Questions Asked on
January 7, 2015

  1. colligative properties

    a solution of CH4N2O in water has a vapor pressure of 19.6 torr. at 25C. what is the mole fraction of CH4N2O in this solution? HELP ME WATER PURE PRESSURE (P0) IS 23.8 TORR VAPOR PRESSURE IS 19.6 TORR DONT KNOW HOW TO SOLVE IT ? P(SOLUTION)= X (CH4N2O)

    asked by yeng
  2. ap chemistry

    a solution is prepared by dissolving 4.9 g C12H22 O11 (nonelectrolyte) in 175 grams of water. calculate the freezing poitn and osmotic pressure (25C) of this solution.

    asked by yeng
  3. maths

    Area of major segment of a circle having centre o n radius 7 is 115.5 find length of corresponding arc

    asked by sanjay
  4. algebra

    Sheila has 7y craft sticks. Mark has 4y fewer craft sticks then Sheila and y craft sticks more than Linda. Then Sheila gave 2y craft sticks to Mark and Linda. How many craft sticks in terms of y did Mark and Linda have in the end? If mark had 6 more craft

    asked by Kar
  5. colligative

    how do you find melting point in colligative properites?

    asked by yeng
  6. mechanics

    find the tension in the chord of a 50 lbs mass hang on the angles 25 degrees.

    asked by mercedes
  7. Algebra

    I can find no solution to this system of equations. Solve the system of equations using the substitution method 2x + 4y = -2 2x - y = 4

    asked by slomo
  8. Algebra

    I have been trying to solve this for two hours help. Determine whether the ordered pair (-5,2) is a solution of the following system of equations x - 3y = 1 y= 3x - 17

    asked by slomo
  9. Math

    (x^2(1-x))/((x-1)(2x-3)) Can this be simplified as -x^2/(2x-3)? If so, how?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Maths trigonometry

    Find the acute angles A and B satisfying secAcotB-secA-2cotB+2=0 Ans : secAcotB-secA-2cotB+2=0 2cotB-secAcotB+secA=2

    asked by Aarti
  11. phy

    A 10kg mass and a 2.0kg mass are connected by a light string over a massless, frictionless pulley. if g=9.8ms^-2, what is the acceleration of the system when released? (98ms^-2)

    asked by saima
  12. physics

    a girl is using a rope to pull a box that weighs 300N across a level surface with constant velocity. the rope makes an angle of 30 degree above the horizontal and the tension in the rope is 100N. What is the normal force of the floor on the box?

    asked by saima
  13. physics

    A rifle with weight of 30N fires a 5.0g bullet with a speed of 300ms^-1. a) Find the recoil speed of the rifle. b) if a700N man holds the rifle firmly against his shoulder, find the recoil speed of man and rifle.

    asked by saima
  14. physics

    A rocket with mass of 60,000 kg is placed on a launching platform verticlly. its engine is started and the rocket gives out gas at rate of 50kgs^-1 with a speed of 5000ms^-1 a) calculate the up trust force caused by the gas. b) can the rocket be launched

    asked by saima
  15. physics

    An object A, of mass 1 kg that is moving at a velocity of 6ms^-1 collides with a stationary object of mass 3kg. after the collision, the object move in the directions as shown. Determine the value of V1 and V2.

    asked by saima
  16. maths

    Area of major segment of a circle having centre o and radius 7 is 115.5 find length of the corresponding arc

    asked by sanjay
  17. math

    Jackson have a piece of wood that is 6 feet long. He is cutting it into pieces that are 1/3 of a foot. How many pieces of wood will he have after he cuts it?

    asked by Cam
  18. MATHS

    6. (42)^2 - (38)^2 - (17)^2= ? / 0.1

    asked by sowmya
  19. Maths

    An arithmetic series consists of five terms; the second term is 7 and the last term is 22. write out the full series.

    asked by Abdul
  20. math

    Jessica buys a lamp that costs $35 and a table that costs $75.00. If the tax rate is 10%, what will be the total cost of the lamp and table?

    asked by Anonymous
  21. Physic

    Two capacitor 3.0 pico Farad and 6.0 pico Farad are connected in series. If the capacitor connected to a potential difference of 1000v, calculate a. Magnitude of the charge on each capacitor b. The potential difference across the capacitor

    asked by Syam
  22. physics

    a pool ball weighing 2 kg is traveling at 30 degree at 0.8 meter hits another ball moving at 0.5 m/s at 180 degree. if the second ball leaves the collision at 0 degree and the first moves away at 150 degree, find the final velocity vectors of the balls.

    asked by winnsie
  23. chemistry

    what is formula of pepsi?

    asked by komal yaseen
  24. Biology

    Dominant - an organism with the dominant allele For a trait _________? Answer: that produces the same phenotype Recessive - an organism with the recessive Allele for a trait will __________? Answer : ?

    asked by HELP
  25. Biology

    Monohybrid Cross - crossing one single Trait to _______? Answer: two alleles

    asked by HELP
  26. Language arts

    Which of the following events is part of the novels falling action? A. Paul reveres ride to Lexington B. Johnnys injury of his hand and need to find another trade C. Johnnys acceptance of Dr. Warrens offer to operate on his hand D. General gage and the

    asked by Sal
  27. Math

    1) Proove that for every x>=0 and 0

    asked by david
  28. Math

    You lean a 30 foot ladder against your house and it reaches exactly to the top. The ladder makes a 24˚ angle with the ground. How tall is your house? (I drew a picture of a house and the ladder)

    asked by Rae
  29. Chemistry

    If 3.79x1024 formula units (molecules) of hematite react with excess carbon, what mass of iron will be produced?

    asked by Brooke
  30. math

    The record for the fastest speed on a bicycle is 133 kilometers per hour. How long would it take a person traveling at this speed to travel 365.75 kilometers? hours and minutes

    asked by gabrielle
  31. math

    A large bag of sugar weighs 7 1/2 pounds. How much does 1 1/4 bags of sugar weigh? I really need help with this question. the first problem is that I don't know what operation to use and second I don't understand the main problem of this question.

    asked by abigail pope
  32. Math

    Solve for y: x = (x+1)(x+y)

    asked by Terry
  33. math

    Emily's family loves to work together in the garden. They have a slight preference for flowers, as 60% of their plants are flowers and 40% are vegetables. They have 50 plants growing in the garden. How many vegetable plants do they have?

    asked by halo
  34. algebra 2

    What is a quartic function with only the two real zeros given? x = -4, x = 1

    asked by Lisa
  35. English

    Which of the following assertions about love is contradicted by the tale of Pyramus and Thisbe? A. Love cannot be forbidden. B. Love can always find a way. C. Love is always ill-fated. D. Love is like a flame that burns hot. I am guessing B?

    asked by Asther
  36. betty queen international school

    using kinetic theory,why a baloon kept warm in water?

    asked by KHADIJAH M SANI
  37. english

    I don't understand what v/vc pattern verses vc/v pattern is. I have to idenify what the spelling words are

    asked by Jaylen Watkins
  38. Algebra

    thirty more student tickets than adult tickets were sold for the game. Student tickets cost $2, adult tickets cost $5 and $1,450 was collected. how many of each kind of ticket were sold

    asked by Ajae
  39. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. ( 3 marks - show your work) x/ x^2-3x-4 - 4/x+1

    asked by Alex
  40. Physical Science HELP

    What and how do I balance this if it needs to be done? Help please Balance the equation, if necessary, for the reaction between zinc and iodine. Zn + I2 „_ 2ZnI2

    asked by tracey
  41. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. (5 marks - show your work) 3x+1/2x^2-2 + 2x+2/2x^2-8x+6 is the expression Can you help please?

    asked by Alex
  42. Math

    1) Prove that for every x>=0 and 0

    asked by david
  43. Math

    Solve: 1+2x/x+4=3/x-1

    asked by Alex

    Your program has a proposed RDT&E-funded project scheduled to start in January 2015 which is expected to take 16 months to complete. The project is expected to cost a total of $16 million (then-year dollars), with cost expected to be incurred at a rate of

    asked by DUANE
  45. Algebra

    For log(4)(3x + 4)^5 = 15, do I have to expand (3x + 4)^5, or is there a faster way?

    asked by Anonymous
  46. English help

    the date, time, and location of a robbery would most likely be included in? A feature article an editorial article a hard news article a letter to the editor I thought a featured article but really not sure

    asked by tracey
  47. english check answer

    To run a four-minute mile, excellent physical condition is important. Phrase fragment Dangling modifier (******) Run-on sentence Misplaced modifier Next ones is underlined words so I put * around them *The dog ate the shoe* that was lying on the closet

    asked by bam
  48. Language arts check answers

    If you fail to plan, you plan to fail. simple complex compound

    asked by Sandy
  49. social studies

    1)An interest rate is a special type of? a. loan b. price c. bank d. service 2) How does a compound interest rate differ from a simple interest rate? a. Compound interest rates pay more interest over time b. Compound interest rates are calculated only once

    asked by Leah
  50. English

    Can someone check my my post? Thank you very much in advance. Franco At the end of the 19th century and the beginning of the 20th century, millions of people emigrated to the USA as they wanted to escape from poverty, unemployment, and political and

    asked by Franco
  51. math

    Sara has 6 necklaces, but her mother will only allow her to wear two at a time. How many different ways can Sara wear two necklaces? A. 30 B. 15 C. 360 D. 12

    asked by Anonymous
  52. health

    Which one of the following chemicals does the body generate during regular exercise?

    asked by Quan
  53. LAC1

    Identify the underlined word in the sentence. Write either D for direct object or I for indirect object. Get that dog and those puppies out of here! (puppies is underlined) My Answer Is: Indirect Object

    asked by Nicole
  54. math

    on a certain day the propellers complete 20 revolutions per minute and have a speed at of 45 m/s calculate the radius of a propeller to one decimal place using pie as 3.14 ?

    asked by emily
  55. Algebra 1

    The length of a rectangle is 2 more than 3 times the width. If the perimeter is 100 meters, what is the width of the rectangle?

    asked by Abby
  56. math


    asked by michele
  57. math

    y/4 divided by 1/4 1,y,4y, or 4 cn you show how to solve?

    asked by Katt<3Bobby
  58. physics

    A roller coaster car with a mass of 130 kg travels through a loop with a diameter of 20meters. What is the minimum speed at the top of the loop so that the car stays on the tracks? m= 130kg r= 10m v= ?

    asked by angelica
  59. world history

    Why did Greek colonies spread throughout the Mediterranean region? a.Tyrants created many of them. b.Population pressures caused them to develop. c.Persia attacked mainland Greece. d.Pericles founded them. i think it is c. am i correct

    asked by Eden S.
  60. physics

    5000J of heat is supplied to 10kg of water at 30degrees. What will be the water's final temperature

    asked by arnold
  61. Math

    A strand of lights had 50 light bulbs. 8 bulbs burned out. Write the ratio of the total number of bulbs to the bulbs that are burned out. Show the ratio all 3 ways, in simplest form.

    asked by Amy
  62. Math

    Find the value of (2/3)^4

    asked by Amy
  63. Physics

    How fast would a 4.8 kg object slide down a frictionless incline of 10.3 degrees?

    asked by Paige
  64. adding and subtracting rational


    asked by lily
  65. adding and subtracting rational

    -10 11/12-7 1/4=

    asked by lily
  66. adding and subtracting rational


    asked by lily
  67. adding and subtracting rational


    asked by lily
  68. Math

    Find the vertex: -1/4x^2+9/5x+2

    asked by maria
  69. Math

    75 75 84 81 84 81 81 80 What is the mode of the data set?

    asked by Amy
  70. math

    A car traveled 180 miles and use 6 gallons of gas if the same car traveled 1260 miles under similar conditions how many gallons of gas would be used

    asked by thaylorah
  71. Math

    A rectangle has a length of 15 inches and a width of 12 inches, what is the perimeter? Is this answer correct. 54

    asked by Amy
  72. Science

    How does a change in medium affect light?

    asked by jeje
  73. Math

    A company prints 22,860 tickets. The tickets are placed into groups of 125. How many groups of tickets are made? Is this correct 182

    asked by Amy
  74. Science

    IF the medium is changed, THEN the refraction of light will increase*** decrease

    asked by jeje
  75. Algebra please help

    Pain says she should get $3 discount on the price of each shirt and a $3 discount on the price of each pair of jeans. Part 1 Write and simplify an expression to find the amount she would pay if this is true. Part 2 why are the amounts Pani pays in a and b

    asked by Stephen
  76. Science

    What was Henri Becquerel studying when he accidentally discovered radioactivity? Photography Properties of black light Properties of X-rays *** Solar energy

    asked by jeje
  77. is10

    write a story

    asked by erik
  78. Science

    When Marie Curie Isolated uranium from pitchable, she realized that the [itchable was more radioactive than the uranium she had extracted. What did she conclude about her observations? pitchblende itself is a radioactive element the pitchblende sample

    asked by jeje
  79. Physics

    A block of mass 4 kg slides down a frictionless inclined plane angled 30 degrees above the horizontal. The force accelerating the block down the plane is thus: a. zero, since there is no friction b. 9.8N c. 19.6N d. 33.9N e. 39.2N

    asked by Buck
  80. English

    What is the social context in Edgar Allan Poe’s story, “A Tell-tale heart.”

    asked by Jessica
  81. Science

    1. Name the components of the respiratory system in the order incoming air would encounter them during breathing. trachea, pharynx, larynx, alveoli, bronchi bronchi, larynx, alveoli, trachea, pharynx larynx, trachea, bronchi, pharynx, alveoli pharynx,

    asked by lol
  82. british lit

    how to mark the syllables him still must serve,him still obey

    asked by Anonymous
  83. algebra

    Andy has four less than twice the number of marbles that Beth has. If Andy has 28 marbles, how many does Beth have?

    asked by ki
  84. Science

    H2SO4. It's asking for the number of atoms and the total atoms. Do I just put 7 atoms for both questions?

    asked by M
  85. social studies

    what would the history of the U.S. be different if Tecumseh against the us troops had not occurred? please help!

    asked by Channy-Boo
  86. physics

    A racing car travels on a circular track of radius 399 m, moving with a constant linear speed of 40.5 m/s. Find its angular speed. Answer in units of rad/s

    asked by Amanda Om
  87. Physics

    Suppose the position of an object at time t is (6 + 5t, 2t2, 7t − 5t3). (a) What is the instantaneous velocity at time t? (b) What is the acceleration at time t? (c) What is the instantaneous velocity at time t = 0? (d) What is the acceleration at time t

    asked by Sarah
  88. English

    (I just need 2 writer ideas) In the middle of the 19th century, political philosopher Alexis de Tocqueville claimed, "The inhabitants of the United States have...properly speaking, no literature." In other words, de Tocqueville believed that America’s

    asked by Jessica
  89. mah

    holly spend 7 and 3/5 hours in school each day. her lunch period is 1/2 hour long, and she spends a total of 7/10 hour switching rooms between classes.the rest of her day is spent in 6 classes that are all same length. how long is each class?

    asked by rose
  90. Problems with measurements

    1 liter of paint covers 10 square feet of wall. How many liters of paint is needed to cover a wall that's 15ft by 8ft?

    asked by Mashayla
  91. Psychological Statistics

    For a population with a mean of 80 and a standard deviation of 12, what is the Z score corresponding to an individual score of 92

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    In the Atlantic ocean off the coast of Bermuda lies a 500,000 square mile region called th Bermuda triangle . If the sides of the triangle are about 959 miles, 1,011'miles, and , 1,033, prove whether or not the Bermuda trian is a right triangle ?

    asked by Christine
  93. mah

    holly spend 7 and 3/5 hours in school each day. her lunch period is 1/2 hour long, and she spends a total of 7/10 hour switching rooms between classes.the rest of her day is spent in 6 classes that are all same length. how long is each class?

    asked by jessica
  94. Physics

    The coefficient of friction sliding on wood is 0.30. The force needed to slide a wooden block weighing 500N across a horizontal surface is: a. 50N b. 150N c. 300N d. 500N

    asked by Buck
  95. physics

    Two 4.6 g bullets are fired with speeds of 36.9 m/s and 74.8 m/s, respectively. a) What is the kinetic energy of the first bullet? Answer in units of J. b) What is the kinetic energy of the second bullet? Answer in units of J. I got part A), which is

    asked by allan
  96. math

    yesterday, molly lunch cost $9.80 and she left a $1.49 tip, today molly lunch cost $12.60 if she tips at the same rate that she did yesterday how much of a tip should molly leave

    asked by jessica
  97. Area and Perimeter Word Problems

    1 liter of paint covers 10 square feet of wall. How many liters of paint does Bob need to buy if he wants to cover a wall that is 15ft by 8ft? Must show the breakdown of the problem.

    asked by Mashayla
  98. physics

    A child is pulling a sled across a horizontal surface by a rope that makes a 27.5 degree angle with the ground. The child pulls with a force of 32.7 N and the total mass of the sled is 23.5 kg. Find the weight of the sled.

    asked by Michael
  99. math

    I'm very confuse my teacher talk bout her life in never teach us students the math lesson. y=3/2x-1 y=-x+4

    asked by keidra
  100. 8th grade math

    iPhone is designing a smart phone with a square screen. The area of the screen will be 169 cm with an exponent of 2. What is the height of the screen? I think the answer is 13. Am I correct.

    asked by Christine
  101. English

    What genres, subjects, themes, settings, and characters has Emily Dickinson developed?

    asked by Alleyna
  102. Physics

    A box is pulled along a level floor at a constant speed by a rope that makes a 45 degree angle with the floor. The box weighs 100N. The coefficient of sliding friction is 0.75. The normal force exerted on the box by the floor is?

    asked by Ava
  103. Math

    Ava, Keirra, and Victoria ate exactly 3/4 of their candy bars. Ava ate 3 pieces, Kierra ate 6 pieces and Victoria ate 9 pieces. How is this possible?

    asked by Danielle
  104. Living a Healthy Life

    In a child care setting, physical hazards include A. plant allergens, microorganisms, and arthropods. B. radiation, temperature extremes, and noise. C. climbing stairs, lifting, and jumping in place. D. carbon monoxide, lead, and radon.

    asked by Amanda
  105. Animal Farm

    Was Snowball really a criminal, like Napoleon says, or is this just a false accusation?

    asked by Anonymous
  106. math

    lucy had 2 1/2 apples.she cut them into fourths.if she had enough fourths her self and the friends with her ,how many of them were there?

    asked by viene
  107. Math

    There are 7 cupcakes for the party. Each cupcake has 1 candle for each year of the boy's birthday age. There is also an extra candle on each cupcake for good luck. If 49 candles were used on the cupcakes, how old is the birthday boy? Explain.

    asked by Alexia
  108. math

    On Monday, 247 students went on a trip to the zoo. All six buses were filled and seven students had to travel in cars.How many students were in the bus

    asked by alexis
  109. mechanics and heat

    Four point masses are located at the four corners of a rectangle as shown in the figure. Calculate the total moment of inertia of this system measured from (a) axis 1 (b) axis 2 (c) axis 3, and (d) an axis that passes through A and perpendicular to the

    asked by awash
  110. physics

    A rifle fires a(n) 5 g bullet with a muzzle velocity of 360 m/s into a block of wood. The bullet comes to rest after it has made a(n)19 cm deep hole in the wood.A rifle fires a(n) 5 g bullet with a muzzle velocity of 360 m/s into a block of wood. The

    asked by Anonymous
  111. mechanics and heat

    At the same instant that a 0.5 kg ball is dropped from 25 m above earth , a second ball , with a mass of 0.25 kg , is thrown straight upward from earth’s surface with an initial speed of 15 m/s . They move along nearby lines and pass without colliding.

    asked by awash
  112. English

    What genres, subjects, themes, settings, and characters has Mark Twain developed

    asked by Alice
  113. mechanics and heat

    The position vector of a particle of mass m = 2kg in the xy plane is given: r = (t-2)i + (2t +1)j (meter) where t is in seconds . Find the torque exerted on the particle about the origin.

    asked by awash
  114. math

    answer and solution of lucy had 2 1/2 apples.she cut into fourths. if she had enough fourths for herself and the friends with her, how many of them were there?

    asked by viene
  115. Geography

    What would be the climate region for ivvavik national park?

    asked by thi
  116. math

    nina bought 2 1/2 meters of yellow cloth and 1 1/2 meters red cloth.she used 8/3 meters for a costume dress. how much cloth remained?

    asked by viene
  117. physics

    A dart player throws a dart horizontally at a speed of 13.5 m/s. The dart hits the board 0.32 m below the height from which it was thrown. How far away is the player from the board?

    asked by Jade
  118. mechanics and heat

    A tennis ball of mass m and radius R = 3 cm rolls up without slipping an inclined plane of inclination angle of 37 degree as shown in the figure at the bottom of the incline the center of mass velocity of the ball is v = 10 m/s . The ball stops after

    asked by awash
  119. Math

    write a multiplication expression with a product of 5 to the 13th power

    asked by hamptom
  120. Geography

    what is the difference between a sink with caulk around it and a sink without caulk around it? advantages? disadvantages? websites don't have answers i'm looking for.

    asked by 5
  121. math

    answer and solution of nina bought 2 1/3 meters of yellow cloth and 1 1/2 meters of red cloth. she used 8/3 meters for a costume dress. how much cloth remained?

    asked by viene
  122. Math

    Maddie plays her guitar for 60 minutes each day. She uses 25% of her practice time to practice chords. How many minutes does Maddie practice chords each day?

    asked by Amy
  123. write an equation to represent each situation

    Mary covered her floor with 10 tiles. the floor measures 6 feet long by 5 feet wide. the tiles are each 3 feet long and w feet wide. My answer is 6*5=w is my answer correct?

    asked by Stephon
  124. math

    find a fraction between 2/3 and 3/4 with a numerator of 17.

    asked by viene
  125. Math

    The bases of a prism are right trinanges with side lengths 6 meters, 8 meters and 10.. The height of the prism is 3 meters. What's is the lateral area of the prism? What is the total surface area?

    asked by Belle
  126. Math

    14 16 18 18 17 16 17 20 What is the range of the data set? Is this correct? 20-14=6

    asked by Amy
  127. Algebra

    Simplify -4^3 – 2 * 4^2 45 ÷ 3^2 – (3-|2-16|) There should be a line between the top numbers and the bottom, like in a fraction but longer. I typed it on word but when I tried to copy the line never showed when I pasted. Thanks!!

    asked by slomo
  128. Math

    Please help :( find the lateral and total surface of each prism round if nesccesary and a rectangle has one side 2 ft one 4ft and one 4.5

    asked by Belle
  129. Math

    Hi im lost on my last question. k^-3 = 1/256 this is negative exponets "^-3" that is a negative exponent, I need to know the value of k? a)-64 b)-4 c)4 d)64 I was thinking 64, eh I don't understand this one. Thanks!

    asked by Sally.
  130. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared by dissolving 10.8 g of ammonium nitrate in enough water to make 100.0 mL of solution. A 10.0 mL portion of this sample is diluted to 50.0 mL total volume. What is the molarity of the final solution?

    asked by Juan Hernandez
  131. Math

    Writing a formula to the surface area of a cube of its length x is edge length=x over six right ? Or I did it wrong

    asked by Belle
  132. Physics

    A car travels around a curve banked at 45 degrees at 30 m/s. The radius of the track is 40m. What is the resultant force on the driver of the car?

    asked by Jody
  133. Algebra

    Determine if the ordered pair ( -5,2) is a solution to the following system of equations. x + 3y = 1 y = 3x + 17

    asked by slomo
  134. math

    five oranges and an apple cost 87.00; five apples and one orange cost 99.00. how much do 2 oranges and 2 apples cost?

    asked by viene
  135. Math

    Evaluate 6(w+7)-5x W=1.3 and x=0.9

    asked by Amy
  136. geo..very urgent

    describe some factors that likely affect the climate of the ivvavik national park. Think of LOWERN.

    asked by thi
  137. Physics

    "A moving object has a kinetic energy of 145 J and a momentum with a magnitude of 40.0 kg·m/s. Determine the mass and speed of the object." I simply cannot figure it out. I know that KE=.5mv^2 and that p=mv but I can't seem to piece it together. Please

    asked by Jane
  138. AP Calc. AB

    let f be the function given by f(x)=-2e^x^3. F0r what value of x is the slope of the line tangent to the graph of f at (x,f(x)) equal to -6

    asked by Rachel
  139. Math

    What is the period of the function? f(x)=sin(1/7)x I think its 2pi

    asked by Anonymous
  140. math

    how is finding a fractional part of a set different than finding a fractional part of a whole?

    asked by grace
  141. math

    the length of a rectangle is 10 cm longer than the width. what is the area of the rectangle if the width is 15 cm?

    asked by viene
  142. Physics

    A 0.500 kg bead slides on a straight frictionless wire with a velocity of 1.50 cm/s to the right. The bead collides elastically with a larger 0.750 kg bead initially at rest. After the collision, the smaller bead moves to the left with a velocity of 0.70

    asked by Wendell
  143. Math

    Solve: 1 + 2x/x+4=3/x-1

    asked by Alex
  144. Math

    Simplify each expression and state any non-permissible values. ( 3 marks - show your work) x divided by x^2-3x-4 subtracted by 4 divided by x +1

    asked by Alex
  145. Science

    H2SO4. It's asking for the number of atoms and the total atoms. Do I just put 7 atoms for both questions?

    asked by M
  146. math

    find the fraction between 2/3 and 3/4 with a numerator of 17.

    asked by viene
  147. Math

    How much money would a person need to deposit today at 9% annual interest compounded monthly to have 12000. in the account after 6 Years?

    asked by Gail
  148. Math

    there is two questions that I need help with: The variable x represents a real number between 10 and 20 inclusive.The variable Y represents a real number between .2 and 5,inclusive.What is the greatest possible integer value of the quotient x/y? 2nd

    asked by sashaa
  149. pacific rim

    Mrs Garcia had 2/3 of a pumpkin pie left.Her sons at 3/8 of what was left. What fraction of the whole pie did her sons eat? 2/3*3/8=6/24

    asked by tom
  150. math

    517 men,3418 women and 6281 children visited a fair.round each number to the nearest hundred and estimate the number of people who visited the fair.

    asked by viene
  151. physics

    1. A billiard ball of mass mA = 0.4 kg moving with a speed vA = 2 m/s strikes a second ball, initially at rest, of mass mB = 0.4 kg. As a result of the collision, the first ball is deflected off at an angle of 30.0o with a speed v’A = 1.2 m/s. Taking the

    asked by Jesse
  152. PHYSICS!

    A 3.0 g coin moving to the right at 27.0 cm/s makes an elastic head-on collision with a 20.0 g coin that is initially at rest. After the collision, the 3.0 g coin moves to the left at 12.5 cm/s. (b) Find the amount of kinetic energy transferred to the 20.0

    asked by Sara
  153. Physical Science

    An 80.00 kg man playing hockey catches a puck moving at 20 m/s. The man is initially at rest. The man and puck move together after the collision. The puck's mass is 0.16 kg. What is the final velocity? A. 13.6 m/s B. 0.04 m/s C. 1.36 m/s D. 4.0 m/s

    asked by jenell
  154. math

    max has a total of 30 cars in 5 packages he gave his brother 2 packages how many cards di he have left

    asked by lavone
  155. Science

    To lift an object weighing 21,000 N, how much force is needed on a piston with an area of 0.060 m2 if the platform being lifted has an area of 3.0 m2 ? If the weight is 21,000 N which is also a force and to find Buoyancy force then 3.0 m2 + .06 m2 = 3.6 m2

    asked by Alex
  156. math

    a delivery truck is loaded with 1200 melons. if 3/8 of the melons were given to one store, 1/2 of the remainder to a second store and rest to a third store, how many melons were given to the third store?

    asked by viene
  157. sixth grade math

    Write a real-world situation that could be modeled by the equation 24/y=3. Then solve the problem. My answer: There are 24 seats available at the movies. There were total of 3 rows after the seats were divided and more seats on each row. Did I solve this

    asked by Stephon
  158. Englis

    My father and I have already visited several states this month.On June 20, dad's friends Helena and Franco Garabis met us in Brownsville, Texas. I had to capitalize all the errors in the above sentence but it still has one more that is capitalized and I'm

    asked by Hayden
  159. Math

    Find the y-intercept of the line whose equation is y=1.3x-0.4 Thank you Could you show me how to do this problem.

    asked by Mary Ann
  160. math

    The perimeter of a sheet of paper is 38 cm. If the width is 8 cm what is the length of the paper?

    asked by Anonymous
  161. science

    Daniel is riding the giant drop at great america if Daniel free falls for 2.6 seconds?

    asked by nino
  162. Math 10 aw

    george is in a hot air balloon that is 125 metres high. the angle of elevation from a house below, to the balloon is 18 degrees. how far is george from the house

    asked by Simran
  163. physics

    A baseball has a mass of about 0.15 kg, and it is pitched towards home plate at a speed of about 60 m/s. If the bat exerts an average force of 8600 N for 2.4 ms, what is the final speed of the ball in m/s?

    asked by han
  164. math

    two complementary angles are drawn such that one angle is 10° more than seven times the other angle find the measur of each angle

    asked by abebe
  165. Math

    A search on colony of bacteria triples and links every 10 minutes it's links is now 1 mm how long will it be in 40 minutes?

    asked by Alyssa
  166. History

    Why and how was the judiciary act of 1800 passed? Who all was involved?

    asked by Emily
  167. chemistry

    Calculate the entropy increase in the evaporation of 1 mole of a liquid when it boils at 100 degree centigrade having heat of vaporisation at 100 degree as 540cals\gm

    asked by charu
  168. math

    joshua won $250000 in a draw to support the local hospital. he does not need the money for 3 months, so he decides to invest it in an account that pays 8% simple interest annually. calculate the interest paid on joshua's investment at the end of the 3

    asked by sam
  169. chemistry

    Calculate the entropy increase in the evaporation of 1 mole of a liquid when it boils at 100 degree centigrade having heat of vaporisation at 100 degree as 540cals\gm

    asked by charu
  170. ELA

    The main character of the story and the "owner" of the central conflict is... Protagonist, Antagonist, Sympathetic character, or Dynamic character?

    asked by Cody
  171. College Algebra

    A pharmacist wants to mix two solutions to obtain 100 cc of a solution that has an 8% concentration of a certain medicine. If one solution has a 10% concentration of the medicine and the second has a 5% concentration, how much od each of these solutions

    asked by Math H of the medcater
  172. physics

    A proposed space station consists of a circular tube that will rotate about its center(like a tubular bicycle tire). The circle formed by the tube has a diameter of 1.1km. What must be the rotation speed(revolutions per day) in an effect nearly equal to

    asked by Alexis
  173. English

    Can anyone write a real issue and list who would be on the pro/con side of it. (Preferably 4 or more please) Thanks.

    asked by Zero
  174. Chem-Stoich

    A 1.605g sample of dry calcium carbonate and calcium chloride mixture was dissolved in 35.00mL of 1.000mol-dm-3 hydrochloric acid solution. The only portion of the mixture that reacts with the hydrochloric acid solution is the calcium carbonate. What was

    asked by :)
  175. ELA

    "The general opinion was that we were going to remain in the ghetto until the end of the war, until the arrival of the Red Army. The everything would be as before. It was neither German nor Jew who ruled the ghetto-- it was illusion." The passage contains

    asked by Amara
  176. Math

    Eryn and seven of her friends go out to lunch. The total bill comes to $143.35. They decide to leave a 15% tip. Each person will contribute an equal amount to the total tip. Estimate what each person should contribute.

    asked by Chris
  177. Algebra help thx

    Pani says she should get $3 discount on the price of each shirt and $3 discount on the price of each pair of jeans. Part 1 write and simplify an expression to find the pint she would pay if this is true. Part 2 if you were the shop owner, how would change

    asked by Val
  178. French

    My instructions are to replace "le dîner à mes grands-parents dans" with pronouns in this sentence: "Alors, nous servons le dîner à mes grands-parents dans ​​leur chambre." I got "Alors, nous l'y servons leur chambre." Is this right?

    asked by Andrew