Questions Asked on
November 1, 2014

  1. College Chemistry

    Please tell me what I did wrong on this problem: Given the equation Fe2O3(s)+3CO(g)→2Fe(s)+3CO2(g), Calculate the number of grams of CO that can react with 0.370kg of Fe2O3 Here's what I did: .370kg x 1000 = 370g of Fe2O3 370g/[(55.85 x 2) + (13 x 3)] =

    asked by Theresa
  2. Math

    A plane leaves an airport X, 20.6degrees east and 36.8 north degrees and flies due south along the same longitude for 8 hours at the rate of 1000km/h to another airport Y, 20.6degrees east and tita degree south. The plane then flies west to another airport

    asked by Anonymous
  3. chemistry

    Ima Chemist found the density of Freon-11 (CFCl3) to be 5.58 g/L under her experimental conditions. Her measurements showed that the density of an unknown gas was 4.38 g/L under the same conditions. What is the molar mass of the unknown?

    asked by please help
  4. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    What is a common mistake most investigators make in the interview? A. They do not give the interviewee enough time to answer a question before asking another one. B. They break for lunch too early. C. They let an interviewee talk without interruption,

    asked by Pat
  5. Math

    tariq jogs 63250 m every week. how much will he jog in 149 days? Give your answer km.

    asked by Noor
  6. chemestry

    consider the reaction 2N2O(g) == O2(g)+2N2(g).which of the following will cause a shift in the equilibrium to the left?

    asked by sara
  7. Math

    There h horizontal lines and v vertical lines drawn in a plane. There are r ways to choose four lines such that a rectangular region is enclosed. Given that r is divisible by 1001. Find the minimum value of h+v. I am really not sure where to start.

    asked by Anonymous
  8. Calculus

    Assume that a demand equation is given by q=9000-100p. Find the marginal revenue for the given production levels. a. 500 Units the marginal revenue at 500 units is

    asked by Duane
  9. Math Help

    1.) Use the graph of f to describe the transformation that yields the graph of g. f(x)=10^x g(x)= 10^-x+3 a.) Reflect the graph of f in the y-axis and shift three units to the left. b.) Reflect the graph of f in the y-axis and shift three units to the

    asked by Kalani
  10. physical science

    A gold bar has a mass of 250 grams and is heated from 25 degrees Celsius to 55 degrees Celsius. How much heat did the gold bar absorb? The specific heat of gold is 0.13J/g*degrees C.

    asked by staci
  11. Strayer

    A certain test is worth 125 points. How many points (rounded to the nearest point) are needed to obtain a score of 85%?

    asked by Jimmyse
  12. math

    find the distance between the points (-20,16) and (-15,19). also find the midpoint of the segment that joins the points. what is the distance?_____ what is the midpoint?______

    asked by Ernie
  13. Thermodynamic

    The equilibrium constant of a reaction is determined at 2 different temperatures: at -181°C, Keq = 2770 at -11°C, Keq = 640

    asked by Sophie
  14. Math

    A woman has money in two accounts. One account pays 7% annual interest, whereas the other pays 15% annual interest. If she has $1,500 more invested at 15% than she does at 7% and her total interest for a year is $1,545, how much does she have in each

    asked by Chris
  15. Physic

    A ceiling fan is rotating at 0.50 rev/s. When turned off, it slows uniformly to a stop in 11 s. (a) How many revolutions does it make in this time? (b) Using the result from part (a), find the number of revolutions the fan must make for its speed to

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Physics

    Three particles X, Y, and Z of masses 2 kg, 5 kg, and 4 kg respectively are arranged in order along a straight line. Y is 5.0 m from X and 7.0 m from Z. The distance of the centre of mass of the system of mass from X is? ANS: 6.6 m Help please? I don't

    asked by Ariana
  17. physics

    A 75 kg hockey player glides across the ice on his skates with steel blades. What is the magnitude of the force of friction acting on the skater?

    asked by Rani
  18. chemistry

    convert the condensed formula to a complete and skeletal structure of the following formula (ch3)2chch2ch3

    asked by hensha
  19. history

    Check my answers? True/False South Carolina was allowed by Congress to nullify federal tariffs which hurt their economy. False, the Senate came up with a Compromise where federal tariffs would be reduced for SC. One of the most dependable & profitable

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Chemistry

    If a calorimeter has a mass of 6.0 g, a specific heat of 2.0 J/(g*C), and it and its contents undergo a temperature increase of 5.5 *C, how much heat is gained by the calorimeter?

    asked by Mary

    In the mid-nineteenth century new waves of immigrants came to the United States, most of them from ___ and ___. Northern & Western Europe?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Physics

    What is the maximum speed of a 3.40g particle that oscillates between x =2.0mm and x =8.0mm in the figure? (Figure 1) Description of Figure: Parabola with the lowest point at (4,1) parabola starts at(2,5) and ends at (8,5) Y-axis is U(J) X-axis is x(mm)

    asked by Dib
  23. chemistry

    magnesium metal (1.00 mol) and a volume of aqueous hydrochloric acid that contains .500 mol of HCL are combined and react to completion. how many liters of hydrogen gas, measured at STP, are produced? Mg(s) + 2HCL(aq) -> MgCl2(aq) + H2(g)

    asked by Anonymous
  24. Algebra

    If P(x)=4+2sqrt(x+2) and G(x)=4-3X, then what is the largest constant such that P(G(a)) is defined? Thank you!

    asked by Trish Goal
  25. Maths

    The 4th term of an AP is 6 if d sum of d 8th and 9th term is -72 the common difference is

    asked by Ada
  26. calculus

    Suppose the volume, V , of a spherical tumour with a radius of r = 2 cm uniformly grows at a rate of dV/dt= 0.3 cm^3/day where t is the time in days. At what rate is the surface area of the tumour increasing? The volume of a sphere is given by V =4

    asked by Quratulann
  27. physics

    A dart is thrown horizontally toward X at 30 m/s as shown. It hits Y 0.29 s later. The distance XY in centimeters is:

    asked by Anonymous
  28. algebra

    of 320 consumers polled, some purchase Blu-ray movies, some purchase movies on DVD, and some do both. If 300 people polled purchase Blu-ray discs and 280 purchase DVD's and Blu-ray discs, how many people only buy DVD's?

    asked by Berta
  29. Physics

    1.71 kg of glass (ρ = 2.66 x 10^3 kg/m3) is shaped into a hollow spherical shell that just barely floats in water. What are the (a) outer and (b) inner radii of the shell? Do not assume the shell is thin. Volume = 2.66 * 10^3/1.71 V=1555.56 m^3 V=pi(r^2)h

    asked by Jason
  30. Statistics

    a Rollercoaster's auditors estimate that the average daily loss from those illegally riding without tickets is at lease (greater or equal) $295, but wants to determine the accuracy of this statistic. The company researcher takes a random sample of losses

    asked by Robert
  31. Math

    Jane grows several varieties of plants in a rectangular-shaped garden. She uses fencing to divide the garden into 16 squares that are each 1 m by 1 m. She also puts fencing around the perimeter of the garden. What should the dimensions of the garden be so

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Algebra 2

    A player throws a ball up and toward a wall that is 17 feet high. The height h in feet of the ball after t seconds after it leaves the player's hand is modeled by h=-16t^2+25t+6. If the ball makes it to where the wall is, will it go over the wall or hit

    asked by KYLA
  33. Physics

    A bowling ball encounters a 0.760 m vertical rise on the way back to the ball rack, as the drawing illustrates. Ignore frictional losses and assume that the mass of the ball is distributed uniformly. The translational speed of the ball is 5.40 m/s at the

    asked by Shawn
  34. Algebra

    8-6i / 3i 3i / 4+2i I = imaginary numbers

    asked by Amy
  35. Physics

    What is the maximum speed of a 3.40g particle that oscillates between x =2.0mm and x =8.0mm in the figure? (Figure 1) Description of Figure: Parabola with the lowest point at (4,1) parabola starts at(2,5) and ends at (8,5) Y-axis is U(J) X-axis is x(mm)

    asked by Dib
  36. statistics

    31% of a certain breed of rabbits are born with long hair. What is the probability that in a litter of 8 rabbits, exactly 5 will have long hair? (Give your answer correct to three decimal places.)

    asked by rhonda
  37. Algebra

    If x & y = the following table what is the function of x? x = 1,2,3,4 Y = 1,3,5,7

    asked by Steve
  38. computer programing

    You are to write a short C program. The program will input two numbers: 1) number of miles to ship a package, 2) and the weight of the package You are to computer the price to ship the package. The formula is as follows. If the weight of the package is

    asked by med
  39. criminal justice

    how each player in the criminal justice system impacts the decision-making process.

    asked by joanna
  40. social

    what is hwang ho civilization ?

    asked by liza
  41. psychology

    Edwina is worried, anxious, and sure that something terrible is going to happen to her. She’s not sure what it would be, but she “just knows.” The feeling occurs on almost a daily basis and frequently keeps her awake at night. In addition, for the

    asked by Anonymous
  42. physics

    An m=150 g block hits an M= 265 g block initially at rest on a horizontal surface. After impact they stick together and slide 7.47 m before coming to rest. The coefficient of friction between blocks and surface is 0.39. a) What is in m/s the speed of both

    asked by Serena
  43. physics, math

    A hot air balloon with a mass of 18.0 kg is accelerating upward at 1.80 m/s^2 (Anet = 1.80 m/s^2). What is the weight and buoyant force acting on the balloon?

    asked by Sarah
  44. research topic child development

    I was reading a story earlier this evening, and I was wondering whether one detail could have been inspired by real life. Has anyone ever studied which parenting styles are most likely to lead to kids later having bad behavior?

    asked by Kerry
  45. English

    Dogs have helped blind people for many years. They are not only helper animals. ---------------------------- Is the expression 'helper animals' correct? Do you have other expressions for that?

    asked by rfvv
  46. English

    Bill didn't wear gloves as he made a snowman. => His hands got very cold. ------------------------------ In the first sentence, what does 'as' mean? Does 'as' mean 'when' or 'because'?

    asked by rfvv
  47. Maths

    Sue and Mary agree to play the best of three games of badminton. They stop if either of them have won two games. Over a long period of time, Sue wins 4 games out of every 5 games they play. Find the probability that Sue will win the best of three. I have

    asked by Dark
  48. inequality

    Jim uses office scanner to scan pages at rate of $.09 per page. He decides to rent a scanner for$70 a year. The cost of scanning using the rental is $.02 per page. Need inequality that can be used to calculate the number of pages that he should scan in a

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Calculus

    In 1907 Kennelly developed a simple formula for predicting an upper limit on the fastest time that humans could ever run distances from 100 yards to 10 miles. His formula given by t=.0588s^1.125 where s is the distance in meters and t is the time to run

    asked by Duane
  50. math

    In the ocean, there are areas where there are very few living things. _________________________ is the term that describes when this happens to a natural area.

    asked by Help science
  51. Criminal Justice/Writing Search Warrants

    When writing the description for the property you are going to search for, the description must be detailed: A. so the average person can distinguish among similar objects in the search. B. so that only the magistrate and investigator can discern the

    asked by Pat
  52. chemistry

    The value of ΔH° for the reaction below is -1107 kJ: 2Ba (s) + O2(g) → 2BaO (s) How many kJ of heat are released when 5.75 g of Ba (s) reacts completely with oxygen to form BaO (s)?

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Math

    Create your own polynomial with a degree greater than 2.Find the 0's of the function.

    asked by angela
  54. Chemistry

    Calculate the solubility of Kcl2 in mole per dm cube of water at 90 dgree celcius if 10grams of the solute will saturate 20grams of water

    asked by Oreoluwa
  55. MATHS

    Each Sunday the hymns to be sung are displayed on a hymn-board using numbered cards. The cards have the digits 0 to 9 on them. The hymn book has 750 hymns in it. Three different hymns are sung each service. a) What is the smallest number of cards the

    asked by ALISHA
  56. Maths Lit, Tourism, Geography, Life Sciences

    I want to study Sports Management, so I want to know if its possible with these subjects

    asked by Rorisang
  57. sda high

    A population has a mean of 200 and a standard deviation of 50. Suppose a simple random sample of size 100 is selected and is used to estimate μ. What is the probability that the sample mean will be within 5 of the population mean?

    asked by lawrence
  58. MATHS

    Two yummy bars plus three delish bars cost a total of $7.50. Three yummy bars plus two delish bars cost a total of $8.00. How much does one yummy bar cost?

    asked by LISA
  59. Chemistry

    If you weighed out 0.38 grams of calcium and reacted it with excess amount of HCI how many miles of H2 grams would you expect to produce?

    asked by Joann
  60. Science

    What is the term use to study the satellite television instruction experiment?

    asked by Arun
  61. engineering

    should my calculated bulk modulus of a liquid be (-)? the lookup tables i'm comparing the results too have positive values, or is it written without the (-) as a negative bulk modulus is impossible?

    asked by bob
  62. Algebra

    Define a#b as the arithmetic mean of a and b. What is the value of ((1#2)#2)#4? Express your answer as a common fraction. The hashtag is just a sign. Thank you!

    asked by Trish Goal
  63. Chem

    I am still having problems this question 2. Review Examples 7.3 and 7.4, as well as the equation for E in the chapter notes. Suppose an e−1 in an H atom has a transition from n = 3 to n = 2. a. Determine the energy (E) of the released photon. b.

    asked by Feather
  64. Chem

    An e−1 is released by an electron microscope at 3.00 × 106 m/s. Determine  in meters using the de Broglie relation Substitute kgˑm2/s2 for J and show all units. Then, convert  to pm and show the conversion factor. Determine the kinetic energy

    asked by Feather
  65. math

    in math to change simplified fraction form 2/3 to decimal form and percent form

    asked by ivan
  66. Math

    Find the linear approximation of f(x)=ln x at x=1 and use it to estimate ln 1.12. L(x)= ? ln 1.12 \approx ?

    asked by Joseph
  67. science

    what is scorpius

    asked by jyoti
  68. computer

    program in c++ to convert fahrenheit into centigrade

    asked by jyoti
  69. MATH

    Fraction form 1/3 if changed Decimal form it is 1/3=0.331/3 if changed to Percent form it is 1/3=331/3% Is this correct? I just want make sure.

    asked by ivan
  70. Math

    If the correct answer is 7.52609, which of the following entries would be counted as correct? That is, which entries are withing Webassigns default tolerance? select all that apply. 7.4 7.3680 7.53 7.458 7.68 7.5938

    asked by Michael
  71. math

    what **1/8 means?.

    asked by ivan
  72. College Intermediate Algebra

    The base of a triangle is terms of x is 2x+4x+2 and the height is x2+3x-4. What is the area of the triangle. I need to know am if I'm on the right track Area=1/2(2x+4x+2) (x2+3x-4)

    asked by Babydoll07
  73. Math

    If fencing cost $7 per foot find the total cost of fencing a rectangular garden 36ft by by 12ft

    asked by Anonymous
  74. MATH: Need help please

    Find the linear approximation of f(x)=\ln x at x=1 and use it to estimate ln 1.12. L(x)= . ln 1.12 approx

    asked by Anonymous
  75. Chemistry

    Suppose 55.3 L of a gas is at a temperature of -73. °C. If its temperature is increased to 411. °C, what will its volume be then?

    asked by Anna
  76. Chemistry

    A meteorological balloon contains 237. L of helium at 33. °C and 0.832 atm. If the volume of the balloon can vary according to external conditions, what volume would it occupy at an altitude at which the temperature is -57. °C and the pressure is 0.094

    asked by Anna
  77. Calculus

    The blood alcohol concentration after a drink has been consumed can be modelled by c(t)=(0.02t)e^(−0.05t) where t is the time in minutes elapsed after the consumption of the drink and c(t) is the concentration in mg/mL at t. At what time in the first

    asked by Anonymous
  78. Math

    Simultaneous equations- The tickets for a sports club disco cost £2 for members and £3 for non-members. a)The total ticket money collected was £580. x tickets were sold to members and y tickets were sold to non-members. Use this information to write

    asked by Caitlin
  79. Fluid Mechanics

    2. Air enters a converging nozzle at 3.5 m/s at 1.2 kg/m3. The inlet area is 5 cm2. If the outlet area is 1.7 cm2 and velocity of 7.5 m/s, determine the volume flow rate and air density at the nozzle outlet.

    asked by Farah
  80. Fluid Mechanics

    An ideal mixing (total volume inlet = total volume outlet) of two incompressible fluids which is between water and methanol (SG =0.85) is coming from two inlets. At inlet 1, water enter at 9 m/s and at inlet 2, methanol enter at 7 m/s. The diameter of

    asked by Farah
  81. science


    asked by obuchi
  82. Managerial Economics

    Mirk Labs is a pharmaceutical company that currently enjoys a patent monopoly in Europe, Canada, and the U.S. on Zatab, an allergy medication. The global demand for Zatab is Qd= 15.0- 0.2 P where Qd is annual quantity demanded (in millions of units) of

    asked by Da One
  83. Math


    asked by Bob
  84. st xaviers matj

    Construct a square ABCD whose AC-AB=3cm

    asked by Subhrajit
  85. chemistry

    Complete the following reactions, where applicable. If no reaction occurs write N.R A) blank + blank ---> Cu(NO3)2 + PbSO4 B) C6H12O6 + O2 --> blank + blank C) AgNO3 + CuCI2 ---> blank + blank

    asked by Rosie
  86. Intermediate Algebra

    factor (x-3)^2 +10(x-30)+24

    asked by Anonymous
  87. Physics

    A car is traveling along a road, and its engine is turning over with an angular velocity of +190 rad/s. The driver steps on the accelerator, and in a time of 13.0 s the angular velocity increases to +300 rad/s. (a) What would have been the angular

    asked by Sanz
  88. algebra

    factor (x-3)^2 +10(x-30)+24

    asked by Anonymous
  89. college algebra


    asked by Anonymous
  90. College Intermediate Algebra

    (x-3)^2 + [10x-30] +24

    asked by Anonymous
  91. Statistics

    a. What is the probability that a sample of 50 male graduates will provide a sample mean within $.50 of the population mean, $21.68? b. What is the probability that a sample of 50 female graduates will provide a sample mean within $.50 of the population

    asked by Dot
  92. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    When a violent crime is committed, the investigating officer will attempt to determine the suspect's method of operation. This should be recorded in which face sheet section? A. M.O., or modus operandi B. M.E., or method of entry C. Method of escape D.

    asked by Pat
  93. Statistics

    We're doing a project. I have all my data, but I'm not sure about what this is asking for. Use your regression equation to determine the purchase price for the 1999 Jeep Grand Cherokee. How does the predicted value, ŷ, compare to the average selling

    asked by AnaGloria1020
  94. Physics

    You swing a 2.40kg stone in a circle, using the full length of a thin 60.0cm rope.

    asked by Erika
  95. Math/I'm an adult

    if 14W=5R, what does 16W equal?

    asked by Sharon
  96. Math

    the lenght of a rectangular field is thrice its breadth. if the area of field is 7500 m square, find the cost of fencing the field at the rate of RS 10 per meter

    asked by Vaibhav lamba
  97. physical eduaction

    what can potentially have the most impact on physical education outcomes other than class size? a .type of equipment used b. amount of equipment available c. attitude of the classroom teacher d. lack of funding for equipment

    asked by ashley
  98. Chemistry

    A 0.2800 g sample of an unknown acid requires 28.22 mL of 0.1199 M NaOH for neutralization to a phenolphthalein point. a.) How many moles of OH- are used? b.) How many moles of H+ are found in the acid? c.) What is the calculated equivalent molar mass of

    asked by Jess
  99. UOP

    a bond that has a $1000 par value (face value) and a contract or coupon interest rate of 10.9%. The bonds have a current value of $1,120 and will mature in 10 years. The firm's marginal tax rate is 34%. The cost of capital from this bond debt is what

    asked by Nikky
  100. criminal justice

    what is the impact of discretion with respect to the major players (prosecutor, defense attorney, judge, defendant and victim) in the judicial system

    asked by Patiance
  101. Math

    Write an equation of a line that passes through the point (8,2) that is (a) parallel and (b) perpendicular to the graph of the equation y= 4x +3

    asked by Cassandra
  102. MATH


    asked by ZAIN
  103. Math

    Jane grows several varieties of plants in a rectangular-shaped garden. She uses fencing to divide the garden into 16 squares that are each 1 m by 1 m. She also puts fencing around the perimeter of the garden. What should the dimensions of the garden be so

    asked by Anonymous
  104. AP Calc. AB

    If f(x)=2x+sin(x) and the function g is the inverse of f, then g'(2)=?? a. 0.40 b. 0.38 c. 0.34 d. 0.32 e. 0.36

    asked by Rachel
  105. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    If a Miranda admonishment is needed, the generally accepted method of giving it is to: A. recite the Miranda admonishment from memory. B. give the interviewee a printed Miranda admonishment to read. C. ask the interviewee if he or she already knows the

    asked by Pat
  106. Physics

    The colors we see when looking at an object depend on the _________. A) density of the object B) amplitude of the light we see C) frequency of the light we see D) mass of the object we are looking at I think it is A

    asked by sally
  107. chemistry

    a 0.96 millimole sample of Na2CO3 gave 0.9 millimoles of CO2 gas. If a 0.376 g of pure Na2CO3 was reacted with excess acid, what volume of gas will be measured on this apparatus

    asked by kimberly
  108. chemistry

    The antacid in question (with an active ingredient of Ca(HCO3)2), upon treatment with excess hydrochloric acid, a 0.413 g sample gives 92.85 mL of CO2 at 25.00oC and 1.000 atm. What percentage of the antacid is active ingredient? Assume a perfect system

    asked by kimberly
  109. Statistics

    I have all the data, I just need someone to tell me how to start xc Please! I've been working on this for 5 hours now! 8. Calculate the equation of the least squares regression line. Draw this line on your scatter plot. The point (x,y) should lie on the

    asked by AnaGloria1020