Questions Asked on
December 29, 2014

  1. CAL-Help on dr/dt

    A circular oil slick of uniform thickness is caused by a spill of 1 cubic meter of oil. The thickness of the oil is decreasing at the rate of 0.1 cm/hr as the slick spreads. (Note: 1 cm = 0.01 m.) At what rate is the radius of the slick increasing when the

    asked by Mary
  2. Math

    The twice–differentiable function f is defined for all real numbers and satisfies the following conditions: f(0)=3 f′(0)=5 f″(0)=7 a)The function g is given by g(x)=e^ax+f(x) for all real numbers, where a is a constant. Find g ′(0) and g ″(0) in

    asked by Steven
  3. Improving Writing- REVISED VERSION

    Assume that you’ve worked for the last five years as an administrative assistant for the Human Resources Department of Broadworth General Hospital. The Director of Human Resources, Miriam Hopkins, has charged you with organizing a two-hour training

    asked by ANONYMOUS
  4. Physics

    Which of the following statements is true? A hypothesis always leads to a theory which leads to a law. A hypothesis always leads to a law which leads to a theory. A hypothesis must lead to a theory only. A hypothesis can lead to either a theory or a law.

    asked by May
  5. Math

    The edge of a cube was found to have a length of 50 cm with a possible error in measurement of 0.1 cm. Based on the measurement, you determine that the volume is 125,000 cm3. Use tangent line approximation to estimate the percentage error in volume.

    asked by Mimi

    If you put $2,000 in a savings account that pays 6% interest compounded continuously, how much money will you have in your account in 4 years? Assume you make no additional deposits or withdrawals

    asked by Anonymous
  7. Algebra 1

    Suppose soda is on sale for .50 a can and you have a coupon for .80 off the total price. Write a function rule for the cost of n cans of soda. My answer is c(n() = .80n -.50

    asked by Steve
  8. Physics

    Hi! Would one of you please check my work? Thanks! ( I used significant digits, by the way) A student throws a 5.00 kg steel shot directly upwards so that it leaves his hand when it is 2.00 m above the ground. If its velocity is 0.15 m/s when it leaves his

    asked by Lucina
  9. chemistry

    A gas storage tank has a small leak the pressure in the tank drops more quickly if the gas is hydrogen than oxygen. Why?

    asked by hima
  10. Math

    Which of the following ordered pairs is a solution to the inequality y less than or equal to -2x + 8? a. (0, -4)

    asked by Mark

    Special note to my all time favorite: Writeacher: I am sorry that my changes seemed as if I did not read your first notations, I did and I admit I changed only a few words. I am sorry if you thought I ignored it and just re submitted it. I am a beginner in

    asked by ANONYMOUS
  12. sds chemisry

    diffren between endotermic reactin and exotermic reaction

    asked by aminu
  13. Algebra 1

    Write an equation in point slope form for them line through the given point with the given slope. (-4,6) m= 3/4

    asked by Steve
  14. Algebra 1

    Write y=-3/5x-2 in standard form using Integers.

    asked by Steve
  15. Algebra 2

    A square has a length of x inches and a width of 2 inches less than the length. If the dimensions were doubled, what would be the area of the new square in terms of x? A.(2x-4)in^2 B.(8x-8)in^2 C.(2x^2-4x)in^2 D.(4x^2-8x)in^2

    asked by gh
  16. Business

    I have already researched five areas of publicly available information (such as the Dow Jones or top search engine results) that help to establish the health and public image of a company. How do I propose a web-based information system that will interface

    asked by MissPatte
  17. Mathematics

    Show that y=|x-3|is not differentiable at x=3

    asked by Syam
  18. mathematics

    a vertical pole stands on level ground. from a point on the ground, which is 15 meters away from the pole, the angle of elevation of its top is found to be 30 degrees.find the height of the pole?

    asked by hindu priya
  19. General Chemistry!!!!

    Hi I'm a high school teacher. I teach General Chemistry. I'm looking for a textbook for my student. In this course we learn the basics of chemistry and how it relates to our everyday lives/world.

    asked by Teacher
  20. calculus

    A rectangular box has a square base with an edge length of x cm and a height of h cm. The volume of the box is given by V = x^2h cm^3. Find the rate at which the volume of the box is changing when the edge length of the base is 4 cm, the edge length of the

    asked by Anonymous
  21. calculus

    A rectangular box has a square base with an edge length of x cm and a height of h cm. The volume of the box is given by V = x^2h cm^3. Find the rate at which the volume of the box is changing when the edge length of the base is 12 cm, the edge length of

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Computer

    Our professor wants us to get more likes on our facebook account. Can anyone tell how?

    asked by ZACHARY
  23. Calculus- Can you help me solve for dr/dt

    How fast does the radius of a spherical soap bubble change when you blow air into it at the rate of 15 cubic centimeters per second? Our known rate is dv/dt , the change in volume with respect to time, which is 15 cubic centimeters per second. The rate we

    asked by Rachel
  24. algebra

    The length of a shadow of a building is 50 ft. Also, tan P = 0.8. 1.Write an equation involving a trigonometric ratio that can be used to find the height x of the building. Explain why your equation is correct. 2.Find the height x of the building by using

    asked by Sara Mohsin
  25. Algebra

    Hi there. Can "x^2 - 10x + 22 = -2" be solved by taking the square root? Can "4x^2 + 8x + 3 = 0" be solved by taking the square root? If so, please show me an explanation.

    asked by Terry
  26. Math help, Please

    An inverted conical tank (with vertex down) is 14 feet across the top and 24 feet deep. If water is flowing in at a rate of 12 ft3/min, find the rate of change of the depth of the water when the water is 10 feet deep.

    asked by Olivia
  27. math

    A board is 54 inches long. Mate cuts the board into 6 equal pieces. How long is each piece

    asked by Madeline
  28. CAL-Critical points

    For the function F(x) = inx/x^2 , find the approximate location of the critical point in the interval (0, 5).

    asked by Harry
  29. Water Treatment

    Minimum oxygen concentration should be 7.6 mg/l, concentration in raw water is 0 mg/l and you can assume a saturation concentration of 10 mg/l. Calculate the total efficiency of oxygen addition, the number of cascade steps and the total height of the

    asked by IJ
  30. World history

    what freedoms were the people of Napoleon's day willing to sacrifice

    asked by JC
  31. Algebra 1

    What is the simplified form of the expression? 7(63/(5 sq-2 sq)-1)

    asked by Steve
  32. bu

    What are the consequences for supply chain management of centralized and decentralized purchasing

    asked by ss
  33. bu

    You are the Purchasing Manager reporting to the Managing Director of a company organized on a functional basis. Write a memo to the managing Director outlining the benefit of having regular meetings between the heads of design, marketing, production and

    asked by ss
  34. So what about this one bob? Physics

    Which of the following is closer to a guess? hypothesis

    asked by May
  35. Physics~ ONE MOREE

    Which of the following must the investigator measure during an experiment? independent variable dependent variable

    asked by May
  36. I guess this is physics related?

    What is the biggest source of error in measuring the acceleration of a ball down a ramp? knowing the length of the ramp accurately measuring the time knowing the height of the ramp knowing the mass of the ball****

    asked by Robert
  37. chemistry

    what is the ph of a buffer made by mixing 2.00g of sodium acetate with 20.00ml of 1.20 mol/l acetic acid and adding enough water so the final volume of the mixture is 100.0 ml?

    asked by mehek
  38. chemistry

    a 2.00l buffer contains 1.00 mol HNO3 mixed with 1.00mol NaNO2 a. write the relevant ionization equation for this buffer. b. determine its pH c. determine the new pH if 1.00g of NaOH is added to the buffer.

    asked by mehek
  39. geometry

    Find the locus of a point which is equidistant from the origin and the point (-2,5)

    asked by Anonymous
  40. american history

    The puritan ______ became the governor of the Massachusetts bay colony A.roger Williams B.william bradfords C.john Winthrop D.Arnold hutchinson

    asked by kat
  41. science

    Research suggests that American students lack a sufficient education in math and science to compete globally. How does the controversy about teaching evolution affect and reflect this problem?

    asked by cooksthe1
  42. Pre-Calculus

    How do you solve the equation(800+x)tan33=xtan35?

    asked by Angie
  43. Algebra 1

    What would the graph look like for y= the absolute value of 2x plus 1

    asked by Steve
  44. Precalculus

    Could I solve (800+x)tan33=xtan35 like xtan33=(x/800)tan35?

    asked by Angie
  45. Physics

    The work W0 accelerates a car from 0 to 20 km/h. How much work (in terms of W0) is required to accelerate the car from 20 km/h to 100 km/h?

    asked by Caleb
  46. Algebra 1

    Write the equation of a line that is perpendicular to the given line and that passes through the given points. y-2 = - 1/4(x+3), (-3,5)

    asked by Steve
  47. Arts

    What is the meaning of print media?

    asked by josh
  48. biology

    Which phases are exactly the same for both the Cell Cycle and Meiosis? Can someone please help me with this and explain this to me? Thank you :)

    asked by Victoria
  49. Pre-Trig/Calc

    Please help :) A potato is put into an oven that has been heated to 350F. Its temperature as a function of time is given by T(t) = a(1 - e-kt) + b. The potato was 50F when it was first put into the oven. What is the value of b in this context?

    asked by Anonymous
  50. Algebra 1

    Tell whether the lines for then pair of equations are parallel, perpendicular, or neither? y=-2/3x +1 2x-3y=-3

    asked by Steve
  51. Arts

    what is the function of product innovation???

    asked by josh
  52. Algebra 2

    Janine is considering two movie rental plans. Plan A can be modeled with the equation C=3m and Plan B can be modeled with the equation C=2m+5 where C represents the cost in dollars and M represents the number of movies rented each month. Which statement

    asked by gh
  53. Arts

    What is the function of a Digital Media??

    asked by josh
  54. Arts

    what is the function of Animation ???

    asked by josh
  55. Algebra 1

    How many solutions does the system of equations have? 3x+12y=20 y=-1/4x+5/3

    asked by Steve
  56. english 4

    What is shown on the tomb described by the speaker in “An Arundel Tomb

    asked by stephanie
  57. Algebra 2

    Sarah has a job that pays $45,500 per year with a guaranteed pay increase of $2,000 each year for 10 years. What is the formula for Sarah’s salary, S, if she has worked x years? A. 45,500x+2000 B. 45,500x+2000x C. 45,500x+2,000(10) D. 45,500x+2,000(10)x

    asked by gh
  58. Math

    ∆ABChas vertices A(–1, –2), B(–4, –4), and C(–3, –5). Graph ∆ABC and its image after a reflection over the x-axis. Name the coordinates of the vertices of the reflected it A(1,-2), B(3, -4), C(2,-5) or A(-1,2), B(-3,4),

    asked by Marie
  59. algebra 2

    find all zeroes -3x^4 + 27x^2 + 1200 =0

    asked by sharon
  60. geography

    What types and forms of caulking are available for insulating homes? please help i tried searching them up but each website had different info.

    asked by Me
  61. Life and world

    I need a idea of an art work response to the contemporary world it can be war violence politics or anything else im not very creative please help

    asked by GEorge
  62. science

    Name a way in which our government dictates the administration of vaccines to children

    asked by cooksthe1
  63. statistics

    There were 50 men and 50 women who were randomly selected from a larger population. •A t-test was conducted to compare men and women’s performance on an assessment after eating chocolate. The results showed an independent t-test value of t .05(99) =

    asked by Diana
  64. physic

    A force paralled to an inclined plane is used to raise a load of 500N through a height of 3M While the load moves a distance of 30M along the plane (a) How much work is done on the load ? (b)if the efficency is 80% calculate the effort (c)how much work is

    asked by compbell
  65. maths

    A tank is half filled and contains 15litres.what fraction of the tank is full if it can contain 18litres?

    asked by sweety

    CHOOSE THE BARE INFINITIVE IN EACH SENTENCE. 1.make them feel the need to rise and give you a hand. 2.The judge noticed the witness nod his head with approval. 3.The coach saw his players look at one another with enthusiasm. 4.The teacher let her students

    asked by ZACHARY
  67. Mathematics

    Find the differentiation of the following function a) y=5x^4(x-7)^1/2 b) y=(2(x)^1/2-(3))/(x)^1/2+1

    asked by Syam
  68. math

    Describe a situation this week when you used math to solve a problem involving data, graphs and statistics.

    asked by Anonymous
  69. physics

    A 5kg block is placed on an inclined plane raised to an angle with it just started to slip down. if its coefficients of friction is 0.3 calculate. and the speed of the block up to the plane if it is being pull up by a force of 30N

    asked by holamyde
  70. Science

    Name a way in which our government dictates the administration of vaccines to children.

    asked by cooksthe1