Questions Asked on
November 12, 2014

  1. Social studies

    which part of the pakistan country is warmer?

  2. Latin

    1.Hodie viis ad Europam ambulamus. 2. Romanas terras pugnis non occupabunt! 3.Carro et equo ex provinciis cibum portabamus. 4.Romani deos templis, sacrificiis et statuis laudabant. 5.Servus in arena gladio pugnabit. I think it is.. 1.Today we walk on the

  3. Science Help!

    A student mixed two clear liquids together in a beaker. A solid and a new liquid formed. The student forgot to write down the mass of one of the reactansts. The rest of the data are shown in the table below. Table Mass (g) Liquid reactant A/ unknown Liquid

  4. Math

    In a triangle ABC, with angles A, B, and C and sides AB, BC, and AC, angle B is a right (90°) angle. If the sin of angle A is 0.5 and side BC is 8 inches long, what is the length of side AC?

  5. Physics

    A plate falls vertically to the floor and breaks up into three pieces, which slide along the floor. Immediately after the impact, a 200g piece moves along the x-axis with a speed of 2.00m/s and a 235g piece moves along the the y axis with a speed of

  6. College Algebra

    An object is projected vertically upward from the top of a building with an initial velocity of 112 ft/sec. Its distance s(t) in feet above the ground after t seconds is given by the equation s(t) = −16t^2 + 112t + 100. (a) Find its maximum distance

  7. Science Help!

    Two nonmetals from Group 16 are likely to form a(n) A. Metalic bond. B. Double bond C. Ionic bond D. Covalent bond Is the answer C? Thank you

  8. Science Help!

    Tony's teacher gave him an unknown substance to identify based on its priorities. After a few tests, Tony listed his observations in a chart. Chart Solid at room temperature Brittle COonducts electricity What kind of substance does Tony have? A. Nonmetal

  9. Science Help!

    When two hydrogen atoms bond with one oxygen atom to form water, what happens to the electrons? A. Each hydrogen atom donates its electron to the oxygen atom B. The oxygen atom donates an electron to each hydrigen atom C. A pair of electrons is shared at

  10. math

    An atom of gold has a mass of approximately 3.25 × 10−22 grams. What is the mass of 7000 atoms of gold? Express your answer in scientific notation

  11. Probability

    A husband and wife discover that there is a 10% probability of their passing on a hereditary disease to any child they have. If they plan to have three children, what is the probability of the event that at least one child will inherit the disease?

  12. Maths

    4. Tonya is 1.3 meters tall. She stands 7 meters in front of a tree and casts a shadow 1.8 meters long. How tall is the tree?

  13. Math

    how is the quotient 80000/2000 different from 80000/200 or 80000/20?

  14. Freshman Algebra

    Using a chart: At noon a private plane left Austin for Los Angeles,2100km away, flying at 500km/h. One hour later a jet left Los Angeles for Austin at 700km/h. At what time did they pass each other?

  15. science

    A geologist working in a national park finds a mineral. He is carrying a kit that contains a penny, a hand lens, a piece of tile, a geologic hammer, and a jackknife. Describe how the geologist can use these items to determine some of the mineral’s

  16. math1

    If a line with a slope of -2 crosses the y-axis at (0, 3), what is the equation of the line?

  17. Math Help!!!

    1. Which of these numbers can be classified as both real and rational? ½ -1.016879413894 Square root of 5 0.89089908999 2. Which is both a real number and an integer? Square root of 7 0.15 -15 1/3 3. Which is an example of an irrational number? Square

  18. Chemistry

    Iron has density 7.87 g/cm3. If 52.3 g of iron is added to 74.5 mL of water in a graduated cylinder, to what volume reading will the water level in the cylinder rise? mL

  19. Arithmetic Progression

    the sum of the first and second terms of ap is 4 and the tenth term is 19. find the sum of the 5th and 6th

  20. Science Help!

    You are creating a carbon cycle poster. What could you include in the poster to demonstrate the cycling of carbon? A. A rock falling B. Shells fossilizing C. An eagle breathing D. The sun shining Is the answer D? Thank you

  21. English

    Which question help the reader indetify the verb modifiers in a simple sentence? a.which,what kind of ,how many,how much,when,where,why,to what degree,how often c.what, whom d. to whom, for whom I am think a

  22. Maths

    Stephanie casts a shadow of 1.2 m and she is 1.8 m tall. A wind turbine casts a shadow of 10 m at the same time that Stephanie measured her shadow. Draw a diagram of this situation and then calculate how tall the wind turbine is.

  23. Biology*STUCK*

    The fluid mosaic model describes the structure of the plasma membrane. Embedded within the plasma membrane are proteins and carbohydrates that contribute to the term mosaic. Glycolipids and glycoproteins are examples of carbohydrates on the surface of red

  24. Physics

    Sam pushes crates starting form rest across the floor of his classroom for 3 s with a net force as shown above. For each crate, rank the following from greatest to least: A 100N/30kg, B 75N/20kg C 50N/10kg 1. Impulse delivered 2. Change in momentum 3.

  25. math

    . what are the steps to solve this problem? 0.000027/0.000009 requirements: explain how to use scientific notation to solve the problem describe how to divide written in scientific notation give your final answer in simplest form.

  26. Math

    Patrick drew a map of his neighborhood. He used a scale in which 1 inch equals 2 miles. What distance on Patrick's map should represent the 1.5 miles between his house and the nearest gas station?

  27. Chemistry

    if 10.0L of neon gas exerts a pressure of 125psi at 373K, what is the number of moles of gas? I don't know how to set this up. I am using ideal gas law N=PV/RT but my answer is not matching. I converted the 125psi to 8.50atm N= 8.50atm*10.0L/1 k * 373k*1

  28. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    Write a function with the following characteristics: A vertical asymptote at x=3 A horizontal asymptote at y=2 An x-intercept at x=-5

  29. Algebra 2 HELP plz

    An object is launched upward with an initial velocity of 64 feet per second from a platform 80 feet high. 1.) Write a height model for the object. I wrote my model as .... h=-16t^2 +64t +80 2.) How many seconds until the maximum height is reached? I had 2

  30. caculus

    Given f″(x)=−4sin(2x) and f′(0)=3 and f(0)=−6. Find f(π/6)

  31. Physics

    A pendulum on earth swings with angular frequency ω. On an unknown planet, it swings with angular frequency ω /2. The acceleration due to gravity on this planet is A) 4g B) 2g C) g/2 D) g/4 I think it is C but I am not sure...

  32. Probability.. HELP!

    At a certain hospital, 40 patients have lung cancer, 30 patients smoke, and 25 have lung cancer and smoke. Suppose the hospital contains 200 patients. If a patient chosen at random is known to smoke, what is the probability of the event that the patient

  33. Math Help

    Solve for x: 1.) ln√x-8=5 2.) log2x+log2(x+2)=log2(x+6)

  34. themodynamics

    liquid water of mass 10 kg & temperature 20 degree celsius mixed with 2 kg of ice at -5 degree celsius till equilibrium is reached at 1 atm presssure . find entropy ??

  35. Science Help!

    Atomic theory is A. Subject to change if new information is discovered B. A solution to the problem of differing isotopes C. Unchangeable D. A descriptive table that lists all of the elements Is the answer A? Thank you

  36. Chemistry (Equilibrium)

    Consider the following equilibrium system at 900°C: H20(g) + CO(g) H2(g) + CO2(g) Initially 5.0 moles of H2O and 4.0 moles of CO were reacted. At equilibrium, it is found that 2.0 moles of H2 are present. How many moles of H2O remain in the mixture? Would

  37. Physics

    A neutron with a mass of 1.67x10^-27 kg traveling east with a kinetic energy of 2.00x10^-21J collides perfectly elastically with helium nucleus with a mass 6.68x10^-27 kg that is initially at rest. After the collision, the neutron has a kinetic energy

  38. Physics (Work Problem)

    A 25kg box is pulled across a frictionless floor by a rope that is inclined 30 degrees above horizontal. The tension in the rope is 50N. How much work is done by the force in moving the crate 10 meters? If the box started at rest, what is the final

  39. statistics

    B} The average number of mosquitoes in a stagnant pond is 70 per square meter with a standard deviation of 8. If 36 square meters are chosen at random for a mosquito count, find the probability that the average of those counts is more than 70.9 mosquitoes

  40. stats

    if 60 % of all women are employed outside the home find the probability that in a sample of 20 women at least 10 are employed

  41. Chemistry

    Consider the following equilibrium: 2HI(g) *are in equilibrium with* H2(g) = I2(g) Keq = 81.0 A 2.00L container is initially filled with 4.00 mol HI. Calculate the [HI] at equilibrium. *I don't know how to put the equilibrium sign on the computer* Can

  42. chemistry

    The reaction SO2 + H2O =H2SO4 Is the last step in the commercial production of sulfuric acid . the enthalpy change for this reaction is -227 KJ . In designing a sulfuric acid plant is it necessary to provide for heating or cooling of the reaction mixture ?

  43. Civics

    "The legislative power of the state shall be vested in a legislature of the State of Florida, consisting of a senate composed of one senator elected from each representative." The quote above mandates one executive to serve from each district. describes

  44. chemistry

    28.09 g of silicon contains 6.02 1023 silicon atoms. What is the mass in grams of 1.06 1025 silicon atoms? Can you help me please.

  45. Algebra

    If p(x)=x^4-3x+2, then find the coefficient of the x^3 term in the polynomial (p(x))^3.

  46. chem

    All the oxygen gas from a 22.0-L container at a pressure of 72.2 kPa is added to a 18.0-L container of hydrogen at a pressure of 150. kPa. After the transfer, what is the partial pressures of hydrogen?

  47. biology

    if a color blind woman marries a man with normal vision,how do you set up punnett square?

  48. chemistry

    What is the chemical eguation for a small piece of pottasium dropped In a beaker of water.

  49. History

    Who lives in the White House?

  50. chemistry

    Write the chemical equation to represent what happens when a small piece of pottasium is dropped in a beaker of water.

  51. maths

    A dealer allows a discount of 10% on the market price .How much above the cost price must he mark his goods to make a profit of 8%?

  52. chemistry

    Which sample has the most solute? Question 15 options: 200. mL of 0.200 M MgCl2 150. mL of 0.250 M MgCl2 100. mL of 0.300 M MgCl2 100. mL of 0.250 M MgCl2

  53. Algebra

    The dimensions of a rectangle are such that it's length is 9 in. more than its width. If the length were doubled and if the width were decreased by 4 in., the area would be increased by 110 in^2. What are the length and width of the rectangle?

  54. Grammar

    Which sentence is correct? "All I am able to comprehend is that my brothers were right." or "All that I am able to comprehend is that my brothers were right."

  55. Science Help!

    Which of the following is true about photosythesis? A. It is an exothermic reaction B. It is an endothermic reaction C. It produces carbon dioxide D. It occurs in animals Is the answer C? Thank you

  56. physics

    It has been said that sometimes lead bullets melt upon impact. Assume that a bullet with an initial temperature of 295 K receives 73.5 % of the work done on it by a wall on impact as an increase in internal energy. (The melting point of lead is 601 K, the

  57. Chemistry

    0.05 L of chlorine gas is bubbled through 0.5 L of 2 M sodium Bromide solution. -What type of reaction is this ? A) Single Replacment B) Double Replacement C) Synthesis D) Decomposition E) Combustion - What product(s) will be predicted for this reaction?

  58. Probability.. HELP!

    Three men were walking down a street talking when they met a fourth man. If the fourth man knew that two of the men always lied and the third always told the truth and he asked the three men a question, what is the probability that he got a truthful answer

  59. calculus

    7) Consider the function f(x)=(10/x^2)−(2/x^6). Let F(x) be the antiderivative of f(x) with F(1)=0. Then F(x)= ?

  60. Algebra HELP!

    An estimate of the frog population in a certain pond was found by catching 30 frogs, marking them, and returning them to the pond. The next day, 50 frogs were caught, of which 14 had been marked the previous day. Estimate the frog population of the pond.

  61. calculus

    A ball is thrown 12 meters in the air (so that the initial up-and-down distance is 24 meters). The ball rebounds 95% of the distance it falls. What is the total vertical distance traveled by the ball before it stops bouncing?

  62. math

    Water is leaking out of an inverted conical tank at a rate of 6700 cubic centimeters per minute at the same time that water is being pumped into the tank at a constant rate. The tank has height 6 meters and the diameter at the top is 3.5 meters. If the

  63. English

    In the sentence what did you have for dinner? Is have a linking verb? Is the word what an adverb, a direct object, or an indirect object?

  64. statistics

    I have no idea how to solve this. In a sample of 16 students, 15 were right-handed. Can we construct a 95% confidence interval for the proportion of all students who are right-handed?


    How can I solve this? A random sample of medical files is used to estimate the proportion p of all people who have blood type B. If you have no preliminary estimate for p, how many medical files should you include in a random sample in order to be 85% sure

  66. College Algebra

    Find the standard equation of a parabola that has a vertical axis and satisfies the given conditions. x-intercepts −2 and 8,highest point has y-coordinate 5

  67. Math

    The length of a rectangle is 5 centimeters less than three times it's width . It's area is 12 square centimeters. Find the dimensions of the rectangle

  68. Science

    One of the accessory pigments used in photosynthesis is beta-carotene, a carotenoid found in high concentration in carrots. When one molecule of beta-carotene is split by an enzyme, two molecules of vitamin A are produced. Removal of a hydrogen atom from

  69. Physics

    A neutron with a mass of 1.67x10^-27 kg traveling east with a kinetic energy of 2.00x10^-21J collides perfectly elastically with helium nucleus with a mass 6.68x10^-27 kg that is initially at rest. After the collision, the neutron has a kinetic energy

  70. science

    1. What allows a cell to stockpile substances in greater concentration than they occur outside the cell? is it active transport? 2. The sodium potassium pump prevents the accumulation of what ions inside the cell? 3. Conduction of nerve impulses is

  71. Biology*STUCK*

    The fluid mosaic model describes the structure of the plasma membrane. Embedded within the plasma membrane are proteins and carbohydrates that contribute to the term mosaic. Glycolipids and glycoproteins are examples of carbohydrates on the surface of red

  72. criminal justice

    To some, the victim's rights movement is more an exercise in symbolic politics than a substantive program. As a result, some critics argue that many of these programs are really more interested in severe punishment of the defendant than in helping victims

  73. physics

    The drawing shows a 156-kg crate hanging from the end of a steel bar (S = 8.1 x 1010 N/m2). The length of the bar is 0.117 m, and its cross-sectional area is 7.44 x 10-4 m2. Neglect the weight of the bar itself and determine (a) the shear stress on the bar

  74. chemistry

    a student measures the conductivity of a KNO3 solution and determines it to be a strong electrolyte.what species are in solution?


    Find the Z score for the weights of Middle school boys which are approximately Normal, mean = 130 lbs, Standard Deviation = 7, if Johnny weighs 148 lbs, What's his Z score?

  76. science

    how do i find the percent. then lable it on a smaller diagram

  77. Calculus

    9) The rectangles in the graph illustrate a left endpoint Riemann sum for f(x)=(x^2/8) on the interval [4,8]. What is the value of this left endpoint Riemann sum? The rectangles in the graph illustrate a right endpoint Riemann sum for f(x)=(x^2/8) on the

  78. Advanced Math

    At 9:00 a.m. the temperature was -4 degrees. It rose 35 degrees during the day. What was the new temperature

  79. math

    What would be the volume of 3ft 7ft 3ft

  80. statistics

    =weight of oranges in a 5-lb bag ~ N(m,0.2); (a) How many customers get cheated, if E(X)=5? (proportion p=________?) (b) What should m equal so that (a) p

  81. History

    What is the national monument of America?

  82. Geometry

    In triangle NLM, name the angle that is included between line NM and line LN? Is it line LM?

  83. Reading

    James Baldwin's eloquent, forceful style has given his work its wide recognition... Which of the following statements best summarizes the main idea of the passage?

  84. Math

    the series a_n doesn't have a limit. prove that the series (1/n) doesnt go to 1. use the definiton of lim: for every epsilon>0......

  85. Pre-Calculus

    Simplify the trigonometric expression: cos^3x+sin^2x cos x

  86. chemistry

    23.9 g of CaCl2 (MM = 111.0 g/mol) is dissolved in enough water to make 300. mL of solution. What is the molarity of the solution?

  87. physics

    A copper (Young's modulus 1.1 x 1011 N/m2) cylinder and a brass (Young's modulus 9.0 x 1010 N/m2) cylinder are stacked end to end, as in the drawing. Each cylinder has a radius of 0.38 cm. A compressive force of F = 6100 N is applied to the right end of

  88. Pre-Calculus

    Prove the identity: cos(x-π/2)=sin x

  89. chemistry

    How much CaCl2 (MM = 111.0 g/mol) would you weigh out to prepare 325. mL of 0.150. M CaCl2?

  90. chemistry

    {V1} mL of 0.100 M HCl is placed in a {V2}.0 mL volumetric flask and water is added to bring the final volume up to 250.0 mL. What is the molarity of the dilute solution?

  91. Pre-Calculus

    Use an Addition or Subtraction Formula to find the exact value of the expression: tan7π/12

  92. Pre-Calculus

    I really need help on this question Simplify the expression by using a Double-Angle formula or a Half-Angle Formula cos^2 0/2-sin^2 0/2

  93. Science

    How do I find how many seconds that pass between wave crests when I have the Frequency = 0.5 Hz Wavelength = 6 meters Thanks

  94. math

    Find the present value, using the present value formula. (Round your answer to the nearest cent.) Achieve $225,500 at 8.45% compounded continuously for 8 years, 145 days.

  95. chemistry

    5.0 mL of H2SO4 solution was titrated with 0.20 M NaOH standard solution. The volume of NaOH needed to reach the equivalent point was 9.5 mL. 1. In this titration setup, what is the titrant? and what is the analyte? 2. What is the number of mole of H2SO4

  96. math algebra


  97. English

    Part (a) – What theme do you think the poet is exploring in this poem? Part (b) – How does the poet use language in this poem to present his ideas? The poem is = FARM CHILD Look at this village boy, his head is stuffed With all the nests he know, his

  98. calculus

    1) A particle is moving with acceleration a(t)=36t+10. its position at time t=0 is s(0)=16 and its velocity at time t=0 is v(0)=9. What is its position at time t=11?

  99. english ,geo,economics,business and maths lit

    what career path can i follow up on?please help

  100. math

    write the steps for finding 50x30= by factoring the tens

  101. Physics

    What is the horizontal component of the force of an object sloped at a 45° angle. pulling with a force of 110N.

  102. math


  103. math please help

    The sales tax oon a $350 computer is $22.75. Find the saes tax rate. 24 red marbles is 40% of _____ marbles.

  104. Calculus

    Find the general indefinite integral ∫ v(v3+5)2dv

  105. MATH


  106. maths

    if a:b=3.5 and b:c=4.7,find a:b:c

  107. Algebra

    Find all positive integer values of c such that the equation x^2-7x+c=0 only has roots that are real and rational.

  108. Science

    Could give any websites that would help me find abiotic and biotic factors of the biome Aquatic. Please give as many website as possible

  109. science

    I'm curious to know why does energy changes form?

  110. writing

    Write a short paragraph that describes a discussion you recently had that demonstrates at least one of the principles of verbal communication. State the principle and explain how it applies to your example. 2.

  111. World History (Ms. Sue)

    Do you agree with that which I have written? "Like their fictional characters, Romantics were misunderstood or rejected by the society around them. Nevertheless, they deeply valued ordinary people and their individual experiences in everyday life. Romantic

  112. Math

    $2500 is invested in an account that pays 12% interest, compounded continuously. Find the time required for the amount to triple and round the final answer to the nearest tenth of a year.

  113. Math Help

    The number y of daily fee golf facilities in the United States from 1995 to 2003 can be represented by the following model where t represents the year with t = 5 corresponding to 1995. y=4381+1883.6lnt 5=t=13 During which year did the number of daily fee

  114. physics

    An unidentified flying object is cruising 30.0° north of east at a speed of 2132 km/h. How fast is it moving to the north?

  115. Early Childhood

    Does the process of attachment last the child's whole life or until the child's needs are met? I think until the child's needs are met; however, my co-worker thinks it should be the child's entire life.I am thinking that a healthy attachment should end at

  116. Math

    Determine slope using the ordered pairs 1.5,50 and 3,100 Answer : 50/1.5?

  117. worl history

    The Indonesian name for Borneo is

  118. Algebra 2

    How do I solve this using the Quadratic formula and finding the determinant? 1. 5x-6=0 2. x+25=0

  119. Physics

    an object of mass 5 kg has initial speed of 8 m/s it is sliding across an 8 m long table and has a coefficient of friction of .204 with the table sitting at the edge of the table is a 3 kg object at rest the 5 kg object collides and sticks to the 3 kg

  120. Physics

    an astronaut of mass 150 kg is stranded 100 m from the international space station and is at rest relative to it he decides to throw his movie camera of mass 4.5 kg away at a speed of 10 m/s he has 5 minutes of air left in his tank does he make it back in

  121. Math

    Hi! Could someone possibly help me solve this?; log2(x+4)=log2(x^2+2). For my answer, I got "All Real Numbers" or x=0 but I'm not sure if that's right. Thanks a bunch!

  122. Financing and Budget

    This question is based the figure above. Fill in the missing lines in the balance column of this figure. Then, answer the question. What is the family's current (most recent) balance? A. $570 B. $330 C. $210 D. $0 C.

  123. math

    Oregon, 2 1/4 %per month

  124. Math

    Determine slope using 1,30 and 3,100 Answer : y=35x-5?

  125. Math

    3x=4+8y Find A,B, and C

  126. statistics

    what is the difference between parameter and statistic

  127. chemistry

    263 mL ethanol to its mass in grams

  128. Can some one check my finance answers please

    Which of the following best states the difference between seed capital and startup capital? Seed capital is for research and planning while startup capital is for operating expenses. Seed capital is provided by venture capitalists while startup capital is

  129. chemistry

    calculate the amount of heat released when 77.0g of steam at 104.5 celsius cools to ice at 0.0 celsius. I don't understand the steps to take to solve this problem. Can someone walk me through it please?

  130. Math

    What is a trend line

  131. St Ans School

    A number is as much less than 75 as it is greater than 45. Find the number?

  132. physics

    The R-factor for housing insulation gives the thermal resistance in units of ft2 °F h/BTU. A good wall for harsh climates, corresponding to about 10 in of fiberglass, has R = 45 ft2 °F h/BTU. a) Determine the thermal resistance (in m2 K/W) in SI units.

  133. Chem

    Define IE, and explain why Na has a smaller value than Cl in terms of ion stability (Na+1 versus Cl+1). Would it be Na? But I can't explain why?

  134. PED 212 Foundation of Movement & Motor Activitie

    Question 1.1. Which of the following “reminders” for successful lesson planning is correct? (Points : 1) a. it helps you decide when to b.teach certain activities c. it helps you remember which level you are teaching d. it helps you assign appropriate

  135. Math

    Question: Write a word problem using 7 groups. And then solve the problem Can you give an example?

  136. history

    1. Which group believed a strong national government was critical to the country? federalists anti-federalists

  137. Chem

    Define electron affinity, and explain why Na has a less exothermic value than Cl in terms of ion stability (Na-1) I know the definition part is Na less esothermic because Na has more energy? But why?

  138. chemistry

    2.9 in3 of mercury to its volume in milliliters and its mass in kilograms

  139. Financing and Budget

    Use the following information to fill in the Income Statement in the figure above. Then, answer the question. The period from September 1 through September 30. Sales: $1,843.00 Advertising: 20.00 Food Services: 65.80 Licenses: 58.00 Payroll Taxes: 136.90

  140. Math

    Maria has 24ft of fence.she wants to make the lalgest rectangular area possible for her dog.what length should she make each side

  141. English

    1. What is the simple subject of the following sentence? During the night, the frightened child called for his mother and father. A. Night B. Child C. His D. Frightened B?

  142. Physics

    How fast is an object traveling after 3seconds if its terminal velocity is about 35 m/s.?

  143. Algebra

    I already posted this question and Reiny answered it, I just wanted to clarify my answer Problem: If f(x) is a polynomial of degree 4, and g(x) is a polynomial of degree 2, then what is the degree of polynomial f(x)-g(x)? Reiny: so f(x) has to contain an

  144. English

    Hello. I'll be very grateful if you help me to understand a line from a poem. And yet I am my one sole self, America seeking the stars. (Langston Hughes "America") I mean the second line. I translated it word for word but it is still very ambiguous to me.

  145. physics

    A skier going down a hill accelerates from 5.15m/s to17.3m/s over a period of 11.7 seconds. For all calculations, you may neglect drag. If the skier’s total mass is 57.3kg, what is the average force applied by the snow against the skis to bring her to a

  146. Physics help

    an isolated container holding 5 kg of sulfuric acid is at 60 C. if 2.49x10^5 Joules of energy were transferred out of the acid, what would be the new temp. of the acid?

  147. Math

    Use the formula y=50x-25 Approximately how many minutes will it take a student to type a 2500 word essay if in 8 minutes they can type 375 words and in 15 minutes they can type 725 words

  148. essay edit

    can someone edit this? Thanks in advance! Mcnamara's Eleven Points in light of the US's involvement with the War in Iraq The inevitable fog of misunderstanding and irrational human error within war can lead to mass killings, chaos, and inevitable failure.

  149. Math

    do you borrow his bike for a total of 41 minutes.before lunch,he vote for one minute less than five times the number of minutes he rolled after lunch. how many minutes did you fire ride before lunch

  150. English

    Would down to earth be considered a character trait?

  151. Physics

    A box is sitting at rest at the top of a ramp 3.00m long at an angle to the horizontal of 12 degrees. When the box reaches the bottom of the frictionless ramp, it falls an additional 2.00 m vertically before hitting the floor. How far from the right end of

  152. finance math

    Meg's pension plan is an annuity with a guaranteed return of 7% interest per year (compounded annually). She would like to retire with a pension of $30000 per annum for 15 years. If she works 31 years before retiring, how much money must she and her

  153. Math HELP!

    Please help me write an equation for these two: Ten fewer than the number of band instruments is 47 instruments. The number of meters decreased by 25.6 is 84.3 meters

  154. Calculus

    Find the equation of the tangent line to f(x)=x sec x at ((pi/4),(pi•sqrt 2)/4). Please check my derivative .. Is it (sin^2(x)+ 1)/cos^3 (x)?

  155. Pre-Calc/Trig

    State the domain and range for each function. y=2x^2/(x^2-1) domain: ? range: ?

  156. Science Help!

    How many valence electrons does magnesium (Mg) have? A. 12 B. six C. three D. two Is the answer D?

  157. English

    5.)Which word is the best choice to complete the following sentence?She didn’t want to get in trouble for breaking the window, so she wrote a note letting the teacher know it needed to be fixed, and mailed it. a.)authorized. b.)unanimously.

  158. Math, Please Help!

    Suppose a dot is placed at random in a 10 x 10 graph grid in which squares have been numbered from 1 to 100 with no number repeated. Now simulate choosing 100 numbers at random between 1 and 100 inclusive. How many numbers might you expect to match the

  159. math

    A street light is at the top of a 16.0 ft. tall pole. A man 5.9 ft tall walks away from the pole with a speed of 5.5 feet/sec along a straight path. How fast is the tip of his shadow moving when he is 47 feet from the pole?

  160. geography

    what are 3 examples that make scientists believe that the continents once fit together?

  161. Chemistry

    1. what type of covalent bonded liquid will a polar covalent solid dissolve in? (hint like dissolves like) 2. what type of covalent bonded liquid will a non polar covalent solid dissolve in? (hint like dissolves like) 3. In what type of solvent will a

  162. English

    4.)Which word or phrase is closest in meaning to the word unanimous? a.)justifies b.)in agreement

  163. Intermediate algebra

    How many quarts of water must be mixed with 8 quarts of a 25% salt solutions to obtain a 17.5% salt solution?

  164. Science Help!

    Which reaction is exothermic? A. Cellular respiration B. Photosythesis C. Baking soda+ vinegar D. Melting ice Is the answer A?

  165. history

    11. By the 1840s the canals were outdone by the _____________________ in ability to move people and goods across distances quickly and inexpensively.

  166. math

    Sally and Marta had the same number of postcards. After Sally sold 18 of her postcards, Marta had 4 times as many postcards as Sally. How many postcards did each girl have to begin with?

  167. intermediate algebra

    two perpendicular lines intersect at (2,3) one of the lines has an x-intercept of 2. what are the equations of both lines?

  168. math olympiad

    If the digonal of a rectangle is square root of 89. Find the lenght and breadth ?

  169. physics

    A truck has two wheels and the area of each wheel is 3 square meters and the total pressure exerted by the truck on the ground is 20 000Pa. Find the mass of the truck.

  170. Chemistry

    What is the molar mass of 0.500 g of unknown monoprotic acid used in titration, if 22.5 mL of 0.15 M NaOH solution was required to neutralize it? I do not need the answer, but instead an example of how to do a question just like it.

  171. Stats

    The population (in millions) and the violent crime rate (per 1000) were recorded for 10 metropolitan areas. The data are shown in the following table. Do these data provide evidence to reject the null hypothesis that ρ = 0 in favor of ρ ≠ 0 at α =

  172. algebra

    An exponential function passes through the points (2,3), (9,33), (15,K). What is the value of K?

  173. English

    4.)Which word or phrase is closest in meaning to the word unanimous? a.)justifies b.)in agreement

  174. algebra

    Tom invests $10,000 into two accounts, one paying 2% interest per year and the other paying 5% interest per year. He invested 3 times as much in the account paying 5% than in the account paying 2%. how much interest will he ear in one year?

  175. Physics

    A car starts from rest and travels for 5.9 s with a uniform acceleration of +1.3 m/s2. The driver then applies the brakes, causing a uniform acceleration of -1.7 m/s2. The breaks are applied for 1.60 s. (a) How fast is the car going at the end of the

  176. physics

    A 4.5 kg block is dropped onto a spring of spring constant 1861 N/m from a height of 1500 cm find the speed of the block when the compression of the spring is 12 cm. The acceleration of gravity is 9.81 m/s

  177. Algebra

    Consider the polynomials: F(x)= 4x^3 + 3x^2 + 2x +1 G(x)= 3 - 4x + 5x^2 - 6x^3 Find c such that the polynomial f(x)+cg(x) has degree 2.

  178. Algebra

    Let f,g, and h be polynomials such that h(x)=f(x)*g(x). If the constant term of f(x) is -4 and the constant term of h(x) is 3, what is g(0)?

  179. Math

    What is 3.9 x 4.67 equal to?

  180. Math

    Simplify. State which property you used. 14 + 7x + 16

  181. 8th grade language arts

    4.)Which word or phrase is closest in meaning to the word unanimous? a.)justifies b.)in agreement

  182. math for social science

    A bag contains 3 red marbles, 1 green one, 1 lavender one, 3 yellows, and 3 orange marbles. HINT [See Example 7.] How many sets of five marbles include at least two red ones?

  183. math

    write all the steps to solve the following problem. explain your steps as you solve it. a certain computer can perform 10^5 calculations per second. how many calculations can it perform in 10 seconds?

  184. Health

    Systole is the ________ phase of the cardiac cycle

  185. Fine Art

    "There was a wide range of influences that affected the art of the emerging modern Europe. Explain how five of these influences had an impact on art of the Italian Renaissance, and explain five influences that had an impact on art of the Rococo period" I

  186. Science Help!

    Which chemical equation is balanced? A. H2O----> H2+2O2 B. 2H2O---> 2H2+O2 C. 2H2O---> H2+2O2 D. H2O----> 2H2+2O2 Is the answer A? Thanks

  187. Calculus - PLEASE HELP!!

    Use L'Hospital's Rule to solve: lim u --> 1 of (u-1)^3/ ((1/u) - u^2 + (3/u) - 3) Ok, so what I thought was that it is type 0/0 so taking the derivatives of the top and bottom 3(u-1)^2 /(-u^-2 -2u - 3u^-3) and subbing in u = 1 = 0/-6 = 0

  188. spanish

    Te banas o te duchas regularmente?

  189. sixth grade math

    The poster shows how many of its games the football team has won so far. Express this information as a fraction, a percent, and as a decimal. Can someone show me how to solve this problem?

  190. Science

    Caleb is holding a metal block in his hand. What could he do to decrease the thermal energy of the block? -Cool it (A) -Drop it (B) -Hit it (C) -Melt it (D) PS. I think it is Cool It, but I do not know for sure if it is correct or not. I do not think any

  191. Math

    Roy works at happys restaurant. He works 30 hrs a week. Last week he earned $130 of which $40 was tips. How much is he paid per hour?

  192. history

    who were involved progressive reforms and how did they contribute to America?

  193. math

    We did not find results for: a conical tank with its vertex down is 12 feet high and 12 feet in diameter at the top. water is being pumped in at the rate of 8 feet cubed per minute. find the rate at which the water level is rising when the water is 4 feet

  194. Math

    Papa’s Pizzeria charges $12.00 for a medium cheese pizza and $1.25 for each additional topping. What will be the cost of a pizza that has pepperoni, sausage, bell peppers and onions?

  195. Statistics Help!

    Please help! In a combined study of northern pike, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout, and lake trout, it was found that 22 out of 845 fish died when caught and released using barbless hooks on flies or lures. All hooks were removed from the fish. Let p

  196. Calculus

    Differentiate. f(x)=cos x/x Is it (-x sin x - cos x)/x^2

  197. Help With Statistics

    I would really appreciate help with this. In a survey of 1000 large corporations, 252 said that, given a choice between a job candidate who smokes and an equally qualified nonsmoker, the nonsmoker would get the job. Find a 0.95 confidence interval for p.

  198. statistics question

    Thank you in advance for anyone able to help me with this... In a sample of 67 randomly selected students, 27 favored the amount being budgeted for next year's intramural and interscholastic sports. Construct a 98% confidence interval for the proportion of

  199. sixth grade math

    How to express 12/15 as a fraction, percent, and decimal. Someone please show me how to solve.

  200. history

    how did political machines and bosses take advantage of American People?

  201. Math

    Determine slope using the ordered pairs 1.5,50 and 3,100

  202. Science

    Which of the following factors does not vary between a fast-following river and a pond that receives no water input? a. oxygen levels b. salt concentration c. temperature d. fish species I think possibly b. Ms. Sue?

  203. Science

    describe how the triassic period was a transitional time. during the mesozoic era explain why the boundary between triassic and jurassic period is similar to the boundary between Permian and triassic periods

  204. Math

    Sally has 3 planting boxes . Each box is 4 feet wide and 8 feet long. How much space does she have altogether? Is it 3x4 + 3x8= 36 total feet?

  205. Math

    Mike's age, decreased by the age of his 4 year old sister is 11. Mikes age, increased by his uncle's age is 53. How old is Mike's uncle?

  206. maths

    write down any 3 platonic solids you know

  207. Physics

    In a horizontal spring-mass configuration, the position of the 0.52 kg mass is described by [x = (1.09 m) sin(2.70t)] a) What is in meters the amplitude of these oscillations? b) What is in m/s the maximum speed of the mass under these conditions? c) What

  208. Math

    The number of meters decreased by 25.6 is 84.3 meters.

  209. math1

    10x+15y=20 -9x-15y=-21

  210. health

    Because mood disorders such as depression substantially increase the risk of suicide, ________ is a matter of serious concern for clinicians.

  211. math

    Wel-min makes a square quilt that has an area of 100 square feet.It has 25 square blocks, each the same size. What is the legth of each side of a block? A 2 feet B 4 feet C 6 feet D 10 feet is the answer b 4 feet someone please help

  212. sci i think its b

    A student is trying to identify the different forms of energy described in the following chart: Form of Energy Description Examples Energy A energy that travels in waves through space light radio waves Energy B energy that depends on the height of an

  213. Chemistry

    28.09 g of silicon contains 6.02 1023 silicon atoms. What is the mass in grams of 1.06 1025 silicon atoms?

  214. physics- energy and work

    To push a 33.0-kg crate up a frictionless incline angled at 27.0° to the horizontal, a worker exerts a force of 388 N parallel to the incline. The crate moves a distance of 4.10 m. What work is done on the crate by the worker? What work is done on the

  215. Science

    A famous scientist once said that wherever in the universe life exists. Some of those life-forms must be colored. Why would scientist make such a statement?

  216. College Algebra

    Ozone occurs at all levels of Earth's atmosphere. The density of ozone varies both seasonally and latitudinally. At a given city, the density D(h) of ozone (in 10^−3cm/km) for altitudes h between 20 kilometers and 35 kilometers was determined

  217. Finance

    Which of the following best states the difference between seed capital and startup capital? Seed capital is for research and planning while startup capital is for operating expenses. Seed capital is provided by venture capitalists while startup capital is

  218. Pre-Calculus

    Identify the slope of the asymptotes of 5(y -1)2 - 20(x - 1)2 =64. A) 2 and -2 B) 64 and -64 C) 5 and -5 D) 0.25 and -0.25

  219. Maths

    the length of a rectangle L metres and the width of the rectangle is W metres. Each measurement is correct to the nearest cm. Find, in terms of L and W the difference between the lower bound and the upper bound of the area of the rectangle.

  220. math

    A basket with 12 apples has a mass of 3105 grams. The same basket with 7 apples has a mass of 1980 grams. Each apple has the same mass. What is the mass of the basket?

  221. physics- energy and work

    A 47.6-kg diver steps off a 10.82 m high diving board and drops straight down into the water. If the diver comes to rest 5.3 m below the surface of the water, determine the average resistance force exerted on the diver by the water. What is the total

  222. Biology

    When the CO2 concentration in the cells of a C3 plant is low compared with the O2 concentration, an enzyme combines RuBP with O2 rather than with CO2. What effect would this enzymatic change have on photosynthesis? Under what environmental conditions would

  223. English

    What personification and metaphors can I use to describe a lunch dinner hall? Any help would be very much appreciated Thank you

  224. Civics

    1. "We, the people of the State of Florida, being grateful to Almighty God for our constitutional liberty, in order to secure its benefits, perfect out government, ensure domestic tranquillity, maintain public order, and guarantee equal civil and political

  225. Physics

    show that the oscillation of a liquid in a u-tube is in simple harmonic motion.

  226. statistics

    at the tire store, 10 out of every 100 tires are defective. if your parents randomly choose and purchase 4 new tires for a family vehicle from a set of 100 newly shipped titres, what is the probability that all four will be defective

  227. statistics

    a jar contains red and blue marbles. two marbles are chosen without replacement. the probability of choosing a red marble and then a blue marble is .26, and the probability of selecting a blue marble first is .43. what is the probability of selecting a red

  228. math

    If the ratio is students in a class is 8 to 5 and there are 135 more boys then how many girls are in the class

  229. math

    melanie has 9 gallons of juice and shelby has 16 quarts of juice.How many gallons of the did the two girls have?

  230. math

    Mr. Sims has 198 oranges. he packs them into 5 crates. Use rounding to estimate the number of oranges in each crate.

  231. Inverses of functions

    −9+f−1(a−1)=−12 f(−3)=2

  232. Algebra

    Suppose that f is a polynomial such that (x^2-1)*f(x)=5x^6-x^5+3x^4+x^3-25x^2+38x-17. What is the degree of?

  233. alg 2

    The book asks to us the quadratic formula to solve for the equation. Can someone help with these examples: 1.) x^2+4x-2=0 2.) 2x^2 -5x-2=0 3.) x^2+2x=4x 4.) -6x^2 +3x+2=3 ______________________________________ There are more problems but I think I can

  234. geometry

    Find the value of x. Then classify the triangle by its angles. 60 X 60

  235. math

    jasmine bought 6 gallons of apple juice. after filling up 4 bottles of the same size with apple juice, she has 0.3 gallons of apple juice left. hhow many gallons of apple juice are in each container?

  236. Chemistry 11

    Find the percent composition of a compound containing sodium and chlorine if 24.34g of the compound contains 13.45g of sodium. My work: Molar mass of NaCl: MNa +MCl = 22.99 g/mol + 35.45 g/mol = 58.44 g/mol Percent composition of Na: 22.99 g/mol / 58.44

  237. Physics

    A 4 kg mass and a 9 kg mass are being held at rest against a compressed spring on a frictionless surface. When the masses are released, the 4 kg mass moves to the east with a speed of 2m/s. What is the velocity of the 9 kg after the are released?

  238. Math

    In any rhombus one angles is 60 and perimeter is 40 meter. Longer diagonal will be

  239. science

    need help few questions 1. a signaling cell produces a signal that is detected by what type of cell? 2. If the interior of a typical cell is negatively charged, what type of charged ions will not require energy to diffuse into the cell using an ion

  240. Physics

    Two objects are moving in the xy-plane. No external forces are acting on the objects. Object A has a mass of 3.2 kg and has a velocity of Va= (2.3 m/s)i + (4.2m/s)j and object B has a mass of 2.9 kg and has a velocity of Vb= (-1.8m/s)i + (2.7m/s)j. Some

  241. math

    the surface area cost of construction per m^2 for a large box is $50 for the base, $60 for the top and $40 for the walls. Find the dimensions of this box that minimize the cost if its volume has to be 9m^3 and its height, 1m

  242. Math

    Rules on multiplying Monomial to monomials ; Monomial to Binomial : Binomial to Binomial ; Binomial to Trinomial ?

  243. English

    1. She tried a few flight schools in china becase she wanted to be a pilot. 2. She applied for a few flight schools in china becase she wanted to be a pilot. ---------------------- Does 'tried' mean 'applied for'? Or do you have some other expressions

  244. Algebra

    You invest an initial $4,500 in an account that has an annual interest rate of 4.5%, compounded daily. How much money will you have in the account after 10 years? Round your answer to the nearest whole number.

  245. science

    biolgist concludes that a molecule moves across cell membrane by facilitated diffusion because the molecule is small, polar and can accumulate inside cells even when its concentration inside the cell initially is higher that it is outside the cell and they

  246. English

    She didn't give up and went to see a famous Chinese general, the head of another flight school. -------------------------- Instead of 'head,' can we use 'principal'? Or can we use some other similar expressions?

  247. Algebra

    If f(x) is a polynomial of degree 4, and g(x) is a polynomial of degree 2, then what is the degree of polynomial f(x)-g(x)?