Questions Asked on
February 20, 2015

  1. english

    1. In the first line from "O Captain! My Captain!" what does "our fearful trip"refer to? (1 point) the Civil War the battle at Antietam Creek the presidency Lincoln's life

    asked by PLZ... CHECK MY WOK~English
  2. Overdue Science Lesson, Very Urgent.

    1: How does sea-floor spreading occur? A, New materials are being added to the asthenosphere. B, Earthquakes break apart the ocean floor. C, Sediments accumulate at the area of spreading. D, Molten material beneath Earth's crust rises to the surface. 2,

    asked by Anonymous :)!
  3. Chemistry

    An automobile tire has a maximum rating of 38.0 psi (gauge pressure). The tire is inflated (while cold) to a volume of 11.8 Liters and a gauge pressure of 36.0 psi at a temperature of 12.0 Celsius. While driving on a hot day, the tire warms to 65.0 Celsius

    asked by Coco
  4. Life orientatin

    Compare in five ways the similarities and the different between nfsas and other student loans

    asked by Eunice
  5. Computers

    What is one important feature of an AUP? A. a list of all available courses B. a clear outline of the consequences of violating the policy C. a permissive approach to internet usage D. a calendar for the academic year

    asked by Joseph
  6. Probability

    The newest invention of the 6.041x staff is a three-sided die. On any roll of this die, the result is 1 with probability 1/2, 2 with probability 1/4, and 3 with probability 1/4. Consider a sequence of six independent rolls of this die. 1. Find the

    asked by qwerty
  7. math

    There were 15.37 million licensed drivers in Texas in 2009 and 14.54 million in 2004. Find a formula for the number, N, of licensed drivers in the US as a function of t, the number of years since 2004, assuming growth is (a) Linear N(t)= million drivers

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Social Studies

    !. how is the size of a legislative district determined A. by geographical boundaries B. by city limits *** C. by the apportioned population D. by county boundaries 2. the term bicameral legislature refers to two of what A. chambers of the General Assembly

    asked by homework
  9. Chemistry

    Propane gas (C3H8) burns completely in the presence of oxygen gas (O2) to yield carbon dioxide gas (CO2) and water vapor (H2O). Write a balanced equation for this reaction. Assuming that all volume measurements occur at the same temperature and pressure,

    asked by X
  10. Probability

    Each one of n persons, indexed by 1,2,…,n, has a clean hat and throws it into a box. The persons then pick hats from the box, at random. Every assignment of the hats to the persons is equally likely. In an equivalent model, each person picks a hat, one

    asked by qwerty
  11. math

    Cecily Made a poster in the shape of a quadrilateral. All the angles and sides of the poster are congruent. Which of the following names the shape of Cecily's poster Square (a) rectangle (b) pentagon (C) trapezoid (D)

    asked by Cat
  12. STAT

    A student takes a ten-question true-false quiz, but did not study and randomly guesses each answer. Find the probability that the student passes the quiz with a grade of at least 70% of the questions correct

    asked by Cathy
  13. physics

    At the local grocery store, you push a 14.0-kg shopping cart. You stop for a moment to add a bag of dog food to your cart. With a force of 12.0N, you now accelerate the cart from rest through a distance of 2.30m in 2.55s. What was the mass of the dog food?

    asked by Barbara
  14. chemistry

    Describe how to prepare 1 L of a 0.5 M solution of cobalt chloride hexahydrate (CoCl2 6H2O). Be sure to identify the labware shown above (flask and a scale), explain your reasoning, and show any calculations.

    asked by Morgan
  15. Social Studies

    Who were the Bourbon Democrats main opposition? a Republicans b other democrats******** c independents d African American voters Thanks for your help

    asked by BUBBLES
  16. math(5th grade)

    A poor farmer is going to market with his faithful hungry dog, two plump geese to sell, and three bags of corn. The farmer knows that unless he is right there, the dog will eat a goose or a goose will eat some corn. Traveling carefully, he avoids trouble

    asked by ary
  17. pls

    A line segment with endpoints A(–4, 3, 2) and B(5, –6, –1) is translated first 2 units back, 3 units right, and 1 unit up. The image is then translated 7 units to the left. What are the coordinates of B´? A: (3, 4, 0) B: (3, –10, 0) C: (5, –6,

    asked by Skye
  18. math

    A line L1 passes through point (1, 2) and has gradient of 5. Another line L2, is perpendicular to L2 and meets it at a point where x = 4. Find the equation for L2 in the form of y = mx + c

    asked by kudu
  19. Physics Circular Motion

    A 1400 kg car rounds a curve of radius 66 m banked at an angle of 12°. What is the magnitude of the friction force required for the car to travel at 80 km/h?

    asked by Jayesh
  20. Calculus

    A spring has a natural length of 18 cm. If a 22-N force is required to keep it stretched to a length of 24 cm, how much work W is required to stretch it from 18 cm to 21 cm? (Round your answer to two decimal places.) Arg, another question that has me

    asked by Mr. Garvoti
  21. Trigonometry (Coterminal Angles)

    What is the SMALLEST POSITIVE ANGLE that is coterminal with the angle having the radian measure of -10π/3? Is there any solution for this kind of question?

    asked by Bryle
  22. Spanish

    Hola Sra. Are these correct? Part I Indique si las palabras dadas son sinónimos, antónimos o que no son relacionadas. 1. maletas y equipaje sinónimos 2. despegar y aterrizar antónimos 3. abrochar y confirmar no son relacionadas 4. ida y vuelta

    asked by Anna
  23. english check answers

    France is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world, and I discovered a few of the reasons why so many people visit the country during a recent excursion. While in France, I visited numerous world-famous landmarks such as the Eiffel Tower

    asked by Robb4301
  24. Statistics

    Below are the numbers of games played in the World Series from 1903 to 2012. Find the mean, variance and standard deviation. Games played Probability 4 0.186 5 0.231 6 0.203 7 0.341 8 0.039

    asked by
  25. Social Studies/6th Grade Geography.

    "Why do most people live in the Western part of Columbia?" A - to enjoy the cooler climate of the mountains, B - to be closer with the boarder of Venezeula, C - to live along the Pacific coast, D - to benefit from the country's lush rainforests. I was

    asked by Mikayla.
  26. Chemistry

    The balanced net ionic equation resulting from addition of aqueous hydrochloric acid to solid chromium(III) hydroxide is: A. Cr(OH)3 (s) + 3 HCl (aq) 3 H2O (l) + CrCl3 (aq) B. Cr(OH)3 (s) + 3 Cl- (aq) 3 OH- (l) + CrCl3 (aq) C. Cr(OH)3 (s) + 3 H+ (aq) + 3

    asked by Morgan
  27. Algebra 2

    The length of a rectangular window is 5 feet more than its width, w. The area of the window is 36 square feet. Write an equation to represent the area of the window. Please have your final equation equal to zero.

    asked by Jamie
  28. Algebra

    Isaac wants to enclose his backyard with a fence that is bounded on one side by the back of the house. if he has 164 feet of fencing material find the maximum area that can be enclosed by the fence.

    asked by Dave
  29. Math/algebra

    i'm dividing 52 glass bears into groups she has 1 left over how many groups thanks ella

    asked by Ella
  30. Philosophy

    According to James Rachels, your personal identity in the numerical sense is: Select one: a. Your personality b. Your physical appearance c. Your moral beliefs d. Your personal identity in the literal sense e. Your family background I think maybe d or c

    asked by TayB
  31. chem

    A solution is made by dissolving 27.8 g of nicotine (Molar Mass = 160 g/mol) in 145 g of cyclohexane (C6H12) to form 142 mL of solution. Calculate the mole fraction of the solute and the molarity, respectively, of this solution.

    asked by volek
  32. Physics

    on a perfect fall day you are hovering at rest at low altitude in a hot air balloon the total weight of the balloon including its load and the hot air in it is 15,000N find the volume of the displaced air I have no Idea how to go about this

    asked by Katheryn Boudreaux
  33. maths

    a paper box without a lid is 25 cm long. 16 cm wide and 5 cm deep . how many square centimetres of paper have been used to make the box .

    asked by alizeh ali mir
  34. Health

    3. Which of the following body systems works with the circulatory system to exchange oxygenand carbon dioxide? (1 point) digestive nervous respiratory urinary

    asked by PLZ... CHECK MY WOK~Health
  35. Math

    A spinner is split up into 4 colored areas of the same size: red, blue, green, and yellow. What is the theoretical probability of the spinner landing on one of these four colors?

    asked by Alex
  36. statistics

    A candy company claims that 13% of its plain candies are orange, and a sample of 100 such candies is randomly selected. Find the mean and the standard deviation for the number of orange candies in such groups of 100. I do not get the formula to figure this

    asked by slomomo
  37. organic chemistry

    Provide a structure for the following compound: C9H10O3; IR: 2400–3200, 1700, 1630 cm–1; 1H NMR: δ 1.53 (3H, t, J = 8 Hz); δ 4.32 (2H, q, J = 8 Hz); δ 7.08, δ 8.13 (4H, pair of leaning doublets, J = 10 Hz); δ 10 (1H, broad, disappears with D2O

    asked by Joseph
  38. chemistry

    Al2(SO3)3 + 6NaOH ¨ 3Na2SO3 + 2Al(OH)3 If this reaction begins with 10 g Al2(SO3)3 and 10 g NaOH, what is the theoretical yield in grams Al(OH)3 and what is the limiting reactant?

    asked by violet
  39. Genetics biology

    A man and his wife both have normal vision, but a daughter who has color blindness can the man sue his wife for infidelity? show the cross help me please, have been lots of people saying no and yes to this

    asked by Mandy
  40. help please

    A student wants to know why if the odds in favor of an event are 3:4, the probability of the event occurring is not 3/4 How do you respond?

    asked by joe
  41. language

    Which two events were major influences on modernist writers?

    asked by toby
  42. History

    Social Reform 1) New harmony, Indiana, was an example of a... :Revival. :Frontier camp. :Utopia.*** :College. 2) Who was the leader of education who lengthened the school year to six months? :Lyman Beecher. :Horace Mann.*** :Charles Finney. :Dorothea Dix.

    asked by TheLOUDEST_0430
  43. Constitutional

    What kind of test is used to determine whether a person is in custody? A. If the officer intends to arrest the suspect B. If the suspect does not feel free to leave C. If a reasonable person would not feel free to leave D. If the detention is more than

    asked by Amy
  44. Chemistry

    Use this reaction for this question: 4NH3 (g) + 2O2 (g) 4NO (g) + 6H2 (g); H = -905 J. Which statement is true about the reaction above? A. G is negative at all temperatures. B. S is negative and G is positive. C. S is negative and G is negative. D. G is

    asked by Morgan
  45. Math

    Please help me and show an understanding please, so I see how to figure them out. Lee deposited $28,000 in an interest-bearing checking account that earns 3.5% interest compounded daily. Find the amount after 68 days. a.$183.16 b.$28,180.46 c.$28,183.16

    asked by Marc
  46. Physics

    A Ferris wheel 26.0m in diameter rotates once every 19.0s What is the ratio of a person's apparent weight to her real weight at the top and at the bottom? Please help! I know there are other questions similar to this but none of the answers are helping me,

    asked by Maggie

    A hypothetical planet has a mass 1.55 times that of Earth, but the same radius. What is g near its surface?

    asked by Natalie
  48. statistics

    Let the random variable x represent the number of girls in a family with three children. Assume the probability of a child being a girl is 0.42. The table on the right describes the probability of having x number of girls. Determine whether the table

    asked by slomomo
  49. chemistry

    The Russian Mir space station used a chemical oxygen generator system to make oxygen for the crew. The system ignited a tube of solid lithium perchlorate (LiClO4) to make oxygen and lithium chloride (LiCl): LiClO4 (s)  2O2 (g) + LiCl (s) If you have 500

    asked by O
  50. Chemistry AP

    Hey Bob, What is the pH at the point during a titration when 20 mL of 0.200 M HCl has been added to 30 mL of 0.0500 M NH3 solution? HCl is strong acid, Kb = 1.8 × 10−5 for NH3. Answer in units of pH. I've gone about getting the mmol of HCl and NH3,

    asked by Ethan
  51. life orientation

    what are the links between intrapersonal conflict and initiating relationships

    asked by kgothatso
  52. Constitutional

    The right to a fair trial in federal cases stems from what constitutional source? A. The Fourth Amendment Speedy Trial Clause B. The Sixth Amendment Fair Trial Clause C. The Fifth Amendment Just Hearing Clause D. The Fifth Amendment Due Process Clause is

    asked by Amy
  53. Philosophy

    Which of the following is a direct objection to the Same-Body Theory of personal identity? Select one: a. Parfit's split brain theory b. Hume's bundle theory c. Causal determinism d. Locke's prince and the cobbler story e. Compatibilism I think d or a?

    asked by TayB
  54. Calculus

    If 54 J of work are needed to stretch a spring from 15 cm to 21 cm and 90 J are needed to stretch it from 21 cm to 27 cm, what is the natural length of the spring? Any help would be appreciated!

    asked by Mr. Garvoti
  55. CDA

    A criticism of the information-processing approach is that it A. doesn't form a comprehensive theory. B. lacks scientific research. C. focuses on creativity and imagination, while ignoring other mental processes. D. views children as blank slates.

    asked by PI
  56. math

    Consider the sequence t0 = 3, t1 = 3^3, t2 = 3^3^3 , t3 = 3^3^3^3,….. , defined by t0 = 3 and tn+1 = 3tn for n ≥ 0. What are the last 2 digits of t3 = 3^3^3^3 ? Show that the last 10 digits of tk are the same for all k ≥ 10

    asked by bazinga
  57. Philosophy

    According to James Rachels, personal identity in the qualitative sense refers mainly to: Select one: a. Important parts of your personality b. Parfit's split brain theory c. Family background d. Hume's bundle theory e. All of the listed I think e or a

    asked by TayB
  58. Physics

    A 3.7kg block moving at 2.0 m/s toward the west on a frictionless surface has an elastic head-on collision with a second 0.80kg block traveling east at 3.0 m/s.

    asked by Derp
  59. physics 2

    to increse intensity o f a wave by a factor of 50, by what factor should the amplitude be increased?

    asked by mason
  60. english

    concurrent,confiscated, constitute, decipher, default, hypothetical, nominal, predominant, prerequisite, recession 1. The(predominant)color of the car is brown.but has a black roof 2. you saw the tow it away?. have you (default)on you car loan 3.if you

    asked by luccy
  61. accounting

    which one would not likely employ the specific identification method for inventory costing? hardware store farm implement dealership music store specializing in organ sales antique shop

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Physics Circular Motion

    A swing ride at a carnival consists of chairs that are swung in a circle by 13.5-m cables attached to a vertical rotating pole. Suppose the total mass of a chair and its occupant is 170 kg, the angle θ = 53° with the vertical pole. Find the speed of the

    asked by Jayesh
  63. Philosophy

    Based on your understanding of the different theories of personal identity, which of the following philosophers is most likely to have said: "The mind is a kind of theatre, where several perceptions successively make their appearance; pass, re-pass, glide

    asked by TayB
  64. Philosophy

    Derek Parfit believed that the split brain experiments provided evidence in favor of which of the following? Select one: a. Determinism b. Free will c. Hume's bundle theory d. The human soul e. Locke's memory theory I think b

    asked by TayB
  65. chemistry

    I have questions but I don't understand this passage. Could you give a summery? Here are the question 1. One problem the researchers faced was an uncertainty about whether the signals observed in certain mass spectrometry data were, in fact, due to lead

    asked by Morgan
  66. Constitutional

    1. Police obtain a search warrant for Mary's house to search for cocaine. While executing the search warrant, the police look in a closet and find a sawed-off shotgun. The gun will be: A. admissible if it was immediately apparent as contraband. B.

    asked by Amy
  67. Social Studies

    8.How did Islam mainly spread throughout the region? by imperial command through military strength **** via trade because of religious decree 9.Which of the following had the most impact on the drawing of modern borders in Southwest Asia? British mandate

    asked by Please Check Answers
  68. statistics

    A brand has 50% recognition rate. Assume the owner of the brand wants to verify that rate by beginning with a small sample of 6 randomly selected customers, what is the probability that exactly 5 of the selected consumers recognize the brand name? I need

    asked by slomomo
  69. Philosophy

    Rachels's Prince and Cobbler story presents a counterexample to the Same-Body Theory of personal identity. Select one: True False I think true

    asked by TayB
  70. Phyiscal Science

    Jesse travels 3.0 meters east and then turns and travels 4.0 meters north. The trip requires 35 seconds. What is his velocity?

    asked by Lilly
  71. physics

    A bridge of length 22 m and mass 1.5 × 105 kg is supported at each end . A truck of mass 25000 kg is located 17 m from the left support A. Calculate the normal force on the bridge at point B (the right support). The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 .

    asked by marck
  72. Social Studies

    In which way are the governments of Saudi Arabia and Oman most similar? Their rulers are related. They both have absolute monarchies.*** They have newly written constitutions. Their structures descend from Ottoman caliphs.

    asked by Please Check Answer
  73. English

    Which use of semicolons would be correct? #1 In Asia as well, Chinese noble women led armies, often with great decisiveness and skill; paid tribute to the Emperor; and controlled agriculture within their areas of command. #2 In Asia as well, Chinese

    asked by annie
  74. chemistry

    A particular photon has a wavelength of approximately 2 x 10-7m. What is the energy, in joules, associated with this photon? A. More information is needed. B. 4 x 10-32 C. 1 x 10-18 D. 1 x 1018 E. 1.5 x 1015

    asked by Morgan
  75. science

    Does the flame of gas stove emit light

    asked by Shaswat
  76. History

    How did Deism, the Second Great Awakening, continued denominational fragmentation, and Mormons shape American religious life?

    asked by Jessica
  77. Constitutional

    Which of the following rights within the Bill of Rights officially has NOT been incorporated and applied to the states through the Fourteenth Amendment? A. The right to counsel B. The right to a trial by jury in felony cases C. The right to a grand jury

    asked by Amy
  78. Biology

    need help quickly please If barred pattern on chicken wings is a sex linked trait, set up a cross (hen and rooster), in which they the newly hatched chicks can be determined as male or female based on the barred pattern. and Color Blindness is inherited as

    asked by Ash
  79. GOE

    What are the climate control impacts for St. Louis, Missouri and Singapore Latitude ,Altitude, Wind patterns and air mass’s, Distribution of land and water (the land/water contrast), and Ocean currents

    asked by DE please help
  80. Chemistry

    100 ml graduated cylinder containing 50 ml of water, drop 100g piece of brass into the water what height does the water rise in the graduated cylinder?

    asked by Thao
  81. Satistics Help

    A student claims that if the odds in favor of winning a game are a:b, then out of every a+b games she would win a games. Hence, the probability of the event of winning the game is a/b+b Is the student's reasoning correct? why or why not?

    asked by joe
  82. Social Studies

    Why would Palestinians living in Jerusalem have a difficult time traveling to the West Bank They cannot cross national borders. They will have to cross security barriers. The roads are too dangerous to travel. Laws prevent travel beyond the city.****

    asked by Please Check Answer
  83. Last help Thanks

    Karen claims that the odds against randomly drawing the letter S from the letters in the word MISSISSIPPI are 4:7. How do you respond?

    asked by joe
  84. Maths

    At a boarding school, in the evening, 9 students always take walks in groups of 3. How can the groups be arranged so that each person walks in a group with every other person exactly once in 4 days? I would like to know whether there is a trick to these

    asked by Yasmin
  85. math

    A pyramid has a height of 5 in. and a surface area of 90 in ^2. Find the surface area of a similar pyramid with a height of 10 in. Round to the nearest tenth, if necessary. A.360 in. ^2 B.180 in. ^2 C.22.5 in. ^2 D.3.6 in. ^2 I think the answer is A but I

    asked by Anonymous
  86. trignometry

    ___1____ __ ___1_____ = -2tan(x)sec(x) 1-cosecx 1+cosecx

    asked by sunny chauhan
  87. Constitutional

    If a criminal defendant goes to trial but the case ends with a hung jury, can the government retry the defendant on the same charges? Why or why not? A. No. The double jeopardy clause prohibits it. B. No. The double jeopardy and due process clauses

    asked by Amy
  88. AP calculus

    If 54 J of work are needed to stretch a spring from 15 cm to 21 cm and 90 J are needed to stretch it from 21 cm to 27 cm, what is the natural length of the spring?

    asked by Sam
  89. Constitutional

    The speedy trial provision in the Sixth Amendment provides for: A. trial by jury. B. right to counsel. C. right to a public trial. D. None of the above is it C

    asked by Amy
  90. Algebra

    What is it called when a polynomial has more than one of the same solution? Is it multiplicity?

    asked by Turner
  91. Chemistry

    What is a molecular dipole moment? A. A separation of charge characterizing a nonpolar covalent bond B. A separation of charge forming a positive and a negative end of a molecule C. The arrangement of charges around an atom in a nonpolar molecule D. A net

    asked by Abby
  92. Chemistry

    It's January in Nashville and your local weather station just informed you that the temperature outside is -4.37 degrees Celcius. You estimate the amount of ice on your driveway to be approximately 30kg. What is the minimum amount of sodium chloride in

    asked by Mia
  93. physics

    A square bar with a mass of 0.830 kg and 19.3cm long (l) rests on two parallel horizontal rails that are 18.0cm apart (d) and 120.0cm long (L) as shown in the figure. (By horizontal it is meant that the rails lie in a plane perpendicular to the local

    asked by Trisha
  94. Physics

    What is the wavelength of visible light emit- ted at 4.2 × 108 MHz?

    asked by Chris
  95. statistics

    Estimate the multiple linear regression equation relating number of cups of coffee per week, female sex, and number of hours of exercise per week, considered simultaneously, to GPA. Consider GPA the dependent, or outcome variable. my answer: GPA= 7.301

    asked by sara
  96. chemistry

    In a constant-pressure calorimeter, 65.0 mL of 0.330 M Ba(OH)2 was added to 65.0 mL of 0.660 M HCl. The reaction caused the temperature of the solution to rise from 21.91 °C to 26.41 °C. If the solution has the same density and specific heat as water,

    asked by rock
  97. Psyc

    3. Rita, a sports psychologist, has applied for a huge grant to study factors that will produce more winners in the next international competition.

    asked by karen
  98. physics

    A stone projected at angle alpha with plane inclined at angle theta find relation between alpha and theta if stone hit at right angke with the inclined plane?

    asked by vaib
  99. spanish 3

    Escribe unas frases hablando de las cosas en tu vida o en tu familia. Usa los adjetivos demostrativos (este, ese, aquel) y luego escribe esas oraciones de nuevo, la segunda vez, usando los pronombres en vez de los adjetivos + sustantivos. Escribe por lo

    asked by sheri
  100. Philosophy

    According to David Hume, there is no continuous, permanent self. Select one: True False I think true

    asked by TayB
  101. Constitutional

    Under most domestic search warrants, what legal standard must be established before a warrant will be issued? A.Certiorari B. Reasonable cause C. Reasonable suspicion D. Probable cause im confused between C and D

    asked by Amy
  102. Constitutional

    Under the Fifth and/or Sixth Amendment, a person has the right to counsel during each of the following stages EXCEPT: A. guilty pleas and sentencing. B. appeals as a matter of right. C. misdemeanor trials when imprisonment is actually imposed. D. appeals

    asked by Amy
  103. Physics Circular Motion

    A roller coaster at an amusement park has a dip that bottoms out in a vertical circle of radius (r). A passenger feels the seat of the car pushing upward on her with a force equal to two and a half times her weight as she goes through the dip. If r = 24.0

    asked by Jayesh
  104. Physics

    1. Give 3 reasons why it is important to know the nature and properties of waves. 2. Aside from crossing the street, identify one scenario in practicing road safety and explain how it is realted to Doppler Effect.

    asked by Annika
  105. statistics

    When drawing a histogram, it is important to a. eliminate the extremes to minimize the effect of skewness. b. choose class intervals, so they all have the same number of observations c. make sure that the mean and the median fall in the same class

    asked by joe
  106. Physics

    A 76.6-kg person stands on a scale in an elevator. What is the apparent weight when the elevator is (a) accelerating upward with an acceleration of 1.94 m/s2, (b) moving upward at a constant speed, and (c) accelerating downward with an acceleration of 1.15

    asked by Kaleem
  107. Physics

    A baseball is thrown horizontally from a height of 3.6 meters at a speed of 24 m/sec. How far will it travel along the ground?

    asked by Damon
  108. Social Studies

    What do young Israelis and young Palestinians most likely have in common? religious devotion desire for peace and security **** no interest in politics distrust of the military

    asked by Please Check Answer
  109. Math

    You roll a number cube and get a one 7 times, a two 8 times, a three 5 times, a four 9 times, a five 8 times, and a six 5 times. What is the experimental probability of rolling an odd number?

    asked by Alex
  110. Math

    A roll of paper towels is 10 inches high and 2.5 inches in diameter. How many full squares inches of paper towel can fit on the roll in 15 rotation? * all I need is a formula of this question. Do I use lateral surface area formula or total surface area

    asked by Daisy
  111. statistics

    Determine the critical region and the critical values used to test the following null hypotheses: a. Ho: μ = 55 (≥), Ha: μ < 55, α = 0.02 b. Ho: μ = −86 (≥), Ha: μ < −86, α = 0.01 c. Ho: μ = 107, Ha: μ ≠ 107, α = 0.05 d. Ho: μ = 17.4

    asked by Jennie
  112. Chemistry

    what is the trend in the atomic radii as the atomic number increases across a period? What is the exception to this trend? I know the radius decreases as you go from left to right, but I can't figure the exception, I read somewhere that it's the noble

    asked by Al
  113. College Alegebra

    a 23 foot ladder is placed against a vertical wall of a building with the bottom of the ladder standing on level ground 18 feet from the base. how high up the wall does the ladder reach?

    asked by k
  114. Socials

    Note: My questions are below mostly in brackets and at the very end! I have to do an immigration diary assignment and I am to portray a young 12 year old girl(any English name suggestions?) from a city in England(what is a realistic city during that time?)

    asked by Lily
  115. Statistics

    A student guesses blindly on a 20-question multiple choice test. If each question has 4 answer choices (only one of which is correct), what is the probability that the student will answer exactly 10 questions correctly?

    asked by Sierra
  116. Physics Circular Motion

    The large blade of a helicopter is rotating in a horizontal circle. The length of the blade is 7.0 m, measured from its tip to the center of the circle. Find the ratio of the centripetal acceleration at the end of the blade to that which exists at a point

    asked by Jayesh
  117. physics

    Problem:A long cylinder of diameter 2a has a charge per unit length, lambda, that is uniformly distributed down a very long wire. The cross section of the cylinder is not uniform, with a small hole drilled into it, which has a center at r = R and a

    asked by Cory
  118. math

    Two teachers are chosen randomly from a staff consisting 3 women and 2 men to attend a HIV/AIDS seminar. Calculate the probability that the two teachers chosen are: (a) Of the same sex (b) Of opposite sex

    asked by kudu
  119. MATHS


    asked by SEETHA
  120. physics

    Consider a mass spectrometer like the one shown in the figure. A beam of singly charged positive ions is accelerated from an ion source and injected into a velocity selector with an electric field of E=2700V/m) and magnetic field of B=43.0mT. The ions then

    asked by Amanda
  121. physics

    A steel ball with a mass of 0.65 kg is swinging in a circle with a radius of 1.3 meters at a speed of 17m/s. What is the centripetal force?

    asked by Damon
  122. math

    The length and breadth of a rectangular floor were measured and found to be 4.1 m and 2.2 m respectively. If possible error of 0.01 m was made in each of the measurements, find the: (a) Maximum and minimum possible area of the floor (b) Maximum possible

    asked by kudu
  123. Physics

    Three capacitors (3.83, 5.89, and 12.9 μF) are connected in series across a 58.0 V battery. Calculate the voltage across the 3.83 μF capacitor.

    asked by Anonymous
  124. math

    A triangular plot ABC is such that AB = 36m, BC = 40m and AC = 42 m a) Calculate the: i) Area of the plot in square meters √(s(s-a)(s-b)(s-c)) How to find S?

    asked by kudu
  125. AP calc

    A spring has a natural length of 18 cm. If a 22-N force is required to keep it stretched to a length of 24 cm, how much work W is required to stretch it from 18 cm to 21 cm? (Round your answer to two decimal places.)

    asked by Sam
  126. Chemistry

    1.Calculate the amount(in mol) in 8.80 g of carbon dioxide,Co2 2.Calculate the number of chlorine atoms in a 6.0 mg sample of anti-cancer drug cisplatin, cis-diamminedichloroplatinium(II),Pt(NH3)2Cl2

    asked by Mayan
  127. algebra

    n: 2 4 6 m: -12 -24 -36 Which function would help you find the values in the table? A. m = -3n B. m = -6n C. m = n - 3 D. m = n - 6 I think its B. -6n

    asked by *
  128. physics

    Problem: A long cylinder of diameter 2a has a charge per unit length, lambda, that is uniformly distributed down a very long wire. The cross section of the cylinder is not uniform, with a small hole drilled into it, which has a center at r = R and a

    asked by Cory
  129. Algebra

    The population of San Francisco was 776,733 in the 2000 United States Census. What is the predicted population growth in 2010 if the expected growth rate is 15%? A. 2,015,568 B. 3,142,318 C. 924,369 D. 562,394

    asked by Anonymous
  130. physics

    A 25,000 kg rocket ship near the surface of the Earth accelerates upwards due to a constant 1.25 MN of thrust from its engine. A simple pendulum on the ship is observed to complete 100 full swings in 75.0 s. What is the length of the string? 1. For a

    asked by Anonymous
  131. physics

    An electron is accelerated from rest through 2310V and then enters a region where there is a uniform 1.59-T magnetic field. What is the maximum force on the electron? Answer in units of Newtons.

    asked by Amanda
  132. grammar

    Last night, my brother Answer me a secret.

    asked by maryam
  133. math please help

    Dose anyone have ideas for a bedroom using this list? The layout must include the symmetrical placement of two items in the bedroom. Label two acute, two right, and two obtuse angles in the bedroom. Label at least ten different polygons in the bedroom. Be

    asked by Eevee
  134. Social Studies

    Why were native americans forced to leave their lands during the 1830s

    asked by Conflicts Over Land
  135. journalism

    Which of the following is NOT a type of human source? Friendly Intelligent Hostile confused

    asked by Robb4301
  136. History

    Who were the “reformers”? By reformers I'm wondering the ones of the time period who dealt with the so-called Indian Problem. Maybe some of the names of those reformers.

    asked by TayB
  137. govt

    what is the correct apa style that i would use in a biblography for the u.S. bureau of labor statistics (february 2012)

    asked by toxie
  138. Algebra 2

    The length of a rectangular window is 5 feet more than its width, w. The area of the window is 36 square feet. Write an equation to represent the area of the window. Please have your final equation equal to zero.

    asked by Lucy
  139. english

    i have to determine if these are part of an autobiography or if its fiction absence of imaginary creatures such as witches, dragons, etc. -autobiography contains dialogue that is created from the mind of the author - fiction check answers

    asked by Robb4301
  140. Math

    What is a “real” zero? 1. A solution to a polynomial. 2. A non-imaginary number. 3.An x-intercept of a polynomial. 4. All of the above. The answer is 4, right?

    asked by Jane
  141. physics

    The magnetic field of the Earth is 0.50 x 10-4 T in a certain location. a) What will be in Newtons the force on a completely ionized carbon atom (Z = 6, A = 12) traveling with the solar wind with a velocity of 18.00 x 103 m/s perpendicular to the magnetic

    asked by Trisha
  142. Chemistry

    what is the trend in the atomic radii as the atomic number increases across a period? What is the exception to this trend? I know the radius decreases as you go from left to right, but I can't figure the exception, I read somewhere that it's the noble

    asked by Al
  143. math

    Three people Fatuma, Ali and Hassan contributed money to start a business.Fatuma contributed a quarter of the total amount and Ali two fifths of the remainder. Hassan’s contribution was one and a half times that of Fatuma. They borrowed the rest of the

    asked by kudu
  144. Math

    Mrs monk rented a truck for 3 days. Enterprise charged her $40. per day plus $.25 per miles. The total charge was $142.75. How many miles did she drive the truck? (1) 411 miles (2) 91 miles (3) 251 miles (4) 571 miles

    asked by Sunny
  145. Math

    If we know the number of black cats in a town, we can use the experimental probability to find out how many black dogs there are. True or False?

    asked by Alexgc
  146. physics

    If a person weighs 700N on Earth, what force due to gravity would they exert on a 1500kg car they are standing 1.5m from? Assume the distance is between their centres of mass. F=Gm1xm2/r^2?

    asked by Emma
  147. Math

    How do you find the angle, θ, between the vectors? If needed, round your answer to the nearest tenth. 1.) u = 2i - 3j v = i - 2j 2.) u = v =

    asked by Ariana
  148. History

    How did Native Americans respond to the reforms? What was their perspective? In regards to the so-called "Indian Problem"

    asked by TayB
  149. Math Help

    Hi! I'm really confused on how to do this. Can someone help me? Thanks a bunch! Directions: Use the vectors u = , v = and w = to find the indicated quantity. a. 3u ∙ v b. (u ∙ 2v)w

    asked by Jackie
  150. math

    solve d^3y/dx^3+4d^2y/dx^2+4dy/dx=exp(-2x)

    asked by assma
  151. math

    about powers and roots

    asked by simon
  152. Statistics

    For $5 you can buy a ticket for a drawing for a prize of $2,000. The probability of winning the prize is 0.001. How much money to you expect to win

    asked by Emmanuel
  153. AP calc

    If the work required to stretch a spring 2 ft beyond its natural length is 6 ft-lb, how much work is needed to stretch it 18 in. beyond its natural length?

    asked by Sam
  154. Math Plz help

    A theoretical probability distribution shows the probabilities of all the outcomes except for one. If the total of the shown outcomes is 0.5, then the probability of the missing outcome must be A.) 0.25 B.) 0.2 C.) 0.75 D.) 0.5

    asked by Terrance
  155. Math

    Mrs. Monk rented a truck for 3 days. Enterprise charged her $ 40 per day plus $0.25 per miles. The total charge was $142.75. How many miles did she drive the truck?

    asked by Sunny
  156. Math

    Hi! So I asked about this question earlier and I've been trying to solve it with the directions I was given by someone before, but, I'm still confused and keep getting weird numbers. Can someone help me with this? Directions: Find the angle, θ, between

    asked by Heather
  157. chemistry

    chemical formulae for naphthalene and benzoic acid

    asked by latifa
  158. Health

    1. Which of the following is the minimum level of structure needed to perform the function of waste removal? (1 point) body system tissue cell organ

    asked by PLZ... CHECK MY WOK~Health
  159. CDA

    Dr. Muse, a sociocultural theorist, speculates that children's ability to reminisce about the past can be promoted through adult teaching. This is an example of a A. Theory B. Research Question C. Hypothesis D. Research method

    asked by PI
  160. Math

    A sample of 50 children had one child that is left-handed. If there are 750 children in a school, how many should be left-handed?

    asked by Alexgc
  161. Math

    If a sample of 100 cars has 87 with grey interiors, how many in a second sample of 220 cars should have grey interiors?

    asked by Alexgc
  162. algebra

    A quarry shaped like a cone has a height of 42 ft and a diameter of 47 ft. What is the volume of the quarry? Round your answer to one decimal place and use 3.14 to approximate pi. ft3

    asked by Mia
  163. Math

    Hi! Can someone help me with these? Thanks a bunch! :) 1.) Find the dot product. ∙ 2.) Find the dot product of u and v. u = v =

    asked by Heather
  164. math

    Given that sinθ = 2/3 and is an acute angle. Find: Tanθ giving your answer in surd form θ = tan^(-1)⁡〖(2/√5)= 41.81°〗 Sec^22 θ θ= cos^(-1)⁡〖(3/√5〗)=

    asked by kudu
  165. French Questions

    1. Je trouve ça gentil(le). Can I choose the form of gentil based on whether ça is male or female? 2. Does que + elle = qu'elle?

    asked by Anonymous
  166. Math

    There are 4150 dogs in animal shelters in a particular state. A sample of 100 dogs is taken and 7 of those dogs are white. How many dogs in all the shelters are white?

    asked by Alexgc
  167. Math

    Using an experimental probability is just as accurate as using the theoretical probability. True or False?

    asked by Alexgc
  168. ged

    PLEASE I need help with the function I don't know nothing about it if somebody can help me how to understand and know about it any web or books to study about it thank you so much.

    asked by saadia
  169. math

    solve d^3y/dx^3-3d^2y/dx^2+2dy/dx=exp(2x)

    asked by assma
  170. biology

    A pepper plant is heterozygous for a mutant allele of the gene encoding the CaSGR enzyme (one allele is wild type and the other is mutant). The mutant allele differs from the wild type one in that it lacks a large part of the promoter sequence. Predict the

    asked by plsss
  171. math

    6+x= 12 i got 2??? is this right

    asked by Eevee
  172. Philosophy

    According to the Buddha, the self exists. Select one: True False I think false

    asked by TayB
  173. Algebra

    3x-(2•3)=-2 I need help simplifying Just don't know how to do it.

    asked by Cody
  174. Math

    Mrs. Monk is wrapping presents . If a roll and a half wraps 5 gifts, if there are 9 same sized presents, how many rolls of paper are needed?

    asked by Sunny
  175. Maths

    1.1what happens to the following arithemetic series if it continues indefinitely? S§=?

    asked by Rabelani
  176. math

    Velocity V ms, of a moving body at time t seconds is given by V = 5t2 -12t + 7

    asked by kudu
  177. History

    Who were the “reformers”? (What do we mean by “reformers”?) What was the so-called “Indian Problem” as the reformers saw it?

    asked by TayB
  178. math

    you mean: if a sing is 2.5 in height and.2.5. in width will the area of the sign be greater than or less than 2.5 square feet Search Results Questions on Word Proble

    asked by Anonymous
  179. College Algebra

    What is the amount at the end of 3 years of an investment of Php 1000 given that the annual interest rate is 8 % and is compounded annually?

    asked by Alec
  180. Biology

    describe how a population is thought to evolve through natural selection. Provide an example (specifically, the peppered moth)

    asked by Ryan
  181. Math

    Mr. lim bought an equal number of red and yellow tulips. He gave away 24 red tulips. Then tere were4 times as many yellow tulips. How mani tulips did he buy? Anna is 14 kg heavier than lily. Sharon is 8 kg lighter than Bona. If lili weights 48 kg, find the

    asked by wilma
  182. SS

    Are there schools in the USA for people who don't speak English?

    asked by Anonymous