Questions Asked on
January 9, 2015

  1. Geometry

    52. Complete two column proof. Given: x/6+2=15 Prove: x=78 x/6+2=15 A:______ x/6=13 B:______ x=78 C:_______

    asked by Barbie
  2. Math

    Which of the following is another representation of the polar coordinate -9, -90 degrees? Is it 9,270 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Math

    Write 5+7+9+11+13+15+17 in sigma notation.

    asked by Todd
  4. Math 6 help

    The length of a puppy on a scale is 6 cm. If the scale is 1:9cm, what is the actual length of the puppy? 14cm 54cm 48cm 15cm

    asked by Rose 11
  5. Intro to computers

    You are shopping for a new computer. You see the memory listing as 1GBX4. What does that mean?

    asked by Reguna
  6. History

    Who started the cold war? truman or stalin? 3 reasons why? my work: Many historians believe that Harry Truman was the one who started the cold war. There is no specific event that led to the cold war but the war mainly broke out because the US and the

    asked by History
  7. Math 6 help

    The city recreation department is planning their program for next year. They will conduct a survey to determine which sports they should offer. Which question would be beset for the survey? Do you want to play soccer next year? Are you a good basketball

    asked by Rose 11
  8. Biology check please

    1. Who most influenced Darwin's idea that life could change slowly over a long period of time? (1 point) Malthus Hutton and Lyell Lamarck livestock breeders and farmers 2. Who most influenced Darwin's idea that some offspring are better suited to survival

    asked by kat
  9. Math

    You want to make an investment in a continuously-compounding account over a period of three years. What interest rate is required for your investment to double in that time period? Round the logarithm value and the answer to the nearest tenth. is it 2.3

    asked by Anonymous
  10. math

    The price of a radio was reduced by sh. 630. This represented a 30% discount. What was the price of the radio after the discount?

    asked by kgk
  11. math

    The price of a radio was reduced by $630. This represented a 30% discount. What was the price of the radio after the discount?

    asked by kiko
  12. Chemistry

    a solution of HCL is approximately 0.1M and has to be standardized . 1.234g Na2CO3 are dissolved to make 100ml of solution. 20mL of this solution are titrated with the HCL solution, requiring 31.3mL for the second equivalence point. what is the exact

    asked by Joshua
  13. U.S History

    1. Which of these was a precedent that George Washington set? (5 points) a)constitutional amendment process b)formal presidential dinners c)singing of the national anthem d)use of a presidential cabinet 2. "The time for the new election of a citizen to be

    asked by ~Eun Woo~
  14. Calculus

    Evaluate each telescoping sum: 1) Sum from i = 1 to 100 of (5^i - 5^(i-1)). I know that I could apply the (n(n+1))/2 summation rule to the 5^i part of the question and then plug in 100, but I am unsure what to do for the second half --> -5^(i-1)! Thank you

    asked by Lucy
  15. english

    She folds some of the clothes she has already ironed, and crosses to the bed with them.” What impression do we get of the character in the above stage directions? She is bored with her current circumstances She is too busy to worry about housework She is

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  16. Math

    Find the quotient of the following expression: 7(cos 5pi/6 +isin 5pi/6) / -2(cos pi/2 +isin pi/2) I got -7/4+ 7 square root 3/4 i. Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. CAL

    Consider the function y = 3x^5 – 25x^3 + 60x + 1 Use the first or second derivative test to test the critical points. How many relative maxima did you find? I got this as the derivative; 15 (4-5 x^2+x^4) And I got 4 relative maxima.

    asked by Jamie
  18. Math

    Determine if the function f(x) is the simplified form of g(x). If it is, state the non-permissible values. If it is not, determine the corrected simplified form, including the non-permissible values. (2 marks - show your work)

    asked by Alex
  19. Marh

    The sum of five and eight times a number is the same as sixty plus three times the same number. What is the number?

    asked by KoalAa
  20. Math

    Determine if the function f(x) is the simplified form of g(x). If it is, state the non-permissible values. If it is not, determine the corrected simplified form, including the non-permissible values. (2 marks) - Show your work g(x)=(2x^2-7x+3)/(x-3)

    asked by Alex
  21. math

    Fifteen people working at the same rate would complete some work in 10 days. How many days would 6 people need to complete the same work?

    asked by kiko
  22. Math

    (8.86 + 1.0 * 10^-3) / (3.610 * 10^-3) Calculate the above formula, expressing the answer in scientific notation with the correct number of significant figures: 8.86 + 1.0 * 10^-3 = 8.86 + 0.0010 = 8.8610 = 8.86. 8.86/(3.610 * 10^-3) = 2454 2.454 * 10^3

    asked by John
  23. science

    A quantity of steam (750 g) at 122°C is condensed, and the resulting water is frozen into ice at 0°C. How much heat was removed?

    asked by lo
  24. Math

    The value of a particular investment follows a pattern of exponential growth. You invested money in a money market account. The value of your investment t years after your initial investment is given by the exponential growth model a=2600e^.08t. How much

    asked by Macy
  25. math

    In a cupboard there are pencils, rulers and books. The number of pencils is 15 more than that of rulers. The number of books is three times that of rulers. If the number of pencils is p, which one of the expressions below represents the total number of

    asked by king
  26. physics

    weight of a person in newton on mars who weigh 882N on earth ( g = 9.8m/s^2). weight of person on earth who weighs 333N on mars.

    asked by Anonymous
  27. math

    Radii of two circles are in the ratio of 2/3. Find the ratio of their circumferences

    asked by Raj Alexander
  28. History help!!!

    What are the benefits of drilling for crude oil, or petroleum, in the US and Canada?

    asked by Anonymous
  29. For All Your Help!

    I just wanted to say thanks for all of the help that you guys gave me. Especially Ms.Sue!! she's been a GREAT help with me and probably to all of you guys as well, so thank you guys!. :)

    asked by Channy-Boo
  30. English

    If you are said to have blank, then you are full of energy, or the breath of life. What is the blank?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. 7th grade LA

    Can you check these and let me if reason correct also? Choose the correct prounoun. 1. Each of the suspects had (his, their) own alibi. Ans: his (because each is singular) 2. Jeff and Isabel planned (his and her, their) wedding. Ans: their (because subject

    asked by Alexis
  32. Math

    What is the smallest integer that can possibly be the sum of an infinite geometric series whose first term is 9? Please explain in steps.

    asked by Jenny
  33. math

    Roger ran for 1 hour 15 minutes at an average speed of 12 km/h. How many meters did he run?

    asked by factions
  34. math

    In a cupboard there are pencils, rulers and books. The number of pencils is 15 more than that of rulers. The number of books is three times that of rulers. If the number of pencils is p,write the equation to represents the total number of items in the

    asked by king
  35. science

    Which of the following is true? ( a ) when plant is kept in sunlight ,photosynthesis and cellular respiration occurs. ( b ) when plant is kept in sunlight ,only photosynthesis occurs (c ) when plant is kept in dark place ,photosynthesis &cellular

    asked by sanjay
  36. Math

    Find the following product -5(cos pi/3 +isinpi/3)*2(cos pi/6+ isin pi/6' I got 10i. is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    Express -5(cos pi/2 +isin pi/2) in rectangular form. I got -5i. Is this correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  38. Math

    1. Using the following system of equations : 4x +2x = 6 2x + y= 3 A: Find the solution(s) algebraically showing all work (4 pts) B: State whether it is independent consistent, dependent consistent, or inconsistent. (2pts) C: Demonstrate how to check the

    asked by Cookie_Monster_
  39. Math

    You earn $29,500 a year plus 4.1% commission on all sales. Last year you had $128,500 in sales. How much did you earn last year?

    asked by Asjd
  40. Social Studies help

    1. Which consumers in Canada and United States use coal? 2. What products are made with using coal? 3. Is coal a natural resource? Yes

    asked by dav
  41. math

    Ron ran 450 meters round a trak in 3 minutes. What was his average running speed in km/h?

    asked by factions
  42. LA - 1 question

    which of the following passages from the text suggests that johnny is becoming less self centered? (chapter 8, Johnny Tremain) 1. Johnny liked the old woman all the better that in the end she had been unable to see a consider master..humiliated, tossed

    asked by SkatingDJ
  43. physics

    a horse pull a barge with a force at an angle of 30¡ã to the horizontal for a distance of 20km . find the work done.

    asked by elder
  44. Chemistry

    What is the equilibrium molarity of chloride if 19.6g of CaCl2 (110.984g/mol) is dissolved in water and diluted to 0.500L?

    asked by Nick
  45. english

    “Thunder and lightning. Enter Devils with covered dishes.” What mood do the above stage directions create? Optimistic Mournful Gloomy Suspenseful D ? confused

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  46. math

    A plot of land is in the shape of semicircle of diameter 28 meters. The plot fenced by erecting posts 4 meters apart. How many posts were used? (Take π =22/7)

    asked by king
  47. Math

    Solve and check. ( 3 marks) (5)/(x-1) + (2)/(x+1)=-6

    asked by Alex
  48. Deductive reasoning help

    Can someone explain the difference between deductive reasoning and inductive reasoning to me?

    asked by Rachel
  49. Math

    Can you please verify my simplified expressions and point out where I went out wrong if I made mistakes: (3x+1)/(2x^2-2) + (2x+2)/(2x^2-8x+6)=5x+1/2(x+1)(x-3)

    asked by Alex
  50. math

    The cylindrical bar is 20 cm long and has a diameter of 7 cm. Each side of the cube is 9 cm long. The surface of the solid was painted, what area in area in cm2 was painted? (Take π

    asked by Holiday
  51. Math

    Solve and check. ( 3 marks) 5/(x-1) + 2/(x+1)=-6 Here's my work on it: 5/(x-1)+2/(x+1)=? 5/(-3/2-1)+2/(-3/2+1)=-6 Can you show how I would have found x in this situation and also if I went wrong anywhere.

    asked by Alex
  52. Chemistry

    A solution contains 23.1 ppm of dissolved Fe(NO3)3 (241.860g/mol), which dissociates completely into Fe3+ and NO3- (62.005g/mol) ions. Find the concentration of NO3- in parts per million

    asked by Nick
  53. physics

    A 10-g pin ball rolls over a track like the one shown above. If the second hill forms a curvature with a radius of 1.5 m, what is the maximum velocity that the pin ball can roll with over the top of the second hill without flying off? G) 10g=mass

    asked by Donny G
  54. Science - Please answer as soon as possible

    Which of the following systems is not directly involved in the body's regulation of water. a. digestive b. muscular c. urinary d. integumentary

    asked by lol
  55. math

    Find first term and common difference of arithmetic sequence whose 13th them is 159 and 20th is 264.

    asked by Ayane
  56. math

    A metal solid made up of a cylindrical bar fixed onto a cube. The cylindrical bar fixed onto a cube. The cylindrical bar is 20 cm long and has a diameter of 7 cm. Each side of the cube is 9 cm long. The surface of the solid was painted. What area in area

    asked by king
  57. Math

    A shirt cost $97. Your mom and dad each gave you $50. Your change is $3. You give $1 to your mom and $1 to your dad, then you keep the last dollar. You owe each of them $49, then you you add your dollar. Where does the extra dollar go.

    asked by Maxx
  58. Algebra

    For each 100 8th grade girls in a certain middle school, 85 play soccer, 70 have a cell phone, 75 have a tablet computer, and 80 play a musical instrument. What is the least possible number of these 100 girls who play soccer, have a cell phone, own a

    asked by Stumped
  59. math

    Find first 8 terms of -2+6-18+...

    asked by hinata
  60. Aristotle

    I know Aristotle studied a lot of things but was he a physicist as well? I feel like he wasn't really one quite yet because it wasn't really officially developed yet. But I know he was very into the math of astronomy and that's basically the first

    asked by Manie
  61. Foreign Language (Spanish)

    Can someone please check my answers? These are Direct and Indirect object pronouns practice problems I'm doing and I wanted to make sure I'm doing them right. Thanks a bunch!:) 1.) We want to buy a house for you. My answer: Queremos comprar una casa para

    asked by Paris
  62. algebra


    asked by sarth
  63. Chemistry

    When you placed transition metals on a scale to find their mass, why are the values negative or positive. For example these compounds Cobalt (II) chloride Copper (II) chloride Iron (II) chloride Manganese (II) chloride Nickel (II) chloride Zinc chloride

    asked by Cassidy
  64. math

    Given only an 11 liter jug and an 8 liter jug, each with no markings, find the method of using the two jugs to measure out eactly 1 liter of water while using the smallest amount of water. Argue clearly why you think that your procedure uses the smallest

    asked by brian
  65. math

    If someone could show me how to do this, I am very confused. thank you for your time. Find the y-intercept of the line whose equation is y = - 2.2x-7.7

    asked by Mary Ann
  66. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. ( 3 marks - show your work) x/(x^2-3x-4) - 4/(x+1)

    asked by Alex
  67. Eng225 introduction to film

    Which of the following is generally true of the role of actors in movies

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. (4 marks - show your work) x^2-2x/(x+1) x x^2-1/(x^2+x-6) Please help me as I'm on a deadline to finish this course

    asked by Alex
  69. Quick english help

    Is it necessary to capitalize colleagues in a sentence?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. math angles and quadilaterals

    I need help it says what is the measure of right angle D

    asked by Layla
  71. Math 6 help

    Do you add or subtract on square centimeters

    asked by Rose 11
  72. Foreign Language

    The directions say to translate the sentence in Spanish and then rewrite it using Indirect or Direct Object Pronouns. Are my answers correct? 1.) She bought the house for us. My answer: Ella compró la casa para nosotros. 2.) She needs to walk the dog for

    asked by Jamie
  73. Physics

    A golf club strikes a 0.040-kg golf ball in order to launch it from the tee. For simplicity, assume that the average net force applied to the ball acts parallel to the ball's motion, has a magnitude of 7050 N, and is in contact with the ball for a distance

    asked by B.Mac
  74. Math

    i) Predict whether the functions in each pair are equivalent by testing three different values of x. (3 marks each - show your work) ii) Determine whether the functions in each pair are equivalent by simplifying the expression on the right side. (2 marks

    asked by Alex
  75. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. (5 marks - show your work) (3x+1)/(2x^2-2) + (2x+2)/(2x^2-8x+6) Please help me!

    asked by Alex
  76. math

    In a scale drawing of a house, the living room is 1 in. long. The actual length is 24 ft. The actual width of the living room is 18 ft. The width on the drawing is __________ in. (Find the width on the drawing). Show your work in every step to receive full

    asked by Taylor
  77. Math

    Solve and check. ( 3 marks) (5)/(x-1)+(2)/(x+1)=-6 I need the help!

    asked by Alex
  78. Science

    3.What are the advantages of your design over using fossil fuels (I JUST WANNA KNOW WHAT DOES THE QUESTION MEAN LIKE BREAK IT DOWN FOR ME YOU DON'T HAVE TO DO IT THANK YOU)

    asked by Andre
  79. algebra

    If you are paid an hourly wage of $9.00, determine an equation for finding your weekly gross pay (P)for t hours. Specify an amount between 25 and 40 hours worked for 1 week and determine your gross pay for that week.

    asked by kenneth
  80. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of Al2(SO4)3 produced when 4.26kg of Al(NO3)3 is added to an excess of K2SO4.

    asked by Donna
  81. algebra 1

    You have $100 to go shopping. A store sells shirts for $15 and dress shirts for $22. You want to spend no more then the amount of money you have. You want to leave at most $10 unspent. you need to buy at least one dress shirt. What are all the possible

    asked by becca
  82. Biology

    Is saliva(spit) a living thing?

    asked by ^Ekingdeft^
  83. Sociology (Racism)

    Which groups or individuals are able to talk to one another in a constructive way? I don't understand what does "in a constructive way" mean. Can someone explain it.

    asked by Ana
  84. algebra 1

    A town is organizing a parade. There will be floats of only 2 sizes, 30ft. and 15ft. A space of 10 ft. will be left after each float. a. the parade must be at least 150 feet long, but less than 200ft long. what is the combinations of large and small floats

    asked by Becca
  85. math

    a metal container has the following dimensions: 2m * 2.5m * 1.5m how many litres of water can it hold?

    asked by alishba
  86. kgk

    What is the ratio 3: 5 expressed as a decimal?

    asked by kgk
  87. LA - 2 questions

    4. Which of the following is one of the most significant events in chapter VIII *Johnny Tremain* A. Merchant Lyte's sickness B. James Otis's speech C. Lavinia asking the soldier to get Dr. Warren for her father*** I chose this one D. Dr. Warren lending his

    asked by SkatingDJ
  88. math

    What is the next number in the sequence 7, 16, 32, 57, ____?

    asked by Jeny
  89. Algebra 1

    Where would the system below intersect on a graph? y=12x+15 y=15x I know that: x=5 y=75 But I need help on how to graph it.

    asked by Allie
  90. algebra 2

    polynomials 1. (2a^3b^-2)(-4a^2b^4) 18. a^2n^7/an^4 19. -y^3z^5/ y^2z^3

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  91. language art

    In all together now Jordan states that there were marches and protest against segregation and discrimination in the 1960s. What make this statement a fact? was stated In persuasive essay b. It is an emotional statement. can be proven in an

    asked by lily
  92. math

    Blake sold 52 tickets to the school play, and Jane sold 8 tickets. What is the ratio , in simplest form, of the number of tickets Jane sold to the number of tickets Blake sold? A)4/27 B)2/13 C)13/2 D)52/8 My answer is A. is that right? thanks.

    asked by Channy-Boo
  93. English

    Unscramble 18 letters to make 5 words. possibly Christmas related. SWYTURNRMHGESAHOEA are the letters and the sentence is broken down like this 5 words with this many letters in each word. 4/2/3/3/6 . Please help soon!

    asked by Evan
  94. physics

    A quantity of steam (750 g) at 122°C is condensed, and the resulting water is frozen into ice at 0°C. How much heat was removed?

    asked by lo
  95. math(5th grade)

    if an elephant's heart beats 25 time a minute, how many days does it take to beat a million times?

    asked by ary
  96. Physics

    Right now in physics we are learning about electric potential energy and electric potential. My question is: P and Q are points within a uniform electric field that are separated by a distance of 0.1 m. The potential difference between P and Q is 50 V. How

    asked by Jeff
  97. algebra

    One evening 1500 concert tickets were sold for the Fairmont summer jazz festival. Tickets cost $25 for covered pavilion seats and $20 for lawn seats. Total receipts were $35,000.How many of each type of tickets were sold?

    asked by slomo
  98. Math

    Amelia's soccer team won 3/4 of outgrew its games.The team won 18 games.How many games did the team play? Equation:3/4g=18 ,g is the total number of games. Possible solution: g=18×4/3,g is 24?

    asked by Mary
  99. quantitative methods

    a packing device is set to fill detergent powder packet with a mean weight of 5 kg . The standard deviation is known to be 0.01 kg. these are known to drift upwards over a period of time due to machine fault, which is not tolerable. A random sample of 100

    asked by john
  100. Multiplying Polynomials

    Use the distributive property to write (each of) the following expression(s) as the sum of monomials. M. (t - 1)(t + 1)(t^2 + 1) I already know that I must multiply across, but I am a bit confused regarding the order to multiply in and which variables to

    asked by Becca
  101. science

    An inverted image of a candle is formed when kept in front of a convex mirror .If half lens is covered by an op equestrian material than how will the image be?

    asked by sanjay
  102. science

    Which among the following is obtained by reduction of ethanol (a) ethanol (b) co2& O2 (c) methanol (d) all

    asked by sanjay
  103. science

    Is there any stars between the Earth and the Moon?

    asked by sanjay
  104. math

    A fundraising meeting for Jako, Bula, Jane and Abdi raised $ 108,000. Jako got three times as much as abdi. Jane got two-thirds of Jako's share while Bula got half as much as Jako. How much did Bula receive?

    asked by king
  105. Physics

    Concerning Newton's Cradle: a) Determine the velocity of ball 2 just after the collision in terms of vi. Also I am having problems with the following question: A boy moves on a skateboard at a constant velocity of 3 m/s. The combined mass of the boy and

    asked by Shanita
  106. physics

    weight of a person in newton on mars who weigh 882N on earth ( g = 9.8m/s^2)

    asked by Anonymous
  107. math

    if a person earns $388.01 a month in interest how do you calculate how much they have in their bank account?

    asked by Dawn
  108. math

    Total students=50 How many girl in class when there is 16 more boys than girls?

    asked by Naveed