Questions Asked on
January 20, 2015

  1. literature

    In invierno tardio by antonio colinas what is he comparing his spirit to? No es increíble cuanto ven mis ojos: nieva sobre el almendro florido, nieva sobre la nieve. Este invierno mi ánimo es como una primavera temprana, es como un almendro floroido bajo

    asked by Lenny
  2. math

    Hi! I am new to Jishka and I need help checking my answers. 1. Which proportion can be used to determine what number is 15% of 30? A. 15/30 = x/100 (Mine) B. 15/100 = x/30 C. 15/100 30/x D. 30/100 = 15/x 2. Which equation can be used to determine what

    asked by Lemon
  3. Mendelian Genetics

    Assume you are performing a cross between a plant that is heterozygous for the dominant traits red flowers and wrinkled seeds, with a plant that is homozygous for the recessive traits white flowers and smooth seeds. Assume the alleles are R for red

    asked by Sara
  4. Geometry

    Which one of these is NOT a step used when constructing an inscribed square using technology? A. Create a circle using the center with given points tool. B. Connect the points with a line through the center of the circle. C. Mark the points of intersection

    asked by Amy
  5. math

    Emily spent 1/2 of her money at the grocery store. Then, she spent 1/2 of what was left at the baker. Next she spent 1/2 of what was left on a cd. She spent the remaining $6.00 on lunch. How much money did she start with ?

    asked by Tammy
  6. chemistry

    A 12.42 gram sample of a mixture of NaCl and CaCl2 is dissolved in water and all the chloride is precipitated as AgCl. If the AgCl precipitate has a mass of 31.70 grams. How do I find the mass percentage of each component in the original mixture?

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Math

    The sum of multiples of 6 between 6 & 999? I got 83166, but my answer key says 82665.. Is my answer wrong? I used the term formula to find 166 terms multiples of 6, and then the sum formula to get 83166.

    asked by Wendy
  8. physics

    A fire engine must lift 30 kg of water a vertical distance of 20 m each second. What is the amount of power needed for the water pump for this fire hose? P=W/t=Fd/t=mgd/t (30)(9.8)(20)/1= 5880 W is that right?

    asked by bill
  9. physics

    The curves on a race track are banked to make it easier for cars to go around the curves at high speed. Draw a free-body diagram of a car on a banked curve. From the motion diagram, find the direction of the acceleration. The acceleration is directed

    asked by mathew
  10. physics

    In a physics lab, students are asked to predict how the acceleration of the block sliding up a ramp compares to the acceleration down the ramp compares to the acceleration down the ramp. The block slides up a somewhat rough surface inclined at an angle of

    asked by Anonymous
  11. math

    Digital camera memory card is 1/4 full. Card is 2/3 full when 375 more pictures have been taken. How many pictures can memory card hold? How pictures were originally on memory card?

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math

    how many times heavier is a 16 1/2 pound rock than a 10 1/2 pound rock?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Social Studies

    Why do most people live in the Western part of Columbia? a)to enjoy the cooler climate of the mountains b)to be closer to the border with Venezuela c)to live along the pacific coast d)to benifit from the countries lush rainforests. My answer:A

    asked by Marija Dacosta
  14. Pre-Calc

    A piece of wire 100 cm long is cut into two pieces. One piece is bent to form a square and the other to form a circle. Let x equal the length of the wire used to form the square. A. write the function that represents the area of the two figures B.

    asked by Nadia
  15. Physic

    Hi, I'm learning about simple harmonic motion of a mass-spring system and I've been working at 2 problems for the past hour. I believe I have the right formula and I know what the answers should be but Im getting a different answer. Can you explain it step

    asked by Elizabeth
  16. college chemistry

    calculate the average kinetic energies of CH4 and N2 molecules at 273k and 546k

    asked by Ellie
  17. AP Calc (Derivatives)

    Suppose a coin is dropped from the top of the Empire State Building in New York, which is 1454 feet tall. The position function for free-falling objects is s(t) =−16t^2+v0t + s0. Question: At what time is the instantaneous velocity of the coin equal to

    asked by Pax
  18. math

    I am a 2-digit even number. I am less than. 60. Add my digits to get 12. Subtract one of my digits from the other to get 4. What number am i?

    asked by aryan
  19. English

    Which word correctly completes the sentence? __________ time for us to leave the library. A. Its B. It's** C. Its's __________ is going to the museum with you? A. Whom** B. Who __________ is coming along on the trip to the beach? A. Whom B. Who** Which

    asked by ski
  20. science

    A soccer player applies an average force of 180 N during a kick. The kick accelerates a 0.45 kg soccer ball from rest to a speed of 18 m/s. What is the impulse imparted to the ball? What is the collision time?

    asked by Dow
  21. Physics

    A motorcycle has a mass of 250kg. It goes around a 13.7 m radius turn at 96.5 km/hr. What is the centripetal force? a. 2.95x10^3 N b. 4.31x10^4N c. 1.31x10^4 N d. 719N

    asked by Brooke
  22. Physics

    A point on a wheel rotating at 5revs/s is located 0.20m away from the axis. What is the centripetal acceleration? a. 198m/s^2 b. .05m/s^2 c. 48m/s^2 d. 1.35m/s^2

    asked by Brooke
  23. Math

    Javier rides his bicycle at a rate of 15 miles per hour. How many feet are in 15 miles?

    asked by Amy
  24. physics

    You set your stationary bike on a high 80 N friction like resistive force and cycle for 30 min at speed of 8 m/s. Your body is 10% efficient at converting chemical energy in your body into mechanical work. What is your internal chemical energy change? How

    asked by bill
  25. english 4

    Why does the speaker of Childe Harold's Pilgrimage admire the ocean? A. The ocean is beautiful and its sounds are soothing. B. Many people depend on fish from the ocean for food. C. The ocean is unchanged by human activities. D. The ocean provides a way to

    asked by stephanie
  26. Chemistry

    How would you know if a salt will produce a neutral, acidic or basic solution? I am quite confused. I know you first break them up into their ions but I don't know what to do next. For example: NaH2PO4= acidic soln Mg(HSO4)2= neutral soln Ca(CN)2= basic

    asked by Sara
  27. Math

    Piece of paper is 0.0075 inch thick. How many sheets of paper will be in a stack that is 2.25 inches high?

    asked by Steve
  28. math

    Melba rode her bike 7 / 8 mile in 1/ 4 hour what is the unit rate in miles per hour

    asked by Gracie
  29. Civics

    Which of the following is an example of a concurrent power? Signing a trade treaty with a foreign country Building a new interstate highway Collecting taxes*** Determining the legal marriage age

    asked by jeje
  30. AP Chemistry

    A saturated solution of CaF2 (of MW 78.0 g/mol) contains 0.0167 grams per liter. What is the solubility product constant of CaF2?

    asked by Edwin
  31. Civics

    Which of the following is true about most state constitutions? A.Delegated powers are thoroughly described in most state constitutions. *** B. Most state constitutions are longer than the U.S. Constitution. C.The Constitution describes the federal

    asked by jeje
  32. Pre-Calc

    The concentration C of a chemical in the bloodstream t hours after injection into muscle tissue is C=3t^2+t/ t^3+50 A. Determine the horizontal asymptote of the function and interpret its meaning in the context of the problem. B. approximate the time when

    asked by Sam
  33. Science

    A certain species of grasshopper can have red stripes, yellow stripes, or red and yellow stripes. An RR grasshopper has red stripes, an YY grasshopper has yellow stripes, and an RY grasshopper has red and yellow stripes. Which type of inheritance is this

    asked by Sara
  34. Pre-Calc

    A page that is x inches wide and y inches high contains 30 square inches of print. The margins at the top and bottom are 2 inches and the margins on the side are 2 inch wide. A. show that the total area A on the page is A=2x(2x+7)/(x-4) B. determine the

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Science

    A sample of steam with a mass of 0.530g and at a temperature of 100 ∘C condenses into an insulated container holding 4.40g of water at 5.0∘C.( ΔH∘vap=40.7 kJ/mol, Cwater=4.18 J/g⋅∘C). What is the final temperature of the mixture, assuming no

    asked by Kris
  36. math

    The formula form the surface area of a cube is SA=6s^2 where s represents the length of a side of the cube. What is the surface area of a cube with the sides 4.5 centimeters long?

    asked by Amy
  37. Art

    Why did many 19th-century artists create pieces that aligned with the views of their government? A:They usually agreed with the government policies. B:They could not survive without the government. C:They were sponsored by wealthy patrons. D:They lived in

    asked by Cadance
  38. AP Chemistry

    The Ksp of Ni(CN)2 is 3.0 × 10−23. What is the molar solubility of Ni(CN)2 in a 0.065 M KCN solution? Answer in units of mol/L. I found that the normal molar solubility is 1.957x10^-8, but I don't know how the KCN solution affects it. Sig figs aren't

    asked by Q
  39. physics

    Light is incident from air onto a flat transparent slab of material, at an angle of 62.2° with the normal. The reflected ray and the refracted ray are perpendicular to each other. What is the index of refraction of the transparent substance?

    asked by Ted
  40. Physics

    A child swings from a rope of length L. If she starts her swing with the rope horizontal what is her acceleration at the bottom of the swing? a. 2gL^2 b. g/2 c. g d. 2g/l e. 2g

    asked by Brooke
  41. Pre-Calc

    A company produces portable cassette players estimates that the profit P (in dollars) for selling a particular model is P=-76x^3+4830x^2-320,000, 0 ≤ x ≤ 50, where x is the advertising expense (in tens of thousands of dollars). Using this model, find

    asked by Sam
  42. Civics

    Jane and Leah want to start a glee club at their junior high. They have outlined a list of songs that they could sing and recruited possible members. Now they what to make their group a formal school club . What should they do next to start the glee club?

    asked by jeje
  43. Pre-Calc

    The average age of the groom at a first marriage for a given age of the bride can be approximated by the model y=-.107x^2+5.68x-48.5, 20

    asked by Eli
  44. Algebra

    pecans priced at $5.85 per pound are mixed with almonds priced at $4.93 per pound to make a 40 pound mixture that will sell for $5.62 per pound. How many pounds of pecans and how many pounds of almonds must be used for this mixture?

    asked by Carlos Gomez
  45. Sociology

    All of the following contributed to the modernization of the more developed nations, except plentiful resources self sufficient economics plentiful land large populations not sure

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  46. Civics

    Which of the following is MOST likely to be undertaken by the federal government? Organizing the construction of a new public university Writing additional requirements for teaching licenses Revising a citizenship test for immigrants Passing new laws to

    asked by jeje
  47. maths lit,business studies,life science economics

    what i can study after matric?what career field i should follow?

    asked by karabo
  48. Civics

    Which of the following is an issue that would need to be determined by Constitutional law? A city wants to review articles about its commission meetings before they are published in the local newspaper.*** A city fines a homeowner for a yard cluttered with

    asked by jeje
  49. Civics

    Diane Wood, a U.S. Court of Appeals Judge, once remarked, "Neither laws nor the procedures used to create or Implement them should be secret" What would be the main problem with making or enforcing laws in secret? It invites too much criticism from

    asked by jeje
  50. english 4

    What tells you that the speaker is using stream of consciousness in the passage from Pedro Paramos? A. the speaker’s recollection about sleeping with her mother B. the uncertainty about the speaker’s actual situation C. the speaker’s concern that she

    asked by stephanie
  51. physics

    a student is helping her teacher move a 9.5 kg box of books what net sideways force must she exert on the box the slide it across so that it accelerates at 1.0 m/s2

    asked by Joshua Bennet
  52. Civics

    Charles Schenck was a U.S. citizen and private in the Army. While in military training during World War I, Schenck printed and passed out leaflets explaining why he was against the draft (required military services). He was charged with violating the

    asked by jeje
  53. trigonometry

    Can you draw the The solution for this: Establishing identities 1.) Sin²∅ (1+cot²∅) = 1 2.) (tan²B+1) cos²B = 1 3.) tan x ---------- = sin x sec x 4.) 1 1 ------- + ------- = 2csc²∅ 1+cos∅ 1-cos Please help me, i cant understand it.

    asked by alyn
  54. Science

    3. Describe how the Triassic period was a transitional time period during the Mesozoic era. Explain why the boundary between the Triassic and Jurassic periods is similar to the boundary between the Permian and Triassic periods NEED ANSWER FOR PRINCESS

    asked by Vanessa Skellington
  55. Chemistry

    if you start with 20.0g of phosphorus 30.0g of oxygen gas, and 15.0g water, what is the maximum mass of phosphoric acid that can be formed?

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Civics

    An airline pilot notices that there are unusual amounts of rabbits and deer on the runway of a large airport each morning. The presence of these animals is a potential flight hazard and she feels that something should be done to prevent them from occupying

    asked by jeje
  57. Civics

    Mena placed an order to purchase 12 soccer uniforms for her son's team. She paid for the uniforms, and they should have been delivered within two weeks. The uniforms were never delivered, but the company refuses two refund her money. Mena contacts a lawyer

    asked by jeje
  58. Math

    Adrian jogs 3/4 mile each morning how many days will it take him to jog 3 miles what do you do

    asked by Nick
  59. Chemistry

    How would you know if a salt will produce a neutral, acidic or basic solution? I am quite confused. I know you first break them up into their ions but I don't know what to do next. For example: NaH2PO4= acidic soln Mg(HSO4)2= neutral soln Ca(CN)2= basic

    asked by Sara
  60. AP Chemistry

    A sample of air contains 12.8 µg/m3 of beryllium dust. How many atoms of beryllium are present in a room with dimensions of 8 feet by 13 feet by 15.1 feet? Answer in units of atoms

    asked by Ryan
  61. heart

    When blood flows into the right atrium from the body, it contains.. My question/answer: I know that the oxygen is poor in the right atrium. But what about the carbon dioxide in there?

    asked by sciencemaster21212121
  62. History

    The population of the United States A. is less than Canada's. B. is a tenth of Canada's population. C. is nearly ten times larger than Canada's. D. is equal to Canada's. I think C or A or D. I need help fast!!!

    asked by Anonymous
  63. english 4

    Which phrase from “The Rime of the Ancient Mariner” contains alliteration? A. “The western wave was …” B. “Had I from old …” C. “And some in dreams …” D. “A spring of love gushed …”

    asked by stephanie
  64. english

    what does this quote mean: never underestimate the power of stupid people in large groups please help!

    asked by jenn
  65. Math

    x=-y+3 5x-y=-2 Solve using Elimination I already solved the equation using Substitution, Graphing, and a table I just need a little more help on Elimination. I know that in Elimination they have to be in the same form so I put it in slope intercept which

    asked by M
  66. physics

    When a ball is thrown upward, it experiences a downward accelera- tion of magnitude 9.8 m/s 2 , neglecting air resistance. With what velocity must a ball leave a thrower’s hand in order to climb for 2.2 s before stopping?

    asked by Anonymous
  67. Math

    Two trains are traveling opposite directions. One train travels at a speed of 90 mph. The second train travels at a speed of 95 mph. The 2 trains travel for three hours. How far apart are the 2 trains?

    asked by Haley
  68. english 4

    How is human joy different from the skylark's joy in “To a Skylark”? A. Human joy is not heard by others. B. A skylark has joy only when flying. C. A skylark's joy is based on unlimited freedom. D. Human joy is always touched by sorrow.

    asked by stephanie

    jade ran 6 times around her block to complete a total of 1 mile. how many times will she need to run to complete 5/6 of a mile?

    asked by Annie
  70. Easy math

    Eric has a 4 pound watermelon, 2 1/2 pounds of oranges, 3 pounds of apples, and a 1 1/2 pounds of grapes to make a fruit salad. How many pounds of fruit does he have in all? 1. 3 2. 10 1/2 3. 11 4. 15 1/2 Jeremy is baking a wedding cake and wants to be

    asked by hellen
  71. chemistry

    A mosquito fed on a solution containing phosphorous-32 is released. Phosphorous-32 has a half-life of 14 days. When the mosquito is recaptured 28 days later, what percentage of the original Phosphorus-32 will remain?

    asked by Victoria
  72. economics

    The _____ Plan, favored by _____ States, proposed giving States equal representation in a unicameral Congress.

    asked by Anonymous
  73. Chemistry

    How many grams of CaCl2 * 6H2O are required to make 500 milliliters of a solution having the same concentration of Cl- as one that was prepared by dissolving 75.6 grams of NaCl in enough water to make exactly 1 liter of solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  74. english

    How is the underlined pronoun used in the sentence? The last people in the restaurant are they. A. subject B. object of preposition C. predicate nominative D. indirect object**

    asked by ski
  75. MATH

    For the following system of equations, what is the x-value of the solution? -x + 2y = 6 6y = x + 18 A. -18 B. 0 C. -6 D. 3 Confused? Still trying to work it out. Please help! Thanks

    asked by SkatingDJ
  76. Dracula novel

    What are some physical and psychological attributes of Dracula

    asked by Michelle
  77. Physics

    how much work is needed to stop a 20kg bullet moving with a speed of 150m/s?

    asked by Hart
  78. English (of mice and men)

    i need one sigh of discrimination here's my work The most obvious form of discrimination is skin color. Crooks is segregated in view of his skin shade. “They play cards in there, but I can't play because I'm black. They say I stink.”(pg. 34) This quote

    asked by Dante
  79. english

    How is the underlined pronoun used in the sentence? Grandma and WE eat dinner together every Monday. A. possessive B. subject C. direct object D. predicate nominative**

    asked by ski
  80. Math

    Two hundred tickets were sold for a concert. Forty percent of the tickets were pre-sold. How many tickets were sold at the door?

    asked by Amy
  81. english 4

    In what way does third section of “In Memory of W. B. Yeats” reflect the tension of the decade in which it was written? A. The poem describes writers with strong political beliefs. B. The section describes the era in which a famous poet died. C. The

    asked by stephanie
  82. math

    Uncle Toby is making a scale model of the battlefield at Fredericksburg. The area he wants to model measures about 11 mi by 7.5 mi. He plans to put the model on a 3.25 ft by 3.25 square table. On each side of the model he wants to leave at least 3 inches

    asked by Jenny
  83. Science

    A motor car of mass 800kg traveling at 20m/s brought to rest by break over 100m calculate the average breaking force required

    asked by Pboy
  84. Pre calc

    A boat is going 30 mph with a direction of 100 degrees east of north. The water current is 15 mph with a direction of 22 mph. What is the magnitude of boat and direction

    asked by Will
  85. math

    Twenty-four 5-decilitre packets of milk were emptied into a 50-litre container. How many more such packets of milk were needed to fill the container?

    asked by kudu
  86. math

    2 students are chosen at random from a group of 120 students that has 60 boys and 60 girls. What is the probability that the students are either both boys or both girls

    asked by A
  87. Algebra

    Solve this system of linear equations. * Used the substitution method 3x - y = 8 4x - y = -15 ----------------------------------------- WORK y = 3x - 8 4x - (3x - 8 ) = -15 4x - 3x + 8 = -15 x + 8 = -15 x = -7 3x - y = 8 3(-7) - y = 8 -21 - y = 8 -y = 29 y

    asked by Lucina
  88. math

    Lee wants to cut this piece of canvas into two rectangles that are 3×2 and 3×5. He wants the sum of the areas of the two small rectangles to be the same as the area of the large rectangle. Can he do this? Explain

    asked by dee
  89. SS

    Politicians are most likely to make laws with short-term benefits and long-term costs because A They do not understand economics. B They are not worried about the future. C They wish to please voters today. D They think the laws are necessary. I think its

    asked by Zaire
  90. math homework please help

    simplify cubed root of 432 write 10^5sqrt15 as an entire radical

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Biology

    Which of the following is true about DNA? It is a single-stranded molecules Only one of the original DNA strands acts as a template during replication. Both of the original DNA strands act as templates during replication. Its replication takes place in the

    asked by Sara
  92. MATH

    What is the solution to the system 7x+5y=19 -7x-2y=-16 a.(2,1) b.(1,2) c.(7,5) d.(-7,-2) Is it a. or b.?

    asked by SkatingDJ
  93. Legal Research Studies

    This is my first assignment in University and in a law course. I have learning disabilities and have trouble remembering and reading/writing. This is my first assignment. I read it but I don't understand a thing. Please help me out... "While researching a

    asked by Hina
  94. algebra

    Lisa runs 3 miles on the third day of the month and she repeated her run every 4 days for the rest of the month. What equation describes the sequence of days of that month that lisa ran? Y-4x➕3 4✖,The days of the month ➕3, the days she already ran

    asked by gabby
  95. Civics

    Brie's dad said that a state income tax would help the financial crisis by balancing the budget. Which would be the most effective way for Brie's dad to contribute his ideas to a plan for balancing the state budget? He should send a letter to each

    asked by jeje
  96. math

    sam is making a number line and wants to make a point for 3/4 on the number line. Into how many parts should he divide the number line?

    asked by grace
  97. Math

    when the square root of 450 is simplified, the coefficient of the mixed radical is?

    asked by Anonymous
  98. AP Chemistry

    Calculate the entropy change when 4.88 g of H2 reacts with O2 according to the reaction 2H2(g) + O2(g)→2H2O(ℓ)at 298 K and 1 atm pressure. The standard molar enthalpy of formation of H2O(ℓ)at 298 K is −285.8 kJ/mol. The corresponding free energy of

    asked by Ethan
  99. Chemistry

    Virtually all the nitric acid manufactured commercially is obtained by the ammonia oxidization process. This involves this first step: Ammonia gas combines with oxygen to form nitrogen monoxide and water vapour. a) Write a balanced equation for the

    asked by Kayla
  100. spelling

    What is the next analogy? Fifteen:Five::Nine:????????

    asked by LUV2SPELL
  101. Math

    First week sells 6 chairs for $80 each. Next week, if chair is not sold, it will sell for 0.85 times previous week's price. Store needs to sell 6 chairs for total of $270 to make a profit. what is the last week in which all 6 chairs could be sold so that

    asked by Bob
  102. physics

    Two small beads having positive charges q1 = 34.0 nC and q2 = 55.0 nC are fixed so that the centers of the two beads are separated by a distance d = 0.450 m as shown in the figure. At what position x relative to q1 could you place a third small bead of

    asked by Linda
  103. Math

    Jim bought 3 1/2 pounds of apples, 2 3/4 pounds of oranges, 1 1/4 pounds of grapes, and 2 5/8 pounds of bananas. If Jim gives Bill 1/5 of the fruit, how many pounds of fruit will Bill receive? This is a word problem for multiplication of fractions, and I

    asked by Anonymous
  104. english 4

    Which word best summarizes Brooke's tone in “The Soldier”? A. guarded B. determined C. uncertain D. idealistic

    asked by stephanie
  105. maths lit,business studies,life science economics

    what can i study for or what career field i should follow?

    asked by karabo
  106. calculus

    I needed help with this graphing calculator assignment; my sister took my calculator so I don't really have anything to work with, unfortunately. The graphing calculators online are really confusing and seem to require payment to work - so i'm pretty

    asked by megan
  107. Math

    If it takes a tub 20 minutes to fill up when the water is on all the way and 15 minutes to drain, how long will it take for the tub to be completely drained when the water is left all the way on? In 1 hour the tub can fill up 3 times and the tub can drain

    asked by Anonymous
  108. Pre calc

    A boat is going 30 mph. It's direction is 100 degrees east of north. The water current is 15 mph and has a direction of 22 degrees east of north. Find the magnitude, and direction of boat.( with water current)

    asked by Will
  109. physics

    If a car crashes into a wall, the wall puts force on the car. The car puts an equal force on the wall. What does each force do?

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Physics

    mass rubber stopper = 0.07Kg mass metal washers = 0.196Kg radius= 1.0m total time = 12 seconds # of revolutions = 10 revolutions With this data, calculate the Period (T) of the rubber stopper in its "orbit".

    asked by Brooke
  111. statistics(please answer!)

    What is the chance of getting 50/% correct on a test with 20 questions, each question is either True or False. Assume you are blindly guessing and answer all questions

    asked by cdizzle
  112. algebra

    Identify the degree of each term of each polynomial. Then find the degree of the polynomial. xy^3 + 7x^3y^2 - 6xy^4 + 2 I am really having trouble with how this process works. I know the degree of the polynomial is 5 but I don't know how to identify the

    asked by Liamz
  113. Trig/Precalc

    Two questions that I would really appreciate some hints on: 1) Circles with centers (2,1) and (8,9) have radii 1 and 9, respectively. The equation for a common external tangent can be written in the form y=mx+b with 0

    asked by majorbill
  114. Sociology

    According to Parsons, evolutionary change occurs through a two-step process involving the ideational and the sensate differentiation and integration core societies and peripheral societies industrialization and modernization nt sure ik for a fact its not D

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  115. Physics

    mrubber stopper = 0.07Kg mmetal washers = 0.196Kg radius = 1.0m total time = 12 seconds # of revolutions = 10 revolutions With this data, calculate the centripetal Force (Fc) (to 2 decimals) of the rubber stopper in its "orbit".

    asked by Brooke
  116. Math7

    Question 2 7.2-3c=2c-2 My answer C=1.84

    asked by Tam
  117. Math

    In a survey of a TriDelt chapter with 50 members, 21 were taking mathematics, 32 were taking English, and 7 were taking both. How many were not taking either of these subjects?

    asked by Denise
  118. math

    Carlos has 32 iris bulbs and 40 tulip bulbs. He wants to plant them in rows with one type of bulb in each row. He wants all rows to have the same number of bulbs. The greatest number of bulbs he can plant in each row is __________.

    asked by Amy
  119. English Riddle

    my hands constitute my career. when i was young, i practiced for hours to master the great composers. I decided long ago that "tickling the ivories" would be the key to my success. Who am I? Please help! I came up with "piano" but im not sure...

    asked by Mary
  120. math

    A factory produced 65, 160 sweets. The sweets were packed in packets each holding sweets. The cost of each packet was $72. All the packets were then equally put in 15 cartons. What was the cost of the sweets in each carton?

    asked by kudu

    At the Grocery Store checkout counter, you watch the amounts of your purchases and coupons entered into the cash register. The amounts are as follows: $3.19, $1.25, $1.39, $3.39, $2.99, $2.79, $3.09, -$1.40(coupon) and -$1.25(coupon). ROUND each amount to

    asked by Quil
  122. History

    What did Marbury vs Madison establish

    asked by M
  123. Maths literature.history.tourism and business.stud

    What job can i get with these subjects

    asked by Gontse motsepe
  124. math

    If I had 3 nickels, 3dimes, and 2 quarters. What fraction of the coins is either a dime or a quarter

    asked by chrissy
  125. Physics 152

    I was able to come up with the answers through trial and error, and the answer for the charge +q makes sense, but I don't understand why the answer for the -q is correct. Please help. A positive point charge +q1, a second point charge q2 that may be

    asked by Dan
  126. English

    1. How is the underlined pronoun used in the sentence? Whom should Charlotte call before making a decision? A.* indirect object B. possessive C. direct object D. subject

    asked by ski
  127. Math

    0.78=_/100 _out of a hundreds, or_% Also how can. I shade 0.78 on a 10-by-10 grid

    asked by Makenzey
  128. Math-Polynomials/Zeros

    How do I find complex zeros in a an equation if the equation doesn't have the + or - value at the end can th ecomplex zero(s) be made up? I'm getting really confused with complex zeros well zeros in general

    asked by Please :)
  129. math

    The following is a list of 11 measurements: -78, -1, 92, -24, 59, 21, 51, -2, 65, 37, 11 . Find 11 over sum,under sum i=l than Xi over 14 Round your answer to at least two decimal places. I get a sum of 231, now this is where I am confused. Do I divide or

    asked by Mary Ann
  130. Civics

    "Rule of law" refers to? Official name for the legislative branch of the national government of the united states Agencies such as the FBI, police department, and sheriff's department of the United States Document that details the structure, functions, and

    asked by jeje
  131. Psychology Statistics

    Submit your answers to the following questions using the ANOVA source table below. The table depicts a two-way ANOVA in which gender has two groups (male and female), marital status has three groups (married, single never married, divorced), and the means

    asked by Sharon

    Mrs. Bryant saves $1,500 for a family vacation. She budgets $235 of her saving for transportation. Which of following represents the equation and solution to determine X, the amount of money Mrs. BRYANT can budget for the rest of the vacation? A.

    asked by Nichelle
  133. jp

    find the radius of a circle whose circumfrence is 176 cm

    asked by niha
  134. Math

    do not know how to set formula/ Brady joins band of 44 students. 8 play oboe. 1/2 as may play clarinet as flute. How many play each instument f=flute 1/2f=clarinet 8+[1/2f+f]=44 =[

    asked by Trinity
  135. Chemistry

    Chemical properties of salts

    asked by Aminu
  136. Physics

    Abby is swinging a ball on a string in a circle with a constant tension. Which of the following quantities is constant? a. acceleration b. speed c. none of the others d. velocity e. force

    asked by Brooke
  137. MATH

    what is the solution of the system y=-3x 3x+2y=6 a. 2, 6 b. -1, 3 c. -2, 6 d. 1.5, -4.5 I have an answer but I seriously doubt it's wrong. Please help for this one? Thanks

    asked by SkatingDJ
  138. Math-lit,geography,tourism,lo!!

    Can i become a social worker if am doing these subject??

    asked by Philasande
  139. Math

    3.2+0.3x = 0.2x+1.4 My answer is -2.2/0.1 X=?

    asked by Tam
  140. statistics(please answer!)

    i bought a vegetable seed pocket containing 20 seeds. A manufacturer label on the pocket said that the seeds have at least 90% germination rate. I planted all 20 seeds following their instructions in preparing soil and water. They told me if an "unlikely

    asked by cdizzle
  141. math

    find the mean of the following: 489, 560, 423, 550

    asked by Amy
  142. science

    What is the blood type of a person whose plasma contains only anti-B clumping proteins? Is it blood type A?

    asked by sciencemaster21212121
  143. statistics(please answer!)

    Derive one Tail and Two Tail numbers for c = 0.88 or alpha = 0.12.

    asked by lovely
  144. Please help..

    At the Grocery Store checkout counter, you watch the amounts of your purchases and coupons entered into the cash register. The amounts are as follows: $3.19, $1.25, $1.39, $3.39, $2.99, $2.79, $3.09, -$1.40(coupon) and -$1.25(coupon). ROUND each amount to

    asked by Quil
  145. Math

    fill in the missing number originally: ? new price: $3.80 15% decrease how do you find the original price? help!

    asked by Anonymous
  146. Math

    All picture frames in a store are on sale at the same percent off the regular price. This sign is near the picture frames to help shoppers calculate the sale price. regular price sale price ------------- ---------- 4.00 3.00 6.00 4.50 8.00 6.00 10.00 7.50

    asked by Cherry
  147. Thank You! Check?

    At a grocery store you estimate your bill to be about $23.50 for 10 items. If the cashier asks for $25.32 is the bill reasonable? a.No: it should be exactly $23.50 b.No: Being off by $1.82 is too much! c.Yes: With ten items, that difference is reasonable.

    asked by Quil
  148. story problem

    350 people went to the movies on Saturday. more people went to the movies on Sunday. about 600 people went to the movies in all. how many people went to the movies on Sunday.

    asked by ADDy
  149. Chemistry

    Our blood works mostly as a carbonic acid buffer which has an optimal buffering pH of about 6.4, the pH of blood is around 7.4. What is the advantage for the body of having the buffer at the non-optimal pH??

    asked by Anonymous
  150. Math

    What is a number between -6 and -7? I got 6.8

    asked by Pinks
  151. Statistics (Please Please Answer!)

    i bought a vegetable seed pocket containing 20 seeds. A manufacturer label on the pocket said that the seeds have at least 90% germination rate. I planted all 20 seeds following their instructions in preparing soil and water. They told me if an "unlikely

    asked by cdizzle
  152. Algebra

    how to find th equation that passes though (1,3) and (8,5) is there a formula to find the answer>

    asked by Francisco
  153. ascience

    what is the velocity vector of a sailboat traveling east at 20 mph with a wind of 10. mph to the north

    asked by Anonymous
  154. English

    Is endurance a physical challenge

    asked by Anonymous
  155. Socials Studies

    What was the outcome of the five year war between France and Spain and What country did Spanish troops ally with to fight napoleon's grand armee?

    asked by Jack
  156. idk

    Silver is composed of a single type of atom and cannot be broken down into different substances. Silver is an example of a(n) _____.

    asked by me
  157. Sociology

    A positive consequence of modernization is a drecrease in literacy rate an increased standard of living weaker social relationships conflicting role expectations B ? A negative consequence of modernization is economic growth lower birth rate pollution

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  158. Physics

    A 500 kg car experiences a frictional force of 3080 N while turning, if the car is traveling around a turn of radius 17 m what is the velocity of the car?

    asked by Brooke
  159. Math

    Is 5x-y=-21 in slope intercept y=5x+21

    asked by M
  160. statistics

    Post a null hypothesis that would use a t test statistical analysis.. Use the same hypothetical situation taken in the t test hypothesis, and turn it into a null hypothesis using a one-way ANOVA analysis and a two-way ANOVA.

    asked by Sharon Argo
  161. statistics

    i bought a vegetable seed pocket containing 20 seeds. A manufacturer label on the pocket said that the seeds have at least 90% germination rate. I planted all 20 seeds following their instructions in preparing soil and water. They told me if an "unlikely

    asked by cdizzle
  162. Civics

    When president Obama started, "Transparency and the rule of law will be the touch stones of this presidencies, " he meant that No person in his administration will be above those laws governing all citizens *** His cabinet 's polices will be based strictly

    asked by jeje
  163. physics

    The S.I. Unit of displacement is what?

    asked by Emmanuel
  164. Math

    First week sells 6 chairs for $80 each. Next week, if chair is not sold, it will sell for 0.85 times previous week's price. Store needs to sell 6 chairs for total of $270 to make a profit. what is the last week in which all 6 chairs could be sold so that

    asked by Steve
  165. League of Nations

    How did the US Congress feel about the League of Nations

    asked by Anonymous
  166. Maths

    What is the ratio 3:2:1 for 250kg?

    asked by Melissa
  167. math

    Gino wants to travel from home to school. Find how many routes are possible if he does not travel in a northerly direction.

    asked by test
  168. English (Dracula)

    I am making a Wanted Poster of Dracula and i don't know what statement to put about him below the picture of him. i was thinking like: Evil Count and Blood Thristy

    asked by Michelle
  169. statistics(please answer!)

    Find a t score (a) such that P( -a < t < a) = 0.95. Asume sample size n = 10.

    asked by cdizzle
  170. statistics(please answer!)

    find a t score (a) such that P( -a < t < a) = 0.95. Asume sample size n = 10.

    asked by lovely
  171. math

    A shopkeeper bought cooking fat in 30 one kilogram packets and 20 five hundred packets. She repacked the fat in packets of 125 grams each. How many packets did she get?

    asked by kudu
  172. SCIENCE


    asked by MARY
  173. math

    select ten (10) states and calculate the mean and standard deviation for average insurance costs. Next, calculate the mean and standard deviation for average insurance costs for all 51 states. Compare and contrast the means and standard deviations for the

    asked by Mary Ann
  174. Math

    y=3x+2 4x-2y=-8 Solve using Elimination method

    asked by M
  175. Coll Algebra

    perimeter of a triangle is 30 cm. two sides of the triangle are twice as long as the shortest side how long is the shortest side

    asked by Tabitha
  176. Science- urgent-review

    what type of galaxy do astronomers consider to be the oldest? It's urgent because I am studying for a grade 9 exam but I don't know what this is.. please help.

    asked by thi
  177. math

    A town P is 160km from a town Q in the direction of 50 degree, what the bearing of Q from P

    asked by Dinah
  178. French

    Bonjour! 1. Can you tell me if I wrote this in passé compose correctly? I'd also appreciate an explain as to when you should use avoir / étre! a) Je suis bois de l'eau b) It est mange un pizza. c) J'ai visité ma mere. 2. Have I written this in futur

    asked by Lucina
  179. physics

    The standard piece of apparatus used to measure distance in the laboratory is what?

    asked by Emmanuel
  180. English (of mice and men) PLEAS

    i need one sigh of discrimination here's my work The most obvious form of discrimination is skin color. Crooks is segregated in view of his skin shade. “They play cards in there, but I can't play because I'm black. They say I stink.”(pg. 34) This quote

    asked by Rose

    i need one sigh of discrimination here's my work The most obvious form of discrimination is skin color. Crooks is segregated in view of his skin shade. “They play cards in there, but I can't play because I'm black. They say I stink.”(pg. 34) This quote

    asked by Rose
  182. Physics

    The position of a point A is specified as A (5.7).the y-coordinate is ?

    asked by Emmanuel
  183. Math

    60% of what number is 24? 180% of what number is 80? Please explain the method.

    asked by Zero
  184. statistics(please answer!)

    find P( t > 5) for DF =2.

    asked by lovely
  185. Algebra


    asked by Carmelita
  186. mat/116

    simplified expression for 8(x - 8) - 6(x - 3) + 3x.

    asked by Cathy
  187. Math Help

    Hi! Okay so we just learned this last week and I completely lost on what to do. These are some warm up problems we did in class but I still don't know how to do them? Can someone help me? Thanks! :) Directions: Verify the idenity for each of the problems.

    asked by Stacy
  188. Genetics

    Chemical analysis of the DNA of a virus from Mars reveals that it has 48% A, 48% T, and 4% G, Suggest some possible structures for this DNA. I don't quite understand this question. All i can come to think about is that A pairs with T evenly and there will

    asked by Alessandra
  189. History

    What are some views of Machiavelli's theory on political leadership?

    asked by Sara
  190. Algebra II

    If f(x)= x+2, g(x)=-4x+3, and h(x)=x^2-zx+1 find each value. 1. (f x g x h)(3) 2. (h divided by (f times g)(-6) 3.[ g o (h o f)](-4)

    asked by Amy
  191. english

    what's the meaning of 1. i've grown certain that the root of all fear is that we've been forced to deny who we are

    asked by jenn
  192. Math

    -1/4x+6=2/3x+28 X=22 that is my answer I got

    asked by Kent
  193. physical sciences

    what is it that enables you to stay on the ground?

    asked by Johannah
  194. Algebra

    which equation represents the line that passes the point (1,5) and has a slope of negative 2? a) y=2x+7 b) y=-2+11 c) y=2x-9 d) y=2x+3

    asked by Santiago
  195. Math

    5.3x+2-4.1x=3.6x-1.6 My answer x=1.5

    asked by CC
  196. algebra


    asked by Reaaa
  197. English

    Is drawing considered a physical challenge

    asked by Anonymous
  198. Math

    Of the black and blue pens in the desk, 18 are black. The ratio of black pens to blue pens is 2:3. Remove 3 pens, what is the new ratio of black pens to blue pens?

    asked by Ahja
  199. Finance

    A speculator sells a stock short for $70 a share. The company pays a $2 annual cash dividend. After a year has passed, the seller covers the short position at $60. What is the percentage return on the position (excluding the impact of any interest expense

    asked by Lizzie
  200. blood/science

    how are blood types determined? A. marker mocules marked on red blood cells B. Marker mocules marked on white blood cells C. Plasma fibrin's precense D. Blood available for transfusion

    asked by sciencemaster21212121

    Can we use لي with rational nouns. eg. لي كتاب Or else only with non rational nouns. eg: لي اخ واحد

    asked by NIYA #####
  202. Socials Studies

    what did the monarch !@#$%^&placed napoleon in 1813 want to revive how did it affect the people of france

    asked by Jack
  203. Math

    If I was told to walk 43 degrees N for 20 miles but instead walked 40 degrees N for 20 miles how far off would I be from my original destination?

    asked by Angela
  204. English

    I have to name some physical challenges. Would aiming be considered a physical challenge

    asked by Anonymous
  205. Calculus: Intergration

    Need help intergrating 1dx/[(4x − x^2)^3/2] and 1dx/[x^2√(x^2-9)] Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  206. English

    To write well is to.

    asked by Lisa Parrish
  207. Equation7

    2/5c+4/5c-6=c+7 6/5c=c-13 5/5c=-13 C=-13

    asked by Sara
  208. Math

    Is x(x+6)=0 the same as x = 0 and x + 6 = 0?

    asked by Anonymous
  209. Genetics

    Chemical analysis of the DNA of a virus from Mars reveals that it has 48% A, 48% T, and 4% G, Suggest some possible structures for this DNA. I don't quite understand this question. All i can come to think about is that A pairs with T evenly because of the

    asked by Anonymous
  210. english

    What are some behaviours of Dracula

    asked by Danika
  211. Math

    125%= _/100+_/100=_/100=1_/100=1_/_

    asked by Makenzey