Questions Asked on
December 5, 2014

  1. Physics

    The brakes of a bike (with a person) having a mass of 63 kg, reduces it's velocity from 8.5 m/s to 0 m/s in 3.0 seconds. What is the magnitude of braking force?

    asked by Jennifer
  2. Driver's Ed

    1. The natural laws include the law of (1 point) speed limits. gravity*** railroad crossings. yielding. 2. Which of the following should determine whether you need to speed up or slow down? (1 point) how quickly you need to get somewhere how far above the

    asked by Sandy East Ward
  3. Algebra 1

    What equation has a graph parallel to the graph of 9x + 3y = -22? 1- y = 3x -22 2- y = -3x + 8 3- y = 1/3 x + 12 4- y = - 1/3 x - 2

    asked by Steve
  4. Physics Questions Help Please!

    1) The lowest tone to resonate in an open pipe of length L is 1600 Hz. What is the frequency of the lowest tone that will resonate in a closed pipe of length 2L? a) 100 Hz b) 1.60 Hz c) 200 Hz d) 0.800 kHz 2) Which of the following does not increase as a

    asked by Kimberly
  5. physics

    A man stands at the midpoint between two speakers that are broadcasting an amplified static hiss uniformly in all directions. The speakers are 28.0 m apart and the total power of the sound coming from each speaker is 0.602 W. Find the total sound intensity

    asked by Anonymous
  6. Business Math

    Frank's base pay rate is $15.50 per hour, with overtime pay of time-and-a-half, and double-time for holidays. Calculate her gross pay if she worked 6.5 holiday hours in addition to 38.5 hours Monday through Saturday. (Round your answer to the nearest

    asked by Shiquita
  7. Chemistry

    How do I do the empirical formula for 37.01% carbon, 2.22% hydrogen, 18.50% nitrogen, and 42.27% oxygen? My teacher gave me the answer (C7H5N3O6), but I can never get that answer.

    asked by Grace
  8. Chemistry (Electrochemistry)

    The standard potential for the following galvanic cell is 1.72V : Be(s)|Be2+(aq)||Pb2+(aq)|Pb(s) The standard reduction potential for the Pb2+/Pb half-cell: E = -.13V Calculate the standard reduction potential for the Be2+/Be half-cell. What I know: Be is

    asked by Brian
  9. Chemistry

    An archeological artifact was subjected to radiocarbon dating. The artifact showed a carbon-14 decay rate of 13.8 disintegrations/ min per gram of carbon. Carbon-14 has a half-life of 5715 years, and currently living organisms decay at the rate of 15.3

    asked by Rachel
  10. Math Trig

    Let theta be an angle in quad III such that sec theta = -13/5. Find the exact values of cot theta and sin theta? Thank you!!!

    asked by Uzi
  11. Math

    For how many real values of x is sqrt(63- sqrt(x) an integer?

    asked by Lilly
  12. Calculus

    How do I find the area of the region bounded by the graphs of the given equations? y=x+20; y=x^2

    asked by Duane
  13. Math

    Q. Tim's family was collecting aluminum cans to recycle. They found out that they would get two cents for every three cans they collected. If they collected 2,187 cans,how many did they receive? A. Do I mulpite 2,187 * 2 = 6,561 Or do I divide, 2,187

    asked by Phoebe
  14. physics

    When an earthquake occurs, two types of sound waves are generated and travel through the earth. The primary, or P, wave has a speed of about 8.0 km/s and the secondary, or S, wave has a speed of about 4.5 km/s. A seismograph, located some distance away,

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Chemistry

    At a total atmospheric pressure of 1.00 atm, the partial pressure of CO2 in air is approximately 4.0×10−4 atm. If at 20 ∘C and a partial pressure of 760 mmHg, the solubility of CO2 in water is 0.169 g/100mL, what is the solubility of CO2 in an open

    asked by Mike
  16. chemistry

    Consider the reaction: 2H2S(g)⇌2H2(g)+S2(g) An equilibrium mixture of this reaction at a certain temperature was found to have [H2S]= 0.542M , [H2]= 2.64×10−2M , and [S2]= 7.54×10−3M . What is the value of the equilibrium constant at this

    asked by Anon
  17. English help please

    1. Which of the following passages from the text identifies a key event in the plot? A. "... I'll buy your unexpired time. I think between us we could make some fine things- you and I." The boy flushed. To think the great Paul Revere wanted him... B. His

    asked by callie
  18. Ap History

    What was the significance of the Lincoln-Douglas debates? a) They brought together two outstanding speakers that were largely in agreement on the issues. b) They highlighted the strengths of both the Democratic and Republican parties. c) They framed the

    asked by Quilla.
  19. Math

    An n-sided polygon has interior angles of which 4 of them are of sizes 125,220,40 and 295 degrees . The remaining interior angles are of sizes 20 degrees each. Find the value of n, My working: let the number of sides for the polygon be n and the remaining

    asked by Nurul
  20. Chemistry

    The ΔH of the reaction below is -575.13 kJ. Is this reaction spontaneous? 2ZnS + 3O2 + C → 2SO2 + 2Zn + CO2 A. It is not because the ΔH of the reaction is negative. B. It is because the ΔH of the reaction is negative. C. It depends on the temperature

    asked by Morgan
  21. Pre Calculus

    You have been hired by the Humane Society to construct six 2 by 3 animal cages using 1400 feet of chain fence. Express the length and width using function notation. Include a graph with the area function with explanation of significance. Find the

    asked by Guillermo
  22. Chemistry

    In the reaction between bromine and sodium, a bromine atom gains an electron. What ion is formed? Is the bromine oxidized, or is it reduced?

    asked by Sienna
  23. education

    need help understanding these two questions. thank you What steps toward media literacy can you think of that we should teach children to help them critically evaluate Disney and other popular culture products for themselves? How should teachers address

    asked by LEE LEE
  24. Chemistry

    Rank these from lowest boiling point to highest. CH4 CH3CH2CO2CH2CH3 CH3(CH2)2C=ONH2 CH3COOH

    asked by Stacy
  25. Ap History

    Hi i had these questions wrong :/ The North and South held different views toward slavery in 1850. What were they? a) The North believed in a free labor system and the South believed in a slave labor system. b)The South believed that black people were

    asked by Quilla.
  26. Physics

    A 1600 kg car traveling at 13.7 m/s to the south collides with a 4600 kg truck that is initially at rest at a stoplight. The car and truck stick together and move together after the collision. What is the final velocity of the two-vehicle mass? Assume that

    asked by help me!
  27. Chemistry

    Merchants usually sell small nuts, washers, and bolts by weight (like jelly beans!) rather than by individually counting the items. Suppose a particular type of washer weighs 0.128 g on the average. What would 130. such washers weigh?

    asked by Teresa
  28. Chemistry

    Oxygen gas may be prepared by decomposing hydrogen peroxide, h2o2, using manganese (IV) oxide catalyst: 2H2O2(liquid) ----> 2H2O(liquid) + O2(gas) Calculate the amount of oxygen that will be produced from 1.35 moles of H2O2 Determine the mass of oxygen gas

    asked by kai
  29. world history

    How did 18th- and 19th-Century European imperialism help to cause nationalism in Asian and African countries?

    asked by DIAMOIND
  30. algebra (please help)

    A small fast-food restaurant invests $4,000 to produce a new food item that will sell for $4.59. Each item can be produced for $2.19. (a) How many items must be sold to break even? (Round your answer to the nearest whole number.) items (b) How many items

    asked by angie
  31. physics

    how many significant digits are in the following measurement 2.546m

    asked by John
  32. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Use the rules of logarithms to expand [(x+3)^4(x-5)^7]

    asked by Anonymous
  33. business

    Discussing the future of management, Manager A maintains that we can expect a continued rise of virtual management and growth in technology. Manager B acknowledges that Manager A’s projections are likely, but incomplete. He adds that there will also be

    asked by kaitlyn
  34. Health

    Which medication for the treatment of alcohol abuse has been approved by the Food and Drug Administration? A. Baclofen B. Acamprosate C. Topiramate D. Quetiapine A?

    asked by Night
  35. statistics

    Let x denote the time taken to run a road race. Suppose x is approximately normally distributed with a mean of 190 minutes and a standard deviation of 21 minutes. If one runner is selected at random, what is the probability that this runner will complete

    asked by Eddie
  36. physics

    A girl coasts down a hill on a sled, reaching the bottom with a speed of 8.6 m/s. The coefficient of friction between the sled's runners and the snow is 0.050, and the girl and sled together weigh 670 N. How far does the sled travel on the surface before

    asked by nikie
  37. physics

    A roller coaster, loaded with passenger has a mass of 2000 kg; the radius of curvature of the track at the bottom point of the dip is 24 m. If the vehicle has a speed of 18m/s at this point, what force is exerted on the vehicle by the track? (g = 9.8 m/s2)

    asked by hilmar
  38. Managerial Accounting, MBA

    A company produces a single product. Variable production costs are $12 per unit and variable selling and administrative expenses are $3 per unit. Fixed manufacturing overhead totals $36,000 and fixed selling and administrative expenses total $40,000.

    asked by Nancy
  39. Physics

    A car of mass 1335.0 kg is moving at a speed of 60.4 mph when it misses a curve in the road and hits a bridge piling. If the car comes to rest in 0.214 s, how much average power (in watts) is expended in this interval?

    asked by Breyonna Fawling
  40. Physics

    A horse draws a sled horizontally on snow at constant speed. The horse can produce a power of 1.095 hp. The coefficient of friction between the sled and the snow is 0.115, and the mass of the sled, including the load, is 187.6 kg. What is the speed with

    asked by Breyonna Fawling
  41. chemistry

    sodium hydroxide and carbonic acid net ionic equation

    asked by Hayley
  42. math

    what Is the ratio of 36cm to 9dm?

    asked by em em
  43. Math

    Q. As a project,the fifth grade students at Scott Elementary School collected newspaper to recycle. During the first week, they collected 212 pounds of newspapers. For each of the next four weeks,they doubled the previous week's amount of the newspaper

    asked by Phoebe
  44. Calculus

    On what intervals is the function f(x)=e^e^2 increasing? Concave upward?

    asked by Anonymous
  45. algebra (please help)

    A small software company invests $30,000 to produce a software package that will sell for $64.95. Each unit can be produced for $42.25. (Round your answers to the nearest whole number.) (a) How many units must be sold to break even? units (b) How many

    asked by angie
  46. chemistry

    EDTA: 292.2 1. How would you make 250ml's of a 15% EDTA solution 2.How much of solution 1(above)should be used to make 500ml's of a .1% EDTA solution.

    asked by frank
  47. Catering

    According to your study unit, a catering resource that offers global networking for caterers, mentors, a caterer's telephone hotline, and many marketing opportunities is the A. National Restaurant Association. B. Art Culinaire. C. International Caterers'

    asked by Maddison
  48. Math

    find the exact value of cos 15 degrees.

    asked by Alessiah
  49. Chemistry

    Complete the Bronsted- Lowry reaction, placing each product by its appropriate label. HCO3^-+HNO2 (double arrows) need a spot for acid and for base.

    asked by Allison
  50. physics

    You want to set up a standing wave on a string that has a length of 3.7 m. You find that the lowest frequency that will work is 46 Hz. What is the speed of a wave on this string?

    asked by Elizabeth
  51. programming

    Hi, please help me with this question. Write a program to assign passengers seats on a train journey that travels from Paris to London. Assume the train consists of (78 seats distributed amongst different classes) with the following specifications: 3

    asked by Ubale
  52. Chem

    O=S=O what is this molecular structure Sulfur dioxide? It wants it's binary compound name and formula it is written this way SO2?

    asked by Feather
  53. Physics

    A computer hard drive rotates at 5400 revolutions per minute. Starting from rest, what torque will get the hard drive up to that speed in just 150 revolutions? The moment of inertia of the hard drive is 1.3×10^-2 kg·m^2. I know the answer is 2.2 N.m, but

    asked by Devon
  54. Physics

    super mouse steals a large piece of cheese by rolling it across the floor with a force of 5.0 N. If the cheese has a mass of 50 kg with what acceleration does the cheese move? If super mouse's force remains constant, what will be the speed of the rolling

    asked by Jennifer
  55. History

    True False After emancipation, blacks joined the Confederate Army in droves. I guess this would be true but, much more African Americans joined the Union Army.

    asked by Anonymous
  56. Science

    Which of the following describes the fundamental difference between prokaryotic and eukaryotic cells?

    asked by Dinkleberry
  57. physics

    how many significant digits are in the following 2,546m

    asked by Anonymous
  58. math

    what is a reflection

    asked by jordan spencer
  59. algebra

    Use properties of logarithms to condense the logarithmic expression. Write the expression as a single logarithm whose coefficient is 1. Where possible, evaluate logarithmic expressions. 4logbx - logby

    asked by ada
  60. Physics

    A solid cylinder of mass 20 kg rotates about its axis with angular speed of 100 rad/sec. the radius of the cylinder is 0.25m. what is the kinetic energy of the cylinder?

    asked by Devnet
  61. Calculus

    Find the interval on which f(x)=xe^-x is increasing. I got (1,infinity)..

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Chemistry

    Ringer's solution, used in the treatment of burns and wounds, is prepared by dissolving 8.6 g of NaCl, 0.30 g of KCl, and 0.33 g of CaCl2 in water and diluting to a volume of 1.00 L. What is the osmolarity of Ringer’s solution?

    asked by Mike
  63. Chemistry

    A pickling solution is prepared by dissolving 250g of NaCl in 4.0L of water. Calculate the osmolarity of the solution.

    asked by Mike
  64. intermediate algebra

    simplify to the lowest term Square root of 40x^3

    asked by meri
  65. Chemistry

    What is the osmolarity of a typical oral rehydration solution (ORS) for infants that contains 95mEq/LNa+ , 25mEq/LK+ , 115mEq/LCl− , and 2.5% glucose? The molecular weight of glucose is 180 amu.

    asked by Mike
  66. Health

    What are warning signs that someone may have a drinking problem? A. A person continued to drink even though it was causing trouble with their family or friends B. A person found that when the effects of alcohol were wearing off, they had withdrawal

    asked by Night
  67. Chem

    What are the relative masses of protons neutrons and electrons?

    asked by Feather
  68. Health

    It is recommended that a person sip slowly so that he or she has no more than ________ with alcohol per hour. A. 2 standard drinks B. 4 standard drinks C. 1 standard drink D. 3 standard drinks A?

    asked by Night
  69. physics

    Three blocks A, B, and C are connected by two massless strings passing over smooth pulleys as shown below, with the 3.4-kg block on a smooth horizontal surface. Calculate the tension in the strings connecting A and B, and, B and C.

    asked by bob
  70. Algebra 1

    Which equation is the equation of a line that passes through (-10,3) and is perpendicular to y=5x-7? 1- y=5x+53 2- y=-1/5x -7 3- y= -1/5x +1 4- y= 1/5x +5

    asked by Steve
  71. English

    1. I went to Shinsegae Department Store to buy some clothes. 2. I went to a Shinsegae Department Store to buy some clothes. 3. I went to the Shinsegae Department Store to buy some clothes. ------------------- Which one is right? Don't we need to use the

    asked by rfvv
  72. Chemistry

    The solutions of both Ag+ and Zn2+ ions have no color. What does this suggest about their electron configurations?

    asked by Jessoca
  73. math


    asked by kayla
  74. Maths

    Find the smallest whole number n for which 126n is a multiple of 3234. My working: 126=2x3x3x7 3234=2x3x7x7x11 lcm=2x3x3x7x7x11

    asked by Izzah
  75. Physics circular motion

    A speed skater goes into a turn with a 31 meter radius. The skater has a speed of 14 m/s and experiences a centripetal force of 460 n. What is the mass of the speed skater

    asked by Alejandro
  76. p e

    2. The body's main energy source should come from what essential nutrient? A. protein

    asked by help?thanks
  77. Catering

    6. At a party, it's sometimes permissible for serving personnel to A. smoke, provided they don't do so in view of the guests. B. become part of the party if they know some of the guests. C. take home any leftovers that remain. D. sample the buffet items

    asked by Jake4
  78. Calculus Please Help

    Can you please explain these two questions to me? Suppose the population size of a predator is given by P (x) = 0.006x2 + 0.005x, where x represents the population of its prey. If the population of the prey is 10,000 at the first of January and is reduced

    asked by Eric
  79. English

    when the price of goods and servies go up but the value of money goes down this is called ? a. draft b. infation c. blocked d. bond

    asked by help?thanks
  80. Math

    When fully simplified, ignoring non-permissible values,24x^18/6x^3 x x^8/30x^6? a)15/2x^8 b)2/15x^8 c)15/2x^17 d)2/15x^17

    asked by Alex
  81. Math

    When fully simplified, ignoring non-permissible values, 12x^12/4x^3 divided by x^8/24x^6? a)72x^3 b)1/72x^7 c)1/72x^3 d)72x^7

    asked by Alex
  82. Help - involving economics

    So if the federal government decided to increase the minimum wage by $1/hr, what could be some economic affects of that? I already thought of the fact that people will get paid more, but I can't think of any more. Can you help?

    asked by Angel
  83. chemistry

    How many bonds can each atom make without hybridization? B,N, and O

    asked by Paul
  84. Mechanics

    A 1-kg ball in the air has an initial velocity vo = [ 20 ] i + [ -30 ] j m/s. It falls for a total time of 1 s. Assume that positive x-values are to the right and positive y-values are upward. A)What is the impulse or change in momentum Delta p of the

    asked by Jo
  85. Calculous (Finding Zeros!)

    y = (x^2+2x-5) (x^3+3x^2-40x) Find the zeros ( 5 total zeros ) x = x = x = x = x = So would it be easier for me to distribute first then factor the whole mess out to find the x-intercepts that are the zeroes?. Or. factor (x^2+2x-5) and (x^3+3x^2-40x) and

    asked by Tyler
  86. mat

    Becky used 5 teaspoons of mustard to make a 32 ounces of potato salad. How many teaspoons of mustard does she need to make 4 pounds of potato salad?

    asked by Erica
  87. Math Calculous

    Find a possible formula for a polynomial f with the following properties. f has degree less-than-or-equal-to 2, f(0) = f(3) = 0 and f(5) = 30 f(x) = ? k(x+0)(x+0)(x-3) I know the zeroes for 3 of them are 0, 0, 3, how would i find out the rest?

    asked by Taylor
  88. Calculous Finding K, using zeros

    Suppose f(x) has zeros at x = -3, x = 3, x = 5, and a y-intercept of 17. In addition, f(x) has the following long-run behavior: as x -> +-infinity, y -> +infinity Find the formula for the polynomial f(x) which has the minimum possible degree F(x) =

    asked by Randy
  89. math

    what is the money value of 0.098

    asked by ruth
  90. math

    sarah works in the clubhouse golf course. She receives a case containing 125 golf balls. the number of boxes in the case is equal to the number of packs in each box. and the number of packs in each box is equal to the number of golf balls in each pack. how

    asked by Anonymous
  91. math help

    given the function F described by f(x)--x-6. find f(-7)

    asked by WINSTON
  92. math

    A company rents its care for a daily fee, plus an additional charge per miles driven. Trip one is 4 days, 450 miles, and cost $244.50 for the rental. Trip two is 3 days, 200 miles and cost 149.00 for the rental. Find the daily fee, and find the mileage

    asked by Maria
  93. Math please check

    I know the answer to the first one is "e" and the answer to the second one is "a "but I have no idea why please explain how to do these two problems. I am very confused with this new method. Thank you! The “Cobb-Douglas” productivity function for a

    asked by Jennifer
  94. physics

    Assume that the Grand Bahama Island lies at the origin of the coordinate system shown in the diagram at below. Vector represents the hurricane's displacement at 44.5 km/h and vector represents its displacement after it shifts course three hours later and

    asked by pagan
  95. Intermediate Algebra

    simplify the the lowest term 1. square root of 40x^3 2. square root of 3/4 times square root of 4/7 3. square root of 6 + square root of 20

    asked by meri
  96. Physics

    Someone please help me! I've been stuck on this problem for a while now and i can't figure it out! A disk with mass m = 5.2 kg and radius R = 0.44 m hangs from a rope attached to the ceiling. The disk spins on its axis at a distance r = 1.59 m from the

    asked by stewart
  97. math

    john receives a 2.5% real estate commission when he sells a home for his client?how much will the client receive from the sale of their 346.000 home

    asked by nicole
  98. Business Math

    Using the dating method, calculate the discount date and the net date. Unless otherwise specified, the net date is 20 days after the discount date: The date of invoice is April 6th, Terms of sale is 2/10, EOM. What is the Discount date? What is the Net

    asked by Tammy
  99. SocialStudiesHelp!

    what would have happened if sybil luding never rode to warn people of an attack Plz no website thx :)

    asked by LoveKittens
  100. Business

    Where can I find detailed info on all the lawsuits that Microsoft have encountered?

    asked by Z
  101. Math

    The quantity sqrt(45)- 2sqrt(5) +sqrt(360/2) can be expressed as sqrt(N), where N is an integer. Find N. * the whole fraction 360/2 is squarerooted.

    asked by Matt
  102. physics

    A 92 kg clock initially at rest on a horizontal floor requires a 656 N horizontal force to set it in motion. After the clock is in motion, a horizontal force of 560 N keeps it moving with a constant speed.

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Physics

    An object is placed 5 cm in front of a concave lens of focal length 7 cm. Find the image location by drawing a ray tracing diagram to scale. Verify your answer using the lens equation. I am confused on what numbers would be negative in my formula of

    asked by Frank German
  104. math

    The ratio of white marbles to blue marbles in Connie's bag of marbles is equal to 2:3. There are more than 20 marbles in the bag. What is a possible number of white marbles and blue marbles in the bag? THANK YOU!

    asked by kymy
  105. algebra

    Solve the equation algebraically. Round the result to three decimal places. Verify your answer using a graphing utility. e−^8x − 6xe^−8x = 0 x = I need help solving this problem.

    asked by angie
  106. lea

    book title of the watsons go to birmingham 1963

    asked by lisa
  107. Reading

    Doesn't it seem (abnormal,insubordinate) for a bright young person to show no interest in taking part in any school activities?

    asked by Kayla
  108. Biology

    what is the vascular system of the lilac flower. i tried finding some sites. some sites would help me. PLease!

    asked by Katherine
  109. math

    Barry's deck of cards contains 40 blue cards and 70 red cards. Max's deck of cards contains the same number of blue cards, but the ratio of blue cards to red cards is 8:9. How many total cards does Max's deck of cards contain? THANK YOU!

    asked by kymy
  110. maths

    Given that a line passes through the point , and that the line is perpendicular to the line Determine the equation of the line If sin(20-30)-cos(30-40) then the value of is 0 In a class of 40 boys, 18 passed Business Mathematics, 19 passed Accounts, 10

    asked by Azeke
  111. kinesiology

    clean and jerk muscle analysis

    asked by buba
  112. Calculus

    If f(x)=the sqrt of 3x,find f'(3). Isn't it 3/2•sqrt of 3?

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Math

    Please help me the way through this sum Integrate Cos squared(3x) btwn x=pie/2 andx=0

    asked by Benson mb
  114. Calculus question please explain

    I know the answer to the first one is "e" and the answer to the second one is "a "but I have no idea why please explain how to do these two problems. I am very confused with this method. Thank you! The “Cobb-Douglas” productivity function for a factory

    asked by Jennifer
  115. chemistry

    the half-life of a positron is very short. it reacts with an electron, and the masses of both are converted to two gamma-ray photons:

    asked by yannick lungu
  116. Calculus

    Find the interval on which f(x)=xe^-x is increasing. I got (1,infinity)..

    asked by Anonymous
  117. chemistry

    ) Indicate how each of the following errors would affect(increase, decrease, or no change) your calculated value for the molar volume of O2 at STP (assuming that you complete the expiriment otherwise correctly). In each case, explain your answer. A. Your

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Calculus

    Differentiate. cos^3x My answer: -3cos^2x sin^2x

    asked by Anonymous
  119. Math

    John runs a florist shop in a small arkansas town and had to borrow $170,000 to start up the shop. He was able to borrow some from the state business development office at 4% but the rest he had to borrow from a friend who charged him 8%. The first year

    asked by Bernice Cash
  120. chemistry

    potassium hydroxide and perchloric acid net ionic question

    asked by Hayley
  121. Quantitative Business Analysis

    John runs a florist shop in a small arkansas town and had to borrow $170,000 to start up the shop. He was able to borrow some from the state business development office at 4% but the rest he had to borrow from a friend who charged him 8%. The first year

    asked by Bernice
  122. Quantitative Business Analysis

    John uses a liquid fertilizer to grow flowers in his back room. His fertilizer tank has a capacity of 5 gallons and currently contains 3 gallons of fertilizer which is 10% nitrogen. If he wants to change his fertilizer to 15% nitrogen, what percentage of

    asked by Bernice
  123. Quantitative Business Analysis

    John runs a florist shop in a small Arkansas town and had to borrow $170,000 to start up the shop. He was able to borrow some from the state business development office at 4% but the rest he had to borrow from a "friend" who charged him 8%. The first year

    asked by Bernice
  124. Quantitative Business Analysis

    John is considering adding balloons to the product line he sells at the shop. There will be a cost of $200.00 for leasing the necessary equipment. The cost of buying balloons and helium and paying a worker is expected to be $4.25 per unit (balloon). He

    asked by Bernice
  125. Quantitative Business Analysis

    John has believed for some time that flower sales are related to consumer income. Recently in a trade magazine, he found some interesting data. In a market where average income was $22,000, flower sales were $60,000. In another market where all factors

    asked by Bernice
  126. Quantitative Business Analysis

    The market for 40 lb. bags of pine bark mulch (sold at John's shop) is described by the following functions: p = -.3q + 66 p = 1.3q - 30 where p is the price per unit and q is the number of bags bought and sold. a) Which of the functions above is the

    asked by Bernice
  127. Calculus

    Differentiate. cos^-1 2x

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Algebra

    Please help me to to solve this quadratic equation word problem. Here is the question: Studying Microgravity. NASA'S Glen Research Center in Cleveland, Ohio, has a 435-foot drop tower that begins on the surface and descends into Earth like a mineshaft. How

    asked by lpcruz
  129. Algebra

    Please help me to to solve this quadratic equation word problem. Here is the question: The Abacus. The Chinese abacus consists of a frame, parallel wires, and beads that are moved to perform arithmetic computations. The frame is 21 Centimeters longer than

    asked by lpcruz
  130. Calculous

    g(x) = x^4-8x^3-16x^2+128x the graph goes through the x through (-4,0) , (0,0) (4,0), (8,0) horizontal axis has a scale of 2,4,6,8,10 (each tick increases by 2) Y-axis value that is the highest is (-4,30) and (8,30) Assume g(x) = k(x-p)(x-q)(x-r)(x-s) p

    asked by Randy
  131. Physics

    A projectile is shot straight up from the earth's surface at a speed of 1.20 x 104 km/hr. How high does it go?

    asked by Sarah
  132. business finance

    You want to buy a small house that costs RM100,000. You have RM10,000 for a down payment and repaid in equal installments at the end of each of the next 3 years. The interest rate is 7 percent compounded annually. a. Calculate how much you need to pay for

    asked by Anonymous
  133. chemistry

    Determine the number of bonding electrons and the number of nonbonding electrons in the structure of SeCl2 and SiO2.

    asked by LO
  134. business finance

    Your client is 40 years old, and she wants to begin saving for retirement, with the first payment to come one year from now. She can save RM5,000 per year, and you advise her to invest it in the stock market, which you expect to provide an average return

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Financial Management

    A firm is trying to determine its optimal capital structure, the company's CFO beliefs that the optimal debt ratio is between 20% to 50% .Her staff has compiled the following projection of company 's EPS and stock price for different debt levels Debt ratio

    asked by Asif Naeem
  136. Biology

    Based on cellular respiration, what happens when oxygen supply is cut off to an animal?

    asked by Anonymous
  137. math

    3 cups a sugar makes 36 cookies how many cookies would 2/3 cup sugar make?

    asked by lauren
  138. calculus Please Help

    The cost for a toy company to produce x Cosmic Starships is C(x) = 1400 + 6x − 0.01x2. What is the marginal average cost function? Can someone please explain how to do this to I have no idea where to start? I need to know

    asked by Erica
  139. Math please check

    Find the equation of the line that contains the point (3, 2) and is parallel to the line 3x − 9y = 0. I know I solve for y and I get y= -3x/-9 but I am not sure where to go from here please help.

    asked by Erica
  140. physics

    The speed of a transverse wave on a string is 457 m/s, while the wavelength is 0.228 m. The amplitude of the wave is 2.05 mm. How much time is required for a particle of the string to move through a total distance of 1.34 km?

    asked by Anonymous
  141. physics

    A jetskier is moving at 8.9 m/s in the direction in which the waves on a lake are moving. Each time he passes over a crest, he feels a bump. The bumping frequency is 1.15 Hz, and the crests are separated by 5.8 m. What is the wave speed?

    asked by Anonymous
  142. Help with Statistics (T-value and decision rule)

    For a random sample of 12 observations, the sample mean was 407 and the standard deviation was 6. Using the .05 significant level, answer the following questions. What would the t value be? What is the decision rule? **** I think the t-value would be t =

    asked by Jennifer
  143. physics

    Sound is passing perpendicularly through an open window whose dimensions are 1.1 m x 0.75 m. The sound intensity level is 71 dB above the threshold of human hearing. How much sound energy comes through the window in one hour?

    asked by Anonymous
  144. art

    What visual and performing art principles of design

    asked by bhay
  145. Chemistry

    In the following reaction, how many liters of carbon dioxide will be produced if 250 liters of oxygen is used in the combustion of sucrose given that both gases are at STP? C12H22O11 + 1202 -> 12CO2 + 11H2O I have had other ones in my homework that were

    asked by Jessica
  146. chemistry

    Why the vapour pressure of water and ethanol is 760 mm of Hg at 100 C and 78.5 C ?

    asked by ali
  147. Math

    Suppose their are 2 pieces of cake left over but you don't know how many pieces were in the whole cake

    asked by Anonymous
  148. chemistry

    The reaction for the complete combustion of acetylene is shown below. C2H2(g) + 5/2 O2(g) -----------> 2 CO2(g) + H2O(l) ΔH = -1299 kJ Use this reaction and the data below to calculate the heat of formation for acetylene. ΔHf[H2O(l)] = -285.8

    asked by Afnan
  149. Physics

    What is the force of attraction between an 8 kg bowling ball and a 13 kg cannon ball that are sitting 2 meters apart?

    asked by Anonymous
  150. chemistry

    for the reaction A + B C the concentrations of AB, and C are 0.2M, 0.4M and0.)M respectively at 0 minutes. After 30 minutes the concentrations of A and B drop to ).080mM and 0.280M respectively, while the concentration of C rises to 0.120M. Calculate the

    asked by carol
  151. Algebra 2/Trigonometry

    How do I solve f(x)=x^3-6x^2+16x-96 using Descartes' Rule of Signs to find the number of positive and negative real roots, along with imaginary roots, but not with a graph?

    asked by Christian
  152. maths

    Questions Given that a line passes through the point , and that the line is perpendicular to the line Determine the equation of the line If then the value of is In a class of 40 boys, 18 passed Business Mathematics, 19 passed Accounts, 10 passed Economics,

    asked by Azeke
  153. history

    What political and economic effects reshaped american society from 1820 to 1848?

    asked by moooose
  154. math

    what is 1 7/9-4/9 express the answer in simplest form

    asked by shay