Questions Asked on
January 16, 2015

  1. Language Arts-Poetry

    1. Which is the best example of the use of rhyme? A. the beat of the drum B. fresh green grass C. a wild little child*** D. the kindness of strangers 2. which of the following is always true about a haiku? A. it has one three-line stanza B. it has a

    asked by Fairypenguingirl
  2. Math to Ms.Sue (urgent )

    11.   Lorenzo has a checkbook balance of $118.00. He writes two checks, one for $9.00 and one for $84.25. He then deposits $95.00. Finally, he uses his calculator to determine his new balance. Which one of the following series represents the correct

    asked by Sarah
  3. Physics Class

    A 0.140-kg baseball is pitched horizontally at 36.7 m/s. When a player hits the ball, it moves at the same speed, but in the opposite direction. If the bat and the ball are in contact for 0.450 ms, calculate the average force the bat exerts on the ball.

    asked by JLW Physics
  4. Math to Ms.Sue

    1.   The Hamilton Brush Company issued 2,500 shares of common stock worth $100,000.00 total. What is the par value of each share?      A. $25.00 B. $400.00 C. $250.00 D. $40.00 My choice is either A C or D? I divided 100,000.00 by 2,500 and got

    asked by Sarah
  5. Science

    A basketball momentarily changes shape as it bounces off the floor. This is due to balanced forces acting on the ball. True False Is the answer False? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  6. Science

    The rock cycle suggests that A)rocks are always added to Earth's mass. B)rocks are continuously being recycled into different forms. C)rocks disappear from Earth as they go underground. D)rocks always stay in the same form. My answer is A... is that

    asked by Channy-Boo
  7. calculus

    What is the instantaneous slope of y =8/x at x = -3? What is the average rate of change of y with respect to x over the interval [-3, 4] for the function y = 2x + 2? The surface area, S, of a sphere of radius r feet is S = S(r) = 4πr2. Find the

    asked by Jack P
  8. Science

    A ball slowing down as it rolls across a carpet is an example of A. Balances force. B. Friction C. Interia D. Zero net force Is the answer B? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  9. calculus

    The surface area, S, of a sphere of radius r feet is S = S(r) = 4πr2. Find the instantaneous rate of change of the surface area with respect to the radius r at r = 2. (4 points)

    asked by george
  10. english

    A subordinating conjunction usually introduces a(n) _____. adjective clause adverb clause noun clause prepositional phrase

    asked by angela
  11. 7th grade math

    Can you check the following? 10. A store pays $10 for a bracelet, and the markup is 115%. A customer will also pay 5 1/2% sales tax. What will be the total cost of the bracelet to nearest cent? t = 1.15 x 10 t = $11.5 (markup price) t = $10 + 11.5 t =

    asked by Alexis
  12. Calculus

    A rectangular box has a square base with an edge length of x cm and a height of h cm. The volume of the box is given by V = x2h cm3. Find the rate at which the volume of the box is changing when the edge length of the base is 10 cm, the edge length of the

    asked by Kate
  13. chemistry

    identify the type of reaction that occurs between potassium carbonate and nitric acid

    asked by Morgan
  14. Spanish

    Please check my answers. Cambie las oraciones de la voz activa a la voz pasiva. Ponga atención al contexto para determinar si el verbo debe ser pasado, presente o futuro. Voz activa: El oficial verificará mi pasaporte. Voz pasiva: Mi pasaporte

    asked by SHari
  15. calculus

    If f(x) = ι(x2 - 8)ι, how many numbers in the interval 0 ≤ x ≤ 2.5 satisfy the conclusion of the mean value theorem? (4 points) Three Two One None

    asked by george
  16. Math

    A blue rope is three times as long as a red rope. A green rope is 5 times as long as the blue rope. If the total length lf the three ropes is 508.26 meters, what is the length of the blue rope?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. chemistry

    calculate the mass of sodium chloride produced when 5.50 moles of sodium reacts in excess chlorine gas.

    asked by Yari
  18. Algebra 1, need help!

    What is the algebraic expression for the following word phrase: the product of 5 more than x and 6? A. 4(x+6) B. 6(x+4) C. 6+(x+4) D. 6-(x+4) evaluate x/y for x=2/3 and y=6/7 A. 7/9 B. 8/10 C. 9/12 D. 12/21

    asked by Abby
  19. Literature

    I need help with the meter of this poem: Wild Nights -- Wild Nights! Were I with thee Wild Nights should be Our luxury! Futile -- the Winds -- To a Heart in port -- Done with the Compass -- Done with the Chart! Rowing in Eden -- Ah, the Sea! Might I but

    asked by Daniella
  20. Social Studies

    Which of the following has the greatest impact on human settlement in Iraq? a. oil resources b. mountainous terrain c. coastal lands d. fresh water sources

    asked by Please Help
  21. calculus

    If f(x) is differentiable for the closed interval [-3, 2] such that f(-3) = 4 and f(2) = 4, then there exists a value c, -3 < c < 2 such that (4 points) If f(x) = ι(x2 - 8)ι, how many numbers in the interval 0 ≤ x ≤ 2.5 satisfy the conclusion of the

    asked by calc
  22. Chemistry

    write 2-3 sentences describing and identifying the type of chemical reaction that occurs when Fe^2+ reacts with potassium permanganate and specifying the type of solution required for the reaction to occur I don't know what type of reaction this is or what

    asked by Morgan
  23. social sudies understanding culture

    I need help like right now It was only after the _______ _______ that people started gathering in larger groups and formed more complex institutions A)industrial revolution B)agricultural revolution C)iron age D)technological revolution

    asked by SMA
  24. L.A.

    Think about the work you completed in your reading character role. Determine the ideas that would be most worthy to share in a literary discussion about Johnny Tremain. Provide an explanation for your choices. How did the role you selected and the work you

    asked by L.A. Johnny Tremain
  25. Social Studies

    What is the Empty Quarter? a. an oasis b. a desert c. a mountain range d. a tectonic plate

    asked by Please Help 7th Grade
  26. Math/physics

    This is my last problem. Please help! A motorcycle rider starts out on top of a ramp 10 m high and then rides down and jumps the motorcycle when he comes to the end of the ramp (like evil knivel). The rider is at the peak of his jump at 5 m. How fast is

    asked by Jeff
  27. Physics

    A boat crosses a river of width 115 m in which the current has a uniform speed of 1.84 m/s. The pilot maintains a bearing (i.e., the direction in which the boat points) perpendicular to the river and a throttle setting to give a constant speed of 1.1 m/s

    asked by Maddie
  28. statistics

    In a class of 100 students, 30 are computer science majors, 49 are mechaincal engineering majors, 13 are civil engineers and the rest are general engineering majors. Assume students only have one major. If a student is chosen at random what is the

    asked by Phil
  29. Math

    Find an expression for the function whose graph is the given curve. The top half of the circle x^2+(y-4)^2=4

    asked by TayB
  30. math

    rodeo performer spins a lasso in a circle perpendicular to the ground. the circle has a diameter of 118cm. she starts with the knot at the lowest point which is at 90 cm above the ground, she spins the lasso and .5 seconds later the knot is at the highest

    asked by alyssa
  31. Math

    Given that a cylinder has a volume of 1200cm^3, what is the volume of a cone that has the same height and same radius as the cylinder? explain your reasoning

    asked by missy
  32. Math

    A Norman window has the shape of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle. If the perimeter of the window is 26 ft, express the area A of the window as a function of the width x of the window.

    asked by TayB
  33. another speed

    At 10:00 AM Two planes leave an airport. If the northbound plane flies 280 mph and the sound bound at 320 mph, at what time will they be 1000 miles apart? I need help with explanations the questions keep changing :(

    asked by Rells
  34. add more plz

    How do the principles of wisdom, moderation, and justice apply to your rights and responsibilities as a citizen?For instance, I consider the fact that as an educated citizen of the U.S., it is my responsibility to be tolerant of others, and to fight for

    asked by historyhelp?
  35. meeting and chasing problem

    Amy and Beth live the same place which is 10 miles from the grocery store. Amy gets in her car and drives to the store at 30 miles per hour. At the same time Amy starts driving, Beth starts walking toward the store at 3 miles per hour. Amy spends 1 hour at

    asked by Rells
  36. MATH

    a rodeo performer spins a lasso in a circle perpendicular to the ground. the circle has a diameter of 118cm. she starts with the knot at the lowest point which is at 90 cm above the ground, she spins the lasso and .5 seconds later the knot is at the

    asked by Al
  37. english grammar

    what type of subordinate clause is this and how is it introduced? "Don't go out to jog until you finish your homework."

    asked by angela
  38. Math, Quadratic Functions

    Eighty metres of fencing are available to enclose a rectangular play area. Determine the dimensions that will enclosed the maximum area. What is the maximum area?

    asked by Sharon
  39. Geometry

    Write a proof. 1. Prove: If the diagonals of a parallelogram are perpendicular, then the parallelogram is a rhombus. 2. Prove: If the diagonals of a parallelogram are congruent, then parallelogram is a rectangle.

    asked by Jess
  40. SS

    Governments must provide some goods and services because? A Producers cannot limit who uses them. B Only some people wish to use them. C Private companies are unable to make them. D Consumers distrust private suppliers of them.

    asked by Zaire
  41. chemistry

    The level of water in an Olympic size swimming pool (50.0 meters long, 25.0 meters wide, and about 2 meters deep) needs to be lowered 3.2 cm. If the water is pumped out at a rate of 5.0 liters per second, how long will it take to lower the water level 3.2

    asked by Grayson
  42. Math

    a bathroom floor is covered by 15 tiles. each tile measures 18 in. by 18 in. how many floor tiles measuring 6 in. by 6 in. would be needed to cover the same area?

    asked by Melissa
  43. Math

    Kelly and Sally both set off at 8 :30 am for Town P, 180 km away. Sally arrived at 100:30 am, ahead of Kelly. If Kelly traveled at a speed which was 10 km/h slower than Sally, the Kelly would have arrived in Town P at ________ PM.

    asked by factions
  44. Coeakwanga

    Giving the following progression. 4,6,8,10 and then find a)10th,b)11th,c)26th

    asked by Musa
  45. Math

    Miguel is 5 feet 10 inches tall. On a sunny day he casts a shadow 4 feet 2 inches long. At the same time, a nearby electric tower casts a shadow 8 feet 9 inches long. How tall is the tower? How do I set this up into ratios to figure out the tower height?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math help

    1. 5/3+(-1/5) a. -22/5 b. -22/15 c. 22/15** d. 28/15 2. Which property is illustrated by the statement? (3+2.8)+5=3+(2.8+5) a. Commutative Property of Addition b. Commutative Property of Multiplication c. Inverse Property of Multiplication d. Associative

    asked by karly
  47. Math

    Peter and Paul are heading towards the same destination 25 km away. Peter walks at 5 km/h while paul cycles 4 times as faster. If both start off from the same place at the same time, Paul will arrive _______ hours earlier than Peter. Express your answer to

    asked by factions
  48. trigo

    A 50 m tree casts a shadow of 60 m . Find the sun's angle of elevation at that time.

    asked by dimwit
  49. maths

    An isosceles right triangle has a hypotenuse of 18m. Find the other two sides?

    asked by Pooja
  50. physics

    Please someone should help me with this. An elastic material has a length of 36cm when a load of 40N is hung on it and a length of 45cm when a load of 60N is hung on it. The original length of the string is ?

    asked by jake
  51. statistics

    Use the given information to find the minimum sample size required to estimate an unknown population mean μ. How many commuters must be randomly selected to estimate the mean driving time of Chicago commuters? We want 99% confidence that the sample mean

    asked by Sarah
  52. Math

    The speed of sound in air at sea level at 32 degrees Fahrenheit is 1088 ft/s. If that represents only 22.04% of the speed of sound in ice-cold water, what is the speed of sound in ice-cold water, to the nearest whole number? what i did: 22.04/100 = 32/x i

    asked by Katy
  53. physics

    the brakes of a car provide an acceleration of -5.0 m/s^2 . how long will it take for a car traveling at 20.0 m/s to stop ?

    asked by lili
  54. Math

    you must cover the entire bathroom floor with tiles. each tile measures 1 ft. x 1 ft. You will need an extra 5% of tiles to account for waste. How many tiles will you need to purchase for the project? The floor measures 5ft. x 7ft.

    asked by Jamie
  55. math(5th grade)

    sixteen teams compete in a single elimination basketball tournament (one loss and you're out). How many games must be played to determine a champion?

    asked by ary
  56. History,tourism,consumer studies,maths lit

    I have passed my matric this year but i stiil don't know which career should i follow plz help

    asked by Bongo nokubeka
  57. Maths

    The first, third and ninth terms of an arithmetic sequence form the terms of a geometric sequence. Find the common ratio of the geometric sequences. a, a+2d, a+8d a+2d/a = a+8d/a+2d ?

    asked by Michael
  58. Math

    Evaluate the difference quotient for the given function. Simplify your answer. f(x)=1/x, (f(x)-f(a))/(x-a)

    asked by TayB
  59. English

    I need help with 2 questions for this poem: Hear, nature, hear; dear goddess, hear! Suspend thy purpose, if thou didst intend To make this creature fruitful! Into her womb convey sterility! Dry up in her the organs of increase; [5] And from her derogate

    asked by Annie
  60. math proportional relationships

    Help me please I am stuck on these proportional relationships. I have 10 of them I can not figure out. I have tried over and over again and can not seem to understand them is there a way I can upload them here for help.

    asked by auntnace
  61. MATH

    The length of a rectangle is 13 inches greater than its width,its perimeter is 8 feet.Find its dimension

    asked by RUSTOM
  62. algebra

    the picture will be hung on a wall where the distance from the floor to ceiling is 8 feet. The center of the picure must be 5 1/4 feet from the floor. Determine the distance from the ceiling to the top of the picture frame.

    asked by Anonymous
  63. Chemistry

    How to make 100 mL of 100mM of Tris HCl and 100 mL of 100mM of Tris Base. Follow the pH of the resulting combined solution as it is heated from 0 to 50 degrees Celsius.

    asked by Charlotte
  64. To nina -- English

    Please post your own questions as new questions, not as replies to other students' questions.

    asked by Writeacher
  65. Mathematics

    Deternine the formula of the nth term of the sequence if the sum of the second and sixth terms of an arithmetic sequence is 4.the third term is 24 more than the leventh tern

    asked by Rabelani
  66. Constutional Law

    I have two question i am having trouble with! and explain 3 elements that must be considered before drafting language to amend the U.S Constitution? I came up with: The action being taken The necessity of said action The intent of the amendment i

    asked by breeamberr
  67. Legal writings an Introduction to law firm

    The __________ section of the trial memorandum is comparable to the discussion section of an internal memorandum. A. argument B. issues presented C. statement of facts D. conclusion issues presented =) Confusion please help

    asked by Hitomi
  68. trigonometry

    An airship has an altitude of 800 m , in a distance, a village is seen with an angle of depression 12 °. Find the distance of the airship from the village..

    asked by dimwit
  69. science

    What are some arguments against extending human life? Please describe at least one objection and one objection from your research and experience.

    asked by Maria
  70. A big thank you to Ms.Sue☺

    Ms.Sue thank you so much for taking your time and helping me through today.God bless you for your help to students and me:)  What type of stock receives an equal part of the profits on each share to be distributed after all other obligations of a company

    asked by Sarah
  71. Psychology

    If science depends on observation of empirical data, how can social scientists study nonobservable phenomena, such as thought patterns or imagery?

    asked by Ann
  72. math

    Michaela makes original stationary to give away as gifts. She likes to put a small bow in the corner of each card. She purchased a piece of ribbon that was 3 1/4 ft long. She can make each bow out of 1/3 ft of ribbon. Which equation would be used to show

    asked by Jonathan
  73. algebra

    Hi I need help with this question please. The base salary for a job is $3,000 per month. For each full year a person holds the job the salary increases by $300 per month. A) Write as a function where x is years worked and y is the total monthly salary.

    asked by Jenny
  74. Algebra 1

    Simplify mn^-4/p^0 q^-2 My answer is mq^2/n^4

    asked by Steve
  75. physics

    Please how do i solve this? A body of mass 36kg falls through a viscous liquid which offers a drag of 260N on the body. The upthrust on the body at terminal velocity is?

    asked by jake
  76. algebra

    find three factorizations for the monomial 72x^8 72x^8 is 12x^4 * ?

    asked by slomo
  77. English

    *Dickinson looking timidly too fearful to look up at this man questioning her about her seclusion* Please reword this for me.

    asked by Morgan
  78. math

    john calls his dad every 3 days. Katie calls every 4 days. Jamie calls every 6 days. once in every ________ days, all three will call on the same day.

    asked by guddi
  79. Economics

    What is the best way to learn and understand Economics?

    asked by Remington
  80. Business Law

    International Online is an internet service provider. One of it's subscribers posted a defamatory comment regarding another subscriber on its site and as a result defamed subscriber filed suit against the other subscriber and IO. The Court had to determine

    asked by MA
  81. math

    you must apply two coats of paint to the walls of the bathroom. the door and the window will not be painted. determine the total area to be painted (accurate to 5 decimals) and how many cans of paint will you need to purchase if one can covers 100 ft^2?

    asked by melissa3219
  82. math

    how many positive whole numbers smaller than 2003 have 2 as their first digit and 1 as their last digit

    asked by alexis
  83. Math

    Estimate 12 1/2% of 57

    asked by Katy
  84. science

    a box weighs 200 N. If you push on the box with a force of 15 N and the box does not move, how much work did you do? A) 0 J B) 15 J C) 15 N or D) 3000J

    asked by jill
  85. Pre-Calc

    Through how many radians does a circle of radius 1 foot rotate if it rolls 10 feet down the road?

    asked by Steven
  86. Math

    Suraya has x apples and 8 oranges.How many apples and oranges does Suraya have altogether?Give your answer in terms of x.

    asked by Niki
  87. math

    Good evening. I do not know how to solve this kind of problem. Could someone help me. Find both x-intercept and the y-intercept of the line given by the equation for 2.4x+2.9y+6.4=0 Thank you for your kindness.

    asked by mary ann
  88. Math, Quadratic Functions, Max/Min Word Problems

    Two numbers have a sum of 72. What is their product if it is a maximum?

    asked by Sharon
  89. Algebra 1

    Simplify 5^-1(3^-2) My answer is 1/45

    asked by Steve
  90. fractional parts of a number

    Malcom has 200 coins.If one-fourth of coins are dimes and one-tenth of the remaining coins are pennies, how many pennies does Malacom have?

    asked by mia
  91. trigonometry

    Umm..Im having trouble with solving word problems that involves application of solving right triangles, and also in bearing.. Well, particularly in the drawing/sketching, you know when I don't even know that the triangle described in the problem is not a

    asked by nutshell
  92. speed

    2 rockets are launched. The first one travels 9000 mph. 15 Minutes later the second launched at 10000 mph. What is the distance at wich both rockets are an equal distance from earth?

    asked by Rells
  93. algebra

    Like Terms and Degree Identify the degree of each term of each polynomial. Then find the degree of the polynomial xy^3 + 7x^3y^2 - 6xy^4 + 2

    asked by Liamz
  94. French

    Bonjour! Are the following examples les adjectifs de nationalite? 1. en + pays feminin --> Exemple: en Chine 2. au + pay masculin --> Exemple: au Canada 3. aux -> aux Etats-Unis (Used for territories/provinces/states if I am correct...) 4. a + ville --> a

    asked by Lucina
  95. math

    What is 10/21x 12/1y + -3

    asked by BIG BOOTY
  96. algebra2

    what is the excluded value? y^2-y+5 --------- y+4

    asked by angela
  97. Health

    Can a girl take a pregnancy test 5 days before her missed period? And when is the best time for her to take the test?

    asked by Michael
  98. health

    Which cells identify as the ones most likely to hold the key to increased human longevity and vitality and how might this work? Describe one alternative to cloning

    asked by Linda
  99. health

    What are some arguments against extending human life? Please describe at least one objection and one objection from your research and experience.

    asked by Marie
  100. science

    Which cells identify as the ones most likely to hold the key to increased human longevity and vitality and how might this work? Describe one alternative to cloning

    asked by Marie
  101. life


    asked by ananamose
  102. Finance

    A bond that has a $1,00 par value (face value)and a contract or coupon interest rate of 10.1 percent. Interest payment are $50.50 and are paid semiannually. The bonds have a current value $1,125 and will mature in 10years. The firms marginal tax rate is 34

    asked by Patty
  103. algebra

    What is the excluded value? _A__ b-2

    asked by angela
  104. religion

    After doing istikharah prayer,some ulama believe that one should open his heart to Allah and feels what his heart tells what he should do.On the other hand some ulama believe that one should just do what he intended to do before making the istikharah. If

    asked by fnatasha3
  105. math

    A square + b square

    asked by samson
  106. Legal writings an Introduction to law firm

    If you, a paralegal, have missed a filing deadline with the court, you should: A. handle the matter yourself as best you can. B. call the law firm's office manager to try to get the court to stay open later. C. notify your supervising attorney immediately.

    asked by Hitomi
  107. Social Studies

    1. What causes severe weather in the state? * Warm and cold air fronts collide Low elevations cause lower air pressure Shorter cold season Lack of natural bodies of water Question 2.2. In what year were the borders of Oklahoma finalized? 1805 1865 1896*

    asked by SKI
  108. SCIENCE

    From the following data ,calculate the percentage of KCl in sample of chloride weight of the sample 0.1865, volume of AgNOS required 26.50mL and Ag of AgNO3 =0.008700gram

    asked by NELLY
  109. math

    Sin theta equals 5/12 in quadrant, find the exact value of cos 2theta. I'm not sure how to solve this question, I need some help.

    asked by alyssa
  110. Math to Ms.Sue

    Ms.Sue may you please check my answers down below?

    asked by Sarah