Questions Asked on
December 13, 2014

  1. math

    The overall probability of a student failing an exam is 40%. Calculate the probability that in a group of 6 students, at least 4 passed the exam.

    asked by susan
  2. Algebra

    Find all values of t such that [t] =2t+3. If you find more than one value, then list the values you find in increasing order, separated by commas. The brackets represent the floor sign function.

    asked by Jake
  3. Physics

    A projectile is shot vertically upward with a given initial velocity. It reaches a maximum height of 100 m. If, on a second shot, the initial velocity is doubled then the projectile will reach a maximum height of ____________?

    asked by John
  4. Algebra

    Let a1,a2,a3..... be an increasing arithmetic sequence of integers. If a4a5=13 what is a3a6?

    asked by Jake
  5. Calculus 1

    A woman at a point A on the shore of a circular lake with radius r=4 wants to arrive at the point C diametrically opposite A on the other side of the lake in the shortest possible time. She can walk at the rate of 10mph and row a boat at 5mph. What is the

    asked by Rainbows
  6. Algebra

    Suppose that |a-b|+|b-c|+|c-a|=20. What is the maximum possible value of |a-b|?

    asked by Matt
  7. programming concepts

    Input a list of employee names and salaries stored in parallel arrays. The sal-aries should be floating point numbers in increments of 100. For example, a salary of $ 36,000 should be input as 36.0 and a salary of $ 85,900 should be input as 85.9. Find the

    asked by marisol
  8. Geography

    What are the human features of Niagara Falls?

    asked by Suzie Salmon
  9. Math

    A fence 12ft high runs parallel to a tall building at a distance of 2ft from the building. What is the length of the shortest ladder that will reach from the ground over the fence to the wall of the building?

    asked by Bob
  10. algebra (please help)

    Two cheeseburgers and one small order of French fries from a fast-food restaurant contain a total of 1120 calories. Three cheeseburgers and two small orders of French fries contain a total of 1870 calories. Find the caloric content of each item.

    asked by angie
  11. math

    a job pays a salary of $19,00 the first year. during the next 10 years the salary increases by 4% each year. what is the lifetime salary over the 11 year period?

    asked by beth
  12. English

    Which diagram correctly represents this sentence? Andy teaches and plays the guitar

    asked by John
  13. Criminology

    According to proponents of capital punishment, which of the following is a true statement? A. Capital punishment deters crime. B. Capital punishment is less expensive than imprisonment. C. Capital punishment is widely accepted in the international

    asked by Pat
  14. math

    April is training for a marathon by running no less than 55 km per week. She runs at an average rate of 10 km per hour. What is the minimum number of hours, h, she should run? 10h ≥ 55; h ≥ 5.5; 5.5 hours 10h ≤ 55; h ≤ 5.5; 5.5 hours h over ten >

    asked by jasmine
  15. Physics

    An archer needs to hit a bull’s eye on a target at eye level 60.0 ft away. If the archer fires the arrow from eye level with a speed of 47.0 ft/s at an angle of 25 degree above the horizontal, will the arrow hit the target?

    asked by J_nin
  16. chemistry

    Which term has the same numerical value for the forward reaction as it has for the reverse reaction, but with opposite sign? a. ^E ( delta E) b. Ea1 c. Ea’ d. Ea2

    asked by mona
  17. statistics

    A survey found that women's heights are normally distributed with mean 63.5 in. and standard deviation 2.3 in. The survey also found that men's heights are normally distributed with a mean 68.7 in. and a standard deviation 2.8. (a) Most of the live

    asked by Kelli
  18. Algebra

    The fifth term of an arithmetic sequence is 11. If the difference between two consecutive terms is 1, what is the product of the first two terms?

    asked by Jake
  19. physics

    A hollow aluminum cylinder 22.5 cm deep has an internal capacity of 2.000 L at 16.0°C. It is completely filled with turpentine at 16.0°C. The turpentine and the aluminum cylinder are then slowly warmed together to 70.0°C. (The average linear expansion

    asked by Lior
  20. physics

    The pressure gauge on a tank registers the gauge pressure, which is the difference between the interior pressure and exterior pressure. When the tank is full of oxygen (O2), it contains 10.0 kg of the gas at a gauge pressure of 43.0 atm. Determine the mass

    asked by shawn
  21. physics

    Two objects of same material are travelling near you. Object A is a 1.9 kg mass traveling 8 m/s; object B is a 2 kg mass traveling 5 m/s. Which object would make you feel worse if you are hit by it?

    asked by Jackie
  22. algebra

    To find the amount A in an account after t years with principal P and an annual interest rate r compounded continuously, you can use the formula

    asked by angie
  23. geometry

    A regular hexagon with a perimeter of 24 units is inscribed in a circle. Find the radius of the circle.

    asked by cyrus
  24. AP CaLC. AB

    The upper left-hand corner of a piece of paper 8 in. wide by 17 in. long is folded over to the right-hand edge. How would you fold it so as to minimize the length of the fold? In other words, how would you choose x to minimize y?

    asked by Rachel
  25. Chemistry

    how many milliliters of 4 M h2so4 are needed to react completely with 23.7g of Bao2

    asked by MJ
  26. Physics

    What is the frequency of a sound wave in air at 20°C that has a wavelength of 0.4 m?

    asked by Frank
  27. chemistry

    Suppose 100 mL of NO at STP is mixed with 400 mL of O2 at STP. 2 NO (g) + O2 (g)---> 2 NO2 (g) After the reaction goes to completion, what is the partial pressure of NO2 in the resulting mixture of gases at STP? I know the relation between pressure and

    asked by Anon
  28. statistics

    In a test of the effectiveness of garlic for lowering cholesterol, 47 subjects were treated with garlic in a processed tablet form. Cholesterol levels were measured before and after the treatment. The changes in their levels of LDL cholesterol (in mg/dL)

    asked by Jenny
  29. math

    5.6 lb/gal = oz/gal

    asked by luke
  30. Algebra

    Solve for x>0 in the following arithmetic sequence 1^2,x^2,3^2.....

    asked by Jake
  31. precalculus

    hi! The question is: a.)identify any horizontal and vertical asymptote and (b) identidify any holes in the graph. Verify your answers numerically by creating a table of values. 14.) f(x)= 3/(x-2)^3 16.) f(x)= x^2+2x+1)/2x^2-x-3 18.) 3-14x-5x^2)/3+7x+2x^2

    asked by Kelsi
  32. physics

    In state-of-the-art vacuum systems, pressures as low as 1.00 10-9 Pa are being attained. Calculate the number of molecules in a 1.80-m3 vessel at this pressure and a temperature of 31.0°C.

    asked by shawn
  33. algebra

    If a boy gets 49 questions correct on his test and scores 70%(all the questions are weighed equally), how many questions are on the test?

    asked by Katy Mcarthy
  34. math

    Ivan bought 8 pounds of flour for $4 . How many pounds of flour did he get per dollar?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. physics

    a car sounds its horn as it travels at a steady speed of 15m/s along a straight road between two observers x and y. the observer x heras a frequency of 538 hz while observer y hears a lower frequency. 1 is the car traveling towards x or y 2what would the

    asked by mevan
  36. chem

    When Mg reacts with HCl, it produces MgCl2 and H2(g). If 2.34 g of Mg react, how much MgCl2 is produced (in grams)?

    asked by bekah
  37. History

    Word Bank : Popular Sovereignty, Republicanism, Federalism, Separation of Powers, Checks and Balances, Limited gov, Individual Rights 1. aidivion of power between the states and federal gov some power is reintaed for the federal gov some for the states and

    asked by M
  38. History

    Word box : Common Sense, Northwest Territory Ordinance, The American Crisis, Land Ordinance of 1785, Shays Rebellion, Philadelphia Convention of 1787, Virginia Plan, "Give me Liberty or Give me death" 1. Massachusetts farmers rebellion over loss of farms

    asked by M
  39. Physics

    A bowling ball slows down at rate of .12 m/s^2. 5 seconds after it starts down the bowling alley its speed is 15 m/s. What was its initial speed?

    asked by Rachel
  40. chemistry

    The solubility of NaCl at 17 celsisus degrees is 39 g per 100 ml water. If 83 g of NaCl is dissolved in 250ml of water at the same temperature, the resulting solution is: a)unsaturated; b)saturated; c)supersaturated

    asked by Ngoc Nguyen
  41. Science

    How to find Electron Configuration

    asked by Anonymous
  42. language arts

    how to diagram this sentence...The basketball team with the winning record will advance forwards.

    asked by sophia
  43. math

    a vector parallel to the line of intersection of the planes. x-2y-z=6 and 3x-y+z=4 the answer is so first, I took the cross product of and which I think is v. in the equation p0 + tv.

    asked by sam
  44. science

    An experiment is set up to test whether a particular insect prefer a dark or a bright environment. A chamber with a gradient in light intensity from one end (dark) to the other (bright) has been made. The experimental hypothesis is: “There will be a

    asked by robert
  45. algebra 2


    asked by Reina Bonilla
  46. scholarship 7th std

    by which of the following digits shoud be * replaced in the number 5*324 so that the number will be divisible by 12 2 or 3 or 4 or 6

    asked by ojaswin
  47. Algebra

    Suppose that |a-b|+|b-c|+|c-d|+.......+|m-n|+|n-o|+............|x-y|+|y-z|+|z-a|=20. What is the maximum possible value of |a-n|?

    asked by Matt
  48. Physics

    A cubical object of sides 5 cm is immersed completely in water. What is the force of buoyancy on the object? (Assume g = 10 m/s2)

    asked by Frank
  49. Physics

    An object is placed 11 cm in front of a convex mirror of focal length 4 cm. Using the lens equation, find where the image will form and state whether it is a real or virtual image.

    asked by Frank
  50. Physics

    An object is placed 4 cm in front of a convex lens of focal length 3 cm. Using the lens equation, find where the image will form and state whether it is a real or virtual image.

    asked by Frank
  51. Physics

    An object is placed 4 cm in front of a concave lens of focal length 3 cm. Using the lens equation, find where the image will form and state whether it is a real or virtual image.

    asked by Frank
  52. algebra 2

    find the value of c that makes each trinomial a perfect square. then write the trinomial as a prefect square. x^2-10x+c x^2+60x+c

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  53. chemistry

    What is periodicity.

    asked by umarum977
  54. English - The Round House

    Joe Coutts narrates the The Round House as an adult, but its events take place when he is thirteen. Give one (1) example in The Round House in which Joe comments directly on the distance between his former thirteen-year-old self and the adult who tells the

    asked by Sarah
  55. physics

    A 4.10 kg block is pushed along the ceiling with an constant applied force of F = 81.5 N that acts at an angle è = 52° with the horizontal, as in the figure below. The block accelerates to the right at 5.10 m/s2. Determine the coefficient of kinetic

    asked by Anonymous
  56. algebra

    Rock is thrown from the top of a building. The formula h=-16t+234 describes the height of the rock, h in feet, t seconds after the rock is thrown. how long after the rock is thrown does it hit the ground?

    asked by MB
  57. Geometry

    By the water cooler in an office, there are conical paper cups. The radius is about 1.2 inches and the height is about 3.5 inches. How much water does the cup hold if it is filled to the top?

    asked by Lisa
  58. History

    Word bank : Samuel Adams, Bejamin Franklin, King George III, Thomas Jefferson, Marquis de Lafayette, Baron Frederick von Steuben, Thomas Paine, George Washington 1.ambassador to France in American Revolution author of Albany Plan of Union, delegate to the

    asked by M
  59. Algebra 1

    Write an equation for then translation of y = IXI

    asked by Steve
  60. History

    Word bank : Lexington and Concord, Saratoga, Yorktown Treaty of Paris 1783, John Paul Jones, Benedict Arnold, Valley Forge, hessians, Boycott, embargo 1. ends American Revolution establishes borders of US Treaty of Paris 2.German mercenaries who fought

    asked by M
  61. math

    Fourteen and a third cream cakes were eaten for dessert! How many sixths of cream cake is this in total ?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. biology

    I need help finding diagrams of the leaf structure, stem structure and root structure of a lilac flower with explanations. Sites would help

    asked by kitty
  63. math

    n^2-4/n^2-2n * n/n^2+10n+16 simplify and state the domain

    asked by Amy
  64. geography

    What are the major events that happened in the precambrian era?

    asked by dante
  65. Engineer/robotic

    How to tell by an example which is a robot and which is a nobot? My example is: security lights that turns on whenever someone walks by= nobots I need to know how do you know by an example which is which

    asked by Daisy
  66. physics

    A baseball player exert a force of 125 N on a 0.18 kg baseball for 33 sec. what is the baseball change of momentum ?

    asked by Tsion
  67. physics

    In a student experiment, a constant-volume gas thermometer is calibrated in dry ice (−78.5°C ) and in boiling pentane (36.1°C). The separate pressures are 0.896 atm and 1.433 atm. Hint: Use the linear relationship P = A + BT, where A and B are

    asked by shawn
  68. physics

    A copper telephone wire has essentially no sag between poles 34.0 m apart on a winter day when the temperature is −20.0°C. How much longer is the wire on a summer day when the temperature is 32.0°C? (Note: Table 19.1 is available for use in solving

    asked by anonymous
  69. physics

    The concrete sections of a certain superhighway are designed to have a length of 26.0 m. The sections are poured and cured at 10.0°C. What minimum spacing should the engineer leave between the sections to eliminate buckling if the concrete is to reach a

    asked by Suha
  70. physics

    The active element of a certain laser is made of a glass rod 29.0 cm long and 1.20 cm in diameter. Assume the average coefficient of linear expansion of the glass is equal to 9.00 10-6 (°C)-1. The temperature of the rod increases by 70.0°C. (a) What is

    asked by Lior
  71. biology

    Explain parts of the stem structure in the lilac flower or a flower similar to the lilac flower

    asked by katie
  72. physics

    A sample of lead has a mass of 69.00 kg and a density of 1.130 104 kg/m3 at 0°C. (Assume the average linear expansion coefficient for lead is 2.900 10-5(°C−1).) (a) What is the density of lead at 80.00°C? (Give your answer to four significant

    asked by Meagan
  73. physics

    Gas is confined in a tank at a pressure of 12.7 atm and a temperature of 22.0°C. If two-thirds of the gas is withdrawn and the temperature is raised to 79.0°C, what is the pressure of the gas remaining in the tank?

    asked by Meagan
  74. physics

    A rigid tank contains 1.80 moles of an ideal gas. Determine the number of moles of gas that must be withdrawn from the tank to lower the pressure of the gas from 21.6 atm to 5.80 atm. Assume the volume of the tank and the temperature of the gas remain

    asked by Meagan
  75. physics

    Gas is contained in a 6.00-L vessel at a temperature of 15.0°C and a pressure of 6.00 atm. (a) Determine the number of moles of gas in the vessel. (b) How many molecules are in the vessel?

    asked by Meagan
  76. fitness and nutriion

    Your heart functions in your body as

    asked by kerry
  77. Math

    complete the equation for the linear function whose graph contains the points (2,5) and (3,0) y - ____ = _____(x -2) *fill in the blank - not sure how to do this question cleaning company charges a fee of $65 in addition to $10.50 per hour of cleaning.. x

    asked by Anonymous
  78. precalculus

    (A) find the domain of the function, (B) decide if the function is continuous, and (c) identify your horizontal and vertical asymptotes. F(x)= (3x^2+1)/(x^2+x+9) Find the zeros (if any) of the rational function. G(x)= (x^3-8)/x^2+4 H(x)=5 + 3/(x^2+1) G(x)=

    asked by Kelsi
  79. Math

    (2x-1)(3x-7)(4x+3) =6x^2-14x-33x+7 =(6x^2-19x+7)(4x+3) =24x^3+18x^2-126x+28x+21 =24x^3+18x^2-88x+21

    asked by Anonymous
  80. math

    Determine the height and radius of cylinder of volume 512 cm3 which has the least total surface area

    asked by saleh
  81. algebra

    A small fast-food restaurant invests $4,000 to produce a new food item that will sell for $4.59. Each item can be produced for $2.19. (a) How many items must be sold to break even? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) items (b) How many items

    asked by angie
  82. physics 1

    444g mass vibrates according to the equation x = 0.348 sin (5.82 t) where x is in meters and t is in seconds. Determine the total energy. Determine the kinetic energy when x is 14.0cm. Determine the potential energy when x is 14.0cm.

    asked by katherine
  83. physics

    prove that the moon complete its one revolution around the earth in (27.3) days.distance of moon from the surface of the earth is (380000km).

    asked by TUBA GULL
  84. Chemistry

    Are there any structural isomers of hydrocarbons from methane to decane have 3 stereogenic C atoms? (i know that there are none for decane itself, but I am wondering about the others before it.) Thanks in advance!

    asked by Lucy
  85. chemistry

    How much energy (in kilojoules) is needed to heat 4.00g of ice from -11.0∘C to 21.5∘C? The heat of fusion of water is 6.01kJ/mol, and the molar heat capacity is 36.6 J/(K⋅mol) for ice and 75.3 J/(K⋅mol) for liquid water.

    asked by Sally
  86. algebra (please help)

    A total of $22,000 is invested in two municipal bonds that pay 4.25% and 5.75% simple interest. The investor wants an annual interest income of $1085 from the investments. What amount should be invested in the 4.25% bond?

    asked by angie
  87. algebra 2

    x^2-3x+c = x^2-3x+2.25

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  88. Chemistry

    How much of a 5.2M sucrose solution should you use to make 81.0mL of a 0.040M solution?

    asked by Aleseva
  89. math

    what are two fractions both not positive who has a product of 5/8

    asked by anon
  90. Algebra (Please help!)

    What is the error and what is the correction? -1/4 / 3/2 = -4/1 x 3/2 = -12/2 = -6

    asked by Hallie
  91. Math

    The altitude of a plane as it begins to descend is shown by the linear equation a = 22,000 – 800m, where a is the plane’s altitude, in feet, and m is minutes. What is the plane’s altitude when m = 12? ft

    asked by Autumn
  92. algebra 2

    solve by using quadratic formula x^2+2x-35=0 i got x=10.85 or x=-12.85

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  93. geometry

    The perimeter of a parallelogram QUAD is 10 more than five times AU.If QU = 26 cm.Find AU.

    asked by cyus
  94. geometry

    1.The perimeter of parallelogram QUAD is 10 more than 5 times AU. If QU =26 cm. find AU 2.If diagonals of a rhombus are 10 cm and 24 cm. find the area and perimeter of the rhombus SOlutions pleaseeeeeee

    asked by cyrus
  95. entrepreneurship

    is increasing the entrepreneurial orientation of firm always a good thing? or are there circumstance or environment in which further pursuit and opportunities can diminish firm performance?

    asked by kakak
  96. physics

    Calculate the mass of the air in a 5 m ✕ 3 m ✕ 2.5 m room, assuming that it is at 1 atm and 19°C.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. English

    1. Most of the money is spent to buy books. 2. Most of the money is used to buy books. 3. Most of the time was spent riding a bike. 4. Most of the water is spoiled. 5. Most of the playground is muddy. 6. Most of the apple was eaten by the kid.

    asked by rfvv
  98. math

    A rectangular tank of 5 m long,4 m wide and 5 m high is filled with water to a depth 3 m. If a robot of volume 20 cubic metre is added to the tank, how much will the water level rise?

    asked by ddet
  99. easy geometry

    1)If diagonals of a rhombus are 10 cm and 24 cm. find the area and perimeter of the rhombus. 2)A regular hexagon with a perimeter of 24 units is inscribed in a circle. Find the radius of the circle. 3)Find the altitude,perimeter and area of an isosceles

    asked by cyrus
  100. Algebra

    To solve 9x^2-12x+4=49 by using the Square Root Property, you would first rewrite the equation was as A. 9x^2-12x-45=0 B.(3x-2)^2=+/-49 C.(3x-2)^2=7 D.(3x^2)^2=49

    asked by Jenny
  101. Chemistry

    Consider the thermal decomposition of potassium chlorate. 2 KClO3 (s)-----> 2 KCl (s) + 3 O2 (g) A mixture containing KCl and KClO3 weighing 1.80 g was heated producing 1.40 x 102 mL of O2 gas at STP. What percent of the original mixture was KClO3? Is this

    asked by Anon
  102. foundation of industrial relations

    Develop a critique of collective bargaining as a process for determine salaries and wages in nigeria sector

    asked by Azeke
  103. Algebra

    The second and ninth terms of an arithmetic sequence are 2 and 30 respectively. What is the fiftieth term.

    asked by Matt
  104. Algebra

    Solve the following system of equations using the substitution method:5x-7y=-18 and 4x+3y=20

    asked by Marie
  105. Physics grade 10

    john is walking at such speed so that his kinetic energy is 20 J, what is his speed? It started to rain John runs at a rate of 4.2 m/s find the change in KE.

    asked by Charlotte
  106. grade 10 physics

    john is walking at such speed so that his kinetic energy is 20 J, what is his speed? It started to rain John runs at a rate of 4.2 m/s find the change in KE.

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Algebra 1

    Describe how the graphs of y = absolute value of x,and y = absolute value of X -15 are related. 1- Them graphs have the same shape. The y intercept of y = absolute x is 0, and them x intercept of the 2nd graph is -15. 2-m The graphs have the same y

    asked by Steve
  108. Algebra 1

    What does the graph of y = absolute X-2 look like?

    asked by Steve
  109. Algebra 1

    What does the graph y = - absolute value of X -4 look like.?

    asked by Steve
  110. Find the probabilty

    Find the probability of S^2 3.3 1 6.3 49

    asked by Jenny
  111. program eval

    If I were doing an evaluation of an existing after-school program where involvement was voluntary, would I do a quasi-experimental design or experimental design? I'm thinking quasi-experimental as I would randomly select from those who are enrolled in the

    asked by Mike
  112. History

    Word box : Mercantilism Religious Freedom Magna Carta English Bill of Rights Mayflower Compact Fundamental Orders of Conneticut Virginia House of Burgesses Navigation Acts 1. 1689 law that reinforced the idea of no taxation without representation and the

    asked by M
  113. History

    Word Box : Declaration of Independence US Constitution articles of confederation Federalist Papers Bill of Rights Washingtons Farewell Address, Albany Plan of Union, Olive Branch Petition 1.americas first government,weak, consisted of only legislative

    asked by M