Questions Asked on
November 19, 2014

  1. chemistry

    the formula weight of h2so4 is 98. the weight of the acid in 400ml of 0.1M so the solution is?

    asked by rahi
  2. Math, Please Help!

    If 99 people had a mean income of $12,000, how much is the mean income increased by the addition of a single income of $200,000?

    asked by KG
  3. Chem

    Formal charges on CH2O and H2SO3 I was taught thus way valence electrons subtracted from addition of dots plus bonds For CH2O Carbon 4-(0+3) = + 1 . Oxygen 6-(4+1) = - 1 For H2SO3 I am having issues figuring out the dots and bonds

    asked by Feather
  4. Algebra

    Gerry had a total of 30 pens and pencils. He decided to trade with his friends all of his pens and pencils. If he traded every pen for 2 pencils, he would have 48 pencils in all. How many pens and how many pencils did he have before the trade?

    asked by Ana
  5. science

    at 30 degree celsius , the solubility of ag2co3 (Ksp= 8 * 10^-12) would be maximum in 1 litre of ? a) pure water b) 0.05 M NH3

    asked by priyanka
  6. Math liberal Arts

    A bag contains 5 red marbles, 4 blue marbles, and 1 green marble. If a marble is selected at random, what is the probability that it is not blue?

    asked by Jamie
  7. chemistry

    29.0g Ag combine completely with 4.30g S to form a compound. what is the percent composition of each element in this compound

    asked by kim
  8. Math!

    Let h(x)=4-x. Use h, the table, and points on graph to evaluate the expression. x 2 3 4 5 6 f(x) −1 0 1 2 3 g(x) points (-1,1), (2,3), (3,5) (a) (g^−1 compose f^ −1)(2) (b) (g^−1 compose h)(1) (c) (h^−1 compose f compose g^-1)(3)

    asked by Kyle
  9. MATH!!!

    Al saves pennies. He agreed to give 5/11 of his pennies to bev . If she would give 5/11 of what she got from al to carl and in return if he would give 5/11 of what he got from bev to danni, carl and agreed and danni recived 750 pennies . How many pennies

    asked by ASHLEY
  10. Algebra

    A kite is tied to the ground. The rays from the sun hit the kite perpendicular to the kite string, casting a shadow of the kite on the ground. The coordinates in the diagram are given in feet. What is the distance from where the kite is tied to the shadow?

    asked by Rachel
  11. Finance

    Dominique has just turned 65 and she has deposited her annual payment of $20,000 into her retirement account. She made her first such saving deposit into this fund on her 35th birthday. Dominique has also retired and wants to figure out how much money she

    asked by Vidal
  12. Algebra

    When Frederick was born, his grandparents gave hime a gift of $2000, which was invested at an interest rate of 5% per year, compounded yearly. How much money will Frederick have when he collects the money at the age of 18? gGive your answer to the nearest

    asked by Trish Goal
  13. chemistry

    4.) 105.4mL of Co2(g) was generated with a pressure of 765.5mm Hg for the gas. The temperature of the apparatus was 25.0C. How much zinc oxide would be left in tube if version A was the correct formula?

    asked by xx
  14. math

    Juan and rachel have the same number of marbles. Rachel gives away 10 marbles and Juan gives away 22 marbles. Rachel then has 3 times as many marbles as Juan. How many marbles did each of them have at first

    asked by Jordan
  15. ap biology

    The best conclusion concerning delta is that the cells a. contain no DNA. b. contain no RNA. c. contain only one chromosome that is very short d. are actually in the G0 phase e. divide in the G1phase Explain your choice: Would it be d?

    asked by Ella
  16. Chemistry

    Consider the Li2+ ion. (a) Calculate the wavelength of light emitted when the electron jumps from the n=4 level to the n=2 level. (b) What is the ionization energy of Li2+ ?

    asked by Mahnoor
  17. Math

    Darcy, Jason and Maria share $268. Jason has $20 more than Darcy and Maria has twice as much money as Jason. How much money do Darcy and Jason have altogether?

    asked by Mamtta
  18. Business Communication

    In which of the following cases is the direct organization method most appropriate? a. asking your boss for an extension on an assignment. b. recommending a controversial change in departmental procedure to your boss, c . requesting a day off during your

    asked by Emily
  19. Algebra, help please!!!

    The youngest person in the company is 21. The oldest is 66. A: What is the range? B: Is the range a good measure of spread for the ages in the company? Why?

    asked by Ashley
  20. Chemistry: Sigma & Pi bonds

    How many sigma bonds and pi bonds are there in each of the following: CH2Cl2 C2H3Cl C5H6 C6N4

    asked by Matt
  21. math

    On a map of scale 1:10,000 the area of a lake is 12cmsquare .what is the area of the actual lake?

    asked by selase
  22. ECON

    Suppose that we are in the early days of the Bretton Woods system, and France has declared a par value for the French franc at FF6 per dollar. The allowable fluctuation band is one percent on either side of par. What is the price ceiling for the dollar in

    asked by Blaney
  23. AP chemistry

    How do you balance ZnCO3 +O2 yields ZnO + CO2?

    asked by Toni
  24. physics

    If a person pushes on a block and it travels a distance of 6.0m before stopping. How far would the block travel if it were pushed with the same force, but on the moon(which has 1/6 of the earth's gravity).

    asked by Alex
  25. chemistry

    Find the percentage of water in Na2CO3*2H2O?

    asked by kim
  26. English HELP!

    The Americans with Disabilities Act claims that "The continuing existence of unfair and unnecessary discrimination and prejudice denies people with disabilities the opportunity to compete on an equal basis." Why do the authors include Part 4 in this

    asked by school lover
  27. earth science

    The active sections that are located along fault lines are called

    asked by mariam
  28. Chemistry

    Give the maximum number of electrons in an atom that can have the following set of quantum numbers. (a) n=4 (b) n = 5, ml = 1, (c) n = 5, ms = 1/2

    asked by Mahnoor
  29. 5th grade math

    Ms sue I'm sorry I'm totally confused its says round to the nearest tenth in a square kilometer How can I round 297.85 km to the nearest tenth? Her answer was 297.85 but I'm thinking it should have been 300.00 kilometer because the yes place is 5 or more

    asked by Meka
  30. Trig

    Two tracking stations are on the equator 161 miles apart. A weather balloon is located on a bearing of N 32°E from the western station and on a bearing of N 16°E from the eastern station. How far is the balloon from the western station? Round to the

    asked by Nicole
  31. MATH!!

    A caterer is planning a large party for 231 guest. Each table must seat an equal number of guest , more than 1 guest and fewer than 20. Determine the number of possible table sizes. If the caterers use 11 persons tables, how many tables will they need?

    asked by Beckey!
  32. chemistry

    You measure Ksp for borax to be 7.8 x 10-3 and 2.9 x 10-3 at 23.6°C and 1.8°C, respectively. Calculate the standard enthalpy change, ΔH°, (in kJ) for the dissolution of borax.

    asked by Anonymous
  33. Math


    asked by Anon
  34. Algebra

    I already posted this question, I just wanted to clarify my answer. Problem: When Frederick was born, his grandparents gave hime a gift of $2000, which was invested at an interest rate of 5% per year, compounded yearly. How much money will Frederick have

    asked by Trish Goal
  35. chemistry

    In a constant-pressure calorimeter, 55.0 mL of 0.310 M Ba(OH)2 was added to 55.0 mL of 0.620 M HCl. The reaction caused the temperature of the solution to rise from 22.23 °C to 26.45 °C. If the solution has the same density and specific heat as water,

    asked by Haley
  36. Math


    asked by Michellle
  37. physics

    The barrel of a rifle has a length of 0.976 m. A bullet leaves the muzzle of a rifle with a speed of 561 m/s. What is the acceleration of the bullet while in the barrel? A bullet in a rifle barrel does not have constant acceleration, but constant

    asked by Jason
  38. English 10

    Whenever I see a competitive game of Ultimate Frisbee, I AM INSPIRED TO JOIN A TEAM. Which type of clause is bolded? adjective clause adverb clause noun clause independent clause

    asked by Talyor
  39. Chemistry

    1. A combination reaction may also be a displacement reaction. True or False 2. The combustion of an element is always a combination reaction. True or False For number 1, I first thought true, but then again, nothing is being displaced in a combination

    asked by Jess
  40. English

    (2) to ensure that the federal government plays a central role in enforcing the standards established in this act on behalf of individuals with disabilities. The above section of the Americans with Disabilities Act: explains who is to make sure the act is

    asked by school lover

    What is the greatest prime to consider weather to test 1881 is prime. the greates prime to consider is?

    asked by BECKY!
  42. Language Arts 8A

    It is difficult to escape the influence of television. If you fit the statistical averages, by the age of 20 you will have been exposed to at least 20,000 hours of television. You can add 10,000 hours for each decade you have lived after the age of 20. The

    asked by Lilly.b
  43. LA - 2 questions

    Which sentence uses the future tense of the verb 'to go' correctly? She has gone to Paris only once. She is going to Paris this season. She will got to Paris next autumn. She's been going to Paris for years. It cant be a or d so either b or c... b? Which

    asked by SkatingDJ
  44. Finance

    Baako has invested $75,000 in a trust fund at 9% for his child's college education. His child will draw $30,000 per year for four years, starting at the end of year 7. What will be the amount that will be left over in the education fund at the end of year

    asked by Vidal
  45. Chemistry

    Which of the following sets of quantum numbers could possibly describe an electron in the ground-state configurations of beryllium. Choose all that apply (e.g. AB, ABC, ABDF). A) n=1 l=0 ml=0 ms=1/2 B) n=3 l=1 ml=-1 ms=1/2 C) n=2 l=0 ml=0 ms=-1/2 D) n=2

    asked by Kales
  46. Math

    How do I solve for x in: 1/x > x I need to do it both algebraically and graphically, but I'm not sure how to do so. Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  47. English

    Education standard have gone down in our country,write a composition discribing what should be done inorder to lmprove education standard.

    asked by Blessings
  48. Chemistry

    While I3- and Br3- are both stable molecules F3- is not a stable molecule. Provide an explanation.

    asked by Mahnoor
  49. math

    Gerry had a total of 30 pens and pencils. He decided to trade with his friends all of his pens and pencils. If he traded every pen for 2 pencils, he would have 48 pencils in all. How many pens and how many pencils did he have before the trade?

    asked by Jordan
  50. Geography

    what could be a personal ecological footprint and why?

    asked by schooler
  51. physics

    Two tiny conducting spheres are identical and carry charges of -18.1C and +47.4C. They are separated by a distance of 3.55 cm. (a) What is the magnitude of the force that each sphere experiences? (b) The spheres are brought into contact and then separated

    asked by namabia
  52. math h

    Darcy, Jason and Maria share $268. Jason has $20 more than Darcy and Maria has twice as much money as Jason. How much money do Darcy and Jason have altogether?

    asked by Jordan
  53. math

    what is 20 in expanded form?

    asked by pattil
  54. English

    1. I cannot make sense of the letter. 2. I cannot understand the letter. ------------- Are both the same in meaning?

    asked by rfvv
  55. Chemistry

    Calculate enthalpy change when 35.0 grams barium oxide reacts with 5.00 grams of aluminum. 0.228 mol BaO ( limiting reagent) 0.1853 mol Al Molar Ratio 1.23 -1669.8 - 3(-558.1) = 3344.1 kJ/mol 0.228 BaO reacts therefore: (0.228/3) x 3344.1 = 254.2 kJ

    asked by Paige Pepin
  56. math!

    GCD (24,20)IS 4. sINCE gcd (4,12) IS 4, THEN gcd (24,20,12) is 4. use this approach and the euclidean algorithim to find the GCD ( 722, 2413,209) WHAT IS THE gcd?

    asked by BECKY!
  57. English

    Birches by Robert Frost When I see birches bend to left and right Across the lines of straighter darker trees, I like to think some boy's been swinging them. But swinging doesn't bend them down to stay As ice-storms do. Often you must have seen them Loaded

    asked by Ella
  58. Chemistry

    The ionization energy of Fe is 434 kJ/mol. What is the maximum wavelength of light capable of ionizing Fe? What type of light is this?

    asked by Mahnoor
  59. Algebra

    The income from a student production was $15,000. The price of a student ticket was $3, and nonstudent tickets were sold at $5 each. Four thousand tickets were sold. How many tickets of each kind were sold?

    asked by Anonymous
  60. 3rd grade English

    I'm trying too see if my daughter is doing her homework correctly .... The question is use each word or phrase as the subject of a sentence .add a verb describing an action that takes place in the present . Make sure each verb agrees with its subject Her

    asked by Meka
  61. math Help!!!!!!

    I have to make a scale drawing of my bed. The actual dimensions are 60in*80in. What are the scale measurments? I don't understand how to do this.

    asked by callie
  62. statics

    b. A mobile company XYZ wants to conduct a survey to find the proportion P of those customers that are happy with the purchase of their new mobile phone. The company took a random sample of 1000 customers who recently purchased the new mobile phone. They

    asked by aima
  63. Chemistry

    What is the maximum number of orbitals in an atom that can have the following designations? (a) 5p (b) 2pz (c) n=4

    asked by Mahnoor
  64. Math

    determine the resulting equation if one variable is solved in terms of the other varaiable in one equation and substitute this variable in the other equation. 1.) 4x+y=6 x-2y=15 2.) 2x+y=10 4x+2y=5

    asked by Princeton
  65. Chemistry

    What is the PH of an aqueous solution consisting of 0.070 M formic acid (HCOOH) and 0.070 M sodium formate (HCOONa)?

    asked by Leroy
  66. physics

    Two point charges are fixed on the y axis: a negative point charge q1 = -26 μC at y1 = +0.17 m and a positive point charge q2 at y2 = +0.35 m. A third point charge q = +9.5 μC is fixed at the origin. The net electrostatic force exerted on the charge q by

    asked by namabia
  67. Chemistry

    The ion-product of pure water, Kw, is 2.51 * 10(-14) at the body temp of 37 degrees Celcius. What are the molar H2O and OH concentrations in the pure water temperature?

    asked by Leroy
  68. history

    what proposal sought to unite the American colonies against the french

    asked by anna
  69. math

    arrange the following fraction in increasing order 1/8, 3/2, 2/9, 5/6

    asked by che
  70. Financing and Budget

    which one of these categories would most likely be found in the operating budget of a day care center? A. Loan payments B.Tables and chairs for classrooms C.Deposits for utility services D. Desks and chairs for the office C.

    asked by Amanda
  71. physics

    Determine the quantity of heat required to convert 1kg of ice at −20 degrees Celsius to water at 100 degrees Celsius? Specific heat capacities of water and ice water are 2302 J/kgK and 4186 J/kgK respectively

    asked by Sam
  72. math

    A company will need $30,000 in 7 years for a new addition. To meet this goal the company deposits money in an account that pays 7% anual intrest compound quarterly. Find the amount that should be invested to reach $30,000 in 7 years?

    asked by mleya:)
  73. Earth Science

    List 3 distinguishing features found near a frontal boundary. Thanks

    asked by Sarah
  74. algebra 2

    find the domain y=-ãx-5 +3

    asked by nancy
  75. math

    4-0.2 * (0.4+0.7)

    asked by Gurjant singh
  76. math Help!!!!!!

    I have to do a scale drawing of my dresser. The height is 51 1/8in the width is 42 1/2in. My scale is 24in=1 inch What are the scaled measurements?

    asked by callie
  77. 5th grade math

    Round the area of each country to the nearest tenth of a square kilometer . Marshall Islands 181.30 My daughter put 181.30 because she said the number in tens place was 5 and under

    asked by Meka
  78. French

    I have a couple of questions. Is this a correct way of saying I like to ride a bike in the summer? Do I need an article before été? En été, j'aime faire du vélo. Is l'opération male or female? How do you say I like to visit different places in the

    asked by Anonymous
  79. Math

    The function rule n=0.69p relates the population "p" and the number of "n" these people who used the internet. The number of people who used the internet was 202 million. What was the population? I am so confused, please help me with atleast the first

    asked by Marco
  80. Financing and Budget

    The Average Daily Rate ratio, often used by outsiders as an evaluation of how much revenue is earned each day, is usually calculated on the basis of how many days? A. 365 days B. 30 days C. Number of days a child care facility is open D. 360 days A.

    asked by Amanda
  81. English

    1. It hardly rained last summer. 2. Hardly did it rain last summer. (Is #2 OK?) 3. Even if the sun were to rise in the west, I would not change my mind. 4.Were the sun to rise in the west, I would not change my mind. (Is #4 OK?)

    asked by rfvv
  82. math Help!!!!!!

    I have to make a scale drawing of my desk. What are the scaled measurements? My answer height is 55 1/8in width is 28 3/4in 55 1/8÷24=0.09 28 3/4÷24=2.29 Am I right?

    asked by callie
  83. Science Technology

    How was the camera developed ? ( Who made it )

    asked by Laura
  84. English

    1. It'll take thirty minutes for her to get here. 2. It'll take her thirty minutes to get here. (Are both the same and grammatical?) 3. As it rained heavily, the playground is muddy now. 4. It having rained heavily, the playground is muddy now. (Are both

    asked by rfvv
  85. Chemistry

    suppose you added 26.0 ml of 0.01 M NaOH to the solution, what is the molarity of excess NaOH in the mixture? what is the ph of this solution?

    asked by Mollie
  86. math

    Express f(x)in the form f(x)=(x-k)q(x)+r for the given values of k. f(x)=x^3+6x^2+10x+4, k=-2 f(x)=____

    asked by Ernie
  87. Calculus (PLEASE HELP ASAP!)

    Find f(x) satisfying the given conditions: 1) f"(x) = 1/x^3 f'(1) = 1/2 f(1) = 0 2) f"'(x) = sin (x) f"(0) = 0 f'(0) = 1 f(0) = 0

    asked by Anonymous
  88. ashworth

    Asian emphasis on the value of filial piety may be note in ?

    asked by tom
  89. Geometry

    Original Statement "If it's a garage sale, then it's a Sunday." Statement 1 "If it's a Sunday, then it's a garage sale." Statement 2 "If it's not a Sunday, then it's not a garage sale." Statement 3 "If it's not a garage sale, then it's not a Sunday." Which

    asked by Megan
  90. Peel Adult Education Centre

    In the sun nuclear fusion takes place. If the decrease in mass is 0.006 50 g, how much energy is released?

    asked by Sonia
  91. Maths

    A rectangular piece of card 12 cm by 20 cm is rolled up to make atube(with no overlap)Find the radius of tube if i) the long sides are joined

    asked by aruna
  92. Financing and Budget

    This financial ratio measures the business's liquidity: A. profit margin. B. average daily rate ratio. C. current ratio. D. days receivable ratio. C.

    asked by Amanda
  93. chemistry

    Calculate the freezing point of a water solution at each concentration. 1.40m? What are the steps to calculate this?

    asked by Luis
  94. math

    The point of the minute hand on a church clock travels 180 cm faster than the point of the hour hand in one complete revolution. If the hour hand is 60 cm long how long is the minute hand?

    asked by aruna
  95. chemistry


    asked by JOVY
  96. english

    All of the following compound nouns are correct except a.editors in chief. b.sons-in-law. c.bird watchers. d.mother-in-laws. I am think a

    asked by Patrick
  97. 5th grade math

    I'm helping my daughter with her homework and I'm trying too see if we are doing it correctly it says round to the neared tenth of a square kilometer Problem- 296.37 Her answer was 296.47 km My answer - 300.00 km Problem: 0.44 km Her answer was 44km

    asked by Meka
  98. Physics

    A woman on a bicycle traveling at 10m/s on a horizontal road stops pedaling as she starts up a hill inclined at an angle of 10° to the horizontal. How far up the hill does she travel before coming to rest? I really don't understand this question. Please

    asked by Rose
  99. Algebra

    Solve the inequality 1. m - 7 < 6 2. x + 4.5 more than or equal to 5.5 3.p + 12 > 9 4. Translate the following statement into an inequality: Five less than a number is at least nine. x - 5 more than or equal to 9 Show me how you did the work please?

    asked by Annie
  100. chemistry

    An ethylene glycol solution contains 18.2g of ethylene glycol (C2H6O2) in 85.4mL of water. Calculate the freezing point and boiling point of the solution. (Assume a density of 1.00 g/mL for water.)

    asked by Anon
  101. English Ms Sue

    The last thing on my final is a paragraph I had to write, Using correct spelling and correct grammar, write a paragraph of five related sentences that discuss your experience in the English Grammar course. Using all four sentence types. Will you proof read

    asked by Karen
  102. Algebra

    Solve for x: (1/25)^x+2=125^-x

    asked by Trish Goal
  103. physics

    A uniform electric field exists everywhere in the x, y plane. This electric field has a magnitude of 5700 N/C and is directed in the positive x direction. A point charge -5.4 × 10-9 C is placed at the origin. Find the magnitude of the net electric field

    asked by namabia
  104. chemistry

    You measure Ksp for borax and find it to be 6.2 x 10-3 at 22.8°C. If the standard enthalpy change, ΔH°, for the dissolution of borax is 58 kJ, calculate the standard entropy change, ΔS°, (in J/K) for the dissolution of borax at this temperature.

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Financing and Budget

    An aging of accounts receivable performed on April 20 reveals that one of your customers has owed you $325 since January 15. Which of the following alternatives should you pursue? A.Telephone the customer on a daily basis. B. Offer additional credit to

    asked by Amanda
  106. maths

    diameter of a ferris wheel is 15 metres. how far does a seat on the ferris wheel travel in 5 revolutions

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Financing and Budget

    Child care operating budgets generally contain a pro forma income statement. To prepare this statement, you must first prepare budgets for _______ and _______. A. estimated income; actual income B. estimated expenditures; actual expenditures C. revenues;

    asked by Amanda
  108. math

    Ashley recently opened a store which sells only natural ingredients. She wants to advertise her products by distributing bags of samples in her neighborhood. It takes one person 2 minutes to prepare one bag. How many hours will it take to prepare 900 bags

    asked by Izzy
  109. Math Help!


    asked by Jack
  110. arithmetic

    In Jullian's garden, there are 3 rows of carrots, 2 rows of string beans,and 1 row of peas. There are 8 plants in each row. How many plants are there in all?

    asked by Bridget
  111. arithmetic

    the clock at the capitol building has an hour hand that is 12 feet many feet will the top of the hand move between the hours of the midnight and 8am?

    asked by srivani
  112. Math

    If a hen lays 225 days a year, how many eggs can you eat in a day?

    asked by Samantha
  113. Accounting

    The Fairport Machine Shop wants to develop a cost estimating equation for its monthly cost of electricity. It has the following data: Cost of Electricity (Y) $13,000 $15,000 $17,000 $14,500 Direct Labor-Hours (X) 1,500 1,700 2,000 1,600 What would be the

    asked by Serenity
  114. Financing and Budget

    The Income Statement for Tiny Tykes Day Care reveals total revenues of $181,575 and total expenses of $159,657. The profit margin for Tiny Tykes is A. 87.9%. B. 12.1%. C. impossible to determine from the information given. D. 1.2%. B.

    asked by Amanda
  115. math

    Express f(x)in the form f(x)=(x-k)q(x)+r for the given values of k. f(x)=x^3+6x^2+10x+4, k=-2 f(x)=____

    asked by Ernie
  116. Financing and Budget

    The Average Daily Rate ratio, often used by outsiders as an evaluation of how much revenue is earned each day, is usually calculated on the basis of how many days? A. 365 days B. 30 days C. Number of days a child care facility is open D. 360 days A.

    asked by Amanda
  117. chemistry

    In the sun, nuclear fusion takes place. If the decrease in mass isa 0.006 50g, how much energy is released?

    asked by Sonia
  118. Physics

    A naked person (e=0.75) with a surface area 2.00 square meters and a skin temperature of 34 degrees Celsius is in sauna at 90 degrees Celsius. If he stays in the sauna for 30 minutes, (a) How much heat does the perspn radiates? (b) How much heat does he

    asked by Michelle
  119. disease

    ________ is the most frequently reported bacterial sexually transmitted disease in the United States. A. Chlamydia B. Syphilis C. Herpes D. Gonorrhea

    asked by Barbara
  120. English

    Just to say Thank YOU everyone for the advice and help I have received. I have turned in my final exam. It was 9 pages and yes, I had to ask for advice and help, but I have really learned a lot. I will let ya'll know my outcome. It is nice to learn

    asked by Karen
  121. Math

    Everyday I practice the drums for the same length of time. By the end of the 15th week, I have practiced a total of 37 1/2 weekday hours. How many hours do I practice a day? I did 15 x 5 to get 75 days then divided by 37 1/2 hours to get how many hours per

    asked by Kyle
  122. Econ (International Monetary System)

    Suppose Switzerland is on the gold standard and it maintains a strict ratio of gold in its vaults to money (Swiss francs) in circulation. Suppose that it runs a balance of payments deficit. What will happen to its overall money supply? What impact will

    asked by taylor
  123. Science biodiversity(asap please!)

    The panther(species Puma concolor coryi) lives in Florida. At present, there are fewer than 100 of these panthers living in the wild, and the species is considered endangered. A controversial breeding program has been set up that s moving females of a

    asked by dddd47906
  124. math!!!!!!

    multiply x(x+y +2) im lost can some one explain

    asked by Beckey!
  125. math

    At breakfast Gino drank 2/3 of the orange juice in a container. He drank 15 ounces of orange juice. Write a multiplication equation that you can use to find out the amount of orange juice that was in the container before Gino had breakfast?

    asked by Stephanie
  126. Financing and Budget

    This financial ratio measures the business's liquidity: A. profit margin. B. average daily rate ratio. C. current ratio. D. days receivable ratio. C.

    asked by Amanda
  127. geography

    Can you name all the states in the U.S.A.?

    asked by Maryjo
  128. math

    multiply (-6 -x) (6+x) is the correct answerer 0?

    asked by Beckey!
  129. science

    Name the substance that makes bones flexible

    asked by josh
  130. Business Communication

    When communicating a message, the best approach for a boss to take would likely be the ____________. a. state the main idea right away to get it over with. b. hint at the main idea and let the employees read between the lines. c. tell employees bad news

    asked by Emily
  131. Financing and Budget

    The Average Daily Rate ratio, often used by outsiders as an evaluation of how much revenue is earned each day, is usually calculated on the basis of how many days? A. 365 days B. 30 days C. Number of days a child care facility is open D. 360 days A.

    asked by Amanda
  132. Algebra, help please!!!

    Find the mean and the median in the following arithmetic sequences: A: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9 B: 1, 3, 5, 7, 9, . . . ., 199 C: 7, 10, 13, 16, . . ., 607

    asked by Ashley
  133. English

    Trying to rewrite my paragraph. Wanted to say "This class has been a challenge, but very self gratifying to me." Is there another word beside gratifying I could use?

    asked by Karen
  134. chemistry

    mass of dry crucible=34.69g mass of crucible with magnesium=34.68g mass of crucible with magnesium oxide =34.97g we did a lab and igot the mass for magnesium to be 0.17g and the mass for magnesium oxide to be 0.28g. how can i find the moles of magnesium

    asked by jane c
  135. Financing and Budget

    This financial ratio measures the business's liquidity: A. profit margin. B. average daily rate ratio. C. current ratio. D. days receivable ratio. C.

    asked by Amanda
  136. Sociology

    Given your experience in an online environment, can you predict what changes in the family unit might occur due to the information age? could you tell me what they mean

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  137. physics

    The initial speed of a body is 6.64 m/s. What is its speed after 1.38 s if it accelerates uniformly at 4.7 m/s 2 ? Answer in units of m/s

    asked by Jason
  138. calculus

    Consider a 10in by 14in rectangle to which you make square cuts of side length "x" in each corner, then fold the sides and form a box of height "x". What should "x" be to maximize the volume of the box?

    asked by James T.
  139. Chemistry

    I need help calculating Heat of fusion for a calorimeter experiment: I know that Q(melt): 8350.46 J, m(ice): 26.39g and m(hot water): 51.93g. Please help me set it up. Hf known is 6.02kj/mol. Answer is in J/g(ice).

    asked by Ally
  140. Business Communication

    If the purpose of your message is to ask local businesses to sponsor your event, your desired outcome would most likely be__________. inform them about your event. b. to promote understanding about your event's goal. c. to propose ways in which they

    asked by Emily
  141. physics

    Two airplanes leave an airport at the same time. The velocity of the first airplane is 710 m/h at a heading of 27.5 ◦ . The velocity of the second is 650 m/h at a heading of 167◦ . How far apart are they after 3.3 h? Answer in units of m

    asked by Jason
  142. English

    What is another word for strong, as in strong in the mind and will not fall even at the toughest times. But I don't want to use strong-minded because that is more like determined. So, what is another characteristic for strong but it does not mean

    asked by Curri
  143. English

    Can I change the following sentence. I had to study and keep reviewing to succeed. to-----You must study and keep reviewing to succeed. Will this be an imperative sentence now?

    asked by Karen
  144. math

    If a CD makes 58 and half revolutions in 3 fourths a min ,how many in a min

    asked by theodore
  145. physics

    A person is stranded and sitting 45m above the ground on the ledge of the cliff. of a safety rope is launched upward at an angle of 50 degrees above the horizontal at a distance of 60m away, what is the initial velocity of the rope so that it reaches the

    asked by David
  146. chemistry

    12.5g mass of the vinegar sample and the density of vinegar is 1.05g/mL determine the volume of the vinegar sample in liters?

    asked by Anonymous
  147. SpanishiA

    Which type of animal does the rain forest contain more than 4,000 different species of? a. birds **** b. cats c. butterflies d. spiders Choose the correct form of the verb estar that would be used in this sentence? I am at home. a. estar b. estoy *** c.

    asked by karly
  148. physics

    A roller coaster car of mass 400kg starts from rest at point A and passes the point B with a speed of 3m/s.if the distance from A to B along the tracks is 20m,how large is the average friction force retarding the motion of the car

    asked by wallacenjovu
  149. Physics

    Calculate the power needed from the motor of an elevator for it to be able to lift a 1x10^4kg mass a distance of 20m in 5s. (Enter your answer in scientific notation utilizing "e" format and rounding the decimal value to one decimal place.) I used the

    asked by Rose
  150. chemistry

    How many total atoms are in the chemical formula Ai(NO3)3? I thought it was ten because Ai is 1 atom. The No3 is 3 atoms times the 3 is 9 plus the 1 is ten.

    asked by lexi
  151. 6 grade science

    Which is not an example of stimulus A. the smell of baking bread B. the sound of your alarm clock in the morning C. the scream you give when someone scares you d.the light from the sun I think it is C. because the scream is the reaction to the stimuli,

    asked by E6
  152. math

    how many feet are in a yard

    asked by tanzia d.
  153. Algebra please help out

    In Beijing in 2008, the women's 3,000 meter steeplechase became an Olympic event. What is this distance in kilometers? Please help answer thx

    asked by Steph
  154. Algebra please help out

    How would you convert 5 feet 6 inches to inches?

    asked by Steph
  155. math

    What should you say when you meet an angel

    asked by Ronnie brown
  156. Physics

    A meteorite weighing 1860N strikes the earth with a velocity of 45.2m/s. What is its kinetic energy? Write in SN to one decimal place. When I plugged in (1/2)(1860N)(45.2m/s)^2, I got the answer 1.9e6, but it was incorrect. Please help. I'm really

    asked by Rose
  157. Algebra help

    A class 4 truck weighs between 14,000 and 16,000 pounds. What is the weight range in tons? b. If the weight of. Class 4 truck is increased by 2 tons, will it still be classified as a class 4 truck? Explain both thanks

    asked by Lana
  158. math

    what is the cost of 1 dozen muffins and 9 dozen muffins

    asked by tanzia d.
  159. Math

    One box holds 16 crayons.Another box holds 24 crayons.Write a sentence using words that compares the crayons in the two boxes.

    asked by Paula
  160. child developement

    compare 3 children 4 years, 18 months, 10 years to physical or cognitive growth

    asked by Anonymous
  161. Physics

    1. Determine the specific heat of a certain metal if a 450-g sample of it loses 34,500 joules of heat as its temperature drops by 97degC. 2. The temperature of a 55-g sample of a certain metal drops by 113degC as it losses 3,500 J of heat. What is the

    asked by Hershey
  162. Math

    Check for 2/3(k+8)=52

    asked by Anon
  163. Science

    1. A student lifts his 2.0-kg pet rock 2.8m straight up. He then lets it drop to the ground. Use the Law of Conservation of Energy to calculate how fast the rock will be moving ..... a. half way down b. just before it hits the ground 2. A 65-kg girl is

    asked by Hershey
  164. MATH!!!


    asked by Larry
  165. Math Help!!!

    Russell Grossman is training for the Olympics. He wants to know the distance across lake royal, so he can write in his training logbook how far he rows each day. If from one point on the shore to one side of the lake is 13 km and from the same point to

    asked by Anonymous
  166. algebra2

    a saving account with an initial balance of $15000 grows at 1.33percent per year compounded continuously. How much will the saving account have after 30 years?

    asked by dd
  167. social studies

    describe the series of events that led to the end of egypt's power in the nile river valley

    asked by amy
  168. algebra2

    MS TAn bought a bmw for 62,000. The price of a bmw depreciates at the rate of 12% per year. How much will the saving account have after 30 years

    asked by dd
  169. chemistry

    9.03 of Mg combine completely with 3.48g of N to form compound. what is the percent composition of each element in this compound?

    asked by kim
  170. Math please help out

    What are the dimensions of a football field in feet? If one side is 53 1/3 yards and the other is 120 yards? Please help answer B. A chalk line is placed around the perimeter of the football field. What is the length of this line in feet? C. About how many

    asked by Steph
  171. supply chain

    Supply Chain Risk: Research information on the Internet to assess the risks of a global supply chain. How have companies in the Microsoft supply chain been affected by disruptions to the supply chain due to events like strikes and natural disasters?

    asked by v
  172. physics

    You are trying to find out how high you have to pitch a water balloon in order for it to burst when it hits the ground. You discover that the balloon bursts when you have pitched it to a height of 17 m. With what velocity did the balloon hit the ground?

    asked by Jason
  173. Algebra

    What is the result if you multiply a number of cups by 8 fl oz/ 1 cup and then multiply the result by 1 cup/ 8 fl oz? Give an example thx

    asked by Steph
  174. acounting 1

    how much is the total assets? cash in bank 25,000 accounts payable 10,000 acounts receivable 30,000 office equipment 50,000

    asked by mier
  175. Chemistry

    C2H5NO2 + 2H2O → 2CO2 + NH3 + 3H2 You begin with 1.25 × 10-2 moles of glycine and an excess amount of water that will allow the reaction to proceed completely to products. This is all in a vessel with a volume of 850 mls at 27°C. Assume that the vessel

    asked by sarah
  176. accounting 1

    how much is total liabilities? accounts recievable 20,000 accounts payable 30,000 taxes and licenses 40,000 uncollectible account 10,000 rent payable 8,000 utilities payable 5,000

    asked by mier
  177. Algebra

    One hour = 3,600 seconds and 1 mile= 5,280 feet. MAke a conjecture about how you could convert a speed of 15 miles per hour to feet per second. Then convert please help answer

    asked by Steph
  178. math

    A goalie's saves ( 12) and goals scored against ( 6 ) are shown. Did the goalie save at least 65% of the shots on goal?

    asked by Ally83410
  179. algebra

    To take a taxi in downtown, it will cost you $3.00 to go a mile. After 6 miles, it will cost $5.25. The cost varies linearly with the distance traveled. Write the equation expressing cost (c) in terms of miles (d) traveled.

    asked by huma
  180. math (fractions)

    Andrew and becky each earn $3 an hour for doing chores. they are going to combine their allowances to buy a video game. how much money do Andrew and becky have to spend on a video game

    asked by ary
  181. math

    A fabric manufacturing company has a fabric that is 36 inches wide. If the company needs 75 sq. yards, how many linear feet does the manufacturing team need to produce? NEED HELP!

    asked by Jalyn
  182. Chemistry

    Calculate the mass of NH4NO3 salt that should be combined with 100.0 mL of water to obtain a temperature decrease of exactly –15.0C? Delta H of the solution = 24.13 Ccal = 21.12 Csh2o = 4.18 average Qrxn = 1151.6 I don't understand how to solve it

    asked by Catherine
  183. Chemistry

    Calculate the molar H3O and ClO3 concentrations of a .28 M solution of perchloric acid (HClO3)?

    asked by Leroy
  184. Algebra 2

    Simplify 2x*x^7/4

    asked by Anonymous
  185. college chem

    A student constructs a galvanic cell that has a strip of iron metal immersed in a solution of 0.1M Fe(NO3)2 as one half-cell and a strip of zinc metal immersed in a solution of 0.1M Zn(NO3)2 as the other half-cell. The measured cell potential is less than

    asked by sam
  186. Math

    What does 24.305 round to

    asked by Anonymous
  187. physics

    A spider moving downward with a terminal velocity of 13m/s has an upward force of 22N acting on it...what is the mass of the spider?

    asked by Peggy
  188. algebra

    what is the graph of the system ?yx+4

    asked by Anonymous
  189. Math Help!!

    I have to do a scale drawing. The actual measurments of my room are 9 ft 6 inch* 10 ft. The scale that I am using for my scale drawing is 24 inches=1 inch. What will the dimensons of my room be in my sclae drawing? I don't know how to figure this out.

    asked by Callie
  190. Math

    what is the solution to the system of equations? 5x + 4y = 8 x - 2y = 10 (not multiple choice) my answer: (-5, -1) What are the missing values? (coincident) 4x + 5y = 8 8x + ____ y = _____ (Not multiple choice) Im not sure how to do this one collection of

    asked by Anonymous
  191. Algebra

    If an apartment complex will need painting in 3 1/2 years and the job will cost $45,000, what amount needs to be deposited into an account now in order to have the necessary funds? The account pays 12% interest compounded semiannually.

    asked by Virginia
  192. Chemistry

    can you look at the additional attached questions from me this morning at 2:29am? not fully understanding them. thanks for your help

    asked by Leroy
  193. chemistry

    Benzene is a carcinogenic (cancer-causing) compound. A benzene-contaminated water sample contains 3.1×10−5% benzene by mass. What volume of the water in liters contains 225mg of benzene? (Assume that the density of the solution is 1.0 g/mL.)

    asked by Anon
  194. Math

    The members of the Farrell family are Mona, the mother; Scott, the father; Kellie, Katie, Kristin, and Karen, the daughter ; and Kyle the son Consider the ordered pairs (x,y) where x is the mother of y. A.. List the ordered pairs in this set B.. If you are

    asked by Suzy
  195. General

    a beverage company receives an order from the local colleges cafeteria and field 100 bottles with 75 liters of soda how many millimeters of soda are in each bottle?

    asked by Justina
  196. English

    1. When there are no more trees, the land will become a desert. 2. When thre are not any more trees, the land will become a desert. 3. When there are not trees any more, the land will become a desert. ---------------- Are they all the same in meaning?

    asked by rfvv
  197. Language arts

    Write about a time when you had a change of heart!!! The way you could help is by giving me some examples.

    asked by Wendy
  198. physics

    A lightning strike transfers 25.1 C of charge in (6.49x10^-3) s. The current during this lightning strike is _.__x10^ A?

    asked by alex
  199. ALGEBRA Help Please

    Decide whether each equation has one solution, no solution or infinitely many solutions 2(x - 3) = 2x 3(y - 3) = 2y - 9 + y 10x - 2 - 6x = 3x - 2 + x 4(x + 3) + 2x = x - 8 Please Show how you did it if possible please thanks! :)

    asked by Jeff
  200. Physics help please

    A 0.504 m length of conducting wire carrying a current of 62.1 A is?

    asked by alex
  201. Math Help!!

    What is the actual measurments of your room? My answer Height= 10ft Width=9ft 6 in. What is the scale that you will use for your scale drawing? 24=1 inch What will the dimensions of your room be in your scale drawing? I don't know how to answer this

    asked by Callie
  202. Chemistry

    A beaker contains a solution that is 0.50 M in Au+3 ion and 0.25 M in Ag+ ion. A soultion of sodium chloride is slowly dripped into the beaker with stirring. Which ion will precipitate first, the gold or the silver? Clearly support your answer and write

    asked by Kelly
  203. physics

    A kettle brings water to boil by using 233 C of charge over the course of 1.25 minutes. The amount of current that was used is _.__ A?

    asked by Help
  204. algebra 1

    how do i solve -4x-2y=-12 and 4x+8y=-24 using the elimination method?

    asked by lexi
  205. chemistry

    What is the molarity of ZnCl2(aq) that forms when 18.0g of zinc completely reacts with CuCl2(aq) according to the following reaction? (Assume a final volume of 165mL .) Zn(s)+CuCl2(aq)→ZnCl2(aq)+Cu(s)

    asked by Luis
  206. chemistry

    2.) An ideal gas in a 6.30L container at 3.50 atm and at 273K is heated to 435.0K. What is the new pressure?

    asked by xx
  207. Science Technology

    Can someone give me a brief explanation to why Cameras were developed ? Please make it short and simple.

    asked by Laura
  208. chemistry

    1.) 1.25 moles of an ideal gas are contained in 8.0L. If the temperature is 33K, what is the volume at STP?

    asked by xx
  209. juvenile deliquency

    What is a sub-cultural issue that is most proematic in causing juvenile delinquency

    asked by joanna
  210. Algebra Two

    let f(x)=7x+4 and g(x)= 3x-9 f(x)*g(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  211. English (ms.sue)

    How would I describe a someone who is bullying someone getting caught by a teacher? I have to include metaphors and facial expressions. Thank you

    asked by Heena
  212. physics

    An astronaut (mass of 100 kg, with equipment) is headed back to her space station at a speed of 0.750 m/s but at the wrong angle. To correct her direction, she fires rockets from her backpack at right angles to her motion for a brief time. These

    asked by mary
  213. chemistry

    10.0 mL of a Cu2+ solution of unknown concentration was placed in a 250 mL Erlenmeyer flask. An excess of KI solution was added. Indicator was added and the solution was diluted with H2O to a total volume of 75 mL. The solution was titrated with 0.20 M

    asked by Samantha
  214. Algebra

    Given that 2^x+2^x+2^x+2^x=512, what is the value of x? I think it simpliflies to 2^4x=512. and 2^9=512 but to get 9 you have to mulitply something to 4, but its 2.25 is that right?

    asked by Trish Goal
  215. Science Technology

    Originally the camera was made to capture a moment in time quickly and exactly. Paintings often reflected the opinion of the painter in their art, however, photos show exactly what was happening. Photos can be biased but nonetheless they are real.

    asked by Laura
  216. Chemistry

    Microwave ovens heat food by creating microwave electromagnetic radiation that is absorbed by water molecules in the food. Any material that does not have water in it will not absorb the radiation and will not get hot. Metals reflect the microwaves from

    asked by Kales
  217. Math

    7/15 divided by 3/10 =

    asked by Alex
  218. English

    All of the following plural nouns except a.flies b.themselves. c. ladys. d.proofs I am think d All of the following compound nouns are correct except a.editors in chief. b.sons-in-law. c.bird watchers. d.mother-in-laws. I am think b or d

    asked by Anonymous
  219. Financing and Budget

    Which of the following taxes must be paid only by the employer? A. Federal income B. FICA C. Federal unemployment D. State C.

    asked by Amanda
  220. Financing and Budget

    Use the following information to fill in the Income Statement in the figure above. Then, answer the question. The period from September 1 through September 30. Sales: $1,843.00 Advertising: 20.00 Food Services: 65.80 Licenses: 58.00 Payroll Taxes: 136.90

    asked by Amanda
  221. Algebra 2

    let f(x)=7x+4 and g(x)= 3x-9 g(f(x))

    asked by Anonymous
  222. Algebra Help! Please

    Ok so I did what you told me reiny but I cant figure out number three which is here 10x - 2 - 6x = 3x - 2 + x Please show how You did it please?

    asked by Jeff
  223. Math

    How do I solve for x in: 1/x > x I need to do it both algebraically and graphically, but I'm not sure how to do so. Thanks!

    asked by Anonymous
  224. Financing and Budget

    Which of the following financial statements includes the assets, liabilities, and equity accounts of a business? A. Income statement B. Balance sheet C. Form W4 D. Operating budget B.

    asked by Amanda
  225. physics

    a swimmer dives off a pier at an angle of 25 degrees from the horizontal with an initial velocity of 3.2 m/s. How far from the pier will the diver hit the water. Assume the level of water is the same as the pier.

    asked by Thor
  226. HISTORY

    How many states and territories was a part of the United States in 1890? What new states and territories was a part of the United States in 1920 which were not part of the United States in 1890?

    asked by Anonymous
  227. phsics

    A ball is rotating in a horizontal circle at the end of a string of length 3.8 m at an angular velocity of 8.5 rad/s. The string is gradually shortened to 3.3 m without any force being exerted in the direction of the ball’s motion. Find the new angular

    asked by owen
  228. algebra

    Mindy picked 4 times as many daisies as tulips for a flower bouquet. She picked a total of 20 flowers. How many more daisies than tulips did she pick?

    asked by tazmin
  229. MATH


    asked by Katy
  230. English (ms.sue)

    I asked a question before about bullying. Can you please check for improvements on this paragraph and suggest any improvements to make it more ineresting. Thank you. He strides towards one of the girls, who carried a large rucksack, which sagged with a

    asked by Heena
  231. Financing and Budget

    You, the owner of XYZ Day Care, buy a new van for your business. The van costs $20,000, all of which you borrow from First American Bank. Which of the following correctly describes the journal entry for this transaction? A. $20,000 debit to Vehicles,

    asked by Amanda
  232. Spanish--1 question pllz?

    Use the six Spanish terms below to write about something in a traditional classroom. Make sure to use the correct number(s) for the nouns and the correct present tense form of the verb. mochila cartel los las the verb estar en

    asked by Anonymous
  233. Finance

    You have just started your first job and you want to have the basic appliances (fridge, washer, dryer, etc.) in your apartment. You face the following choices: (i) Purchase all appliances at the store using a bank loan. There is no down payment as the bank

    asked by Vidal
  234. Financing and Budget

    If an employer fails to pay state unemployment taxes on a timely basis, the rate on FUTA taxes will A. increase. B. be lower. C. remain the same. D. increase by 100 percent. A.

    asked by Amanda
  235. physics

    what should the ratio of mass to volume be when considering the flight of a hot air balloon.

    asked by kaitlyn
  236. science

    What provides pure O2 for inhaling and canisters to collect CO2 CO2.

    asked by John
  237. Financing and Budget

    Which one of the following categories makes up the largest percentage of a child care operating budget? A. Mortgage or rent B. Supplies C. Food D. Salaries and benefits D.

    asked by Amanda
  238. Algebra

    Solve for x, when (2^(x+1)^3)*4^x=8192.

    asked by Trish Goal