Questions Asked on
November 25, 2014

  1. Art Help Please!!!!!

    The picture is of a woman's head sculpted out of clay,her hair is red also her eyebrows,freckles, and lips. Her eye's are blue with black outlining her nose is sculpted out and lips open.What is one characteristic of this student's work? A.creation of 3-D

    asked by Callie
  2. Math Help!

    Identify the part,whole,and percent in the following statement: Find 15% of 750 A. part=750,whole=n,percent=15 B. part=15, whole=750,percent=p C. Part=n,whole=750,percent=15 D.none of these Is the answer C?

    asked by Callie
  3. Art Help Please!!!!!

    To create a portfolio of work, thsi artist would do all of the following except. The picture is of a robot in black and white. A. include more drawings of characters the artist has created to show creativity. B. include a variety of color schemes and

    asked by Callie
  4. business math

    Molly Ellen, bookkeeper for Keystone Company, forgot to send in the payroll taxes due on April 15. She sent the payment November 8. The IRS sent her a penalty charge of 8.80% simple interest on the unpaid taxes of $3,600. Calculate the penalty. (Remember

    asked by Anonymous
  5. Math Help! ASAP!

    2. Write a ratio for the situation in three ways comparing the first quantity to the second quantity. In union City, about one in every three homes has two cars A. 5 to 2, 5:2, 5/2 B. 1 to 3, 1:3, 1/3 C. 5 to 3, 5:3, 5/3 D. 3 to 2, 3:2, 3/2 I picked D. I

    asked by Just a friend ;-)
  6. Calculus

    The sales of Universal Instruments in the first t years of its operation are approximated by the function S(t) = t 0.96t2 + 25 where S(t) is measured in millions of dollars. What were Universal's average yearly sales over its first 5 years of operation?

    asked by Kathleen
  7. Science 1 easy question!!!!

    One way the modern atomic model differs from Thomsons atomic model is that electrons are no longer scattered throughout an atoms positive matter like chocolate chips in cookie dough, instead each electron is outside of the nucleus occupying a specific

    asked by check my answer
  8. Chemistry

    3NO2 + H2O -> 2HNO3 + NO Calculate the percent yield for the following reaction if 76.8 g of H2O reacted and 125 g of NO were produced.

    asked by Amanda
  9. Physics Collision problem

    A 238U nucleus is moving in the x-direction at 4.8×105m/s when it decays into an alpha particle (4He) and a 234Th nucleus. The alpha moves at 1.2×107m/s at 36∘ above the x-axis. a. Find the speed of the thorium nucleus. v= b. Find the direction of the

    asked by Peter
  10. Chemistry

    Calculate how much acetylene (C2H2) can be produced from 358 g of H2O and an excess of CaC2 if the percent yield for this reaction is 94.5%. CaC2 + 2H2O -> C2H2 + Ca(OH)2

    asked by Amanda
  11. math

    a 154 lb person burns 420calories per hour riding an exercise bicycle at a rate of 15 mi/hr write a function rule to represent the total calories burned over time by that person.

    asked by Anonymous
  12. Math! Need The Help!

    Which is the best buy? A. $12.40 for 6 boxes of tissues B. $10.58 for 5 boxes of tissues C. $14.11 for 9 boxes of tissues D. $15.47 for 8 boxes of tissues

    asked by Just a friend ;-)
  13. I need help in 6th math

    Elizabeth has 1 7/10 as many plants as Rosalie has in her garden. If Elizabeth has 51 plants, how many plants does Rosalie have in her garden? Would it be 56?

    asked by Jameelah
  14. Art Help Please!!!!!

    The picture is black and white and it is two hands holding each other(Like a guy and girl holding hands). What type of drawings would this artist benefit from including in her portfolio of work? A. drawings that were of the same hands in diffrent positions

    asked by Callie
  15. Algebra

    Find a mathematical model representing the statement. (Determine the constant of proportionality.) v varies jointly as p and q and inversely as the square of s. (v = 2.1 when p = 4.2, q = 5.4 and s = 2.4.) v =

    asked by angie
  16. vectors( need answer asap)

    The centroid of the triangle OAB is denoted by G. If O is the origin and OA=4i + 3j ,OB=6i-j. Find OG in terms of the unit vectors, I and j.

    asked by benjieo
  17. chemistry

    what volume of 0.5 BaCl2 is needed to have 0.1 moles of BaCl2?

    asked by Amy
  18. Math Help!

    Out of 75 students, 15 are on the student council. What percent are on the student council? A.20% B.80% C.40% D.60% Is the answer D?

    asked by Callie
  19. chemistry

    What is ΔH in the equation ΔG = ΔH - TΔS? A. The change in specific heat between the products and the reactants B. The change in enthalpy between products and reactants in a reaction C. The change in entropy between products and reactants in a reaction

    asked by Morgan
  20. programming

    Step 1: Design a flowchart or write pseudocode for a program that allows a user to enter 12 numbers, then displays all of the numbers (in the order they were entered) as well as the largest number and the smallest number. Step 2: Implement and test your

    asked by G
  21. chemistry

    3 moles C6H12O6 in 100 ml equals what molarity?

    asked by Katie
  22. Math Help!

    On a 40-question test, Peggy answers 34 questions correctly. What percent of the questions does she answer correctly? A. 85% B. 0.75 C. 1.17% D. 8.5% Is the answer A?

    asked by Callie
  23. Science 1 easy question!!!!

    If new information about the behavior of atoms is discovered and verified, then revisions will need to be made to the current___ My answer: Atomic model?

    asked by check my answer
  24. Chemistry

    0.15 grams of benzene (C6H6) is dissolved into 4.7 grams of melted biphenyl. The freezing point of the mixture was determined to be 4.7 degrees below the freezing point of pure biphenyl. Based on these results, what is the Kf of biphenyl? (Use the standard

    asked by Taylor
  25. Math Help!

    Write a percent equation that can be used to solve the following problem:820 is 20% of what number? A. n=0.2x 820 B. 820=0.2x n C. 0.2= nx 820 D. none of these Is the answer A?

    asked by Callie
  26. chemistry

    Calculate the pressure exerted by 1.2 mol\rm mol of gas in a volume of 28.2 L\rm L and at a temperature of 334 K\rm K.

    asked by ANTHONY
  27. math

    The cost of printing the first fifteen hundred copies of a book is $1500. It costs y dollars to print each subsequent copy. The cost of printing the first 7500 copies of the book is $7080. Find Y. Please explain how to solve it.

    asked by jenny
  28. chemistry

    how many ml of 0.5 M BaCl2 are needed to have 75 g of BaCl2?

    asked by Mackenzie
  29. math!!

    a high school has a student reduction and lost 1/10 of its students. If 198 of its students were left after the reduction. How many students were there to start with.

    asked by Michelle .
  30. integrated math

    A 150 yard pipe is cut to provide drainage for two fiekds. If the length of one piece us 3 yards less than twice the length of the second piece, what are the lengths of the two pieces?

    asked by mary
  31. U.S. History

    Approximately ___ of the country's adult population has Internet access. a. one-third b. two-thirds c. one-quarter d. three-quarters Would it be answer B?

    asked by Sara
  32. Chemistry

    If the student collected 3.46g of acetone and the theoretical yield is 3.67 g, what is the percent yield?

    asked by blank
  33. Social Studies (Check my answer plz)

    Hey, I don't understand this question... ~~What were the positions of the Federalists and Anti-Federalists on the new Constitution? Provide at least two details supporting why each side supported or did not support the new Constitution.~~ My answer was

    asked by DerpyPegasus33
  34. vector

    The centroid of the triangle OAB is denoted by G. If O is the origin and OA=4i + 3j ,OB=6i-j. Find OG in terms of the unit vectors, I and j.

    asked by benjieo
  35. Physics

    A 85-Kg firefighter climbs up a ladder at a constant speed of 2.5 m/s. What average power does the firefighter expend to overcome gravity?

    asked by Bob
  36. trig

    rewrite each equation in polar form. solve for r if possible a. 2x+3y=5 b. y=1/2x

    asked by trig
  37. Chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen gas must react to give 2.80g of ZnO?

    asked by McKenzie
  38. English

    1. This book is worth reading. 2. It is worth to read this book. 3. This book is worth to read. 4. It is worth while to read this book. ------------------- Which ones are grammatical? Do we have other patterns using 'worth'?

    asked by rfvv
  39. Chemistry

    A substance has the following properties: Heat capacities: 1.34 J/g oC (solid) 3.02 J/g oC (liquid) 2.55 J/g oC (gas) Heat of Fusion = 4.23 kJ/mole Heat of Vaporization = 23.5 kJ/mole Boiling Point = 88.5 oC Melting Point = -30.0 oC Molar Mass = 96.3

    asked by Amanda
  40. Physics help - Waves and Sound Questions

    1) A 1.50-m long gas column that is open at one end and closed at the other has a fundamental resonant frequency 80.0 Hz. What is the sound speed in this gas? a) 120 m/s b) 30.0 m/s c) 480 m/s d) 213 m/s e) 53.3 m/s 2) You drop a stone down a well. You

    asked by Kimberly
  41. english

    John took off his helmet, turnout gear, and boots in the truck room and hung the jacket on his assigned peg. Just above the peg was a handmade label that read, ‘FF#121 Wilson.’ John still felt a sudden surge of pride every time he looked at the label.

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  42. Math Help!

    Write a percent equation that can be used to solve the following problem: 25 is what percent of 350? A. n= 25 x 350 B. 350 =p x 25 C. 0.25= p x 350 D. none of these Is the answer D?

    asked by Callie
  43. Chemistry help drbob222

    Which of the following processes would result in a negative entropy change? A. Leaves falling off a tree B. A deck of cards falling on the floor C. A piece of cake crumbling as it is cut D. A student filing papers I think d

    asked by Morgan
  44. Chem please help

    Which of the following correctly describes the net energy change during a reaction? A. The net change in energy is negative for endothermic reactions where energy is required. B. The net change in energy is positive for endothermic reactions where energy

    asked by Morgan
  45. chemistry

    3moles KI in 500 g of H2O equals what molality?

    asked by Christian
  46. Brief Calculus

    Find the area of the indicated region. We suggest you graph the curves to check whether one is above the other or whether they cross, and that you use technology to check your answer. (Round your answer to four significant digits.) Enclosed by y = e^x, y =

    asked by Matt
  47. Math

    Currently you have $80 and your sister has $145. You decide to save $6 of your allowen e each week, while your sister spends her whole allowance plus $7 a week. How long will it be before you have as much money as your sister?

    asked by Beth
  48. math

    Simplify completely quantity 6 x squared minus 54 plus 84 over quantity 8 x squared minus 40 x plus 48 divided by quantity x squared plus x minus 56 over quantity 2 x squared plus 12 x minus 32

    asked by angela
  49. Intro to Chem

    How many grams of water, H2O, can be formed from the reaction of 8.9 grams of 2-propanol, C3H8O?

    asked by Nicole

    genes are specific sections of ___ To pass its traits on to the next generation, organisms must ____

    asked by anonomyss
  51. Math

    Solve using the annihilator method Y"-8y'+20y=5xe^(4x) sin (2x)

    asked by Stephen
  52. chem please help drbob222

    Why is the process of examining enthalpies of a reaction helpful? A. It helps in determining how a reaction occurs spontaneously. B. It helps in determining the temperature that a reaction requires to proceed. C. It helps in determining how fast a reaction

    asked by Morgan
  53. chemistry

    what is the molality of 18 g NaCl in 200 g of H2O?

    asked by Brittany
  54. Chemistry

    100 mL of LiNO3, 0.241 M is mixed with 240 mL of 0.618 M Ca(NO3)2. What is the final concentration of NO3- in the solution?

    asked by Matt6
  55. English

    1. As I have seen the movie twice, I don't want to see the movie again. 2. As I saw the movie twice, I don't want to see the movie again. -------------------- Which sentence is grammatical?

    asked by rfvv
  56. chemistry

    Assuming all gases are at the same temperature and pressure, how many milliliters of hydrogen gas must react to give 49.0mL of NH3? 3H2(g)+N2(g)→2NH3(g)

    asked by blank
  57. English

    1. Because the last bus had gone, we had to walk home. 2. Because the last bus went, we had to walk home. ------------------ Which one is correct?

    asked by rfvv
  58. Math

    A trees shadow is 32 feet long how tall is the tree?

    asked by Prince
  59. physics

    A 61.0 -kg bungee jumper is standing on a tall platform (h0 = 46.0 m), as indicated in the figure. The bungee cord has an unstrained length of L0 = 9.00 m, and when stretched, behaves like an ideal spring with a spring constant of 76.0 N/m. The jumper

    asked by tony
  60. chemistry

    What would cause entropy to increase in a reaction? A. The products forming a more rigid structure B. The products forming an ordered pattern C. The products becoming more spread out D. The products forming fewer molecules I think the answer is c or d

    asked by Morgan
  61. Chemistry

    calculate the molar hydroxide ion concentration of each of the following solutions given the pH 4.53. Answer should be for OH-. Please show me how to do this in step by step

    asked by Anonymous
  62. Trig

    Determine exact solution. x E (0, 2pi) 2csc^2x-8=0

    asked by Zoe
  63. probation and parole

    1. Alcoholics Anonymous (AA): A. recognizes that preaching abstinence is most effective in helping alcoholics. B. was founded by two men who were alcoholics. C. can be quite costly to participants. D. none of the above 2. All of the following statements

    asked by Kim
  64. Chemistry

    How many grams of oxygen gas must react to give 2.80g of ZnO? 2Zn(s)+O2(g)→2ZnO(s)

    asked by McKenzie
  65. Chemistry

    Assuming all gases are at the same temperature and pressure, how many milliliters of hydrogen iodide are produced from 160mL of H2? H2(g)+I2(g)→2HI(g)

    asked by blank
  66. chem please help drbob222

    What is Gibbs free energy? A. The energy lost as heat to the surrounding molecules B. The usable energy released or absorbed by a reaction C. The energy in the form of kinetic energy in a system D. The energy contained within the bonds of molecules

    asked by Morgan
  67. Algebra

    A fuel storage tank has one supply pump and two identical outlet pumps. With one outlet pump running, the supply pump can increase the fuel level in the storage tank by 8450 gallons in 30 minutes. With both outlet pumps running, the supply pump can

    asked by Sally
  68. chemistry

    How many milliliters of oxygen gas at STP are released from heating 5.15g of calcium chlorate? Ca(ClO3)2(s)→CaCl2(s)+3O2(g)

    asked by blank
  69. Science!

    An index fossil must be? a) older than 1 billion years. b) smaller than other fossils around it. c)larger than other fossils around it. D) unique in its appearance. pleases help someone i don't really know but my best guess is a)

    asked by kitty
  70. physics

    a convertible travels down a straight, level road at a slow speed of 13 km/h. A person in the car throws a ball with a speed of 3.6 m/s forward at an angle of 30 degrees to the horizontal. Where is the car when the ball lands?

    asked by Anonymous
  71. Math

    Louis paid $42 for a dozen magazines with her annual and subscription to her favorite sport magazine. What is the unit cost for each magazine?(How many magazines did she subscribe to) Please show work.

    asked by Alicia
  72. chemistry

    calculate the molarity of a g NaCl in 250 ml solution.

    asked by Zach
  73. chemistry

    State the number of valence electrons for an iron(II) ion in an ionic bond.

    asked by blank
  74. Chemistry

    Determine the acid and base that were neutralized to produce each of the following salts. Li2CO3 (aq). I don't understand how to solve this.

    asked by Anonymous
  75. physics

    A 61.0 -kg bungee jumper is standing on a tall platform (h0 = 46.0 m), as indicated in the figure. The bungee cord has an unstrained length of L0 = 9.00 m, and when stretched, behaves like an ideal spring with a spring constant of 76.0 N/m. The jumper

    asked by ty
  76. Calculus

    20) Evaluate the definite integral. On the integral from e to e^3 ∫dx/xl(nx)^(1/2)

    asked by Hailey
  77. science

    explain how mutations in dna affect the traits of an individual

    asked by anon
  78. Chemistry

    If 45.5 g of calcium carbonate is reacted with phosphoric acid, how many grams of carbon dioxide will be produced if the reaction yield is 85.0 %?

    asked by Jass
  79. chemistry

    The G value for formation of gaseous water at 298 K and 1 atm is -278 kJ/mol. What is the nature of the spontaneity of formation of gaseous water at these conditions? A. The reaction is never spontaneous. B. The reaction is sometimes spontaneous. C. The

    asked by Morgan
  80. Filipino

    pangatnig na pansubordinasyon

    asked by Zoe
  81. finance

    The countries of Stabilato and Variato have the following average returns and standard deviations for their stocks, bond, and short-term government securities. What range of returns should you expect to earn 95 percent of the time for each asset class if

    asked by jenny
  82. chemistry

    State the number of valence electrons for a chloride ion in an ionic bond.

    asked by blank
  83. Chemistry

    How many grams of CO2 could be produced from the combustion of 0.0713 mol. of C2H4 in the presence of 0.156 mol. of O2?

    asked by Jass
  84. statistic

    After packing k boxes (numbered 1,2, ..., k) of m items each, workers discovered that one defective item had slipped in among the km items packed. In an attempt to nd the defective item, they randomly select n items from each box and examine these. (a).

    asked by Goku
  85. Calculus

    2) If f(x)=∫t^2dt not he integral from 4 to x^3 then f′(x)=?

    asked by Hailey
  86. 6th grade Math

    Rafael asked 85 students what kind of pet they liked the most. Exactly 35% of the students said they liked dogs best. What was the total number of students who said they liked dogs best? Please show work!!

    asked by Genesis
  87. Biology

    What is this final stage of cellular respiration called where the most ATP molecules are made?

    asked by June
  88. Math

    A bag contains 10 white balls and 6 yellow balls. We need to add 112 balls to the bag and keep the ratio the same. How many of each do we need to add. - What's the correct formula to use?

    asked by Nick
  89. Science Help Please

    Which of the following is not among the advantagees of generrating nuclear energy? does not release carbon dioxide into the atmosphere B. it does not require a specialized process or involve any risk C. it does not release chemicals that cause acid

    asked by Callie
  90. Statistics

    The grades in the final exam of a random sample of 25 students produce a standard deviation, s = 9.5. a) Construct a 90% confidence interval estimate for the population variance, . b) Can we infer at 10% level of significance that the population variance

    asked by Kendra
  91. math

    a hollow shaft has a cross sectional area of 8.68 cm square if its inside diameter is 0.75 cm, calculate its outside diameter.

    asked by renison
  92. chemistry

    how many moles of Kl are present in 500 ml of a 0.2 M solution?

    asked by Amber
  93. Chemistry

    What is Gibbs free energy? A. The energy lost as heat to the surrounding molecules B. The usable energy released or absorbed by a reaction C. The energy in the form of kinetic energy in a system D. The energy contained within the bonds of molecules

    asked by Morgan
  94. Math

    What fraction equals 1/2

    asked by JJ
  95. Math. (Check Answers) STUCK

    HI, I'm stuck on two questions(: Round the number to the thousandths place. 97093.113469 Is it 97093.113 < -- ? 97093.112 97093.114 97000 Without multiplying, determine the sign of the product. (19)(-2)(37)(-0.8)(112) Postive Negative

    asked by Kim
  96. chem please help drbob222

    In the roasting of zinc ore, the total enthalpy for the reactants is -412.0 kJ and the total enthalpy for the products is -1294.54 kJ. What is the enthalpy for the roasting reaction? A. 882.54 kJ B. -1706.54 kJ C. 1706.54 kJ D. -882.54 kJ I think the

    asked by Morgan
  97. chem please help

    What is steel? A. It is a compound of iron and various other elements including carbon. B. It is an ionic substance made of iron and various other elements including carbon. C. It is an alloy of iron and various other elements including carbon. D. It is a

    asked by Morgan
  98. maths

    Average weight 0f 6 balls is 6kg.average weight of 7balls is 7kg what's the weight of 7th ball

    asked by Anonymous
  99. Maths

    I understand that the answer to this is a+b-c, but I'm not sure how to show working out for this. Any help would be great. " O is any point in the plane of the square ABCD. The vectors OA, OB and OC are a, b and c respectively. Find the vector OD, in terms

    asked by Vectors
  100. Problem Solving: Draw Picture

    Maggie is planting bushes every 1.5 feet along the side of a fence. The fence is 22.5 feet long. Explain how Maggie can draw a picture to show where each bush is planted.

    asked by Kurt
  101. Neuroscience

    The DNA of a neuron is located in its 1. dendrite 2. axon 3. cell body 4. Golgi apparatus

    asked by qwerty
  102. pre calc

    the volume of a gas varies inversely as its pressure and directly as its temperature. A certian gas occupies a volume of 2.3L at a temp of 380 K and a pressure of 20 N/cm^2 find the volume when the temp is 342 K and the pressure is 10 N/cm^2

    asked by wally
  103. pre calc

    at a single ticket booth, customers arrive randomly at a rate of x per hour. the average line length is given by F(x)= x^2/400-20x Where 0

    asked by wally
  104. social studies

    why is mexico called a developing country?

    asked by lexus
  105. chemistry

    how many moles of BaCl2 are in 300 g of H2O if the molality is 0.2 m?

    asked by Tyler
  106. statistics

    Suppose that young adults own an average of 3 pairs of jeans. Survey 8 people from your class to determine if the average is higher than 3.

    asked by help me
  107. Chem please help

    What is Gibbs free energy? A. The energy lost as heat to the surrounding molecules B. The usable energy released or absorbed by a reaction C. The energy in the form of kinetic energy in a system D. The energy contained within the bonds of molecules

    asked by Morgan
  108. Biology

    Discuss the common bacteria pathogens which are the most prevalent in causing disease in these three organs.

    asked by A Student
  109. physics

    A tank of compressed helium for inflating balloons is advertised as containing helium at a pressure of 2374 psi, which, when allowed to expand at atmospheric pressure, will occupy a volume of 194 ft3. Assuming no temperature change takes place during the

    asked by abc
  110. TRIG!

    true or false, the two sets of parametric equations x=t, y=t^2+1 and x=3t, y=9t^2+1 have the same graph. justify your decision.

    asked by PLEASE HELP
  111. English

    1. They believe that Mary lives in Chicago. 2. Mary is believed to live in Chicago. -------- 3. They think that Mary lives in Chicago. 4. Mary is thought to live in Chicago. -------- 5. They know that Mary lives in Chicago. 6. Mary is known to live in

    asked by rfvv
  112. accounting 2

    if amores has the capital of 1,616,000 while andrada is to invest sufficient cash to give him a one-third interest in the partnership. how much andrada's capital?

    asked by joan
  113. Religion

    Where and when did euthanasia begin?

    asked by Lila
  114. statistics

    Buy three small packages of M&Ms and 5 small packages of another brand of candy (same net weight as the M&Ms). Test whether or not the mean number of candy pieces per package is the same for the two brands.

    asked by help me
  115. Maths

    Question A mixture of alcohol and water has the density 750 kg m 3.calculate the ratio in the mixture of alcohol to water by i.mass ii.volume

    asked by Alozie benjamin
  116. trigonometry

    rewrite each equation in rectangular form and describe the graph. solve for y if possible. a. theta = pi/6 b. r=8costheta

    asked by help
  117. Trigonometry

    Determine exact solutions for each equation in the interval x E [0,2 pi] sin^2x - 3/4 = 0 *3/4 is a fraction 2tan^2x - square root 12 = 0

    asked by Victoria
  118. Maths

    In the village school the ratio to boys to girls is 5:6. there are 175 boys. how many girls. please show me full working out but don't give me the answer as I want to find it out for myself. I just need to know how to do it. Thank you

    asked by Anonymous
  119. probation and parole

    Halfway houses: A. can be “halfway in” or “halfway out.” B. can be used for probation/parole violators. C. often encounter community opposition. D. all of the above My answer: I believe it is A The "interstate compact" provides for: A. offender

    asked by Kim
  120. algebra

    Tarot cards are used for telling fortunes, and in a reading, the arrangement of the cards is as important as the cards themselves. How many different readings are possible if three cards are selected from a set of seven Tarot cards?

    asked by Anonymous
  121. math show work please

    1-11/x+30/x^2=0 A.the solution set is ? B.The solution set is the set of real numbers or C. the solution set is an empty set

    asked by wally
  122. Geometry

    The instructions say, "The measure of an exterior angle of a regular polygon is given. Find the measure of an interior angle. Then find the number of sides. For another problem just like this, they gave the number 18 and I subtracted 18 from 180 and solved

    asked by Melissa
  123. english 9!! (hunger games)

    what are the differences between the capitol and other districts looking upon: a.Food b. Shelter c. Work d. Recreation e. Safety i have to make a graphic orgnaizer please help!!

    asked by cherry
  124. Math

    Log2base10=0.301 and log3base10= 0.477. Evaluate log45base10

    asked by Carlos
  125. Intro Biology

    I can't find examples in the book as reference. Please help me with these questions and explain why. 1.) Which of the following has no vascular tissue (“plumbing system”)? A) Conifer B) Angiosperm C) Fern D) Moss E) Ginkgo 2.) Which of the following

    asked by Andrew
  126. math

    how i make triangular prism,the dimensions are 6 unit base and 6 unit height,but the entire prism has height of 15 unit

    asked by Lola
  127. Neuroscience

    The longest neurite of a neuron is typically a: 1. cell body 2. dendrite 3. axon 4. none of the above

    asked by qwerty


    asked by ANWAR
  129. Chemistry

    68.0g of solute were dissolved in 393 mL of benzene. The solution froze at -0.50°C. The normal freezing point of benzene is 5.5°C and the molar freezing point constant is 5.12°C kg/mol. The density of benzene is .879 g/mol. Calculate the molar mass of

    asked by Jessica
  130. Biology

    In what form of energy does energy from sunlight end up after photosynthesis and cell respiration?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. Chemistry

    Given the molar concentration of hydrogen ion, calculate the concentration of hydroxide ion [H+]=7.9*10-7

    asked by Anonymous
  132. statistics

    express the CI (0.045, 0.133) in the form of p ̂-E

    asked by MissPatte
  133. Geometry

    Kuya John is balancing a triangular tile using a monopod. Where will he put the triangular tile on the monopod so that the tile is in the most stable position? Explain and justify.

    asked by Hershey
  134. Chemistry

    Given the molar concentration of hydroxide ion, calculate the concentration of hydrogen ion. [OH-]=0.0010 Can someone please help me with this process. Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  135. Algebra

    I can find the finite differences, but how do I find the number of birds in July? owl.bcpnet. net/Algebra%202/ch6/section09/problem_solving.pdf

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Finance

    Western Corporation’s stock was $10 per share when purchased, and is now at $14 per share. The company made $1 million in after-tax income and there are 500,000 shares outstanding. What is the capital gain per share?

    asked by willy
  137. English

    1. However hot it is, he never turns on air conditioner to save electricity. 2. However hot it is, he never turns on the air conditioner to save electricity. 3. However hot it is, he never turns on an air conditioner to save electricity. 4. However hot it

    asked by rfvv
  138. Neuroscience

    A neuron has: 1. a single cell body or soma 2. one or two cell bodies or somata 3. its nucleus in the axon 4. none of the above

    asked by qwerty
  139. statistics

    In a recent survey, it was stated that Malaysians watch videos on YouTube on average two hours per day. Assume that σ = 2. Using students in UTeM as the sample, conduct a hypothesis test to determine if the average for students at UTeM is lower

    asked by help me
  140. trig

    determine a set of parametric equations to represent the line segment that begins at the point(-2,6) and ends at the point (10,-4)

    asked by !
  141. 1 Math question

    Estimate $6.56 + $13.02 using front-end estimation. about $19.60 about $18.60 about $20.10 *** about $17.10

    asked by Anonymous
  142. MATH

    Rick has a box of coins .The box currently contains 51 coins, consisting of pennies, dimes and quarters. The numbers of pennies is equal to the numbers of dimes and the total value is $5.73. How many of each denominations of coins does he have? the number

    asked by Michelle!!
  143. physics

    An arrow is shot at an angle 31 ◦ with the horizontal. It has a velocity of 47 m/s. How high will the arrow go? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2 . Answer in units of m

    asked by to mas
  144. math

    John bought a total of 30 white and brown pens for a total of $32. The cost of each white pen is 70 cents more than the cost of each Brown pen. Which would be the possible value of the cost of each Brown pen( in cents)? Please help me in forming a

    asked by jenny
  145. Maths

    Jake mixes pineapple, orange and lemonade in the ratio of 1:2:4. If he has 3 parts pineapple, how much orange and lemonade does he need?

    asked by Rose
  146. math

    sqrt(x) * 7sqrt(x)

    asked by wally
  147. Chemistry

    In a routine laboratory analysis, a solution of sodium chromate with a chromium concentration of 175.0 ppm is required. Calculate the molarity of this solution.

    asked by Jessica
  148. AP Physics

    A block of mass 80.4 kg is sliding on a ramp. The angle of elevation of the ramp is 45 degrees. The coefficient of friction is 0.43. Use g=9.8. Give your answer to at least 2 decimal places. Assume that down the ramp is the positive direction.

    asked by Tanya
  149. Math

    1. What value for x makes the sentence true? 7x = 1 0 6 3 2

    asked by Shadow
  150. math

    the number of professors in a collage is P and the number of students is S and there are 15 times as many students as professors. write the answer as an algerbra equation.

    asked by Emma
  151. Math

    Early pay: Pay $60 before memorial day: swim any number of days Write an equation in slope-intercept form so that x is the number of days and y is the cost.

    asked by Sadie
  152. Chemistry

    4P + 50_2 ---> 2P205 25.4g of P are used with excess 02 how many grams of p205 should theoretically form I have no idea where to start im lost

    asked by Shawn
  153. Physics

    a 981 kg test car travels around a circular track with a radius of 0.625 km. if the magnitude of centripetal force is 2433, what is the cars speed? what is the cars centripetal acceleration?

    asked by Alejandro
  154. ecology

    Describe zonation on land.

    asked by Miss Naa
  155. parole/probation

    This is my new assignment. I need a bit of help. I believe my answer is correct. However my textbook doesn't state it. A) "Al-Anon": A. was established by the same two men who founded AA. B. was established by the nonalcoholic wife of one of the men who

    asked by Gale Simens
  156. chemistry

    how many grams of BaCl2 are present in 150 g of H20 if the concentration is 0.3 m?

    asked by destiny
  157. Adverbs

    Which words make up the adverb phrase in this sentence? The school bus crosses two bridges along its route. A. along its route B. two bridges along C. The school bus D. crosses two bridges

    asked by Jai
  158. statistics

    Test whether women have, on average, more pairs of shoes than men. Include all forms of sneakers, shoes, sandals, and boots. Use staffs at UTeM as the sample.

    asked by help me
  159. Math... Stuck... A little help?

    x cube plus kx plus 9=0 I took it as: x^3+kx+9=0 I answered: If so......... x^3+kx+9=0 Subtract 9 from both sides (Somenoe correct me if I'm wrong, please) which looks like: x^3+kx+9-9=0-9 Now the best part.... finding variables x^3+kx=9 x^3+(k•x)=9

    asked by Anonymous :D
  160. math

    multiply and simplify 5^6 * 5^3

    asked by Michelle .
  161. English

    Hi. I was asked to watch a video about the civil rights movement. and state 3 big ideas and to explain why I made them my 3 big ideas I put Freedom Equality Justice and explained why .. Is that 3 ideas ? Next part they asked How would the story be

    asked by Hannah
  162. Please Help Me With This Chemistry HW Question!

    Should 25 ml of 0.15 M HCL solution be added to 250 mL of buffer solution containing 0.25M HF Ka-7.1 x 10, and 0.40 M NaF at a pH of 3.15 what is the new pH?

    asked by Always
  163. trigonometry

    parameterize the portion of the unit circle that begins at the point (-root2/2, root2/2) and ends at (0,-1)

    asked by i need help
  164. Physics

    Car 1 going northward (direction 90 degrees) at 14 m/s in an SUV weighing 2300 kg. car 2 going southwest (direction 225 degrees) at 16 m/s in a car that weighs 1600 kg. it is a completely inelastic collision. What is the direction and speed of the two

    asked by Andrew
  165. Physics

    I don't understand how to do this : A force of 40 N accelerates a 7.17 kg block at 6.0 m/s2 along a horizontal surface. Determine the normal.

    asked by Maya
  166. math

    find the prime factorization of 35^3 *55*9^11

    asked by Winston
  167. finnce100

    In late 2010, you purchased the common stock of a company that has reported significant earnings increases in nearly every quarter since your purchase. The price of the stock increased from $ 12 a share at the time of the purchase to a current level of $

    asked by jenny
  168. Thermodynamics

    Drawing a blank studying last minute for an exam: when does a piston cylinder not follow the 2nd law of thermodynamics!!!!

    asked by Joe
  169. english

    Few sentences on birthday

    asked by shreyas
  170. physics

    You call out to your friend who is standing at a distance of 350 m. a) if the temperature of the air is 35 degrees Celsius, find the time when your friend will hear you after you have called her. b) Find the wavelength of your sound if your frequency is

    asked by Kiki
  171. Trigonometry

    Help please? I'm getting really confused. >>>csc^2A+sec^2A = sec^2A csc^2A >>>1+{(tan^2A)/(1+secA)] And the "1" is getting me frustrated xO

    asked by Xiumin
  172. math show work please

    1/(X+3)+4/(x+5)= 2/(x^2+8x+15) a. the solution set is b. the solution set is all real numbers c. the solution set is empty

    asked by wally
  173. Calculus

    5) Evaluate the definite integral. On the integral from 1 to e^7 ∫dx/x(1+lnx)

    asked by Hailey
  174. math

    create a situation to describe the rule y=8x+20

    asked by ian atkins
  175. Science

    This will help explain another question I have. So,what is the pattern that occurs when magnetic waves are spread out through the visible spectrum?

    asked by Flabbergasted
  176. math

    x cube plus kx plus 9=0 give me answer

    asked by faiz
  177. chemistry----please help

    calculate the molar hydroxide ion concentration of each of the following solutions given the pH 4.53. Answer should be for OH-. Please show me how to do this in step by step I tried putting in 10 xy-4.53= 0.000029512 which is 3.0 * 10^-5 It says that the

    asked by Anonymous
  178. English

    do these following sentences contain appositives? Most people, those of any age, enjoy music The core root of all the problems in the school, including uncleanliness of bathrooms and bad teachers, is the low budget given to the principal.

    asked by A
  179. Science 1 easy question!!!!

    Is K^+1 and F^-1 an ionic bond? My answer: yes

    asked by Anonymous
  180. Math

    7b - 2 = 1b + 10

    asked by Anon
  181. math

    find a value for x so that 28/12 = -7/x x=?

    asked by Emma
  182. Basic tech

    A girl pushes a load of mass 20kg to a distance of 10 metres in 5 seconds calculate (1) the work done (2) the energy used (3) the girl's power (a=g=10m/s square)

    asked by Olorunnimbe
  183. chem please help drbob222

    When is there a need to determine G? A. When H > 0 and S = 0 B. When H > 0 and S > 0 C. When H = 0 and S < 0 D. When H > 0 and S < 0 P.S. there are triangles before the G, H, and S.

    asked by Morgan
  184. Math

    A square cage is built with 20 ft of wire fencing. How long is each side?

    asked by 4th grade
  185. easy math

    -5.4 ÷ 0.9 = -6.0 < --- ? this one or -0.6 0.6 6.0

    asked by Jamie
  186. math

    multiply -2(p-q)

    asked by angela