Questions Asked on
January 4, 2015

  1. chemistry

    •Which of the following solutions will be the best buffer at a pH of 9.26? (Ka for HC2H3O2 is 1.8 x 10–5; Kb for NH3 is 1.8 x 10–5.) a)0.20 M HC2H3O2 and 0.20 M NaC2H3O2 b)3.0 M HC2H3O2 and 3.0 M NH4Cl c)0.20 M NH3 and 0.20 M NH4Cl d)3.0 M NH3 and

    asked by anita
  2. chemistry

    So I did a titration lab at school with NaOH and HCl. i have to find: - volume used, NaOH - Moles of NaOH - Moles of HCl -Volume used unknown HCl - Molarity of HCl solution My concentration of NaOH stock solution was 0.100 mol/lL Final buret reading, NaOH:

    asked by julie
  3. Fitness and nutrition

    What are the signs of heat exhaustion

    asked by Anonymous
  4. Physics

    An optical fiber is made of a clear plastic with index of refraction n=1.6, For what angles with the surface the light remain contained within the plastic guide?

    asked by jo
  5. Langague Arts 8th Grade

    3. What does Johnny’s mastery of riding Goblin show about his character? (1 point) He is rash and quick-tempered. He is brave and determined. He is immature and selfish. He is arrogant and proud. 4. Which of the following statements most accurately

    asked by Tina
  6. maths

    the total revenue and the total profit functions (in Ringgit) of a product are given as follows: total revenue :R(x)= x^3-95-800x total profit: P(x)=1/3x^3+800x-120 where x is the number of units produced and sold. find the level of production in which the

    asked by Andrew
  7. physics

    The small piston of a hydraulic lift has a cross-sectional area of 3.6 cm2 and the large piston has an area of 86 cm2. What force F must be applied to the small piston to maintain the load of 52 kN at a constant elevation?

    asked by justin
  8. Chwmistry

    how much in calories is required to raise the temperature of 415 grams of chloroform from 21.4 degrees c? The specific heat of chloroform is 0.23 cal/g°c. How many joules does this equal?

    asked by Alvaro
  9. chemistry

    what is the volume, in liter of 2.54 mol methane (ch4) gas? I've been stuck on this problem for hours, someone please help!

    asked by jake
  10. physics

    A bungee jumper of mass 75 kg uses a bungee cord with a relaxedlength of 50 m and jumps from a bridge that is 170 m above the ground. What elastic force constant is necessary for the bungee cord in order for him to jump safely. I have no idea what to do or

    asked by Kim
  11. English

    Hi. Can someone explaint the message the poems "The lamb" and "The tyger" By William Blake .. I need to know what was his message ? I read many websites and STILL don't understand. Thanks !

    asked by Isa
  12. Math

    Identify this polynomial as a perfect square trinomial, a difference of squares, or neither. 9a^2+9a+36 Is it difference of squares?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Physics

    A 3kg mass is sliding across a horizontal surface at a constant speed while being pulled by rope with tension 20N held at a 53 degree angle above the horizontal. The force of friction is most nearly A. 30N B. 12N C. 16N D. 20N E. 1N

    asked by Veronica

    A uniform plank with mass 20kg and length 12m extends 2m over the edge of a building. A 40kg crate is slid out on the plank. how far can the crate be pushed without toppling the plank? A. 0.5m B. 1m C. 1.25m D. 1.5m E. 2m

    asked by Veronica
  15. Physics

    A 2kg mass moving at 10m/s slows to speed of 4m/s while sliding across a rough horizontal surface. The work done by friction is most nearly A. 116j B -116J C. 84j D. -84j E. -16j

    asked by Demi
  16. physics

    A 3kg mass is attached to end of a light rod and made to move clockwise in a vertical circle of radius 2m and speed of 6m/s. The tension in the rod at the lowest point is most nearly A. 54N B. 84N C. 30N D. 24N E. 39N

    asked by Demi
  17. Physics

    a 4 kg object is taken to a planet that has 3 times the mass of earth and 1/2 the radius of earth. On this planet the mass of the object will be most nearly.. A. 12kg B. 3kg C. 48kg D. 4kg E. 24 kg

    asked by NATHAN
  18. Physics

    how much work is done to drag a 25kg sled 80m?

    asked by NATHAN
  19. physics

    what is the power if it takes 11s to drag the sled 80m?

    asked by karson
  20. physics

    a toy car rolls horizontally on to ramp that has total height of 1.28m. What minimum velocity will aloow the car to reach the top of the ramp?

    asked by karson
  21. physics

    a car rolls down a ramp 4m long that has angle of incline equal to 37 degrees. If the car starts from rest, what will be its velocity at the bottom of the ramp?

    asked by lucy
  22. physics

    a pendulum 3m long is displaced at an angle of 40 degrees. What will be the maximum velocity of the pendulum when it is released to oscillate?

    asked by lucy
  23. Math

    Compare the models for 1/3 and 2/6. How does the number of parts relate to the sizes of the parts?

    asked by Howard
  24. Chemistry

    How would you determine if a given compound is acidic, basic or neutral? Also if given a compound, how would you determine if the state is aqueous (without a chart)?

    asked by Liz
  25. math

    Given that

    asked by Adier
  26. physics

    a wooden block of mass equal to 15kg is pressed against a spring. The spring has constant of 225N/m. If the spring is compressed 0.15m, how fast will the block travel when released?

    asked by Jacob
  27. Maths

    If the 6th term of an arithmetic sequence is 48, and the sum of the first 6 terms is 300, what is the first term and the constant difference?

    asked by Jane
  28. physics

    An acceptable unit for power would be A. kg-m/s B. kg-m-m/s/s/s C. N/s D. Kg-m-m/s/s E. J-s

    asked by Jacob
  29. physics

    a ball rolls off the table top 2m tall. with a velocity of 10m/s. with what speed will it strike the ground? A. 10m/s B. 6.3m/s C. 16.3m/s D. 11.8m/s E. 139m/s

    asked by Jacob
  30. Maths

    I purchased a product that was listed at RM 2000. If a chain discount of 10%, 5% and a 2% were given and a chain discount of 5% was also given for prompt payment, what was the net price that I paid?

    asked by Ann
  31. Maths

    If the 6th term of an arithmetic sequence is 48, and the sum of the first 6 terms is 300, what is the first term and the constant different?

    asked by Janic
  32. maths

    If I borrow RM 100,000 to buy a house and I have to pay RM 3000 a month into an account that charges 5 % p.a compounded monthly, how many payments are needed to fully settle the loan?

    asked by Desmond
  33. Derivative

    if g(x)= 5x^6-3/x^2, find the 3rd and 5th derivative of the function. Pls help!

    asked by Desmond
  34. maths

    Find dy/dx for the following: a) y=3x^2 - 3x b) y=x^3(3+5x)^2 c) y=(x^2+1)^2/2x Please offer your help as I urgently need help

    asked by Echak
  35. Derivative

    Evaluate the following: a) S (4x^2+3)/x^2 dx b) S 4x(x^2+3) dx Please help and show the working so that I can understand as I hv no foundation in derivative. TQ

    asked by A
  36. Algebra 1

    Translate problem situation to a system of equations. Do not solve. The sum of two numbers is 10 the first number is 2/3 of the second number. What are the numbers? would it be 6, and 4? or 7, and 3? I know 2/3 of 10 is 6.66666667, so being after the

    asked by slomo
  37. Maths

    a 2 digit number is 9 times the sum of its digits .if it's ones and tens digits be x and y.write a linear equation in two variable

    asked by Vishal
  38. Chemistry

    Calculate the number of atoms in 2.58 mol antimony. Its an example problem, I need help!

    asked by Bre
  39. Chemistry

    Can someone please help me determine the mass of 1.45 mol FePO4?

    asked by Bre
  40. math

    a 2 digit number is 9 times the sum of its digits .if it's ones and tens digits be x and y.write a linear equation in two variable

    asked by vishal
  41. Physics 11

    A 1.00 x 10^4 W electric motor is used to lift a 955 kg object vertically 25.0 m at a constant velocity in 45.0 s. What is the efficiency of the motor? I did P=W/t (1.00x10^4 x 45 =W) And got 4.50 x 10^5 Then I did Ep' = Ek 955 x 9.81 x 25 = 234213.75 But

    asked by Allie
  42. probability and statistics

    a certain university in the region has a population of 20000 students distributed into 15 courses and four year levels.if you would like to determine the sample size, what technique can be applied

    asked by fin
  43. Math

    tom is eight years older than steve. three years ago, steve was two years more than one third as old as tom was then. how old is tom now? answer pls

    asked by dexter taneo
  44. english

    What does don't let me hit the ground means? it's part of the verse in the song i chose to present in school please just give me an idea on what those words mean

    asked by Anonymous
  45. Math

    John was visiting three cities that lie on a coordinate grid at (-4, 5), (4, 5), and (-3, -4). If he visited all the cities and ended up where he started, what is the distance he traveled? Round your answer to the nearest tenth. (like 3.2 or 5.7)

    asked by Anonymous
  46. math

    Mabel is installing a square pool in her backyard and wants a circular fence to enclose the pool to create 4 grassy areas around the pool as show in the figure. If the pool is located at the coordinates (1, 5), (5, 8), (4, 1), and (8, 4), what is the

    asked by billy
  47. math

    Draw a number line counting by 10s for 240

    asked by Anonymous
  48. Analytical Geometry

    A 10 foot long ladder is leaning against a vertical wall with the top of the ladder 8ft from the ground. What is the slope of the ladder? How far is the foot of the ladder from the wall? Can a 6 foot tall man walk under the ladder 1 foot from the wall?

    asked by Julius
  49. maths lit,geography,tourism,business studies,l.o

    Would like to know which courses I qualify in with the above subjects

    asked by ayabonga
  50. math

    the ninth term of an arithmetic progression is 52ind the and the sum of the first twelve terms is 414.find the first term and the common difference.

    asked by jaylan talib
  51. maths

    find the equation of the tangent to the curve y=4x^2+5 at the point (2,21).

    asked by AA4
  52. maths

    find the turning points for the curve y=2x^3-1/2x^2-x+5. Determine the nature of the turning points. Appreciate your help

    asked by andy
  53. maths

    Given the demand function:p(x)=-0.5x+500 where p is price in RM per unit and x is the quantity demanded and the marginal costfunction C'(x) = -0.5-480, and the fixed cost =RM 900, find a) the level of production that will maximise profit b) the maximum

    asked by Clara
  54. Math

    Kevin had 3/4 yd of string. He used 1/3 of it on a school project. How much string did he use? A.5/12 yd B.1/3 yd C.7/12 yd D.1/4 yd (numbers are all fractions)

    asked by Mo
  55. math

    The weekly marginal cost functions C'(x) and the weekly marginal revenue function R'(x) of a company assembling personal computers are given by C'(x) =RM(3x^2-118x+1315) and R'(x)=RM(1000-4x), where x is the number of computers assembled per week. If the

    asked by Jane
  56. mathe

    what is the velue of tan 37.5

    asked by shubham
  57. Math

    An orchestra buys music stands for $42 each with $298 in its bank account. Write a function rule that shows how the account balance depends on the number of stands bought. What are the initial value and rate of change of the function?

    asked by Student
  58. math-algebra HELP!!!!

    1) A gym charges a one-time sign-up fee and then a regular monthly fee. The cost of a membership as a function of the number of months as a member is shown for 2010 and 2011 on the graph. a. What characteristics of the graph represent the sign-up fee and

    asked by unicorns<3
  59. Pre-calc/Trig

    For each parabola, tell in which direction the graph opens. x= 1/2y^2 y= -1/24x^2

    asked by Anonymous
  60. Trig/Precalc

    So I have two questions that have been puzzling me for quite some time and would really appreciate any help with either of them! (a) There are four positive intergers a, b, c, and d such that 4cos(x)cos(2x)cos(4x)=cos(ax)+cos(bx)+cos(cx)+cos(dx) for all

    asked by majorbill
  61. physics

    A car moves from rest with a constant acceleration of 4m/s squared for 5s .IT then continues with the speed attained for10s and then accelerates at 2m/s squared for 10s.A/ SKETCH A SPEED TIME GRAPH FOR THE WHOLE MOTION GIVING YOUR VALUES ON BOTH

    asked by Gabriella
  62. Math

    Find the product 14.4/5 of 30 A. 24 B. 8 C.30 4/5 D.20 15. 14 * 3/5 A.42 B. 20 C. 8 2/5 D.28 3/5 16. 3/10 * 2/10 A.3/50 B. 1/10 C.3/5 D.1/10 17. -4 1/3 * 1 3/5 A. 4 1/5 B. -4 4/15 C. 5 1/5 D. -6 14/15 18. 2 3/7 * 2/3 A. 1 17/21 B. 2 1/21 C. 1 4/7 D. 1

    asked by Mo
  63. computer

    mention 2 instructional materials that can be prepared using Microsoft word?

    asked by thuu
  64. Algebra

    Blending spice: Spice of life sells ground sumac for $1.35per ounce and ground thyme for $1.85 per ounce. Aman wants to make a 20 oz Zahtar seasoning blend using the two spices that sells for $1.65 per ounce. How much of each spice should Aman use? I know

    asked by slomo
  65. Pre-calc/Trig

    For each parabola, find the vertex and focus. x= (1/400)y^2 y= 1/8(x-3)^2-1

    asked by Anonymous
  66. Math

    7 billion chocolate chip cookies are consumed annually. In order to find out how many cookies are consumed on average by every person in the United States, what other information would you need to know in order to solve the problem?

    asked by Karen
  67. Science

    Would there be as much variety to living things if meiosis did not occur?

    asked by 8th grade Science
  68. math

    If the temperature is 3°f at 10:00 p.m, and the temperature falls four degrees overnight, what is the resulting temperature

    asked by Anonymous
  69. math

    Janice needs to figure out her cell phone bill. She is charged a monthly flat fee of $45. She is also charged $0.25 per minute. How many minutes dis she use if her cellphone bill was $145. write an equation and solution

    asked by martese
  70. Algebra 1

    6x^3-3x^2+x-40 Divided by x-2

    asked by John
  71. Algebra 1

    x^4-9x^3-7x^2-8x+2 Divide by x^2+x+1 Thanks

    asked by John
  72. History

    1. Who controlled the most territory bordering the Louisiana Purchase? A- Spain B- France C- Great Britain D-Mexico 2. Which of the founding fathers was an author, a statesman, and a scientist? A- John Adams B- Benjamin Franklin C- Thomas Jefferson

    asked by Elizabeth Meyer
  73. Pre-calc/trig


    asked by Anonymous
  74. English/grammar

    All of your hard work and dedication has molded you into an amazing young lady. or All of your hard work and dedication have molded you into an amazing young lady.

    asked by Suzanne
  75. physics

    explain why carrots look orange

    asked by sana
  76. Math

    Could someone please help me. Solve the linear equation by substitution. Y=10-2.2x 5x+y=70 For the first equation I am getting x=21.4 and for the second equation I am getting y=-37. The answers are 21 3/7 and -37 1/7. Could you show me how you do this so I

    asked by Cherie
  77. Pre-Calc

    A ferris wheel is 63 feet tall when it reaches its highest point at 8 seconds. At the bottom of the ride, you are 3 feet off the ground. So how high off the ground will you be 5 seconds after the ride starts? Write a function f so that f(t) will equal how

    asked by John
  78. math

    un scramble math word roetopodsaoenrfir

    asked by zachay
  79. physics

    explain why carrots look orange

    asked by sana
  80. computer science check

    Which of the following examples correctly describes the order in which these parts of a program should be written? (Select the best answer.) A- The import command, then function definitions, then function calls B- Function definitions, then the import

    asked by Skye
  81. math

    roetopodsaoenrfir need to unscramble for a math paper

    asked by jen
  82. History

    1. How is the Seven Years War related to the French and indian war? A- The French and Indian War directly caused the Seven Year's War B-; The French and Indian War was part of the Seven Year's War C- The Seven Years' War was more of a land war than the

    asked by Elizabeth Meyer
  83. physics

    explain why carrots look orange?

    asked by sana
  84. Algebra I

    your class sells 64 tickets to a play. A student ticket cost $1. An adult ticket $2.50 If you collect $109 in total ticket sales, how many adult tickets do you sell? please show how to solve

    asked by Jarrett
  85. Calculus

    a balloon rises straight up to 5 ft/sec. and a crying child who lost the balloon is standing 40 ft away. how fast does the balloon move away from the child when it is 30 ft above the ground?

    asked by Anon
  86. physics

    Now how far the will the ball in the problem below will hit the ground? a. 10m b. 6.4m c. 9.6m d. 20m e. 140m a ball rolls off the table top 2m tall. with a velocity of 10m/s. with what speed will it strike the ground? V^2 = Vo^2 + 2g*h V^2=0^2+2*9.8*2

    asked by Jacob
  87. Mathematics

    A cylindrical tube, open at both ends, is made of metal. The internal diameter of the tube is 10.4cm and its height is 25 cm. If thickness of the metal is 8mm everywhere, calculatd the volume of metal in the cylinder

    asked by Rahul