Questions Asked on
February 6, 2015

  1. math

    A man sold 3/5 of the goods at 20% loss, at what profit% should he sell remaining goods to get 10% profit on the whole?

  2. Physics

    A constant force is exerted for a short time interval on a cart that is initially at rest on an air track. This force gives the cart a certain final speed. Suppose we repeat the experiment but, instead of starting from rest, the cart is already moving with

  3. IPC

    A hailstone traveling with a velocity of 43 meters/second comes to a virtual stop 0.28 seconds after hitting water. What is the magnitude of its acceleration in the water? a. 12 meters/second2 b. 1.5 × 102 meters/second2 c. 78.6 meters/second2 d. 6.5 ×

  4. math

    The measures of two angles of a triangle are 36 and 71. Find the measure of the third angle, and classify he triangle according to its angles. Would you have to add 36 and 71 and then subtract the answer from 180. Which gives you an answer of 73 acute

  5. kinesiology

    List 6 type’s synovial joints, then give one example of each joint in body, list 1 action each joint example does, list which plane that action occurs, finally list which axis that action rotates around?

  6. Math

    A 15 m flagpole stands on level ground. from point P, due west of the flagpole the angle of elevation of the top of the pole is 38 degrees. From point Q, due north of the flagpole, the flagpole has an angle of elevation of 25 degrees. Find the distance of

  7. Physics

    A weight suspended from a spring is seen to bob up and down over a distance of 11 cm twice each second. What is its frequency? Answer in units of Hz. 002 (part 2 of 3) 10.0 points What is its period? Answer in units of s. 003 (part 3 of 3) 10.0 points What

  8. English

    I need help with these problems 1. Academic writing is defined by conventional forms of writing, such as ________. A. research reports and case studies B. editorials and arguments C. summaries and problems D. prose and poetry 2. Public writing includes

  9. math

    A fruitier bought 144 pineapples at $10 for every six pineapples. Sh sold some of them at $12 for every three and the rest at $6 for every two. If she made a 65% profit, calculate the number of pineapples sold at $12 for every three

  10. american Literature

    Which best describes the main purpose of The Declaration of Independence? The purpose was to insult the King of England. The purpose was tell why the colonies were revolting against Britain and declaring their independence. The purpose was to describe ways

  11. Art

    The painter _________ explores the varieties of visual delight, the natural instinctive pleasure we can take in the everyday experience of looking. Robert Rauschenberg Pat Steir Henri Rousseau Edward Hopper None of these is correct.

  12. Statistics

    In a study of pleas and prison sentences, it is found that 40% of the subjects studied were sent to prison. Among those sent to prison, 20% chose to plead guilty. Among those not sent to prison, 10% chose to plead guilty. 3.3.a (0.5 pt) If a study subject

  13. Chemistry

    Is the reaction of 8 grams of natural gas and 38 grams of oxygen gas to form 17 grams of carbon dioxide in 19 grams of water consistent with the law of conservation of mass?


    What mass of PCl3 forms in the reaction of 70.6 g P4 with 268 g Cl2 ? P4 + 6Cl2 → 4PCl3

  15. factorization

    List five numbers that have 3,5,and 7 as prime factors. THANK YOU!

  16. chemistry

    2. Create a visual representation of ionic substances to connect the microscopic structure of ionic substances to each of the following macroscopic properties. a. Solubility in polar compounds (1 point) b. Brittleness (1 point)

  17. math

    A student’s final grade in chemistry is determined by the following weights: Quizzes 5% Exam 1 20% Exam 2 20% Lab Reports 15% Research Paper 15% Final Exam 25% The student received the following grades: Lab reports: 75 80 70 75 85 69 90 75 Quizzes: 85 60

  18. English

    Reread lines 9-12 in “I Ask My Mother to Sing.” What idea is suggested by the image of the water lilies filling with water, spilling it into the lake, and filling it up again? Consider the event described in the final stanza. What are some ideas? I

  19. College Physics

    A rope can withstand a maximum tension force of 500N before breaking. If we use the rope to pull a 24 kg bucket of water from a well, what is the maximum acceleration upward we can use without breaking the rope?

  20. Maths, Life Science, Geography, Business Studies

    What career opportunities are open for me regarding the above subjects?

  21. SS

    What was the purpose of the Adams-Onis Treaty? Can some help me answer this question?? Ms. Sue??

  22. integrated chemistry and physics

    In a water molecule, two hydrogen atoms bind to one oxygen atom. How many lone pairs of electrons will be shown around each hydrogen atom in the Lewis structure of water?

  23. Language Art

    what is the similarities between concrete mixers and the city is so big? I need help and thanks. Ms.Sue

  24. american Literature

    There are 4 parts to The Declaration of Independence. Match each part of The Declaration of Independence to its description. Potential Matches: 1 : Preamble 2 : List of Grievances 3 : Declaration of Natural Rights 4 : Resolution of Independence Answer :

  25. physics

    Four identical point charges (+2.51 nC) are placed at the corners of a rectangle, which measures 4.00 m by 7.00 m. If the electric potential is taken to be zero at infinity, what is the potential at the geometric center of this rectangle?

  26. Chemistry

    A tetrahedral site in a close-packed lattice is formed by four spheres at the corners of a regular tetrahedron. This is equivalent to placing the spheres at alternate corners of a cube. In such a close-packed arrangement the spheres are in contact and if

  27. Chemistry- Acid Base

    What is the conjugate acid of O2^-2

  28. Chemistry

    A tetrahedral site in a close-packed lattice is formed by four spheres at the corners of a regular tetrahedron. This is equivalent to placing the spheres at alternate corners of a cube. In such a close-packed arrangement the spheres are in contact and if

  29. English

    I need some more help with these question. Please. I want to make sure i do well 1. When writing reports and proposals, ________. A. state your reason for writing in the first sentence, as your reader will likely dispose of the document quickly B. research

  30. Physics

    A boy standing in a ditch throws a baseball upward toward his father. The ball leaves his hand at ground level, with an initial speed of 16.0 m/s,at an angle of θ = 51°, from the horizontal. The boy's father reaches up and catches the ball over his head,

  31. Probability

    Alfred and Bob toss a coin alternatively, and whoever gets a head first will win. They play many times and whoever loses in the previous play will toss first at the next play. If Eric tosses first at the first play, then what is the probability that Eric

  32. math

    Solve the equation sin 5/2¦È = -1/2 for 0¡ã ¡Ü 0 ¡Ü 180¡ã

  33. chemistry

    Are there formulas to solve the following problem? Complete the following table by replacing question marks with the correct numbers: (Note: Each horizontal row is a separate example, so in row #1, 175.32 grams of NaCl is how many moles of NaCl and how

  34. math

    The demand function for the Sicard wristwatch is given by the following function where d(x) (measured in units of a thousand) is the quantity demanded per week and x is the unit price in dollars. d(x) = 50 0.01x2 + 1 (0 ≤ x ≤ 20) (a) Find d'(x). d'(x)

  35. math

    Let y = integrate from 1-9x to 1 of (u^3)/(1+u^2) What is y'? I flipped the integral so it's 1 to 1-9x and had the derivative of -9 via chain rule so -9 and just plugged in 1-9x to the (u^3)/(1+u^2) so it's -9*((1-9x)^3)/(1+(1-9x)^2). It tells me what's

  36. math

    The cash price of a car is $25000. A customer paid deposits $ 3750. He repaid the amount owing in 24 equal monthly installments. If he was charged simple interest at the rate of 40% p.a, how much was each installment. 25000 – 3750 = 21250 21250 × 0.4 ×

  37. math

    At the beginning of every year, a man deposited $ 10,000 in a financial institution which paid compound interest at the rate of 20% p.a. He stopped further deposits after three years. The Money remained invested in the financial institution for a further

  38. math

    Mary bought maize and beans from a wholesaler. She then mixed the maize and beans ratio 4:3, she bought the maize as $12 per kg and the beans $4 per kg. if she was to make a profit of 30 %. What should be the selling of price 1 kg of the mixture?

  39. math

    If f(1) = 15 f' is continuous and integral from 1 to 6 of f'(t)dt = 29 what is f(6)? I took the antiderivative as F(6)-F(1) so it's 6x-1x and set it to 29... but that really does not do anything, especially if you plug in 1.

  40. math

    An employee started on a salary of £ 6,000 per annum and received a constant increment. If he earned a total of £ 32,400 by the end of five years, calculate his annual increment

  41. chemistry

    a block of metal with dimensions of 5.6 cm and 11 cmm weights 5.55 kg.what is the density of the metal

  42. math

    ) A water tank is emptying steadily by 2 liters of water per hour. There were 2 liters of water 6 hours after midnight. Let x represent the number of hours since midnight, and let y represent the number of liters of water in the tank. Find the equation

  43. chemistry due soon

    I am having some chemistry problems. 3. The graph compares the 1s orbital energies for the F atom (Z = 9), the Ne+ ion (Z = 10), and the Na++ ion (Z = 11). (the graph shows F having an Orbital Energy of 692.45, Ne+ with 47.74, and Na++ with 33.52) a. How

  44. math

    f(x) = 0 if x

  45. Physics

    A bowling ball of mass 3.5 kg moves in a straight line at 4.48 m/s. How fast must a Ping-Pong ball of mass 3.456 g move in a straight line so that the two balls have the same momentum? Answer in units of m/s.

  46. math

    ) A water tank is emptying steadily by 2 liters of water per hour. There were 2 liters of water 6 hours after midnight. Let x represent the number of hours since midnight, and let y represent the number of liters of water in the tank. Find the equation

  47. Physics

    A football punter accelerates a 0.59 kg football from rest to a speed of 8.4 m/s in 0.17s. What constant force does the punter exert on the ball? Answer in units of N

  48. Calculus

    The volume of a solid

  49. spinner

    packing a suitcase with 3 different color sweatshirts only have room for 2 sweatshirts in the suitcase how many different combinations of 2 sweatshirts could be pack

  50. English

    Can you help me annotate this prompt? I don't know really how to do it? In the following passage from the scarlet letter the narrator describes Hester Pyrnne in her isolation from Puritan community. In a well organized essay, analyze the language and

  51. Physics

    Determine the banking angle needed to make a high-speed turn off a highway exit ramp with a radius of 720 m if the vehicle is travelling at 80 km/h. Assume there is no friction.

  52. statistics

    Describe whether the following study would most likely be “observational” or “experimental”, and why it would be so. * Mystery shoppers monitor the preferences at a shopping mall It seems the obvious answer would be observational because, "mystery

  53. math

    A and B are two matrices. If A= 1 2 4 3 Find B given that A^2 = A +B

  54. accounts

    On January 1, 2012, the organizers of the Parsons Corporation obtained their charter and issued 10,000 shares of $1 par common stock for $4 per share. During 2012, the corporation earned $30,000 in cash revenue and paid $20,000 in cash expenses, not

  55. Chemistry

    After the volatile liquid has been added to the Erlenmeyer flask, the total pressure in the flask equals the vapor pressure of the volatile liquid. True or False?

  56. aalgebra

    identify the solutions to x+2y=4 9x-4y=3

  57. math

    Write a quadratic function rule for the given table in problems 4 and 5. 4. X (0, 1, 2, 3) Y (-6, -5, -7, 3) a. y= x-6 b. y= x-4 c. y= x^2 - 3 d. y= x^2 - 6 5. X(-1, 0, 1, 7) Y(5,4,5,8) a.y=x+4 b.y=x^2+4 c.y= x^2+6 d.y=x+6

  58. Statistics

    An experiment consists of tossing a fair coin twice. The student reasons that there are three possible outcomes: two heads, one head and one tail, or two tails. Thus,P(HH) 1/3

  59. Physics

    A stationary observer hears a sound with a frequency of 450 Hz from an approaching car. If the car emits the sound at a frequency of 360 Hz, what would be the speed of the car? (Speed of sound 340 m/s)

  60. Statistics HELP

    There are two bags each containing red balls and yellow balls. Bag A contains 1 red and 4 yellow balls. Bag B contains 3 red and 13 yellow balls. Alva says that if we choose one bag and draw one ball from that bag you should always choose bag B if you are

  61. Science

    To determine the acceleration of an object moving in a straight line, you must calculate the change in its stored during each unit of A. Velocity. B. Time. C. Motion. D. Deceleration. Is the answer B? Thank you

  62. Chemistry

    An original samplemof an unknown potassium chloride/potassium cholate mixture weighed 1.042g before heating and 0.943g after heating. How many grams of oxygen were released?

  63. english

    How can this thesis statement be written better? Rap music is the best ever.

  64. math

    x2 + x − 42

  65. Mathematics

    x and y are positive integers such that 6^x + 2^y + 2 is a perfect square. Find all possible values of x and y.

  66. social studies

    which result of the compromise of 1850 did not benefit the north?(1 point) the fugitive slave law california's admittance to the union !!! ending the slave trade in the district of columbia new mexico not being designated as a slave territory

  67. writting skills

    The World Almanac is a book of A. facts and statistics. B. living notable Americans. C. synonyms. D. articles published in magazines.

  68. Grade 8

    The numbers 1 through 9 are put into a hat. What is the probability that all odd numbers will be chosen first if one number at a time is drawn from the hat and not replaced?

  69. Calc

    If y=3x^2-2, then dy/d(2x-3)= ? I've never taken derivatives with respect to anything other than a single variable, such as x, y or t, so i'm not sure how to start this problem! Thanks

  70. Physical science

    A 70-kg man and a 50-kg woman are in a 60-kg boat when its’ motor fails. The man dives into the water with a horizontal speed of 3 m/s in order to swim ashore. If he changes his mind, can he swim back to the boat if his swimming speed is 1 m/s? If not,

  71. CHEM UNI

    Our bodies can use glucose, C6H12O6 (s) (MM = 180.2 g/mol ) , as a fuel. The heat of combustion of glucose in 2.820 x 103 kJ/mol. The human body has a specific heat of 4.18 J·˚C−1·g−1 Howmany grams of glucose would an 80.0 kg person need to consume

  72. Accounting

    Applying the interest allowance method, compute Julie's and Jennifer's share of net income if Julie invested $40,000.and Jennifer invested $24,000. At an 8% interest rate, with the remainder to be decided equally. Net income was $10,000.

  73. stats

    what is the lower and upper limit for -645.321?

  74. math

    How long will it take to earn $252 in interest if $1200 is invested at a 7% annual interest rate?

  75. Math

    if z=3i and w=5i, then z

  76. Science

    California's volcanoes formed as the result of what type of plate boundary?

  77. writting skills

    Once you acquire these two basic skills, you'll be able to transform a vague idea in your mind into a coherent piece of writing. A. Describing people and writing conversation B. Using the Internet and the on-line catalog C. Doing interviews and browsing

  78. physics

    A wheel has a rotational velocity of 18·rad/s counterclockwise. You place you hand against the wheel and the friction between your hand and the rim stops it. (a) If it takes 4·s to stop the wheel, what is its rotational acceleration? rad/s2 (b) How far

  79. pre cal

    The given equation is a partial answer to a calculus problem. Solve the equation for the symbol y'. 6y2y' − y − xy' = x y' =

  80. math/algebra

    Determine three consecutive odd integers such that three times the middle integer is seven more than the sum of the first and third integers.

  81. chemistry

    A block of metal is 6.88 cm long, 2.03 cm wide, and 1.85 cm high. It has a mass of 215.1 grams. What is the density of this metal. I've tried adding all the cm up and squaring them, dividing them, multiplying but i can't get the answer

  82. Physics

    A soccer player kicks the ball toward a goal that is 23.0 m in front of him. The ball leaves his foot at a speed of 17.6 m/s and an angle of 29.0 ° above the ground. Find the speed of the ball when the goalie catches it in front of the net.

  83. goverment

    How would the compensation system change if the minimum wage provision of the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 were repealed

  84. precal

    Use rationalization to simplify the given expression in part (a). Then find the indicated limit in part (b). (a.) 3y2/(the square root of (y2 + y + 1))−(the square root of (y + 1)) b.)lim y>0 3y2/(the square root of (y2 + y + 1))−(the square root of (y

  85. math

    what do they mean by find the sum of 28g +14g and how do I do it

  86. Math

    Hi! So this question kind of has two parts to it. If someone could help me with this, that would be great! Thanks! :) Juan lives in a large city and commutes to work daily by subway or taxi. He takes the subway 80% of the time because it costs less and he

  87. Math (Probability)

    It is known that steroids give users an advantage in athletic contests, but it is also known that steroid use is banned in athletics. As a result, a steroid testing program has been instituted and athletes are randomly tested. The test procedures are

  88. social studies

    what was one important political result of the Canadian constitution of 1982

  89. physics (gravitation)

    At what height above the surface of the earth does the acceleration due to gravity reduces by 64% .radius of earth 6400 km

  90. Chemistry

    Copper is changed to copper(II) ions by nitric acid according to the following equation: 4HNO3 + Cu → Cu(NO3)2 + 2NO2 + 2H2O How many moles of HNO3 must react to produce 0.961 mol of NO2?

  91. CHEM UNI

    2. In a calorimetry experiment, 50.0 g of a 2.04 mole/kg HCl solution is mixed with 50.0 g of a 2.13 mol/kg NaOH solution. The specific heat of the resulting solution is 3.90 J·˚C−1·g−1. The temperature of the mixture rises from 22.1 ºC to 37.0

  92. math

    The cash price of a car is $25000. A customer paid deposits $ 3750. He repaid the amount owing in 24 equal monthly installments. If he was charged simple interest at the rate of 40% p.a, how much was each installment. 25000 – 3750 = 21250 21250 × 0.4 ×

  93. math

    Mary bought maize and beans from a wholesaler. She then mixed the maize and beans ratio 4:3, she bought the maize as $4 per kg and the beans $2 per kg. if she was to make a profit of 30 %. What should be the selling of price 1 kg of the mixture?

  94. algebra

    Write the equation of the line, in standard form, that passes through the origin and is parallel to x + y = 6. Include your work in your final answer. Type your answer in the box provided or use the upload option to submit your solution.

  95. Chemistry

    mixing 100ml of 0.015M Nah2PO4 and 100ml of NA2HPO4. What is the pH? This has got to be simple but why am I having trouble with it?

  96. writing

    i need help sorting and making all my writing sound right please

  97. Math

    Find the distance between P1(3, –195°) and P2(–4, –94°) on the polar plane. Round your answer to the nearest thousandth. I got 5.75 as my answer. Is this correct?

  98. physics

    A copper cable is to be designed to carry a current of 280A with a power loss of only 2.70W/m. What is the required radius of the copper cable? Answer in units of cm and use 1.7x10-8 Ωm for the resistivity of copper.

  99. statistics

    A candidate for a political office claims that he will win the election. A poll is conducted, and 35 of 150 voters indicate that they will vote for the candidate, 100 voters indicate that they will vote for his opponent, and 15 voters are undecided. a.

  100. Finance

    If you put $10,000 at the end of each year into a savings account that pays interest at the rate of 5 percent a year, how much would you have after 4 years? Use the Appendix B. Round the answer to the nearest cent. Round FV-factor to three decimal places.

  101. Finance

    Monthly fee $5, check-processing fee of 20 cents, average of 32 checks written per month. Round the answer to the nearest cent.

  102. Languages Arts

    Which of the following describes the word dew? A. What happens when you don't get enough sleep for a few days. B. What happens to your teeth when you eat too much candy. C. What happens to plants in a garden overnight. D. What happens when you leave a

  103. math

    Emilio’s pay varies directly with the number of sales he makes. He made 22 sales and earned $154. How much will he earn for 35 sales? $

  104. physics

    Two 1.30-V batteries-with their positive terminals in the same direction-are inserted in series into the barrel of a flashlight. One battery has an internal resistance of 0.182Ω, the other an internal resistance of 0.139Ω. When the switch is closed, a

  105. personal finance

    Hal Thomas wants to establish a savings fund from which a community organization could draw $800 a year for 20 years. If the account earns 3 percent, what amount would he have to deposit now to achieve this goal? (Round time value factors to 3 decimal

  106. help math

    3x+7= -11+2x my answer x=1

  107. Math

    1/5(2x-10) + 4x = -3(1/5x + 4. Solve for x. I need some really help! please and thank you

  108. physics

    Assume that there is no friction between m2 and the incline, that m2 = 1.8 kg, m1 = 1.4 kg, the radius of the pulley is 0.10 m, the moment of inertia of the pulley is 3.6 kg m2, and θ = 27.0°. Mass 1 is hanging vertically while mass 2 is on the incline.

  109. math

    Use the line graph to solve. What was the difference in water levels between Week 2 and Week 4? A. 10 m B. 1 m C. 0.10 m D. 0.01 m the water kecvers is 5.3 and 5.4

  110. math

    Place the numbers below on a number line: ∛7 , -3 , 0 , 105/59 , 7^1/3 , 7^2/3 I tries: ∛7 = 1.912 -3 0 105/59 = 1.779 7 1/3 = 7.33..

  111. Math

    1/5(2x-10) + 4x = -3(1/5x + 4. Solve for x. I need some really help! please and thank you. Ms.Sue?

  112. algebra

    Homeschooling mom needs help!! Daughter is too smart for me!!! (a^2-a-2)/(a^2-7a+10)-(a^2-2a-3)/(a^2+5a+4) A)-3a-11/(a-5)(a+4) B)13a-11/(a-5)(a+4) C) -3a+19/(a-5)(a+4) D)a^2-13a-11/(a-5)(a+4)

  113. algebra

    in a triangle find the value of x when 7x + 3x + 90 degrees = 180 degrees

  114. physics

    The figure gives the acceleration a versus time t for a particle moving along an x axis. The a-axis scale is set by as = 15.0 m/s^2. At t = -2.0 s, the particle's velocity is 7.00 m/s. What is its velocity at t = 6.0 s?

  115. Geometry

    Four friends order a 12 inch diameter pizza to share equally. how much pizza does each receive?

  116. math

    how to rewrite the radical (index is 8)√5^2 as 5 to the power of a rational exponent ?

  117. anthrpology

    Look at the Yanomami of the Brazilian Rain Forest, the Amish of Pennsylvania, U.S., Itnegs of Abra, Philippines, and the Hopi of Northern Arizona, U.S. Describe similarities and differences found in their funeral practices for their deceased.

  118. Anthrpology

    Describe how this supposed work of art is also used in healing rituals and a visual reminder of their religious and mythologies within the culture

  119. College Physics

    Find (a) the magnitude and (b) the direction of the net force on an object given that the following forces act on the object at the same time: 10N east, 20N down, 20N west, 30N down, and 20N up.

  120. Crime and Society

    What explains high incarceration rates for Blacks on death row?

  121. College Physics

    Human nerve impulses travel at about 10 m/s. Estimate the minimum reaction time from the moment you perceive an obstacle in front of your car and the moment that your foot receives the command to press on the brakes. Consider your height as 1.73m. If the

  122. Crime and Society

    Is institutionalized racism to blame for these disparate rates?

  123. Crime and Society

    What explains the high incarceration rates for Black men?

  124. College Physics

    A 750 kg rocket accelerates straight upward from the ground at 60 m/s2. What is the force (thrust) provided by the engine?

  125. Crime and Society

    What do you think best explains high incarceration rates for Blacks compared to their percent of the general population.

  126. physics

    A stone is dropped into a river from a bridge 43.8 m above the water. Another stone is thrown vertically down 1.65 s after the first is dropped. Both stones strike the water at the same time. What is the initial speed of the second stone?

  127. physics

    An object falls a distance h from rest. If it travels 0.45h in the last 1.00 s, find the time and the height of its fall.

  128. College Physics

    What is the centripetal force acting on an object with a mass of 20 kg moving at a velocity of 10 m/s in a circle with a diameter of 5 m? When the object is moving with circular motion, are the forces balanced on the object? Why or why not?