Questions Asked on
November 29, 2014

  1. Science

    A 40.0 g block of ice at -15 degrees C is dropped into a calorimeter (of negligible heat capacity) containing water at 15 degrees C. When equilibrium is reached, the final temperature is 8.0 degrees C. How much water did the calorimeter contain initially?

    asked by Ciara
  2. Algebra B

    What is the coefficient of x in the division (18x3 + 12x2 – 3x) ÷ 6x2 ? 3 2 –0.5 –3 I am helping my granddaughter and I need help to explain...

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by sarth
  4. chemistry

    What volume of a 0.550 M solution of potassium hydroxide can be made with 14.3 g of potassium hydroxide? (Ignore significant figures for this problem.)

    asked by lulu
  5. spelling

    unscramble the sentence the was about one an west old outlaw film in

    asked by nathaniel
  6. American Government

    A ______ might consider the compromises struck during the health care reform debate to be an example of lit interest groups each pursuing and achieving their separate sets of agendas? a) plural elitist b) fundamentalist c) conspiracy theorists d) Both A

    asked by Hannah
  7. Art History

    According to Robert Venturi, what is wrong with the International Style of architecture? A. It is too heterogeneous. B. It is too complex. C. It is too contradictory. D. It is too inflexible. My textbook says is A, B, and C. So I am totally confused

    asked by Pat
  8. physics

    A solid copper object hangs at the bottom of a steel wire of negligible mass. The top end of the wire is fixed. When the wire is struck, it emits a sound with a fundamental frequency of 135 Hz. The copper object is then submerged in water so that half its

    asked by Maka
  9. physic

    The windpipe of one typical whooping crane is 5.3 feet long. What is the fundamental resonant frequency of the bird's trachea, modeled as a narrow pipe closed at one end? (Assume a temperature of 35°C.) Hz Need Help? Read It

    asked by Maka
  10. physics

    A jellyfish can propel itself with jets of water pushed out of its bell, a flexible structure on top of its body. The elastic bell and the water it contains function as a mass-spring system, greatly increasing efficiency. Normally, the jellyfish emits one

    asked by Jason
  11. math calculus

    For the function: f(x)= 2+x-x^2/ (x-1)^2 ; f'(x)= x-5/(x-1)^3 ; f''(x)=2x-14/(x-1)^4 a)find vertical and horizontal asymptotes. Examine vertical asymptote on either side of discontinuity. b)find any local extrema c)find points of inflection

    asked by Sarah
  12. chemistry

    What is the maximum amount of silver in grams that can be plated out of 3.8L of an AgNO3 solution containing 3.3% Ag by mass? (Assume that the density of the solution is 1.02g/mL .)

    asked by Anonymous
  13. Physics

    A 2.00kg solid sphere of radius 5.00cm rolls down a 20 degrees inclined plane starting from rest. (a) What is the magnitude of the acceleration of the center of mass of the sphere? (b) How far down the plane does it roll without slipping in 1.00s?

    asked by Nick
  14. maths

    an observer 1.5meters tall is 20.5 metres away from a tower 22 metres high. determine the angle of elevation of the top of the tower from the eye of the observer

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math 032

    Jim is 7ft 9in tall. Jane is 22.3in tall. How many times taller than Jane is Jim?

    asked by Alexus
  16. math geometry project

    Design a dance floor with a mosaic pattern. • Classify triangles, use congruent triangles in real-life situations, find the areas of triangles and quadrilaterals. Investigation: You work for a construction company. One of your clients wants the company

    asked by Aayush
  17. Radiation therapy

    In radiation therapy, a.isotopes are traced through a chemical reaction. b.unhealthy human cells are destroyed. c.radioactive isotopes are used as fuel. d.weak spots in water pipes are found. C?

    asked by Katt<3Bobby
  18. math

    Juan lives 2.5 miles to the park. It took him 12 minutes to ride his bike to the park. What was his average speed in miles per hour

    asked by Anne
  19. Statistics

    10 A color candy was chosen randomly out of a bag. Below are the results: Color Probability Blue 0.30 Red 0.10 Green 0.15 Yellow 0.20 Orange ??? a. What is the probability of choosing a yellow candy? b. What is the probability that the candy is blue, red,

    asked by Den
  20. Physics

    A 500.0 g bird is flying horizontally at 2.25 m/s, not paying much attention, when it suddenly flies into a stationary vertical bar, hitting it two-thirds of the way up from the bottom. The bar is uniform and very thin, is 0.750 m long, has a mass of 1.50

    asked by Alex
  21. Chemistry

    hydrogen gas is collected over water at a total pressure of 744 mm Hg at 20.0 C. If the volume of the wet hydrogen is 495 mL, what will the dry volume be at standard conditions? I know that you need to subtract the water vapor pressure from the total and I

    asked by Jaylen
  22. Questions

    What is a Jenna?

    asked by Jose Chong
  23. Chemistry

    For an H+ concentration, [H+], of 4.3 x 10-4 M, would this be acidic, neutral or basic? Why? I'm assuming that because it is an H+ it would be acidic and H+ means acidic and OH- means base. Is this correct? And is there a better formula for this equation?

    asked by Chris
  24. math

    1/4 log base 2 (4)+ 1/8 log base 2 (8)+ 3/8 log base 2 (8/3)+ 1/4 log base 2 (4)

    asked by aneesh
  25. collison problem in physics

    I saw this problem half answered already but the answers I got were wrong A 238U nucleus is moving in the x-direction at 4.8×105m/s when it decays into an alpha particle (4He) and a 234Th nucleus. The alpha moves at 1.2×107m/s at 36∘ above the x-axis.

    asked by James T.
  26. Physics

    A ray of light which is incident in air on the surface of the glass block is deviated through 15 degree. The angle of incidwnce in air is 60 degree.What is the angle of refraction in glass?Also calculate the critical angle for glass air interface.

    asked by Swati
  27. Physics

    A point source of light is placed at the centre of the bottom of a jar having a liquid of refractive index 5/3.An opaque disc of radius 1.0 cm is placed on the liquid surface with its centre vertically above the source.What is the maximum height of the

    asked by Swati
  28. chemistry

    A solution contains 3.10 g of solute in 10.4 g of solvent. What is the mass percent of the solute in the solution?

    asked by karla
  29. physics

    A metal wedge can be used to split wood pieces. This one has a base only 2 inches across. The length of the wedge is 12 inches. The largest force you can exert with your hammer is 500lbs. As you pound your wedge into the wood, what is the largest sideways

    asked by linda

    The ratio of wins to losses for a basketball team is 2:3. Which of the following is a possible total number of games? A. 7 games B. 14 games C. 25 games D. 26 games Can someone show me how to solve this problem please?

    asked by STEPHON
  31. physics

    a 20 kg traveler's bag is being pulled along the floor with a force of 50 NF. the force is applied on the handle forming an angle of 30 degree with the horizontal. neglecting friction,what is the acceleration og the bag? How much force is exerted by the

    asked by jhon
  32. Math

    The ratio of boys to girls at a day care center is 5 to 4. Which of following cannot be the total number of children at the center? A. 27 B. 54 C. 60 D. 72

    asked by Mike
  33. math

    the school colors are blue and white. She has 84 blue balloons and 96 white balloons . How many balloon bouquets can she make if she wants to have the same number of each color in each bouquet and use all of her balloons?

    asked by shaye
  34. geometry

    which propery of a rigid transformation is exclusive to a ratio?

    asked by Anonymous
  35. Math (Expectation)

    Robyn and Shruti both run on the cross country team. Robyn runs 2 miles every day. Shruti starts her week with a 3-mile run and runs 1 mile every day, even on the day she runs the 3 miles. If M is the number of miles run during the week, and d id the

    asked by Stephon
  36. physics

    The temperature of the air is 20.0 degrees Celsius when a tourist drops a coin into a wishing well. She hears the splash 5.30 s after drops the coin. If air resistance is ignored, how deep is the well?

    asked by Rose
  37. Chemistry

    A solution is prepared that contains 0.0200 M AgNO# and 0.150 M KSCN. What is the equilibrium concentration of Ag+ ion in this solution? The Kf for Ag(SCN)4^3+ is 1.21x10^10 I'm not even sure how to set up this problem? Would I need to do an ice box?

    asked by nns40760
  38. chemistry

    titration of 50ml of 0.25ammonia with 0.5M HCL . a) find the initial PH value b) volume of HCL is required to reach the equivalent poinnt c)the ph at the equivalence point

    asked by anne
  39. physics

    The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is the magnitude of the total force on a(n) 85 kg driver by the dragster he operates as it accelerates horizontally along a straight line from rest to 60 m/s in 7.2 s? Answer in units of kN So far I have

    asked by Edgar
  40. English

    What is the theme of the poem Home for the Aged? Home For the Aged by Elizabeth Brewster: The old men sit, five of them on a bench, Half sleeping, half awake, dazed by the sun, In the muted afternoon, between one broadcast ball game and the next Their

    asked by Bethany
  41. chemistry

    cal culate the ph of a mixture of 100 ml distilled water and 2 ml of 2M of NaOH

    asked by anne
  42. math

    2c 5fl oz + 2c 2fl oz = _c _fl oz

    asked by keyon
  43. math

    5gal 1qt - 2qt 1pt= _gal _qt _pt

    asked by kelvin
  44. math

    A woman added 376 ml of liquid gasoline additive to the 17.4L of gasoline in her car's tank. Find the total amount of liquid in the tank. There are now _L of liquid in the tank.

    asked by Lex
  45. English

    Topic: Literature I'm doing an essay for my coursework on 'Romeo and Juliet' and 'Macbeth'. For my essay i have to compare the presentation of women, with focus on Lady Macbeth and Juliet. I have to focus on language, stage craft, characterization and the

    asked by Hifza

    Essentials of Human Anatomy & Physiology (10th Edition) by Marieb, Elaine N power point notes (that summarize this particular textbook). Please help me I'll really appreciate that. I'm having a hard time looking for it.

    asked by Hanna
  47. math

    how do you do 6th grade math cryptic quiz ?

    asked by hi
  48. English

    Examples of letters to the person you picked (on the draw lots)

    asked by Ellen

    Two parallel METAL rods form a plane inclined at 20.0° to the horizontal. The upper end of the rods are connected together by a resistor of 118.0 Ω. The lower end of the rods are held in an ELECTRICALLY INSULATING block. They are separated horizontally

    asked by Khuan
  50. Science

    For my science (biology) coursework i am doing an experiment involving photosynthesis- the cabomba experiment. I need to know 1- the variables that are controlled and why 2- what equipment is used and why PLEASE HELP... THANK YOU

    asked by Hifza
  51. math

    Mrs. Stewart said the class average was 85. The actual quiz average was 72. What is her percent error rounded to the nearest tenth of a percent?

    asked by terri
  52. math

    Multiply 34.5 by 14 and you should get 483 right. So when i did the math, i got 4830. Can you explain what i did wrong? Do i have to cross out the zero?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. ph

    A coin slides over a frictionless plane and across an xy coordinate system from the origin to a point with xy coordinates (3.0 m, 5.8 m) while a constant force acts on it. The force has magnitude 2.8 N and is directed at a counterclockwise angle of 100°

    asked by rob
  54. m

    evalute 4x+7X+2 when x=9

    asked by hitendra
  55. math

    FreddieMac reports that the average rate on a 30-year fixed rate mortgage is 3.92% as of January 2012. This is down from 4.76% in January 2011 and 5.03% in January 2010. If you have a $225,000, 5%, 30-year mortgage, how much interest will you save if you

    asked by Anonymous
  56. social studies

    in a fully developed paragraph, evaluate the rule of the trustees as a success or failure. explain your reasoning,.

    asked by social studies
  57. chemistry

    To make a phosphorus fertilizer, agricultural companies use the following reaction: Ca3P2O8 + 2H2SO4 --> CaH4P2O8 + 2CaH4SO6 (fertilizer) If 1.50 * 10^4 grams of H2SO4 are reacted with excess Ca3P2O8 and H2O, how many grams of fertilizer can be made? Hi, I

    asked by Isabella
  58. Math

    Diffrentiate implicitly with respect to x. Solve for y' 3xy - 2x^2 + 5y^2 =7

    asked by Kevin
  59. science

    a rectangle steel block of dimension 10m multiple by 3m multiple by 2m, has mass 45kg calulate the density of the block.

    asked by Anonymous
  60. physics

    Assume that there is no friction between m2 and the incline, that m2 = 1.8 kg, m1 = 1.4 kg, the radius of the pulley is 0.10 m, the moment of inertia of the pulley is 3.6 kg m2, and θ = 27.0°. Mass 1 is hanging vertically while mass 2 is on the incline.

    asked by Haley
  61. Math

    A carpenter has a wodden stick that s 84 centimeters long.She cuts of 25% from the end of the stick.Then she cuts the remaining stick into 6 equal pieces.What is the lenght of each piece?

    asked by Armani
  62. social studies

    in a fully developed paragraph, evaluate the rule of the trustees as a success or failure. explain your reasoning,

    asked by social studies
  63. Math

    Where is the function sinx - x undefined?

    asked by Analisse
  64. physics PLEASE HELP

    An air column open at one end only is increased in length. The air column first resonates with a given turning fork when the length of the air column reaches 20 cm. The next two consecutive lengths that will resonate with the same tuning fork will measure.

    asked by Kiki
  65. phyics

    If the coefficient of static friction between the board and the wall is 0.81, what is the least force you can apply and still hold the board in place?

    asked by Anonymous
  66. chemistry

    A balloon filled with 85 g of nitrogen gas that produced a pressure of 3.25 atm at 58C. What is the volume of the balloon/

    asked by grandma
  67. chemistry

    nitric acid is composed of HNO3 molecule.A sample of 4.50 g was obtained. calculate the number of oxygen atom in the sample. this is what i do .can u check if i am wrong or miss something answer : mole HNO3 = 4.50g/63 = 0.07 mol mole : no of particle/NA =

    asked by sweet sour
  68. two step equation-fraction

    please help me step by step thanks 4+m/3=5/6

    asked by Bobby
  69. Science

    The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . What is the magnitude of the total force on a(n) 94 kg driver by the dragster he operates as it accelerates horizontally along a straight line from rest to 60 m/s in 8.2 s? Answer in units of kN

    asked by jocelyn
  70. AP CALC. AB

    Two sides of a triangle have lengths 13 m and 17 m. The angle between them is increasing at a rate of 5 degrees/ min. How fast is the length of the third side increasing when the angle between the sides of fixed length is 60 degrees/min? Round the result

    asked by Jacke
  71. Chemistry

    To make 250 ml of a 5%(w/v) calcium carbonate solution, how many grams of calcium carbonate will I need?

    asked by Chris
  72. Chemistry

    What does 0.053 M NaCl mean? How many grams of sodium chloride are needed to make 5.0 liters of this solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  73. poetry

    What is the function of the motif of fallen leaves in "Spring and Fall"? A. It promises renewal of the speaker's hopes. B. It points out the child's misunderstanding. C. It sets the autumn scene. D. It conveys a theme of loss and death.

    asked by Audrey Lee
  74. Chemistry

    Let’s assume you have 250 ml of a 1.3M KOH solution and you want to neutralize it with the acid HBr. It takes 350 ml of the HBr solution to do so. What must have been the molarity of the HBr solution? HBr(aq) + KOH(aq) => KBr(aq) + H2O(l) The

    asked by Chris
  75. history

    Postwar America (1918-1920) faced social change. Explain in 3-5 sentences the changes that occurred at this time.

    asked by Daniel
  76. two step equation-fraction

    I need step by step how to get the answer, I have been trying for hours, 4+m divided by 3 = 5/6 i have the answer just don't know the steps to get to the answer. m= -3/2 or 1 1/2

    asked by Bobby
  77. Math

    What is the riddle for moving words

    asked by Chris
  78. math calculus

    convert these symmetric equations to parametric form: line 1:(x-1)/k = (y-2)/2 = (z+1)/k-1 and line 2: (x+3)/-2 = (z)/1, y=-1

    asked by Sarah
  79. chemistry

    Determine the pH (to two decimal places) of a solution prepared by adding 395 mL of 0.0360 M benzoic acid (C6H5COOH) to 12.5 g of sodium benzoate (NaC6H5COO).

    asked by fati
  80. Chemistry

    During a Breathalyzer Test it was determined that 1.60mg of K2Cr2O7 was consumed by the above reaction. Calculate the number of milligrams of ethanol in the test sample.

    asked by Jade
  81. chemistry

    I'm working on substitution organic chemistry problems and I just had a question. There's an equation in which a molecule is treated with methanol in an acetone solution. Would the reaction be SN1 or SN2? I thought that it was SN2 because of the aprotic

    asked by Jin
  82. algebra

    A traveler required a total of 12 h on the round trip, averaging 20mi/h and 30 mi/h. Find a time in hours going using a T for this.

    asked by ER
  83. physics

    the input to a 93.33 efficient belt drive system is 75 kw. what is the output ?

    asked by pash
  84. Chemistry

    What would you do in order to solve this question: "The enthalpy of combustion for benzoic acid is -3223.6kj/mol. Use the values of the standard enthalpies of formation of liquid water and CO2 to calculate standard enthalpy of formation of benzoic acid."

    asked by Kylie
  85. Maths

    Hi everyone. I've been struggling with the following maths question for a while and I'm not sure where I went wrong. 2(3x/5 - 1) = 10 and I need to solve for x I first tried turning everything into fractions over 5 but that gave me the answer of 10/3 which

    asked by Rissa
  86. Math Help!

    Find the percent of change when the price of a radio changes from $40.00 to $44.00. A, 12% B. 10% C. 36.4% D. 40% Is the answer B? Thank you

    asked by Callie
  87. Physics

    A 10kg mass is located at the (1.00m)i + (2.00m)j + (2.00m)k. A 5kg mass is located at (-1.00m)i + (1.00m)j + (1.00m)k. (A) Determine the moment of inertia of this system about an axis through the origin parallel to the x-axis. (B) Determine the moment of

    asked by Matt
  88. algebra 2

    Solve for the unknown. 1.) √y+√y+7=7 2.) √x+11=√x +1

    asked by Janet
  89. trigonometry

    find the measure of the central angle, where the pendulum of length 40cm travels an arc of 5cm as it swings through an angle

    asked by deyanz
  90. English

    I must complete an essay analyzing the atmosphere and how it's portrayed in Home for the Aged by Elizabeth Brewster.My question is how does the use of descriptive detail establish the atmosphere? I do not know what the atmosphere is in this poem and I am

    asked by Bethany
  91. math

    how do I solve quadratic equations by elimination? eg: 6x^2-3x=2y-5 2x^2+x=y-4

    asked by Mistaking
  92. math

    5/2 - 3/8 log3 plz answer in decimal

    asked by aneesh
  93. English

    1. I have to do scince and math homework tonight. 2. I have to do my science and math homework. ------------ Are both grammatical? Which one is commonly used? Do you have other way of expressing?

    asked by rfvv
  94. English

    1. I usually play basketball in the basketball court. 2. I play golf with my friends in the golf course. 3. I play tennis in the school tennis court. 4. I play volleyball in the beach volleyball court. 5. I play dodgeball in the school gym. 6. I do weight

    asked by rfvv
  95. math

    Find the taylor polynomial of degree 3 for f(x)=1/x+2 F(x)=-1/x+2)

    asked by takunda
  96. math

    an observer 1.5meters tall is 20.5 metres away from a tower 22 metres high. determine the angle of elevation of the top of the tower from the eye of the observer

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Algebra

    Math The Monahans have 21 meters of fencing with which to enclose a garden. If they plan to make the garden twice as long as it is wide, what is its maximum width?

    asked by Vonna
  98. Additional maths

    Solve the equation 8x^3 -2x*2 -5x-1=0 Hence find the values of Theta< between 0 and 18 which satisfy the equation 8 tan^2 theta-2 tan theta -5=cot theta

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Geometry

    Diagonals of quadrilateral ABCD intersect at O.If area of triangle ACB is 5 sq.units,area of triangle BCD is 9 sq.units,area of triangle CDA is 10 sq.units and area of triangle DAB is 6 sq.units,Find area of triangle AOB. Im begging you! pls I badly need

    asked by Catrina
  100. trigonometry

    calculate the angular velocity in radians per minute of ferriswheel 250ft. in diameter that takes 45second to rotate once. express the answer in term of pie

    asked by deyanz
  101. physics

    A cylinder of gas is compressed by a piston from an intial volume of 125 litres to a final volume of 90 litres.The compression occurs at constant pressure and work done on the gas by the piston is 10^4J.What is the gas pressure during compression

    asked by takunda
  102. engineering

    Hey everyone! I have an exam on Monday and I want to know what I should do for this. Explain the sources and implications of size effect in strength of materials. Thank you sooo much ! :)

    asked by Ivana
  103. fracture mechanics

    Describe the difference between the fracture behavior of hardened cement paste and mortar or concrete in terms of microstructure and the fracture toughness KIc. . Explain the reasons for such difference in behavior. I could put everything together and make

    asked by Ivana
  104. Chemistry

    75.0 mL of a 1.40 M solution is diluted to a volume of 248 mL. A 124-mL portion of that solution is diluted using 165 mL of water. What is the final concentration?

    asked by jessica
  105. english 9!! (hunger games)

    what jobs did the people in the capitol have or what work did they do?

    asked by cherry
  106. physics

    how much ice at -10degree celsius is needed to cool .1 kg of ethyl alcohol and .1kg of water from 20 degree celcius to 5 degree celsius?

    asked by alicia
  107. physics

    A body describing circular path at uniform speed of 2 m/s takes 33 seconds to complete 3.5 revolutions. Then what wil be the radius of the circular path ?

    asked by Fathima
  108. Math

    The ratio od boys to girls in the checkers club at Anastasia's school is equal to 2:3. The number od club memers is more than 20 and fewer than 30. How many club members are there? My answer is 10 members. Is my answer correct? If not can you show me what

    asked by Javonte
  109. HUNGER GAMES!!!

    what was recreation like in the capitol compared to other districts!!! please help!!!

    asked by susan
  110. algebra

    A sausage sample was found to contain 65% moisture, based on fresh weight. The sausage was dried in an oven until its moisture content was 10% . A 2.0 g portion of the dried sausage was extracted with the Soxhlet method to determine the amount of crude

    asked by Maya
  111. Algebra 2

    Solving Quadratic Systems 16x^2-9y^2=144 y=9-x^2 Please show work I'm having trouble solving it.

    asked by Alicia
  112. Algebra 2

    Solving Quadratic Systems 2x^2+5y^2=53 4x+y^2=17 Please show work I'm having trouble solving it.

    asked by Alicia
  113. Math

    While playing in a soccer match, Kevin ran from his end of the field to the opposing end and back 33 times. The field is 330 feet long. How many miles did Kevin run during his match? Need someone to explain in details.

    asked by Mike
  114. physics

    44 foot skid from a jeep cherokee, how fast was it traveling.

    asked by Anonymous