Questions Asked on
January 3, 2015

  1. algebra word problem

    A projectile is launched upward from a height of 960 feet with an initial velocity of 64 ft/s. The equation gives the height h after t seconds. Find the number of seconds until it returns to the ground.

    asked by ljpoole
  2. physics

    A man walks 5 m at 37 degree north of east then 10 m at 60 degree west of north.? calculate the magnitude and direction of his displacement.

    asked by saima
  3. CALC AB

    1. For the given cost and demand functions, find the production level that will maximize profit. C(x)=820+5x+0.01x^2, p(x)=18-x/400. Find the answer to the nearest whole number. a. x = 538 b. x = 525 c. x = 511 d. x = 520 2. A manufacturer has been selling

    asked by Jacke
  4. civic education

    Define pillars of democracy

    asked by kemi
  5. physics

    a toy car rolls horizontally on to a ramp that has a total height of 0.8m. what minimum velocity will allow the car to reach the top of the ramp/

    asked by Jacob
  6. constitution

    Which case did NOT involve an issue of judicial review? A. Marbury v. Madison B. United States v. Nixon C. Martin v. Hunter's Lessee D. Hammons v. Simpson Is it D

    asked by Amy
  7. Geometry

    Find an equation of the line passing through the point (6,5) and perpendicular to the line whose equation is 2y+3x=6

    asked by Matt
  8. Geometry

    In rectangle ABCD, AC= 8x-10 and BD=2x+20. Find the length of BD

    asked by Matt
  9. Statistics

    In 2000,the average charge of tax preparation was $95.Assuming a normal distibution and standard deviation of $10.What proportion of tax preparation fees were more than $95?

    asked by Leslie Meagan
  10. physics

    Three vectors are specified as A is 5 m at 45o north of east, B is 7 m at 60o east of south, and C is 4 m at 30o west to south.?Find the magnitude and direction of their sum.

    asked by saima
  11. Statistics

    There are 300 students enrolled in Business Statics . Historically,exam scores are normally distributedwith a standard deviation of 30.9. Your instructor randomly selected a sample of 30 examinations and finds a mean of 74.2. Determine a 90% confidence

    asked by Leslie Meagan
  12. physics

    An object is thrown up from the top of building 50 m high. it rises to a maximum height of 20 m above the roof.? a) when does it land on the ground b) at what velocity does it land? c) what is its velocity 15m below the roof?

    asked by saima
  13. trigonometry

    a motor boat moves in the direction of N 38° E for 3 hrs at 20 mph. How far north and how far east does it travel?

    asked by rica
  14. physics

    Three vectors are specified as A is 5 m at 45o north of east, B is 7 m at 60o east of south, and C is 4 m at 30o west to south. Find the magnitude and direction of their sum.

    asked by saima
  15. maths

    Sorry the full question is: If the third term of a of a geometric sequence is 7, and the 7th term is 16.807, what is the common ratio?

    asked by Andrew
  16. physics

    A 0.5 kg rock is projected from the edge of the top of a building with an initial velocity of 9.66 m/s at an angle of 41 degrees. The building is 10.1 m in height. At what horizontal distance, x, from the base of the building will the rock strike the

    asked by Kimberly
  17. English

    The whole idea of it makes me feel like I'm coming down with something, something worse than any stomach ache or the headaches I get from reading in bad light-- a kind of measles of the spirit, a mumps of the psyche, a disfiguring chicken pox of the soul.

    asked by Kelly
  18. AP Chemistry

    A mixture of 20.0 grams of CaO and BaO is placed in a 12.5 L vessel at 200oC with excess CO2 . The mixture is allowed to react to completion forming CaCO¬3 and BaCO3 .The pressure in the container after reaction is 220 torr. The solid carbonates are

    asked by Jim
  19. Physics, Math, Aerospace, Engineering

    A de-orbit burn, similar (but not the same) to that presented in the previous math problem, has been performed. During this de-orbit burn a pre-calculated ∆V (delta V, change in velocity) of 99.1 meters per second will be used to decrease the Shuttle’s

    asked by Wolf
  20. math/compound

    Calculate the interest earned on an investment of 2500 invested at an interest rate of 6.15%/a compounded quarterly for 10 years.

    asked by parker
  21. mathematics

    If there are 18 elements in a set how many possible subsets of 6 can I get

    asked by joe
  22. geography

    to accommodate the rapid human population growth, the water supply should increase by- a. 5% for 15 years b. 20% for 15 years c. 50% for 10 years d. 10% each year over next 2 decades

    asked by BRENDA
  23. English

    Can some one please tell me if these are assertive,non-assertive,or aggressive. and give me an example how i would write each sentence with the ones that its not. 1. You never return my phone calls. 2. I am not sure when I can meet. I'm pretty busy. 3. If

    asked by Sara
  24. history

    Continent move by a.water eroding.b. conveyor-like belt of magma dragging plate ad continental c. Ring of fire.d.wind shifting crust

    asked by lilybelle
  25. math

    At noon the temperature was 2°f.By sunset it had dropped 6 degrees. WHAT WAS THE TEMPERATURE AT SUNSET?

    asked by liliana
  26. history

    Since temperature in humid can be very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter the vegetation in these area is

    asked by lilybelle
  27. algebra word problem

    A projectile is launched upward from a height of 960 feet with an initial velocity of 64 ft/s. The equation gives the height h after t seconds. Find the number of seconds until it returns to the ground.

    asked by ljpoole
  28. Math

    Brenda is building a rectangular pen for her dog. She has enough fencing to build the pen so that it has a perimeter of 36 feet. She wants the pen to have an area of 65 ft2. What are the dimensions of the dog pen? A. 5 feet by 13 feet B. 10 feet by 8 feet

    asked by Kaylee
  29. French

    I am trying to say that, "He tried to commit suicide but he lived." Would the "he lived" part be passe compose or imparfait? Thanks.

    asked by Apple
  30. calculus

    Y =-( x+2)² - 4 state clearly intercept x and intercept Y

    asked by arul
  31. sociology

    What does "Social Space" mean when we talk about location

    asked by MATTHEW
  32. accounting

    how to jounalize the transaction with simecolon?

    asked by journalizing
  33. AP CaLC. AB

    A particle moves along the x-axis with the velocity at time t=>0 given by v(t)=t^2-3 cos(t). If the particle is at the origin when t=0, its position at the time when v=0, x=?? a. 5.276 b. 334.965 c. 15.276 d. 6.682 e. 2.670

    asked by Rachel
  34. bookkeeping

    how to journalize an transaction

    asked by journalizing
  35. Quick Question

    When you have to pay for something weekly, does that mean every end of the week?

    asked by Bob
  36. Statistics

    The age of customers for a particular retail store follows a normal distribution with a mean of 37.5 years and a standard deviation of7.6 years.What is the probability that the next customer who enters the store will be less than 42 years old?

    asked by Leslie Meagan
  37. Statistics

    A firm claims that only 10% of it's accounts receivables are over 30 days past due. The bank that supplies working capital or interim laons to the fimrs is suspect of the figure and accordingly takes a random samole of 100 accounts of the firm. Find the

    asked by Leslie Meagan
  38. Calculus

    ∫csc x cot^2 xdx

    asked by Anonymous
  39. physics

    a ship sails from a point at a distance of 4 km and a bearing of 40 degree noth of east relative to a lighthouse to a point 6 km from the lighthouse at 60 degree north to west. calculate a) the displacement b)the least distance between them

    asked by saima
  40. physics

    Determine the x and y components of the following vectors? a) P of length 5 m directed at 150 degree counter clockwise from the positive x axis b) Q of length 3.6 m directed at 120 degree clockwise from the positive y axis

    asked by saima
  41. Statistics

    A filing machine designed to fill soda bottles with 16 ouncesof soda. The distribution for the weight of the bottles is normal. Twenty bottles are selected and weighted. The sample mean is 15.3 ounces and the standard deviation is 1.5 ounces . Develop a

    asked by Leslie Meagan
  42. physics

    a car is traveling 25 ns^-1 around a level curve of radius 120 m. what is the minimum value of the coefficient of static friction µs between the tires and the road to prevent the car from skidding

    asked by saima
  43. physics

    A man walks 5 m at 37 degree north of east then 10 m at 60 degree west of north.? calculate the magnitude and direction of his displacement.

    asked by saima
  44. Physics

    A mass of 25kg is acted on by a force of 56N. If a friction force of 12N exists, find the acceleration of the mass. I have worked the following: a=F/M = 44/25 = 1.76 m/s2 Am I correct? Thank you.

    asked by Steph
  45. Physics

    How much force is required to accelerate a 1500kg car to a speed of 17m/s in a distance of 45m? Thank you.

    asked by Steph
  46. Algebra 1

    bobpursey, In this problem you helped me with earlier: Solve using any appropriate method. y = 2× - 5, y = ½× + 1 Substitution, substitute for y. 2×-5=½ × + 1 3/2 x=6 x=4 y= 2*4-5=3 How did you choose which method you were going to use between

    asked by slomo
  47. ^NeEd HeLp^

    What iz d. location ov d. MOON with respect 2 d. EARTH? that iz, iz d. MOON inside or outside ov d. EARTH?

    asked by Ekingdeft
  48. calculus

    finding first derivative for functions y=x³In(5x)

    asked by sharon
  49. trig

    prove that the equation 2sin x cos x +4cos^2 x =1 may be written in the form of tan^2 x -2tan x -3=0

    asked by Nus
  50. math

    Types of triangles?

    asked by depak
  51. Science

    Please explain what the authors, (Hewlett, Martinez & Peters, Ted), mean when they write that the neo-Darwinian model is very fertile? Please explain one of their three examples of this fertility.

    asked by Linda
  52. Science/ Evolution

    According to the authors, (Hewlett, Martinez & Peters, Ted), why should the Christian commitment to truth lead Christians to support Darwinian and neo-Darwinian scientific research?

    asked by Linda

    if the 6th term of an arithmetic sequence is 48, and the sum of the first 6 term is 300, what is the first term and the constant difference? Pls help as I have never learn this before,need some example to start with.thank you

    asked by JANE
  54. Maths

    if the third term of a geometric sequence is 7, what is the common ratio? would appreciate if u can show me the working. Thank you

    asked by Andrew
  55. Math - Please help

    (Write an equation in slope intercept form of the line that passes through the given point and is parallel to the graph of the equation.) (1, -3); y + 2 = 4(x – 1) Please show steps

    asked by lol
  56. physic

    How did kinetic energy and potential energy compare to the total energy during the motion without friction? What about when friction was turned on?

    asked by wellington
  57. Math

    (Find the slope and y intercept of the graph of each equation) 2y + 4n = -6x Please show steps. Thank you!

    asked by lol

    if a product that had a cost of rm2000 was sold with a markup percentage of 80% based on retail price, what was the retail price?

    asked by ann
  59. language arts

    choose the meaning of the word stealthily in the sentence. The spies moved stealthily among the colonists, trying to gather information for the British leaders A openly B noisily C swiftly D sneakily is it c or d?

    asked by Anonymous

    If I pay RM200 every month for 20 years into an investment account that gives 3% p.a interest compounded monthly, how much will I get at the end of 20 years?

    asked by Jane
  61. math

    solve the system algebraically and graphically 32x^2+9y^2=324 3y^2-x^2=3

    asked by cary
  62. constitution

    Which of the following Chief Justices of the Supreme Court was responsible for writing the majority opinion in Marbury v. Madison, wherein the power of judicial review was announced? A. Jay B. Rehnquist C. Warren D. Marshall is it D

    asked by Amy
  63. science

    What is an experiment I could do that investigates the effect of different forces on an objects motion? I need some suggestions please!

    asked by Help
  64. constitution

    What document governed the United States before the ratification of the U.S. Constitution? A. Articles of Confederation B. U.S. Code C. Declaration of Independence D. Contract on America is it A

    asked by Amy
  65. constitution

    Which of the following was NOT intended to protect against tyranny? A. Separation of powers B. Federalism C. Checks and balances D. Single federal executive is it D

    asked by Amy
  66. constitution

    What was William Marbury seeking from the Supreme Court in Marbury v. Madison? A. Writ of certiorari B. Temporary restraining order C. Writ of mandamus D. Money damages is it C

    asked by Amy
  67. math

    Martha wrote the following inequality statement about the temperatures: -4.3

    asked by Chris
  68. constitution

    In which era did the Court begin to expand the powers of the federal government? A. Marshall Court B. Taney Court C. Pre-New Deal D. Rehnquist Court is it A 2. Statutes passed by Congress are found in the: A. U.S. Code. B. Federal Register. C. U.S.

    asked by Amy
  69. Algebra2

    When using the Vertical motion model, where does the leading coefficient -16 come from? When will it not be -16 and how will you know? I'm just trying to understand the Model.

    asked by Samantha
  70. algebra

    Solve f(x)=3x^2+8x-6. Let f(x)=f(7a)

    asked by britt