Questions Asked on
January 1, 2015

  1. Physics

    A block and tackle with a velocity ratio of 5 is used to raise a mass of 25kg through a vertical distances of 40cm at a steady rate.if the effort is equal to 60N,determine.(a)The distance moved by the effort.(b)The workdone by the effort in lifting the

    asked by Rose
  2. physics

    A ball strikes against the floor and returns with double velocity.In which type of collision is it possible?

    asked by Anonymous
  3. chemistry

    Acetylene(C2H2), an important fuel in welding, is produced in the laboratory when calcium carbide (CaC2) reacts with water: CaC2(s) + 2H20(l) → C2H2(g) + Ca(OH)2(aq) For a sample of acetylene collected over water, total gas pressure (adjusted to

    asked by vishal
  4. Math

    (Find the slope and y intercept of the graph of each equation) 2y + 4n = -6x

    asked by lol
  5. Criminology

    According to Hirschi and Gottfredson, the personal characteristics of most white-collar workers are those that we would expect to produce: A. conformity in behavior. B. white-collar crime. C. street crime. D. Both b and c I think it's D, but not too sure.

    asked by Pat
  6. Math

    A tractor tire has a diameter of 6 feet and is revolving at a rate of 45 rpm. At t=0, a certain point is at height 0. Write an equation to describe the height of the point above the ground after t seconds. The answer is apparently d=-3cos(3pi/2)t +3 But I

    asked by Andrew
  7. chemistry

    what is the ph of the resulting mixture when 10.00ml of 0.400 mol/l KOH is added to 15.00 ml of 0.300 mol/l acetic acid?

    asked by mickey
  8. Maths

    John wants to calculate the sum of a geometric series with 10 terms, where the 10th term is 5 859 37... ... series with 10 terms, where the 10th term is 5 859 375 and the common ration is 5/3. John solved the problem by considering another ... show more

    asked by Alan Mathews
  9. physics

    A golfer takes two putts to get his ball into the hole once he is on the green. The first putt displaces the ball 3.4 m east, and the second 6.55 m south. What displacement would have been needed to get the ball into the hole on the first putt. answer in

    asked by carlos
  10. read

    does u say do or does like in does/do you have a pet

    asked by jayquanna
  11. earth science

    one reason the moon might be a better place than earth to study the universe is there is almost no atmosphere. True or False MY guess is false

    asked by Elena
  12. earth science

    the Julian calendar is the calendar we currently use. True or false. my guess is true

    asked by Elena
  13. physics

    A car moves at a constant speed of 60 km/hr for 1 km and 40 km/hr for next 1 km. What is the average speed of the car ?

    asked by sana
  14. ^BiOlOgY^

    Need Help~How does EXCRETION occur in SNAKES? What iz thier ORGAN ov EXCRETION? What form iz thier excretory waste?

    asked by Ekingdeft
  15. physics

    A stone is thrown into water pond forming 10 waves in 5 seconds. The diameter of the first crest is 13 m and the diameter of the last crest is 4m. Find a.the periodic time b.the frequency c.the wave length d.the wave velocity

    asked by jo
  16. History

    After you have read the following, write a short essay comparing and contrasting life in the Middle Ages to today. Is there anything that was better about life then? The next time you are washing your hands and complain because the water temperature isn't

    asked by Olivia
  17. science

    A 10 meter long seesaw has a boy of mass 20 kg sitting on one end . How far away from him should a girl of mass 30kg sit to balance the seesaw?

    asked by Zahra ferdous
  18. science

    What is the hook's law?

    asked by Zahra ferdous
  19. Physics

    What force is required to give a 1kg body a velocity of 5m/s after acting for 5sec? I know I can use F=mxa What do I do with the 5sec? Thanks

    asked by Steph
  20. government

    What is constitution?

    asked by kemi
  21. Math

    Reiny ..thanks for the formula and example. I tried it and i get that both sets of triangles are congruent but it is multiple choice with one answer. I don't know what i am doing wrong. How do I determine which two triangles on a graph are congruent.

    asked by Marie
  22. Geometry

    If triangle ZXY is an equilateral triangle and the measure of W equals 34 degrees, what is the measure of the triangle WXZ? Work: XZ bisects WXZ and ZXY ; since W is 34 degrees, than Y is 34 degrees and since ZXY is equilateral, that also means that Z is

    asked by Kathy
  23. Biology

    Photosynthesis and cellular respiration are often described in two ways: (1) they are chemically opposite; and (2) they have a relationship to each other. Explain what these two statements mean. I need help with this please.

    asked by Sara
  24. math

    Janet invested $10,000, part at 2% and part at 12%. If the total interest at the end of the year is $600, how much did she invest at 2%?

    asked by karmen
  25. Criminology

    Which of the following is a drug-related crime? A. Buying drugs on the street from a low-level dealer B. Selling marijuana to juveniles C. Snatching a purse to obtain money to purchase drugs D. Using crack cocaine I am stuck between B & D.

    asked by Pat


    asked by VALERIE
  27. Math

    A Ferris wheel makes 3 revolutions per minute. If the diameter is 20 feet, write an equation to describe the height off the ground of a particular seat after t seconds. I got d=10cos(6pi)t as the answer, is this correct?

    asked by Andrew
  28. chemistry

    a 2.00l buffer contains 1.00 mol HNO3 mixed with 1.00mol NaNO2 a. write the relevant ionization equation for this buffer. b. determine its pH c. determine the new pH if 1.00g of NaOH is added to the buffer

    asked by michelle
  29. calculus

    this is an exploration in my textbook that we are assigned to do. it basically means we are supposed to use our graphing calculator to help. my calculator won't work for some reason so I'm trying to do it without and cannot figure it out. the question is

    asked by emilia``
  30. French

    Would the contraction for du and les be des?

    asked by Anonymous
  31. Physics

    A 6kg mass is acted on by a force for 60sec and acquires a speed of 10m/s. What is the value of the force? I have calculated this as below: F = ma Therefore F = 6*10/60 F=1N Am I on the correct path? Thank you kindly

    asked by Steph
  32. algebra

    Using x as their common factor, represent the numbers and their sum if: Two number have ration of 4 to 3

    asked by ER
  33. Biology

    A cell is lacking in its supply of amino acids. Which of the following will occur? A- mRNA will not be formed because enzymes may not be present. B- The ribosomes will not work properly because there will be no proteins. C- tRNA may not be able to fulfill

    asked by May
  34. AP Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction: CH3X + Y --> CH3Y + X At 25 degrees Celcius the following two experiments were run, yielding the following data: Experiment 1: [Y]0 = 3.0 M [CH3X] (mol/L) Time (hours) 7.08*10^-3 1.0 4.52*10^-3 1.5 2.23*10^-3 2.3 4.76*10^-4

    asked by Kyle
  35. math

    How many subset of 6 can I get from 18 elements

    asked by joe
  36. Rocket Science

    Calculate the minimum change in velocity (delta V or ∆V) required for the Space Shuttle to decrease its altitude to 60 miles if it’s orbiting with an apogee of 246 miles and a perigee of 212 miles above the surface of Earth

    asked by Karen
  37. Physics

    A force of 270N acts on a mass of 13.5kg for 13sec. Calculate a) the acceleration b) the final velocity c) the distance covered. a)F=m*a, so 270=13.5*a/13, answer 260m/s b)Not sure which formula. c)Formula d=v*t, once velocity is worked out in question b).

    asked by Steph
  38. algebra 2

    X.2 +8x +15/x+5

    asked by mariam
  39. Physics 1

    a piece of stone was dropped from the top of the building. the stone took 10 s to hit the ground. what is the veocity of the stone just before it hit the ground?

    asked by Marvin I. Rojas