Questions Asked on
February 2, 2015

  1. chemistry

    The fluorocarbon compound C2Cl3F3 has a normal boiling point of 47.6 ∘C. The specific heats of C2Cl3F3(l) and C2Cl3F3(g) are 0.91 J/g⋅K and 0.67 J/g⋅K, respectively. The heat of vaporization for the compound is 27.49 kJ/mol. Calculate the heat

    asked by Tori
  2. Clothing Construction

    What are the 4 methods of controlling fullness and how is it done ?

    asked by Funsho
  3. physics

    a rock is thrown vertically upward from ground level at t=0. At t= 1.5s, it passes the top of a tall tower and 1.0 s later, it reached its maximum height. what is the height of the tower?

    asked by ash
  4. Chemistry

    Your computer monitor has a width of 14.56 inches and a height of 10.92 inches. What is the area of the monitor display in square meters?

    asked by Samantha
  5. math

    A solid cone of height 12cm and radius 9 cm is recast into a solid sphere. Calculate the surface area of the sphere.

    asked by kudu
  6. physics

    A small block with mass 0.200 kg is released from rest at the top of a frictionless incline. The block travels a distance 0.440 m down the incline in 2.00 s. The 0.200 kg block is replaced by a 0.400 kg block. If the 0.400 kg block is released from rest at

    asked by Dontrielle
  7. Language Arts

    Which word best describes the tone of the following lines from "New World"? First Man, behold; the earth glitters with leaves; the sky glistens with rain. A. Appreciative B. Disgusted C. Puzzled D. Surprised Is the answer A? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  8. Physics

    Jack and Jill exercise in a 25.0-m-long swimming pool. Jack swims nine lengths of the pool in 160.1 seconds (2 minutes and 40.1 seconds), while Jill, the faster swimmer, covers ten lengths in the same time interval. Find the average velocity and average

    asked by Breauna
  9. science

    Which of the following represents a heterogeneous mixture? A.saltwater B.air C.bleach and water D.chicken noodle soup I think the answer is D. Chicken noodle soup. I don't know exactly.

    asked by Angel
  10. Math

    Which is a table of values for y=x-6 1. X. Y -5. 1 -8. -14 -7. -13 2. X. Y -5. -11 -8 -2 -7 -13 3. X. Y -5. -11 -8. -14 -7. -13 4. X. Y -5. -1 -8. -2 -7. -1 Please help

    asked by BUBBLES
  11. vectors

    The minute hand of a wall clock measures 11 cm from its tip to the axis about which it rotates. The magnitude and angle of the displacement vector of the tip are to be determined for three time intervals. What are the (a) magnitude and (b) angle from a

    asked by Katie
  12. Chemistry

    What is the mass, in grams, of a pure iron cube that has a volume of 4.30 cm3?

    asked by Samantha
  13. Physical Science

    Henry Heavyweight weighs 1200N and stands on a pair of bathroom scales so that one scale reads twice as much as the other. What are the scale reading?

    asked by Penny
  14. chm

    An aqueous solution that is 30.0 percent sulfuric acid (H2SO4) by mass has a density of 1.105 g/mL. Determine the molarity of the solution.

    asked by victoria
  15. Physics

    A 5.0 amp current flows through a 0.20m long solenoid with 1500 loops What are the magnitude and direction of the magnetic field at the centre of the solenoid?

    asked by Sandara
  16. Criminal Justice/Judicial System

    The __________ is/are the federal trial court(s) and is/are the "entry point" into the federal judicial system. A. U.S. Supreme Court B. circuit courts C. district courts D. court of appeals I think it's C., but not sure.

    asked by Pat
  17. Physics Kinematics

    A puck slides across a smooth, level tabletop at height H at a constant speed Vo. It slides off the edge of the table and hits the floor a distance x away. What is the algebraic relationship between the distances x and H?

    asked by Vishal
  18. Physics Kinematics

    A basketball is launched with an initial speed of 12.0 m/s at 45 degrees from the ground. The height of the basket y = 2.50m. From what distance x the ball is shot? Note : The trajectory is like a basketball shot, the highest point the ball reaches is

    asked by Vishal
  19. math

    The first, the third and the seventh terms of an increasing arithmetic progression are three consecutive terms of a geometric progression. In the first term of the arithmetic progression is 10 find the common difference of the arithmetic progression

    asked by kudu
  20. Are there even any physics tutors here???

    Sorry if I'm sounding as if I'm whining but I'm getting pretty annoyed at how there are many unanswered physics questions. Literally posted a question two months ago and never got any help... This is kinda annoying because the questions get lost in the

    asked by Sandara
  21. language ela a

    Based on the context clues in the sentence, what is the best meaning of “affinity”?

    asked by cassandra
  22. math

    The cost of one pound of peanuts is 60% of the cost of one pound of cashews. If one pound of cashews costs $2, what is the cost of one pound of peanuts? What is the total cost of two pounds of peanuts and one pound of cashews?

    asked by Austin
  23. calculus

    Find the x-coordinates where f '(x) = 0 for f(x) = 2x + sin(2x) in the interval [0, 2π].

    asked by Anonymous
  24. physics

    1. A man pushes on a box at an angle of 30.0° with a force of 20.0 N and the box moves across the floor. Which of the following component of the force do you use to calculate work? (Points : 1) 0.00 N 10.0 N 17.3 N 20.0 N Question 2.2. A man carries a 10

    asked by Hailey
  25. Chemistry

    Calculate the ΔHrxn for the following reactions using the heats of formation given in the table at the end of this assignment: a)The complete combustion of methane, CH4, producing water as a liquid. b)The complete combustion of glucose, C6H12O6, producing

    asked by Abby K.
  26. acceleration

    Col. John Stapp led the U .S . Air Force Aero Medical Laboratory's research into the effects of higher accelerations. On Stapp's final sled run, the sled reached a speed of 284.4 m/s (632 mi/h ) and then stopped with the aid of water brakes in 1.4 s .

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Math Help

    Hello! Can someone please check and see if I did this right? Thanks! :) Directions: Find the exact solutions of the equation in the interval [0,2pi] cos2x+sinx=0 My answer: cos2x+sinx=cos^2x-sin^2x+sinx =1-sin^2x-sin^2x+sinx =-2sin^2x+sinx+1=0

    asked by Maggie
  28. physics

    Tarzan is running towards a cliff, ready to swing down rescue Jane from some poisonous snakes, and make it back up to a tree on the other side. For now, we are going to assume energy is conserved and ignore momentum. If the height of the cliff is 10m, the

    asked by carolyn
  29. english

    Which of the following is NOT true of an in-text citation? A basic in-text citation consists of the source author’s last name and page to show the source of the direct quote The page number has the word “page” or “p.” before it. The in-text

    asked by Robb4301
  30. english

    The space shuttle was both a marvel and huge.

    asked by x
  31. Math

    A quadrilateral contains two equal sides measuring 12 cm each with an included right angle. If the measure of the third side is 8 cm and the angle opposite the right angle is 120 degrees, find the fourth side and the area of the quadrilateral.

    asked by Karen
  32. math

    sample of 40 observations is selected from one population with a population standard deviation of 4.6. The sample mean is 101.0. A sample of 47 observations is selected from a second population with a population standard deviation of 4.0. The sample mean

    asked by Phyllis
  33. Poetry

    Can anyone tell me how rhyme scheme helps build the theme of "A Barred Owl"?

    asked by Annie
  34. maths..g.p

    Find the sum of all numbers between 5 and 130 which are divisible by four

    asked by Anonymous
  35. math

    the product of six whole numbers is 36. What is the least possible value of their sum?

    asked by mh
  36. physics

    Water is poured into a container that has a small leak.The mass 'm' of the water is given as a function of time 't' by,m=5t^0.8 -3t + 20 , with t>=0, t in seconds: A) at what time is the water mass greatest, B) what is the greatest mass? *In kilogram per

    asked by shorouq
  37. physics

    A small block with mass 0.308 kg is sliding down a frictionless ramp that is inclined at an angle of 53.1° above the horizontal. Assume g = 9.80 m/s2. (a) As the object slides down the incline, what is the magnitude of the normal force that the surface of

    asked by Mike
  38. Language Arts

    In "your little voice" by EE Cummings what is the purpose of the image of the merry flowers Skilling's? A. To show that the people in the poem are part of nature. B. To help you picture the garden where the poem take place. C. To capture the sound and

    asked by Callie
  39. Math - Answer Check

    Prove that circle A with center (–1, 1) and radius 1 is similar to circle B with center (–3, 2) and radius 2. From A to B: (x - 2, y + 1), scale factor 2?

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Physics

    A rock is thrown horizontally from a bridge with a velocity of 13.0 m/s. It takes the rock 3.5 s to strike the water below. What is the magnitude of the velocity of the rock just before it hits the water?

    asked by Vishal
  41. Integrated Physics and Chemistry

    What are a few of the positive things the Equal Rights Amendment would have done for women in America?

    asked by Misty
  42. Practice Exams?

    Does anyone know a website or a book where I have some General Cognitive Ability Tests/ Standardized Exams for free? The sites I found are not what I was looking or were asking me to pay.

    asked by Lucina
  43. math

    A small plane is flying a banner is 144 square feet. The width of the banner is 1/4 the length of the banner. What are the dimensions of the banner?

    asked by todd
  44. science

    an arrow is fired directly horizontal off a cliff that is 10.0 meters tall with a velocity of 65.5 m/san arrow is fired directly horizontal off a cliff that is 10.0 meters tall with a velocity of 65.5 m/s. How long is the arrow in the air?

    asked by catherine
  45. english

    The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also beautiful.

    asked by x
  46. science

    A sample of certain mass of a gas was collected and it was found that the number of atoms and the nuber of molecules in the collected sample are equal.find this observation infer the type of molecules of the gas.

    asked by saurav
  47. physics

    A space satellite has a total mass of 500kg. A portion of mass 20kg is ejected a velocity of 10ms-1 . Calculate the recoil velocity of the remaining portion (ignoring the initial velocity of the satellite).

    asked by joe
  48. science

    In a chemical reaction,10.g of sodium carbonate reacted with 12 g of ethanoic acid.the poducts were 4.4g carbon dioxide,1.8g of water and 16.4g of sodium ethanoate. (a) write a word equation ,clearly showing the reactants and products as given above. (b)

    asked by saurav
  49. physics

    The sum of magnitudes of two forces is 16N.if the resultant force is 8N and its direction is perpendicular to minimum force then the forces are: (a)6N,10N(b)8N,8N(c)4N,12N(d)2N,14N

    asked by khan
  50. Science

    1. Suppose a patient comes in to see a physician. This patient lacks the ability to keep warm and needs to wear heavy clothing even during mild temperatures. Which system of this patient’s body should the physician be concerned about? A. integumentary B.

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Science

    Which of the following are structures that rely on capillaries for exchange or movement of small molecules? A. teeth, aorta, ureter B. cartilage, epidermis, larynx C. nephron, villi, alveoli D. leukocytes, atrium, bronchi Which of the following are

    asked by Anonymous
  52. georaphy

    What state is located 20 degrees north latitude and 160 degrees west longitude:-)

    asked by bri
  53. physics

    Bob is sitting a subway train going south at speed of 2.50 m/s. Morgan is walking towards her down the center aisle of the train. To jen, standing on the platform, Morgan seems to be moving at a speed of 2.75 m/s to the south. How fast and in what

    asked by Khanh
  54. math

    Explain how to write 3 x 3/8 as the product of a whole number and a unit fraction.

    asked by isaac
  55. Inorganic Chemistry

    Use Slater's rules to calculate the effective nuclear charge, Z* or Zeff, for a 4f electron in Eu, Tb, and Dy.

    asked by Dylan
  56. Organic Chemistry

    If you have 5.6 mL of 95% hexanes to 5% ethyl acetate, how many mL of 85% hexanes to 15% ethyl acetate can you make? Assume unlimited supply of pure ethyl acetate.

    asked by Dylan
  57. Chemistry

    Balance Fe2O3 + CO--> Fe + CO2

    asked by Meredith G.
  58. math

    A tile is the basic unit that makes an entire floor pattern what fraction is white? Green? Yellow? brown?

    asked by alexa
  59. math

    A tile is the basic unit that makes an entire floor pattern what fraction is white W ? Green G ? Yellow Y ? brown B ? BB B B B B G G B B Y Y Y Y B B W W W W W W B W W W W W W G G Y Y Y Y B B B B

    asked by alexa
  60. Math

    Determine whether the polygons are similar. ABCD with vertices A(–5, 4), B(–2, 4), C(–2, 2), D(–5, 2) and EFGH with vertices E(–2, 0), F(4, 0), G(4, –6), H(–2, –6)

    asked by Anonymous
  61. math

    the track at our school is 440 yards long. it took Maya 10 minutes to jog around the track 4 times. find her speed in miles per hour. I first found out that r=d/t then we converted minutes to hour. we got 24 times around the track

    asked by E6
  62. 4th grade math

    Ursula bought 9 dozen gauze pads for the health office. The gauze pads were divided equally into 4 boxes. How many gauze pads are in each box?

    asked by Ali
  63. Algebra 2!!!!

    Use the graph to shorten the list of possible rational zeros of the function. Then find all real zeros of the function. 1.) f(x)= 4x^3-8x^2-15x+9 4.) f(x)= 2x^3-5x^2-4x+10

    asked by Sam
  64. math

    the associative property allows you to change the order of terms in an expression. true or false my guess is True

    asked by Elena
  65. Math

    Multiply each expression. 6(h-4) I know you multiply the numbers 6*4 but where do you go from there? I am so frustrated

    asked by Val
  66. math

    Water flows from a tap. At the rate 27cm3 per second, into a rectangular container of length 60cm, breathe 30 cm and height 40 cm. If at 6.00 p.m. the container was half full, what will be the height of water at 6.04 pm?

    asked by kudu
  67. algebra

    Simplify your answer and use positive exponents only (a3b)3(a4b8) ^ ^ ^ ^ The answer I got was 3a7b9 ^ ^ is this correct? Please help and if it is not can you show me the correct way!! Thank you very much

    asked by slomo
  68. English

    What is the difference between the denotative and connotative meaning of a word?

    asked by Christina
  69. maths please help

    Solve. For x 1. 3x^2-6=0 2. 1/x (6x^3+5x^2)=21 3. x/2+6=-10/x 4. 2x^2=14x

    asked by owamiii
  70. mathlitracy

    How can i converte 6,25 in to a percentage?

    asked by gugu
  71. Chemistry

    (a) What type of ion chromatography (cation or anion) will you use to separate the following ions: Cu2+, Fe3+, Ag+ and Na+ . I'm having trouble here as I know that in elution chromatography they use like charges to separate ions, but is that the same case

    asked by Jacob
  72. math

    For what values of x is the graph y=2/(5-x) concave upward? x-5 x>5 no values of x

    asked by Steven
  73. science

    is it possible for an object's weight to change while it's mass remains constant?

    asked by jenny
  74. math

    At what value(s) of x does f(x)=(-4x^4)+(2x^2) have a relative maximum?

    asked by Steven
  75. algebra

    convert to decimal notation. 5.623 * 10^-8 is the correct answer 0.00000005623? If not can you correct me Please and Thank you!!

    asked by slomo
  76. physics

    A force of 34.5 meganewtons of thrust launches a Saturn 5 rocket 393 km off the ground. How much work was done (in joules)?

    asked by iyle
  77. algebra

    Subtract. (4+6x+7x^2+4x^3)-(-3+6x-7x^2+4x^3)= 7(2x^2 + 1) or 7 * (2x^2 +1) I know this is basically the same answer but is one more correct than the other or neither?

    asked by slomo
  78. algebra

    Multiply. (x+4)(x-2) = x^2+2x-8 Is the answer correct, if not can you please point out what I did wrong? Please and Thank you

    asked by slomo
  79. statics

    A1 Helicopter in flight with unbalanced stores A helicopter in forward flight is shown in Figure 1. The helicopter in forward flight experiences a horizontal drag force DF  . The drag force DF  is assumed to pass through O. The helicopter is held up

    asked by Erika
  80. maths

    When x^3+mx^2-5x+4 is divided by x+2,the remainder is 8.determine the value of m

    asked by tsholofelo
  81. physics

    Consider a modified Atwood machine, with a mass sitting on an inclined plane connected by a string which stretches over a pulley connected to a hanging mass. Friction is ignored. Draw a free body diagram for both blocks. Apply Newton's second law to both

    asked by carolyn
  82. Math

    Are the following expressions equivalent? Prove your answer: 8 (2z-3) and 16z-3

    asked by Amy
  83. Physics

    A watermelon seed has the following coordinates: x = -8.7 m, y = 1.6 m, and z = 0 m. Find its position vector as (a) a magnitude and (b) an angle relative to the positive direction of the x axis. If the seed is moved to the xyz coordinates ( 3.4 m, 0 m, 0

    asked by Kelly
  84. physics

    Consider the following system with a 2 kg mass sitting on a table, connected to both 1 kg and 3 kg masses by strings which go over two separate pulleys and are pulling on the 2 kg mass in opposite directions. What static friction coefficient would be

    asked by carolyn
  85. algebra

    Divide. (2b^2 + 2b - 9)/(b-3) 2b2 + 2b - 9 ———————————— =2b+8 b - 3 Is this the correct answer? Please help show me the right way if this is wrong. Thank you!!

    asked by slomo
  86. algebra

    Factor the trinomial.Factor completely. s^2 + 3s – 28 = 4s^2 – 24 Is this correct?? Please and thank you.

    asked by slomo
  87. algebra

    Factor by grouping even though it would seem reasonable to first combine like terms. 30b^2 + 25b + 36b + 30 = This practice question I have no clue how to do, please help!! Thank you

    asked by slomo
  88. math

    if a car passes mile marker 2 in 4 hours and a mile marker 125 in 6 hours, how many miles per hour is the car traveling?

    asked by betty
  89. chem

    what would the temperature inside the pressure cooker beif the vapor pressur of water inside the cooker was 3.08 atm

    asked by mike
  90. College Human Geography

    "What role does race play in the film?" Can someone explain this question?

    asked by Ana
  91. Physics

    While sliding horizontal on a frictionless surface at a speed of 30 m/s, a hockey puck of mass 0.16 kg is struck by a hockey stick. After leaving the stick, the puck has a speed of 22 m/s in the opposite direction. The magnitude of the impulse given to the

    asked by Samiboo711
  92. science

    Using your reaction time, estimate the diestance a car would travel at 20m/s (45 mi/h) before you could apply the brakes. To get the deistance in meters you multiply the speed in m/s by your reaction time in seconds

    asked by Karen
  93. chem

    what would the temperature inside the pressure cooker beef the vapor pressure of water inside the cooker was 3.08 atm

    asked by mike
  94. life science,geography,maths litracy,tourism

    What job will i do if i am doing the above subject

    asked by thabsile
  95. chemistry

    Stuck on this one please help ! The solubility of barium sulphate, BaSO4, is 2.4 x 10-4 g/100 mL of solution. Calculate the Ksp of this solution.

    asked by ryan
  96. maths

    Three girls, Ishita Isha and Nisha are plyaing a game by standing on a circle of radius 20 m drawan in a park. Ishita throws a ball to Isha Isha to Nisha and Nisha to Ishita. if the distance between Ishita and Isha and between Isha and Nisha is 24 m each

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Math

    formalize the following statment: a_n is a sequence that doesnt converge to L∈R. prove that the sequance (1/n) does not converge to 1. Can someone please explain to me what i have to do in the question i do not understand it so well.

    asked by sara
  98. chemistry

    Please help !? Knowing that the concentration of Ag+ in a silver chromate solution is 1.5 x 10-3 M, calculate its solubility product at 25°C.

    asked by ryan
  99. world history

    why is the ability to debate still important todat

    asked by ryan
  100. science

    A solid of relative density 1.25 is found to weigh 12 g in water.find its weight in air.

    asked by saurav
  101. Spanish Homework Help

    Hi! Can someone check to see if my answers are right? Thanks a bunch!! :) 1.) Listen! (friend) 2.) Listen! (you guys) 3.) Don’t listen! (stranger) 4.) Don’t listen! (friend) 5.) Don’t listen! (you guys) A.) No escuchen B.) No escuche C.) No escuches

    asked by Jackie
  102. chemistry

    In 100 mL of distilled water,1.0g of thallium cholirde is added. How much of the 1.0g of TlCl doen't dissolve? The Ksp of TlCl is 3.6 x 10-6

    asked by ryan
  103. Math

    Assume the shoe is sold at 50% profit margin (profit as % of sales). If the cost of raw material were to increase by 50%, what would the new profit margin be? Cost of manufacturing a shoe: Raw materials = 25% Labor = 12.5% Marketing & Advertising = 25%

    asked by Martha
  104. science

    A sample of certain mass of a gas was collected and it was fond that the number of atoms and the number of molecules in the collected sample are equal.from this observation infer the type of molecules of gas.

    asked by saurav
  105. science

    Number of electrons in the outermost m shell of an element is 3.find its atomic number.

    asked by saurav
  106. maths


    asked by Justin
  107. math

    the ratio of boys to girls in class is 2:3. If Ms. Wise has 24 students in her class, how many girls are in the class. Please show work

    asked by angela
  108. Chemistry

    Decomposition reactions result in __________ compounds. bigger smaller not sure

    asked by Robb4301
  109. scince

    States the laws of reflection of sound and its two applications.

    asked by saurav
  110. Physics

    A person weighs 150 N on the moon. If the acceleration due to gravity on the moon is 1.63 m/s2, what is the mass of the person?

    asked by Fiona
  111. science

    Istopes are useful in many ways.write any three applications of istopes in various fields.

    asked by saurav
  112. Physics

    A paladin howitzer fires a 46.00 kg projectile towards a 1000 kg metal block resting on a frictionless surface. Just before impact, the projectile is traveling with a horizontal velocity of 529 m/s. After the collision, the embedded projectile and the

    asked by Samiboo711
  113. Physics

    An Earth satellite moves in a circular orbit 946 km above Earth's surface with a period of 103.8 min. What are (a) the speed and (b) the magnitude of the centripetal acceleration of the satellite? I got an answer of 7388.897 m/s for part a, but I'm stuck

    asked by Amber
  114. Chemistry

    Which of the following general equations describes all decomposition reactions? decompo single double A 2N2O5 → O2 + 4NO2 Is what type of chemical reaction? Combustion Synthesis Decomposition None of the above. not sure Which of the following is a

    asked by Robb4301
  115. Statistics

    Pop. Mean =87 Standard deviation=8 Sample size=64

    asked by Denise
  116. mathematic

    a bag contains 3rdmarbles, 2white and 3green a boy takes at one marble at random. what is the prob that it is either red or white?

    asked by joseph
  117. Physics

    Question 1:A child's wagon with a mass of 11 kg is moving at a constant speed of 4 m/s on a horizontal frictionless surface at the Houston Zoo. After a 4.2 kg Southern Ground Hornbill lands by vertical descent in the child's wagon, the velocity of the

    asked by Samiboo711
  118. college physics

    two forces act simultaneously on a box. one pulls with a force of 12 pounds due south. the other pulls with a force of 8 pounds in a direction 20 degrees north od east. what is the resultant of these two forces?

    asked by Kayla
  119. English

    Chapter 23 and. 24 1. "Within the church, it had hardly been kept down; beneath the sky, it pealed upward to the zenith" is an example of a. Cumulative sentence B. Understatement C.oxymoron D balanced sentence E.paradox 2. What is the function of the words

    asked by Jessica
  120. Geometry

    A quadrilateral contains two equal sides measuring 12 cm each with an included right angle. If the measure of the third side is 8 cm and the angle opposite the right angle is 120 degrees, find the fourth side and the area of the quadrilateral.

    asked by Karen
  121. Science

    Explain a metal power/laundry line which hang droop on a very warm day

    asked by Ronel
  122. Science

    What physical features are caused by plate tectonics?

    asked by Anonymous
  123. chemistry

    A chemist used 500g of glucose(c6H12o6)in a preparation of a drug in the laboratory how many moles was used?

    asked by Anonymous
  124. english

    Vehicle backover injuries and deaths occur when someone, without a driver’s knowledge or awareness, is positioned behind a vehicle as the driver is backing out of a driveway or other parking spot. Most victims of backovers are the elderly and children. 2

    asked by Robb4301
  125. Physics

    A 4.03-kg object is thrown vertically upward from the surface of Earth, where the acceleration due to gravity is g1 = 9.81 m/s2. The initial velocity is v1, and the object reaches a maximum height of y1. What is the maximum height, y2, if the object is

    asked by Breauna
  126. Science

    Which of the following is true about producers? A.They are helpful to some ecosystems and not essential to any ecosystems. B.They are helpful to all ecosystems but not essential to any ecosystems. C.They are essential to some ecosystems D.They are

    asked by LARRYBOY
  127. science

    When a nerve impulse reaches a synapse, a nerve cell transfers the impulse to the next nerve cell by releasing D.electric currents. C.chemicals B.heat. A.pressure. Is it D?

    asked by scicenemaster21212
  128. math

    -1/3 + 2z= -5/6 My Answer: z= -1/4

    asked by john Dosley
  129. science 7th

    A piece of copper is 1 meter long and has a density of 8.8g. If you cut the wire exactly in half, what is the density of one of the pieces

    asked by lilly
  130. Physics

    A small bag of sand is released from an ascending hot-air balloon whose upward constant velocity is v0 = 1.45 m/s. Knowing that at the time of the release the balloon was 70.3 m above the ground, determine the time, τ, it takes the bag to reach the ground

    asked by Breauna
  131. english

    During the storm, Jenna hid in her basement

    asked by bridget
  132. Science

    A swimmer that pushes the water back with feet and arms 1. What will happen to the movement of the swimmer as they push the water back? 2. If the swimmer exerts 5 n of force on the water how much force does the water exert back on swimmer? Please help

    asked by BUBBLES
  133. science

    What part of a nerve cell receive the nerve impulse? Dendrite, Synapse or the Axon?

    asked by scicenemaster21212
  134. oragnic chemistry

    convert the measurement 92.0g into pounds (1lb=453.6g)

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Physics

    Find the potential energy of a system often point charges. 7nC and 2nC separated by 0.03m

    asked by Macy
  136. chemistry

    Why would a unknown solid cube sink in cholorform that has a density of 1.489

    asked by amy
  137. Column Chromatography

    If you have 5.6 mL of 95% hexanes to 5% ethyl acetate, how many mL of 85% hexanes to 15% ethyl acetate can you make? Assume unlimited supply of pure ethyl acetate.

    asked by Dylan
  138. Physics

    Find the work that should be done to increase the distance between two point charges with the charges of 5nC and -10nC by 5cm. The initial distance between the charges is 15cm.

    asked by Macy
  139. geography

    Why the scale of one centimetre equal to one kilometre has been used for cape town

    asked by Thato
  140. physics

    Air becomes conducting when the electric field strength in a region exceeds 3x106 V/m. if a spark jumps between a charged object and a grounded object when the two objects are 10 cm apart, what is the potential difference between the two objects? If a

    asked by Matt
  141. Science

    A swimmer that pushes the water back with feet and arms What will happen to the movement of the swimmer as they push the water back?

    asked by BUBBLES
  142. maths help please

    Solve for x A. 1/x(6x^3+5x^2)=21 B. X/2+6=-10/x C. X+6=[x+12]^2

    asked by aneleeeee
  143. Chemistry

    for the titration of n.89g of an uk diaprotic acid with .2500 N sodium hydroxide, it took 35.5 mL to reach the phenolphthalein endpoint, calculate the molar mass.

    asked by Amberra
  144. Math

    Hi! The question I need help with is 6cos^2x-3 and the directions say to use a double-angle formula to write the expression. This is what I have but I don't know if it's right? 6cos^2(x)-3 =3(2cos^2(x)-1) =3cos(2x)

    asked by Penny
  145. Physics

    Suppose that the amount of heat removed when 2.9 kg of water freezes at 0.0 oC were removed from ethyl alcohol at its freezing/melting point of -114.4 oC. How many kilograms of ethyl alcohol would freeze? I don't know where to start with this question!

    asked by Cindy
  146. Medical

    Can some one please tell me all the: adjectives adverbs conjunctions nouns prepositions pronouns verbs - in this paragraph? please! Thank you. The patient was brought to the operating room and Bier block anesthesia was performed. The right upper extremity

    asked by Rebecca
  147. math

    have 100 toys for $250.00 with trade discount series of 7/10/3 what is net discount price using net decimal equivelent

    asked by tal
  148. geography

    why did tge northeuropen plain develope into a densly populated industrial center

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Criminal Justice/Judicial System

    In terms of serious offenses, _______ results in the lowest convictions. A. nonnegligent manslaughter B. motor vehicle theft C. aggravated assault D. drug trafficking I think it's B., but not sure

    asked by Pat
  150. Math 5. Grade

    Trying to figure out how to find the answer. A rectangular has a perimeter of 3600m. What is the width if the length is five times the width? How do I do this.

    asked by Ricky
  151. Science

    A Block rests on a horizontal surface.The normal force is 20 N.The coefficient of static friction between the block and the surface is 0,40 and the coefficient of dynamic friction is 0,20. What Is the magnitude of the frictional force exerted on the block

    asked by Lesego
  152. science

    A mixture of sugar and water can be separated by ______________. Choose ALL that apply. (2 points) Box 1. using a magnet Box 2. boiling the mixture Box 3. evaporating the mixture Box 4. using a filter I picked "Box 2" and "Box 3"

    asked by Angel
  153. math

    Without adding, how do you know the sum of 36.179 and 8.63 will have a 9 in the thousandths place?

    asked by jude
  154. Physics

    A racing car has a mass of 1770 kg. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is its kinetic energy if it has a speed of 133 km/h? Answer in units

    asked by Youthers
  155. Algebra

    At time t=0, in seconds, a pair of sunglasses is dropped from the Eiffel Tower in Paris. At time t, its height in feet above the ground is given by h(t)=−16t^2+1000. When do the sunglasses hit the ground? Include units in your answer. I got that the

    asked by Kayla
  156. GEO

    A major objective of the South Pacific Forum founded in 1971 was A. identifying and resolving human rights concerns in the region. B. reconciling diverse cultural heritages. C. stopping French nuclear testing in the region. D. expanding the copra trade.

    asked by ISAIAH
  157. 4th grade math fraction

    Jasmine has 8 seashells. Three-quarters are clamshells. How many shells are clamshells?

    asked by Ali
  158. health

    the body's reaction to the information is tho send these to the brain . 1. Neurons 2.Impulses 3.Dendrites 4.Synapse I think it is 1 Neurons. But im not sure.

    asked by eliz
  159. 5th grade math

    solve 1. 8/11 divided by 4 2. 3/8 divided by 3/10 3. 6 divided by 3/4 4. 1/6 divided by 5/6 5. 2 3/4 divided by 11 6. 3 1/2 divivded by 7/8 7. 1 7/8 divided by 1 1/2 8. 5 divided by 4 1/3

    asked by Mythreyee
  160. Physics

    A golfer, standing on a fairway, hits a shot to a green that is elevated 5.50 m above the point where she is standing. The ball leaves her club at an angle of 37.0° above the ground, with a speed of 31.1 m/s. Find the time that the ball is in the air

    asked by Paige
  161. Chemistry

    A certain reaction has an activation energy of 58.80 kJ/mol. At what Kelvin temperature will the reaction proceed 6.50 times faster than it did at 303 K?

    asked by Sam
  162. 4th grade math fraction

    Ashley bought 4 packages of juice boxes. There are 6 juice boxes in each package. She gave 2 juice boxes to each of 3 friends. How many juice boxes does Ashley have left?

    asked by Ali
  163. money

    Ryan gets a gift of $80 on his birthday. He goes to the Lego store to buy Lego sets. The Lego store has small sets for $4, the medium size sets for $16 and the large sets for $32. What is the least number of sets that Ryan can buy if he has to buy at least

    asked by ayush
  164. Criminal Justice/Judicial System

    According to the Justice Department's Bureau of Justice Statistics, ________ of every 100 murder and nonnegligent manslaughter defendants are convicted. A. 17 B. 68 C. 46 D. 31 I think it's B., but not sure

    asked by Pat
  165. Physics

    A 2.0 kg mass is attached to a string that is 1.0 m long and moves in a horizontal circle at a rate of 4.0 revolutions per second. a) What is the centripetal acceleration of the mass? I converted 4 rev/s to 25.13 rad/s and used the equation: a=rw^2 to get

    asked by Anna
  166. math

    Is y=3x^2-2 a function? my guess is NO

    asked by Elena
  167. math

    what numbers when you multiply together give you a product of -3 and a sum of 0? if you don't know, just tell me

    asked by tom
  168. chemistry

    After you carefully lower each cube into the water of its own cylinder, what will the new water level be in the cylinder with the lead cube?

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Math

    In “Adventures of Isabel,” how is the doctor different from Isabel’s other enemies—the bear, the witch, and the giant? He is Nice to Her He Frighten Her He gets killed He may be Real Witch one pls? I think It's The first one..

    asked by Chris
  170. Math

    Val walks 2 3/5 miles each day. Bill runs 10 miles once every 4 days. In 4 days, who covers the greater distance?

    asked by ari
  171. Science

    Two cannons are set up next to each other. Cannon A is set to fire at an angle of 50 degrees and B at 40 degrees. Prove that the range will be the same for both cannons.

    asked by Gerber
  172. maths

    The first term of a g.p is twice it's common ratio, find the sum of the first two term of the progression, if it's sum to infinity is 8

    asked by toni
  173. math

    A flower garden is 1m long.Its width is 4m shorter than its length.

    asked by ijom
  174. Math

    Price of the item after a 23% increase with sales tax Price is $129.00 Sales Tax is 5.75% Ms. Sue can you help me answer this question?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. math

    Please check 5n-30=-20 N=2 5=h/4+9 H=16 -m/3-2=10 M=-36 M/8+5.6=9.85 M=34 36-4r=24 R=3 14==-16-10n N=3 -4x+7=-9 X=4 3y-6=20 Y=8 2/3 6n+16=36 N=3 1/3

    asked by marybeth
  176. ELA

    how do you write a villanelle? also what are some easy topics to write about? this is due tomorrow so i need help quickly!!

    asked by Rachel
  177. maths..g.p

    The sum of the positive odd integers less than 50

    asked by Anonymous
  178. science

    Which statement is true regarding nuclear energy? (Points : 1) Nuclear power produces no greenhouse gasses and thus poses no environmental threats. Nuclear plants rely on a massive industrial infrastructure using fossil fuels. Due to strict safety

    asked by jamie
  179. Physics

    A 45.0 g arrow moving North at 134 m/s strikes a 1.50 kg bale of straw initially at rest. The arrow passes through the bale, leaving at 78.0 m/s. What is the velocity of the bale when the arrow leaves?

    asked by Anonymous
  180. Vectors

    if a=3x+2y and b=5x-4y, find x and y in terms of a and b What I did: 2a=6x+4y +b=5x-4y --------- 2a+b=x 2(3x+2y)+(5x-4y)=x 6x+4y+5x-4y=x 11x=x 11x dvided by x = 11 ...that isn't the correct answer. The correct answer (according to text book) is

    asked by annonymous
  181. Physics

    A neighbourhood requires 1.5 x 10^5 w of electricity to power all homes during peak usage times. A step-down transformer is used on the high voltage transmission lines to lower the voltage to 120v for household use. There are 25000 primary coils and 140

    asked by Sandara
  182. Physics

    7. An early objection to the idea that the earth is spinning on its axis was that the earth would turn so fast at the equator that people would be thrown into space. Show the error in this logic by calculating the centripetal force needed to hold a 100. kg

    asked by Brian
  183. Physics

    A thickness planer is a machine that uses a rotating blade to shave a thin layer of wood off the top of the surface. While operating, a piece of wood is inserted such that it causes the machine to struggle and slow down due to resistance of the lumber.

    asked by Sandara
  184. Physics

    From the window of a building, a ball is tossed from a height y0 above the ground with an initial velocity of 8.50 m/s and angle of 23.0° below the horizontal. It strikes the ground 6.00 s later. If the base of the building is taken to be the origin of

    asked by Jen
  185. geography

    How do we convert number scales from their fraction form to ratio form

    asked by Thato
  186. Physics

    A proton travelling 1.5x10^6 m/s enters 2 vertically charged parallel plates held 0.15m apart. The top plate is held at +250V and the bottom is grounded (0V). A magnetic field can be applied to the area between the plates to counteract the electric force

    asked by Sandara
  187. Physics

    As it passes over Grand Bahama Island, the eye of a hurricane is moving in a direction 57.0° north of west with a speed of 40.0 km/h. (Let i hat represent east and j hat represent north.) (a) What is the unit-vector expression for the velocity of the

    asked by Troy S
  188. Geometry

    A child on top of a lighthouse observes two ships that are 90 ft apart from each other. The angles of the depression of the two ships are 34º and 20º. How far is the closest ship from the base of the lighthouse? I'm sorry, I would show my work, I just

    asked by Katie
  189. Physics

    While standing at the edge of the roof of a building, you throw a stone upward with an initial speed of 7.65 m/s. The stone subsequently falls to the ground, which is 12.7 m below the point where the stone leaves your hand. At what speed does the stone

    asked by Breauna
  190. ss

    How would prolonged winter monsoons influence farmers in India? Answer choices: 1. dry winds reduce the amount of rainfall causing crops not to grow. 2. dry winds allow farmers to plant seeds earlier and the growing season to extend. 3. wet winds bring too

    asked by Casey berier
  191. Physics

    A small coin, initially at rest, begins falling. If the clock starts when the coin begins to fall, what is the magnitude of the coin\'s displacement between t1 = 0.230 s and t2 = 0.517 s?

    asked by Breauna
  192. geometry

    A child on top of a lighthouse observes two ships that are 90 ft apart from each other. The angles of the depression of the two ships are 34º and 20º. How far is the closest ship from the base of the lighthouse? I'm sorry, I would show my work, I just

    asked by Katie
  193. chemistry

    what does copper look like under normal condition(solid,liquid,gas,color,etc)

    asked by anonymous
  194. calculus

    A particle moves on a line away from its initial position so that after t hours it is s = 6t^2 + 2t miles from its initial position. Find the average velocity of the particle over the interval [1, 4]. Include units in your answer.

    asked by Anonymous
  195. Calculus

    Compute the area of a leaf given by the equation y^2 = (x^2−1)^2 for −1 ≤ x ≤ 1

    asked by Antonette
  196. math

    classify the following number as rational or irrational: 4.1 My guess is Rational

    asked by Elena
  197. mathematics

    How do we convert number scales from their fraction form to ratio form

    asked by Thato
  198. 4th grade math

    There are 12 seats in the school auditorium. There are 7 seats in each row. There are 70 people seated, filling up full rows of seats. How many rows are empty?

    asked by Ali
  199. algebra

    Factor completely. 48w^2 + 120w +75= 3((5 + 4w)(5 + 4w)) is this correct??

    asked by slomo
  200. math

    what is 3 thousandths less than 7.995

    asked by chloe
  201. Science

    The current population in the United States is 318,968,000. The rate is .72. What will the population be in the United States in 10 years? Show work please.

    asked by Dena
  202. English

    Posted by rfvv on Tuesday, January 27, 2015 at 10:03pm. Is he doing well in class? 1. - No, he isn't. You see, he can't read or write. 2. - No, he isn't. You know, he can't read or write. ----------------------- Are both the same? Which one is commonly

    asked by rfvv
  203. Science

    A swimmer that pushes the water back with feet and arms what is the reaction force? What is the action force?

    asked by BUBBLES
  204. English

    If you tell them about your worries, they will do the worrying for you while you sleep. ============== What is the part of speech of 'worrying'? Is 'worrying' a noun or a gerund?

    asked by rfvv
  205. Science

    Please help A swimmer that pushes the water back with feet and arms What will happen to the movement of the swimmer as they push the water back? If the swimmer exerts 5 n of force on the water how much force does the water exert back on swimmer?

    asked by BUBBLES
  206. physical science

    What amount of iron may react with 36gm of water vapour?

    asked by indranil
  207. ela

    is there another way of saying better understand? the snetence im trying to write is "imagery can also help the reader to better understand the poem thus the reader is able to ...(is it appropriate to write better understand again here?)"

    asked by Caroline
  208. math

    Aaron has 5 pounds of flour. He needs 1/8 of a pound of flour to make a single cupcake. how many cupcakes can he make?

    asked by Maria
  209. Math

    In a class of students, 80 spoke English, 110 spoke spanish, 100 spoke french, 50 spoke english & spanish, 30 spoke english & french, 20 spoke french & spanish, 10 spoke english & frnech, but no spanish. How many spoke spanish & french, but not english?

    asked by Sally
  210. 7th grade math

    Can you check the following? 1. Alicia shoots basketball at a hoop 100 times. She hits the backboard and misses with 2/5 of her hots, hits the rim and misses with 32% of her shots and makes basket with rest of her shots. How many baskets did she make? A.

    asked by Alexis
  211. math

    A bus takes 195 minutes to travel a distance of (2x + 30) km at an average speed of (x – 20) km/h. Calculate the actual distance traveled.

    asked by kudu
  212. Chemistry- sig figs

    0.2748 Is my answer and the problem is sig figs... The question have two sig figs so would it be .27 or .28?

    asked by Asher
  213. Science

    When a truck and a small car both traveling at 50 miles/ hour collide with each other 1. which vehicle has more momentum before the collision and why? 2. Which vehicle will be more effected by the collision and why? 3. Which vehicle will have more momentum

    asked by BUBBLES
  214. Language Arts

    In which situation would you most likely experience jostling? A. On a secluded beach B. Sitting around a campfire C. In a crowded train station D. Driving down a busy street Is the answer C Thank you

    asked by Callie
  215. math

    Two baskets C and D each contain a mixture of oranges and lemons. Basket C contains 26 oranges and 13 lemons. Basket D contains 18 oranges and 15 lemons. A child selected basket at random and picked at random a fruit from it. Determine the probability that

    asked by kudu
  216. Physics

    A 447.5-N force accelerates a go-cart and its driver from 10.3 m/s to 16.7 m/s in 4.01 s. What is the mass of the go-cart plus driver?

    asked by Jessica
  217. Math

    Hannah made 4 cups of jello. She divided the dessert into equal servings. Each serving is 2/3 cup. How many servings did she make?

    asked by Amy
  218. math

    Write a compound inequality to represent each situation. solve and check. If James is able to earn an extra $200 this weekend, his monthly income will be between $1500 and $2000 for his job at a local restaurant. What is the normal range of James monthly

    asked by monty
  219. Calculus - Differentiation

    Differentiate: y = 3/(1-6x^4)

    asked by Zac
  220. math

    Which relationship would most likely have a positive correlation? The amount of memory in computer, and the number of keys on the keyboard. The rate at which a train travels, and the time it takes for it to reach its destination. The number of tickets sold

    asked by Elena
  221. physics

    The figure below shows three charges at the corners of a rectangle of length x = 0.65 m and height y = 0.42 m. What is the electric potential at the center of the rectangle? the picture is of a rectangle with -6.1,+2.7,-3.3 as charges. Your submitted

    asked by cassie
  222. MATH

    The length of Super Bowl commercials is said to be Normally distributed with a mean of 36 seconds and standard deviation of 8 seconds. a. Find the probability that a randomly selected Super Bowl commercial is shorter than 45 seconds? (2 points) b. Find the

    asked by ASH
  223. algebra 1

    a heavy freight train made a trip of 360 miles, running part of the distance at 54 miles an hour and the rest at 48 miles an hour. if the entire trip took 7 hours, find the distance traveled at each rate

    asked by samuel
  224. chemistry

    For the equilibrium below at 400 K, Kc = 7.0. Br2(g) + Cl2(g) equilibrium reaction arrow 2 BrCl(g) If 0.85 mol of Br2 and 0.85 mol Cl2 are introduced into a 2.0 L-container at 400. K, what will be the equilibrium concentrations of Br2, Cl2 and BrCl? I

    asked by me
  225. chemistry

    A buffer solution is made by dissolving 0.45 moles of a weak acid (HA) and 0.13 moles of KOH into 760 mL of solution. What is the pH of this buffer? Ka = 3.3 × 10−6 for HA.

    asked by kc
  226. Math

    There are 250 students in a school auditorium for an assembly. 24% of the students are 5th graders. How many 5th graders are in the auditorium?

    asked by Amy
  227. Physics

    PHYS1111_HMWK02_Vectors_and_2DKinematics » Eddie the Eagle Eddie the Eagle, British Olympic ski jumper, is attempting his most mediocre jump yet. After leaving the end of the ski ramp, he lands downhill at a point that is displaced 62.2 m horizontally

    asked by Paige