Questions Asked on
December 27, 2014

  1. Spanish

    lujosa y básica sinónimos *antónimos no son relacionadas Question 2 of 12 la pensión y el hostal *sinónimos antónimos no son relacionadas Question 3 of 12 el huésped y el visitante *sinónimos antónimos no son relacionadas Question 4 of 12 la

    asked by Shari
  2. maths

    One morning the temperature was 5°F Below zero .BY noon the temperature rose 20°f and then dropped by 8°f by evening .What was the evening temperature

    asked by savitha
  3. math

    If a plant grew 1 1/4 inches in one month. If the plant grows at the same rate, how many inches will it have grown at the end of 3 1/2 months?

    asked by betty
  4. Math

    A uniform rod, AB 2 meters long has a mass of 10 kg and rests with its end A on a rough horizontal ground with coefficient of friction 0.6. The rod is is inclined at 30 degrees to the horizontal and is supported on a rough pin at point C, 1.5 meters from A

    asked by Ceasar
  5. Math

    Will Rogers spun a lasso in a vertical cycle. The diameter of the loop was 6 feet, and the loop spun 50 times each minute. If the lowest point on the rope was 6 inches above the ground, write an equation to describe the height of this point above the

    asked by Andrew

    An automobile accident investigator needs to determine the initial westerly velocity of jeep (m=1720 kg) that may have been speeding before colliding head-on with a Volkswagen (m=1510 kg) that was moving with a velocity of 75.7 km/h east. The speed limit

    asked by Tony
  7. Arts

    what is the function of Film, Animation, Print Media, Digital Media ?

    asked by josh
  8. physic

    Please help how much heat is needed to transform a 2.5 kg block of ice at -4°c to a puddle of water at 12°c? Cwater=4200J kg^-1 °C^-1, Cice=2100J kg^-1 °C^-1, Lf=3.33*10^5 J kg^-1.

    asked by wai
  9. Physics

    A ball is thrown straight upward and returns to the thrower’s hand after 2.3 s in the air. A second ball is thrown at an angle of 60◦ with the horizontal. At what speed must the second ball be thrown so that it reaches the same maximum height as the

    asked by Lauren
  10. math

    A music stores stock of music includes new releasesand top ten hots on the ratio of 3:5. How many top ten hits are tthere in a shipment of 80???? What I did 3:5 *16:*16 48:80 Is it right or not plz tell. I am having so much difficult I in this one

    asked by ali
  11. Physics

    Station Math Two station astronauts will each perform two 8-hour EVAs within 13 days to repair a damaged solar panel that was impacted by a micrometeoroid on the space station. What is the total amount of oxygen needed by the two astronauts to accomplish

    asked by Allison
  12. Physics

    Hello! A falling piano reaches a velocity of 120 km/h. Find the kinetic energy if the mass of the piano is 357 kg. Ek= 1/2mv^2 Ek= 1/2(357)(33m/s)^2 Ek= 194386.5 J The problem is that my answer key has the answer 208kJ. What's my error? I have tried this

    asked by Lucina
  13. physics

    When relaxed, an elastic cord has length L, cross section area A, mass M, and Young modulus Y. An object of mass m is hung from the ceiling using the cord. The system reaches a steady state. What is the longitudinal mass distribution lambda(z) of the

    asked by aviva
  14. Biology

    How does oxygen move in a food chain? When one organism eats another, does the oxygen move from the tissues of the prey to the predator, or is it something different?

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Biology

    Where does the carbon cycle end? My project asks this, but I can of no specific "ending."

    asked by Anonymous
  16. english(4th grade)

    Identify the gerund and classify whether it is used as a subject, direct object, indirect object, predicate noun, appositive, and object preposition.  1. He left without saying goodbye.  2. Studying is investing for the future.  3. Making a major

    asked by winston
  17. algebra

    My numerator is 2 less than my denominator. I am more than 1/2. What fraction can i be? Pls. Help

    asked by treb
  18. algebra (motion)

    Runners A and B practice in a round track going in opposite directions. Runner A takes 40 minutes to go once around the track. The two begin at the same time and meet every 15 minutes. How long does B take to go once around the track?

    asked by MNHS_HELP
  19. English

    What does the idiom to be "a little on the short side" mean?

    asked by Anonymous
  20. chemistry

    On heating 4 moles of pcl5 in cointainer 60percent of equlibrium then find the capacity of vessel

    asked by Rutvi ambani
  21. Arts

    what is the function of Innovations in Product & Industrial Design?

    asked by josh
  22. english(4th grade)

    Identify the infinitive and classify whether it is used as a subject, direct object, predicate noun, appositive, and object preposition.  1.Her only thought was to win.  2.My desire is to help.  3.Mrs. Cao loves to crochet.  4.They remember to say the

    asked by albert
  23. ^Maths^

    If 451 in base6 - P in base7 = 301 in base6, find d. value of P

    asked by Ekingdeft
  24. Math

    A floating leaf bobs up and down a total of 8 cm. the leaf completes 3 complete cycles in 8 seconds. (Assume equilibrium at t=0.)Write an equation to model the simple harmonic motion. Can someone explain to me why the answer to this problem is

    asked by Andrew
  25. ^English^

    Pls.., what is the difference btw. FIRST Name, MIDDLE Name and LAST Name?

    asked by Ekingdeft
  26. geometry

    how do you find the speed of the plane 130 miles per hour, cross wind 20 miles hour

    asked by brian
  27. Physics

    a 15000 kg airplane descends a vertical distance of 10.0 km over a horizontal distance of 80.0 km. What is the airplane's loss of potential energy. (I'm confused about the height) Ep=mgh m= 15000 kg g= 9.81 m/s^2 h=??

    asked by Anonymous
  28. Arts

    what is the function of Photography?

    asked by josh
  29. math

    i have 20.00 for my phone calls every time i call it takes 2.50 then 24 cents a minute how much would it cost to talk for 5 minutes?

    asked by tara
  30. Health

    Could you help me in making a Total Health Package cause seriously i really don't have any idea how to make this ?? my purpose of making this is beacause it is one of our requirement that to be submitted after the winter break

    asked by josh