Questions Asked on
January 13, 2015

  1. Health

    the heart is composed of how many loops

    asked by Elizabeth
  2. MATH

    describe how the graphes of y=/x/ and y=/x/-15 are related A:the graphs have the same shape.The y-intersept of y=/x/ is 0, and the x-intercept of the second graph is -15 B: the graphs have the same y-intercept. the second graph is steeper then y=/x/ C:the

    asked by SkatingDJ
  3. Chemistry

    The overall reaction in a commercial heat pack can be represented as shown below. 4 Fe(s) + 3 O2(g) 2 Fe2O3(s) ΔH = -1652 kJ How much heat is released when 4.00 mol iron is reacted with excess O2? How much heat is released when 1.00 mol Fe2O3 is produced?

    asked by Anonymous
  4. algebra

    In 2009, a diabetic express company charged $38.85 for a vial of type A insulin and $30.49 for a vial of type B insulin. If a total of $2004.96 was collected for 60 vials of insulin, how many vials of each type were sold?

    asked by Liamz
  5. Math

    You answered 85% of the questions on the quiz correctly. What fraction of the questions did you answer correctly?

    asked by Zero
  6. chemistry

    The percentage yield for the reaction PCL3+Cl2-->PCL5 is 83.2%. What mass of PCL5 is expected from the reaction of 73.7g of PCL3 with excess chlorine?

    asked by Brennan
  7. Math

    Find the lateral area of the cone. Use 3.14 fo pi and round result to the nearest whole unit. radius: 15cm Side unit: 28cm Please help!! A) 1,319 cm squared B) 2,639 cm squared C) 707 cm squared D) 2,026 cm squared is the answer B?

    asked by Help PLEASE

    six neighbors share 4 pies equally. how much of a pie does each get? three brothers share 2 sandwiches equally. how much of a sandwich does each brother get?

    asked by jenny
  9. Science

    Kilometers per hour describes the speed of an object. True False Is the answer True? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  10. Science

    2. Which of the following reference points would allow you to observe the speed of a car that you are traveling in? A. An airplane flying acroos the sky. B. A car traveling next to you at the same speed you are traveling. C. A car traveling next to you at

    asked by Callie
  11. speech

    Which element includes logos, ethos, and pathos? (5 points) rhetorical devices thesis statements theme statements purpose statements

    asked by cnapppy
  12. Health

    if you catch a cold which component of blood do you rely on to help attack the virus that has invaded your blood stream

    asked by Elizabeth
  13. math

    A motorist does the first part of the journey at an average speed of 54 km/h. He then increases his speed to 60 km/h for the rest of the journey. if he travels 225 km in 4 hours, what is the distance traveled for the first part of his journey????

    asked by Berry
  14. math

    A test of 60 minutes contains questions on mathematics and english only. the time taken to solve a mathematics question is twice the time taken to answer an english question and the ratio of time taken to solve all mathematics questions to time taken to

    asked by nisha
  15. Math

    Juan bought two new tires for his bike. He also had the bike tuned up. The total bill was $65. How much did Juan spend on the 2 tires? My daughter thinks just divide by 2 and they are 32.50

    asked by gail
  16. Language Arts Ms. Sue??

    This is a question about the book Johnny Tremain. Which of the following is part of the novel's rising action? A. Johnny's growing role in delivering messages and acting as a spy for the Whigs B. Dr. Warren's imminent surgery on Johnny's hand C. the battle

    asked by Amy
  17. Math

    Of the vehicles on the road, 1/2 are cars and 1/8 are motorcycles. What fraction of the vehicles are not cars or motorcycles?

    asked by Ram
  18. math

    find the measure of an angle if it is 6 degree less than twice its complement with solution pls.

    asked by Sooyoung
  19. History

    Which of the following describes the main reason the Spanish conquistadors needed Native American slaves? A. They needed help to find gold and send it back to Spain. B. The Native American slaves aided them with their tobacco crops. C. The Spanish wanted

    asked by Amy
  20. english

    It SHUSHES It hushes The loudness in the road. It flitter-twitters, And laughs away from me. It laughs a lovely whiteness, And whitely whirls away, To be Some otherwhere, Still white as milk or shirts, So beautiful it hurts. Does the poet’s use of

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  21. english check answers

    And a pain still throbs in the old, old scars - alliteration And the faint perfume from its chalice steals--personification Till its blood is red on the cruel bars;- repitition When the wind stirs soft through the springing grass, -personification simile

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  22. math

    Problem: A ball is dropped from the top of a building that is 250 feet tall. The height h of the ball in feet after t seconds is modeled by the function h = -16t2 +250. How long will it take for the ball to reach the ground? Round your answer to the

    asked by michelle
  23. Math

    ling has 4m pounds of flour. she buys another 2 packages of flour, each weighing m pounds. how much pounds does ling have in terms of m

    asked by Arvin
  24. algebra

    One evening 1500 concert tickets were sold for the Fairmont Summer Jazz Festival. Tickets cost $25 for covered pavilion seats and $20 for lawn seats. Total receipts were $35,000. How many of each type of tickets were sold? Let x equal the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Math

    Example of a real-world relationship where there is no clear independent or dependent variable.

    asked by Alexis

    in a car, you drive from your home 4 km to the gas station, 8 km to the shopping mall to let your mother off, and 8.9 km back home. The trip takes 20 min. What is your velocity? So I got 17.4 m/s but my teacher told me that the velocity is actually 0 m/s,

    asked by Sara
  27. science

    which statement is true about the following molecule

    asked by kayli
  28. Science

    a common recessive trait in dogs is deafness. homozygous line of normal-hearing dogs was crossed with a homozygous line of deaf dogs. F1 and F2 generations were produced. What % of F1 generation is expected to have normal hearing? What is a phenoeyeic

    asked by Dakota
  29. Math - Ratio

    A map scale is 1:10,000. Find the actual distance in centimetres represented on a map by 5cm. Convert your answer to metres and kilometres.

    asked by Jeff
  30. Math

    Q. Russell was scheduled to leave on his vacation when a major snowstorm came through and canceled three-fourth of the flights out of the airport. There were 496 flights scheduled for that day. How many flights were able to leave the airport? - A. Do I

    asked by Destinee
  31. Finite Math

    The quantity demanded x of a certain brand of DVD player is 3000/week when the unit price p is $485. For each decrease in unit price of $20 below $485, the quantity demanded increases by 250 units. The suppliers will not market any DVD players if the unit

    asked by Anna
  32. Math

    A flagpole casts a shadow of 23.5 feet the same time of day, Ana, who is 5.5 feet tall, casts a shadow that is 7.5 feet long. How tall in feet is the flagpole?

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Grade 12 Physics

    A rocket ship is moving away from the earth after having been fired from a launch pad in Florida. At what point above the earth's surface will the force of gravity be reduced to ½ of its original value? ------------------ Prior to this question I was

    asked by Ian
  34. Math

    Samuel has read 5/6 of his assignment. Judy has read 10/12. Of her assignment. Who has read more and why?

    asked by Jada
  35. math

    A piece of wire 34 cm long is cut into two parts. One part is to twice as long as other. how long is each part? solution pls..

    asked by Tiffany
  36. physics

    Calculate the force of gravity on a 16 kg mass at Earth's surface. The mass of Earth is 6. 1024 kg, and its radius is 6.4 106 m.

    asked by Maddie
  37. english check answers

    Here’s a quick biography of how I came to be, 1 the junior lead detective !@#$%^&searches fearlessly. 2 The probability, I find, is just as good as coincidence 3 that I’ll find some hidden mystery by watching some events. 4 This vocation, fair and

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  38. english

    Please someone check my answers. 1. Works such as "To Build a Fire" Naturalist writers such as Jack London advocated: -trusting entirely in the wisdom and ingenuity of human beings. -*respect for the power and wildness of the natural world* -remaining

    asked by ski
  39. math - pls check!!!

    Write an equation in point-slope form for the line that passes through one of the following pairs of points (you may choose the pair you want to work with). Then, use the same set of points to write the equation in standard form and again in

    asked by SkatingDJ
  40. trigonometry

    From the top of the waterfalls, the angles of depression of the foot and the top of the tree are 39° and 24° , respectively. If the tree is 3 m from the foot of the waterfalls, how high is the waterfalls??

    asked by yop
  41. Spanish

    We have to sell it to her. 19. Tenemos que vendér BLANK. 20. BLANK tenemos que vender.

    asked by Anonymous
  42. math

    A bag contains the following marbles:6 red,4 orange,3 yellow,2 blue and 5 green. You choose a marble at random and do not replace it. Then you select another marble. P(red,then blue)3/95 P(orange,then blue) 2/95 P(blue,then yellow) 3/190 P(red,then yellow)

    asked by kennedy
  43. Chemistry

    #6. If 10.0g of Aluminum carbonate(s) decomposes to produce aluminum oxide(s) and carbon dioxide(g), how many grams of CO2(g) are formed? If 5.00g is recovered experimentally what is the % yield?

    asked by Jefferson
  44. math

    The electricity that powers our appliances is converted from many sources of energy. About 5/10 is made from coal, about 2/10 from natural gas, and about 2/10 from nuclear power.About how much of our electricity comes from sources other than coal, natural

    asked by Samuel Reingold
  45. statistics

    a statistics instructor collected data on the time it takes the students to complete a test. the test taking time is uniformly distributed within a range of 35 minutes to 55 minutes. determine the standard deviation, what is the probability a particular

    asked by sam
  46. art

    help me please! i think its b but i wanna know for sure! what characteristics of surrealism help to communicate a dream-like state? A. the use of only cool colors to create many moods b. the use of imagery that could not exist in the real world c. the use

    asked by I am awesome
  47. physics

    A quarterback threw a football at 27 m/s at a certain angle above the horizontal. If it took the ball 3.3 s to reach the top of its path, how long was it in the air? s

    asked by mathew
  48. english

    Write a narrative essay that ends with 'once beaten, twice shy'

    asked by david
  49. math

    Mr ram has five sons ajay,balu,charan,easwar and ganesh. He had some chocolates with him which he distributed in the following manner. Twice the number of chocolates received by ajay, thrice the number of chocolates received by charan and four times the

    asked by nisha
  50. 5th grade math

    Julian wants to put a border around two sides of his rectangular shaped garden. he has a 12 foot piece of lumber that will be cut into 1/3 foot pieces. how many 1/3 foot pieces can Julian cut from the lumber? 12 divided by 1/3

    asked by Joe
  51. Math

    On a winter's day, 9 degrees Fahrenheit is th highest temperature recorded. Which inequality represents the temperature, t, in degrees Fahrenheit, at any time on this day?

    asked by Asya
  52. english

    select the sentence that is punctuated correctly.

    asked by cady
  53. algebra

    In a certain year, brand A of a heart-rate watch cost $35.77 and brand B cost $56.77. A non-profit community health organization purchased 35 heart-rate watches for use at a wellness center. If the organization spent $1504.95 for the watches, how many of

    asked by Liamz
  54. math

    Shannon says my apartment number is a prime number. Which could be Shannons apartment number? 15 31 or 44 explain answer

    asked by malik
  55. Pre-Calc/Trig

    write an equation of the conic section: a hyperbola with vertices (0,-6) and (0,6) and asymptotes y=(3/4)x and y=(-3/4)x

    asked by Anonymous
  56. English

    Get an education, or you are doomed to flip greasy burgers for the rest of your life! Which propaganda technique is used in this sentence?

    asked by Anonymous
  57. algebra 1

    A very old vending machine accepts only nickels (n) and dimes (d). Candy costs up to $0.50, but sometimes the machine will dispense candy without any coins being inserted into the machine. Which inequality shows all of the ways to obtain a candy bar from

    asked by will
  58. math

    which equation is the equation of a line that passes through (-10 3) and is perpendicular to y=5x-7 y=5x+53 y=-1/5x-7 y=-1/5x+1 y=1/5x+5 pls help? thanks

    asked by SkatingDJ
  59. Chemistry

    How many grams of water are produced when 10.0g of Butane, C4H10(g) completely combust with 2.50 moles of Oxygen gas?

    asked by Jefferson
  60. accounting

    All-American Sports can purchase sneakers for $450 per dozen less trade discounts of 14/12 from Ideal Shoes. Fancy Footwear is offering the same sneakers for $435 less trade discounts of 18/6. Which supplier offers a lower net price?

    asked by hanan
  61. Science

    If I push a book 1.5 m across the table using a constant for of 10 N, how much work do I do on the book?

    asked by Cameron
  62. Physics

    The rate of motion of the earth at its equator is about 1,038 mi/h because of its rotation. From this information, estimate the earth's circumference using an order-of-magnitude estimate.

    asked by Robby
  63. math

    Jamal made a list of fractions and asked Will to find the fraction written in simplest form. Which fraction should Will choose? 1/8, 3/89, 9/18, 6/10?

    asked by danielle
  64. English

    type the word that the underlined phrase modifies or renames. -The car, A RELIC OF THE SIXTIES WITH RUSTED PANELS, ran better than it looked. *car*

    asked by ski
  65. math

    Make the sum of the numbers across equal the sum of the numbers down. 7 5 1 9 3

    asked by daishon
  66. physics

    find the resultant force 10N and 20N acting at 30¡ã

    asked by htet aung
  67. Math

    Jay's term paper is 18 pages long. If Madison's paper is 175% of the length of Jay's paper, find the length of Madison's paper.

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Chemistry

    How many grams of water will be produced in the complete combustion of 20.0g of Octane, C8H18(g) and 50.0g Oxygen gas?

    asked by Jefferson
  69. Chemistry

    A 10.00mL sample of 0.02141mol/L potassium iodate was treated with excess iodide ion and titrated with sodium thiosulfate. If 32.33 mL of a Na2S2O3 solution was requried to reach the colorless endpoint (after addition of starch indicator) , what molarity

    asked by Arielle
  70. math

    What is the next number in the pattern 4, 9, 25, 49, 121, 169, ___

    asked by king
  71. english 4

    Critical Reading Identify the letter of the choice that best completes the statement or answers the question.The excerpt from Midsummer, XXIII, primarily concerns A. race riots in England. B. the failure of Shakespeare’s drama in modern times. C. the

    asked by stephanie
  72. Math

    Alan rode his bike 2.6 miles from home to the park . He rode 6.03 miles to the park. Then he rode back home along the original route. How many miles did Alan ride in all? Is this correct 13.83 miles?

    asked by Amy
  73. algebra

    Translate to a system of equations but do not solve. One canned juice drink is 20% orange juice; another is 10% orange juice. How many liters of each should be mixed together in order to get 10L that is 13% orange juice? How many liters of the 20% orange

    asked by slomomo
  74. Math

    Elizabeth took 13 minutes less than twice as long as Heather to solve the puzzle if their total time together was 23 minutes who took less time to solve the puzzle? How much less?

    asked by Zack
  75. statistics

    Statistics students were asked to go home and fill a 1-cup measure with raisin bran and to tap the cup gently on the counter 3 times to settle the contents. Then, if necessary, add more raisin bran to bring the contents exactly up to the 1-cup line. Once

    asked by joe
  76. Math

    It takes Jaiden 5 and 3/4 hours to do her homework each week. It takes her 2 and 3/4 hours to complete her science and 1 and 1/2 hours to complete her math homework. How long does it take her to complete Social Studies homework? Use the numbers and

    asked by Teresa
  77. physics

    An object is moving so that its kinetic energy is 198 J and the magnitude of its momentum is 13 . 1 kg · m / s. Determine the speed of the object. Answer in units of m / s.

    asked by Daniel
  78. Chemistry

    Lead(II) carbonate decomposes to form Lead(II) oxide and carbon dioxide. If 5.oo grams of the reactant decomposes to produce 1.52 grams of Lead(II) oxide experimentally, what is the theoretical yield and percent yield.

    asked by Jefferson
  79. Math

    Me. And Mrs. Jefferson have a total of $5170 in the bank. At the end of the month, mr. Jefferson deposits $450 into his account, and news Jefferson deposits $626 into her account. They now have an equal amount of money in their accounts. How much money did

    asked by Ramas
  80. maths

    a hemispherical tank full of water is emptied by a pipe at the rate of 25/7 litres/second.How much time will it take to make the tank half empty,if the tank is 3 metres in diameter?

    asked by shilpi
  81. algebra

    a store mixes red fescue worth $10 per pound and ryegrass worth $14 per pound. The mixture is to sell for $13 per pound. Find out how much of each should be used to make a 228-pound mixure

    asked by slomomo
  82. science

    Which systems move the human body? I heard there were the skeletal, nervous, and muscular system. ??

    asked by anonymous
  83. pre-calculus

    The passenger capsule at the very top is 135 meters above the ground. The diameter is 120 meters? How high is the center of the ferris wheel?

    asked by keli
  84. science

    homozygous line of normal-hearing dogs was crossed with a homozygous line of deaf dogs. F1 and F2 generations were produced. What percent of F1 generation is expected to have normal hearing? What is a phenoeyeic ratio of the F2 generation?

    asked by Anonymous
  85. Physics

    a wire 100 cm long and 0.2 cm in diameter is suspended from a support. a 10 kg mass is hung from the lower end of the wire. a find the stress b find the strain c young's modulus of elasticity

    asked by Charlotte
  86. chemistry

    A sample of oxygen at 24.0 degrees celcius and 99.3 kpa was found to have a volume of 455 ml. How many grams of O2 were in the sample?

    asked by nicole
  87. Karen Myer

    Which cells identify as the ones most likely to hold the key to increased human longevity and vitality and how might this work? Describe one alternative to cloning that the authors mention

    asked by Science
  88. Algebra

    3 pounds of squash and 2 pounds of eggplant cost $2.85. The cost of 4 pounds of squash and 5 pounds of eggplant is $5.41. What is the cost of each pound? 3p + 2e = $2.85 4p + 5p = $5.41 Answer? .58 cents a pound

    asked by HELP!
  89. Math - Trigonometry

    You are riding the ferris wheel at the Montgomery County Fair. The wheel has a diameter of 36 feet and travels at a constant rate of 3 revolutions per minute. A car at its lowest is 4 feet above the ground. Write a sine function to describe the

    asked by tina
  90. math

    For a carnival game, a cube is rolled.Each of its six faces has a different color. To win,you must select the color rolled.Find the probability of playing the carnival game twice and winning both times. B.suppose for the game,you choose red and your friend

    asked by koko
  91. Math

    David has a rectangular backyard and built a right triangle sandbox in the backyard. The cost of the sand is $5.50 per square foot and the border of the sandbox is $3.00 per linear foot. What was the cost of the materials of the sandbox?

    asked by I need help with Math
  92. Algebra

    A family buys 4 hamburgers and 3 orders of fries for $8.40. Another family buys 5 hamburgers and 2 orders of fries for $9.10. What is the cost of each? 4h + 3f = $8.40 5h + 2f = $9.10 Don't know how to solve

    asked by HELP!
  93. math

    A piece of wooden rod 31 cm long is to be cut into three parts, two of which are to be of equal length. the length of each of the two equal part is 5 cm longer than third part. find their lengths. solution pls.

    asked by Taeyeon
  94. Business Law

    The question is, States in which property accumulated during marriage is considered equally owned by both spouses are known as: A. no-fault jurisdictions B. joint custody jurisdictions C. equitably property jurisdictions D. community property jurisdictions

    asked by Tine
  95. algebra

    An image is 16 in. by 20 in. You want to make a copy that is similar. Its longer side will be 38 in. The copy costs $6.00 per square inch. Estimate the copy's toal cost. Explain.

    asked by Deezy
  96. english

    choose the label that best describes the underlined word group. -The chilly campers huddled together BY THE FIRE. adjective phrase appositive phrase *Adverb phrase* misplaced modifier

    asked by ski
  97. algebra

    My math problem is -2(2+3)-2k = -2-4(2+2) My answer is k=20 is this answer correct.

    asked by Jovice
  98. Psychology

    A researcher strongly believes that physicians tend to show female nurses less attention and respect than they show male nurses. She sets up an experimental study involving observations of health clinics in different conditions. In explaining the study to

    asked by Margaret
  99. physics

    he rear window in a car is approximately a rectangle, 1.28 m wide and 0.160 m high. The inside rear-view mirror is 0.590 m from the driver's eyes, and 1.59 m from the rear window. What is the minimum height of the rear-view mirror if the driver is to be

    asked by Arial
  100. Physics

    An artillery shell is fired at an angle of 67.4◦ above the horizontal ground with an initial speed of 1860 m/s. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . Find the total time of flight of the shell, neglecting air resistance. Answer in units of min

    asked by Beth
  101. Stat

    Blossom’s Flowers purchases roses for sale for Valentine’s Day. The roses are purchased for $10 a dozen and are sold for $20 a dozen. Any roses not sold on Valentine’s Day can be sold for $5 per dozen. The owner will purchase 1 of 3 amounts of roses

    asked by Amir
  102. algebra

    In a cetain year, solar and wind energy generation totaled 1034 trillion Btu's. Wind generated 53 trillion Btu's more than eight times that generated by solar energy. How much was generated by each source?

    asked by Liamz
  103. Chemistry

    Write the reduction half reaction for the redox reaction below. ClO-(aq) + I-(aq) => Cl-(aq) + I2(s) Is I- being reduced since Cl is losing an O?

    asked by Meghan
  104. math

    Jill has a total of 12 1/2 hours of football practice after school five days a week. a. How many hours of practice will he have for 15 school days? I think the answer is 37 1/2 hours. b. How many hours of practice will he have for 22 school days? I think

    asked by Anonymous
  105. ECE 203

    What is a great succinct introducation for assessment data to guide practice

    asked by Janet
  106. Math

    The 80 8th graders took a trip. The boys numbered 16 fewer than twice the number of girls. How many of the eighth graders are girls?

    asked by Zack
  107. physics

    polonium(212) alpha particle have kinetic energy of 8.776 MeV. assuming the mass of the alpha particle to be 6.67*10^-27 kg, calculate their velocities?

    asked by sumra
  108. math

    Mr. Jenkins is going to buy museum tickets for a class trip. The museum director quotes him the following prices: • 20 tickets cost a total of $250. • 30 tickets cost a total of $375. • 50 tickets cost a total of $625. a. Based on these prices, is

    asked by Anonymous
  109. math

    each side of equilateral triangle is 5 cm shorter than the side of square. the sum of the perimeters of the two figures is 251 cm. how long is each side of the triangle? solution pls.

    asked by Seohyun
  110. english 4

    In “The Rocking-Horse Winner,” what does Paul keep hearing the house whisper? A. “Your mother does not love you!” B. “There must be more money!” C. “You must leave while you can!” D. “Your luck will change!”

    asked by stephanie
  111. English

    Score 1. Choose two of the scientists you read about in the Stories of Scientists unit. Compare and contrast these scientists. Answer this question in no fewer than two paragraphs. Be sure to include specific details about each scientist’s life, career,

    asked by Ty
  112. algebra

    Annie is two years more than three times as old as her son, Jared. If the difference between their ages is 26, how old are Annie and Jared?

    asked by Tony
  113. algebra

    Sharon has 24 colored paper clips in her desk drawer:12 are red, 8 are yellow, and 4 are blue. She also has 28 pushpins in her drawer: 11 are white, 14 are orange, and 3 are green. 1. If she picks one paper clip, what is the probability that it will be

    asked by kennedy
  114. legal research writings&

    Which of the following legal publications is NOT typically updated with pocket parts? a) Legal encyclopedias B) Legal dictionaries C) Digests D) Treatises Book Legal Research and Writing for paralegals by pamela R. Tepper and Neal R. Bevans I already found

    asked by Nisha
  115. Math

    what is the slope of the line that passes through the points (1,3) and (5,-2) -5/4 - -5/4* -4/5 - -4/5 please help me someone thank you!

    asked by ski
  116. algebra

    Solve the given system by the substitution method. 3x + y = 17 5x -2y = 10

    asked by Anonymous
  117. math

    If the width of the image is 5 inches and the width of the preimage was x. What is the scale factor and center of dilation at the origin

    asked by rai
  118. Algebra

    Someone bought 7 ears of corn and 6 oranges for $3.66. At the same time a second person bought 10 ears of corn and 3 oranges for $3.39. Find the price of each. Answer: oranges would be .78 cents and corn would be .41 cents each

    asked by HELP!
  119. Chemistry

    Write the balanced half reaction for the reduction and oxidation reactions for the redox reaction: 2 Mg (s) + O2 (g) -> 2 MgO (s) Notice: for this question you do not have to include a charge of zero and you do not have to include the states. Below is an

    asked by Meghan
  120. algebra 2

    A nurse must careful not to inject a drug too quickly into a patient's IV. If the drug is injected at maximum rate of 0.04cc per second, and the total amount to be injected is 25cc. create an equation that tells the amount injected as a function of time in

    asked by Tina
  121. English

    okay I'm a little lost on this one :/ which choice correctly completes the sentence? -Gently, they ______ the tiny eggs back in the nest. *set had setted sat had sat(this one looks like it could work too) how do I know if the sentence is in present or past

    asked by ski
  122. Math

    1400= 2/5x X= 7000 I took 1400 times 5

    asked by Sierra
  123. Math

    Math question is combining like terms then simplify. 3 3 6b - 2b+2b+2b -b 3 My answer is 4b -b

    asked by Jovice
  124. Algebra- Middle

    My math question ask is 1/3(x-9) = 2x+7 greater than or less than 4/3(x+4)= -4x. The problem (1) answer = 6. Problem (2) answer = -1. Therefore problem (2) is less than problem (1). Are the answer to the equations correct. Sincerely

    asked by Kyle
  125. english

    The sun beat down so hard it burnt his back, His feet ate the dust as he ran the endless track, The wind gave him wings and the miles flew by, He was gunning for gold, for victory he’d die. Critics had a field day when he entered the arena, They could

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  126. algebra

    Solve using the substitution method. -8x + y = 18 9x + 13y = 8

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Math

    How to simplify (x-3)/(2x) - (4x + 3)/4?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. math pow

    there are about 20 potatoes in a five pound bag and restaurant uses about two potatoes per order of french fries how much money does the restaurant taking on a day that they use 400 pounds of potatoes

    asked by santina
  129. math

    You are installing a new deck around your pool. The pool is rectangular with the dimensions 8m by 4m. The deck will surround the pool and will have a width by 2m. How much security fencing is required around the deck.

    asked by tali
  130. English

    what kind of complement is the underlined word? Have you called COACH MCQUEEN, Sally? Indirect object* direct object predicate nominative predicate adjective

    asked by ski
  131. Algebra 1

    Simplify -(14x) to the 0 power y to the -7 power z

    asked by Steve
  132. Algebra

    These are the three questions that I'm struggling with. Question 2 is a matter of terminology. Questions 1 and 3 are just difficult for me to decipher through and are causing me some confusion. (The initial set of directions apply to each question). 1.

    asked by Elizabeth
  133. chemistry

    I want to boil 25c, 50c, and 75c to 100c but I don't have a thermometer. I did 0c which was 1.42 but I can't do the others.

    asked by Lewis
  134. math

    Bo asked Luke to guess what month and day of the week he was born. If all things are considered equal, what is the probability that Luke guessed the month and the day of the week correctly.

    asked by cassidy
  135. Math

    Line "a" passes through points with coordinates (-3,5) and (0,0) and a line "b" passes through points with coordinates (3,5) and (0,0). Explain how you would determine whether lines a and b are parallel perpendicular or neither

    asked by M
  136. physics

    An ambulance is going away from me @ 40mph with a siren @ 1000Hz.Will I heat a higher or lower frequency

    asked by Jill
  137. grammar

    okay I'm a little lost on this one :/ which choice correctly completes the sentence? -Gently, they ______ the tiny eggs back in the nest. *set had setted sat had sat(this one looks like it could work too) how do I know if the sentence is in present or past

    asked by ski
  138. phi103

    Every major religion advocates kindness and helping the poor. It’s clear that these are core human values. True or False: The statement, “Every major religion advocates kindness and helping the poor,” is a premise.

    asked by meghan
  139. AP Phsychology

    Why and how do memories change over time?

    asked by Sara
  140. Chemistry

    A strip of zinc medal weighing 2.00 grams is placed in an aqueous solution containing of .750M Tin(II) nitrate. Determine the grams of tin metal that will be precipitated.

    asked by Jefferson
  141. English

    1. She has flown on three shuttles. The shuttles were Discovery, Atlantis, and Columbia. 2. She was the first woman to earn the Congressional Space Medal of Honor. This award is given by the President of the United States. I'm writing with nouns and have

    asked by Hayden
  142. Catch-22

    Hello! I need some help with this question regarding the novel "Catch-22": Which of the following is something that Yossarian does not understand about the war? A.They keep blowing up the enemy, but they gain no ground. B.People who have never met him are

    asked by Daniella
  143. math

    If you flip a coin twice, what is the probability that a head or a tail will land up on the first flip. Express your answers as a percent.

    asked by pierre
  144. Physic

    A proton is shot into an electric field of magnitude 1x10^4 NC^-1.if the velocity of the proton as it enters the field is 1x10^6 ms^-1 and is perpendicular to the field,determine the magnitude and direction of the velocity in 2 seconds of motion in the

    asked by Syam
  145. 7th grade LA

    Can you check the following? Add a comma if needed to words in () in following sentences. 1. She was a (beautiful gentle) woman. Ans: beautiful, gentle 2. "Come now", said Scully sharply to the (three seated) men, "move up and give us a chance at the

    asked by Alexis
  146. Math

    A rectangle has a length of 10 3/16 inches and a width oh 6 7/8 inches. What is the perimeter of the rectangle?

    asked by Dm
  147. Chemistry (Chromatography)

    Comment on the order of elution of the following solutes in (a) normal phase and (b) reversed phase liquid chromatography. Give reasons why. Solute X - non-polar Solute Y- Polar, a dipole Solute Z - Polar, more polar than solute Y I understand that

    asked by Joshua
  148. math

    the length of a rectangular mirror is 12 cm longer than its width. find its dimensional if its perimeter is 60cm.

    asked by Jessica
  149. algebra

    If you make 10monthly withdrawals instead how much can you withdraw each month? Inc. Expenses SEPTEMBER 1,250. -1,250 OCT. 3,200. -2,550 NOV. 4,250. -3,570 DEC 2,530. -2,840

    asked by tanishia
  150. math

    the side of an equilateral triangle measures 5 cm more than the side of a square. if both their perimeters are the same, what are their sides?

    asked by Yuri
  151. math

    According to the 2003 U.S. Census, approximately 129 million americans spend 3.4% of a 24-hour day commuting. How many minutes a day does a person in this group spend commuting?

    asked by Anonymous
  152. math

    There is a plane on top of a triangle with angles of 40 degrees and 80 degrees. The 40 degree angle is on the bottom left and the side opposite is Y. The 80 degrees angle is on the bottom right and the side opposite is X. So... What is X and what is Y?

    asked by johny
  153. algebra

    solve the system of equations using the substitution method 8x - 9 = y, y - 8x = 4

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Creative Writing

    ( I have to do either a creative or personal response to a visual. I have chosen to do a personal response in the form of an essay. Obviously, I can't show the visual but I can describe it: A man in a swimsuit is jumping out of rough cliffs ( not in focus)

    asked by Lucina
  155. Algebra 1

    (-m) to the-3 power n if m =2 and n = -24

    asked by Steve
  156. US History

    1. How and why was Lee thought to be so critical to the Confederate effort? 2. What about his family, upbringing, and past military roles would help him achieve as a general during the Civil War? 3. How would he be seen by his soldiers and how did their

    asked by Ashton
  157. Math

    Given f(x)=-2-3x-x^2 , find f(1+k)

    asked by John
  158. Engineering

    What part does gravity play in the function of the water clock? .I kind of don't understand this question. All I need is a better understanding

    asked by Daisy
  159. Math

    Find the perimeter of a rectangle that has a length of 24 feet and a width of 16 feet. Use the formula P=2L +2w

    asked by Amy
  160. physics

    masses of 3,5,7,8 kg are suspended at equal distances of 1 m from rod.Find the CG of the arrangement.

    asked by Anonymous
  161. science

    Can you explain to me what happens to the energy when you do work? thanks

    asked by mei
  162. math,trigonometry

    how do i state the law of sines and cosin in words ??

    asked by Anonymous
  163. math

    a 33 long rod is to be divided into three parts, each of which is progressively longer than the next part by 2 cm. how long is each part? solution pls.

    asked by HyoSun
  164. algebra

    If you make 10monthly withdrawals instead of 4 month withdrawals, how much can you withdraw each month? Inc. Expenses SEPTEMBER 1,250. -1,250 OCT. 3,200. -2,550 NOV. 4,250. -3,570 DEC 2,530. -2,840

    asked by tanishia
  165. Math MIddle

    2 2x6 - 26/2 My answer is 72-13=59

    asked by Zion
  166. math please help ASAP

    There is a plane on top of a triangle with angles of 40 degrees and 80 degrees. The 40 degree angle is on the bottom left and the side opposite is Y. The 80 degrees angle is on the bottom right and the side opposite is X. So... What is X and what is Y?

    asked by johny
  167. Legal Research Studies

    Which of the following services is only available on LexisNexis? A. KeyCite B. WestCheck C. LOCATE D. FOCUS I believe the answer D.

    asked by Nathan
  168. Help!


    asked by Rian
  169. Algebra

    4x-1+3=4x My answer is -5 4x-1+3x=4x 3x+4x 8x-1 = 4x-8 -1 = -4x -1-4 = x -5 = x Am I correct

    asked by kyle
  170. algebra

    solve the system of equations using the substitution method 8x - 9 = y y - 8x = -4

    asked by Anonymous
  171. algebra

    you drain a 200 liter aquarium at consant rate of 20 liters per mintue what is independent quantity and dependent ? draw a graph showing the independent quantity on the axis and dependent quantity on the y -axis .

    asked by dara
  172. Chemistry (Chromatography)

    In elution chromatography (Ion-exchange) outline the order of elution for the following cationic species: Cu2+, Fe3+, Ag+ and Na+? I understand it has to do with polarity, but in which sense i.e does the least polar/most polar species elute first? Thanks

    asked by Joshua
  173. science

    What is Eugenics and what were the goals and policies of the American Eugenics movement?

    asked by jennifer
  174. SS

    Why do less than half of the people in Russia possess a TV/radio?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. Math

    What is the area of a quadrilateral with sides 24 and 40 and a shared angle of 135 degrees ? Thank you

    asked by johny
  176. Algebra

    The question in my math book is 1/3(x-9) = 2x +7 My answer is x = 7 Is this a correct answer.

    asked by Constance
  177. algebra

    solve for x using the substitution method -8x + y = 18, 9x + 13y = 8

    asked by Anonymous
  178. Math

    My math question is 1. 2x6squared - 26/2 72-13 = 59 2. 1/3(x-9) = 2x+7 is -11 Am I correct. Thanks

    asked by Contance
  179. Law / Legal

    many attorneys pose issues beginning with the word: a. "here" b. "now" c. "whether" d. "whatever" I think it's C

    asked by Anonymous
  180. Math

    Jeffrey biked to the store at 12 miles an hour but took his time on the way home going 8 miles an hour. If it took him 20 minutes to get to the store, how many minutes did it take him to get back?

    asked by Zack
  181. Science

    Describe genetic engineering on a cellular level. In other words, what exactly takes place during genetic engineering that inserts a trait into an organism that did not have that trait before? Give an example

    asked by Shannon
  182. Calculus II Help Please

    Only question I can't do on the assignment In pharmacokinetics the area under the graph of the drug concentration function with respect to time can be used to determine the total amount of the drug absorbed (the area is actually proportional to the amount

    asked by Anonymous
  183. Math

    How to find the perpendicular line of y=1/3x-2

    asked by M
  184. science

    Which product we will get on reduction of ethanol?

    asked by sanjay
  185. Math

    My math problem is combining like terms then simply. 3 3 6b - 2b + 2b + 2b -b Answer is (b)

    asked by Mark
  186. MATH

    What is the area of a quadrilateral with sides 24 and 40 and a shared angle of 135 degrees ?

    asked by skyler
  187. Calculus 1

    Write a function that has two infinite limits at two different x-values. Write a function where both one sided limits exist at some x value but the two sided limit do not. I don't understand how this would look, please help!

    asked by Roger
  188. Science

    In the past, what makes someone or a group of people considered to be "unfit" members of society?

    asked by John
  189. science

    In the past, what makes someone or a group of people considered to be "unfit" members of society?

    asked by Dawn
  190. Linda

    What are some arguments against extending human life? Please describe at least 1 concern and 1 objection from your experience.

    asked by Science
  191. math

    a rectangu7loar field is to be enclosed with exactly 240 meters of fencing materials. if the length is 8 meters more than the width, find the dimensions of the field with solution pls.

    asked by Yoona
  192. Math

    I'm stuck on this problem about percentages, I don't know what to do 8 9/25 as a percentage

    asked by Zero
  193. calc

    Is the matrix 6 0 0 5 a linear combination of the matrices 1 0 0 1 and 1 0 0 0 ? how do you figure this out?

    asked by sam
  194. math

    how do you find the area of 7.3+13=?

    asked by alyssa
  195. Algebra 2

    The value of (a−1)+a2−b21−ab+2(a−b)2b when a = 2 and b = -1 is

    asked by Italy