Questions Asked on
December 3, 2014

  1. P.E. help please

    1. Common emergencies include bone,joint, and muscle injuries. True*** False 2. If an individual suffers from heat exhaustion. DO NOT give him any fluids. It will only make it worse. True False*** 1.True 2. False Am I right

    asked by callie
  2. Algebra 1

    suppose y varies directly with x and y = 14 when x = -4 what is the value of y when x = -6

    asked by Steve
  3. Math

    There are four kinds of road signs in a certain town. The number of each kind is shown. What is the ratio of the number of school signs to the number of stop signs?

    asked by Tayler Bolsinger
  4. Algebra 1

    the point 12,9 is included in a direct variation. what is the constant of variation

    asked by Steve
  5. math

    taryn and alastair both mow lawns. Each charges a flat fee to mow a lawn. The table shows the number of lawns in the past week, the time spent mowing lawns and the money earned. Taryn mowed 9 lawns. She spent 7.5 hrs mowing lawns. Taryn earned $112.50

    asked by charles
  6. Algebra 1

    Suppose y varies directly with x and y = 24 when x =8. What is the value of y when x = 10?

    asked by Steve
  7. chemistry

    How much ice (in grams) would have to melt to lower the temperature of 355mL of water from 26∘C to 6∘C? (Assume the density of water is 1.0 g/mL.)

    asked by Anonymous
  8. chemistry

    Write an equilibrium expression for each chemical equation involving one or more solid or liquid reactants or products. HCHO2(aq)+H2O(l)⇌H3O+(aq)+CHO−2(aq) Use A for [HCHO2], B for [H2O], C for [H3O+], D for [CHO−2].

    asked by Anon

    Love is a surgeon. Love can cut into your flesh like a scalpel Love can operate upon your heart Love can circumcise you Perhaps you don't believe it But i know. Love operates Upon your skin, your hair, your gait For Love there is no remedy Except the

    asked by Yeng
  10. social studies help assap

    which of the following effects of the french and indian war most contributed to smuggling in the colonies? increased taxes from the crown enforcement of the navigation acts presence of british soldiers in the colonies removal of the spanish from flordia

    asked by social studies
  11. math

    If 18g of a radioactive substance are present initially and 5 yr later only 9g remains, how much of the substance will be present after 11yr?

    asked by Ernie
  12. Language Art Novel

    Which of the following statements most accurately reflects the political climate in Boston in 1773? a. Most people in Boston were Tories !@#$%^&mained loyal to England and believed the Whigs were needlessly stirring up trouble. b. The Whigs were a vocal

    asked by Cole

    Identify the conjugate base in the following reaction. H2O (l) + HCO31- (aq) ¨ H3O+ (aq) + CO32- (aq)? Identify the Bronsted-Lowry acid in the following reaction. H2O (l) + HCO31- (aq) ¨ H3O+ (aq) + CO32- (aq)

    asked by AL
  14. Science

    The Ka for the H2PO4–/HPO42– buffer is given by the equation: Ka= ([HPO4^-2]gamma [H^+])/[H2PO4^-]=10^-7.20 What is the pH of a 2:3 mixture of H2PO4– to HPO42– at 0.10 M ionic strength? (See the table for the activity coefficients.) I just am not

    asked by Cat
  15. Math

    Calcium is essential to tree growth because it promotes the formation of wood and maintains cell walls. In 1990, the concentration of calcium in precipitation in a certain area was 0.11 milligrams per liter (mg/L). A random sample of 10 precipitation dates

    asked by LADO
  16. stats

    A normal population has mean 100 and variance 25. How large must the random sample be if we want the standard error of the sample average to be 1.5? I know the answer is 12. Would someone please be able to explain! and share what formula they used

    asked by sam
  17. Math check my answer please!

    Which expression is equivalent to 4x4x4x4x4x4x4x4? a. 4 x 8 b. 8^4 c. 8x8 d. 4^8 I think D.

    asked by Amber
  18. math

    delias family car weight 2 tons. how many ounces does the car weight?

    asked by Lakshmi
  19. Algebra 1

    The ordered pairs 1,4 - 2,16 - 3,64 - 4,256 - 5, 1024 represents a function. What rule represents this function. 1- 4 x power 2- 4x 3- xto the 4th power 4- x+4 my answer is 4x

    asked by Steve
  20. English

    Which of the following sentences uses the word skeptically correctly? a.)The teacher was trusted by her students, and as a result, they learned their lessons skeptically. b.)I was confident I’d gotten every question right and handed in my test

    asked by somebody help i am new
  21. Math Help

    Use an equation to solve the problem. 224 is 25% of what number? A. 224*0.25=w;560 B. 224=0.25*w;896 C. 224*0.25=w;56 D. 224=0.25*w;90 Is the answer C?

    asked by callie
  22. Chemistry

    How much work (in J) is required to expand the volume of a pump from 0.0 L to 2.3L against an external pressure of 1.0atm ?

    asked by Nathaniel
  23. science

    Discuss the results of your research about the roles of nature versus nurture on human health. Share your opinion about how an individual’s genetic makeup interacts with nutrition, smoking, drug use, or exercise to affect the quality and length of life.

    asked by schoolnerd
  24. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    If An is defined as a geometric sequence, is the sequence 1/an also a geometric sequence? Explain your reasoning

    asked by Anonymous
  25. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Find S5 for a geometric series for which a1 = 81 and r = 1/9.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. chemistry

    A sample of steam with a mass of 0.524g and at a temperature of 100 ∘C condenses into an insulated container holding 4.20g of water at 6.0∘C.( ΔH∘vap=40.7 kJ/mol, Cwater=4.18 J/g⋅∘C) Assuming that no heat is lost to the surroundings, what is the

    asked by Anonymous
  27. science

    A jellyfish can propel itself with jets of water pushed out of its bell, a flexible structure on top of its body. The elastic bell and the water it contains function as a mass-spring system, greatly increasing efficiency. Normally, the jellyfish emits one

    asked by Anonymous
  28. social studies

    1.Most of the land of southeast asia is. a. below sea level, so a system of dikes is used to keep it from flooding b. contained in a vast land mass with very few bodies of water c. subject to a desert-like climate d. either part of a peninsula or part of

    asked by Lelo
  29. Statistics

    The proportion of students who own a cell phone on college campuses across the country has increased tremendously over the past few years. It is estimated that approximately 90% of students now own a cell phone and 10% do not own a cell phone. Fifteen

    asked by Mackenzie
  30. statistics

    Suppose an experiment consists of rolling a fair, six-sided number cube. What is the expected value of evens?

    asked by Regina

    The demand function for a certain brand of CD is given by p = −0.01x^2 − 0.2x + 12 where p is the unit price in dollars and x is the quantity demanded each week, measured in units of a thousand. The supply function is given by p = 0.01x^2 + 0.7x + 1

    asked by phil
  32. Calculus

    A sherman is in a rowboat on a lake and 3 km from shore. He wishes to reach a store 2 km down the (straight) shore. He can row at 5 km/h and run at 13 km/h. To what point down-shore should he row to get to the store as quickly as possible? 8. The

    asked by Lucy
  33. Chemistry

    E=hv E=energy h= Planck's constant =6.626 x 10^-34 v= frequency 1. What is the energy of light having a frequency of 2.28 x 10^12? ( I do have an answer for this but I'm not so sure about it.) 2.What is the energy of light with a wavelength of 2.18 x

    asked by Ann
  34. math

    a farmer has 120 m of fencing to make two identical rectangular enclosures using an existing wall as one side of each enclosure. The dimensions of each closure are x metres and y metres as shown. Obtain and expression in terms of x only for the total area

    asked by mecake2
  35. Language arts

    Which aspect of maya ying Lin's past, discussed in "always to remember" may have influenced the students interest in architecture?

    asked by Sophiaa
  36. chemistry

    A voltaic cell is constructed with all the reactants and products in their standard states. Will this condition hold as the cell operates? Explain.

    asked by lily
  37. Math

    Name ALL sets of numbers to which each number belongs Real Rational Irrational Integer Whole Natural 0 Whole Integer Square root of 5 Irrational -80 Integer 12/3 Rational square root of 100 Irrational square root of 4 Irrational 3pi Irrational

    asked by M
  38. Math: Reiny

    I already posted this question, and Reiny had a question about the question. How many square units are in the region satisfying the inequalities y>=(x) and y

    asked by Jenny
  39. math

    At Soap ans Suds there are 16 washing machines in a single row with no space between each one.Each washing mashine is 2 feet 5 inches across. What is the total length of the 16 washing machines?

    asked by Carol
  40. physics

    A guitar string 61.8 cm long vibrates with a standing wave that has three antinodes. Which harmonic is this?

    asked by Peyton
  41. Math Help

    Use an equation to solve the problem. What is 57% of 11? A. 11=0.57*n; 19.3 B. n=57*11;627 C. n=0.57*11;6.27 D. 11=57*n;0.19 Is the answer C?

    asked by callie
  42. Chemistry

    If 325mL of a 0.58 M solution of a propanoic acid (a fatty acid) was mixed with excess glycerol what is, the maximum number of molecules of fat or oil that could result?(you will need Avogadros number = 6.022 X 10 to the 23rd power)....I need to show all

    asked by Jennifer
  43. Chemistry

    When Pb-208 bombarded with Ni-64, a new element and six neutrons are produced. What isotope of the new element is produced by this reaction? Question 17 options: Ds-266 Ds-272 Rf-266 Rf-272 I believe it is either rf- 272 or Ds-272 because i added 208+64,

    asked by Tamera
  44. Physics

    A stone thrown horizontally from the top of a 18-m tower hits the ground at a point 18 m from the base of the tower. (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) (a) Find the speed at which the stone was thrown. m/s (b) Find the speed of the stone just

    asked by Anonymous
  45. english

    I wandered lonely as a cloud That floats on high o'er vales and hills, When all at once I saw a crowd, A host, of golden daffodils; Beside the lake, beneath the trees, Fluttering and dancing in the breeze I wandered lonely as a cloud When all at once I saw

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  46. Law enforcement

    Which of the following is NOT considered a 'criminal proceeding' critical to the process? a.the trial b.a juvenile detention hearing c.sentence hearing d.questions asked of a probationer concerning their probation status

    asked by Brandi
  47. physics

    Dolphins of the open ocean are classified as Type II Odontocetes (toothed whales). These animals use ultrasonic "clicks" with a frequency of 54.9 kHz to navigate and find prey. Suppose a dolphin sends out a series of clicks that are reflected back from the

    asked by Peyton
  48. physics

    Two identical guitar strings under 108 N of tension sound tones with frequencies of 528 Hz. The peg of one string slips slightly, and the tension in it drops to 91.0 N. How many beats per second are heard?

    asked by Jeanette
  49. College Algebra

    A total of $14,000 is invested in 3 accounts earning 3%, 4%, and 5% annual interest. The combined interest for one year is $539. If the amount invested at 5% is three times the amount at 4%, find the amount invested at 3%.

    asked by Brad
  50. Math 120

    Write 4logb(X)-1/3logb(y)+2logb(z)as a single logarithm Its log base b.

    asked by Joey

    A diving board length L = 5.20m that weighs 205N is supported by two pillars. One pillar is at the left end of the diving board, as shown below; the other is distance d = 1.70m away. Find the magnitude of the force exerted by the left pillar when a 90.0kg

    asked by Lauren
  52. Algebra 1

    The graph shows the number of handbags that Mandy made in one day. What are the variables? Describe how the variables are related at various points on the graph

    asked by Kyler faith
  53. History

    what was the underlying source of international tension A. the inflation of goods B. a sharp decrease in population C. whether newly added territories should allow slavery D. disagreement over whether the economy of new territories be based on farming or

    asked by HELP MEEEEE
  54. Ashworth College

    A study of students taking Statistics 101 was done. Four hundred students who studied for more than 10 hours averaged a B. Two hundred students who studied for less than 10 hours averaged a C. This difference was significant at the 0.01 level. What does

    asked by justice
  55. math

    A book store bought 160 copies of a book for $4,000. How much money will they loose if they give away 2 books. show in ratio table form. Every book costs $25 so the store would loose $50 but how do you put that in a ratio table?

    asked by matt
  56. Physics

    A projectile, fired with unknown initial velocity, lands 18.4 s later on the side of a hill, 2740 m away horizontally and 469 m vertically above its starting point. (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) (a) What is the vertical component of its

    asked by Anonymous
  57. statistics

    A class has 100 students, 70 of which are boys. 70% of the boys are involved in sports, while 40% of the girls are involved in sports. A student is chosen at random. If the student chosen is a boy, what is the probability that he is involved in sports?

    asked by Kaylan
  58. Physics

    An auditorium has dimensions 10m x 10m x 60m. How many moles of air fill this volume at STP? I'm stumped.

    asked by Greg
  59. Statistics

    A study of students taking Statistics 101 was done. Four hundred students who studied for more than 10 hours averaged a B. Two hundred students who studied for less than 10 hours averaged a C. This difference was significant at the 0.01 level. What does

    asked by justice
  60. P.E. help please

    It is important to(blank) thr victim before calling 911 A. Call B. Care C. Check D. Catch Is the answer C?

    asked by callie
  61. physics

    A man pushes 100.0 N on the handle of a 40.0 kg lawnmower. The applied force is in the same direction as the handle, which is tilted 35.0° relative to horizontal. The coefficient of kinetic friction is 0.10. Find the amount of acceleration.

    asked by Liz
  62. P.E. help please

    Call 911 for A. Hypothermia B. A muscle strain C. A muscle sprain D. Frostbite I'm confused because my book says to call 911 for A and D but it says to call immediatly on A Is it A?

    asked by callie
  63. physics

    A 58.0 kg pole vaulter running at 8.9 m/s vaults over the bar. If the vaulter's horizontal component of velocity over the bar is 1.0 m/s and air resistance is disregarded, how high was the jump?

    asked by kelly
  64. economics

    in 1990, US nominal GDP was $5,744 billion and the GDP chain price index is 93.6. Real GDP in 1996 dollars is approximately:

    asked by rodney
  65. Anatomy Check Asap !

    1) If a person has neither of the two blood antigens, what is his or her blood type? A B O AB (i chose o) 4) Testosterone is produced in the? testes bulbourethral glands prostate glands seminal vesticles (i chose seminal vesticles) 6. What type of cell is

    asked by OMG
  66. algebra

    The Fan cost Index(Fci)represents the cost of four average-price tickets, refreshments, and souvenirs to a sporting event. The FCIs for an Independent tennis league and an Independent basketball league totaled $123.62. The basketball FCI was $$6.98 more

    asked by Ernie
  67. social studies

    How did the Aryans influence the culture of South Asia? Please help.

    asked by mary
  68. Chemistry

    How many moles of electrons are involved in an electrolytic process if 3.07 amps are applied to the cell for 46.0 hours? The answer is 5.27, but I'm not sure how to get there. Please help!

    asked by Lilac
  69. chemistry

    A solution with a pH of 7 has a [OH1-] of? 1 x 10-7 M?? Is that correct

    asked by ANON
  70. physics

    a car starts from rest it reaches a velocity of 12 m/s in 6 second. a. what is its acceleration ? b. if its acceleration remains the same what will be its velocity after 10 seconds?

    asked by jazzy mae
  71. maths

    This taxi sign is 2.1 metres wide and 39cm tall. Assuming the ends are perfect semi-circles find the area in square metres to three significant figures -

    asked by lohitha
  72. Math

    In the middle pond is a patch of moss. The moss doubles in size every day. After exactly 20 days the complete pond will be covered by moss. After how many days will half of the pond be covered by the moss ?

    asked by Susy
  73. Calc Physics

    Geologists place tiltmeters on the sides of volcanoes to measure the displacement of the surface as magma moves inside the volcano. Although most tiltmeters today are electronic, the traditional tiltmeter, used for decades, consisted of two or more

    asked by Dib
  74. Physics

    You are trying out for the position of place-kicker on a professional football team. With the ball teed 50.0 m from the goalposts with a crossbar 3.05 m off the ground, you kick the ball at 28 m/s and 31° above the horizontal. (a) Is the field goal

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Math

    Real, Rational, Irrational, Integer, Whole, Natural 35.99 Real Ratio

    asked by M
  76. physics

    michael is driving his sports car at 30m/s when he sees a dog on the road he slams on the breaks and comes to a stop in 3.0 second what is the acceleration of michael car?

    asked by jazzy mae
  77. physics

    A small crack occurs at the base of a 15.0 m high dam. The effective crack area through which water leaves is 1.30 *10-3 m2

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Science

    A mass of .1539 kg. moves down a 5 meter ramp in 2 seconds. What is the velocity and the KE developed by the moving mass?

    asked by Hannah
  79. Science

    Which of the following is a quantitative property of minerals? A.Cleavage B.Hardness C.Luster D.Streak I'm thing Cleavage or Hardness but i'm not sure can someone help?

    asked by Clueless girl
  80. Math

    Writing with exponents 2x2x2

    asked by Amelia
  81. physics

    A cannon barrel is elevated at an angle of 45°. It fires a ball with a speed of 250 m/s. (For the following questions, ignore air resistance.) (a) What height does the ball reach? m (b) How long is the ball in the air? s (c) What is the horizontal range

    asked by Anonymous
  82. math

    The ratio of an object's weight on Earth to its weight on Neptune is 5 : 7. How much would a person who weighs 150 pounds on Earth weigh on Neptune?

    asked by mark
  83. Math

    Suzan needs a bored that is at least 3.5 meters long and I have a 17 centimeter books is that enough

    asked by Janiah
  84. Math

    When a number is a multiple of 6, what are the possible values for the ones digit?

    asked by CJ
  85. Math

    A fishing boat leaves port at 5 miles per hour at a bearing of 350∘ for 2 hours, then turns to a bearing of 40∘ at 12 miles per hour for 2 hours, and finally changes to a bearing of 180∘ at 10 miles per hour for 5 hours. At this point, the boat heads

    asked by Sam
  86. child dev.

    Rosa is a newborn. As she grows, which will she learn to control last?

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Chemistry

    A sample of gas in a cylinder of volume 3.78 L at 318 K and 3.3 atm expands to 6.76 L by two different pathways. Path A is an isothermal, reversible expansion. Calculate the work for Path A. Answer in units of J

    asked by help me
  88. Chemistry

    In the carbon diselenide, CSe2, identify the number of σ and π bonds, the necessary hybridization scheme and the orbital overlap. Thanks

    asked by Alex
  89. Physics

    Geologists place tiltmeters on the sides of volcanoes to measure the displacement of the surface as magma moves inside the volcano. Although most tiltmeters today are electronic, the traditional tiltmeter, used for decades, consisted of two or more

    asked by Dib
  90. College Physics

    Suppose a 10.0 kg fireworks shell is shot into the air with an initial velocity of 62.0 m/s at an angle of 80.0 degrees above the horizontal. At the highest point of its trajectory, a small explosive charge separates it into two pieces, neither of which

    asked by Marqueta
  91. Math

    A fishing boat leaves port at 5 miles per hour at a bearing of 350∘ for 2 hours, then turns to a bearing of 40∘ at 12 miles per hour for 2 hours, and finally changes to a bearing of 180∘ at 10 miles per hour for 5 hours. At this point, the boat heads

    asked by Sam
  92. Physics

    Elephants communicate via infrasound, at frequencies as low as 11 Hz that can travel up to 9 km. The intensity of these sounds can reach 106 dB, measured a distance of 4 m from the source. a) Determine the intensity level in W/m2 of the infrasound at 4 m

    asked by Annie
  93. Math

    Name ALL sets of numbers to which each number belongs Real, Rational, Irrational, Integer, Whole, Natural -5/6

    asked by M
  94. math

    The area of a circle with radius r given by the formula A = pi r^2. If a circle has area 81 pi square in inches, what is the radius?

    asked by Chandresh

    Love is a surgeon Love can cut into your flesh like a scalpel Love can operate upon your heart Love can circumcise you Perhaps you don't believe it But i know. Love operates Upon your skin, your hair, your gait For Love there is no remedy Except the

    asked by Yeng
  96. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Given a geometric sequence with a1 = 6 and r = 2/3, write an explicit formula for An, the nth term of the sequence.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Physics

    A block of mass m is pulled across a level surface by a rope that makes an angle θ with the horizontal. The coefficient of friction is μ. (a) Determine the amount of force F required to slide the block at a constant velocity. (b) Determine the optimum

    asked by Liz
  98. algebra

    how to you solve polynomial equation by factoring x^3 + 3x^2 - 9x = 27

    asked by john
  99. MATH

    What is a general strategy to find dimensions for any rectangular box whose volume is doubled? MY THOUGHTS IS 2L by 2w by 2h

    asked by MISHA
  100. chemistry

    Calculate the amount of heat required to completely sublime 71.0g of solid dry ice (CO2) at its sublimation temperature. The heat of sublimation for carbon dioxide is 32.3 kJ/mol.

    asked by Anonymous
  101. Math

    Challenge 1: Compute log1/4 (32^-18). The 1/4 is the small number under the log.

    asked by Carla
  102. Physics

    The range of a cannonball fired horizontally from a cliff is equal to the height of the cliff. What is the direction of the velocity vector of the projectile as it strikes the ground? (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) ° (below the horizontal)

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Math please help

    According to a study conducted by a statistical organization, the proportion of americans who are satisfied with the way things are going in their lives is 0.82. Suppose that a random sample of 105 Americans is obtained. (Please answer the below and round

    asked by LADO
  104. chemistry

    Write out the mechanism (using correct curved arrow notation) for the acid-catalyzed, cis-trans isomerization of maleic acid (into fumaric acid) If the electrophilic addition reaction of maleic acid with HCl had gone to completion what would be the

    asked by Allie
  105. english

    Pronouns used as the subjects of the sentences or ad subject complements are a.objective pronouns me,her,him,them,us b.possessive nounspronouns my,mine,hers. C.nominative pronouns I,you I am think d none of the above.

    asked by la
  106. Math

    A fishing boat leaves port at 5 miles per hour at a bearing of 350∘ for 2 hours, then turns to a bearing of 40∘ at 12 miles per hour for 2 hours, and finally changes to a bearing of 180∘ at 10 miles per hour for 5 hours. At this point, the boat heads

    asked by Sam
  107. physics

    A 0.59 kg rubber ball has a speed of 1.50 m/s at point A and kinetic energy of 7.0 J at point B. (a) Determine the ball's kinetic energy at A Correct: Your answer is correct. J (b) Determine the ball's speed at B

    asked by kelly
  108. physics

    A uniform ladder of mass 46 kg and 3.0 m in length is leaning against a frictionless vertical wall at an inclination of 60 degrees to the horizontal. A Window cleaner of mass 67.3 kg climbs up the ladder. What coefficient of friction between the ladder and

    asked by Bren
  109. Physics

    a 10m long steel cable is lifting a 30 ton crate upward off a ship. If the cable streches by .5cm under these conditions, determine the radius of the steel cable. Young's modulus of steel :2x10raised to 9 Pa

    asked by Chelie
  110. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    is this the correct formula for me to solve this? A bacteria culture has 2,000 bacteria. The number of bacteria increases by 5% each hour. How many bacteria are there after 12 hours? 2,000*0.05^(12-1)

    asked by Anonymous
  111. child dev

    The early childhood educator who designed many teaching aids to promote printing in preschoolers through the child’s sense of touch was

    asked by Anonymous
  112. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    The nth term of a geometric sequence is given by an = 1/4(4)^n-1. Write the first five terms of this sequence.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. Statistics

    1.A sample of 25 bottles is taken from the production line at a local bottling plant. Assume that the fill amounts follow a normal distribution. The probability is 90% that the sample variance is less than what percent of the population variance? 2. The

    asked by abidjan
  114. chem

    Draw the two chair conformers of cis-1-ethyl-4-isopropylcyclohexane

    asked by peter
  115. mathematics

    A recipe calls for 2\2\4 cups of raisins But I only have a 1\4 cup how many 1\4 cups do I need

    asked by amrraia
  116. physiscs

    The apartment’s explosion, reportedly caused by a gas leak, produced a violent release of gas and heat. The heat increased the ____________ of the air in the room, which means an increase in the air's molecular energy of motion.

    asked by hamdan
  117. physical chemistry

    A solution is prepared by adding 1g of sugar mannitol (MW 182.2g/g-mole) in 100g of water at 20◦C. (a) Assuming that mannitol and water form an ideal solution, what is the equilibrium vapor pressure of solution? The vapor pressure of pure water is

    asked by JP
  118. ECO

    suppose US nominal GDP was $6,250 billion in 2000 and GDP chain price index is 125.0. Real GDP is:

    asked by rodney
  119. Social studies

    The spartan goal was to have a society based on military in order to preserve the spartan city state. To what extent did they reach their goal?

    asked by Daniela
  120. Math Help

    Find the percent of increase. 50 to 70 A. 20% B. 30% C. 40% D. 50% Is the answer A?

    asked by callie
  121. physics

    The internal energy of a system changes because the system gains 180 J of heat and performs 338 J of work. In returning to its initial state, the system loses 111 J of heat. During this return process, what work is involved? If the work is done by the

    asked by S
  122. Science

    What is the total mass when you pour 100 g of vinegar into a flask and add 10 g of baking soda in a flask. Also what is the chemical formula for this. how can we change the formula so the experiment will be accurate. Thanks

    asked by Gayle
  123. Physics

    What's the difference between Inertia and Impulse? Because the definitions sound really similar.

    asked by Devynn Austin
  124. English 10th grade

    Which of the following correctly describes this sentence? It looms menacingly over the road from the roof of a farmhouse, a flying reptile with a seven-foot wingspan. A. Simple B. Complex C. compound D. compound-complex I felt it was a simple sentence.

    asked by Jim
  125. Math

    How many square units are in the region satisfying the inequalities y>=(x) and y

    asked by Jenny
  126. maths

    The compound interest on a certain sum for 2 years is Rs 41 and simple interest is Rs 40.Then the rate per annum is

    asked by desh
  127. Improving writing

    Background Ten years ago, you started working as a clerk for DMD Medical Supplies. Six months ago, Liz Jakowski, the human resources director, promoted you to office manager. You manage two employees: Jack Snyder and Ruth Disselkoen. Your office provides

    asked by Camilla
  128. algebra

    solve polynomial equation by factoring 2x^3 - 12x^2 = 32x - 192

    asked by john
  129. Algebra 1

    For the equation -4y =8x, what is the constant of variation?

    asked by Steve
  130. Physics

    A two head collision. One car weighs 45000 newtons and going at 15 meters per second. The other car is traveling at 25 meters per second and weighs 9000 newtons. How would I calculate velocity?

    asked by Emily Carey
  131. anatomy & physiology

    1) If a person has neither of the two blood antigens, what is his or her blood type? A B O AB 4) Testosterone is produced in the? testes bulbourethral glands prostate glands seminal vesticles 6. What type of cell is capable of digesting and engulfing

    asked by g. rose
  132. Finance

    A manufacturing company is thinking of launching a new product. The company expects to sell $950,000 of the new product in the first year and $1,500,000 each year thereafter. Direct costs including labor and materials will be 45% of sales. Indirect

    asked by Jasmine
  133. Chemistry

    I'm doing a redox potential/lead acid cell experiment and one of the questions that were asked was: -What were the identities of the gases you saw being produced at the + and - electrodes during the cell conditioning process? We used H2SO4 How do I go

    asked by Albert
  134. English

    What is the simple predicate of the following sentence? The Saturn rocket made travel to the moon possible. A. Made B. Moon C. Possible {D. Travel}

    asked by Anonymous
  135. math

    I need help with Lesson 4 Unit 3

    asked by Clueless girl
  136. math

    bianca has total of 25c.She has some nickels and pennies.How many different combination of nickels and pennies could bianca have?

    asked by adam
  137. Math

    The square root of h is greater than 10/3 and less than 24/5. How many integer values of h satisfy this condition? I think the first step would be to square each fraction so 100/9 and 576/25 and then see which whole numbers are between. Am I on the right

    asked by Mark
  138. algebra

    The length of a rectangle is four times its width. If the area of the rectangle is 392 yd, find the perimeter

    asked by Derrick
  139. Math

    Evaluate log sqrt(5) 125sqrt(5).

    asked by Emily
  140. science

    which of the following features is associated with the inner planets? rings made of ice and dust lots of moons large amounts of iron and silicon thick atmospheres

    asked by hope
  141. Math

    Here men were invited to lunch one day. The host places them in a line on three chairs. The men are positioned in such as way that Man #3 can see both Man #1 and Man #2 , Man #2 can see only Man # 1 , and Man #1 can see none of the other men. The host then

    asked by Susy
  142. biology

    Describe the vascular system and functions of each component of the Lilac flower i tried to find some sites, but i cant find in any. So any sites would help as well

    asked by Katherine
  143. English

    What kind of character trait best describes this? Someone who blames someone else for causing their love one's death, they constantly blame them and believe that they are the reason why that person died and they cause their love one to die but they had no

    asked by Ann
  144. Math

    Is 3.87655 a rational number

    asked by M
  145. chemistry

    Why do alkenes but not alkanes exhibit cis-trans isomerism?

    asked by peter
  146. Math

    Once there four boys who wanted to cross a street. They were all on the same side. It was night time and they only had one flashlight between them. Only two boys can cross the street at a time, and anyone who crosses , either one or two people, must always

    asked by Susy
  147. pre-algebra

    The length of a kitchen is 1 1/4 inches. The actual length is 20 feet. What is the scale of the kitchen

    asked by kayla
  148. Practical English

    What is the simple predicate of the following sentence? The Saturn rocket made travel to the moon possible. {A. Made} B. Moon C. Possible {D. Travel} is it A or D?

    asked by Nic
  149. physics

    A stretched string fixed at each end has a mass of 17 g and a length of 10.5 m. The tension in the string is 44.5 N. What is the vibration frequency for the third harmonic? Answer in Hz.

    asked by Mei
  150. English

    I need a few characteristic to describe the following: The person quickly switches from loving one person to another.and The person is willing to die for someone even though they have only met for a few days. I thought of a few. But I can't really prove it

    asked by Liza
  151. english

    Hope is the thing with feathers That perches in the soul, And sings the tune--without the words, And never stops at all, 'And sweetest in the gale is heard; And sore must be the storm That could abash the little bird That kept so many warm. 'I've heard it

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  152. physics

    A 2.9-kg cart starts up an incline with a speed of 2.7 m/s and comes to rest 3.0 m up the incline. The total work done (the work of the net force) on the cart is:

    asked by Anonymous

    A solution with a pH of 7 has a [OH1-] of? 0M or 7M???????????????????

    asked by ANON
  154. Algebra 1

    What is an equation in slope-intercept form for the line that passes through the points (1,-3(), (3,1)?

    asked by Steve
  155. Physics

    A projectile is fired into the air from the top of a cliff of height h = 186 m above a valley. Its initial velocity is v0 = 64.8 m/s at an angle θ = 59° above the horizontal. Where does the projectile land? (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.)

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Physics

    A projectile, fired with unknown initial velocity, lands 18.4 s later on the side of a hill, 2740 m away horizontally and 469 m vertically above its starting point. (Ignore any effects due to air resistance.) (a) What is the vertical component of its

    asked by Anonymous
  157. english 9 1

    Director Ted Klines new movie, which didn't feature any stars, was finally released last may. This was a surprise. How do I fix this sentence? It's clarifying vague pronouns. I've tried redoing this so many times

    asked by suzie
  158. Visual Basic

    debugging exercise: Private Sub btnItemNumber_Click(ByVal sender As System.Object, ByVal e As System.EventArgs) Handles btnItemNumber.Click Dim decCost As Decimal Dim intCount As Decimal decCost = Convert.ToDecimal(txtCost.Text) Inventory(decCost,

    asked by Kevin
  159. chemistry

    A mixture of ammonia and oxygen is prepared by combining 0.330 L of NH3 (measured at 0.710 atm and 22°C) with 0.200 L of O2 (measured at 0.740 atm and 51°C). How many milliliters of N2 (measured at 0.740 atm and 100. °C) could be formed if the following

    asked by Libby
  160. Math

    Expand and simplify (p+3)(p-7)

    asked by Anonymous
  161. physics

    A 60 kg worker pulls buckets of sand from height of 10 m using a pulley fixed to a wooden beam.While he is pulling a 20 kg bucket filled with sand he slips and falls down holding the rope.Assuming that the worker did not collide with bucket,find the

    asked by Diana
  162. help anatomy questions

    10.what is the name of the inner portion of the kidney? calyx cortex hilum medulla 8. A fracture straight across the bone at a right angle to the bone's axis is called? oblique fracture spiral fracture stress fracture transverse fracture 3. The lymphatic

    asked by g. rose
  163. Business Math

    Kristy has bi-weekly gross earnings of $1,750. What were her total social security and Medicare tax with holdings for a whole year?

    asked by Dena
  164. chemisty

    I was told to post at the beginning of the page: not sure if I did so or how to really do it but i'm posting the question again): Diiodine pentafluoride reacts spectacularly with bromine trifluoride to form iodine pentafluoride, oxygen gas, and liquid

    asked by nns40760
  165. English

    1- What was Macbeth's reaction towards Lady Macbeth' death and why did Shakespeare choose to bring Lady Macbeth to an end? 2- How does Juliets death compare to the death of Lady Macbeth and why does Shakespeare bring Juliet to an end?

    asked by Anonymous
  166. Business Math

    Check My Work (7 remaining) What payment should be made on an invoice in the amount of $3,400 dated August 7 if the terms of sale are 3/15, 2/30, n/45 and the bill is paid on ... a. ... August 19? $ b. ... September 3? $

    asked by Amy
  167. Math

    Sr. John and his wife went to a party where four other married couples were present. Every person shook hands whit everyone he or she was no acquainted with. When the handshaking was over , Sir John asked everyone how many hands they shook. Sir. John was

    asked by Susy
  168. physics

    A fire helicopter carries a 565 kg bucket at the end of a 16.7 m long cable. When the helicopter is returning from a fire at a constant speed of 22.5 m/s, the cable makes an angle of 20.5 ◦ with respect to the vertical. Find the horizontal force exerted

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Poetry

    What's an example of a couplet?

    asked by Humanoid
  170. math

    Daniel scored 162 points playing his video game.he can move to the next level of the game when he earns 275 points exactly. daniel says he needs about 100 points to get to the next level his friend Valerie says he needs about a 120 points to get to the

    asked by Journey
  171. English

    Jenny, have you heard about Mike? -No, I haven't. What about him? ---------------- What is the meaning of 'What about him?' What other expressions can we use instead of that?

    asked by rfvv
  172. physics

    if the radius from the discus to the axis of rotation is 1.4m, what is the linear velocity of the discus at the time of release?

    asked by Andrew
  173. Chemistry

    What is the ppm of 4.50mg of ddt in 10kg of seal fat Please show how

    asked by FF
  174. economics

    How do you calculate economic profit without knowing the quantity? Here is the information included in the question I'm trying to answer regarding finding the economic profit. price - $8.50 current output - 100 units ATC at current output - $9.00 AVC at

    asked by kailee
  175. algebra

    solve polynomial equation by factoring x^4 +100 = 29x^2

    asked by john
  176. math

    A photographer charge 20 dollars for 8x10 plus sitting fee. If 55 dollars was total for 2 photos and sitting fee. Assume the relationship is linear. Find and interpret the rate of change and intial value.

    asked by kimberly craig
  177. physics

    a glider with a mass of 5 kg is moving to the right on a horizontal frictionless surface at 6 m/s when it collides with a 8 kg glider that is at rest. After the collision, the 8kg glider is moving to the right at 6 m/s. what are the speed and direction of

    asked by Alex
  178. physics

    An airplane traveling at v = 152 m/s emits a sound of frequency 1850 Hz. At what frequency does a stationary listener hear the sound as the plane approaches? Use 340 m/s for the speed of the sound and answer in Hz.

    asked by Annie
  179. P.E. help please

    What is 45% of 10? A. 450 B.45 C.4.5 D.0.45 Is the answer C?

    asked by callie
  180. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Write the equation y = bx in logarithmic form.

    asked by Anonymous
  181. English

    (1) After my interview with these four young people, I reflected on the quiet sense of "difference" I sensed with many of these Upward Bound students. (2) As a college teacher who has also taught seventh-grade science, I have some experience with the faces

    asked by Odalis
  182. Maths

    if Sin=(2theta-30degrees)= Cos=(3thetas+40degrees) then what is the value of the theta

    asked by Dickson
  183. Math

    Using the data from the set included, what is the minimum number of 4's that must be added to make 6 an outlier? Data Values:-3,-1,1,3,4,5,6,7,9 Frequency: 34,6,12,4,7+x,1,20,3,12 Cumulative Frequency: 34,40,52,56,63+x, 64+x,84+x,87+x,99+x This is not for

    asked by Harley
  184. Math

    Whats 9 + 10

    asked by Anonymous
  185. Math

    Compute Adela's estimated tax payment for the second quarter. She is self employed and she expects to earn $93,440 this year. Her estimated income tax rate is 25%. For self employed persons, social security tax is 12.4% of wages up to $106,800, and

    asked by Dena
  186. Science

    If a cheetah is able to accelerate at 15.0 m/s2 from a stand still, what speed will it reach after 2.50 seconds?

    asked by Unknown
  187. English 10th grade

    "I'd done a car for one of her patients, who told her about me." Which of the following describes the part, "who told her about me." A. nominal clause B. adjectival clause C. infinitive D. gerund phrase Is the answer, B, the adjectival clause describing

    asked by Jim
  188. MAth

    Real, Rational, Irrational, Integer, Whole, Natural 4 1/8 Rational Real

    asked by M
  189. math - pls check!!!

    29) 4k - 1 >= -3 30) 6(c - 1) < -18 31) 3t > 5t + 12 32) -6/7y - 6 >= 42 33) 4 + x/2 > 2x 34) 3x + 5 = -2 30) c < -12 31) t < -6 32) y

    asked by SkatingDJ
  190. Math

    How do you put 28/4 in a whole number

    asked by Angelique
  191. math

    Find the area of the region in the first quadrant that is below the parametric curve? the parametric curves are x = t^3 + 6t y = 4t - t^2 any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks!

    asked by Calc 2 parametric
  192. English

    I'm going to visit Mike in the hospital this afternoon. Do you want to come? ------------------ Do we have to say__________? 1. Do you want to come? 2. Do you want to go? (Which one do we have to use?)

    asked by rfvv
  193. DUMB MATH

    How the heck do I do this: I am z. To find me, multiply b by 3,then subtract 7. HELLLLPPPPPPP!

  194. English

    1. It's a fun city to visit. -------------- What does 'to visit' modify? ================ 2. Also, don't miss going on a boat ride. 3. Also, don't miss taking a boat ride. 4. Also, don't miss making a boat ride. 5. Also, don't miss riding a boat. 6. Also,

    asked by rfvv
  195. 3 Math

    If you know That 4 x5= 20, how can you use the commutative property to find 5x4= 20 ?

    asked by Linh
  196. 2 math ?s

    Thank you so much in advance! Verify each identity. Work one side (the harder side) Please show me the work sin θ +cos θ cot θ= csc θ Cos^2 θ + 1 =2cos^2 θ +sin^2 θ

    asked by GG
  197. science

    which of the following features is most associated with the inner planets? A. rings made of ice and dust B lots of moons C large amounts of iron and silicon D thick atmospheres is it c or d?

    asked by hope
  198. Algebra 1

    What is the slope of the line that runs through points (1,1), (0,3)?

    asked by Steve
  199. Communications

    Why is it important that technology companies (Windows, Apple, etc.) make their products easily accessible for their consumers?

    asked by T
  200. english

    Some verbs a.take infitives and not gerunds b.take only gerunds and not infinitives c.that express facts are followed by gerunds d.all of the above. I am think d

    asked by la
  201. Precalculus

    please write an equation in standard x^2-y^2-2x+4y-7=0 * standard form *center *vertices *foci *asymptotes Thank-you you

    asked by Vince
  202. database management

    I am having problems determiming how to draw out an entity relation diagram. Can you help?

    asked by Laura
  203. trig

    How much does it cost to paint a triangular surface of sides 6m,5m, and 11m at the rate of rs.20/-per metre square.

    asked by sanjay
  204. Physics

    You throw a ball towards a wall at 15ms-1, and it bounces back at 10ms-1. What is the total change in velocity? (the answer is not 5m/s)

    asked by Juan
  205. Physics

    A plastic bag is filled with nitrogen at atmospheric pressure and 22.0 oC. Assume that the mass of the bag is negligible and take the temperature of the outside air to be 0 oC. With the help of this "balloon" we want to lift a 50.0 kg girl off her feet.

    asked by Anonymous
  206. Symmetry

    ⬇️➡️➡️➡️⬆️➡️⬆️⬅️⬆️⬆️ The end

    asked by Anonymous
  207. physics

    An object of mass 2.0 kg starts from rest at the top of a frictionless curved ramp. At the bottom, it collides with and sticks to another 2.0-kg mass object. Together the objects then cross a small rough section where there is friction before leaving the

    asked by Anonymous
  208. Math

    Find all solutions to the equation sqrt(2-3x)= 9. Express your answer as a common fraction. I squared both sides and I got 4-9z^2=81 and then -9z^2=77 then I divided both sides by -9 and now I am stuck, I know I can square root both sides. But I think

    asked by Mark
  209. Language

    Is being delusional a characteristic trait

    asked by Jenny
  210. Zanetti

    Each roll of ribbon has 5 yards. Each gift takes 3 feet of ribbon. How many packages can be wrapped with one roll

    asked by Tara
  211. Science

    in what way are burning and the formation of rust alike?

    asked by laiba
  212. government

    popular figures in the history of the party what does this mean?? do we right about the background or just who they were??

    asked by Reina Bonilla
  213. English 10th grade

    "On windy days, you can hear its wings beating like a pair of brass cymbals." The part, "beating like a pair of brass cymbals" constitutes which of these? A. nominal clause B. adjectival clause C. gerund phrase D. participial phrase I chose D. participial

    asked by Jim
  214. English 10th grade

    "Well that's sculpture, making a '74 Toyota look like a '63 Corvette, only I didn't think of it that way...I was doing good work, and I was making good money." What is the purpose of the ellipsis (...)? I have it down to two possible answers: A. to prepare

    asked by Jim
  215. Science

    Polysaccharides break apart by the process of hydrolysis and need _________ for this process. Can you please help me fill in the blank.

    asked by Steph
  216. Calculus

    With the following coordinates (16,46) (18,64) (20,60) create three formulas using Y+Ax^2+Bx+C then solve for A,B, and C to form the final equation.

    asked by Hailey
  217. math

    3. In a class of 40 boys, 18 passed Business Mathematics, 19 passed Accounts, 10 passed Economics, 6 passed Accounts only, 5 passed Business Mathematics and Accounts only, 2 Passed Accounts and Economics only. How many passed in all three papers.

    asked by ajisebutu femi
  218. Algebra 1

    I've been so stuck on this one question :( can somebody help mee please it would be very much appreciated The graph shows the number

    asked by Kyler faith
  219. Social studies

    What are the possible problems that the city state of Sparta May have with all of their resources going towards the military?

    asked by Daniela
  220. 6th grade Math

    Abraham earns $11.50 an hour. How many hours will Abraham have to work to earn $483? Please Show Work!!!!

    asked by ariana
  221. Math

    Find x, such that log (64)1/3) 4^x=1 The 64 and 1/3 are the small numbers under log.

    asked by Carla
  222. physics

    two ball A&B each have a chrge of 30micro C are apart 5cm ,what force does thecharge A exert on the charge B .At what distance will the force will be halved ?

    asked by tesfay tecle
  223. Physics

    The engine of an automobile develops 176 hp when rotating at a speed of 1340 rpm. What torque (in foot-pounds) does it deliver? I tried using some kinematic equations, but that didn't work at all. Then I tried doing something where I would take an

    asked by Anon
  224. math

    Q. What's 463 divided by 16? A. 8??

    asked by Destinee
  225. Social

    What is social conflict/ political conflict?

    asked by Zippy
  226. Spanish

    Cuales son las causas de los conflictos politicos y sociales en Latinoamerica?

    asked by Zippy
  227. MATHS


    asked by Junaid
  228. math

    325 x .0145 =

    asked by Dena
  229. essay

    I am writing an essay on what freedom means to me. I'm stuck I and need help as soon as possible. Due tomorrow at 8

    asked by nicole floyd
  230. AP CALC. AB

    (t^3)+(t^2)-16t+12 for 0

    asked by Darcy
  231. Math

    an employee is hired at a salary of $38560.25 which is 5.5% higher than her salary at her previous job. what was her previous salary?

    asked by Melissa
  232. Math

    how many fractions between 1/4 and 1/2

    asked by Math
  233. chemistry

    There are no known stable cyclic compounds with a ring size of seven or less that has an alkyne linkage in the ring. Why?

    asked by alex

    Which of these equations have an equilibrium solution. What are they? How are their DE's different? dy/dx=6y-y^2 dy/dx 15-3y

    asked by Francine
  235. English

    Checking for grammatical correctness. Thank you, in advance!!! - This is a thesis statement: A father-daughter relationship helps define who we are today as it helps to shape the way we see things and deal with life in general, yet not all relationships

    asked by Emily
  236. social studies

    what was a major push factor that caused Native Americans to leave Louisiana

    asked by Marie Stafford
  237. Math fraction


    asked by Unknown
  238. math

    (1.45) 325 x .0145 =

    asked by Dena
  239. Algebra 1

    What is an equation for the line with slope 2/3 and y intercept 9?

    asked by Steve
  240. English

    Would you consider delusional a personality trait if not what other word that is a trait and is similar to delusional

    asked by Jenny
  241. math


    asked by Chandresh
  242. solving exponential functions

    solve: 2^7-x = 1/2 *show all steps please !

    asked by jamie
  243. Algebra

    I am n. I am twice r less 10.

    asked by Arieana Dallas