Questions Asked on
January 19, 2015

  1. Maths Vector Helpppp

    The points A and B have position vectors, relative to the origin O, given by −−→OA = i+2j+3k and −−→OB = 2i+j+3k. The line l has vector equation r = (1−2t)i+ (5+t)j+ (2−t)k. (i) Show that l does not intersect the line passing through A and

    asked by Ariana
  2. Physics

    A 100N force acting on a lever 2m from the fulcrum balances an object 0.5m from the fulcrum on the other arm. What is the weight of the object(in newtons)?What is it's mass (in kg)?

    asked by Jessica
  3. algebra

    What is the area of the largest rectangle with lower base on the x-axis and upper vertices on the curve y = 27 - x2

    asked by anonymous
  4. Math

    The function f(x)=x^2. The graph of g(x) is f(x) translated to the right 3 units and down 3 units. What is the function rule for g(x)? I honestly have no idea how to this… An example or helping me get through the problem would be great :) Thank you so

    asked by Ally
  5. Math

    a snail is at the bottom of a well. in the first 10 minutes, the snail climbs 23 7/12 inches. In the next 10 minutes, it climbs 19 5/6 inches. How far is the snail from the bottom of the well after 20 minutes?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Chemistry

    For another picnic, you want to make hamburgers with pickles, again without having any left over. You need to balance the number of packages of buns (which usually contain 8 buns) with the number of packages of hamburger patties (which usually contain 12

    asked by Becca
  7. Chemistry

    Butanoic acid (Ka = 1.52 x 10-5) has a partition coefficient of 3.0 (favouring benzene) when distributed between water and benzene. Find the concentration of butanoic acid in each phase when 20.0 mL of 0.10 M aqueous butanoic acid is extracted with 25 mL

    asked by Daniel
  8. Civics

    The judicial branch Can raise taxes Can veto laws passed by congress Can confirm federal officials *** Can declare a law unconstitutional

    asked by jeje
  9. Math

    Write a rational function satisfying the following criteria. vertical Asymptote: x=-1, slant asymptote: y=x+2, zero of the function: x=3 I had f(x)=x^2+3x+2/x+1, that only works for the asymptotes and not the zero can someone please help me figure how to

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Geometry

    The scale on a map indicates that one inch equals 4 miles. If two towns are 3.5 inches apart on the map, what is the actual distance between the towns? 1 inch=4 miles. 3.5=x 1/4=3.5/x x=14

    asked by Rym
  11. Civics

    Which of the following statements is most likely to have been said by an Anti-federalist? The constitution is the best solution to the country's problems. This new government will be too powerful. I don't like it.*** A stronger national government will

    asked by jeje
  12. math

    A piece of cartolina is 60 cm by 48 cm.What is the least number of squares that can be cut from it with no material wasted?

    asked by phoe
  13. Biology

    Is xylem or phloem larger in a plant? My answer is xylem is larger in a plant than phloem.

    asked by Lucina
  14. Algebra

    Identify the degree of each term of each polynomial. Then find the degree of the polynomial. xy^3 + 7x^3y^2 - 6xy^4 + 2 I know the degree of the first term is xy^3 is 4. I cant seem to find the second term

    asked by Liamz
  15. Ashford

    A computer worm is MOST likely to attack your computer’s:

    asked by computers
  16. Math

    arnold buys 8/9 pound of ground turkey. He uses 3/4 pound of the ground turkey to make meatballs. How many pounds of ground turkey are left?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Algebra

    Write the simplified form of the expression. {q^-2/3} {q^1/3} --------------- q^4/3 Using positive exponents. ------------------------------------- Solution: {q^-2/3} {q^1/3} = q^-1/3 = 1 --------------- ------ ---- q^4/3 q^4/3 q^5 Thanks in advance

    asked by Lucina
  18. Algebra

    What is the domain and range of the relation y = 2(x-5)^2 + 8? Express in set notation. --------------------------------------- Domain: x E R Range : y E R --------------------------------------- Thanks!

    asked by Lucina
  19. Math

    tina, troy and nate had a total of 25 equal-sized square tiles to place over a square grid. Tina used 8/25 of the square tiles. Troy used 1/5 of the square tiles. what fraction of the square grid must Nate place the tiles on so that 1/5 of the square grid

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Physics/Math

    Determine the missing value. a) Output value/Efficiency: 100 J Efficiency: 100% Input E = ??? b) Input: 100 J Efficiency: 30% Output E = ?? Output= 30 J c) Output E: 120 000 J Efficiency: 2% Input E= ?? How would I solve for the put value? Thank you!

    asked by Lucina
  21. Civics

    Which of the following rights would be most likely to be protected by the Ninth Amendment? Right to a public trial Protection from seizure of property Right to be protected from government interference Right to limit harmful actions by other people***

    asked by jeje
  22. Math

    lily has a bottle containing 7/8 quart of milk. She pours 4/5 of it into a bowl. What amount of milk does she pour into the bowl?

    asked by Bira
  23. Civics

    After the civil war, many former slaves started schools even though many others tried to stop the,. What amendment could the freed [people use to defend their right t educate themselves and their children? 13*** 14 15 19 I am not sure bout this one

    asked by jeje
  24. Geometery

    For triangle MNP, find the value of x and the measure of each of the three angles. at the top of the triangle is X degrees and that is angle M at the bottom left of the triangle is (2x-1) degrees and that is angle P at the bottom right of the triangle is

    asked by reece
  25. Leadership HELP

    Activation Energy is big power that comes from doing little things solving problems knowing your own story********* serving others

    asked by school lover
  26. Civics

    Which of the following documents influenced the American colonists to feel that their rights were not being protected? Declaration of Independence U.S. Constitution English Bill of Rights*** Mayflower Compact

    asked by jeje
  27. calculus

    If 600 cm2 of material is available to make a box with a square base and a closed top, find the maximum volume of the box in cubic centimeters. Answer to the nearest cubic centimeter without commas. For example, if the answer is 2,000 write 2000.

    asked by jake
  28. Civics

    Which of the following was grievance of the American colonists against the British government in the years before the Declaration of Independence Their representatives in Parliament were given no respect The king kept his soldiers in the colonies*** They

    asked by jeje
  29. Gen Science 2

    lightning is actually an enormous display of the concept of? A) chemical heating B) solar energy C) magnetism D) groundind

    asked by KAt
  30. Chemistry

    The following data are for a liquid chromatographic column: Length of packing (L) 24.7 cm Flow rate 0.313 mL/min VM 1.37 mL VS 0.164 mL A chromatogram of a mixture of species A, B, C and D provided the following data Retention time | Width of Base

    asked by Kurt
  31. English

    I have an essay and my topic is "our views of the past change as we mature". So I am stuck on what pieces of evidence I should write about. I am thinking of writing a narrative, and I want my "mature view" to be that the world doesn't evolve around me

    asked by Wendy
  32. Math

    jeremy puts an empty container under a leaking faucet. In the first hour, 3/8 quart of water collects. In the second hour, 1/6 quart of container of water collects. how much water collects in the container in the two hours?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Anal Chem

    A method for the analysis of the drug diazepam in blood consistently produces results that are low by -5.4%. If the measured concentration of diazepam in a patient’s blood sample is 2.02 ppm, what must be the actual concentration in their blood (in ppm)?

    asked by Anonymous
  34. Physics

    Negating air resistance, a block weighing 1.0 kg will fall _________ a 3.0 kg block Answer: The same rate as

    asked by Lucina
  35. Civics

    In Alabama in 1963, an African American woman named Grace Jefferson was kept from voting because she did not have enough money to pay the required taxes. What prevents this from happening today? An amendment to the constitution *** A state law The outcome

    asked by jeje
  36. physics

    The 80kg student balances a 1300kg elephant on a hydraulic lift. (U-Tube) What is the diameter of the piston the student is standing on? When a second student joins the first, the height difference between the liquid levels in the right and left pistons is

    asked by Pat
  37. Civics

    Anna is a high school student. The police came to her school and removed her purse from her locker. they told her that they suspected she was hiding illegal drugs in it. They found no drugs in it and returned the purse to her. what amendment gives the

    asked by jeje
  38. physics

    Consider two vectors ~ A and ~ B and their re- sultant ~ A + ~ B . The magnitudes of the vectors ~ A and ~ B are, respectively, 13 . 2 and 6 . 1 and they act at 110 ◦ to each other.Find the magnitude of the resultant vector ~ A + ~ B .

    asked by allan
  39. chemistry

    A sealed container comtains 1.50 mol of nitrogen gas, 2.00 mol of oxygen gas and 3.50 mol of argon gas. If the total pressure is 900 kPa, what is the pressure of the nitrogen gas? I don't know which formula to use

    asked by Cutter
  40. Calculus

    A student is drinking a milkshake with a straw from a cylindrical cup with a radius of 5cm. if the student is drinking at a rate of 3.5cm^3 per second, how fast is the level of a milkshake dropping?

    asked by Ben
  41. physics

    A truck travels 1710 m uphill along a road that makes a constant angle of 5 . 08 ◦ with the horizontal. Find the magnitude of the truck’s horizontal component of displacement. Answer in units of m.

    asked by allan
  42. chemistry

    When hydrochloric acid reacts with magnesium metal, hydrogen gas and aqueous magnesium chloride are produced. What volume of 4.8 M is required to react completely with 2.60 g of magnesium?

    asked by Anonymous
  43. Civics

    Which of the following describes the Enlightenment idea of natural law? The idea that people consent to government authority and in return the government protects their rights The idea that people are born with rights that no government can take away ***

    asked by jeje
  44. Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

    Please help me with the following question: Please select the word from the list that best fits the definition Creates clouds, snow, sleet, rain and hail A. Radiation B. Conduction C. Convection D. Water Cycle I think the answer is mostly B, but I think it

    asked by Brady
  45. science

    How many litres of oxygen are needed to react completely with 25.0L of H2S at STP according to the following reaction: 2H2S + 3o2 --> 2so2 + 2H2O At STP temperature is 273 K pressure is 101.3 Kpa R is 8.314 so PV=nRT 101.3×25= n× 8.314× 273 n= 1.11 so

    asked by fayza
  46. math

    At a miniature golf course, the fourth hole involves hitting the ball through a cylindrical tube that falls to a circular green below, as shown in the illustration. The diameter of this green is 76 inches, and the diameter of the hole is 4 inches. Using

    asked by Irene Wu
  47. Civics

    The fact that the states had to unanimously agree to changing the Articles of Confederation meant that the states would have to begin the process of making changes to the government it didn’t matter how ordinary citizens felt about the Articles of

    asked by jeje
  48. calculus

    The Snowtree cricket behaves in a rather interesting way: The rate at which it chirps depends linearly on the temperature. One summer evening you hear a cricket chirping at a rate of 160 chirps/minute, and you notice that the temperature is 80°F. Later in

    asked by Kita
  49. Civics

    The phrase "We the People of the United Sates" Reflects the idea that everyone is entitled to certain rights*** Reflects the fact that the colonist were still trying to repair their relationship with the king Reflects the fact that ordinary people were

    asked by jeje
  50. Calculus

    Use a linear approximation to estimate (8.2)^(2/3)

    asked by Ben
  51. criminal law

    What is the purpose of a grand jury issuing a true bill (criminal charge) or not.

    asked by kirsten
  52. Math

    A(1,4), B(-3,8) and C(5,6) as vertices of triangle ABC a-find the slope of the line through A parallel to BC b-Find the slope of the altitude from c to ab

    asked by zee
  53. Math

    steve picks 55 pounds of pears. He packs equal amount of pears into 6 bags. He then has 4 pounds of pears left. What is the weight of pears in each bag?

    asked by Anonymous
  54. physics please help

    the potential difference across a load is 9V. explain what this means in more fundamental terms.

    asked by Isabelle
  55. analytical chem

    You have a bottle labeled “53.4 (±0.4) % w/w NaOH” with a density of 1.52 (±0.01) g/mL. You use 16.7 (± 0.2) mL of the NaOH to prepare 2.00 (±0.02) L of 0.169M NaOH. Report the absolute error for the 0.169M of NaOH. You may assume negligible error

    asked by Anonymous
  56. accounting

    The Bean Company makes a sale with an invoice price of $97,000 on 10/1/14. The note is due on 10/1/17. There is no interest rate stated in the note. The market rate for similar notes is 10%. Assume annual compounding of interest. Prepare the journal

    asked by scott
  57. Math, Algebra

    Can someone help me figure this out for my review? Find the equation of the line that passes through (2,-3) and has a slope of (5/2)

    asked by Matt
  58. Science

    What are the different evidences used to support the continental drift theory? Give at least four and provide examples for each.

    asked by Colossus
  59. polynomial

    Find the polynomial in X where zeros are -2, -1 and 3. Please someone help me with this. Thanks

    asked by kim
  60. chemistry grade 11

    which of the following has lowest vapour pressure ? 1 water 2 bromine 3 ethyl alcohol 4 ether

    asked by abdul sattar
  61. trigonometry

    A bicycle wheel has a diameter of 2 feet and turns at the rate of 70 revolutions per minute. How fast does the wheel move in feet per hour?

    asked by john rick baluran
  62. physics

    if resultant of two forces when they act at an angle of 30 deg is 50N and when they act at 60 deg the resultant is 70N find magnitude of two forces

    asked by ajay
  63. chem/stats

    Find the absolute error for the answer of the following equation: square root of 3.24 plus-minus 0.08 end root equal 1.80 plus-minus ?

    asked by Anonymous
  64. Math

    johnny is jogging along a track. He has already jogged 1 2/3 miles. He plans to jog a total of 3/14 miles. How many miles does he have left to jog?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. maths

    Volume of prism 1296 cube cm height 16/√3cm find whole surface area.

    asked by anita
  66. English

    Scarlet Letter Chapter 9 1.The subject of the main clause in the sentence beginning "If the latter possess native sagacity . . . " (line 68) is (A) "latter" (line 68) (B) "he" (line 70) (C) "revelations" (line 76) (D) "qualifications" (line 80) (E "soul"

    asked by Amy
  67. math

    80 boys used 60 loaves in 12 days. 120 boys needs loaves for 18 days. How many loaves will be needed?

    asked by ed
  68. alegebra1

    The base edge of a square pyramid is 30 cm. The pyramid is 6 cm tall. Find the volume of the pyramid.

    asked by lexi
  69. Math

    12m+12=6(3m+3) My answer is -6= -6 which is identity ??? Or is it null or empty??

    asked by CC
  70. law

    What kind of questions trigger the reading of the miranda rights? Is there a case that deals with this specific issue... whether the question asked by the police was part of an interrogation or just an informal question getting basic information? Do these

    asked by Anonymous
  71. 7th grade math

    -2(3r+4)= -5r-8-r Answer I got r=r Question 2 14+8w=4(8+2w) I have 14=48. No solution

    asked by Kent

    1. An environmental engineer might (1 point) Create mathematical models of what may happen to global temperatures in the future. Build and maintain a marine exhibit for an aquarium. Help an oil finery reduce its toxic gas emissions.*** Stock a lake with

    asked by SkatingDJ
  73. Human Services/ University of Phoenix

    Identify three considerations that should be a part of a program and proposal pre-planning process of grant proposal writing. This is a generalized question, no particular grant application.

    asked by Vivette
  74. Algebra

    a rectangular lot whose perimeter is 1600 feet is fenced on three sides. An expensive fencing along the lot's length cost $20 per foot, and an inexpensive fencing along the two side widths costs $5 per foot. The total cost of fencing along the three sides

    asked by Micah
  75. Civics

    Which of the following groups may be legally restricted from exercising rights generally protected by the Second Amendment? Members of the armed forces Law-abiding citizens Law enforcement officers People who have previously been convicted of murder***

    asked by jeje
  76. Math

    -2x = -16

    asked by Daizey
  77. english - Compare and Contrast

    I would appreciate it if someone would be willing to look over my essay real quick. I just would like to know if I made any critical errors. Please do not correct them just point them out so I can fix it. Thank you very much. General instructions from my

    asked by Luis
  78. Physics

    A railroad car with a mass of 2.33 × 104 kg moving at 3.71 m/s collides and joins with two railroad cars already joined together, each with the same mass as the single car and initially moving in the same direction at 1.44 m/s.What is the final speed of

    asked by Chris
  79. math

    Jeremy says that the absolute value of 6 is he correct?explain

    asked by jacob
  80. Math

    In 8.061, what is the place value of 6?

    asked by Anonymous
  81. Math

    f(x)=x64-4x^2+k. Find the values of k so thath the zeros of f satisfy the specified charachteristics. a.four real zeros b.two real zeros, each of multiplicity of two c.two real zeros and two complex zeros d.four complez zeros a.I don't know if this range

    asked by Anonymous
  82. Math

    -2(k+1)>-16+5k My answer K

    asked by Tam
  83. Math

    Find the interval for b such thtat the equation has a t least one real solution. i. X^2+bx-6=0 ii. 2X^2+bx-7=0 iii. x^2+bx+3=0 iv. 3x^2+bx+5

    asked by Anonymous
  84. Chemistry

    If equal volumes of the following are combined, would they form buffered solutions? Why or why not? 1) .1M NaC2H3O2 and .1M HF 2) .1M HF and .05M NaF I'm am a bit confused about how I can figure out if these will form buffers or not, so I'd really

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Chemistry

    Calculate the change in pH if 10mL of 0.1M HCl is added to the buffer made by mixing 25 mL of 1.0 M CH3COOH and 25 mL of 0.5 M CH3COONa.

    asked by Lyca
  86. Physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the linear momen- tum for each of the following casesEarth (m = 5.98 × 1024 kg) moving with an orbital speed equal to 26200 m/s. Answer in units of kg · m/s.

    asked by Chris
  87. Physics

    Calculate the magnitude of the linear momen- tum for each of the following cases a) a proton with mass 1.67 × 10−27 kg mov- ing with a velocity of 6 × 106 m/s. Answer in units of kg · m/s.

    asked by Chris
  88. Civics

    Which of the following is true of the executive branch ? It can decide who gets to vote it can declare war it can decide if laws are constitutional it can conduct diplomacy***

    asked by jeje
  89. Chemistry re-post

    Consider the titrtation of 25.0mL of 0.0100M Sn2+ by 0.0500M TI3+ in 1 M HCL, using Pt and Saturated Calomel Electrodes to find the endpoint. F=96486.7 Cmol E0 Sn4+/Sn2+ =0.15V E0 TI3+/TI+ = 1.28 Esce = 0.241V R=8.3141 J K Mol (a) Write the balanced

    asked by James
  90. grade 7 math

    Uniform motion Related Problem Five boy scouts biked to Caliraya lake at 5 km/h. their scout master gave them a ride back home in his pickup car, at 20 kph. Find the hiking time if it 6 hors longer than their riding time.

    asked by Krystal
  91. Mathematics

    If alpha,beta,gamma,delta be the roots of the equation x^4-x^3+2x^2+x+1=0,find the value of 1. (2 alpha + 1)(2 beta + 1)(2 gamma + 1)(2 delta + 1) 2. (alpha square + 1)(beta square + 1) (gamma square + 1)(delta square + 1)

    asked by Bobo
  92. Civics

    A state has passed a law making it illegal for people to protest at the state capital building. You think this law is unconstitutional, but your state court system upholds it. What federal branch has the final say on whether your state law is

    asked by jeje
  93. grade 7 math

    Uniform Motion Related Problem A car travelling at 60 kph left town at 9:00 a.m. Another car travelling at 65 kph left the same place half an hour later to overtake the first. At what time did the second car overtake the first?

    asked by Krystal
  94. criminal justice

    Explain why a grand jury is used rather than the prosecutor simply issuing a criminal charge.

    asked by kirsten
  95. Criminal Justice

    Discuss whether or not a defense attorney and/or the defendant can address a grand jury and provide reasoning for why a defense attorney and/or the defendant would choose to attend or not attend the grand jury proceeding.

    asked by kirsten
  96. Biology

    You need to prepare 270ml of a 20% sucrose solution (w/v). Sucrose has a molecular formula of C12H22O11. How would you prepare this solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  97. math

    Maureen fills a cylindrical tin with sugar cookies for a gift. She plans to put a ribbon around the tin and then attach a bow onto the ribbon as shown in the illustration. The bow itself will take 15 inches of ribbon. If the diameter of the tin is 9

    asked by Irene Wu
  98. Criminal Justice

    Based on the evidence presented by the prosecutor and the finding of probable cause that a crime was committed, discuss the purpose of a grand jury issuing a true bill (criminal charge) or not.

    asked by kirsten
  99. grade 7 math

    Uniform Motion Related Problem Chester drove his car at 8:00 a.m. at speed of 45 km/hr. At 9:15a.m. Michael followed with his car. What should be Michael's speed so as to be able to overtake Chester at 1:00 p.m.? How far has Chester travelled when Michael

    asked by Krystal
  100. Criminal Justice

    1.) Provide all the procedural and substantive ways that a prosecutor and a defense attorney can resolve a case before it goes to a grand jury. 2.) Explain all the procedural and substantive dispositions of a case between a prosecutor and a defense

    asked by kirsten
  101. Biology

    You have been asked to make 200ml of 50% detergent solution (v/v). How would you do it?

    asked by Anonymous
  102. grade 7 math

    Uniform Motion Related Problem Two cars, 210 km apart, met each other in 2 hours. If one car travelled at 60 kph, at what rate did the second car travel?

    asked by Krystal
  103. Biology

    You need 25ml of 2% milk solution (v/v. How much milk and water will you need?

    asked by Anonymous
  104. ap calc

    integrate ((x^2-4)^2))^(1/2) Would the 2 and the 1/2 cancel

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Civics

    The 1st step in adding an amendment to the constitution is the amendment being? Sent to the state legislatures by the president Voted upon by the voters of the united states Proposed by a two-thirds vote of both houses of congress Passed by three - fourths

    asked by jeje
  106. grade 7 math

    Uniform Motion Related Problem Two cars starting from the same point travel in opposite directions. Car A travels at 80 kph and car B at 110 kph. After how many hours will the cars be 760 km apart?

    asked by Krystal
  107. grade 7 math

    Uniform Motion Related Problem Two planes leave an airport at 2 p.m., one flying south at 450 kph, the other flying north at 675 kph. At what time will they be 3 600 apart?

    asked by Krystal
  108. physics

    A 18 kg block is dragged over a rough, hor- izontal surface by a constant force of 131 N acting at an angle of 27 ◦ above the horizon- tal. The block is displaced 15 . 7 m, and the coefficient of kinetic friction is 0 . 125. The acceleration of gravity

    asked by allan
  109. Calculus

    Suppose bacteria is growing on a pizza that has been taken out of the refrigerator at a rate that is proportional to the number of bacteria. Suppose there were 50 bacteria when the pizza was removed from the refrigerator and one hour later there were 200

    asked by Ben Klotz
  110. Biology

    You have a bacterial suspension and you need to dilute it to 0.0010 of the initial concentration so that you can determine the number of colonies per milliliter. The volumes must be between 0.1 and 2 ml. Your final volume must be 1 milliliter.

    asked by Anonymous
  111. grade 7 math

    Uniform Motion Related Problem Jessie has a 15 km head start on Melvin. How long will it take Melvin to catch Jessie if the latter travels at 70 kph and the former at 100 kph?

    asked by Krystal
  112. Biology

    You have a stock solution of 100mg/100ml methylene blue and you need 6.0 ml of final solution at 2mg/100ml. Design a serial dilution using volumes between 0.1 and 10 ml. Final volume must be 6ml.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Science

    DNA can perhaps best be compared to a(n) A. secret code or B. electrical circuit

    asked by Student
  114. Calculus

    a student is drinking a milkshake with a straw from a cylindrical cup with a radius of 5cm. if the student is drinking at a rate of 3.5cm^3 per second, how fast is the level of a milkshake dropping?

    asked by Anonymous
  115. Chemistry

    Please help! If equal volumes of the following are combined, would they form buffered solutions? Why or why not? .1M HF and .05M NaF I'm am a bit confused about how I can figure out if these will form buffers or not, so I'd really appreciate it if someone

    asked by Anonymous
  116. grade 7 math

    Uniform Motion Related Problem Port A is 25 km downriver from port B. At noon a tugboat leaves port B and travels upstream at 15 kph. At 3 p.m. a hyrodrofoil leaves Port A travelling upstream at 50 kph. At what time will the hydrofoil pass the tugboat?

    asked by Krystal
  117. physics

    A submarine dives 196.0 m at an angle of 18.0 ◦ below the horizontal. What is the horizontal component of the submarine’s displacement? Use the coordi- nate system where positive x is to the right and positive y is up. Answer in units of m.

    asked by allan
  118. geometery Indirect Measurement

    For triangle MNP shown, find the value of x and the measure of each of the three angles.

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Civics

    The most important effect of the amendments that have been added to the Constitution since the Civil War has been that more people are eligible to become citizens more people are involved in the political process *** more people immigrate to the United

    asked by jeje
  120. Science

    How could genetic engineering of plants be useful to people? Give examples

    asked by Student
  121. physics

    A 30.0 kg block falls from a height of 30,4 m. assuming a closed system its speed just before hitting the ground is about?

    asked by Cherri
  122. Physics

    A speedboat moving at 29 m/s approaches a no-wake buoy marker 98.3 m ahead. The pilot slows the boat with a constant acceleration of -3.61 m/s2 by reducing the throttle. How long does it take the boat to reach the buoy? (in s)

    asked by Madison
  123. calc

    integrate (3+x)x^(1/2)dx=? please help I have no idea how to integrate this problem

    asked by Anonymous
  124. Geometry

    ABC= (5x+40) and BDC=ax what is the value of x

    asked by Ashley
  125. AP Calc

    find f(x), if f'(x)=2x-3 and the graph of y=f(x) contains the point (2,5).

    asked by Frank
  126. Physics

    A particle moves along the x axis. Its position is given by the equation x = 2.00 + 3.20t - 3.85 t2 with x in meters and t in seconds. Determine its position at the instant it changes direction. (in m)

    asked by Madison
  127. Chemistry

    If equal volumes of the following are combined, would they form buffered solutions? Why or why not? .1M HF and .05M NaF I'm am a bit confused about how I can figure out if these will form buffers or not, so I'd really appreciate it if someone could explain

    asked by Anonymous
  128. chem

    What volume of 0.0658 M calcium hydroxide is required to neutralize 45.10 mL of 0.0242 M nitric acid?

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Civics

    The Enlightenment thinkers led the Founding Fathers to believe that kings should have unlimited power over their subjects people should hold their governments accountable *** people should elect their kings there should be term limits on kings

    asked by jeje
  130. math

    Every night when Samantha came home from work she put any change she had in her pockets into a jar. One day she wanted to know how much change she had in her jar. She noticed that she had two more nickels than twice the number of dimes, and eight fewer

    asked by samantha
  131. physics

    A particle of charge +18.1C and mass 7.06 × 10-5 kg is released from rest in a region where there is a constant electric field of +414 N/C. What is the displacement of the particle after a time of 3.06 × 10-2 s? Please explain the steps, thank you.

    asked by S
  132. math

    integrate (Abs value(secx)^2/cscx)sinx dx

    asked by Anonymous
  133. statistics

    Would it be appropriate to use a random number table to select a digit for each blank square in sudoku

    asked by Venita
  134. English

    What do you think is meant by "linguistic playfulness" ?

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Science

    In the experiment water clock : what changes (independent variable) , how does it responds to the changes made(dependent variable), and what is being controlled (controlled variable). Pleas I really need this by today. And also my question for science fair

    asked by Daisy
  136. Math

    we have 2 coins: coin 1 comes up with the probability of tails of 2/3 while coin 2 comes up with the probability of tails of 1/3 you don't know which is which so you pick one up at random and flip it . If its tails, you guess that the coin you picked up is

    asked by Jake
  137. math

    examples that shows that N is not closed under subtration

    asked by michelle kasimo
  138. Chemistry

    A solution contains 1.694 mg of CoSO4 (MW 155.0) per mL. Calculate a) The volume of 0.008640 M EDTA needed to titrate a 25.00 ml aliquot of this solution. moles CoSO4 = 0.001694mg/ 155 g/mol = 1*10^-6 mol Moles EDTA = 1*10^-6mol/0.025L = 0.000436 mol/L (in

    asked by Sam
  139. health

    three information technology applications--clinical decision support systems--as components of QI management.

    asked by melanie
  140. history

    15. The Articles of Confederation called for which of the following? A. The right of the legislature to assess taxes B. The Northwest Ordinance C. A single legislative body D. A chief executive

    asked by jess
  141. Math

    How long will it take for the tub to completely empty with thte drain open and the water running at full speed? Given: it takes 20 minutes to fill the tub and 15 minutes to drain the tub when the water is on all the way, full speed.

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Chemistry

    A 0.200 g sample containing Cu is dissolved, and a diethyldithiocarbamate coloured complex is formed. The solution is then diluted to 50.0 mL and the absorbance measured as 0.260. A 0.500 g sample containing 0.240% Cu is treated in the same manner, and the

    asked by Kurt
  143. mathematics

    Arrange the following fractions in ascending order 7/15,5/12,3/7

    asked by Anonymous
  144. Earth Science

    1. What measurement best describes the results of a scientific experiment regarding distance? A. 57 miles B. 500 kilograms C. 523 inches D. 51 kilometers My answer is D. Am I correct?

    asked by Sarah
  145. Math

    Find inverse of f if f(x)= x^2-4x+3, (for x is smaller than and equal to 2). First prove that f(x) is one to one in the defined domain of f and then obtain the inverse function. I know how to find the inverse. We just switch x and y. so y=x^2-4x+3 becomes

    asked by Mahnoor
  146. Civics

    The English Bill of Rights drew on the ideas expressed in the Magna Carta by suggesting that the king was bound to the will of the people as well as the law allowing for the election, rather than the appointment, of the people’s representatives

    asked by jeje
  147. math

    the question says solve for x x+3/5+4x/15=x-7/3

    asked by maya
  148. arithmetic


    asked by Anonymous
  149. Civics

    According to the declaration of independence, from where do governments derive the right to govern? Themselves The creator*** Their family The governed

    asked by jeje
  150. statistics

    What is the chance of getting 50/% correct on a test with 20 questions, each question is either True or False. Assume you are blindly guessing and answer all questions

    asked by cdizzle
  151. Math

    Hi! Can someone help me with these? I'm suppose to verify each idenity. Thanks! 1.) 1/tanθ +tanθ=sec^2θ/tanθ 2.) secθ-1/1-cosθ=secθ

    asked by Lori
  152. mathematics

    If the sides of ∆ABC are 4,5 6 then prove that largest angle will be twice of smallest angle

    asked by rahul kumar
  153. alegebra

    A cup of coffee milk is 35% coffee syrup with a second cup of coffee milk that is 65% coffee syrup. How many kilograms of each cup of coffee milk must be combined to get 20 kilograms of coffee milk that is 41% coffee syrup

    asked by jaime
  154. SCIENCE

    1. An environmental engineer might (1 point) Create mathematical models of what may happen to global temperatures in the future. Build and maintain a marine exhibit for an aquarium. Help an oil finery reduce its toxic gas emissions. Stock a lake with

    asked by SkatingDJ
  155. Math

    what would the graph look like for the equation f(x)=ax+b/cx+d when a>0, b0, d

    asked by Anonymous
  156. School

    Psychologists are interested in people's behavior and their mental processes. Psychologists believe that:

    asked by Carol
  157. Algebra

    a round trip flight of 1037.5 miles takes 7 1/2 hours. The part of the flight with the wind takes 1 1/2 less than the other part of the trip. Find the speed of the plane in still air and the speed of the wind. I have no idea how to do, can u give me a lead

    asked by Niruuuu
  158. Biology

    Psychics and astrologers are characterized as:

    asked by Carol
  159. physics

    Shawn and his bike have a total mass of 57.1 kg. Shawn rides his bike 1.3 km in 14 min at a constant velocity. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . What is Shawn’s kinetic energy?

    asked by anthony
  160. Algebra

    a round trip flight of 1037.5 miles takes 7 1/2 hours. The part of the flight with the wind takes 1 1/2 less than the other part of the trip. Find the speed of the plane in still air and the speed of the wind I have no idea how to do this...a little bit

    asked by Niruuuu
  161. calc

    if f'(x)=3x^2-2x+1 and the graph of f(x) contains the point (2,2). find f(x). Please help I know I need to use integration

    asked by Anonymous
  162. ap calc

    If f(x)= (2x+7)^(1/2), where F'(X)=f(x) and F(1)=7, then F(x)=? I know I need to use integration but I do not know how to take the anti derivative of the equation

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Science

    How does cell differentiation connect to other branches of science or STEAM (science, technology, engineering, art, mathematics)

    asked by Anonymous
  164. Earth Science

    4. Which statement best describes an igneous intrusion? A. Magma is injected into surrounding rock forming an igneous intrusion. B. Magma explodes to the surface and forms a smooth outer layer of rock. C. Magma is exported to an open area and forms iron.

    asked by Sarah
  165. Math

    Yukio and his 5 friends want to keep in touch during winter vacation. If they each speak to everyone in their group once during the week, how many calls will be made?

    asked by Sandra
  166. Physics

    At highway speeds, a particular automobile is capable of an acceleration of about 1.52 m/s2. At this rate, how long does it take to accelerate from 74.0 km/h to 104.0 km/h? (in s)

    asked by Madison
  167. chemistry

    14/6 c has a half-life of 5600 years. An anyalsis of charcoal from a wood fire shows that 14c content is 25 per cent of living wood. how many years have passed since fire for the wood was cut

    asked by Victoria
  168. Math

    Hillside Little League has 12 teams. Each team plays each of the other team twice. How many games are played?

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Physics

    In coming to a stop, a car leaves skid marks 97.0 m long on the highway. Assuming a deceleration of 6.60 m/s2, estimate the speed of the car just before braking. (in m/s)

    asked by Madison
  170. Physics

    A stone is dropped from the top of a cliff. It hits the ground below after 3.12 s. How high is the cliff? (in m)

    asked by Madison
  171. math

    A survey of students determined that 14 drove to school, 28 took the bus, 8 walked, 35 shared a ride and 15 had another means of transportation to school. On a pie chart, the slice representing students who took the bus would be approximately _______

    asked by Anonymous
  172. US history

    Was Colorado Pro or Anti Slavery in the late 1800s?

    asked by Janey
  173. Civics

    "He has made Judges dependent on his will alone, for the tenure of their offices, and the amount and payment of their salaries" is one of the grievances listed in the Declaration of Independence? How does today's U.S government address this issue? by

    asked by jeje
  174. True or False?

    Sounds like an easy question but I just wanna be sure! :P Tides are caused by the force of inertia from the sun and moon acting on Earth. True or False? I think its false because its gravity not inertia.

    asked by Bella
  175. Physics

    A driver in a car traveling at a speed of 56.1 mi/h sees a deer 103 m away on the road. Calculate the minimum constant acceleration that is necessary for the car to stop without hitting the deer (assuming that the deer does not move in the meantime). (in

    asked by Madison
  176. Science

    Is "how did our planet form" a scientific question?

    asked by Anonymous
  177. Math

    List all of the quadrilaterals with exactly one pair of parallel sides. A. Parallelogram;trapezoid B. Rhombus;parallelogram;rectangle C. Trapezoid D. Rhombas;square;rectangle Is the answer B? Thank you

    asked by Callie

    A train travels 60 km at a constant speed of 40km per hour for 1.5 hours. Explain why the total distance traveled does not affect the speed?

    asked by MATHS SBA
  179. physics

    A car (mass = 750 kg) is initially moving with velocity 30 m/s. The driver slowly presses on the brakes and bring the car to a stop, traveling 50 m in the process. Calculate the force of friction between the car and the ground that brings it to a stop.

    asked by Cassie
  180. math

    James needs to bring his grade up to a B (80) in reading. What does he need to get on his next quiz? Quiz 1:77 Quiz 2:81 Quiz 3:74 Quiz 4:?

    asked by Sabrina
  181. chemistry

    In a soda acid fire extinguisher, concentrated sulfuric acid reacts with sodium hydrogen carbonate to produce carbon dioxide, sodium sulfate and water. How many moles of sodium hydrogen carbonate are produced from a reaction of 0.4 moles of sulfuric acid?

    asked by student_14579
  182. math

    Charlene is feeling a box planter with soil each bag of soil contains enough to fill 500 cubic inches at the base of the blocks planter is a 9 inch square and the sides are 18 inches tall how many bags of soil for growing need

    asked by mark
  183. calculus

    use a linear approximation to estimate (8.2)^(2/3)

    asked by Roger
  184. math

    When looking at a quilt pattern, how do you describe the minimum number of translation of a square A. There is 16 total squares.

    asked by Jill
  185. Civics

    If the president has vetoed a bill passed by congress, what can congress do about it? Appeal to the supreme court to override the president's veto *** Encourage the American people to vote that bill onto law at the next decision. Override the veto with a

    asked by jeje
  186. criminal law

    I am having a hard time understanding how to answer this question. Discuss whether or not a defense attorney and/or the defendant can address a grand jury and provide reasoning for why a defense attorney and/or the defendant would choose to attend or not

    asked by kirsten
  187. criminal law

    How does a prosecutor make the decision to charge someone?

    asked by kirsten
  188. SCIENCE

    An arrow is fired vertically up lands 8 seconds later.Find: [ A] Its maximum height. [B] Its initial speed.

    asked by WELDON
  189. math

    3 PART Claire and Malia are training for a race A)Claire runs 10 km in 1 hour. How many kilometers does she run in half an hour? In 2 1/2 hours? B)Malia runs 5 miles in 1 hour. How many miles does she run in half an hour? In 2 1/2 hours? C)On Tuesday,

    asked by kymy
  190. english

    What is the exposition in the book Poseidon's arrow?

    asked by cheri
  191. cardiorespiratory fitness

    The most common reason for dropping out of a cardio program is?

    asked by sid
  192. physical science

    a diagram to show the maximum and minimum resultants

    asked by masego
  193. Civics

    "Every bill which shall have passed the House of Representatives and the senate, shall, before it became law, be presented to the president of the united states: If he approval he shall sign it, but if he shall not return it, with his objections to that

    asked by jeje
  194. math

    Calculate the new coordinates of a block rotated about x axis by an angle of = 30 degrees. The original coordinates of the block are given relative to the global xyz axis system. A(1, 1, 2) B(2, I, 2) C(2, 2, 2) D(1, 2, 2) E(1, 1, 1) F(2, 1, 1) G(2, 2,1)

    asked by Goms
  195. computer graphics

    Write an OpenGL program that allows interactive creation of polygons via mouse input. That is, I click to create new vertices until I like the polygon, then make some indication (double click, right click, press a key, click a button; your choice) that

    asked by Sam
  196. Chemistry (Electrochemistry)

    Consider the titrtation of 25.0mL of 0.0100M Sn2+ by 0.0500M Ti3+ in 1 M HCL, using Pt and Saturated Calomel Electrodes to find the endpoint. F=96486.7 Cmol E0 Sn4+/Sn2+ =0.15V E0 TI3+/TI+ = 1.28 Esce = 0.241V R=8.3141 J K Mol (a) Write the balanced

    asked by James
  197. Chemistry (Error Propagation)

    Calculate, with uncertainty, and express with a reasonable number of significant figures. a) 5.4 (±0.2) – 3.7 (±0.4) = b) 6.84 (±0.04) × 0.7 (±0.04) =

    asked by Matt
  198. Analytic Chem

    You have a bottle labeled “53.4 (±0.4) % w/w NaOH” with a density of 1.52 (±0.01) g/mL. You use 16.7 (± 0.2) mL of the NaOH to prepare 2.00 (±0.02) L of 0.169M NaOH. Report the absolute error for the 0.169M of NaOH. You may assume negligible error

    asked by Anonymous
  199. Chemistry

    Perchloric acid, HClO4, is a strong acid. What are the pH values of the following solutions: a) 3 M perchloric acid b) 0.1 M perchloric acid c) 0.001234 M perchloric acid d) 10-5 M perchloric acid e) 10-9 M perchloric acid is the pH -log(conc. ?

    asked by Joshua
  200. Science, Chemistry

    2) Find the temperature at which air posses a density equal to that of hydrogen at 0°C. Density of air at STP is 14.4. Ans: 3658.2 °C.

    asked by Rajat
  201. Chemistry

    In water at 25°C, which of the following is the most basic solution? a) pH = 3 b) pH = 0 c) [OH-] = 10-13 M d) [H3O+] = 10-13 M My assumption is is OH- 10^-13, but I am not confident, is this some sort of trick question?

    asked by Daniel