Questions Asked on
October 19, 2014

  1. Physics

    Betty Bodycheck (mB = 55 kg, vB = 22.0 km/h in the positive x-direction) and Sally Slasher (mS = 45 kg, vS = 28.0 km/h in the positive y-direction) are both racing to get to a hockey puck. Immediately after the collision, Betty is heading in a direction

    asked by Trouble
  2. physics

    A 2.44 kg object is subjected to three forces that give it an acceleration vector a = -(8.00 m/s2)i hat + (6.00 m/s2)j hat. If two of the three forces are vector F1 = (30.7 N)i hat + (17.0 N)j hat and vector F2 = -(12.0 N)i hat + (8.00 N)j hat, find the

    asked by daniel
  3. chemistry

    write the balanced molecular and net iconic equations for the reaction between aluminium metal and silver nitrate. Identify the oxidation and reduction half-reaction

    asked by jake
  4. Math

    All rational functions can be expressed as f(x) = p(x)/q(x), where p and q are __________ functions and q(x) ≠ 0. A. horizontal asymptotes B. polynomial C. vertical asymptotes D. slant asymptotes Is the answer D. vertical asymptotes?

    asked by Sarah
  5. Physics

    In a science fiction novel two enemies, Bonzo and Ender, are fighting in outer spce. From stationary positions, they push against each other. Bonzo flies off with a velocity of +2.2 m/s, while Ender recoils with a velocity of -2.9 m/s. Determine the ratio

    asked by Sanz
  6. physics

    Water is poured into a container that has a leak.The mass 'm' of the water is given as a function of time 't' by, m=5t^0.8 -3t + 20 , with t>=0, mass in grams and t in seconds A) at what time is the water mass greatest,and B) what is the greatest mass? In

    asked by bill
  7. Physics

    Betty Bodycheck (mB = 55 kg, vB = 22.0 km/h in the positive x-direction) and Sally Slasher (mS = 45 kg, vS = 28.0 km/h in the positive y-direction) are both racing to get to a hockey puck. Immediately after the collision, Betty is heading in a direction

    asked by Irving
  8. algebra

    Find the values of a in the domain of f for which f(a)equals the given number. f(x) = |x + 5|; f(a) = 9

    asked by alana
  9. geometry

    Y is a the midpoint of XZ. For each pair of points given, find the coordinates of the third point. (Im not sure how to work this out, any help would be grateful) X(5,5), Z(-1,5) Y(_____,_____) Z(2,8), Y(-2,2) X(_____,_____)

    asked by Jhaliyaha
  10. Math

    If the length of a rectangle is increased by 10% and the width of the rectangle is decreased by 10%, is the area changed? If so, does it increase or decrease and by what percent? Explain your answer.

    asked by StevenB
  11. AP Chemistry

    Which of the following sets of quantum numbers are allowed for an electron in a hydrogen atom? a)n=3, l=0, ml=0 b)n=4,l=1,ml=-1 c)n=2,l=1,ml=-2

    asked by Nick
  12. Math

    Giselle has a block of wood that measures 14 cm by 12 cm by 10 cm. She is making a wooden ball in tech class. a) What percent of the wood is wasted? b) What assumptions are you making?

    asked by Anonymous
  13. AP Chemistry

    What is the change of enthalpy associated with the combustion of one mole of pentane? C5H12 + 8O2 ¨ 5CO2 + 6H2O I'm very confused, Please help!

    asked by Sara
  14. Algebra

    Find the complex zeros of the following polynomial function. Write f in the factored form. F(x)=2x^4-5x^3-20x^2+115x-52

    asked by Bri
  15. Math

    Find the first 3 common multiples for 6,7,8.

    asked by Ana
  16. college algebra

    find the zeros of f,f(x) = 2x2 + x − 21 x= ? larger value x= ? smaller value

    asked by A
  17. Math

    an ice cream cone contains one spherical scoop of ice cream,the diameter of the scoop of ice cream is the same as the diameter of the cone. If the ice cream melts, will the cone overflow? Justify your answer. 4cm spherical scoop of ice cream diameter of

    asked by Anonymous
  18. question

    David has a company decorating houses for the holidays. He has secured a $25,000 line of credit from his bank. For which purpose is David more likely to use this credit line? Question 19 options: a warehouse to store decorations until they are sold labor

    asked by kim
  19. math

    Downtown Mathville is laid out as a square grid of 9 North-South streets and 9 East-West streets (See diagram). Your apartment is located at the Southwest corner of downtown Mathville. (See point T.) Your math classroom is located in a building that is 6

    asked by al
  20. College Algebra (Word Problem)

    A rectangular eld is to be fenced o along the bank of a river; no fence is required along the bank of the river. The material for the fence costs 8 dollars per running foot for the two ends and 16 dollars per running foot for the side parallel to the

    asked by Mathew

    This question is based on the following paragraph. (1) Brenda would have liked to have taken her vacation at the beach. (2) However, the weather forecast on the television called for rain. (3) Also, her fiancé, Max, wanted to vacation in the mountains.

    asked by Reanel
  22. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    A criminal investigation cannot begin until one of three things is present; these include all of the following EXCEPT: A. a crime must have occurred. B. there must be a reasonable certainty that a crime has occurred. C. the investigator must be reasonably

    asked by Pat
  23. math

    use your fraction strips to locate and label these numbers on a number line: 0, 3/4, and 7/8. Then use your fraction strip to measure the distance between 3/4 and 7/8.

    asked by learning
  24. English

    1. What are people in the Netherlands hoping for? 2. What are people of the Netherlands hoping for? -They are hoping for another cold weather. -------------------- Which is right, 'in' or 'of' before the Netherlands? 3. How long didn't the race take place?

    asked by rfvv
  25. Physics

    A solid bar of length L = 1.32 m has a mass m1 = 0.751 kg. The bar is fastened by a pivot at one end to a wall which is at an angle θ = 35.0 ° with respect to the horizontal. (in other words, the angle between the wall and the beam is 35 degrees).The bar

    asked by Misaki
  26. Statistics

    Waiting times to receive food after placing an order at the sandwich shop follow an exponential distribution with a mean of 46 seconds.? Calculate the probability a customer waits: a.) Less than 26 seconds b.) More than 105 seconds c.) Between 38 and 60

    asked by Terrance
  27. Algebra

    Start from 110 feet away, a person on a bicycle rides toward a checkpoint and then passes it. The rider is traveling at a constant of 30m feet per second. The distance between the bicycle and the checkpoint is given by the equation d=(110-30t). At what

    asked by Steve
  28. Math

    The centre of a doughnut is removed and formed to make a sphere of dough with diameter 2.5 cm. A batch of these spheres is to be covered in a sugar glaze. There is enough glaze to cover an area of 4710 cm^2. How many spheres can be glazed?

    asked by Whitney
  29. Stats

    Mark and job are basketball players and will play a game. In the game, Mark will get 2 free throw attempts and John will get three. Overall, Mark makes a basket on 90% of free throw attempts and John makes it 50% of the time. Mark will win the game if he

    asked by Sarah
  30. Trigonometry

    Johns eyes are 6 ft from the ground. He is standing 70 ft away from a tree. If the angle of elevation is 24 degrees, then how tall is the tree?

    asked by Cherie
  31. physics

    The distance between two nearest nodes of a standing wave is 22.9 cm. Hand generated pulses move up and down through a complete cycle five times every seven seconds. Find the velocity of the wave. Answer in units of m/s

    asked by Anonymous
  32. Estimation decimal quotient

    Use compatible numbers to find the each quotient ,2.90 divided by 29,48 divided by 3.2, 0.18 divided by 0.33,152 divided by 5.12,41.9 divided by 19,33.90 divided by 10.2, 502 divided by 9.5, 180.8 divided by 6 , 48 divided by 3.33, 0.65 divided by 5.1,18.2

    asked by Juliet
  33. Chemistry

    Determine the number of grams of oxygen in 13 grams of calcium acetate.

    asked by Brianna
  34. math

    At which grade level is it most appropriate for children to group by more than one attribute?

    asked by Pam
  35. biology

    explaination of the scientific interpretation of fossils found in the cradle of humankind

    asked by winnie
  36. Math

    Find all values of p such that 2(x+4)(x-2p) has a minimum value of -18? I know x=-4 but I do not know that helps us. Please explain in steps! The temperature of a point (x,y) in the plane is given by the expression x^2-y^2-4x+2y. What is the temperature of

    asked by Trish Goal
  37. geometry

    a game room has a floor that is 120 feet by 75 feet a scale drawing of the floor grid paper uses a scale of 1 unit:5 feet what are the dimensions o the scale drawing ***Show steps please I need this by tomorrow***

    asked by Maria
  38. Orgo Lab

    Recrystallization is often used at the end of a synthesis. Choose the most accurate answer/s to explain the purpose of recrystallization and how it is done effectively? Note there may be more than one correct answer. 1.Dissolve the crude product in the

    asked by Anonymous
  39. math

    if P(5 , r) = 60 then the value of r is

    asked by Nithin
  40. math

    a post is put every 6 feet along a rectangular fence that is 42 feet long and 36 feet wide. how many posts are needed?

    asked by Anonymous
  41. Calculus

    Find the value of a so that the tangent line to y = ln(x) at x = a is a line through the origin. I am unsure how to go about this.

    asked by Mel


    asked by DEMILADE
  43. kbcc

    x-intercept 0.4 y-intercept 0.3 How you solve for 1/f ?

    asked by optic lens
  44. Finance

    You want to have $5 million in real dollars in an account when you retire in 40 years. The nominal return on your investment is 12 percent and the inflation rate is 5 percent. What real amount must you deposit each year to achieve your goal?

    asked by Xia
  45. Business

    If the firm’s beginning cash balance for the budget period is $7,000, and this is its desired minimum balance, determine when and how much the firm will need to borrow during the budget period. The firm has a $50,000 line of credit with its bank, with

    asked by kim
  46. Calculus

    An inverted conical tank is being filled with water, but it is discovered that it is also leaking water at the same time. The tank is 6 meters high and its diameter at the top is 4 meters. The water is being added to the tank at a constant rate. Some of

    asked by Ryan
  47. calculus

    find the x-coordinate of all points on the curve y=12Xcos(5X)-(30*sqrt3*X^2) + 16, pi/5

    asked by jake
  48. Math/Science

    Three bullets are fired simultaneously by three guns aimed toward the center of a circle where the bullets mash into a stationary lump. The angle between the guns is 120°. Two of the bullets have a mass of 9.30 10-3 kg and are fired with a speed of 440

    asked by Anonymous
  49. Physics

    A ball with mass m = 0.210 kg and kinetic energy K1 = 2.97 J collides elastically with a second ball of the same mass that is initially at rest. After the collision, the first ball moves away at an angle of = 30.6° with respect to the hori- zontal, as

    asked by Trouble
  50. World History Answer Check (Ms. Sue)

    1. What is the principle of minsterial responsibility? A: The chief executive officer, usually called the prime minister, was responsible to the popularly elected legislative body, not to the king or president. This principle is calls ministerial

    asked by Victoria
  51. Chemistry

    What is another name for mole in Chemistry

    asked by Amy
  52. Chemistry

    how many grams of NH3 can be produced from 4.35moles of N2 and excess H2

    asked by Amy
  53. Math

    Examine the given right angle triangle. Are the side lengths given in the diagram possible? Justify your answer. lengths: 2.4m, 9.2m, 4.7m

    asked by Anonymous
  54. english

    what are some examples of discrimination in schools? i need to come up with a hypothetical example

    asked by moose
  55. physics

    an airplance traveling at 450 km/h needs to reverse its course. the pilot decides to bank the wings at 12 degrees. find the time needed to reverse the course

    asked by jeff
  56. math

    How to solve for t 2465=204.8t+4.6t^2

    asked by Sara
  57. Stats

    So i have a test in stats tomorrow and im trying to work on my study guide but im stuck at this question : Construct a confidence interval for the proportion for each case 90 percent interval 861 out of 2500. please help.

    asked by Jessica
  58. eng

    did anyone read the book memoirs of a geisha by arthur golden ?

    asked by tina
  59. business

    In the case Kelo v. City of New London, when the city sought to take Kelo's home by eminent domain to sell it to a private developer, the Supreme Court ruled that: It was an unconstitutional taking of Kelo's home. the city had the power to take Kelo's

    asked by Kia
  60. Statistics

    Suppose a certain species bird has an average weight of grams. Based on previous studies, we can assume that the weights of these birds have a normal distribution with grams. For a small group of 13 birds, find the margin of error for a 70% confidence

    asked by Rachel
  61. SS

    Is Jumbo Glacier in Canada actually a glacier or only a mountain resort?

    asked by Anonymous
  62. English

    1. Why was the Eleven Cities Tour of 1963 the most difficult race? 2. Why was the Eleven Cities Tour in 1963 the most difficult race? 3. Why was the 1963 Eleven Cities Tour of 1963 the most difficult race? ---------------- Do we have to use 'in' or 'of'?

    asked by rfvv
  63. science

    You are running from a zombie with a velocity of 2.5 m / s. If you run for 1500 meters and have a mass of 61.4 kg, how much work have you done?

    asked by connie
  64. English

    What winter sport do you like most? 1.I like snowboarding because it's thrilling. 2. I like ski jumping because it's fantastic. 3. I like curling because it's great. 4. I like ice hockey because it's amusing. 5. I like speed skating because it's

    asked by rfvv
  65. Chemistry

    when 2g of NaOH were dissolved in 149 g of H2o in a calorimeter at 24 degrees C the temperature of the solution went up to 29 degrees C. If the calorimeter constant was 11 cal/C find delta H for the solution of one mole of NaOH in H2O

    asked by Dexter
  66. algebra


    asked by Mary
  67. Business

    I have a business project with entrepreneurs. And one of the entrepreneurs was perceptive. We have to use a body part to represent it. Which would you use? And why?

    asked by Blake
  68. Probability

    If the first dice yields an even number, what is the probability that the sum of the two dices will be equal to 12? 1st Die P(even) = 3/6 = 0.50 P(6|even) = 1/3 = 0.333 2nd Die P(6) = 1/6 = .1667 So P(12) = 0.5*0.33*0.1667 ?

    asked by Ashley
  69. physics

    The distance between two consecutive nodes of a standing wave is 19.2 cm. The hand gen- eratingthe pulses movesupand downthrough a complete cycle 3.23 times every 5.9 s. Find the velocity of the wave. Answer in units of m/s how do I solve it? thanks!

    asked by DEANA
  70. chemistry

    When 2016 J of heat energy is added to 49.5 g of ethanol, C2H6O, the temperature increases by 16.6 °C. Calculate the molar heat capacity of C2H6O. 49.5g = 2.98mols C=q/n*temperature change in Celsius 2016/2.98*16.6

    asked by claire
  71. College Algebra 1

    What is the interval notation for -4(x+9)^3(x-11)^4(x+6)>0

    asked by Erin
  72. physics

    what is the physics answer to A 25.0 kg mortar shell is launched from level ground at 38.0m/s at 60 Degrees above the horizontal. At the top of its trajectory, the shell explodes into three pieces. A 10.0 kg piece flies forward at 38.0 m/s. Another 10.0 kg

    asked by jackie
  73. Calculus

    Find an equation of the tangent line to the curve f(x) = (sins)^2 + 2tanx at x= pi/4. I worked through it and got y = 5x + 5/2 for my answer, but the answer key says that it is y - 5/2 = 5(x - pi/4). Why is the pi/4 in the answer? Thanks for any help!

    asked by Lucy
  74. Physics!

    When jumping straight down, you can be seriously injured if you land stiff-legged. One way to avoid injury is to bend your knees upon landing to reduce the force of the impact. A 79.1 kg man just before contact with the ground has a speed of 6.27 m/s. In a

    asked by Sanz
  75. physics

    In a cargo plane, the center of gravity must be between the front and rear landing gears in order to maintain a torque equilibrium. The front landing gears help counteract the torque provided by the rear landing gears in this case. A jet transport has a

    asked by Joseph
  76. Physics

    Starting from rest, a 98-kg firefighter slides down a fire pole. The average frictional force everted on him by the pole has a magnitude of 700 N, and his speed at the bottom of the pole is 3.4 m/s. How far did he slide down the pole?

    asked by Sam
  77. Law

    •When should a status offense become a delinquent act?

    asked by Tammy
  78. Chemistry

    Consider the following reaction. 2 HCl(aq) + Ba(OH)2(aq) BaCl2(aq) + 2 H2O(l) ΔH = -118 kJ Calculate the heat when 114.8 mL of 0.500 M HCl is mixed with 300.0 mL of 0.400 M Ba(OH)2. Assuming that the temperature of both solutions was initially 25.0°C and

    asked by Matt
  79. Physics

    A long solenoid has 1400 turns per meter of length, and it carries a current of 2.0 A. A small circular coil of wire is placed inside the solenoid with the normal to the coil oriented at an angle of 90.0˚ with respect to the axis of the solenoid. The coil

    asked by Elle
  80. Math

    For f(x) = 2sinx + (sinx)^3 + tanx find f'(pi/3). Ok, so what I tried was... f'(x) = 2cosx + cosx(3(sinx)^2) + (sinx/cosx) pi/3 = (1/2, sqrt(3)/2) therefore, 2(1/2) + 1/2(3(sqrt(3)/2)(sqrt(3)/2) + (sqrt(3)/2 (2/1)) 1 + .5(3 (3/4)) + sqrt(3) 1 + .5(9/4) +

    asked by Mel
  81. English

    Formative Test Now, let's check how well you can use the expressions you've learned. I will distribute handouts. You have to solve the problems. You will have 5 minutes. Are you finished? Then, I'll write down the answers. Look at the answers on the

    asked by rfvv
  82. SS

    Is Ottawa valley an actual valley?

    asked by Anonymous
  83. Writing: Research Paper

    Can "The Difference between Christianity and Religion" be a title? Or "Christianity v. Religion"?

    asked by losa
  84. College Pysics

    A sign hangs precariously from your prof's office door. Calculate the magnitude of the tension in string 1, if theta1 = 32.92o, theta2 = 54.99o, and the mass of the sign is 4.9 kg.

    asked by Sarah
  85. help

    Willam expects his new business to support him and his family. This means his asset and financing requirements will Question 7 options: 1. increase. 2. decrease. 3. remain the same. 4. depend on the size of his family.

    asked by kim
  86. Harmon

    If light travels 10,000km ( 3.3 x 10 to the -2 power) seconds, how will it take to travel one meter. I know 1 meter = 0.001km

    asked by Heather
  87. chemistry

    When river water cools on a winter day, the level of dissolved oxygen gas in the water available for fish to breathe tends to _____________

    asked by Charla
  88. Spanish3

    Hi! I need some help with making sentences. My assignment: Escribe de las cosas que tú y un amigo hacen o lo que dos otras personas hacen. Escribe por lo menos seis oraciones completas en español. Use a reciprocal verb in each sentence. Here are the

    asked by N.Dennis
  89. Physics updated

    When jumping straight down, you can be seriously injured if you land stiff-legged. One way to avoid injury is to bend your knees upon landing to reduce the force of the impact. A 65.3-kg man just before contact with the ground has a speed of 7.05 m/s. (a)

    asked by Sanz
  90. chemistry

    Determine how many kg of benzoic acid would dissolve in 1.00 Liter of water at 50 degrees C? My work: 1.00/50C X 1000g/1L X .001kg/1g= 1kg/50C

    asked by Leilani
  91. Anatomy and Physiology

    There are many disease, disorders, syndromes that attack the muscular system such as muscular dystrophy, hypotonia, polio, etc. Because of our research facilities and advanced medical care in the United States, many of the people in our country who are

    asked by Jacob
  92. Physics fun

    A golf ball strikes a hard, smooth floor at an angle of 33.1 ° and, as the drawing shows, rebounds at the same angle. The mass of the ball is 0.0172 kg, and its speed is 59.2 m/s just before and after striking the floor. What is the magnitude of the

    asked by Sanz
  93. Math

    Speed sling takes place on a course that is 2/3 lim le long .how many feet long is the course

    asked by Silvana
  94. Chemistry

    What would be the problem with determining a IR spectrum on a liquid whose boiling point is 30 degrees celcius

    asked by Leslie
  95. physics

    Given. a = 25.1 cm and b = 51.2 cm and the forces are F1 = 10.3 N, F2 = 10.6 N and F3 = 14.7 N. The angle between F2 and the horizontal is θ = 27.9 °. Find the magnitude of the net torque on the wheel about the axle through O. Answer in units of N m.

    asked by sim
  96. Chem Help Please!

    show the route you would use to go from starting material to product. You should give the reaction conditions for each step, but it is not necessary to give detailed mechanisms. RCH2CH2R to R-CH(BR is attached under CH)-CH3 RCH2-C-(3 CH3 is attached to

    asked by JuYoung
  97. Physics

    Consider a rod plus disc system. The rod has a total length L =1.30 m, while the disc has a radius of R = L/2. The pivot is at P where the distance between P and the end of the rod is L/4. Point O is at the center of the disc, and the distance between O

    asked by Misaki
  98. algebra

    a train travels 600 miles from Los Angles to San Francisco traveling at a certain speed the return trip is made traveling 40 mph faster the return time is 4 less how fast was the train traveling in each direction?

    asked by jon
  99. English

    Write the complete subject and underline the simple subject., 1/ The gourds' noise sounds like dry leaves in the wind. Answer:cmplete subject : the gourds'noise sounds Simple subject: sounds 2/ Martin's friend come some times and plays her recorder.

    asked by Nnh
  100. Math

    1/why can 0 be divided by any number , but any number cann't be divided by 0? Answer: I don't know.. 2/ Mr. Cruz is planning to give each of his students 2 pencils for their math test . Pencils come in packs of 8 . If he has 32 students ,can he open enough

    asked by Nnh
  101. Maths

    Hi there, I'm currently stuck on a maths question. Find the limit as x approaches 0 for (1+sinx)^cotx I've put logs on both sides and am attempting to use hopitals rule but don't know where to proceed from here.

    asked by Ss
  102. AP Calc. AB

    1.For f(x)=sin^2(x) and g(x)=0.5x^2 on the interval [-pi/2,pi/2], the instantaneous rate of change of f is greater than the instanteneous rate of change of g for which value of x? a)0 b)1.2 c)0.9 d)-0.8 e)1.5 2. If g(x)=√(x) (x-1)^(2/3), then the domain

    asked by Jacke
  103. Calculus

    What is the derivative of (ln(x))^x ? I have: f(x) = ln(x)^x f(x) = xlnx f'(x) = x/x + 1 * ln(x) f'(x) = 1 + ln(x) Is this correct?

    asked by Tom
  104. Maths

    The slope of a curve Y = f(x) is given by dy/dx=(X-1)(x-2)^2(x-3)^3(x-4)^4(x-5)^5. (a) For what value or values of x does y have a local maximum/minimum? Justify your answer. I know the maximum/min occurs when dy/dx = 0, which in this case is 1,2,3,4,5 but

    asked by Ss
  105. Maths

    Let f be a function such that f(−6)=−6, f(6)=6, f is differentiable for all real values of x and −1≤f'x≤1 for all real values of x. Prove that f(x)=x for all −6≤x≤6 I tried applying the mean value theorem here but I'm not sure where to

    asked by Ss
  106. business studies, tourism, history, mathematical literacy

    I'm in grade 10 and I still don't know what career I full under I'm stressed I need help asap ...time is ticking! help please. what career can I choose?

    asked by vanessa tsubella
  107. Calculus

    Find f''(1/2) using f(x) = ln(1-x). f'(x) = 1/(1-x) * -1 = -1/(1-x) so then using quotient rule: f''(x) = ((-1*-1) - ((1-x)(0))) / (1-x)^2 f''(1/2) = 1/(1-(1/2))^(2) = 4 Is this correct?

    asked by Tom
  108. help

    where can i listen to the audiobook of the novel "memoirs of a geisha" by arthur golden ?

    asked by tina
  109. Physics

    A total of 0.800 kg of water at 20 degrees celsius is places in a 1kw electric kettle. How long a time is needed to raise the temperture of water to 100 degrees celsius?

    asked by Deanne
  110. Language

    Combine ,,Use (and) or (or) to join the subjects. 1/ The raffle will raise money. The auction will raise money. The raffle and the auction will raise money. 2/ Food and drinks will make the party fun.Games and prizes will make the party fun. Food and

    asked by Nin
  111. Calculus

    find y' of 4(cos(x^3))^2 when x = 1. I got -24(1)(cos(1)(sin(1) = -0.4187 but the answer is -10.9.

    asked by Dave
  112. physical chem

    calculate work when 1mol of H2O is heated from 0-100 degrees C at fixed pressure of 1atm.

    asked by Anonymous
  113. To: SraJMcGin

    Thank you so much for the help, I really appreciate it:) I understand this much much more thank you:) and I have 1 more question: Se fâcher 14. Quand mes petites sœurs ont cassé la fenêtre de la cuisine maman__________ Thanks once again:)

    asked by Sarah
  114. Business Math

    Jeanna wants to buy a new boat for her family. She has two payment options. The first option is to pay a cash payment of $7,200. The second option is to finance the boat with a three year installment loan. The loan requires a 10% down payment and 36 equal

    asked by David
  115. p i s j

    The mass of fan astronaut is 100kg 1)find its weight on earth. 2)find its weight on moon. When the gravitational acceleration on moon is 1.6 ms

    asked by ibrahim
  116. tech math

    how to solve one pulley is 7 cm larger in diameter than a second pulley. the larger pulley turns at 80 rpm, and the smaller pulley turns at 136 rpm. what is the diameter of each pulley

    asked by tom
  117. physics

    a soldier climbs a cliff with a pull of 750N on the rope and th rope is 22 degrees to the cliff . how much is he pulling.'

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Estimating decimal quotient

    Use compatible numbers to find the quotient 2.99 / 29 48/ 3.2 0.18/0.33 152/5.12 41.9/19 33.90/10.2 502/9.5 180.8/6 48/3.33 0.65/5.1 18.2/11 55/10.7 117.8/0.12 0.6/5 145/0.3 435.2/39 60/5.9 1.8/20

    asked by Juliet
  119. Health

    My apologies if I make a mistake. I'm new to this, and my Health teacher has asked me to interview a smoker (a person that smokes cigarettes, not marijuana) The oldest you could be is 20... thank you in advance. 1. What is your first name? 2. How old are

    asked by Nicole
  120. Statistics

    Mark and job are basketball players and will play a game. In the game, Mark will get 2 free throw attempts and John will get three. Overall, Mark makes a basket on 90% of free throw attempts and John makes it 50% of the time. Mark will win the game if he

    asked by sarah
  121. English

    Look my answers 1-2 At 5:36

    asked by Nnh
  122. statistics

    what is the percentage of the area under the curve is above the mean of the normal curve

    asked by Anonymous
  123. algebra

    Q(t) = 5, if 0 ¡Ü t ¡Ü 5 −t + 7 if 5 < t ¡Ü 8 t − 1 , if 8 < t ¡Ü 11 Q(m2 + 1), 7 < m ¡Ü 10 = 4

    asked by alana
  124. algebra

    Find the zeros of f. f(x) = 10 − 4x x= ____

    asked by alana
  125. algebra

    A bus was purchased for $80,000. Assuming the bus depreciates at a rate of $6,000 per year (straight-line depreciation) for the first 10 years, write the value v of the bus as a function of the time t (measured in years) for 0 ¡Ü t ¡Ü 10

    asked by alana
  126. Physics 12

    the 3 forces shown act on a object is in equilibrium. F1= 50N (E 60 degrees N), F2= 60N (E 30 degrees S ) Calculate the magnitude of the force F3 and the angle???? How to solve??

    asked by Roya
  127. math

    Question 2 of 20 5.0 Points In the equation x = 6 - 2y, x and y are: A. directly related. B. inversely related. C. both dependent variables. D. not related. Reset Selection Mark for Review What's This? Question 3 of 20 5.0 Points John puts $780 into his

    asked by Kim
  128. physics

    A gardener pushes a box of tools across a driveway by applying a 27.5- N force that pushes downward at an angle of 32.8 o with respect to the horizontal. How much work is done if the box moves 3.25 m in the horizontal direction?

    asked by Jamila
  129. Math

    If the first dice yields an even number, what is the probability that the sum of the two dices will be equal to 12? 1st Die P(even) = 3/6 = 0.50 P(6|even) = 1/3 = 0.333 2nd Die P(6) = 1/6 = .1667 So P(12) = 0.33*0.1667 ?

    asked by Ashley
  130. physics

    In a game of shuffleboard, a disk with an initial speed travels of 3.2m/s travels 6.0m (a) what is the acceleration of the disk? (b) what is the coefficient of friction between the floor and the disk? So far I've gotten to the equation vf^2 - vi^2 =

    asked by Jordan
  131. Physics

    A lead bullet is traveling at 200 m/s strikes a tree and comes to stop. If half of the heat produced is retained by the bullet, by how much does the temperature increase?

    asked by Iries Gonzales
  132. science

    what force is applied by Andre if he does 250 J of work as he pushes a box 19 M along the ground ?

    asked by anna
  133. Math

    The volume of a cone is 8.1 cubic yards. The cone has a height of 2.4 yd. What is the diameter of the cone to the nearest tenth of a yard?

    asked by Anonymous
  134. physics

    How far from a piece of paper must you hold your father’s 2.00 D reading glasses to try to burn a hole in the paper with sunlight?

    asked by ashton
  135. Geometry

    a game room has a floor that is 120 feet by 75 feet a scale drawing of the floor grid paper uses a scale of 1 unit:5 feet what are the dimensions o the scale drawing

    asked by Maria
  136. chemestry

    If an excess of silver nitrate is combined with 25.0 mL of calcium chloride and produces 2.90 g of precipitate, what is the molarity of calcium chloride that was used?

    asked by hanah
  137. Geometry

    The length of a table is 6 feet on a scale drawing the, length is 2 inches write three possible scales for drawing

    asked by Maria
  138. algebra

    Find the zeros of f. f(x) = 2x^2 + x − 21

    asked by alana
  139. science

    I did the work for this lab but forgot to record the data. It was a double displacement of CuSO4 and NaCO3. If someone could help me with the visual reaction that would help me out a lot. I know what to do I just don't remember what happens.

    asked by Teegan
  140. Estimating decimal quotient

    Use compatible to find the following quotient 180.8 divided by 6 182divided by 11 55divided by 10.7 117.8divided by 0.12 0.6 divided by 5 145 divided by 0.3 60 divided by 5.9 1.8 divided by 20

    asked by David
  141. psychology

    Questions: 1. What are the design elements (IV, DV) and operational definitions? 2. What are the potential confounds? 3. What are the strengths and weaknesses of the study design? 4. The message written on the back of the check concerned an upcoming

    asked by juliee
  142. science

    What is the visual reaction when CuSO4 and NaCO3 is combined? I know what to do, I just forgot the info at school and I need this done by tomorrow. I would prefer to figure it out on my own but I don't have the chemicals at my house and I can't find

    asked by Anonymous
  143. Chemistry

    In a test tube, 1.0mL of 0.10 M lead(II) nitrate and 10 mL of 1.0M sodium chloride are mixed. Calculate the theoretical mass of solid formed

    asked by C-Nix
  144. statistics

    For two events, C and D, P(C)=.16 and P(D)=.18 If C and D are independent events, then find P(D intersect C) and P(C given D) and P(D U C)

    asked by Shawn
  145. algebra

    Q(t) = 5, if 0 ¡Ü t ¡Ü 5 −t + 7 if 5 < t ¡Ü 8 t − 1 , if 8 < t ¡Ü 11 Q(x), 6 < x < 7 = ____ Q(m2 + 1), 7 < m ¡Ü 10 = 4

    asked by alana
  146. math

    A large greenhouse is built in the shape of a right square pyramid with base lengths of 26 m, and a slant height of 35.4 m. How much glass, to the nearest square metre, is needed for the greenhouse? (Lateral area only)

    asked by Anonymous
  147. algebra

    Find the zeros of f. f(x) = 2x2 + x − 21 smaller value = ___ larger value = ___

    asked by alana
  148. algebra

    A bus was purchased for $80,000. Assuming the bus depreciates at a rate of $6,000 per year (straight-line depreciation) for the first 10 years, write the value v of the bus as a function of the time t (measured in years) for 0 ¡Ü t ¡Ü 10.

    asked by alana
  149. algebra

    graph f(x) = 2 − 1/4x

    asked by alana
  150. Chemistry

    1. When solid copper metal reacts with nitric acid, the products include copper (II) ion and nitrogen monoxide gas. If 11.99 g of solid copper are reacted with 153 mL of 0.322 M HNO3, how many liters of nitrogen monoxide will be produced? 2. When solid

    asked by aperson
  151. chemistry

    What is the pH of a solution of a monoprotic acid with a pKa of 6.6 if it is 39.3 % ionized in solution? Just provide the numerical answer, do not prefix with pH. Give your answer to two decimal places. Remember the definition of Ka

    asked by jenna
  152. Economics

    How did government policies and businesses lead to the globalization of production? what was the impact on the U.S. stock market?

    asked by anonymous.
  153. managerial accounting

    Equipment reported in the December 31, 2013, balance sheet was purchased in January 2013. It is being depreciated over eight years under the straight-line method with no salvage value. The following amounts for new equipment purchases are planned in the

    asked by shirley
  154. US History

    This is a letter from George Washington to Patrick Henry: September 24, 1787 I don't understand what his purpose and point of view is. Please help me!!! Dear Sir: In the first moment after my return I take the liberty of sending you a copy of the

    asked by Rachel
  155. Math

    A glass of skim milk supplies 0.1 mg of iron and 8.2 g of protein. A quarter pound of lean red meat provides 3.75 mg of iron and 21 g of protein. If a person on a special diet is to have 7.36 mg of iron and 73 g of protein, how many glasses of skim milk

    asked by Josh PLEASE HELP
  156. chemistry

    a fur coat has C-14 activity 1/16 that of living tissue. How old is fur coat?

    asked by crowder
  157. math

    A jade necklace is made up of 100 spherical jade beads. Each bead has a diameter of 7 mm. What is the total amount of jade, in cubic millimetres?

    asked by Anonymous
  158. Criminal Justice/Report Writing

    After a criminal investigator arrives on the scene of a crime, his or her first priority is: A. arresting the guilty party. B. life safety and assisting victims in need of aid. C. collecting evidence and taking photographs. D. interviewing witnesses. I am

    asked by Pat
  159. Physics

    A satellite in circular orbit around the earth has an orbital speed of 5 km/s. What is the period of the orbit? Assume the mass of the Earth is 5.98e24 kg.

    asked by Sabrina
  160. statistics

    a researcher wants to find a model that relates square footage

    asked by Anonymous
  161. Physics

    At the 2014 ALCS game 2, the Royals started their right-handed pitcher Wade Davis whose fastball typically reaches 94 mph. if his throwing motion covers 2.8m from the position where his arm starts to make forward motion to release position, and the mass of

    asked by Sarah
  162. English

    I need three points of types of classism in Great Expectations by charles dickens I have already have two points of social status and becoming from poor to rich...

    asked by Mike
  163. pre algebra

    there is 100 bacteria in a petri dish. every 30 minutes the bacteria doubles. how muchbacteria will there be in 3 hours.

    asked by christopher
  164. Physiology

    Why is the Achilles tendon reflex protective and what is it protecting? Is it protective because it prevents the muscle from being overstretched? I don't know what it is protecting.

    asked by ADK
  165. math

    A hairstlist schedules 1/4 hour to trim a customers hair and 1/6 hour to style. The hairstylist plans to work 3 1/3 hours each day. How many appointments can she schedule?

    asked by sarah
  166. French MS SUE

    To ms sue: I waited all last night but nobody helped me... Could you please forward my French question again? This assignment is due so I don't have very much time left..

    asked by Sarah
  167. Math

    Samantha made 9800 mL of fruit punch for a party, and she served the fruit punch divided equally in 5 pitchers. Her guests drank 2 pitchers of fruit punch. How many liters of fruit punch did Samantha have left over?

    asked by Brooke
  168. math

    Find the surface area of a right rectangular pyramid with a base 10 in by 8 in and a height of 10 in. (Answer to the nearest square inch)

    asked by Anonymous
  169. Physics

    Block A and block B are forced together, compress- ing a spring (with spring constant k = 2500. N/m) between them 3.00 cm from its equilibrium length. The spring, which has negligible mass, is not fastened to either block and drops to the surface after it

    asked by Trouble
  170. World History (Ms. Sue)

    Why did some Jews feel they needed their own nation?

    asked by Victoria
  171. science

    1. radioactive decay occurs when atoms A- lose mass B- join with atoms of another element C- break down to form atoms of another element D- are exposed to chemical weathering 2. if you want to consult the geologic time scale for when the first vertebrates

    asked by anonymous
  172. Calculus

    A pulley system on a pier is used to pull boats towards the pier for docking. Suppose that a boat is being docked and has a rope attaching the boat's bow on one end and feeding through the pier's pulley system on the other end. The pulley system is 1 meter

    asked by Ryan
  173. Calculus

    A bright light on the ground illuminates a wall 12 meters away. A man walks from the light straight toward the building at a speed of 2.3 m/s. The man is 2 meters tall. When the man is 4 meters from the building, how fast is the length of his shadow on the

    asked by Ryan
  174. Math

    Bill is painting his basement floor. If one can of paint will cover 4.5m squared, how many cans of paint will he need? Measurements: 13.5m, 1.5m, 6m, 18m, 13.5m,1.5m show work

    asked by Brianna
  175. Algebra

    What polynomial could you subtract from 5x^3 - 12x - x^2 + 9 - 12x^5 - 6x^4 to give a difference of 19 + 8x^3 - 18x - 19x^5 - 2x^2 - 8x^4?

    asked by Anonymous
  176. Physics!

    A 0.0124-kg bullet is fired straight up at a falling wooden block that has a mass of 3.96 kg. The bullet has a speed of 756 m/s when it strikes the block. The block originally was dropped from rest from the top of a building and had been falling for a time

    asked by Sanz
  177. statistics

    A research organization claims that the monthly wages of industrial workers in district X exceeds that of those in district Y by more than Rs 150. Two different samples drawn independently from the two district yielded the following results: District X: 1

    asked by doshila
  178. Chemistry

    2NaN(3) > 2 Na +3N(2) What mass of sodium azide must be reacted to inflate and air bag to 70.0 L at STP?

    asked by Courtney
  179. chemistry

    s shell never forms pi bonds ,right?

    asked by zoha
  180. biology

    Where is the location of the phosphatase enzyme in the digestive system. There is no site that i can find that can provide an answer...

    asked by Chad
  181. Math

    Bill is painting his basement floor. If one can of paint will cover 4.5m squared, how many cans of paint will he need? Measurements: 13.5m, 1.5m, 6m, 18m, 13.5m,1.5m show work !It is a rectangle layout!

    asked by Brianna
  182. Salford

    How to prepare 500ml of 7% Question 6 You need to make 500mls of a 7% bovine serum albumin solution. What mass, in grams, do you need to add? Perform the calculation then type in the correct answer to 1dp. Do not add units or additional spaces. 10 points

    asked by Danielle
  183. college algebra

    A bus was purchased for $80,000. Assuming the bus depreciates at a rate of $6,000 per year (straight-line depreciation) for the first 10 years, write the value v of the bus as a function of the time t (measured in years) for 0 ¡Ü t ¡Ü 10. v(t)= _____

    asked by A
  184. college algebra

    A manufacturer produces a product at a cost of $26.80 per unit. The manufacturer has a fixed cost of $500.00 per day. Each unit retails for $37.00. Let x represent the number of units produced in a 5-day period. Write the profit P as a function of x.

    asked by A
  185. college algeba

    Given r(x) = 6x x + 8 ,find the following. r(−1)= __ r(-3)= __ r(1/2)= __ r(0.1)=__ r(10,000)=___

    asked by A
  186. Chemistry

    Why is the mole considered an important quality in Chemistry? What does it allow us to do?

    asked by Amy
  187. English

    Who was the winner of the Eleven Cities Tour of 1997? 1. He was Henk Angenent. 2. Henk Angenent was the winner. 3. It was Henk Angenent. ------------- Which answer is right? Which one is commonly used?

    asked by rfvv
  188. Sociology/Social Responsibility

    How can I connect the three "Classical Theories of Morality" to my own cultural identity? How will they align or not align with my cultural identity? How does cultural identity impact social responsibility. The Three classical theories of Morality are

    asked by Cathy
  189. English

    1. How thick must the ice be for the Eleven Cities Tour? 2. How thick must the ice be to hold the Eleven Cities Tour? 3. How thick must the ice be so that the Eleven Cities Tour take place? - The ice must be at least 15 centimeters thick.

    asked by rfvv
  190. PHYSICS


    asked by OLAYEMI
  191. Chemistry

    What is the numerical value of one mole?

    asked by Amy
  192. Physics

    A ball with mass m = 0.210 kg and kinetic energy K1 = 2.97 J collides elastically with a second ball of the same mass that is initially at rest. After the collision, the first ball moves away at an angle of = 30.6° with respect to the hori- zontal, as

    asked by Trouble
  193. math

    given that theta=tan^-1(4/3) find sin theta

    asked by audrey
  194. Physics

    A soccer player extends her lower leg in a kicking motion by exerting a force with the muscle above the knee in the front of her leg. Suppose she produces an angular acceleration of 28.5 rad/s2 and her lower leg has a moment of inertia of 0.7 kg⋅m2. What

    asked by Kate
  195. English

    Let's do the crossword puzzle. 1 Across starts with 'n'? What is it? It is nobody. Good job. Complete the crossword puzzle in 3 minutes. -------------------------- Would you check the passage? Can we substitute 'play' for 'do' in the first sentence? Do you

    asked by rfvv
  196. English

    1. You must be honest. 2. You have to be honest. (Situation: The person is not honest, so the boss is scolding the man.) 3. You must be honest. 4. You have to be honest. 5. I am sure that you are honest. (The man was honest, and the boss knows it, so he

    asked by rfvv