Questions Asked on
December 25, 2014

  1. Math (PreCalculus)

    A spring with a weight attached is oscillating. The weight (which is attached at the bottom of the spring) is 5 feet from a 10-foot ceiling when it’s at rest. The motion of the weight can be described by the equation: y=3sin(pi*t - pi/2) , where y is the

    asked by Steve
  2. science

    how are relative dating and absolute dating different

    asked by susan
  3. physics

    Two bodies of mass 3kg and 4kg are suspended at the ends of massless string passing over a frictionless pulley .the acceleration system is

    asked by prakhar
  4. geography

    Following the breakup of the soviet union, 15 of its former republics became independent. 12 of these former republics formed the commonwealth of the independent states, largely in recognition of

    asked by Carol Jackson
  5. precalc

    The angle of elevation to the top of a building from a point on the ground 20 degrees and the angle of elevation from a point 25 feet farther away is 12 degrees. Find the height of the building. How would I begin to solve this problem? I do not know what

    asked by adam
  6. university bahrain

    Q4. Many organizations find themselves in the apparently contradictory position of having high levels of financial investment in inventory, but at the same time frequently running out of stock of important components and materials.

    asked by ali bahaj
  7. physics

    A golfer takes two putts to sink his ball in the hole once he is on the green. The first putt displaces the ball 8.70 m east, and the second putt displaces it 6.04 m south. What displacement would put the ball in the hole in one putt? Answer in units of m

    asked by Anonymous
  8. biology(really need help!)

    What role does the lilac flower play in its natural ecosystem? What is its niche in the food web Are there any ecological issues surrounding the lilac flower(e.g. are its populations decreasing, is it spreading uncontrollably..)

    asked by rosie
  9. maths

    If lemon is divided into four equal parts then find the total surface area of one part of lemon

    asked by sanjay
  10. math

    How many products do I have to sell at $19.99 to make a billion dollars. please show me how you figured the problem out. Thank you and Happy Holiday

    asked by Anita
  11. chemistry

    Which alkyl halide should be used to prepare pent-2-ene and why?

    asked by Rakshit Gupta
  12. math

    find the two numbers that are twice as far from 15 as they are from 24

    asked by yuriy
  13. Math

    Find the amplitude, frequency, and distance when t=3 a. y=-15cos((pi*t)/3)+5 b. y=120sin100pi*t I think the amp for a. is 15, the freq is 3/2 cycles per unit of time, and the distance is 20, but I'm not totally sure if I'm approaching this problem

    asked by Andrew
  14. Algebra

    Find amplitude period and phase shift for F(x)=-3cos(4x+n)+6

    asked by Jim
  15. english

    Arrange the sentences logically. a. One day last week, I went next door to take some pictures of Coke and her newborn puppies. b. Only later did I learn that all animals are very protective of their young. c. Photographing pets can sometimes be a dangerous

    asked by cyrille
  16. binomial

    expand (x+8y)^5 using the binomial theorem up to x^3. hence find the value of (1.08)^5 correct two decimal place.

    asked by menaga
  17. Chemistry

    What are the different ways to split a mixture of benzene and methanol into its constituents using a 2 phase system separation ?

    asked by Henry
  18. algebra

    The doctor want to know the effect of reducing blood pressure for a new medicine, chose 28 hypertensive patients to divide two groups randomly, one group as trial, another as control. the trial use the new medicine, the control use the standard medicine.

    asked by alfateh
  19. algebra 3

    . A physician made a survey of the roundworm infection of a rural region in Hubei province in 1999. There were 68 infected among the 350 randomly sampled males, and 36 infected among the 250 females. (1). Please make a statistical table according to the

    asked by alfateh
  20. French

    Which sentence is correct? Les chiens de filles sont gentils. Les chiens des filles sont gentils.

    asked by Anonymous
  21. maths

    I am fraction they say i m nt proper i may be improper but when u solve me u get number seven my number is 21.wht fraction am i?

    asked by kris
  22. algebra


    asked by Aem Sochen
  23. Health

    Could you help me in making a Total Health Package cause seriously i really don't have any idea how to make this ??

    asked by josh