Questions Asked on
February 21, 2015

  1. science

    an ice cube, a glass of cold water, and a swimming pool are each exposed to the same amount of sunlight on a hot day. after five minutes, the ice cube is melted and the cold drink is two degrees warmer, but the temperature of the swimming pool remains

    asked by Oscar
  2. physics

    Estimate the change in gravitational potential energy when a person with mass 95kg rise from bed to a standing position. Assuming that the center of mass of a person is elevated by approximately Δh=0.50m.

    asked by phys 220
  3. science

    Why did a portion of the tabletop get cold when Natasha placed her cold drink on the table? (1 point) The table’s molecules were vibrating more slowly in that area. The table’s molecules had spread further apart in that area. The table’s molecules

    asked by Oscar
  4. 3 other questions.

    Sorry. Elizabeth wants to turn her diary entry into a fictional short story. Which BEST identifies a structural change that would allow readers to know more about the thoughts and feelings of Stevie and Elizabeth's parents? A)changing the point of view

    asked by Annabelle
  5. Physics

    A 25.0 m tall hollow aluminum flagpole is equivalent in strength to a solid cylinder of aluminum 3.50 cm in diameter. A strong wind bends the pole much as a horizontal force of 900 N exerted at the top would. How far to the side does the top of the pole

    asked by Jimmy
  6. Calc

    A plane is heading on a bearing of 200° with an air speed of 400 km/h when it is blown off course by a wind of 100 km/h from the northeast. Determine the resultant ground velocity of the plane.

    asked by Amy
  7. Accounting

    A credit to a liability account was posted to an owner's equity account. This would cause __________. A. assets to be overstated B. liabilities to be understated C. owner's equity to be understated D. net income to be overstated i think its D A credit to

    asked by Karen
  8. physics

    Two arrows are fired horizontally with the same speed of 31.8 m/s. Each arrow has a mass of 0.149 kg. One is fired due east and the other due south. Find the magnitude of the total momentum of the two arrow system in kg-m/s. (Hint: How do you combine

    asked by Hannah
  9. life orientation

    what are the symptoms of intrapersonal?

    asked by lucia
  10. Trig application

    I have been working on this problem but I am not sure I am doing it right. During takeoff an airplane's angle of ascent is 18 degrees and its speed is 275 feet per second. A. Find the plane's altitude after 1 minute. B. How long will it take for the plane

    asked by Hutch
  11. Statistics

    A) Identify the question, population, and sample. b) Discuss any potential bias or lurking variables that may affect the results.? c) Write about the extent to which we can generalize the findings to all people who use cell phones. Stewart Fist reported

    asked by Tamcia
  12. Trig application

    I am having trouble with this question. A privately owned yacht leaves a dock in Myrtke Beach, South Carolina, and heads toward Freeport in the Bahamas at a bearing of S 1.4 degrees E. The yacht averages a speed of 20 knots over the 428-nautical- mile

    asked by Hutch
  13. Pre ALGEBRA

    A solid with at most one base cannot be which of the following? A) cone B) cube C) pyramid D) sphere Is it A or D? MS SUE PLEASE HELP ME

    asked by Oscar
  14. English

    Contains dialogue is created from the mind of the author. -A.B Written in chronological order, following the author from the beginning of his/her life to the end - A.B? Does not necessarily follow the main character from beginning of his/her life to the

    asked by Annabelle
  15. science

    both carbon dioxide and water are pure substances. how are they similar to each other? A. Both substances have a set ratio of atoms that cannot be separated by physical means. B. Both substances have a set ratio of atoms that can be separated by physical

    asked by Oscar
  16. chemistry

    Consider the following equation, which represents the combustion of hydrogen sulfide. 2H2S(g)+3O2(g)¨2SO2(g)+2H2O(g) What volume, in liters, of SO2 is formed when 120L of H2S(g) is burned? Assume that both gases are measured under the same conditions.

    asked by pp
  17. algebra

    noj has the following test scores 69 74 76 84 91 his teacher will allow him to retake the test on which he scored lowest noj wants an average of at least 82 determine the least number of additional points noj must score on the retest

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Math

    An adult polar bear walks at an average rate of 5 kilometers per hour. 1. write an equation to find k, the number of kilometers a polar bear bear can walk in h hours. 2.make a table to show the relationship between the number of kilometers k a polar bear

    asked by Angelina
  19. Anthropology

    Ms.Sue, I need your assisting please. Can you please give me advice on this Chipolatta Culture Music, I need you. Thank you. The Chipolatta music instruments consist of things like, drums, flutes, and other percussion instruments including their voices

    asked by Jimmy
  20. financial management

    you have $42,180.53 in a brokeage act & you plan to deposit an additional $5000 at the end of every future year until your accout totals $250,000. you expect to earn 12% annually on the account. How many years will it take to reach your goal?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 25.0 g of pure HC2H3O2 and 25.0 g of NaC2H3O2 in 700 mL of solution (the final volume). (a) What is the pH of the solution? (b) What would the pH of the solution be if 65.0 mL of 0.650 M NaOH were added? (c) What would

    asked by Dean
  22. Math

    Flying to the wind, an airplane takes 4 hours to go 960 km. The same plane flying with the wind takes only 3 hours to make the same trip. Find the speed of the plane and the speed of the wind. I wasn't here for the lesson from my teacher but told me to ask

    asked by Njex
  23. Math

    An aeroplane is taking off from landing field has to run 500 leaves the ground in 10 seconds.what is the acceleration?

    asked by W.c
  24. Accounting

    A debit to the capital account was posted to an expense account. This would cause __________. A. assets to be overstated B. liabilities to be understated C. capital to be overstated D. expense to be understated i think its D

    asked by Karen
  25. math

    A man who can swim at 5km/h in still water swims towards the east to cross arriver. If the river flows from north to south at the rate of 3km/h a) Calculate: i) The resultant speed ii) The drift b) If the width of the river is 30m, find the time taken, in

    asked by kudu
  26. mathematics concepts

    Fraction symbols can usually be safely introduced A. at the beginning of third grade. B. near the end of first grade. C. near the end of third grade. D. at the beginning of second grade. my answer is c.

    asked by Brittney
  27. Math

    The regular price of a sweater is $32. For a sale, the price of the sweater is marked down 30%. What is the price of the sweater?

    asked by Cristina
  28. science

    Why does the energy of a sound wave decrease over time?

    asked by wilmary
  29. chemistry

    could one separate the components of a mixture of PbCl2 and Mg(OH)2 using only cold water?

    asked by Sam
  30. Chemistry

    To what volume should you dilute 124mL of an 8.10M CuCl2 solution so that 49.0mL of the diluted solution contains 4.81g CuCl2? Molar Mass of CuCl2= 134.45 g/mol Convert: 4.81g * (1mol/ 13.45g CuCl2)= 0.0358mol CuCl2 [CuCl2]= M= mol/L= (0.0358mol/ 49ml) *

    asked by Nyle
  31. sociology

    Hume would agree with which statement about ethics? (Points : 1) There is a direct connection between the way that things are and the way they ought to be. Just because certain things are, does not mean that is the way they ought to be. One can use

    asked by chistopher prysock
  32. Business math

    Compute the difference between the ordinary interest and the exact interest for a loan with a principle amount of $1100 at 12 percent for 120 days. I'm getting $0.60 Can you check my work?

    asked by Casey
  33. College Physics

    A 3.0 m long light board with negligible weight is supported at each end by cables. a painter weighing 900 N stands 1.o m from the left cable. Find the tension in each cable.

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Physics

    The same voltage is applied between the plates of two different capacitors. When used with capacitor A, this voltage causes the capacitor to store 17 μC of charge and 5.7 x 10^-5 J of energy. When used with capacitor B, which has a capacitance of 6.9 μF,

    asked by e
  35. math

    Amanda's punch recipe : 7 parts mixed fruit juice, 2 parts of lemonade [Question : how much lemonade will she need to make 180 fluid ounces of punch ?]A .140 Fluid ounces or B. 40 Fluid ounces C. 36 Fluid ounces D. 60 Fluid ounces i think the answer is b

    asked by Jade
  36. ap physics

    A 0.461 kg mass is attached to a spring and executes simple harmonic motion with a pe- riod of 0.59 s. The total energy of the system is 2.4 J. Find the force constant of the spring

    asked by arabelle
  37. statistics

    Heights of women have a bell-shaped distribution with a mean of 158 cm and a standard deviation of 8 cm. Using Chebyshev’s theorem, what do we know about the percentage of Women with heights that are within 3 standard deviations of the mean. What are the

    asked by slomomo
  38. calculus

    A woman is attached to a bungee cord from a bridge that is 38m above a river. Her height in meters above the river t seconds after the jump is y(t)=19(1 + e^-1xcos(t)) for t>0. What is her velocity at t=1 and t=4?

    asked by Zee
  39. sociology

    Which of the following examples best demonstrates to most people that ethical progress has taken place over the past 200 years? (Points : 1) Laws that prohibit discrimination based on race Laws that have increased speed limits Laws that prevented women

    asked by Bryan Alvarez
  40. Physics

    Two identical capacitors store different amounts of energy: capacitor A stores 2.5 x 10^-3 J, and capacitor B stores 4.8 x 10^-4 J. The voltage across the plates of capacitor B is 12 V. Find the voltage across the plates of capacitor A.

    asked by e
  41. maths

    costs $12.50 to see a movie at a theater near Jason’s house. It costs only $1.95 to rent a DVD from an online service. A DVD player costs $125. To the nearest whole number, how many movies must Jason watch on DVD instead of at the theater before he

    asked by Anonymous
  42. English

    Use a cliche in a sentence that you create. the sentence that I created is. My sister and I are so much a like that most people say we are " two peas in a pod". Did I do the sentence correctly

    asked by Rebecca
  43. physics

    A shuffleboard disk is accelerated at a 9.7m/s^2 from rest to a speed of 6.0m/s. What distance does the disk travel?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. Math

    Evaluate 6 log2 ∛64 +10log3 (243)^1/5)

    asked by kudu
  45. chemistry

    Two moles of an ideal gas initially at 27C and 1 atm pressure are compressed isothermally and reversibly till the final pressure of the gas is 10 atm. Calculate the work done. (R=8.314 JK-1mol-1)

    asked by anu
  46. statistics

    A consumer advocacy group claims that the mean amount of juice in a 16 ounce bottled drink is not 16 ounces, as stated by the bottler.

    asked by Anonymous
  47. American History

    Hi there. I was just wondering whether the blundering generation thesis about the civil war boils down to a belief that individual choices caused the war. I wrote in my notes that it is linked to the belief that the civil war was inevitable but that

    asked by Rissa
  48. grammar

    Can a rabbit run fast? yes,it can. (Is)

    asked by Anonymous
  49. English

    Can someone read my eight sentence paragraph. A high school diploma is very important to me. With a high school diploma I can show my children that your never to old to go back to school. Which will set a good example for my children to show them they need

    asked by Rebecca
  50. Math

    the sum of the integers from 1 to 10, inclusive, is 55. What is the sum of the multiples of 5 from 5 to 50 inclusive? Which equation would I use?

    asked by Bethany
  51. Trig application

    I worked this problem out but I do not fully understand what I am doing. Fire tower A is 30 kilometers due west of fire tower B.. A fire is spotted from the towers, and the bearings from A and B are N 76 degrees E and N 56 degrees W, respectively. Find the

    asked by Hutch
  52. statistics

    A student government representative at a local university claims that 60% of all the undergraduate students favor a move to Division I in college football. A simple random sample of 250 undergraduate students is selected. What is the probability that the

    asked by LO
  53. math

    The distance between towns M and N is 280 km. A car and a lorry travel from M to N. The average speed of the lorry is 20 km/h less than that of the car. The lorry takes 1 h 10 min more than the car to travel from M and N. (a) If the speed of the lorry is x

    asked by kudu
  54. math

    A salesman gets a commission of 2.4% on sales up to Shillings 100,000. He gets an additional commission of 1.5% on sales above this. Calculate the commission he gets on sales wroth shillings 280,000. 100000(.024) + 0.015(280000 - 100000) 2400 + 2700 5100

    asked by kudu
  55. sociology

    Ethical theorists would be comfortable making which statement? (Points : 1) Ethical principles and ideas must always conform to the laws of a country. Ethical principles and theories can contradict laws of a country. It is important to not make anyone

    asked by chistopher prysock
  56. Chemistry

    (For fischer esterification) If you had collected the forerun from your distillation and tested it in the gas chromatograph, what would the most predominant compound be? -Isopentyl alcohol -Isopentyl acetate -Water -acetic acid

    asked by Ley
  57. trigonometry- college

    For two hours, a boat sails straight from port A to port C with a speed of 50 miles per hour. Port B is due east of port A, and the bearing of line segment BC is 20 degrees south west. Find the bearing of line segment AC. I really don't know what's the

    asked by jessica mantujac
  58. sociology

    Which of the following examples best demonstrates to most people that ethical progress has taken place over the past 200 years?

    asked by Bryan Alvarez
  59. math

    A trough (a place where horses and sheep drink water) has the shape of a half-cylinder with length 4 m and radius 20 cm. Water is poured into the trough at a constant rate of 300 cm3/s. At what rate (in cm/s) is the level of the water in the trough rising

    asked by emy
  60. college physics

    a 3m long light board with negligible weight is supported at each end by cables. a painter weighing 900 N stands 1m from the left cable. find the tension in each cable,

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Math

    an adult manatee eats approximately 100 pounds of aquatic food per day. write an equation to find p, the numbeer of ponds of food an adult manatee eat in d days

    asked by Angelina
  62. maths

    Saudi Arabia has proven oil reserves of 2.63  1011 barrels. Kuwait has proven oil reserves of 9.78  1010 barrels. Canada has proven oil reserves of 1.789  1011 barrels. What are the combined proven oil reserves of the three countries?

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Math

    Find the point of intersection on the graphs of 2x+5y=15 and x-3y=6 How do I do this?

    asked by Rachel
  64. Urgent maths homework help

    At a boarding school, in the evening, 9 students always take walks in groups of 3. How can the groups be arranged so that each person walks in a group with every other person exactly once in 4 days? I would like to know whether there is a trick to these

    asked by paul
  65. Civics

    Which was an outcome of the U.S. supreme court decision in Brown v. Board of education (1954)?

    asked by Gibby
  66. chemistry

    PLZ help me understand the way of solving this equation quick A 0.07 mol sample of octane C8H18 absorbed 3.5*10^3 j of energy. calculate the temperature increase of octane if the molar heat capacity of octane is 254.0 j/k*mol

    asked by jack
  67. maths

    Sid and Libby are planning to sell pies at a local fair. They spend $200 to rent a table at the fair. Their costs for ingredients, other supplies, baking, and packaging are $3.00 per pie. Sid and Libby plan to sell the pies for $8 each. How many pies must

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Physics

    A 5.0- kg concrete block rests on a level table. A 3.7- kg mass is attached to the block by a string passing over a light, frictionless pulley. If the acceleration of the block is measured to be 1.0 m/s2, what is the coefficient of friction between the

    asked by Jordan
  69. maths

    In a class, there are 12 girls and 14boys. Express in its simplest form, the ratio of girls to the total number of students in that class.

    asked by tuimano
  70. Chemistry

    A student added some bromine (reddish orange) in some carbon tertrachloride to a sample of butane in a test tube and placed it in a dark cupboard. When the student removed the test tube it still had the reddish orange colour. When the test tube was left on

    asked by Lando
  71. maths

    . Louisa has $4,500 in her savings account. She has to choose between two savings plans. Under plan A, she will increase her account balance by 10% per year. Under plan B, her account balance will increase by $525 per year. If she plans to keep her money

    asked by Anonymous
  72. riddle

    what starts with a t ends with a t and is full of t.

    asked by lululo
  73. chemistry

    A student added some bromine (reddish orange) in some carbon tertra chloride ro a sample of butane in a test tube and placed it in a dark cupboard. When the student removed the test tube it still had the reddish orange colour. When the test tube was left

    asked by Lando
  74. Math

    The fifth term of an arithmetic sequence is 22 and the 15th term is 62. Find the 100th term and the sum of the first 60 terms. I'm having trouble figuring out how to do this.

    asked by Lilly
  75. math

    Jill, Meg, and Beth are sisters. Jill is 2 years younger than Meg. Beth is half as old as Meg. Use the same variable to write three algebraic expressions based on this situation. Tell what the variable represents and what each expression represents. THANK

    asked by kymy
  76. math

    A wire of length 4 m is cut in two parts and the first part is bent in the shape of a square, while the second part is bent in the shape of an equilateral triangle. For which lengths of these parts the total area enclosed by the square and the triangle is:

    asked by emy
  77. math

    A vector can be used to represent the path of a drill tip used to bore a deep mine shaft in Sudbury one quarter of the way to the centre of the Earth. Represent the vector using a directed line segment and Cartesian co-ordinates and describe which

    asked by anon
  78. chemistry

    Put the following compounds in order of INCREASING oxidation number of N: N2H4, NO3-1, N2, NH3 ?

    asked by katy
  79. Math

    How many times larger is the area of a square (Length of Sides = A) than the area of an equilateral triangle (Length of Sides = 0.5A)?

    asked by Emma
  80. Math

    Put 25 marbles into 3 piles, each has an odd # of marbles. How many ways can you do this??? Do you have the formula?

    asked by Bong
  81. physics

    A ball is thrown straight up from the ground at 10m/s, and simultaneously a ball is thrown straight down a 10m-high ledge at 10m/s. At what height do the two balls pass?

    asked by vera
  82. physical science

    A car travels east for 15km at a speed of 30km/h .it then turns around and returns along the same path at 60km/h.what is the cars average velocity

    asked by comfort
  83. Physics

    A certain force gives mass m1 an acceleration of 13.0 m/s2 and mass m2 an acceleration of 3.6 m/s2. 1) What acceleration would the force give to an object with a mass of (m2-m1)? 2) A certain force gives mass m1 an acceleration of 13.0 m/s2 and mass m2 an

    asked by Jordan
  84. Physics

    What is the capacitance of a capacitor that stores 5.2 μC of charge on its plates when a voltage of 4.8 V is applied between them?

    asked by e
  85. physics

    state coulombs law

    asked by abdi
  86. Human Geography

    What does "challenging white privilege" means?

    asked by Ana
  87. Accounting

    A debit to a revenue account was posted to an expense account. This would cause __________. A. expenses to be overstated B. revenue to be understated C. expenses to be understated D. capital to be overstated i believe its C

    asked by Karen
  88. mathematics concepts

    Joseph is making different shapes with a rubber band and a geoboard. Which of the following would be a geometric concept that Joseph is informally exploring? A. Estimation B. Patterns C. Volume D. Probability my answer is b.

    asked by Brittney
  89. math concept

    Sarah understands that if there are 11 ones, the first 10 move over to the tens column as one unit (i.e., one group of 10). What concept does this understanding represent? A. Renaming B. Regrouping C. Borrowing D. Place value my answer is a

    asked by Brittney
  90. General Chemistry HELP!

    Research and describe one current application of the knowledge of the atom. This application can be in any field of your choice. This means the field can be scientific, such as medicine, or nonscientific, such as entertainment. The purpose of this

    asked by John
  91. Math

    Find the slope of the line L1 given that L1 is perpendicular to L2 and L2 passes through (-3,-1) and (-5,7). How do you do this kind of problem

    asked by Cat
  92. Calculus

    Evaluate: the integral from pi/8 to pi/6 csc2xcot2xdx

    asked by Anonymous
  93. Math

    A video game that originally costs $68 is on sale at a 15% discount. What is your final cost of the video game If there is a 5% sales tax?

    asked by Mason
  94. math

    how can find on the particular solution of the linear DE's d^3y/dx^3+4d^2y/dx^2+4dy/dx=exp(-2x)

    asked by assma
  95. math

    A group of people planned to contribute equally towards a water project which needed Ksh 200,000 to complete, however, 40 members of the group without from the project. As a result, each of the remaining members was to contribute Kshs 2,500. (a) Find the

    asked by kudu
  96. temple

    Ethical theorists would be comfortable making which statement?

    asked by Bryan Alvarez
  97. Physics

    A 70 kg person is having a tug-of-war. The rope is horizontal and 1.3 m above the ground. This person’s center of mass is 1.0 m from the ground when he is in an upright standing position. If the force his opponent exerts on the rope is 400 N, what angle

    asked by Rachel
  98. Physics

    Three capacitors (3.83, 5.89, and 12.9 μF) are connected in series across a 58.0 V battery. Calculate the voltage across the 3.83 μF capacitor.

    asked by Anonymous
  99. soc

    A justified belief is (Points : 1) the expression of a view that may not have evidence supporting it. a confidently held belief that might merely be an opinion. a claim for which one has evidence and warranted trust. all of the above. none of the above.

    asked by chistopher prysock
  100. English

    Five sentence paragraph. To make a perfect turkey sandwich you will need, butter knife, turkey, cheese,mayo, lettuce, tomato and two slices of bread. Next, place the mayo evenly on both side of the bread. On one slice of the bread place the

    asked by Justin
  101. business math

    Compute the total amount to be repaidon a $1920 loan at 8% for 135 days. Base your calculation on exact interest(365-day year). I'm getting $2335.29. Can you check my work?

    asked by Renae
  102. Math

    determine the point of intersection for this pair. y=-3x-2 and 2x+3y=5

    asked by thez
  103. chemistry

    how many CO would be needed to reduce 19.1 grams of iron (III).

    asked by monique
  104. math

    please help on this problem. -2x+4(3x-4)=84. cant get the answer. thank you

    asked by sam
  105. math

    The length and breadth of a rectangular paper were measured to be the nearest centimeter and found to be 18 cm and 12 cm respectively. Find the percentage error in its perimeter.

    asked by kudu
  106. chemistry

    A dry ethene exerted a pressure of 680mmhg at 17degree celcius.what pressure would be exerted if the sample is collected over water at 17degree celcius? (s.v.p at 17degree celcius=14.0mmhg)

    asked by Anonymous
  107. physics

    A 3.9kg block moving at 2.0 m/s toward the west on a frictionless surface has an elastic head-on collision with a second 0.80kg block traveling east at 3.0 m/s. a)Determine the final velocity of first block. Assume due east direction is positive.

    asked by phys 220
  108. Math

    The line that passes through (4,3r) and (2+r,-6) is perpendicular to the line with equation 5x+3y+12=0. find r.

    asked by Cassandra
  109. government

    When the Court decides a case, it bases its decision on

    asked by bb
  110. Calculus

    Evaluate by U-substitution: the integral of xcubedroot(x-2) dx

    asked by Anonymous
  111. math

    how can find sum (x) from x=1 to x=n

    asked by assma
  112. Math

    Question: 1/2(x+3) + 5x = 2 - 4/3 (1-2x) My work: 5 1/2x + 3/2 = 2/3 + 8/3x 33x + 9 = 4 + 16x 17x = -5 x = -17/5 Did I do this correctly?

    asked by Mason
  113. Math

    Determine the solution set of 2x-3y

    asked by Maggie
  114. math

    prove sum(x)=n(n+1)/2 from x=1 to x=n

    asked by assma
  115. math

    Pharmacy Goods has a total of $423,400 sales. Beginning inventory total cost was $105,850 and ending total cost was $127,020. What is the turnover rate?

    asked by zahidul
  116. Maths

    Write the following number in scientific notation 2 500 001

    asked by Rudolph
  117. maths

    Can someone help me to solve these questions please? 1) 3^x+1=9^x. Find the value of x. 2) find the value of m for which. 3^2M^-1=243.

    asked by mohammad
  118. Maths

    Investigate and illustrate the behavour of the following geomentric series with r>1 2+4+8+16+32+64+.......... So s§=? Use at least three examples

    asked by Rabelani
  119. physics

    A bicycle has wheels with a diameter of 0.570 m. It accelerates uniformly and the rate of rotation of its wheels increases from 181 rpm to 260 rpm in a time of 19.9 s. Find the linear acceleration of the bicycle. i tried converting everything to linear to

    asked by tessa
  120. BioMechanics

    You have a subject (height = 150 cm, mass = 85 kg) lying prone on a moment table with their feet pressed against the foot rest. Assuming that you zeroed the scale before the subject got on the table, the scale now reads 40 kg. Where is the centre of mass

    asked by Jessica
  121. AP CALC

    1. Area of the region between the graph of y=2x^2-3x and the x -axis from x=-3 to x=1 is a)62/3 b)97/3 c)16/3 d)20/3 e)92/3 I got e but it's incorrect

    asked by Rachel
  122. Business math

    The clarkdell school system has three schools. School #1 has 500 students School #2 has 600 students School #3 has 400 students What part of a $15,000 allocation will go to school #2? 15,000 divide by 3= $5,000 Will you check my answer?

    asked by Devon