes, (3) his styles, and (4) a personal/anecdotal interpretation of his work. I am okay

    asked by Proofread for incorrect grammar
  93. Physics

    Three cylindrical blocks x, y and z are made of different materials of densities 2g/cm3, 5g/cm3 and 10g/cm3 respectively. If the side of each block resting on a level surface has an area of 2cm2, 4cm2 and 6cm2 and the height of block x is 10cm calculate;

    asked by JUBA
  94. Health

    Does a diet will help you lose 10 pounds in 3 days debunk the nutrition myth? My answer is yes

    asked by Steve
  95. Chemistry Help

    How many moles of H2 and N2 can be formed by the decomposition of 0.250 mol of ammonia, NH3? Is it 0.250*3mol H2=0.75 0.25*1mol N2=0.25 Am I correct?

    asked by Matthew
  96. english

    Use an apostrophe when writing about someone (a noun) that has possession of something. A) true b) false. Is the answer a) true?

    asked by josh
  97. calculus

    Find the area of the region bounded by the curves y=x^2 & y=2x???

    asked by Akki
  98. Accounting

    formation about the Maxwell Company's inventory of one item during 2010 is given below. Units Unit Cost Beginning Inventory, Jan 1, 2010 80 $24.00 Purchases: March, 2010 45 24.00 July 2010 75 22.00 Nov. 2010 100 21.00 Ending Inventory, Dec. 31, 2010 55

    asked by Lorilori
  99. Chemistry

    how many moles of solid mg(oh)2 should you ad to 200 ml of .15M acetic acid solution to produce ph 4.0 buffer?

    asked by Munavvar
  100. Science

    Organs like the liver, lungs, and intestines, each perform a specific job. COMPARE AND CONTRAST: How are the organs in a model of a human body the same and how are they different? Thx!!

    asked by Kyle
  101. aircondition & refrigerator

    how many kj will be absorbed in changing 93kj to it at 20degree celsius to water in 40degree celsius show working

    asked by eze stanley
  102. Chemistry

    Vapour pressure of ideal solutions at 25c the vapour pressure of chloroform and carbon tetrachloride are 26.54 and 15.27 kpa respectively. If the liquids from ideal solutions. (A) what is the composition of the vapour in equilibrium with with a solution

    asked by Munavvar
  103. Chemistry

    The magnetic moment (mu) values for Cs2 (MnCl4), k4 (Mn (CN) 6) and K2 (Ni (CN) 4) are 5.9 , 1.8 and 0 B.M, respectively. Explain the difference of these values based on the Valence bond theory.?

    asked by Munavvar
  104. Chemistry

    You are staying the reaction A2 (g)+B2 (g)=2AB (g) To determine its rate law .Assuming that you have a valid experimental procedure for obtaining (A2)& (B2) at various times, explain how you determine (a)the initial, (b) the reaction order, & (c) the rate

    asked by Munavvar
  105. Chemistry

    Define the-half of a reaction. Explain on the molecular level why the half- life of a first-order reaction is constant

    asked by Munavvar
  106. calculus

    Find the area between the curves y=x^2 & x=2?

    asked by Akki
  107. lifeorientation

    wht is the six symtoms of intrapersonal conflict in a person

    asked by patricia
  108. Chemistry

    If the temperature in problem 16.60 (25C), by what factor does the fraction of collisions with energy equal to or greater that the activation energy change?

    asked by Munavvar
  109. Social Studies

    The people of Brazil can best be decribed as A Primarily indigenous in descent B largely of the white European ancestry C mestizos with shared-indigenous heritages

    asked by Jack
  110. physic

    a projectile is fired from the ground level with a velocity of 500ms at 30 degree to the horizontal. Determine 1 it's horizontal range 2 the greatest vertical height reached 3 the time taken to reach this height (g=10mls2

    asked by babagana
  111. physics

    an anti aircraft gun fires at an elevation of 60 degree at an enemy air at 10.000 m above the ground. AE what speed must cannombe shot to hit the plane at the height (g=10m50)

    asked by Anonymous
  112. english

    Is traditional african marriage an advantage for man only? Write a reason

    asked by Nonjabuloh
  113. Life orientation

    To what extent can intrapersonal conflict affect communication relationships

    asked by Lerato
  114. Social Studies

    The people of Brazil can best be decribed as A Primarily indigenous in descent B largely of the white European ancestry C mestizos with shared-indigenous heritages

    asked by Jack
  115. english

    Revise the following word groups to remove all fragments and/or parallelism errors. I like baseball because it is fun and teaches me about the sport. My Answer I like baseball, it teaches me about the sport and it’s also fun.

    asked by Andrew
  116. geography

    how geography affects the way of life in japan

    asked by rosie
  117. Physics

    A 2302 kg block of granite is pulled up an incline that has an angle of inclination of 17.0 o with a constant speed of 2.22 m/s by a steam winch (see Figure). The coefficient of kinetic friction between the block and the incline is 0.340. How much power

    asked by Lauren
  118. geography

    why did the mongol dynasty collapse

    asked by rosie
  119. Chemistry

    Define the-half of a reaction. Explain on the molecular level why the half- life of a first-order reaction is constant

    asked by Munavvar
  120. geography

    describe the food people achievements inventions art and architecture of china under kublai khan

    asked by rosie
  121. To Nombuso

    I removed your post because you included personal contact information. That is not a safe thing to do online. --------------- Ask your school counselor for help. What are your grades in those classes? If they're high, then you have more choices. What do

    asked by Writeacher
  122. Physics

    A solid cylinder is pivoted at its center about a frictionless axle. A force is applied to the outer radius of 1.27 m at an angle of 30 ◦ above the tangential and exerts a force of 5 N. A second force is applied by wrapping rope around the inner radius

    asked by Caleb
  123. Math

    3m/4n * 2n/5m^2

    asked by M
  124. ap calc

    Find the area of the shaded region, bounded by the parabola 16y=5x^2+16 and the lines y=0, y=6, and x=5. I broke the figure up into two parts and got 3102/5. It seems like a large answer am I correct? Your help is greatly appreciated.

    asked by Lyndsay
  125. Physics

    How will the balancing length of a potentiometer be affected if resistance in the primary cell is increased or decreased? Will the balancing length change if a resistance is introduced before the jockey ?

    asked by vin
  126. math

    I am solving a problem and have -cos(a)=-1/2. How do I solve for a?

    asked by Lyndsay