Questions Asked on
January 21, 2015

  1. Language Arts

    Why does Johnny agree to take John Hancock’s order for a sugar basin? Select all that apply. A. He is confident in his ability to complete the job. B. He wants to impress Dove and Dusty. C. Mrs. Lapham encourages him to accept the job. D. Mr. Lapham is

    asked by Helpneeded
  2. Science

    What are 5 key accomplishments of Marie and/ or Pierre Curie?

    asked by jeje
  3. Language Arts

    Which of the following is always true about a haiku? A. It has one three-line stanza. B. It has a specific rhyme scheme of abab. C. It uses alliteration. D. It expresses the thoughts and feelings of a single speaker. Is the answer A? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  4. Math

    Every year in Delaware there is a contest where people create cannons and catapults designed to launch pumpkins as far in the air as possible. the equation y=15+110x-16x^2 can be used to represent the height, y, of a launched pumpkin, where x is the time

    asked by Veronica
  5. Math

    Four of the angles of a pentagon measure 85 degrees, 110 degrees, 135 degrees, and 95 degrees. Find the measure of the missing angle. A. 115 degrees B. 95 degrees C. 135 degrees D. 85 degrees Is the answer D?

    asked by Callie
  6. Science

    1.A weatherman reports, “The storm waves are about 2 meters high and about 35 meters apart.” What properties of waves is the reporter describing? (1 point) A.frequency and wavelength B.wavelength and wave speed C.amplitude and wavelength*** D.amplitude

    asked by jeje
  7. Chemistry

    Bromine is a reddish-brown liquid. Calculate its density (g/mL) if 586g of the substance occupies 188 mL.

    asked by Barbara
  8. algebra

    the width of a poster board is 30 inches. using scissors you reduce the width of the poster board to 10 inches what is the scale factor of the dilation? a. 1/3 b. 1/10 c. 3 d.10

    asked by Please Help
  9. Math

    Ms.Groves has trays of paint for students in our class each tray has five colors one of the colors of purple what fraction of the colors in 20 trays of purple

    asked by Jaden
  10. math

    A string is cut into two parts.The ratio of lengths of the string and the smaller part is six times the ratio of lengths of the smaller and the larger parts .Find the ratio of the lenghths of the larger and the smaller parts of the string. Help me solve

    asked by nisha
  11. chemistry

    Calculate the number of grams of sulfuric acid in 1 gallon of battery acid if the solution has a density of 1.25g/mL and is 38.3{\rm \\%} sulfuric acid by mass.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Science

    Oxygen moving from the bloodstream into a cell down a concentration gradient is a form of A: osmosis B: endocytosis C: Active transport D: passive transport Is the answer D?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Science

    Which foods are lipids found in, and what is their function in the body? A: lipids are found in sugars and starches and are the main source of energy for the body B: lipids are found in fats and oils and are an essential component of cell membranes C:

    asked by Anonymous
  14. Science

    2. Soundproof rooms take advantage of which property of waves? (1 point) A.absorption*** B.regular reflection C.Refraction D.diffuse reflection

    asked by jeje
  15. Chemistry (Re-post)

    A solution contains 1.694 mg of CoSO4 (MW 155.0) per mL. Calculate a) The volume of 0.008640 M EDTA needed to titrate a 25.00 ml aliquot of this solution. So this is my working out for this section, Step 1. Moles of CoSO4 = 0.0001694mg * 25mL *

    asked by Sam
  16. Science

    How does radioactivity make it possible to understand how Earth can be so old and still have a hot interior? (1 point) A.Radioactive elements trap heat from underground magma chambers. B.Radioactive elements absorb heat from the atmosphere and release it

    asked by jeje
  17. Physics

    Romeo is chucking pebbles gently up to Juliet's window and he wants the pebbles to hit the window with only a horizontal component of velocity (the least possible speed). He is standing at the edge of a rose garden at H = 4.62 m below her window and at D =

    asked by Tanner
  18. language arts

    6. Which best describes rhythm in poetry? A. a beat created by stressed and unstressed syllables B. a repetition of vowel and and consonant sounds at the end of words. C. A repetition of consonant sound at the beginning of words. D. the use of words that

    asked by Helper
  19. Social Studies

    1: The government must provide some goods and services because A: they are too expensive for entrepreneurs to provide. B: demand for them is greater than supply. C: private producers have no incentive to do so. D: not many people are interested in buying

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Science

    Marie and Pierre Curie noticed burns on their fingers after handling test tubes containing radioactive substances. This observation led to (1 point) A.the discovery of natural fluorescence. B.the discovery of X-rays. C.the discovery of radiation

    asked by jeje
  21. Science

    What is the principle role of a tower within a cellular system? (1 point) track data usage*** transmit signals pinpoint locations reduce line noise

    asked by jeje
  22. Chemistry

    The following data are for a liquid chromatographic column: Length of packing (L) 24.7 cm Flow rate 0.313 mL/min VM 1.37 mL VS 0.164 mL A chromatogram of a mixture of species A, B, C and D provided the following data Retention time Nonretained 3.1 - A =

    asked by Kurt
  23. Science

    6. Sonar is used to inspect pipelines and bridge foundations. In this scenario, sonar takes advantage of the fact that (1 point) A.sound waves can reflect.*** B.sound waves can diffract. C.sound waves can spread out. D.sound waves can refract.

    asked by jeje
  24. Science

    5. The pitch of the siren of a moving fire truck changes from high to low as the fire truck passes by. What property of a sound wave changes as the fire truck goes by? (1 point) A.amplitude B.density C.temperature D. frequency***

    asked by jeje
  25. Math proportions

    If the wait time in line to ride a roller coaster is 20 minutes for 150 people how long is the wait time for 240 people? 240-150 = 90 people 150 people = 20 minutes 90 people= 40 minutes?

    asked by Ty
  26. Chemistry

    A 5.00 g mixture of methane (CH4) and ethane (C2H6) is combusted in oxygen gas to produce carbon dioxide and water. If 14.09 g of CO2 is produced, how many grams of methane was in the original 5.00 g mixture ?

    asked by Ana
  27. Science

    Henri Becquerel expected to see only weak images on the photographic plate containing the uranium salt because he thought (1 point) A.fluorescent minerals needed direct sunlight to produce radio waves. B.fluorescent minerals needed direct sunlight to

    asked by jeje
  28. Science

    7. Which of the following correctly describes a gamma ray? (1 point) A.long wavelength and low frequency B.long wavelength and high frequency C.short wavelength and low frequency D.short wavelength and high frequency***

    asked by jeje
  29. Construction Math

    if the following amounts of lumber need to be delivered to 2 different staging areas at 4 different job sites, how many total boards of each size will you need? 1. 65:2x4s 2.45:2x8s 3. 25:2x10s

    asked by Tom Jones
  30. language arts

    What is a concrete poem? A. A poem that provides concrete images as opposed to abstract ideas. B. A poem that uses a strict pattern of rhyme and rhythm. C. A poem that is arranged in a visual image that suggest its subject. D. A poem that has only three

    asked by Helper
  31. chem

    A solution of ammonia and water contains 3.80×1025 water molecules and 5.80×1024 ammonia molecules. How many total hydrogen atoms are in this solution?

    asked by todd
  32. math

    Designer Dolls, Inc. found that the number N of dolls sold varies directly with their advertising budget A and inversely with the price P of each doll. The company sold 5200 dolls when $26,000 was spent on advertising and the price of a doll was set at

    asked by stephanie
  33. math

    There are 6 muffins in a package.How many packages will be needed to feed 48 people if each person has 2 muffins? A.4 B.8 C.16 D.24

    asked by samuel
  34. Science

    3. When the energy of a sound wave is transferred to a particle of a medium and causes it to vibrate and generate heat, the sound wave is (1 point) A.reflected. B.refracted. C.absorbed.*** D. Transmitted.

    asked by jeje
  35. History

    What time of year does snow come to the far north?

    asked by Danny
  36. Chemistry (Electrochemistry)

    Consider the titrtation of 25.0mL of 0.0100M Sn2+ by 0.0500M TI3+ in 1 M HCL, using Pt and Saturated Calomel Electrodes to find the endpoint. F=96486.7 Cmol E0 Sn4+/Sn2+ =0.15V E0 TI3+/TI+ = 1.28 Esce = 0.241V R=8.3141 J K Mol (a) Write the balanced

    asked by Daniel
  37. Science

    9. FM signals travel as changes in (1 point) A.the speed of the wave. B.the amplitude of the wave. C.the frequency of the wave.*** D.the loudness of the wave.

    asked by jeje
  38. math

    Camp Oaks gets 32 boxes of orange juice and 56 boxes o apple juice.Each shelf in the cupboard can hold 8 boxes of juice. What is the least number o shelves needed for all the juice boxes?

    asked by samuel
  39. Math

    Addison is making caramel apples. She has 2 1/2 bags of apples. One full bag has 8 apples, and each apple weighs 5 ounces. Write an expression that could be used to find the total number of ounces of apples Addison has. Then find the total number of

    asked by Isabella
  40. Math

    Find the sum of the interior angles of a nonagon. A. 140 degrees B. 1,620 degrees C. 1,260 degrees D. 1,450 degrees Is the answer C?

    asked by Callie
  41. check?

    1. Using the same shape of furniture is an example of which of the following? modern ----- my answer sleek uniform colonial 2. Taking exact measurements of a room is not as important as choosing a style that the client likes. True False ---- my answer 3.

    asked by Sara
  42. Analytic chemistry

    A solution of HClO4 was standardized by dissolving 0.3745 g of primary standard grade HgO in a solution of KBr. The liberated OH- required 37.99 mL of the acid to be neutralized. Find the molarity(M) of HClO4. The given balanced chemical equation is: HgO +

    asked by Smile
  43. Math please help

    Amy jogs 1/3 of a mile in 1/15 of an hour, while John takes 1/30 of an hour to jog 1/5 of a mile. If they continued at this rate who would jog farther in one hour and by how much?

    asked by Cale
  44. Science

    Most bacteria are A: unicellular eukaryotes B: unicellular prokaryotes C: multicellular eukaryotes D: multicellular prokaryotes Is the answer B?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Geography

    What role did the waterways of Europe play in the development of it's economy?

    asked by Christina
  46. maths

    several friends each had 2/5 of peanuts left over from the baseball game.they realized that they could have bought 2 fewer bags of peanuts between them .how many friends went to the game?

    asked by ma
  47. chemistry

    C6H12 = 9O2 --> 6CO2 = 6H2O + 3,690 kJ *Personally Balanced* What quantity of heat is produced if 32g of cyclohexane react with 95 L of oxygen at STP? *My work so far is below* 95L*(1 mol O2/22.4L) = 4.2 mol O2 What would be the next motive?

    asked by Lola
  48. Statistics

    A) Identify the question, population, and sample. b) Discuss any potential bias or lurking variables that may affect the results.? c) Write about the extent to which we can generalize the findings to all people who use cell phones. Stewart Fist reported

    asked by Kathryn
  49. Language Arts

    Which is the best example of the use of rhyme? A. The beat of the drum. B. Fresh green grass. C. A wild little child. D, The kindness of strangers. Is the answer C? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  50. algebra

    The number of roses Mr. Adams ordered for his store was three times as many as the number of daisies ordered he awarded a total of 56 flowers how many roses do Mr. Adams order

    asked by jaiya
  51. Math

    PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK.. Marty paid $72 for a jacket that had been marked down 20%. Create a linear model to represent this and use it to calculate the original price of the jacket.

    asked by Alyssa
  52. physics

    A train whistle is heard at 280Hz as the train approaches town. The train cuts its speed in half as it nears the station, and the sound of the whistle is then 270 Hz. What is the speed of the train before slowing down? What is the speed of the train after

    asked by henry
  53. Language Arts

    What does Johnny’s mastery of riding Goblin show about his character? A. He is rash and quick-tempered. B. He is brave and determined. C. He is immature and selfish. D. He is arrogant and proud

    asked by Anon
  54. math

    Johnny is jogging along a track. He has already jogged 1 2/3 miles. He plans to jog a total of 3 1/4 miles. How many miles does he have left to jog?

    asked by Ana
  55. math

    Describe the vertical asymptote(s) and hole(s) for the graph of .y=(x-3)(x-1)/(x-1)(x-5) A. asymptote: x = 5 and hole: x = 1 B. asymptote: x = –5 and hole: x = –1 C. asymptote: x = –3 and hole: x = 5 D. asymptote: x = 5 and hole: x = –1

    asked by stephanie
  56. physics

    A cat walks along a uniform plank that is 4.00 m long and has a mass of 7.00 kg. The plank is supported by two sawhorses, one 0.44 m from the left end of the board and the other 1.60 m from its right end. When the cat nears the right end, the plank just

    asked by Johnathan
  57. Science

    14. The speed of sound depends on (1 point) A.the loudness of the sound. B.the pitch of the sound. C.the source of the sound.*** D.the properties of the medium it travels through

    asked by jeje
  58. Sociology

    The Agricultural Revolution involved all of the following except the development of basic agricultural technology the cultivation of grain the development of factories the domestication of animals D?

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  59. Math

    Maya has 5 sheets of paper. She cuts each sheet into 3 equal sized rectangles. The rectangles are shared equally among 6 students. How many rectangles does each student get?

    asked by Rakesh
  60. Social Studies

    Which foods are lipids found in, and what is their function in the body? A: lipids are found in sugars and starches and are the main source of energy for the body B: lipids are found in fats and oils and are an essential component of cell membranes C:

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Physics

    Two cars start from rest at a red stop light. When the light turns green, both cars accelerate forward. The blue car accelerates uniformly at a rate of 5 m/s2 for 4.2 seconds. It then continues at a constant speed for 11.1 seconds, before applying the

    asked by Isaiah
  62. Language Arts

    How does Rab’s reaction to Johnny’s hand compare to that of other people? A. Like others, Rab is horrified by Johnny’s hand. B. While others react with disgust or pity, Rab ignores the injury untilJohnny mentions his bad hand. C. Rab expresses great

    asked by Helpneeded
  63. Chemistry (Acid-Base)

    Butanoic acid (Ka = 1.52 x 10-5) has a partition coefficient of 3.0 (favouring benzene) when distributed between water and benzene. Find the concentration of butanoic acid in each phase when 20.0 mL of 0.10 M aqueous butanoic acid is extracted with 25 mL

    asked by Daniel
  64. statistics

    A) Identify the question, population, and sample. b) Discuss any potential bias or lurking variables that may affect the results.? c) Write about the extent to which we can generalize the findings to all people who use cell phones. Stewart Fist reported

    asked by Kathryn
  65. chemistry

    A 0.8743 g sample of KHP was titrated 42.45-mL of NaOH solution until the phenolphthalein endpoint. What is the molarity of the NaOH solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. chemistry

    A mixture of N2(g) and H2(g) has mole fractions of .40 and .60, respectively. What is the density of the mixture at 1 bar and 0 degrees celsius?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. statistics

    A) Identify the question, population, and sample. b) Discuss any potential bias or lurking variables that may affect the results.? c) Write about the extent to which we can generalize the findings to all people who use cell phones. Stewart Fist reported

    asked by Kathryn
  68. Language Arts

    Which is the best example of a simile? A. Marty's shout rattled the windows. B. Her voice was as clear as a bell. C. He is a bear in the morning. D. The blossoms in the garden nodded their heads. Is the answer B? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  69. Math

    PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK OR EXPLAIN... Mr. Webb gave his waiter a $5.60 tip on a $40 bill. What percent tip did he give the waiter?

    asked by Alyssa
  70. Civics

    When Hurricane Andrew struck Florida in 1992, many people were responsible for the safety of its citizens. Which was a primary responsibility of the federal government? Researching technology to detect future hurricanes Restoring water and electricity

    asked by Ruby :)
  71. math

    Lisa works 7 hours a day, 7 days a week. How many hours does Lisa work in 6 weeks?

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Written Communication

    At the library, the quickest way to locate varied, reliable information for your research paper is to A. check the encyclopedias. B. search the card catalog for related titles. C. ask the reference librarian. D. check the Readers' Guide.

    asked by Victor
  73. science

    Pepsin,which speeds up the breakdown of protein,is classified as

    asked by Lydia
  74. physics

    A 10.7 kg bowling ball moves in a straight line at 4.26 m/s. How fast must a 2.55 g Ping-Pong ball move in a straight line so that the two balls have the same momentum?

    asked by chris
  75. Civics

    The Tampa Port Authority is one of the largest ports in Florida. It has been given the designation of special purpose district by the local government in order to increase efficiency. Why are special purpose districts created? Pls help lol.

    asked by Ruby :)
  76. Science

    The cell theory was A: developed by Robert Hooke B: developed before microscopes were invented C: developed only after electron microscopes became widely used D: developed by many scientists over many years Is the answer A?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. physics

    A rectangular barge floats in freshwater. When a 400 kg block is loaded on the 5 m long by 2 m wide barge, the barge sinks a few centimeters deeper. How much deeper does the barge lower?

    asked by Kareem
  78. physics

    Suppose that you balance a 5 kg ball on the tip of your finger that has an area of 1 cm2. What is the pressure on your finger?

    asked by Kareem
  79. Physics

    What is the y-component of a vector in the x-y plane whose magnitude is 87.8 and whose x-component is 64.9?

    asked by Tanner
  80. human geography

    what are the centrifugal and centripetal forces in the palestinian-israeli conflict?

    asked by zara
  81. precal

    Roses cost $5 each and geraniums cost $3 each. Michelle bought 4 more geraniums than roses and spent a total of $52. How many roses did she buy?

    asked by dakota
  82. Math

    Q. Hectors extended family was gathering a reunion. There were 8 sets of aunts and uncles. There were twice as many cousins as uncles. There were two grand parents,and than there was Hector's family of five. How many people were at the reunion? - A. Do I

    asked by Destinee
  83. Sociology

    Identify and describe five recent trends in American family life noted by sociologists. could i get an example so i know what im looking for

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  84. Chem

    A scientist finds that one volume of an unknown gas X combines with 2 volumes of another gas Y to form 2 volumes of a new gas with a formula XY2. What is the balanced equation?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Ethics

    Are my answers correct? Please help. Thank you! 18-20) Some arguments have complex premises, where too much information is given. Outline the following argument. Some matters of foreign policy are just beyond George W. Bush’s grasp, for, like in the

    asked by Anna
  86. algebraic expression

    five more than the product of 13 and Malik's age

    asked by bard
  87. Chemistry

    How much energy (in kilojoules) is released when 15.2g of steam at 114.5∘C is condensed to give liquid water at 63.5∘C? The heat of vaporization of liquid water is 40.67 kJ/mol, and the molar heat capacity is 75.3 J/(K⋅mol) for the liquid and 33.6

    asked by David
  88. Precalc/Trig

    I don't understand how to do these problems: Find two pairs of polar coordinates for each point with the given rectangular coordinates if 0 ≤ θ ≤ 2π. Round to the nearest hundredth, if necessary. 17. (2, -3) Answers: (3.61, 5.30) and (-3.61, 2.16)

    asked by Heather
  89. physics

    A diver running 1.89 m/s dives out horizontally from the edge of a vertical cliff and 2.88 s later reaches the water below. How high was the cliff. (in m)

    asked by Madison
  90. Physics

    Chinook salmon are able to move through water especially fast by jumping out of the water periodically. This behavior is called porpoising. Suppose a salmon swimming in still water jumps out of the water with velocity 6.41 m/s at 44.1° above the

    asked by Blake
  91. Algebra 1

    What is the correct simplification of 5.4x 10^12/ 1.2x 10^3 written in scientific notation?

    asked by Steve
  92. math

    five kids and three adults are going to the circus. kids tickets are on sale for half the price of adult tickets. the total cost is $60. how much is one kids ticket? how much is one adult ticket?

    asked by Aidan
  93. business studies n maths lit n accounting n geo

    Do I need pure maths in These subjects or is maths lite fine to get me to the point of being a entreprenuer in my life

    asked by bafana matseke
  94. Chemistry

    A solution contains 1.694 mg of CoSO4 (MW 155.0) per mL. Calculate a) The volume of 0.008640 M EDTA needed to titrate a 25.00 ml aliquot of this solution. Step 1. 0.001694g * 25ml * 1/155 g/mol= 0.0002732 mol Step 2. Volume of EDTA needed = 0.0002732 mol/

    asked by Sam
  95. Physics

    I have a test tomorrow and I don't really understand this question, I was hoping somebody could help explain it? If 2.75x10¹⁹ electrons pass a point in a circuit in 30s, what is the current?

    asked by Kyra
  96. Math

    Delia has 493 stamps in her stamp collection. She can put 16 stamps on each page of an album. How many pages can she fill completely?

    asked by Charles
  97. Science

    A small fish in the Pacific Ocean watches a shark swim by a large rock a few meters away. Which of the following is the the reference point in this scenario? A. Shark B. Large rock C. Water D. Pacific Ocean Is the answer C? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  98. French

    * Note to Sra: I saw your replies to my previous post. They were very useful! I am posting a new question as the questions are a different topic.* Can you please check if I have written these sentences correctly in the affirmative form? I believe that

    asked by Lucina
  99. Science

    8. Which of the following is true about all electromagnetic waves in a vacuum? (1 point) A.They all carry the same energy. B.They all travel at the same speed. C.They all have the same frequency. D.The all have the same wavelength.***

    asked by jeje
  100. math

    If rabbit hop 2m and how much it will travel in 1 km

    asked by urooj
  101. english

    The racehorse Boundless was not only fast but also a beauty.

    asked by x
  102. Language Arts

    Which of the following is an example of the use of imahery? A. Sarah said she's ready to walk to the store whenever you are. B. As jason walked, the puddles splashed under his feet. C. I am saving money to buy Joey a new pair of headphones. D. Megan wished

    asked by Callie
  103. Math

    Amy jogs 1/3 of a mile in 1/15 of an hour, while John takes 1/30 of an hour to jog 1/5 of a mile. If they continued at this rate who would jog farther in one hour and by how much?

    asked by Tiffani
  104. Chemistry

    Calculate the percentage of by mass of nitrogen in ammonium nitrate Nh4 No3

    asked by Victoria
  105. Math

    !!PLEASE SHOW YOUR WORK!! My recipe makes 96 cookies, but I'll only need 24 for the party, what will I multiply each ingredient by to make just 24 cookies? Explain.

    asked by Alyssa
  106. physics

    Consider a thin spherical shell of radius 20.2cm with a total charge of 3.3μC distributed uniformly on its surface. a) Find the electric field, in N/C, at a radius of 15.6cm from the center of the charge distribution. b) Find the electric field, in N/C,

    asked by Lauren
  107. physics

    A person walks first at a constant speed of 5.10 m/s along a straight line from point circled A to point circled B and then back along the line from circled B to circled A at a constant speed of 3.15 m/s.(a) What is her average speed over the entire trip?

    asked by Leah
  108. math

    height of soccer ball is h(t)=-4.9t2+16t+0.5 what is maximum height of the ball reaches

    asked by Adnan
  109. Algebra 1

    A fraction reduces to 36. If it's denominator is 6x^5,what is it's numerator?

    asked by Steve
  110. statistics

    As part of a data base on new births at a hospital some variables recorded are the age of the mother, marital status of the mother (single, married, divorced), weight of the baby, and gender of the baby. Of these variables A. age, marital status, and

    asked by john
  111. math

    triangle QRS ~ triangle EFG. Find the measures of the missing sides. QR = ? EF = 10 QS = 24 EG = 5 RS = 45 FG = ? Im having trouble setting up the equations. Please help!!

    asked by reece
  112. tsion

    Determine whether each of the following statements is true or false. A concave mirror never forms an enlarged real image of a real object. >true A virtual image formed by a concave mirror is always smaller than the real object. >false A reduced image

    asked by physics
  113. physicss

    A heavier mass m1 and a lighter mass m2 are 20.5 cm apart and experience a gravitational force of attraction that is 8.80 10-9 N in magnitude. The two masses have a combined value of 5.65 kg. Determine the value of each individual mass.

    asked by Anonymous
  114. maths lit, history, geography, life sciences and L

    Am in grade 10 and those are the subjects i want to choose so can i become a psychologist with those subjects in the future??

    asked by Makie Mohapi
  115. Math

    A circle has the circumference 28.26cm. What is the area of the circle? use PI as 3.14. i am confused in how to even solve with the circumference to get the area. Please help

    asked by Grant
  116. physics

    A proton is placed at rest in an electric field of 515 N/C. Calculate the speed of the proton 36.0 ns after being released

    asked by Linda
  117. Physics

    He is standing at the edge of a rose garden at H = 4.62 m below her window and at D = 5.21 m from the base of the wall. How fast are the pebbles going when they hit her window?

    asked by Madison
  118. Algebra

    Use algebra tiles to determine if 2(x +3) is equivalent to 2x +3. Explain your answer thanks

    asked by Will
  119. English-Scarlet Letter

    1.How do the male characters treat, or talk about the female characters? 2.If the female characters had a power what kind will it be? Economical, Psychological, Social, Political , etc and Why? 3. Dimmesdale punishes himself because he wants redemption. I

    asked by JESSICA
  120. Math

    Harry ran for 5 miles. He started at 10:30 and finished at 11:20. What was Harry's average speed in miles per hour?

    asked by Cale
  121. physics

    A string that passes over a pulley has a 0.375 kg mass attached to one end and a 0.630 kg mass attached to the other end. The pulley, which is a disk of radius 9.50 cm, has friction in its axle. What is the magnitude of the frictional torque that must be

    asked by Johnathan
  122. Math

    An ice cream stand has nine different flavors. A group of children come to the stand and each buys a double scoop cone with two flavors of ice cream.If none of the children choose the same combination of flavors ,but all possible combinations of flavors

    asked by Poppy
  123. Math

    Kara Maria poured herself a glass of 16 ounces of water. She drank 1/2 of her water in the morning. At lunch time she took the remaining water and drank 1/2 of that. How much water did she have left/ Would my answer be 1/4.

    asked by Kim
  124. History.

    Hi, I got stuck on a few questions, do you mind helping me? What was George Washington's belief about U.S. foreign policy? a.The United States should form a strong alliance with France.

    asked by Saundra
  125. math

    what is the temperature of the week the ,if the temperature of monday is 33 tuesday is 32 wednesday is 32 thursday is 34 friday is 31 saturday is 30 sunday is 31 , what is the temperature of a week

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Algebra please help

    Lisa evaluated the expressions 2x and x squared for x=2 and found that both expressions were equal to 4. Lisa concluded that 2x and x squared are equivalent expressions. How could you show. Lisa that she is incorrect? Please help explain thanks

    asked by Will
  127. Pychology

    Much research is being conducted on repairing faulty sensory organs through devices such as personal guidance systems and eyeglasses, among others. Do you think that researchers should attempt to improve normal sensory capabilities beyond their

    asked by Anonymous
  128. physics

    An object having a net charge of 18.2 μC is placed in a uniform electric field of 790 N/C directed vertically upward, i.e. in the direction opposite gravity. What is the mass, in grams, of this object if it "floats" in the field? (Assume g = 9.80 m/s2.)

    asked by Serena
  129. Math

    The container is coated with 2 layers of specialty paint that costs $6.05 per jar. Each jar of paint covers 800cm^2. How much does the paint cost?

    asked by Alice
  130. Math

    Without looking, George pulls socks from a drawer containing 2 white socks, 3 black socks, and 5 yellow socks. With each pulll, a sock is removed from the drawer and is not replaced. find the probability of drawing a yellow, black, and white sock in that

    asked by Meme
  131. Biology

    What is the result of a cross of a heterozygous curly winged fly to a straight-winged fly? (Include both genotype and phenotype with fractions of each) Do I need to make a monohybrid cross or a dihybrid cross?

    asked by Annie
  132. Please help..

    Hi, I got stuck on a few questions, do you mind helping me? What was George Washington's belief about U.S. foreign policy? a.The United States should form a strong alliance with France.

    asked by Saundra
  133. Arts

    Do you need Fine Arts Credits in high School?

    asked by Anonymous
  134. Selam

    A real object is placed in front of a diverging lens, at a distance less than the focal length. When the object is moved slightly closer to the lens, which direction does the image move? away from the lens. doesn't move. closer to the lens. -- I know this

    asked by physics
  135. Math

    What is an equation of the line, in point-slope form, that passes through the given point and has the given slope? a. y-9=4/9(x+3) b. y-9+4/9(x-3) c. y+3=4/9(x-9) d. y-3=4/9(x-9)

    asked by Ally
  136. Math please help

    Harry ran for 5 miles. He started at 10:30 and finished at 11:20. What was Harry's average speed in miles per hour? I got the answer: 6.25mph But the answer i have to choose from are: 3 4 5 6

    asked by Cale
  137. chemistry

    How much work is done at 1.2 atm and 316 K when 1 mole of propane undergoes combustion? C3H8 (l) + 5O2 (g) → 3CO2 (g) + 4H2O (l)

    asked by madison
  138. math

    Solve, using linear combination. 5x + y = 2 4x + y = 4 Write your answer as an ordered pair or write "no solution" or "infinitely many solutions".

    asked by john
  139. science

    An experienced mountaineer decided to climb mount everest using the same route in the same season and with similar materials and equipment used by a fatal 1924 expedition . The scientific purpose of such a climb would be to

    asked by Lydia
  140. MATH (factors and product)

    The hypotenuse of a right triangle is 27.5cm. If one leg is 22cm then the other leg is?

    asked by TD
  141. Geography

    How are the landforms of Europe both an advantages and a disadvantage to life in Europe?

    asked by Christina
  142. physics

    A lead ball of mass 60kg hangs from a string. A piece of putty mass of 15kg hits the ball with velocity of 12m/s. If the putty sticks to the ball, what will be their velocity immediately after the impact?

    asked by Momentum
  143. science

    how many milliliters of .2 M sodium hydroxide are needed to completely neutralize 25.0g of sulfuric acid

    asked by Anonymous
  144. math

    In Carl's drawer, he has white,gray,and black socks. In his closet,he has black brown,and blue shoes. I need to make a diagrdiagram to display the sample space for Carl choosing a sock and shoe color. Is this right White/black,brown blue

    asked by vivian
  145. math

    The distance from City Y to City Z is 2.25 inches on the map. The actual distance is 45 miles. The distance from City X to City Y is 1.75 inches on the map. What is the actual distance, in miles, from City X to City Y?

    asked by harrison
  146. math

    (1 pt) At the surface of the ocean, the water pressure is the same as the air pressure above the water, about 15lb/in2, Below the surface the water pressure increases by about 4.24lb/in2 for every 10 ft of descent. Write a function f(x) which expresses the

    asked by Anonymous
  147. physic

    4. A car accelerates at 0.5 m/s2 starting from rest. a. After 4 s what is its velocity? b. After 4 s, how far has it traveled from its starting position?

    asked by Anonymous
  148. chemistry

    Calculate the volume in milliliters of a 5.41-g sample of a solid with a density of 3.01 g/mL

    asked by Drea
  149. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of a 0.253-mL sample of a liquid with density 0.789 g/mL

    asked by Drea
  150. Math

    How to find the inverse of y = log(4)x^2

    asked by Anonymous
  151. algebra

    write the equation of the line that is parallel ot the line x + Y =-2 and passed through the origin.

    asked by ER
  152. Math

    Frank teacher was teaching the class about fractions. She posted the fractions 1/7 and 3/9 on the board. Frank was supposed to answer what the least common multiple of the two fractions was. What did he answer? Help

    asked by Shane
  153. Social studies

    I need Sam Houston and Mirabeau Lamar -background -problems each of them faced -Native American -military spending -annexation I want them to be separate like contrast

    asked by Daisy
  154. 6th Grade Math

    My son has to solve equations with mixed numbers in them. we are in dispute about the problem below: 6 3/8 = t - 4 3/4 - 2 1/16 I solved it by adding 2 1/16 to both sides, then adding 4 3/4 to both sides. My answer was 13. My son solved it by subtracting

    asked by Kelly
  155. Math

    A fruit stand had 36 oranges, 28 lemons, and 16 grapefruits. What was the ratio of oranges to the total pieces of fruit? A. 9 : 20 B. 1 : 2 C. 9 : 11 D. 9 : 7

    asked by Nadia
  156. Math

    Davida bought a pair of earrings, each in the shape of an isosceles triangle with equal side lengths of 24 mm and a base length of 16 mm. She used one earring to make another pair of earrings, similar in shape, with the base length equal to 11 mm. What is

    asked by ♪♫
  157. english

    how is "young love" by andrew marvell and "of holiness of life" by john bunyan, both the same in politcal, poetic and thematic sense? thank you!

    asked by lauren
  158. Math

    Raymond puts the money he inherited in an investment that earns 4.4% per year, compound semi-annually. After 12 years his investment had grown to $35,402.06. Raymond then invested the $35,403.06 at 5% per year, compound quarterly for the next 5 years.

    asked by george
  159. MATH

    Please help graph rational numbers on the number line: point A -.60, point B- 1/4, point C -.4 point d -7/8

    asked by Iryna
  160. Math

    Thomas was making iced tea with his mother. the recipe called for 1/2 a cup of sugar. However, Thomas and his mother wanted to cut the recipe in half. How much sugar should they add into the recipe? Would the answer be 1/4.

    asked by Kim
  161. Physics

    When will the resultant of the 5N and 7N be at a maximum?

    asked by Owami
  162. Geography

    What resources help with farming in Europe?

    asked by Anne
  163. Math

    Kelly was helping a friend with cleaning her bedroom. Kelly spent two hours and cleaned 80% of the room. what fraction of the room did Kelly help clean? How would I solve this - divide?

    asked by Al
  164. Ethics (last question)

    I'm having a tough time with these two questions. I think I have it, based on the indicator, but I'm not positive that the reason that I listed is correct. Argument: 1) Anything is possible (you agree?) Therefore, it must be possible that something is

    asked by Anna
  165. . 8th grade math

    . Mkay ! So, one molecule of nitrogen reacting w/3 molecules of hydrogen makes 2 of ammonia. How many molecules of nitrogen must react w/42 molecules of hydrogen to make 28,of ammonia?

    asked by None of your business
  166. physical science

    if you drop an object from a height of 0.8m, it will hit the ground in 0.40s. if you throw a baseball horizontally with an initial speed of 29m/s from the same height, how long will it take the ball to hit the ground

    asked by Anonymous
  167. 7th grade LA

    Can you check the following? Punctuate the following sentences with appropriate apostrophes. 1. Whos the partys candidate for vice president this year? Ans: Who's, party's 2. Our neighbors car is an old Chrylser, and its about to fall apart. Ans:

    asked by Alexis
  168. algebra

    Multiply using the rule for the square of a binomial. (7x + 4)^2

    asked by slomo
  169. Math

    Q. Hectors extended family was gathering a reunion. There were 8 sets of aunts and uncles. There were twice as many cousins as uncles. There were two grand parents,and than there was Hector's family of five. How many people were at the reunion? - A. Do I

    asked by Destinee
  170. math

    I have one cookie left at my party!! and 3 of my friends want the last cookie. who schould i give it too? BREANNA, KIRA, or JACK? THIS IS A TRUE STORY RIGHT NOW!! WHO SCHOULD I GIVE THE LAST COOKIE TOO?!?

    asked by Amber Montana
  171. books

    Whats chapter 2 the of mice and men about?

    asked by Anne
  172. physics

    A football is kicked at ground level with a speed of 15.4 m/s at an angle of 34.7° to the horizontal. How much later does it hit the ground? (in s)

    asked by Tanner
  173. math

    Olga knows that, if she leaves a tray of ice cubes on the counter all night,they are going to melt.Which of the following best describes the probability that the ice cubes will melt if they are left on Olga's kitchen counter all night? 0,0.1,1 or

    asked by Lawanda
  174. java. please help .

    Write a program that reads a five digit integer number from the keyboard, and then constructs the largest possible integer number with the digits of the entered number. Your program should have only one class , which implements the standard method.You are

    asked by denial
  175. statistics

    The following is a list of 10 measurements: after adding and sub all 10 numbers I came up with a -29. Now it wants the sum 10/i,i than xi over 32. Do I x -29 and the 32 or do I divide. This is were I get very confused. I am sorry to ask again but I never

    asked by mary ann
  176. Math

    Sarah was trying to figure out her grades for her math course. she only knew the grade of 4 of the tests she had taken, However the class had taken 5 tests total. She scored a 94, 67, 83, and 93. If Sarah ended up with a grade of 90, what did she get on

    asked by JWL
  177. math

    A grocery store is having a promotion for a new brand of milk.Every gallon has a 20% chance of having a coupon for a free box of breakfast cereal under the cap. If Valeria buys 3 gallons of milk,what is the probability that exactly one of them will win her

    asked by jessica
  178. physics

    The components of a vector V are often written (Vx, Vy, Vz). What is the x component of a vector which is the sum of the two vectors, V1 and V2, whose components are (3.27, 1.86, 0.00) and (3.85, -3.53, -1.43)?

    asked by Madison
  179. math

    the wheel of a bicycle has a diameterof 72 cm and are rotating with an angular velocity of 12 rad/s. determine how much time the bicycle takes to travel 100m.

    asked by bob
  180. Math

    One concert ticket is $5 and the other is $9. There are 500 seats. My expenses are estimated at $4000. Determine equations for income, profit, and expenses if all 500 seats are filled.

    asked by Max Simon
  181. Science

    Is the gene for sickle cell anemia more likely to be dominant or recessive?

    asked by Mike
  182. stat

    Diana and franklin both play a card game called cribbage,in whichthe first person to earn 121 points is the winner. The table below shows the results of six games of cribbage. Dianna's score/Franklin's score Game 1 121/118 Game 2 121/101 Game 3 98/121 Game

    asked by destiny
  183. Math

    Which of the following is a decreasing function? a. y = 7^x - 2 b. y = 7^-x + 2 c. y = 3(5^x) - 5 d. y = 5(3^x) + 3 What function is the reflection of y = 10^x with respect to the y-axis? a. y = -10^x b. y = (-1/10)^x c. y = 10^-x d. y = -10^x

    asked by Millie
  184. Sociology

    One feature of a less developed nation is high infant mortality rates high levels of modernization high levels of industrialization high per capita income not sure

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  185. English

    What is the claim, warrant, and grounds in this article? Smart Guns Save Lives. So Where Are They? BOULDER, Colo. — JUST after Christmas, Veronica Rutledge of Blackfoot, Idaho, took her 2-year-old son to a Walmart store to spend holiday gift cards. As

    asked by Anonymous
  186. world geography

    In the Southern subregion of sub-Saharan Africa, which country is mainly covered by the Kalahari Desert? A. Namibia B. Zambia C. Botswana** D. Mozambique

    asked by Jensen
  187. math

    The lists below show the players who will be competing in two different games.Both games are pure chance;it is equally probable for any player to with either game. Game 1:Jen,Fred,Monique,Darryn Game 2:Craig,Sarah,Yvonne,Allan What is the probability that

    asked by kennedy
  188. History help?

    1.Southern states began to leave the Union not long after this event: a.Lincoln read and established the Emancipation Proclamation b.the fighting at Fort Sumter in South Carolina c.The Battle of Gettysburg was lost by the South d.the election of Abraham

    asked by Claire
  189. Math

    Which function is increasing? a. y = -2^x b. y = 2 (1/2^x) c. y = 3 (4^-x) d. y = -4 (2^x) What is the y-intercept of the function y = 4(2^x) - 2? a. 2 b. -2 c. 4 d. 1 In the function y = 4(3^x) - 1, the graph is asymptotic to ..... a. y = 1 b. y - axis c.

    asked by Millie
  190. math

    i think you have to find it by quadractic way or b- {b2-4ac] divided by 2 times a. i get what you mean but the answer is not right. h(t)=-4.9t2 +16.9t+0.5

    asked by Adnan
  191. math

    Andes wants to collect data about the preferences of the people who work for him. He wants to pick every fourth person in a list of all employees. Which of the following is the best way to organize the list? Age,pay rats,last name or date of hire? Is the

    asked by Big O
  192. Algebra 2

    I really need help understanding ho to solve combination functions here is a specific problem I am struggling with. Let f(x) = x - 2 and g(x) = x^2 - 7x - 9. Find f(g(-1)).

    asked by failing
  193. algebra 2

    (w + 2t)(w^2 - 2wt + 4t^2) (x + y)(x^2 -3xy + 2y^2) =x^3 - 3x^2y + 2xy^2 + x^2y -3xy^2 + 2y^3 = x^3-2x^2y-xy^2+2y^3

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  194. grade 6 math

    13 more than product of m and 5

    asked by patty
  195. math

    The perimeter of a rectangle is 39centimeters. The perimeter of a circle is 39 inches. Which statment is correct about the two shapes is correct? The rectangle/The circle/ or both

    asked by isaiah
  196. algebra

    Subtract the polynomials (6v^2 + 7vd - 3d^2) - (9v^2 - 5vd + 19d^2)

    asked by slomo
  197. math

    Solve: Check your solution. 3y - 7 = -3y + - 19

    asked by Anonymous
  198. 12 Math

    f(x)=2x^4+5x^3-x^2-3x+1 a)Determine the average slope between the points where x=1 and x=3. b)Determine the instantaneous slope at each of these points.

    asked by Zoe
  199. Math

    6% of what number is 10 1/2? Who would you solve this question?

    asked by Anna
  200. math

    Justin has a deck of cards with letters on them. The table below shows the results of justin randomly drawing a card,putting it back,shuffling the deck,and randomly drawing another card many times. Letter of card/frequency A/15 E/19 I/13 O/8 U/6

    asked by Mark mark
  201. Math

    Invisible braces cost $500 more than metal braces. Metal braces cost $4,800. How muchdo invisibles braces cost?

    asked by Katie
  202. Math

    If -f(x), or reflection across the x-axis, is done on .7x - 4, then is the new equation -.7x + 4?

    asked by Anonymous
  203. Psychology

    Do you believe that environmental factors can affect how the person performs daily? If so, which one do you believe make the biggest impact in people’s lives?

    asked by Sharon
  204. English

    What is the warrant in this article? BOULDER, Colo. — JUST after Christmas, Veronica Rutledge of Blackfoot, Idaho, took her 2-year-old son to a Walmart store to spend holiday gift cards. As they strolled by the electronics section, according to news

    asked by Anonymous
  205. Math

    If there is 5 meters per second how much many is in a meter?

    asked by Zero
  206. Math (factors and products)

    what are the factors of p^2 + 11p - 42 ? Thank You.

    asked by jay
  207. Math

    Explain how to solve the following system of equations. What is the solution to the system? 2x+2y+z=-5 3x+4y+2z=0 x+3y+2z=1

    asked by Veronica
  208. physics

    The following charges are located inside a metallic container on unknown shape: 5.00 μC, -4.60 μC, 67.0 μC, and -50.0 μC. Calculate the net electric flux, in Nm2/C, through the container

    asked by Lauren
  209. public speaking

    transmission of messages in a communication is: a. a one-way street. b. a two-way street. I think it's b

    asked by Emi
  210. english

    How should i start to write a victimology about dracula

    asked by rosie
  211. math

    I need help on this question. Can someone help me get through with these question The area of canada is approximately 1x10(Exponent)7, and the area of Mexico is approximately 2x10 (exponent)6 square kilometers. The area of Canada is approximately how many

    asked by D
  212. physical

    A worker on bulding that is 14m high lets a brick fall to the ground calculate the velocity of the brick when ow strikes the ground?

    asked by cphe Ngcobo
  213. Math

    Write an inequality for the following. A swimmer dove off a 25 ft. Platform. He submerged 14 feet below the water.

    asked by Joyce
  214. algebra

    How do I graph a direct variation when x=10, 20, 30, 40, and y = 4.5, 9.00, 13.50,18.00 Put x on graph going up by 10 and put y on graph at the bottom going across I am unsure of rest

    asked by logan
  215. Math

    The height was 30, the width was 25,and the length is 20. What is the volume, in cubic inches, of the block of ice? I think you multiply 30x25x20 and get 15,000. The answer is 15,000 cubic inches. Harry wants to make another block of ice with the same

    asked by Anonymous
  216. Math

    How could you use an area model to identify the binomial factors of a trinomial?

    asked by AJ
  217. physics

    5. An object is dropped. If one could neglect air resistance a. what would its velocity (magnitude and direction) be after 1 s? b. what would its displacement (magnitude and direction) be after 1 s?

    asked by Anonymous
  218. Math (Greatest common factor)

    Please Help! I don't understand the question asking. The greatest common factor of 12m^5n^3 + 18m^3n^3 - 24m^2n^3 is Am^bn^c, where A,B and C are whole numbers?

    asked by Jay
  219. Math

    Evaluate 52-2(14-4)-4 Is this the correct answer 506?

    asked by Amy
  220. Health

    can you give me an insite of the WHO Framework Convention on Tobacco Control ??

    asked by Anonymous
  221. Math

    Stephen was taking photographs of 71 different locations. At each location Stephen too 24 different pictures. How many pictures did Stephen take total? Is this answer correct 71 X 24 = 1704?

    asked by Jim
  222. psychology

    In your opinion: Do you believe that environmental factors can affect how the person performs daily? If so, which one do you believe make the biggest impact in people’s lives?

    asked by Sharon
  223. destop pubblishing

    in order for text wrap words around picture, you need to do what?

    asked by Anonymous
  224. Social Studies.

    What is one problem with putting off the cost of policies in public services? A: The national debt will continue to grow. B: Voters will not enjoy the benefits of the programs. C: politicians will refuse to vote for laws that do this. D: The federal budget

    asked by Anonymous

    Can we use لي with rational nouns. eg. لي كتاب Or else only with non rational nouns. eg: لي اخ واحد

    asked by NIYA #####
  226. 7th grade math

    Can you check these simple interest problems? 1. If you borrow $421 for nine years at an interest rate of 4%, how much interest will you pay? Ans: I = prt I = $421*.04*9 I = $151.56 2. If the balance at the end of 8 years on an investment of $630 that has

    asked by Alexis
  227. Math

    I am asked to graph f(x) = (x+3)^2 + 7 and then f(x) + 2. Is this the same as graphing f(x) = (x+3)^2 + 7 and f(x) = (x+3)^2 + 9?

    asked by Anonymous
  228. Math

    When I write the inverse function for y = 3x - 7, can I change y to f^-1(x)?

    asked by Anonymous
  229. english

    What are some behaviours of Dracula? i have two so far: appears during the night leaves two punctures on his victims neck

    asked by rosie
  230. Math

    There are two fractions that are given. The two fractions are 3/12 and 7/12.what answer so you come up with if you were to add these two fractions together? Would my answer be 10/12.

    asked by Shane
  231. Math

    Evaluate this 52-2(14-4)-4 Is this correct 506?

    asked by Amy
  232. Math

    Complete the following statements. Round to the nearest hundreds if necessary. 1.) 6.4in. Is about _ centimeters. 2.) 4qts is about _ L 3.) 10kg is about _ lbs Thanks.

    asked by Zero
  233. english

    Behaviours of dracula

    asked by rosie
  234. algebra

    Add (5x^2-7x + 23) + (2x^2 + 9x - 72) =

    asked by Liamz
  235. english

    Either you're with us or against us.

    asked by x
  236. government

    Do you think the civil right acts are still necessary today

    asked by anonymous
  237. math

    Please help! The area of a parallelogram is ( x^2 + x - 12) and the length of its base is ( x +4). what is the height of the parallelogram?

    asked by cuc
  238. Math-please help

    One concert ticket is $5 and the other is $9. There are 500 seats. My expenses are estimated at $4000. Determine equations for income, profit, and expenses if all 500 seats are filled. Are my equations- expenses:y=400 income:4x+2500 profit:y=4x-1500

    asked by Max
  239. english

    if dracula is sucking the blood of his vistcms, would it be called homicide or what??

    asked by rosie
  240. math

    repost find unknown number in the equation 9/10 - x = 1/5

    asked by bob
  241. Math

    If -f(x), or reflection across the x-axis, is done on .7x - 4, then is the new equation -.7x + 4?

    asked by Anonymous
  242. math

    I would like some help simplifying and adding this fraction problem please help me I am so confused 7 2/3 + 8 5/6

    asked by riece
  243. math

    find unknown number in the following equation 9/10 - x +1/5 what is x

    asked by bob
  244. algebra 2

    4/3x^2 (6x^2+9x-12)

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  245. math

    The ratio of Jane's number of soda to Pat's number of soda is 2 to 3. If Jane has 16 cans of soda, how many cans of soda does Pat have?

    asked by Sonia
  246. math

    how many rational numbers are there between 4 and 5

    asked by maicy muz
  247. social studies

    How did diaries look like back then?

    asked by jessica
  248. Math

    If I have 87% in a course. What's my mark after my exam worth 15% in which I got 85%?

    asked by Anonymous