Questions Asked on
November 2, 2014

  1. Algebra

    Define #N by the formula #N=.5(N)+1. Calculate #(#(#50)). Thank you!

    asked by Trish Goal
  2. MATHS

    A boy spent 1/4 of his money on sweets and 3/8 on bus fares. What fraction of his money is left?

    asked by Help
  3. Physics

    As shown in the figure below, a bullet is fired at and passes a piece of target paper suspended by a massless string. The bullet has a mass of m, a speed v before the collision with the target, and a speed (0.466)v after passing through the target. The

    asked by Ellen Q
  4. Math

    The pressure, P (in lbs/ft2), in a pipe varies over time. Three times an hour, the pressure oscillates from a low of 88 to a high of 254 and then back to a low of 88. The pressure at t=0 is 88. Find a possible cosine formula for P=f(t), where t is time in

    asked by Leah
  5. chem

    A 0.167-g sample of an unknown compound contains 0.00278 mol of the compound. Elemental analysis of the acid gives the following percentages by mass: 40.00% C; 6.71% H; 53.29% O. 1.)Determine the molecular formula of this acid. 2.)Determine the molar mass

    asked by Rocky
  6. Calculus I

    Semelparous organisms breed only once during their lifetime. Examples of this type of reproduction strategy can be found with Pacific salmon and bamboo. The per capita rate of increase, r, can be thought of as a measure of reproductive fitness. The greater

    asked by Ian
  7. statistics and probability

    A company manufactures washers, about 5% of which are defective. If a random sample of 100 washers are inspected, what is the probability that fewer than 4 are defective?

    asked by ashley
  8. physics

    A car weighing 1.0 x 10^4N is parked on a 34 degree slope. The brakes fail and the car starts to slide down the hill. Assume no friction. Show your work, and determine a) the acceleration of the car, and b) after it has moved 28.0 m, how fast is it moving?

    asked by Andy
  9. pol 201

    The Virginia Plan proposed all of the following except

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Algebra

    My calculator is broken. The "+" key works correctly,but whenever I try to compute a-b, the calculator performs b-a instead. What answer does mny calculator compute for the expression ((7-10)+3)-5? Thank you!

    asked by Trish Goal
  11. chemistry

    lithium oxide is an effective absorber of carbon dioxide and can be used to purify air in confined areas such as space vehicles. what volume of carbon dioxide can be absorbed by 1.00 kg of lithium oxide at 25 degrees C and 1.00atm? Li2O(aq) +CO2(g) ->

    asked by !
  12. chemistry

    The mole fraction of neon in the air is about .0000026. If the average molar mass of air is 28.96 g/mol, what is the concentration of neon in air in ppm? How do you set this up?

    asked by Sarah
  13. Chemistry

    A generic solid, X, has a molar mass of 77.7 g/mol. In a constant-pressure calorimeter, 31.2 g of X is dissolved in 289 g of water at 23.00 °C. The temperature of the resulting solution rises to 24.40 °C. Assume the solution has the same specific heat as

    asked by Katherine
  14. chemistry

    Given the following reactions Fe2O3(s) + 3CO (s) → 2Fe (s) + 3CO2(g)ΔH =-28.0 kJ 3Fe (s) + 4CO2(s) → 4CO (g) +Fe3O4(s) ΔH = +12.5 kJ the enthalpy of the reaction of Fe2O3 with CO 3Fe2O3(s) + CO (g) → CO2(g) + 2Fe3O4(s) is __________ kJ

    asked by Anonymous
  15. Math

    Worldwide annual sales of all cellphones were approximately −10p + 1,600 million phones when the wholesale price was $p. At what wholesale price should cellphones have been sold to maximize annual revenue?

    asked by Lisa
  16. chemistry

    The reaction between sodium hydroxide and hydrobromic acid is represented in the equation below: OH- + H+ -> H2O A 62.5 mL sample of 1.86 M NaOH at 22.5 deg Celsius was mixed with 62.5 mL sample of 1.86 M of HBr at 22.5 deg Celsius in a coffee cup

    asked by lola
  17. Algebra

    Define #N by the formula #N=.5(N)+1. Calculate #(#(#50)).

    asked by Trish Goal
  18. history

    Check my answers please? The Second Great Awakening was a conservative reaction to deism, the expanding frontier, & the industrial revolution. True, it was definitely a reaction to the IR & deism The romantic reaction to rationalism & the industrial

    asked by Anonymous
  19. Need help by tonite Finance

    15. Bond ratings and prices A corporate bond with an 8.5 percent coupon has 10 years left to maturity. It has had a credit rating of A and a yield to maturity of 10 percent. The firm has recently gotten into some trouble and the rating agency is

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Calculus

    A rectangle is 2 feet by 15 inches. Its length is decreasing by 3 inches/minute and its width is increasing at 4 inches/minute. How fast is the a) perimeter changing b) area changing

    asked by Anonymous
  21. math

    Four times the sum of a number and 15 is at least 120. Let x represent the number. Find all possible values for x. A. x ≥ 26 B. x ≥ –15 C. x ≥ 15 D. x ≥ –26

    asked by Anonymous
  22. chemistry

    The value of ΔH° for the reaction below is - 6535 kJ. __________ kJ of heat are released in the combustion of 16.0 g of C6H6(l)? 2C6H6(l) + 15O2(g) → 12CO2(g) + 6H2O (l)

    asked by Anonymous
  23. worl geography

    The governments of Norway, Sweden, the Netherlands, and the United Kingdom are all examples of __________. A. federations B. pure democracies C. federal republics D. constitutional monarchies

    asked by Jamie
  24. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    When an investigator writes a conclusion in an investigative report based on his or her opinion, he or she is: A. properly writing conclusions based on personal experiences. B. allowing a conclusion to be inappropriately arrived at in lieu of a conclusion

    asked by Pat
  25. Need help by tonite Finance

    3. Unbiased Expectations Theory One-year Treasury bills currently earn 5.50 percent. You expect that one year from now, one-year Treasury bill rates will increase to 5.75 percent. If the unbiased expectations theory is correct, what should the current rate

    asked by Anonymous
  26. Need help by tonite Finance

    4. Liquidity Premium Hypothesis Suppose we observe the following rates: 1R1 = 8 percent, 1R2 = 10 percent, and E(2r1) = 8 percent. If the liquidity premium theory of the term structure of interest rates holds, what is the liquidity premium for year 2, L2?

    asked by Anonymous
  27. Chemistry

    If vinegar sample #1 requires 29.05 mL of NaOH solution to reach an endpoint, what volume should be required for samples #2 and #3?

    asked by Gladys
  28. chemistry

    Nitrogen dioxide abstracts with water vapor to produce oxygen and ammonia gas. If 12.8 grams of nitrogen dioxide reacts with 5.00 liter of water vapor at 375 degrees celisus and 725 tore, how many grams of ammonia can be produced? Use an ice table.

    asked by sally
  29. Calculus

    A rocket is fired vertically into the air at the rate of 6 miles/min. An observer on the ground is located 4 miles from the launching pad. When the rocket is 3 miles high, how fast is the angle of elevation between the rocket and the observer changing?

    asked by Paula
  30. math

    Karen collects 6/7 quart of rainwater. she uses half to clean her bicycle and uses the remaining to equally water 3 plants

    asked by sarah
  31. science

    This year for my science fair project I will be testing to see if music affects a person's blood pressure. I will have a participant get relaxed (for 5 minutes). After he/she is relaxed, I will take his/her blood pressure with a digital sphygmomanometer

    asked by Meylin
  32. chemistry

    Complete and balance the following reactions, where applicable. If no reaction occurs, write N.R. Li + H2O ----> KCI + F2 ---> Au + HNO3 ---> CI2 + NaF ----> Li + Fe(NO3)3 --->

    asked by Rose
  33. science

    This year for my science fair project I will be testing to see if music affects a person's blood pressure. I will have a participant get relaxed (for 5 minutes). After he/she is relaxed, I will take his/her blood pressure with a digital sphygmomanometer

    asked by Anonymous
  34. chemistry

    Aniline (MW93 g/mol) co-distills with water 98.2 C. The vapor pressure of water at 98.2 C is 717 mmHg. You need to isolate 10 g of aniline. What is the minimum volume of water required to isolate 10 g of aniline in a steam distillation at 760 mmHg?

    asked by Anna
  35. English

    Need help writing a birthday card with 4 types of sentences? declarative, interrogative imperative and exclamatory?

    asked by Lisa
  36. algebra

    How can you solve an equation or inequality in one variable?

    asked by Kimmy
  37. Chemistry- Reacting Masses Calculations

    Hi the question asks me to calculate the mass of calcium carbonate that must be decomposed to produce 14kg of calcium oxide. I think I've gone wrong somewhere, do you write 14000g or 14kg etc, could you help? I did: Moles CaO=(Mass CaO/Mr CaO) =1400/56 =25

    asked by Oli
  38. Math

    Larry kicked a ball at a 50 degrees angle to a direction north. It travels a horizontal distance of 20ft 9inchs before hitting the ground .The ball travels exactly 1min 18 sec after hitting the ground. The ball hit a mud and cause dthe ball to subside

    asked by Jenny
  39. chemistry

    determine the percent yield when 5.00g benzene burns in oxygen gas to form 1.50g of carbon dioxide and water vapor.

    asked by Anonymous
  40. Chemistry

    Find the mass of each of the following: (a) 5.52 L O2 at 1.89 atm and 250.0 K (b) 3.43 L NH3 at 0.911 atm and 27°C (c) 117 mL SO2 at 0.823 atm and -53°C

    asked by Sara
  41. Algebra (1)

    Hello! I'm currently stuck on a ratio problem and do not understand how to work it. The question is: y+2 over y+7 = ll over 31. Please explain the answer and how to find it.

    asked by Izzy
  42. essay edit

    Can someone look over this? I've been working on wordiness, sentence structure, and repetition. Tangled and its Hidden Critique of Rapunzel Peeking at the mere surface of the film Tangled (2010) directed by Nathan Greno and Brian Howard, most would presume

    asked by christine
  43. math

    Suppose P is the theoretical probability of an event occurring. Which of the following is the correct formula for calculating P?

    asked by c goines
  44. Chemistry

    If ununseptium (element 117) reacts with oxygen what would be equation of the product? Thanks so much!

    asked by Bob
  45. physics

    What is the cause of esacape velocity

    asked by umarum977
  46. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    If you approach your investigative work with an attitude of eliminating potential writing problems as they arise, you will be able to: A. write a report that has no negative investigative information. B. complete investigative responsibilities by finding

    asked by Pat
  47. chemistry

    Which of the following reactions have a positive ÄSrxn? Check all that apply. A(g) + B(g)--> C(g) 2A(g) + B(g)--> 4C(g) A(s) + B(g)--> 2C(g) 2A(g) + 2B(g)--> 3C(g)

    asked by Haley
  48. Chemistry

    Which of the following reactions have a positive ÄSrxn? Check all that apply. A(g) + B(g)--> C(g) 2A(g) + B(g)--> 4C(g) A(s) + B(g)--> 2C(g) 2A(g) + 2B(g)--> 3C(g)

    asked by Haley
  49. science

    how many grams of CO2 (g) are there in 82.0ml of the gas at 0.916 atm and 30 degrees ceksius

    asked by sherry
  50. chemistry

    At 23 oC the solubility of a gas sample is 0.05 g/L in water at 1.0 atm. What is the solubility when the pressure increases to 2.0 atm? I don't know what formula to use for this question.

    asked by Sarah
  51. English

    Hi Miss Sue, Here is the final draft can you check it for me? Thank you Dear Grandmother Irene Happy Birthday to you on this special day! Shine like a star today on your Birthday. Have a wonderful time at your Celebration Party. Wishing you all the best on

    asked by Lisa
  52. College chemistry

    How much heat is transferred when freezing 520 grams of water at 0 degrees Celsius?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. physics

    Arann launches a rock into the air such that it rises 20.0 m in the first third (time wise) of its ascent to maximum height. Determine the rock's maximum height and launch speed. Determine the time(s) at which the ball is at a height of 10m. PLEASE HELP

    asked by Isabelle
  54. chemistry

    Calculate the Calorimeter Constant (Ccal) if 25.00 g of water at 50.21°C was added to 25.00 g of water at 25.00 °C, resulting in an equilibrium temperature of 35.00 °C?

    asked by Mimi
  55. working with parents and families

    The purpose of including a dress code in the parent handbook is to ensure that children are A. neatly and cleanly dressed. B. dressed in a manner reflecting their parents' income. C. dressed in comfortable and suitable clothing. D. all dressed alike so

    asked by Amanda
  56. maths

    the ages of two children are 11 and 8 years. in how many years time will the product of their ages be 208

    asked by Godwin
  57. working with parents and families

    Which one of the following is usually scheduled to occur at least twice a year? A. Parent-caregiver conference B. Parent discussion group C. Parents' volunteer appreciation day D. Newsletter A.

    asked by Amanda
  58. Math (I've been on this problem for 3 hours)

    If the supply and demand functions for a commodity are given by 2p - q + 10 = 0 and (p + q)(q + 10) = 3642 respectively, find the equilibrium price and quantity that give market equilibrium. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) Equilibrium price =

    asked by Steve
  59. chemistry

    Which of the following reactions have a positive ÄSrxn? Check all that apply. A(g) + B(g)--> C(g) 2A(g) + B(g)--> 4C(g) A(s) + B(g)--> 2C(g) 2A(g) + 2B(g)--> 3C(g)

    asked by Haley
  60. History

    What factors influenced the creation of rules in ancient India, China and Japan?

    asked by Mary-Ann
  61. working with parents and families

    Caregivers should try to keep exchanges with parents at drop off and pick up A. as positive as possible. B. a time to only report negative things about their child. C. as public as possible. D. as long as possible. A.

    asked by Amanda
  62. Constitutional Law

    Is the Federal Constitution in Malaysia supreme? If so, who ensures its supremacy?

    asked by Russ
  63. Need help by tonite FINANCE

    2. Interest rates A two-year Treasury security currently earns 5.25 percent. Over the next two years, the real interest rate is expected to be 3.00 percent per year and the inflation premium is expected to be 2.00 percent per year. What is the maturity

    asked by Anonymous
  64. working with parents and families

    A caregiver who stands in loco parentis to a child must act as _______ would. A. a certified teacher B. the parents C. the state officials D. a third party B.

    asked by Amanda
  65. physics

    A marble rolls off the edge of a table that is 0.82 m high. The marble is moving at a speed of 0.11 m/s at the moment that it leaves the edge of the table. How far from the table does the marble land?

    asked by Brittney
  66. physics

    A space station Radar locates sattelites A and B at a certain moment: A_0=(a_1,0,1^3), B_0=(0,b_2,b_3) the space station is located at (0,0,0) and the sattelites moves with a uniform velocity related to the space station: v_A=(V_A,0,0), v_B=(V_B,V_B,0)

    asked by Adam
  67. working with parents and families

    Newsletters sent to parents should not be A. 3-5 pages long. B. informative. C. visually attractive. D. one page front and back D.

    asked by Amanda
  68. Exponents

    Hi just curious when evalutating 5^-2 Would the answer be 25 Or would it be 0.4 = 2/5 I am lost

    asked by Madi
  69. Math

    How to solve x^2-y^2-2y-1

    asked by Curri
  70. Law

    Discuss the power lies within the Parliament in UK and whether the power of parliament had been limited in the present day.

    asked by Steven
  71. Algebra 1B

    Can you give me the steps to the answer? How many real number solutions are there to the equation 0 = –3x² + x – 4? 0 1 2 3

    asked by Anonymous
  72. Physics

    The 56 kg man in the roller coaster car is sitting on a bathroom scale. If he is traveling at 40.9 m/s at the point shown and the radius of the vertical coaster track is 87 meters, to the nearest newton what does the scale read? What is the answer to the

    asked by Sara
  73. English

    The Korean team made it to the final 16. (At a soccer match) --------------------- What is the meaning of 'made it to'? 1. The Korean team got to the final 16. 2. The Korean team reacher the final 16. 3. The Korean team arrived at the final 16. Or do you

    asked by rfvv
  74. working with parents and families

    When parents ask for advice that you aren't capable of giving, you should use your _______ to refer them to someone who can assist them. A. guest speaker B. parent discussion group C. parent handbook D. resource file D.

    asked by Amanda
  75. statistics

    Suppose that in a large population the proportion of people that have a certain disease is 0.01. Use the Poisson approximation to find the probability that at least four people will have the disease in a group of 400 randomly selected people.

    asked by andrea
  76. Algebra

    The inverse of f(x)=2x-1/x+5 may be writeen in the form f^-1(x)=ax+b/cx+d where a,b,c, and d are real numbers. Find a/c. Thank you!

    asked by Trish Goal
  77. working with parents and families

    Which of the following items should not be included in a child care facility's parent handbook? A. Statement of the facility's program philosophy B. Summary of scheduled events at the facility C. Names of and information about staff members D. Names of and

    asked by Amanda
  78. Physics

    A block M1 of mass 13.0 kg sits on top of a larger block M2 of mass 23.0 kg which sits on a flat surface. The kinetic friction coefficient between the upper and lower block is 0.440. The kinetic friction coefficient between the lower block and the flat

    asked by Sarah
  79. history

    The expansion of cotton farming to the West necessitated the use of greater numbers of slaves for its cultivation. True, right?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Computer Science/ programming

    How long (how many bytes) is the machine code (object code)? 1855:0100 BE0002 MOV SI,0200 1855:1030 BF0003 MOV DI,0300 1855:0106 B98000 MOV CX,0080 1855:0109 BA04 MOV AL,[SI] 1855:010B 8805 MOV DI],AL 1855:010D 46 INC SI 1855:010E 46 INC SI 1855:010F 47

    asked by Eren A
  81. physics

    a projectile is fired at 50 meters per second at an angle of 30 degrees below the horizontal off a cliff that is 50 meters high. How far away and at what speed and angle will this projectile land?

    asked by Joanne
  82. working with parents and families

    The common goal of the caregiver-parent relationship is A. what the parent can gain. B. the parents' rights. C. what's best for the child. D. what the caregiver can gain C.

    asked by Amanda
  83. Physics

    a place kicker must kick a football from a Lint 36 meters from the goal. As a result of the kick, the ball must clear the crossbar, which is 3.04 meters high. When kicked, the ball leaves the ground with a speed of 20 meters per second at an angle of 50

    asked by Joanne
  84. accounting

    8 cost categories that variable and which are fixed

    asked by jujuanyodh
  85. Algebra

    simplify the expression ã7(7-ã7)+9ã7

    asked by Anita
  86. North Central

    Steven collected data from 20 college students on their emotional responses to classical music. Students listened to two 30-second segments from “The Collection from the Best of Classical Music.” After listening to a segment, the students rated it on a

    asked by Mashel
  87. social studies

    2. During the 1950s, the advent of _______ created the largest and fastest-growing impact on American society. A. suburban communities B. television. C. fundamentalist religion. D. educational reform

    asked by janell
  88. Math Calc

    Given a right triangle ABC with a=13 and b=26, find the value of angle A, angle B, and side length c. Round to the nearest thousandth.

    asked by Johnny
  89. Pre-Calc

    An ant starts at the point (3,0) on a circle of radius 3 meters and walks counterclockwise a distance of 6 meters around the circle. Find the x and the y coordinates of the ants location. Round to the nearest hundredth.

    asked by Sarah
  90. Computer Science / programming

    Show the contents of each register and or memory location used after each instruction. MOV BH,33 BH=33 MOV [0500],BH BH=33, [0500]=33 MOV CL,66 CL=66 MOV [050],CL CL=66, [050]=66 MOV SI,0500 SI=0500 MOV BX,7643 BX=7643 ADD [SI],BX SI=0500, [0500]=76

    asked by Eren A
  91. Math

    A deposit of $10,000 is made in a trust fund that pays 4.9% interest, compounded monthly. What is the balance of the trust fund after 15 years?

    asked by Kalani
  92. physics

    The red box has a mass of 20.1 kg and the blue box has a mass of 14.5 kg and the force is 290 N. To the nearest tenth of a m/s2 what is the acceleration of the combination? The diagram looks like this: F --> [Red Box][Blue Box] On a straight plane, not on

    asked by Tiff
  93. Accounting

    How can I calculate the setup costs of a product using the activity-based costing method?

    asked by Lyra
  94. Science

    demonstrate how the ear works

    asked by Mistrie
  95. chemistry

    Calculate the potential of the following two half-cells that are connected by a salt bridge: a galvanic cell consisting of a standard hydrogen electrode on the left and a platinum electrode immersed in a solution that is 3.50 3 1023 M in TiO21, 0.07000 M

    asked by Sarah daniels
  96. Calculus

    A right circular cylinder is changing shape. The radius is decreasing at the rate of 2 inches/second while its height is increasing at the rate of 5 inches/second. When the radius is 4 inches and the height is 6 inches, how fast is the a) volume changing

    asked by Sara
  97. Calculus

    A stone is thrown into a calm pond and circular ripples are formed at impact. If the radius expands at the rate of 0.5 feet/second, how fast is the circumference and the area of the ripples growing when the radius is 3 feet?

    asked by Vincent
  98. chemistry

    find the temperature increase in C expected for 1.00 L of water when it absorbs all of the energy from the combustion of 1.00 g of acetylene, C2H2(g). (Every mole of acetylene releases 1300KJ of energy when combusted)

    asked by Ade
  99. Algebra

    The inverse of f(x)=2x-1/x+5 may be writeen in the form f^-1(x)=ax+b/cx+d where a,b,c, and d are real numbers. Find a/c. Thank you!

    asked by Trish Goal
  100. phsics

    a man weighs 1370N on earth what would he weigh on jupiter where free fall acceleration is 25.9 m/s2 the acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 in units of N

    asked by Martin
  101. Calculus

    An ant is walking along the curve x^2+xy+y^2=19. If the ant is moving to the right at the rate of 3 centimeters/second, how fast is the ant moving up or down when the ant reaches the point (2,3)? Specify direction.

    asked by Anonymous
  102. HISTORY

    Many Americans settled in Texas illegally, in spite of the fact that it was claimed by the nation of (Mexico.) The revivals of the Second great Awakening were especially prevalent A. in England B. in New England C. in New York City D. in Florida E. on the

    asked by Anonymous
  103. Calculus

    Two lovers have a spat and swear they will never see each other again. The girl walks due south at 6 mph while the boy walks at 10 mph on a heading of North 60 degrees West. How fast is the distance between them changing 30 minutes later?

    asked by Marie
  104. Calculus

    Wheat is poured through a chute at the rate of 10 ft^3/min and falls in a cone-shaped pile whose bottom radius is always half its height. How fast is the height of the cone increasing when the pile is 8 feet high? Volume of a cone=1/3(pi)r^2h

    asked by Vincent
  105. Chemistry

    Hi! Can you tell me if I chose the right options for my chemistry homework? My answers are at the bottom. 1. Electrostatic interaction is important for which type of bond? A. ionic bond B. triple covalent bond C. single covalent bond D. double covalent

    asked by Tiffany
  106. Physics

    A bowling ball encounters a 0.760-m vertical rise on the way back to the ball rack, as the drawing illustrates. Ignore frictional losses and assume that the mass of the ball is distributed uniformly. The translational speed of the ball is 7.83 m/s at the

    asked by S
  107. Clinical Chemistry

    I am not sure how to start this. You are given a 200% solution of a compound. You must dilute and construct a calibration curve to interpret concentration of compound in unknown samples. Show the steps needed to perform a two-fold serial dilution through 5

    asked by Ashley
  108. organic chemistry laboratory

    hi, im not sure if all my answers are correct especially number 5. could any one check and tell me? please and thank you. 1. Why is it important to have clean test tubes before running a test? Before which tests should acetone not be used to clean the test

    asked by Niah
  109. Math

    1. The population,P, in thousands, of a country is P=10^8(1.5)^t/20 where t is measured in years. How long will it take for the population to increase 125 percent?(Hint: If the population increases by 100 percent, it doubles.) 2. How long would it take for

    asked by Brianne
  110. chemistry

    If you dissolve 236.5 g of (NH4)3PO4 and 166.9 g of K3PO4 in enough water to make the volume of the solution 505.0 mL What is the molarity of ammonium ions and phosphate ions?

    asked by Jade
  111. history

    Through the mid-nineteenth century most colleges and universities were founded by? I would say women.

    asked by Anonymous
  112. math

    there are 4 quarters in a dollar. Steven earned 3 dollars last month. How many quarters did he earn?

    asked by manny
  113. math

    fly happy airlines lets each passenger bring 2 suitcases. their cargo area can hold 30 suitcases. How many passengers can fly on Fly Happy's plane?

    asked by manny
  114. Calculus

    Use the product rule to find the derivative of the following. k(t)=(t^2-4)^2 k'(t)=

    asked by Duane
  115. Accounting

    A company uses activity-based costing. The company produces two products, 001 and 002. Information relating to 001 is as follows: Units produced: 38,000 Machine-hours: 15,000 Direct labor hours: 16,000 Materials handling (number of moves): 8,000 Setups:

    asked by Serenity
  116. Statistics

    a city needs to perform some road maintenance and will rent excavator m achines from a company. Each excavator will work at least 1 hour, but no more than 4 hours at a time. It is known that the working time of each excavator is evenly distributed. a) What

    asked by Sarah
  117. math

    if x is the number of trees make an equation that shows the y number is the number of grocery paper bags made by the trees

    asked by yuri
  118. Calculs I

    A bacterial population grows at a rate proportional to the population size at time t. Let y(t) be the population size at time t. By experiment it is determined that the population at t=15 min is 16000 and at t=45 min it is 22000. (a) What was the initial

    asked by Lyca
  119. Math

    Find the specified term of the expansion in each of the following: a.6th term of (3x + y)^9 b.Middle term of (3x+y^3)^8 c.The term in (x + 2y)^10 that involves x^7

    asked by Brianne
  120. math

    If rectangular workroom with a perimeter of 26 feet. The length of workroom is 6 feet. What is the width?

    asked by koy
  121. physics

    The average car today has a mass of 1100 kg, and when accelerating from rest, covers 0.25 miles in 15 seconds. Each rim and tire together has a diameter of 45.7 cm and a mass of 9.1kg. How many revolutions did one of the front tires (assuming only the back

    asked by john
  122. physics

    a warehouse employee is pushing a 38 kg desk across a floor at a constant speed of 0.4 m/s. How much work must the employee do on the desk to change the speed of 1.5m/s?

    asked by jorge
  123. algebra

    At the end of their paddling trip, Natalie and Herb drive back in separate vehicles. Natalie has 8 gallons of gas left in the tank of her vintage 1969 Volkswagen Beetle, which gets 30 miles to the gallon. Herb has 12 gallons left in the tank of his 1998

    asked by Nicole
  124. physics

    A cylindrically shaped space station is rotating about the axis of the cylinder to create artificial gravity. The radius of the cylinder is 159 m. The moment of inertia of the station without people is 4.23 x 109 kg·m2. Suppose 299 people, with an average

    asked by S
  125. English

    For class I read the poem by Wilfred Owen "Dulce et Decorum Est". I have most of my essay down but one paragraph where I focus mainly on the use of the word "beggars". I so far, only have one point/sentence: "The specific word ¡°beggars¡± reflects a

    asked by Bethany
  126. fluid

    Air enters a converging nozzle at 3.5 m/s at 1.2 kg/m3. The inlet area is 5 cm2. If the outlet area is 1.7 cm2 and velocity of 7.5 m/s, determine the volume flow rate and air density at the nozzle outlet.

    asked by aira
  127. Chemistry

    A certain indicator, HA, has a Ka value of 6.3 × 10-8. The protonated form of the indicator is blue and the ionized form is red. -What is the PKa of the indicator? -What is the color of the indicator in a solution with pH=5?

    asked by jjhjhhjhk
  128. physics

    The average car today has a mass of 1100 kg, and when accelerating from rest, covers 0.25 miles in 15 seconds. Each rim and tire together has a diameter of 45.7 cm and a mass of 9.1kg. How many revolutions did one of the front tires (assuming only the back

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Solid Mensuration

    Find the lengths of the sides of the cylcic quadrilateral if one diagonal coincides with a diameter of a circle whose area is 36pi cm squared. The other diagonal measures 8 cm meets the fist diagonal at right angles.

    asked by Jayson
  130. chemistry - instrumentation

    What can account for differences in the calculated value of a drug concentration in a sample as determined by standard curve method and response factor method?

    asked by Anonymous
  131. algebra 2

    Write in simplest form without negative exponents( leave responses as simplified fraction. 1.(ax)^-2 2[(-4)^2]^-5

    asked by Janet
  132. work with parents and families

    To succeed, a parent-caregiver relationship must be based on mutual A. Trust B. Wariness C. Doubt D. Ability A.

    asked by Amanda
  133. chemistry

    calculate the volume of 0.0321M NaOH that will be required to neutralize 25.00 mL of a 0.0399M hydrochloric acid solution. M1v1=m2v2 since were trying to find out the volume I would change the equation to m2 times V2 divided by M1 0.0399 X 0.025/0.0321

    asked by elizabeth
  134. chemical

    What the eq.wt of C7H6O3 and why?

    asked by sara
  135. physics

    A projectile is fired at 12.5 m/s at an angle of 53.1 with the horizontal from a point 75m above the ground. A) How long does it take to reach the ground? B)What max height does it reach? C) What horizontal distance does it travel before striking the

    asked by Brooke
  136. Intermediate Algebra

    Can someone please explain why (-9)1/2 is not a real number but -9 1/2 is a real number

    asked by Babydoll07
  137. English

    How does Shakespeare use dramatic irony to engage his audience in Romeo and Juliet?

    asked by Hifza
  138. finamce

    Define captital structure weights)Templeton extended care facilities, inc., is considering the acquisition of a chain of cemeteries for $400 million. Since the primary asset of this business is real estate, Templetons management has determined that they

    asked by liz
  139. Algebra

    The maximum velocity of a roller coaster depends on the vertical drop from the top of the highest hill to the bottom of that hill. The formula v = 8 gives the relationship between maximum velocity, v (in feet per second), and height, h (in feet). I have

    asked by Babydoll07
  140. physics

    a wheel 0.45m in diameter starts from rest and rotates with uniform acceleration to 6000 radians per minute in a time of 4s.Find angular acceleration of the wheel and speed of a point on the rim at end of 4s =w/t

    asked by takunda
  141. work with parents and families

    When a parent asks for your help and you refer them to a resource within the community they A. are probably not going to follow through and use your referral B. are usually just asking for future reference and don't need assistance at that time. C. usually

    asked by Amanda
  142. physics

    a 1500kg car travelling east with a speed of 20m/s collides at an intesection with a 2500kg van travelling south at a speed of 15m/s.The vehicle undergoes a perfectly inelastic collision, and the wreckage slides 6m before coming to rest.Find the magnitude

    asked by takunda
  143. Math

    The area of a rectangle pool was 120 square meters. If the long side is 7 meters plus a number and the width is 6 meters. What is the value of the variable? I couldn't make a equation for this; I tried and I got 7+x+6 = 120 and that doesn't seem right.

    asked by Anonymous


    asked by ELVIE
  145. Chemisrty

    You wish to make a 0.195 M hydrochloric acid solution from a stock solution of 6.00 M hydrochloric acid. How much concentrated acid must you add to obtain a total volume of 50.0 mL of the dilute solution?

    asked by Letishia
  146. Finance

    Wheel Industries is considering a three-year expansion project, Project A. The project requires an initial investment of $1.5 million. The project will use the straight-line depreciation method. The project has no salvage value. It is estimated that the

    asked by Osoro
  147. math

    Can anyone explain please,thank.the sum of 8numbers is x,and the sum of different set of nine numbers is 2x.the average of the smaller set of numbers is 1 more than the average of the larger set of numbers

    asked by julian
  148. math

    A bottle of cordial contains 5litres ,of which 10% I'd pure fruit juice.!@#$%^& many liters of water must be added to dilute to 4% fruit juice.can anybody explain please,thanks

    asked by julian
  149. science

    I want to know whic n2 and co2 rms become same?

    asked by sayan
  150. English

    Read the following passage and identify at least 3 elements of figurative language; explain how each element brings out the theme of the passage. "The Wrong Place" by Susan Michalski Lana woke up, curled in a corner of the seat at the back of the train.

    asked by Megan
  151. MATHS

    how many twenties must be added to 3 tens to equal £2.10

    asked by Help
  152. Algebra

    The base of a triangle in terms of x is: 2^2+4x+2 and the height is x^2+3x-4 Area=1/2(2x^2+4x+2) (x^2+3x-4)= 6x^2+2 (x^2+3x-4) Trying to find the area and not sure which direction to go

    asked by Babydoll2007
  153. physics

    find the mass of a ball on a roof 30 meters high, if the ball's gravitational energy is 58.8 joules.

    asked by Anonymous
  154. mathzzzz gkpp

    the sum of money will amount to rupees 12000 in 2 years at the rate of 10% per annum compounded anually

    asked by cbse 8th
  155. calculus

    integration of x^2/(x+3)sq.root of 3x+4 w.r.t. x

    asked by Anonymous
  156. Algebra

    Can you tell me if my answers are correct for these problems? 1. 3i - 10 --------- 8i - 5 Answer 74 65i ---- + ----- 89 89 2. 11i^2 + 1 ----------- -12i - 8 Answer: 5 (2 - 3 i) ------------- 26 3. square root -25 * 8 square root -49 Answer: -280 4. square

    asked by John
  157. PHI

    Which of the following does Peter Singer assert about the principle of equality? (Points : 1) People should have equal rights because they are factually equal. People with higher abilities, it stands to reason, should have greater rights. Different groups

    asked by Randy
  158. Algebra check?

    Sorry the first post formatted weirdly. 1. 3i - 10 --------- 8i - 5 Answer 74 65i ---- + ----- 89 89 2. 11i^2 + 1 ------------ -12i - 8 Answer: 5 (2 - 3 i) ------------- 26 3. square root -25 * 8 square root -49 Answer: -280 4. square root -64 + 12 square

    asked by John
  159. mathd ggggggggggkkkkk

    find the compound interest on rupees 1000 at rate of 10% per annum compounded anually for 3 years

    asked by cbse 8th
  160. chemistry - DrBob?

    Hi! Can you tell me if I chose the right options for my chemistry homework? My answers are at the bottom. 1. Electrostatic interaction is important for which type of bond? A. ionic bond B. triple covalent bond C. single covalent bond D. double covalent

    asked by Tiffany
  161. PHYSICS

    last homework question I cannot figure out.... H E L P :} a bullet is fired at and passes a piece of target paper suspended by a massless string. The bullet has a mass of m, a speed v before the collision with the target, and a speed (0.466)v after passing

    asked by boyDoIneedHelp
  162. physics

    A block of mass m = 350 g is released from rest and slides down a frictionless track of height h = 58.9 cm. At the bottom of the track the block slides freely along a horizontal table until it hits a spring attached to a heavy, immovable wall. The spring

    asked by Jamila
  163. math

    -3n-(-1)=29 My answer is n=9.9 I doubt plZ help. Thank you,

    asked by Pam
  164. work with parents and families

    The tone of the parent-caregiver relationship is set by the A. home visit. B. initial facility visit. C. brief chats at arrival and departure times each day. D. child's first day. C.

    asked by Amanda
  165. حاسب

    Write a program that reads from the student user: his name as string (%s), his id as integer and his total marks in C programming course as float. Then store these information in student structure. After that, Calculate his letter grade in this course

    asked by هيا
  166. essay excerpt edit

    can someone edit this? To contrast, in the film Tangled (2010) the mother of Rapunzel, who is exhibited as a Queen, also falls ill, although it is due to legitimate medical ailments, as opposed to a sense of helplessness. She is then limited to a bedridden

    asked by christine
  167. working with parents and families

    The caregiver uses a _______ for anticipating and dealing with the concerns of parents when they've enrolled or are enrolling a child in the caregiver's program. A. parent conference B. parent handbook C. parent discussion group D. newsletter B.

    asked by Amanda
  168. Algebra

    Jess uses her scanner to scan pages at the rate of $.09 per page. She decides to rent a scanner for $70 a year. The cost of scanning using the rented scanner is $.02 per page. Please help me write an inequality that can be used to calculate the number of

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Physics

    When maximum power is transferred to an external resistor R by a battery of emf E and internal resistance r, the ratio of r/R is? Answer 1:1 Can some please explain? Thankkks!

    asked by Ariana
  170. physics

    A thin rod of mass M and length L is lying on a frictionless table. It is given an impulse of 4.5 N*s by a force of magnitude F on one end at an angle of 35 degrees to the rod. How far will the center of mass of the rod travel when the rod has completed 12

    asked by Marychan
  171. Algebra 2

    Telephone numbers are made of 7 digits. Digits can be repeated but the first digit cannot be 0 or 1. How many different telephone numbers can be created? I believe you use combination function, but I am not sure how and where.

    asked by John
  172. chemistry

    What is the eq.wt of C7H6O3 and why ??😊

    asked by sara
  173. working with parents and families

    The important message parents should receive during their initial visit to the facility is that you, as a caregiver, intend to meet their child's needs by A. acting according to your personal beliefs and principles. B. acting according to your program

    asked by Amanda
  174. 8th grade language arts

    The Trouble with Television by Robert Mac Neil It is difficult to escape the influence of television. If you fit the statistical averages, by the age of 20 you will have been exposed to at least 20,000 hours of television. You can add 10,000 hours for each

    asked by Yvonne
  175. Physics

    A laser source emits lights of wavelength 62100m and has an output of 35mW calculate how many photons are emitted per minute by this laser sourse

    asked by Uuu
  176. Physics

    Two forces are applied to a car in an effort to accelerate it, as shown below. The first force, F1 = 328 N, is applied at an angle α = 35° to the forward dashed line. The second force, F2 = 464 N, is applied at an angle β = 13° to the forward dashed

    asked by akash
  177. chemistry

    how many milliliters of10.0m Hc(aq) are needed to prepare 890.0 ml of 1.00m Hcl(aq)

    asked by lisa
  178. working with parents and families

    The best device for presenting complete information about day care fees and policies is the A. conference. B. parent handbook. C. advertising brochure. D. newsletter. B.

    asked by Amanda
  179. physics

    During burnouts at the local drag strip, a dragster’s 45.0kg tire rotates at a speed of 35.0m/s. If the tire has a radius of 0.500m what is the centripetal force acting on the center of the tire rim during this burnout?

    asked by Anonymous
  180. Sequences

    If {x_n} is not bounded above, does x_n -> infinity? prove there exist a subsequence {x_n} where k=1 to infinity such that x_n_k -> infinity

    asked by Ashley
  181. Writing

    Is "had" an example of a "to be" verb?

    asked by A
  182. working with parents and families

    An important use for telephone conversations at a child care facility is to help A. parents develop professional skills. B. parents understand program philosophy. C. staff members understand program philosophy. D. staff members understand the reason for

    asked by Amanda
  183. Chem

    Determine the total possible number of orbitals and electrons for both 2s and 2p. What is the maximum number of electrons per orbital? How are their spins related? In this question i don't get how the spins are related?

    asked by Feather
  184. Chem

    Determine all possible values of each quantum number (n, l, ml, and ms) for electrons in both the 2s and 2p subshells. for 2s the the quantum number would be -1/2,0,1/2 right?

    asked by Feather
  185. Curriculum

    I need help.... Describe four key ways a teacher can create a print-rich environment.

    asked by Daniela
  186. working with parents and families

    New parents often experience stress and insecurity in their new and developing role as a parent. A caregiver can help to alleviate some of this stress by A. helping the parents to learn more about the developmental levels of children. B. criticizing their

    asked by Amanda
  187. Physics

    Determine Centripetal Acceleration acting on the person standing at the equator? (the radius of earth is given)

    asked by Neha
  188. Physics

    An ant climbs onto the side of a bicycle tire a distance of 40.0 m from the hub. If the 0.010 g ant can hold onto the tire with a force of 4.34*10 to the -4, at what frequency would the tire fling the ant of assuming the wheel is spun on a horizontal

    asked by Neha
  189. curriculum

    Describe and explain four safety practices teachers should employ when learning children adult- direct exercises.

    asked by Diana
  190. STAT

    1. In a study of the income of U.S. factory workers, a random sample of 100 workers shows a sample mean of $35,000. Assume that the population standard deviation is $4,500, and that the population is normally distributed. A) Compute the 90%, 95% and 99%

    asked by Hugh
  191. Algebra 2

    A player throws a ball up and toward a wall that is 17 feet high. The height h in feet of the ball after t seconds after it leaves the player's hand is modeled by h=-16t^2+25t+6. If the ball makes it to where the wall is, will it go over the wall or hit

    asked by none
  192. chemistry

    give the specific heat for aluminum is 0.900 J/g*c how much energy is required to raise 25.0 g of aluminum from 20.0 to 75.0

    asked by sally
  193. working with parents and families

    The major purpose of the home visit is to A. determine if the family can afford day care. B. meet the child's parents. C. gain an understanding of the childfamily relationship. D. evaluate the family's standard of living. A.

    asked by Amanda
  194. working with parents and families

    The responsibility for a parent to become involved in a center's activities A. lies primarily with the parent. B. can't be assigned to either the parent or the caregiver. C. lies primarily with the caregiver. D. is shared by the parent and the child. A.

    asked by Amanda
  195. Math Please HELP

    If the supply function for a commodity is given by the equation p = q2 + 12q + 700 and the demand function is given by the equation p = 1800 - 10q - q2, find the equilibrium quantity and equilibrium price. (Round your answers to two decimal places.)Thank

    asked by Steve
  196. physics

    A remote-controlled car’s wheel accelerates at 22.6 rad/s2. If the wheel begins with an angular speed of 10.6 rad/s, what is the wheel’s angular speed after exactly three full turns?

    asked by morg
  197. Physics

    Hi I see another student actually posted this question... but got no answer... is someone able to look at it? see below - a bullet is fired at and passes a piece of target paper suspended by a massless string. The bullet has a mass of m, a speed v before

    asked by LoveBug
  198. Physics (projectile motion)

    Projectile fired in earths gravitational field at a height of of 0.90m above ground level, with a horizontal velocity of 9m/s. How far will the ball fly before hitting the ground? How long will the ball stay in the air?

    asked by Darrien
  199. math

    the length of a rectangle exceed its breadth by 4cm.if length and breadth are incresed by 3cm the aera of the new reactangle will be 81cm more then that of the given reactngle.then a)length of the given rectangle is? b)breath of the given rectangle is?

    asked by surya
  200. Sociology/Social Responsibility

    I don't know how to set up the journal entry (when I Google it it just gives me accounting journals). I also am not sure how to go about answering the questions. Could someone please help!! Write a 2-3 paragraph Journal entry addressing the following

    asked by Cathy
  201. Physics

    A 1000 kg Toyota, initially traveling at 40 mph, collides into the rear end of a 2000 kg Cadillac, initially stopped at a red light. The bumpers lock and the two cars skid for 2 seconds before coming to rest. Calculate the coefficient of kinetic friction

    asked by Charles
  202. Calculus

    Determine the equation of the tangent line at the indicated -coordinate. f(x) = e^(-0.4x) * ln(18x) for x= 3 The equation of the tangent line in slope-intercept form is

    asked by Zoey
  203. working with parents and families

    At home, Harry's father never allowed him to touch any tools. At the day care center Harry attends, the caregiver allows a confused Harry to hammer and saw. This example illustrates the caregiver's and the parent's lack of A. a common goal. B. beliefs. C.

    asked by Amanda
  204. Statistics

    It takes the bus an average of 20 minutes to arrive at a certain bus stop. A student is waiting for the next bus to arrive. a) What is the probability the student waits more than 30 minutes? b) What is the probability the student waits exactly 15 minutes?

    asked by Sarah
  205. HISTORY

    Brigham Young B. was killed by a lynch mob in Illinois in 1844 C.led slave revolt in Virginia in 1831 D.led the Mormons to their settlement in Utah E.wrote the golden tablets which became the basis for the Mormon faith I'd say D An additional factor

    asked by Anonymous
  206. physics

    A bus moves from rest with a uniform acceleration of 2ms(square)for the first 10s.

    asked by marine
  207. Chemistry

    How do I find the number of energy levels in a positive and a negative ion? And also how do I find the number of electrons in a ion and a atom?

    asked by Anonymous
  208. physics

    How can the equation be prove:maximum height,time of flight and maximun range in projectile?

    asked by umaru
  209. Physic

    Work is done when.

    asked by Ed
  210. working with parents and families

    Parents should view a parent-caregiver conference as a time to be used primarily for A. sharing information and ideas about their child. B. the caregiver's evaluation of their parenting techniques. C. informing the caregiver of their wishes concerning

    asked by Amanda
  211. Chemistry

    A sample of oxygen that occupies 1.00 x 10^6 mL at 575 mm Hg is subjected to a pressure of 1.20 atm. What will the final volume of the sample be if the temperature is held constant?

    asked by Sara
  212. chemistry

    What is the eq.wt of C7H6O3 and why ??😊

    asked by sara