Questions Asked on
February 27, 2015

  1. Health

    True or false: The endocrine system only regulates long term changes in the body? A. True *** B. False Which endocrine gland (s) are responsible for the changes associated with puberty? A. Thymus gland B. Reproductive glands *** C. Thyroid gland D.

  2. Science

    Hormones and Homeostasis 1) The human endocrine system is made up of which of the following structures? :Vessels. :Receptors. :Glands.*** :Chambers. 2. Which of the following best describes the function of the endocrine system? :It secretes chemical

  3. Health

    The main process of excretion takes place in the

  4. college physics

    The builders of the pyramids used a long ramp to lift 21000-kg (21-ton) blocks. If a block rose 1.1 m in height while traveling 20 m along the ramp’s surface, how much uphill force was needed to push it up the ramp at constant velocity?

  5. Geometry

    8. P -> P' (2, 6) for the glide reflection where the translation is (x,y) -> (x + 2, y - 2) and the line of reflection is y = - x. Find the coordinates of P. A. (11, -3) B. (4, 0) C. (-11, 3) D. (-4, 0) I think it is B. But I'm not sure, could I get some

  6. Statistics

    Suppose we would like to estimate the mean amount of money spent on books by students in the fall semester. We have the following data from 400 randomly selected students: mean=$205 and s=$40. Assume that the amount spent on books by students is normally

  7. math

    it takes about 20 minutes to grade a student's paper. How long, in hours, does it take to grade papers for a class of 25 people?

  8. Psychology

    1 Which of the following is NOT one of the three fundamental features of science? a empirical questions b public knowledge c mathematical equations (My Answer) d systematic empiricism 2 A set of beliefs can be said to be pseudoscientific if it lacks one or

  9. Chem

    What simplifying assumptions do we usually make in working problems involving equilibria of salts of polyprotic acids? Why are they usually valid? Answer by selecting all true statements. Are the answers: a,b,d,and f A)If the two ionization constants are

  10. math vectors

    Use a specific example to prove that the cross product is also not associative. That is, use three specific vectors in 3-space to show that Vector a×(Vector b × Vector c) is not equal to (Vector a × Vector b) × Vector c. Can you help me think of an

  11. Chemistry Need Help

    Given the chemical equation, Cl2 + F2 2ClF, how many moles of ClF are produced in the reaction, if 1.50 moles Cl2 are made to react with 1.75 moles F2 ? I got the answer 3.50 moles but it was wrong. Can anyone help me please.

  12. English

    My homework assignment is to take Walt Whitmans poem, "I Hear America Singing" and replace words/lines in the poem with the following: 1 Example of Parallel Structure or Anaphora 1 Catalogue of Items 1 Strong Image (use at least 10 words) 1 Example of

  13. trigonometric functions

    a hill slopes upward at an angle of 14 degrees with the horizontal ground.what height does the man reach when he has traveled 100m upward from the foot of the hill

  14. Biology

    Which of the following situations best shows Darwin’s theory of natural selection as a mechanism for evolution? A. The long neck of a giraffe is the result of its ancestor continually reaching for higher branches. B. The ancestor of the snake had its

  15. PSYCH

    1 Which of the following is NOT one of the three fundamental features of science? a empirical questions b public knowledge c mathematical equations (My Answer) d systematic empiricism 2 A set of beliefs can be said to be pseudoscientific if it lacks one or

  16. Health

    The main process of excretion takes place in the -stomach -kidneys -liver -small intestine I think it's the kidneys, because the others are more relatively digestion. Thanks :)

  17. American Constitutional Law

    The powers belonging to the people and the states are enshrined in: A. the First and Second Amendments. B. the Thirteenth and Fourteenth Amendments. C. Article III. D. the Ninth and Tenth Amendments. Is it C?

  18. American Constitutional Law

    In the case of Puerto Rico v. Branstad, the Court ruled that states had: A. a mandatory duty to extradite fugitives properly demanded. B. the power to charge residents and nonresidents different fees. C. the authority to execute treaties with foreign

  19. life orienttion

    Identify six symptoms of interpersonal conflict in a person

  20. math

    An electrician cuts a 12-ft piece of wire into two pieces one piece is 8 feet shorter than the other piece how long was each piece

  21. Maths

    Which letter has rotational symmetry? a. I b. J c. B d. R I think it is A.

  22. Language arts

    It is evening on the front porch of a small cabin in the woods. A lantern placed on a porch table gives off a soft glow. The bussing of insects and croaking of frogs can be heard in the distance. Now and then there is the sound of water splashing, as if a

  23. science

    20 g of K3PO4 dissolved in 350 ml water,to come up with 500 ml solution. calculate : molecular weight Equivalent weight molarity normality molality

  24. chemistry

    how do i plot the gibbs isotherm equation in excel given concentration and surface tension? I'm looking for surface excess which is the slope on the graph, the equation is r=1/RT(dST/dln(c)), ST is the surface tension. Do I plot the ln of the concentration

  25. English

    A successful narrative essay de-emphasizes or omits ________. A. the thesis statement B. unimportant details C. conflict D. dialogue Is it B?

  26. Physical Science

    The main difference between the internal combustion engine and the diesel engine is that the diesel engine A. does not have a crankshaft. B. does not utilize pistons. C. has no connecting rods. D. has no ignition system. pretty sure its d

  27. Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

    Please help with the following: How does sleet differ from snow? A. It is not a form of precipitation. B. It is liquid and not ice. C. It starts as rain and freezes in the air. D. It starts as water vapor and changes to a solid. I know that answer is not D

  28. Chemistry

    UMM.. I keep coming up with the wrong answer? How do I calculate this? 1. Calculate the number of Li atoms in 9.9 moles of Li. Express your answer using two significant figures. 2. Calculate the number of CO2 molecules in 3.13×10−2 mole of CO2.

  29. American Constitutional Law

    Each of the following cases addresses a contemporary issue of federalism EXCEPT: A. Riegel v. Medtronic, Inc. B. Altria Group v. Good. C. Wyeth v. Levine. D. Lawrence v. Texas. Is it D?

  30. Chemistry

    The autodissociation of water to H+ and OH- is endothermic. At a higher temperature more of the water molecules have sufficient energy to dissociate. So, Kw is greater. At 25oC, Kw = 1.0 x 10-14. (standard Kw) At 65oC, Kw = 1.0 x 10-13. Calculate the

  31. Math vectors

    What can be said about two vectors whose cross product is the zero vector?

  32. trig.

    If P (x, y) is the point on the unit circle determined by the real number θ, then tan θ= x/y y/x 1/x 1/y

  33. geometry

    Find the area bounded by the curves y= x^2 + 4 and y=x + 2

  34. health

    When you are walking, you rely on this part of your brain to keep you balanced and your muscles moving

  35. math

    During a severe thunderstorm, Tim saw a flash of lightning and then six seconds later heard a clap of thunder. The speed of sound is 1088 ft/sec. How far is Tim from the lightning? Nearest Thousand Feet.

  36. Language arts

    Which ending suggests the most reliable website for research? A.c-o- m B.e-d-u C.n-e-t D.b-i-z Is the answer B? Thanks.

  37. health

    Choosing to eat green vegetables rather than extra macaroni and cheese is a great way to keep the digestive system moving because green vegetables are full of

  38. please help!!!!!!

    When you wake up and a large pimple greets you when you look into the mirror, this endocrine gland is to blame

  39. statistics

    Assume that the regression equation for the relationship between SAT scores and IQ scores is y = 9 +.105x. What would you expect the IQ score to be for the following individuals, given their SAT scores? Individual SAT Score IQ Score Susan 850 Sally 1175

  40. Algebra

    I need some help with this question I really don't understand it and some help going through this problem would be really appreciated :) Use the fact that a/b/c/d=a/b / c/d to simplify each rational expression. State any restrictions on the variables.

  41. science 101

    What is the difference between the way matter responds to a transverse wave and a longitudal wave? A. Matter moves in the same direction in a longitudal wave, and at right angles to the direction of a transverse wave. B. Matter moves at right angles to the

  42. American Constitutional Law

    The "New Federalism" refers to the: A. increase in federal power. B. increase in the significance of state constitutional law. C. increase in the importance of state statutory law. D. decrease in the significance of state constitutional law. Is it D?

  43. Chemistry

    Ammonia is produced by the reaction of hydrogen and nitrogen. N2(g)+3H2(g)→2NH3(g)ammonia How many moles of N2 reacted if 0.65mole NH3 is produced? How many moles of NH3 are produced when 1.2moles H2 reacts?

  44. Art

    The Conversation Conundrum 1) A conservator is working to restore a large marble statue from a Greek temple by scrubbing it with water and soap. What is a likely drawback to this preservation? :Breaking of large sections of marble during scrubbing.

  45. Physics

    As your vacation job, you are driving a concrete mixer (mass 3300 kg). While driving down a hill (angle α = 29° with the horizontal), suddenly, a cow steps out on the road. You hit on the brakes, and with each locked wheel leaving 24 meters of skid

  46. Statistics

    Among the population of criminal justice students, the average score on the final exam was 74, with a standard deviation of 11.6. What is the probability of randomly selecting a student who earned an A (90 or better)?

  47. math

    Write and solve an equation to find the complement of an angle that measures 42 degrees. THX!

  48. Chemistry

    Calculate the pH of a 0.033 M solution of sodium ascorbate, Na2C6H6O6. For ascorbic acid, H2C6H6O6, Ka1 = 7.9 × 10-5 and Ka2 = 1.6 × 10-12. Kb = 1E-14 / 7.9E-5 = 1.266E-10 I 0.033 0 0 C -x +x +x E 0.033-x x x x^2/-0.033 = 1.266E-10 x = 2.044E-6 pOH=

  49. Pre-calculus (Trigonometry)

    The rotating spotlight from the Coast Guard ship can illuminate up to a distance of 250 m. An observer on the shore is 500 m from the ship. HIs line of sight to the ship makes an angle of 20 degrees with the shoreline. What length of shoreline is

  50. Language Arts

    Which of the following sentences contains a pronoun in the objective case? A. What costume should I wear to the party tonight? B. Maybe Martha will loan me something. C. Her costumes are always the best. D. She won first prize in a Halloween contest last

  51. math

    Nathan deposited 7/9 of his allowance into his savings account. He spent the remaining amount, or $2.50. How much did Nathan deposit into his savings account? Should I multiply 7/9 *2 1/2 or 7/9 * 250

  52. algebra

    The ratio of quarters to dimes in a coin collection is 5:3. You add the same number of new quarters as dimes to the collection. a. Is the ratio of quarters to dimes still 5:3? b. If so, illustrate your answer with an example. If not, show why with a

  53. statistics

    For classes of 273 students, find the mean and standard deviation for the number born on the 4th of July, Ignore leap years. For a class or 273 students, would two be an unusually high number who were born on the 4th of July? I don't know how to find how

  54. science

    mountain bike wheel has diameter of 40 inches , in how many turns will the bike be able to cover 1 km? note : circumference of circle = pi ((radius)^2) radius = diameter/2

  55. Language arts

    What does a reader look for in the second reading of a drama in the multi-draft reading process? A. Relationships about theme. B. Key ideas and details about characters and setting. C. Stage directions and dialogue that advances action. D. Similarities

  56. calculus

    limx¨0 sin ^3 (3x)/ x sin(x ^2)

  57. physics 113

    Calculate the change in internal energy of 2kg of water at 90 degree celcius when it is changed to 3:30m3 of steam at 100oC. The whole process occurs at atmospheric pressure. The latent heat of vaporization of wat

  58. 7th grade math

    Can you help with geometry? 1. Sally constructs a triangle with one side 6 inches long and another side 8 inches long. What is the 3rd side? (haven't learned Pythagorean theorem) Ans: 6 + x > 8 x > 2 6 + 8 > x 14 > x 8 + x > 6 x > -2 so, x must be > 2, but

  59. math

    A uniform horizontal beam weighing 136 kg is 10.4 m long and is supported by columns at each end. A vertical load of 1275 kg is applied to the beam x metres from the right end. Find x so that the reaction at the left column is 540 kg. Round your answer to

  60. physics

    A motorcycle of mass 350kg has an acceleration of 3m/s when the resistance against motion is 200N.Calculate the force required

  61. campbell drive

    Tickets cost $8.00 each for adults and $2.50 each for kids, and the group paid $46.50 in total. There were 6 fewer adults than kids in the group. Find the number of adults and kids on the trip. # of adults = # of kids =

  62. math

    in number 13,407.036 there are two 3's explain how the values of the 3's are related?

  63. science

    please Ineed Atomic mass for the element in periodic table.

  64. history

    how should histories evaluate sources of information? summarize and discuss the two approaches john tosh identifies

  65. Science check

    Water in the upper zones of the ocean will have more oxygen than water in deeper zones. true or false i think true.

  66. Chemistry

    True of False, Amorphous solids have crystal structures.

  67. Healthcare Statistics

    What is the mode of this data set 22 27 32 32 35 35 36 37 38 42 48 52 53 54 55 55 55 58 59 62 62 63 64 65 65 65 67 69 75 84 I see four modes: 32, 35, 55, and 65 Would this be considered multimodal?

  68. social studies

    what impact does current immigration have on the development of the united states?

  69. statistics

    historically, the average customer spends $8.53 for all TGP restaurants(u=8.53). If the population standard deviation is $1.06(o=1.06) and the data is normally distributed, find the probabiltiy that the sample mean will be within $.15 of the populaiton

  70. Chemistry

    Determine the percent ionization of a 2.45 M solution of benzoic acid

  71. Statistics

    With a known population mean of 100, and a known standard of error of the mean of 7.5, what is the probability of selecting at random a sample whose mean is equal to 110 or greater?

  72. Math Vectors

    Verify (a + a) × (a+ b) = 0⃗ . What can be said about two vectors whose cross product is the zero vector a x b = i j k 3 -3 1 -12 12 -4 = i ( (-3) · (-4) - 1 · 12 ) - j ( 3 · (-4) - 1 · (-12) ) + k ( 3 · 12 - (-3) · (-12) ) = = i ( 12 - 12 ) - j (

  73. math

    The rental rate on a car is $40.00 per day and 30¢ per mile. How much does Raoul pay for renting this car for 2 days and driving a total of 150 miles?

  74. English

    Im going to post a few i want to check over. I think it is B, C, and A 1. In narration, dialogue should ________. A. be used solely to describe conflict B. be used sparingly and at significant moments C. be used in each paragraph D not be used at all 2.

  75. statistics

    Determine the level of the confidence given the confidence coefficient z(α/2) for the following situation: z(α/2) = 1.96

  76. math

    when asked how many pennies she had a collector said If I arrange them in stacks of five, none are leftover if I arrange them in stacks of six, none are leftover if I arrange them in stacks of seven one is left over. What is the least number of coins she

  77. statistics

    If weight in the general population is normally distributed with an average of 160 and a standard deviation of 20 pounds, what is the probability of selecting someone who weights 120 or less or 170 or more pounds?

  78. English

    I believe it is B and then C? 1. Examples in writing ________. A. help you concisely tell a reader a story that makes a point B. provide specific illustrations and instances C. help you show your reader what you see, hear, smell, touch or taste D. include

  79. American Constitutional Law

    The Fourteenth Amendment’s Due Process Clause restricts a state’s authority to tax out-of-state individuals unless: A. there is a “minimum contact” between a state and the person taxed. B. the person’s parents were born in the state. C. the state

  80. American Constitutional Law

    If a state court decides a case on independent and adequate state grounds, the Supreme Court will: A. not review the federal issues. B. review the federal issues if they are parallel to the state issues. C. review all federal issues. D. vacate the state

  81. math

    Hi, How do I improve my math skills? I can't calculate in my head (I.e 2x43), I would actually have to write it down to solve it. I took pre-calc, calc and didn't have problem understanding. I don't know what is wrong. what should I do?

  82. American Constitutional Law

    Under the Due Process Clause, in order for a state to tax out-of-state individuals, there must be a(n) __________ between a state and the person taxed. A. contract B. minimum contact C. long-term relationship D. agreement to tax Is it A?

  83. math

    Suppose you deposit $350 in a bank account that pays 6% annual simple interest. Find the interest earned in 4 months and in 1 year.

  84. Chemistry

    Dr. Bob222, Calculate the moles of C2H6 in 8.60×1023 molecules of C2H6. I did what you said, I got 8.60*10^23*(1mole/6.02*10^23) = 1.43*10^46??? This is not the answer.. am I doing something wrong?

  85. Physics

    A 755 N diver is standing on a platform 10.0 m above the surface of the water. What is the diver's speed when he hits the water? (disregard friction)

  86. History

    How did the spread of Islam lead to golden age?

  87. Chemistry

    Ok, I know how to balance chemical equations, however, I don't know how to tell if it is a S, L, aq, or g? How am I supposed to know this?? Mg(s)+AgNO3(aq)→Mg(NO3)2(aq)+Ag(s) Express your answer as a chemical equation. Identify all of the phases in your

  88. math

    At 8 A.M., Dylan and his neighbor, Mickey, drove in their cars to a city that was 240 mi. away from their neighborhood. When Dylan reached the city, Mickey had 40 mi. to go. He finally completed the trip 48 minutes later. a) How long did it take Mickey to

  89. Biology

    Do you think that the countries producing sulfur dioxide emissions should compensate their neighbors for the damage being done?

  90. s

    2. Which of the following explains why the heart is organized so that it pumps blood to two different locations? (1 point) to supply blood to two different sides of the body to allow a way for the blood to pick up new blood cells to move oxygen-poor blood

  91. s

    4. Which of the following describes the path of blood between the heart and the lungs? (1 point) heart → lungs (capillaries) → veins → arteries → heart heart → arteries → veins → lungs (capillaries) → heart heart → arteries → lungs

  92. Biology

    In fruit flies, eyes can be either white or red, and wings can be either long or short. A mating cross between a red-eyed long-winged female and a red-eyed short-winged male produces the following offpsring: 42 red, short 30 red, long 14 white, short 10

  93. Business math

    A watch with a list price of $889.00 is sold by a wholesaler at a net cost of $545.75. Find the single trade discount rate being offered. round to the nearest tenth of a percent 889.00*61.4? since trade discount equals list price * trade discount

  94. Math vectors

    Verify using an example that a(b+c) is not equal to ab+ac. (This means that addition does not distribute over the dot product.) My solution: is this correct? a(b+c)= ab+ac is ALWAYS true for whatever numbers you substitute let a = 16 b = 3 and c = 5 so LHE

  95. accounting

    Describe how the separation of (1) authorization of production transactions, (2) recording of these transactions, and (3) physical custody of inventories can be specified among the production, inventory, and cost accounting departments. How does the

  96. Theology (religion) HELP!!!! (plz read ASAP!)

    Nae one or two experiences or situations that reflect an 'unredeemed' world. What reasons can you identify for this. 300 words Please help me. I'm NOT asking you to do this essay for me .... I just don't know what to write for this essay.

  97. Math

    In order to properly design a heating system for a greenhouse, the volume of air in the building needs to be determined. Find the volume of air in the greenhouse below. (3 pts)

  98. journalism check answers

    What is a fixer? a newsroom technician who handles the media outlet's infrastructure a local reporter in a far-flung place who helps foreign correspondents navigate the logistics of reporting in an unfamiliar place a source who "fixes" or misrepresents a

  99. Statistics

    A criminologist is studying school violence, she selects a random sample of 25 adolescents aged 12 to 15 from a local middle school and asks the following,"How many times within the past school year have you been physically assaulted at school? She

  100. social studies

    Famine caused people from which country to immigrate to the United States

  101. LA

    What part of speech is idle in this sentence? "The kids are left idle with nothing to do."

  102. Statistics

    1200 high school freshman were randomly selected for a national survey. Among survey participants, the mean grade-point average was 2.8, and standard deviation was 0.6. What is the margin of error, assuming a 95% confidence level?

  103. Statistics

    The results of a nationwide survey show that 57.40% of college students have violated rules of alcohol use. The margin of error for the survey is 2.30%. What does this mean?

  104. Chemistry

    Calculate the hydrogen ion concentration, [H+], in 0.00988 M Ba(OH)2. Careful!

  105. Chemistry Help

    How many milliliters of 0.534 M Ba(OH)2 solution are needed to completely neutralize 34.5 mL of 0.220 M HBr solution? The reaction is Ba(OH)2(aq) + 2HBr(aq) → BaBr2(aq) + 2H2O(l) I did 0.0345 * 0.220 = 0.00759 Moles of HCl =2*0.00759= 0.01518

  106. math

    Each homeroom of a middle school receives 1/12 of a 5/6 acre of land. How many homerooms receive a plot of land?

  107. Chemistry

    A reaction proceeds with ∆ H = 40 kJ/mol. The energy of activation of the uncatalyzed reaction is 120 kJ/mol, whereas i t is 55 kJ/mol for the catalyzed reaction. How many times faster is the catalyzed reaction than the uncatalyzed reaction at 25°C?

  108. Math

    Davida bought a pair of earrings, each in the shape of an isosceles triangle with equal side lengths of 24 mm and a base length of 16 mm. She used one earring to make another pair of earrings, similar in shape, with the base length equal to 11 mm. What is

  109. math

    To make 4 1/2 gallons of ice cream, it takes 6 3/10 gallons of milk. How many gallons of milk does it take to make one gallon of ice cream? Do I divide 6 3/10 by 4 1/2

  110. chemistry

    For the reaction: 2SO2(g) + O2(g) = 2SO3(g) conducted at 25°C and 1 atm. Calculate H°, S°, G°

  111. life orientation

    How can intrapersonal conflict be addressed through engaging in physical exercise?

  112. Chemistry

    I'm having a brain malfunction... how to calculate how many grams are in a mole of something? How many grams are in 3.80mol of sodium chloride (NaCl)?

  113. biology

    hi, I am studying for an exam and I am trying to really understand the processes of things. So, in a cardiac muscle (everything else normal) what would happen if sympathetic stimulation does not lead to the phosphorylation of Troponin-I? I am asking

  114. Chemistry

    Phosphorous acid, H3PO3, is actually a diprotic acid for which Ka1 = 5.0 × 10-2 and Ka2 = 2.0 × 10-7. What are the values of [H+] and [H2PO3-] in a 2.0 M solution of H3PO3?

  115. physics

    Background: the Centaur impacts the moon with a velocity of 2.500 km/s (relative to the moon). Why is it acceptable to assume that the impact velocity will be consistent, even if the mass is not consistent? (Hint: think about the path that the vehicle

  116. quadratic formula

    2x^2=-8x+10 I got x=-2-1i x=-2+1i But every time I plug the numbers back into the equation I am not getting the sides to equal. Not sure how to use the imaginary i.

  117. math

    having a spacey moment...can anyone show me how to solve for Er? Er-1/Er+2 = X

  118. physics

    A radio station, broadcasting at 89.1 MHz on the FM dial, has two transmission towers d = 40.0 m away from each other, producing signals that are completely in phase. An avid fan of this station is listening to it on her portable radio while jogging

  119. French

    What does this sentence mean? La géographie avait beau être plus facile que le français, une mauvaise note, surtout à la fin de l'année, était catastrophique.

  120. trig

    what is the reference angle for 11π/6? how would i do this?

  121. algebra

    will medal and fan graph the following table x y 1 8 2 35 3 62 4 89 help?

  122. American Constitutional Law

    The Low-Level Radioactive Waste Policy Amendments Act established the following as incentives to the states. A. Financial B. Access C. Take Title D. All of the above Is it D?

  123. 3rd grade math

    A parking lot near the sports field holds a total of 52 vehicles. There are 42 cars parked there now. Half of these cars are red, 10 are blue, and the rest are silver. What fraction of the cars are silver?

  124. math

    Iin October, a hard ware store purchased snow shovels fo $8 each. The original markup was 50% base on the selling price. In December, the store had a sell and mark down the shovels by 20%. By January 1, the sale was over and the shovels were markup 15%. In

  125. math

    first string sports can purchase sneakers for $450 per dozen less trade discounts of 14/12 from ideal shoes. Fancy footwear is offering the same sneakers for $435 less trade discounts of 18/6. Which supplier offers a lower net price? would i be correct if

  126. 3rd grade math

    Justin took photographs during a trip to the mountains. He used one roll of color film and one roll of black-and-white film. He took 1/3 of the pictures in color during a picnic with his family. If he took 36 pictures in all, how many color pictures did he

  127. English

    Can someone help me write a simple poem, using the following?: 1 Example of Anaphora 1 Example of Catalogue of Items 1 Strong Image (use at least 10 words) 1 Example of Onomatopoeia 1 Example EACH of Assonance, Alliteration, and Consonance I'd really

  128. Physics

    Two blocks, stacked one on top of the other, slide on a frictionless horizontal surface. The surface between the two blocks is rough, however, with a coefficient of static friction equal to 0.50. The top block has a mass of 2.6 kg, and the bottom block's

  129. chemistry

    Consider a sample of a hydrocarbon (a compound consisting of only carbon and hydrogen) at 0.959 atm and 298 K. Upon combusting the entire sample in oxygen, you collect a mixture of gaseous carbon dioxide and water vapor at 0.755 atm and 375 K. This mixture

  130. physics

    Two masses of 3.25 kg each, connected by a string, slide down a ramp making an angle of 31° with the horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction between m1 and the ramp is 0.31. The coefficient of kinetic friction between m2 and the ramp is 0.17. Find

  131. math

    It is recommended that 3/5 of the calories a person consumes come from carbohydrates. If 1/12 of these calories should be from fiber, what fraction of the number of calories should come from fiber?

  132. algebra

    Plus or minus of 0.05: As measured in standard deviations, how much is a year of learning in school worth on a test? Please answer with a decimal.

  133. Chemistry

    When 0.500 moles of boron trichloride react with 1.20 moles hydrogen gas to produce elemental boron and hydrogen chloride gas, the actual yield of boron was 66.4 % of the theoretical yield. The mass of boron obtained was _____ g. Please help I'm stuck on

  134. Math

    What is the potential energy in a body of mass 5kg on top of a pole 20metres high ?

  135. math fractions

    Rogelio has 3 one-dollar bills, 5 quarters, 4 dimes, 2 nickels, and 9 pennies. What fraction of the coins are quarters?

  136. health

    It’s important to choose foods that provide more ________.

  137. algebra (check my answers?)

    1. ratio a is equivalent to ratio b. ratio b is equivalent to ratio c. is ratio a equivalent to ratio c? yes 2. you are 13 years old, and your cousin is 19 years old. as you grow older, is your age proportional to your cousin's age? no

  138. Chemistry

    You are instructed to create 200. mL of a 0.27 M phosphate buffer with a pH of 7.8. You have phosphoric acid and the sodium salts NaH2PO4, Na2HPO4, and Na3PO4 available. (Enter all numerical answers to three significant figures.) H3PO4(s) + H2O(l)

  139. Chemistry

    Using a 0.20 M phosphate buffer with a pH of 6.7, you add 0.71 mL of 0.55 M HCl to 52 mL of the buffer. What is the new pH of the solution?

  140. Chemistry Help

    The theoretical yield of Cl2 that could be prepared by mixing 15.0 g of manganese dioxide (MnO2) with 30.0 g of HCl is 12.2 g. The limiting reagent was MnO2. When the reaction was run only 8.82 g of Cl2 was collected. The percent yield of Cl2 is_? a)58.8 %

  141. statistics

    A headline in a certain newspaper states that "most stay at first job less than 2 years." That headline is based on an online poll of 320 college graduates. Among those polled, 72% stayed at their first full-time job less than 2 years. a. Assuming that 50%

  142. Science

    A train is traveling west with a force of 820 N, and then the conductor applies the brakes with a force of 500 N. What is the resulting net force on the train?

  143. Chemistry

    Propanoic acid that, along with its sodium salt, can be used to make a buffer that has a pH of 5.25. If you have 532.9 mL of a 0.250 M solution of that acid, how many grams of the corresponding sodium salt do you have to dissolve to obtain the desired pH?

  144. Further Maths

    uniform ladder of length 5m and weight 80 newtons stands on rough level ground and rests in equilibrium against a smooth horizontal rail which is fixed 4m vertically above the ground. If the inclination of the ladder to the vertical is x, where tan x is

  145. Math vectors

    Verify (a + b) × (a + b) = 0 What numbers can go into the equation as vector A(coordinates) and what numbers can go into the equation as vector B (coordinates) in order for the answer to be 0???

  146. Statistics

    Let x and y be the amounts of time (in minutes) that a particular commuter must wait for a train on two independently selected days. Define a new random variable w by w = x + y, the sum of the two waiting times. The set of possible values for w is the

  147. Math

    What is the probability of getting a number larger than 10 for the first time on the third roll

  148. word math

    len puts ten marbles in each bag. two tenth are stripped.if len makes ten bags of marbles how many stripped marbles do he need?

  149. homework

    what did the house sell for if the salesperson received $2100.00 as her 1/4 of the 7% commission?

  150. Vocabulary

    When we made our appeal for funds, their response was so (incalculable, frigid) that we realized we would have to find other ways of raising money. incalculable