Questions Asked on
October 6, 2014

  1. chemistry

    the reaction of 7.10g carbon with excess O2 yields 12.25g of CO2. what is the percent yield of this reaction? I have tried everything and looked through all of my notes and nothing is working for stiochiometry

    asked by Heather

    What is the correct net ionic equation, including all coefficients, charges, and phases, for the following set of reactants? Assume that the contribution of protons from H2SO4 is near 100 %. Ba(OH)2(aq)+H2SO4(aq)→ Express your answer as a chemical

    asked by Run
  3. p.e

    When consuming fats, the healthiest choice is foods high in A. Saturated fats B. Unsaturated fats C. Trans Fats D. Cholesterol My answer is B, am I correct? Thanks for the help.

    asked by Anonymous

    A 56.0mL sample of a 0.102 M potassium sulfate solution is mixed with 34.7mL of a 0.114 M lead acetate solution and this precipitation reaction occurs: K2SO4(aq)+Pb(C2H3O2)2(aq)→PbSO4(s)+2KC2H3O2(aq) The solid PbSO4 is collected, dried, and found to have

    asked by Run
  5. P.e

    The physical need to eat food is called A. hunger B. appetite C. Psycological desire. D. nutritional value A?

    asked by Anonymous
  6. College Physics

    Col. John Stapp led the U.S. Air Force Aero Medical Laboratory's research into the effects of higher accelerations. On Stapp's final sled run, the sled reached a speed of 284.4 m/s (632 mi/h) and then stopped with the aid of water brakes in 1.4 s. Stapp

    asked by Sydney
  7. math

    there are 6 rows with 18 chairs in each row. in the center of the chairs, 4 rows of 6 chairs are brown. the rest of the chairs are blue. how many chairs are blue?

    asked by aidan
  8. p.e

    MyPlate was created as a tool to help the average American eat one healthy meal a day? True False True? Thanks a bunch

    asked by Anonymous
  9. clemson

    A farmer wants to make three identical rectangular enclosures along a straight river, as in the diagram shown below. If he has 1680 yards of fence, and if the sides along the river need no fence, what should be the dimensions of each enclosure if the total

    asked by john
  10. p.e

    Units measured by the amount of energy released when nutrients are broken down are know as? A. Metabolism B. Calories C. Nutrients D. Carbohydrates My answer is B?

    asked by Anonymous
  11. Algebra

    Yolanda is buying a car with a base price of $16,750. She must also pay the options, fees, and taxes shown. The car dealership will give her 48 months to pay off the entire amount. Yolanda can only afford to pay $395 each month. Will she be able to buy the

    asked by Ms. Stephie
  12. Algebra

    Is 40 a reasonable estimate of a quotient for78,114 divided by 192? Explain your reasoning

    asked by Ms. Stephie
  13. math geometry

    Given a circle with an 8" radius, find the area of the smaller segment whose chord is 8" long? I don't even understand how to start a question like this?

    asked by Cassandra
  14. Algebra 1

    Harrison predicted that the actual quotient for 57,872 divided by 305 will be less than the estimate 60,000 divided by 300 =200. Is Harrison correct. Explain how Harrison arrived at his prediction without dividing the actual numbers. Please help answer.

    asked by Ms. Stephie
  15. Science pplzzz!!

    Which of the following is true about rocks? Rocks are composed of only one mineral. Rocks do not contain any nonmineral matter. Coal is not considered a true rock. Most rocks are a mixture of minerals. 2. If granite undergoes high temperatures and high

    asked by Anonymous
  16. Chemistry

    The solubility of KNO3 is 80g/100g water at 50 degrees and 10g/100g water at 0 degrees. The solubility of CuSO4 is 60g/100g water at 50 degrees and 20g/100g water at 0 degrees. A mixture contains 13.8g of KNO3 and 1.94g of CuSO4. A) Calculate the minimum

    asked by Lauren
  17. p.e

    The more active you are, the fewer calories you should eat? True False False? Thanks a bunch.

    asked by Anonymous
  18. Algebra II

    What is the factored form of the expression? r2 – 49 (r – 7)(r + 7) * my answer (r + 7)(r + 7) (r – 7)(r – 7) (r – 7)(r + 9)

    asked by Sandra
  19. math

    Valerie and Bret have a total of 24 dog show ribbons.Bret has twice as many ribbons as Valerie.How many ribbons does each have?

    asked by Helen
  20. physics

    a locomotive is accelerating at 1.6 meters per second it passes through a 20.1 meter wide crossing in a time of 4.03 seconds after the locomotive leaves the crossing how much time is required until it's speed reaches 5.3 meters per second

    asked by brandon
  21. Algebra

    Find all points on the x-axis that are 10 units from the point (7, 6). (Hint: First write the distance formula with (7, 6) as one of the points and (x, 0) as the other point.)

    asked by Kim
  22. Logic

    Consider a propositional language with three propositional constants - mushroom, purple, and poisonous - each indicating the property suggested by its spelling. Using these propositional constants, encode the following English sentences as Propositional

    asked by qwerty
  23. World History (Ms. Sue)

    Consider the influence of the U.S. Constitution on political systems in the contemporary world. A: The U.S Constitution has greatly influenced political systems in the contemporary world. Thus, the principles laid out in the U.S. Constitution have played a

    asked by Victoria
  24. Big Data

    Imagine there are 100 baskets, numbered 1,2,...,100, and 100 items, similarly numbered. Item i is in basket j if and only if i divides j evenly. For example, basket 24 is the set of items {1,2,3,4,6,8,12,24}. Describe all the association rules that have

    asked by qwerty
  25. Educational Tech.

    In your presentation you added a text box to what? A. Cite a source B. Insert a footer C. Insert a header D. Insert a footnote I would say C am I right? Thanks.

    asked by Anonymous
  26. chem

    Calculate the atomic mass of titanium. The five titanium isotopes have atomic masses and relative abundances of 45.953 amu (8.00%), 46.952 amu (7.30%), 47.948 amu (73.80%), 48.948 amu (5.50%), and 49.945 amu (5.40%)

    asked by Mg Good
  27. math

    what pattern can you use to multiply a number and 9 if you know 10 times the number? give an example. 9x10=90

    asked by Bryce
  28. Sewing and Technology

    Television design shows can be a good source for designers. true or false

    asked by Sara
  29. math

    Alice took out a $15,000 loan for college. She is borrowing money from two banks. Bank A charges an interest rate of 6%, and Bank B charges an interest rate of 7%. After one year, Alice owes $960 in interest. How much money did she borrow from Bank A?

    asked by Kitty
  30. physical science

    A 2-kg ball of putty moving to the right has a head-on inelastic collision with a 1-kg putty ball moving to the left. If the combined blob doesn’t move just after the collision, what can we conclude about the relative speeds of the balls before they

    asked by Anonymous
  31. World History (Ms. Sue)

    I've only written the first half of this paper, but I want your opinion. List the principles of the Magna Carta, the English Bill of Rights, the American Declaration of Independence, the French Declaration of the Rights of Man and the Citizen, and the U.S.

    asked by Victoria
  32. Big Data

    Suppose our input data to a map-reduce operation consists of integer values (the keys are not important). The map function takes an integer i and produces the list of pairs (p,i) such that p is a prime divisor of i. For example, map(12) = [(2,12), (3,12)].

    asked by qwerty
  33. MATH

    We now have d dx [x5 + y8] = 5x4 + 8y7y' = d dx [9] = 0. Rearranging this, we get 8y7y' = ?????????? ------------------------------------- A table of values for f, g, f ', and g' is given. x f(x) g(x) f '(x) g'(x) 1 3 2 4 6 2 1 8 5 7 3 7 2 7 9 (a) If h(x)

    asked by Anonymous
  34. math

    Find the volume of a can of soup that has a height of 16 cm and a radius of 5 cm. Use 3.14 for pi. A. 1,256.0 cm3 B. 251.2 cm3 C. 4,019.2 cm3 D. 502.4 cm3 im lost

    asked by LovelyCaity
  35. Sewing and Technology

    Basting stitches would be best used for which of the following purposes? delicate beadwork temporarily holding fabric adding an appliqué creating a hem I think its the 3rd one?

    asked by Sara
  36. Physical Education

    It is important to choose simple carbohydrates for breakfast to get you started for your day. True False True?

    asked by Anonymous
  37. Math

    Charlie is late for the hot-air balloon rally. He stops his car 65 meters from a hot-air balloon already in flight. While Charlie watches the balloon ascend, he tilts his eyes up from 28º until he is watching at an angle of elevation of 66º. Find the

    asked by TeeKay
  38. Rational Functions

    Write an equation for a rational function whose graph has the following properties: x-intercept of 3 y-intercept of -3 vertical asymptote of x=-2 horizontal asymptote of y=2

    asked by Rebecca
  39. p.e

    When chosing a snack it is important to select a food that contains a large amount of these essential nutrients in comparison to the caloric value of the food. A. Vitamins/ nutrients B. Vitamins/ minerals C. Vitamins/ poteins D, Vitamins/ vegatiables Is

    asked by Anonymous

    Consider the following balanced equation: 2N2H4(g)+N2O4(g)→3N2(g)+4H2O(g) Complete the following table showing the appropriate number of moles of reactants and products. If the number of moles of a reactant is provided, fill in the required amount of the

    asked by Run
  41. NH4NO3 explosive?

    How is NH4NO3 explosive? Please explain with chemical equation. Thank you so much!

    asked by Drew
  42. math

    Classify the triangle with sides of length 6 inches, 8 inches, and 3 inches. A. equilateral B. isosceles C. straight D. scalene I know its not A but I really don't know answer

    asked by LovelyCaity
  43. algebraic expression

    Lindsey has 47 coins in her change purse that are either dimes or quarters. If n represents the number of quarters she has, write an expression in terms of n that describes the number of dimes. The algebraic expression is _________ My answer is D + n = 47,

    asked by Ty
  44. math

    Riding on a school bus are 20 students in 9th grade, 10 in 10th grade, 9 in 11th grade, and 7 in 12th grade. Approximately what percentage of the students on the bus are in 9th grade?

    asked by jenna
  45. Big Data

    Suppose ABC is a frequent itemset and BCDE is NOT a frequent itemset. Given this information, we can be sure that certain other itemsets are frequent and sure that certain itemsets are NOT frequent. Other itemsets may be either frequent or not. Which of

    asked by qwerty
  46. P.E

    It is often hard to practice self-control when eating in the company of others because people are greatly influenced by which of the following. A. Peers B. Enviorment C. Apperance of food D. Hunger C?

    asked by Anonymous
  47. Physics

    A boat is to be used to cross a river of width w that is flowing with a speed v. The boat travels with a constant speed 2v relative to water. At what angle should the boat be directed in order to arrive at a point directly across from its starting point?

    asked by Need help
  48. Chemistry

    How many moles of steric acid are contained in 0.25mL of a hexane solution containing 5.4x10^-4 grams of steric acid/L? (Hint: g/L x L = g/ (g/mol)=mol). Please show your work. Please help. Thank you

    asked by Paul
  49. Maths

    A boy walks1260m on a bearing of 120. How far south is he from his starting point.

    asked by Muqthar
  50. p.e

    The essential nutrient that serves as the main building blocks for the body is? A. Protein B. Fat C. Carbohydrates D. Minerals A am I correct?

    asked by Anonymous
  51. Physics-intro

    A trailer has a mass of 5000 kg. It is pulled by a truck with a force of 8750 N. If the frictional force is 2000 N, what is its acceleration? Would I need to subtract both forces then divide the answer by the mass?

    asked by Ben Green
  52. Chemistry

    How many moles of steric acid are contained in 0.25mL of a hexane solution containing 5.4x10^-4 grams of steric acid/L? (Hint: g/L x L = g/ (g/mol)=mol). Please show your work. Please help. Thank you

    asked by Paul
  53. trig

    The centers of two belt pulleys, with radii of 3 cm and 6 cm, respectively, are 13 cm apart. Find the total area K enclosed by the belt.

    asked by Gary
  54. algebra

    evaluate the expression when a = 4 b = -5 and c = -8 -b + c =

    asked by help please
  55. Math

    DVD cases are 9/16 inch wide.. If Juan has 60 DVDs how many will fit on one shelf. Shelves are 2 1/2 ft long.

    asked by Ty
  56. Math, ASAP Please

    If you place $1,000.00 in a savings account with an interest rate of 5.25/month, how much should you earn in interest at the end of the month?

    asked by Katt<3Bob\by
  57. biology

    What is the main similarity between the process of artificial selection and natural selection

    asked by Anonymous
  58. Calculus

    A light is hung 15 ft above a straight horizontal path. If a man 6 ft tall is walking away from the light at the rate of 5 ft/sec, how fast is his shadow lengthening and at what rate is the tip of the man’s shadow moving?

    asked by Joey
  59. chemistry

    When mercury oxide is heated, it decomposes into mercury and oxygen. If 26.8 g of mercury oxide decomposes, producing 1.8 g oxygen, what is the percent by mass of mercury in mercury oxide?

    asked by Mg Good
  60. Algebra I

    Ben's truck rental will rent a moving truck for $12 per day plus $0.22 per mile driven. Jerry's truck center will rent the same truck for $20 per day plus $0.10 per mile driven. Write an equation that represents the situation when the total rental cost

    asked by Emi
  61. Math

    A surveyor sights the top of a building with a handheld range finder. The top of the building is 72 feet 10 inches away. The angle of elevation is 57º. Find the distance from the surveyor to the building to the nearest foot.

    asked by TeeKay
  62. business

    Leadership is best defined as the A. ability to influence people to willingly follow one’s guidance or adhere to one’s decisions. B. ability to influence, command, or apply force. C. ability to avoid being forced by others to do what he or she

    asked by MikeP
  63. Algebra II

    12. A sphere has a radius of 4x + 1. Which polynomial in standard form best describes the total surface area of the sphere? Use the formula S = 4 r2 for the surface area of a sphere. (1 point) 64 x2 + 32 x + 4 64 x2 + 16 x + 4 *my answer 4 x2 + 32 x + 64 4

    asked by Sandra
  64. Physical Education

    The body's main energy source should come from what essential nutrient? A. Protien B. Fat C. Carbohydrate D. Minerals D?

    asked by Anonymous
  65. chemistry

    n the spectroscopic analysis of many substances, a series of standard solutions of known concentration are measured to generate a calibration curve. How would you prepare standard solutions containing 10.0, 25.0, 50.0, 75.0, and 100. ppm of copper from a

    asked by mathew
  66. Chemistry

    Classify each as carbohydrate, protein, lipid, or nucleic acid. 1. Starch 2. Cholesterol 3. Steroids 4. Glycogen

    asked by Kate
  67. Physical geography

    On the windward side of the mountain,should the relative humidity of the parcel change as it rises from 2000 m to 4000m?

    asked by Anonymous
  68. Chemistry

    A specific brand of gourmet chocolate candy contains 7.00 g of dietary fat in each 22.7-g piece. How many kilograms of dietary fat are in a box containing 4.00lb of candy?

    asked by Anonymous
  69. chemistry

    What mass of HCL is present in 0.80 molar, 2500mL solution?

    asked by Anonymous
  70. Math

    Mr. Box lives on the fourth floor of a building and looks out of his window 46 feet above the sidewalk. A cat on the sidewalk below hears the window open and looks up at an angle of elevation of 75º. How far is the cat in feet from the edge of the

    asked by TeeKay
  71. English

    Use the correct pronoun. I wanted Sue to ask Bob and ______ to the meeting. he, his, or him?

    asked by Emily
  72. Chemistry

    I need help with two problems need helps please!! 1) Calculate the surface area in nm^2 of a water solution contained in a watch glass with a diameter of 5.6cm. Remember that the area of a circles is calculate as A=πr2 and diameter= 2r 2) If a molecule of

    asked by Paul
  73. Timerate problem(calculus)

    Sand is being dropped at the rate 10 metercube/min onto a conical pile. If the height of the pile is always twice the base radius, at what rate is the increasing when the pile is 8 m high?

    asked by Mike
  74. stat

    The heights of young American women, in inches, are normally distributed with mean mu and standard deviation 2.4 (sigma). I select a simple random sample of four young American women and measure their heights. The four heights, in inches, are 63 69 62 66

    asked by kim
  75. Math

    If a flew flew an estimated distance of 800 kilometers what is the greatest distance the plan could have flown

    asked by Bobbie
  76. Math

    The height of a pop can is 15 cm and its shadow is 20 cm long. A carton of milk next to the can is 0.25 m tall. Determine the length of the carton's shadow, to one tenth of a centimeter. I did 100cm*0.25... but the answer is 33.3cm How did they get that?

    asked by Whitney
  77. Chem Lab Help

    Separation and purification A mixture of benzoic acid, benzaldehyde and butylamine. What kind of experiment should you design to obtain each of the three compounds in a pure state. Just need ideas in order to start this experimental design. Thanks!!!

    asked by Tom
  78. line segments

    One endpoint of a line segment is (8, -1). The point (5, -2) is one-third of the way from that endpoint to the other endpoint. Find the other endpoint.

    asked by Breanna

    What shold an artist do first in order to draw a two-point perspective image? A. Use orthogonal lines. B. Use value changes C. Draw all vertical lines D. Draw a horisan line C?

    asked by Anonymous
  80. Physics

    A refrigeration unit on a job site must be slid into place. If the frictional force of 975 N opposes the motion and two workers apply a total force of 1095 N to the unit, what is the net force on the unit? DO I SUBTRACT THE FORCES?

    asked by Ben Green
  81. CHEMISTRY 44

    A syringe containing 1.65mL of oxygen gas is cooled from 91.3∘C to 0.5∘C. What is the final volume of oxygen gas? I got 2.19ml???

    asked by Anonymous
  82. math.

    Sally had saved 5 quarters from washing cars. How many cents does Sally have? // Sam has saved one thousand nine hundred cents from selling lemonade. How many dollars does Sam have?

    asked by ruby.
  83. business

    Tactical planning focuses on the formulation of _______ plans. A. long-range C. functional B. contingency D. strategic i answered c

    asked by MikeP
  84. math

    eva wants to make two pieces of pottery. She needs 3/5 pound of clay for one piece and 7/10 pound of clay for the other piece. She has three bags of clay that weigh 4/5 pound a piece. How many bags of clay will eva need? How many pounds of clay will she

    asked by Joshua
  85. Math

    explain three ways to find the area of the rectangle at the right. Use the ways to find the area using 7,3,2,5

    asked by Bryce

    A canoe in still water travels at a rate of 12 miles per hour. The current today is traveling at a rate of 2 miles per hour. If it took an extra hour to travel upstream, how far was the trip one way? about 33 about 35 about 37 about 39

    asked by Kitty
  87. Sewing and Technology

    The speed at which the machine sews is controlled by the

    asked by Sara
  88. Sewing and Technology

    What color should the thread on the bobbin be? a color that complements the thread spool a darker color than the thread spool a color that contrasts with the thread spool the same color as the thread spool number2?

    asked by Sara
  89. CHEMISTRY 45

    Calculate the average speed of an oxygen gas molecule, O2, at 21.0∘C . ------------------------- How much faster do ammonia (NH3) molecules effuse than carbon monoxide (CO) molecules? --------------------------- Highest rate of effusion to lowest rate

    asked by Anonymous
  90. Big Data

    The edit distance is the minimum number of character insertions and character deletions required to turn one string into another. Compute the edit distance between each pair of the strings he, she, his, and hers. Then, identify which of the following is a

    asked by qwerty
  91. Rational Functions Word Problem

    A car travels at a constant speed and burns g(x) litres of gas per kilometer, where x is the speed of the car in kilometers per hour and g(x) = 1280 + x^2/320x a) If gas costs $1.29 per litre, find the cost function C(x) that expresses the cost of the fuel

    asked by Trisha
  92. Chemistry

    CH ≡ CH + 2AgNO3 → AgC ≡ CAg + 2HNO3 represents which property of acetylene. A. Basic B Acidic. √ answer is acidic, now i want to ask that how we can know that in this question , acidic is the property of acetylene? help? someonoe told me that more

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  93. chemistry

    Copper sulfide is formed when copper and sulfur are heated together. In this reaction, 132 g of copper reacts with 53 g of sulfur. After the reaction is complete, 9 g of sulfur remains unreacted. What is the mass of copper sulfide formed?

    asked by Mg Good
  94. algebra

    a load of 8 kg attached to the bottom of a coil spring stretches the spring to a length of 76 cm and a load of 14 kg stretches it to a length of 85cm. find the natural(unstretched)length of the spring

    asked by Anonymous
  95. business

    Which one of the following leadership styles could be best characterized by the statement “Let George do it”? A. Contingent C. Democratic B. Laissez-faire D. Autocratic I ANSWERED (B)

    asked by MikeP
  96. chemistry

    Magnesium combines with oxygen to form magnesium oxide. If 20.07 g of magnesium reacts completely with 6.70 g of oxygen, what is the percent by mass of oxygen in magnesium oxide?

    asked by Mg Good
  97. math

    Nathan and Steven stacked boxes on a shelf. Nathan lifted 13 boxes and Steven lifted 15 boxes. The boxes that Nathan lifted each weighed 12 lb more than the boxes Steven lifted. Which expression represents the total number of pounds Nathan lifted? Let s

    asked by anonymous

    Jose can paint a house in 10 days and peter can paint the same house in 12 days. How long will it take to paint the house if both men work?

    asked by SHAIRA
  99. physics

    A red ball is thrown down with an initial speed of 1.4 m/s from a height of 28 meters above the ground. Then, 0.6 seconds after the red ball is thrown, a blue ball is thrown upward with an initial speed of 24.9 m/s, from a height of 0.9 meters above the

    asked by Erica
  100. Physics

    A highway curve with a radius of 800 m is banked properly for a car traveling 100 km/h. If a 1620- kg Porshe 928S rounds the curve at 220 km/h, how much sideways force must the tires exert against the road if the car does not skid?

    asked by Laura
  101. word problems

    A canoe in still water travels at a rate of 12 miles per hour. The current today is traveling at a rate of 2 miles per hour. If it took an extra hour to travel upstream, how far was the trip one way?

    asked by Kitty
  102. Math

    Melanie has 84 muffins, which he needs to box up, 9 of which are blueberry, into dozens. How many boxes does she need?

    asked by Anon
  103. accounting

    Accrued salaries 1 Bill’s Company Partial Worksheet For the Year Ended December 31st, 2012 Account Titles Trial Balance Adjustments Adjusted Trial Balance Debit Credit Debit Credit Debit Credit Merchandise Inv. 16 Store Supplies 10 Store Equipment 20

    asked by jen
  104. Physics

    A record of travel along a straight path is as follows: (a) Start from rest with constant acceleration of 3.07 m/s2 for 16.5 s; (b) Constant velocity of 50.655 m/s for the next 0.767 min; (c) Constant negative acceleration of −9.49 m/s2 for 5.89 s. What

    asked by Anonymous
  105. Statistics

    The average grade point average(GPA)of undergraduate students in New York is normally distributed with a population mean of and a population standard deviation of. Compute the following, 1)The percentage of students with GPA'S between 2.0 and 2.6 2)If a

    asked by Charlene
  106. ART! URGENT

    Landscape with Classic Ruins and Figures by Marco Ricci and Sebastiano Ricci To evaluate the success of this image, you would do all of the following EXCEPT A. Describe the scence presented B. Analyze the color schemes C. Interpet the meaning of the color

    asked by Anonymous
  107. Sewing and Technology

    Which of the following represents the correct formula for calculating the amount of fabric needed to make a curtain? A. length x width) + seam allowance B. (length x seam allowance) + width C. (length + seam allowance) x (width + seam allowance) D.(seam

    asked by Sara
  108. physics

    A balling ball of mass 70.2 kilogram is attached to the ceiling by a 4.20 meter rope. The ball is pulled to to one side and set to horizontal circular motion with a speed of 3.6 meters per second. The angle between the rope and the vertical axis is 30

    asked by Anonymous
  109. chemistry

    4. If you were asked to determine the number of atoms in a 52.0 gram sample of carbon, how would you set up the conversion? What is the final answer with correct units?

    asked by diana
  110. Chem

    Convert the final pressure for problem #1 into mmHg, Pa (kg/m∙s2), and kPa. Also, use 1 atm = 14.696 psi to convert to psi (pounds per square inch). Refer to conversion factors in the chapter 5 notes. Show all units and conversion factors. Final pressure

    asked by Feather
  111. business

    Which one of the following characteristics is associated with charismatic leaders? A. Following management by the book B. Lacking confidence in employees’ abilities C. Promoting their beliefs with boundless energy D. Controlling the behavior of others i

    asked by MikeP
  112. Physics

    A particle of mass 2 kg has an initial velocity of (4.5i + 3.5j) m/s. It is acted on by a force (5i -2j) N for 2 s. What is its final velocity?

    asked by Sabrina
  113. ap calc

    Let P(3,4) be a point on the circle x2 + y2 = 25. calculate the Lim Mx as x approaches 3. How does this number relate to your answer in part b? Part b the answer was to find the slope Mx of the line joining P and Q which is M=4-(root(25-x2))/3-x.

    asked by pinky
  114. Algebra

    Find a number such that the sum of two times the number and six times its reciprocal is 79/5.

    asked by Ashley
  115. math

    At a supermarket,pineapple sells for $1 per pint(16 oz).Greg wants to buy eightin 40-oz cans of pineapple juice from the supermarket.How much does he have to pay altogeather?

    asked by amelia
  116. Physics

    Consider the instantaneous velocity of a body. This velocity is always in the direction of 1. the net force at that instant. 2. the motion at that instant. 3. the least resistance at that instant.

    asked by Anonymous
  117. physics

    A 10,000kg truck traveling 5m/s collides with a 1,500 kg Volkswagen traveling in the opposite direction at 14 m/s after the collision the truck and Volkswagen stick together. A) what is the final speed and direction of the mess immediately after the

    asked by nikkie
  118. Principles of Chemistry

    A certain amount of chlorine gas was placed inside a cylinder with a movable piston at one end. The initial volume was 3.00 L and the initial pressure of chlorine was 1.30atm . The piston was pushed down to change the volume to 1.00 L. Calculate the final

    asked by Lindsey
  119. Math

    Considering the word Mathematics, what is the ratio of vowels to consonants? Write this ratio 3 ways: Word form: Fraction form: Colon form:

    asked by Amy
  120. Math

    Assume that f is a continuous function from the real numbers to the real numbers such that for all numbers x,y, and a it is true that f(x+y)=f(x) + f(y) and that f(ax)=af(x). Further assume that f(1) = pi. Find f'(-1). Please explain your reasoning. I am

    asked by Leah
  121. World History (Ms. Sue)

    I forgot to include this part. Consider the influence the U.S. Constitution on politcal systems in the contemporary world. A: The U.S Constitution has greatly influenced political systems in the contemporary world. Thus, the principles laid out in the U.S.

    asked by Victoria
  122. business

    According to the Managerial Grid, which basic style of management has a high concern for people and a low concern for production? A. Country club management B. Authority-obedience management C. Organization man management D. Team management i answered A

    asked by MikeP
  123. Maths


    asked by Aakash
  124. Physics

    Block B has a mass of 4.2 kg and block A has a mass of 2.6 kg. They are in contact and slide over a frictionless horizontal surface. A force of 11 N acts on B.(force applied on block b then block a , they are beside each other) what is the force on B due

    asked by Sabrina
  125. math

    Need help! The problem is: draw all the possible rectangles with a perimeter of 26 centimeters and whole number lengths of sides for each rectangle label the lengths of two adjacent sides. Dot array homework sheet. Thanks!

    asked by Hannah
  126. Km/h

    A cyclist travels 3 km in 10 mins . Find his speed in km/h

    asked by Emily
  127. Math

    Which exponet makes the statement true? 1/5^9=5^? A. 9 B. -9 C. 1/9 D. -1/9 B?

    asked by Anonymous
  128. Physics

    An Airplane leaves point A and attempts to fly due north at a velocity of 200 m/s. There is a crosswind of 25 m/s towards the east. How far off course is the airplane after 1 hour?

    asked by Tavis

    A sprinter set a high school record in track and field, running 200.0 m in 21.5s . What is the average speed of the sprinter in kilometers per hour?

    asked by R
  130. Physics

    Two blocks of masses m1 = 6 kg and m2 = 6 kg are on either side of the wedge shown in the figure above.(m1 on ramp of 30 degrees and m2 on ramp of 60 degrees) Find their acceleration and the tension in the rope. Ignore friction and the pulley.

    asked by Sabrina
  131. Math

    A family size pizza is 24$ and costs 3 times as much as a small pizza. How much does the small pizza cost?

    asked by Maggie
  132. Algebra

    Yolanda is buying a car with a base price of $16,750. She must also pay the options, fees and taxes. Options are $500, fees are $370 and taxes are $1,425. The car dealership will give her a 48 months to pay off the entire amount. Yolanda can only afford to

    asked by Ms. Stephie
  133. Mathematics

    Nathan and Steven stacked boxes on a shelf. Nathan lifted 13 boxes and Steven lifted 15 boxes. The boxes that Nathan lifted each weighed 12 lb more than the boxes Steven lifted. Which expression represents the total number of pounds Nathan lifted? Let s

    asked by Anonymous
  134. History -- two questions?

    After the Gupta Empire collapsed, what group gained control of much of India? Muslims from Afghanistan Buddhists from China Christians from Ethiopia local Hindu princes Which of the following was NOT a part of the organization of the early Christian

    asked by SkatingDJ
  135. math

    an office manager is renting a local hall for un upcoming event. The hall costs $200. The food costs $14 per person. The office manager is not sure how many people will attend. Which quantity is not a variable quantity - the cost to rent the hall, the

    asked by Ty
  136. physics

    A home run is hit such a way that the baseball just clears a wall 26 m high located 118 m from home plate. The ball is hit at an angle of 37 ◦ to the horizontal, and air resistance is negligible. Assume the ball is hit at a height of 1 m above the

    asked by natalie
  137. Computer programming

    How to build a simple game in java that will allow a player to attempt to guess a randomly generated number between 0 and 10. The player can continue guessing the number until they get it right. The game should be able to do these things: 1. Game should

    asked by Eric
  138. World History (Ms. Sue)

    This is my finished paper. Please, give me your honest opinion. I don't have very much confidence in my writing this time. Do you agree with that which I have written? Should I make any improvements or revise anything? Does it all make sense? List the

    asked by Victoria
  139. Physics

    A 6.99-kg block is placed on top of a 12.9-kg block that rests on a frictionless table. The coefficient of static friction between the two blocks is 0.565. What is the maximum horizontal force that can be applied before the 6.99-kg block begins to slip

    asked by Kyler G.
  140. chemistry

    How many moles of molecules are in 198 g of hydrogen nitrate (HNO3)? Answer in units of mol

    asked by anna
  141. Physics

    A bicyclist coasts without pedaling down an incline that makes an angle of 4o with the horizontal at a steady speed of 13 m/s. If the mass of the cyclist and the bike combined is 76 kg, use k-work (not Newton’s second law) to estimate the force of

    asked by M
  142. Anatomy

    I have a project where I need to explain to third graders so they understand the blood flow through the heart. It can be a skit, song story or game. Can you recommend some sites that can help

    asked by Gabby
  143. Chemistry

    A given solution contained potassium chloride, KCl, and hydrochloric acid. 25 cm3 of it needed 24.80 cm3 of 0.0986 M sodium hydroxide solution to neutralize the acid, and the neutral solution then required 23.55 cm3 of 0.2 M silver nitrate, AgNO3, solution

    asked by Desirai
  144. math

    y^5*y^14= A. 2y^19 B. y^60 C. y^19 D. 2y^60 A? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  145. calculus

    How to solve by completing the square? 1. 4(c+3)^2=1/4 2. (2p-5)^2=1/4 3. 2w^2-3w-3=0

    asked by Ayane
  146. chemistry

    A 22.0 g piece of alloy at 264.8°C is dropped into a simple calorimeter that contains 175.0 g of water. The temperature of the calorimeter water increased from 20.4°C to 23.1°C. Calculate the specific heat capacity of the alloy.

    asked by Tyler
  147. math

    A theater contains 441 seats and the ticket prices for a recent play were $45 for adults and $21 for children. if the total proceeds were 13,797 for a sold out matinee, how many of each type of ticket were sold?.

    asked by Elizabeth
  148. Geography

    What do countries with large footprints have in common? Small footprints? I don't really understand .

    asked by Sally
  149. Physics

    An airplane flies clockwise around an airport control tower at a speed of 190 m/s. If that control tower is 8 km from the airplane at all times, what is the plane’s angular velocity (magnitude and direction)?

    asked by M
  150. Algebra

    Explain how you could check the answer to a division question in which there is a remainder

    asked by Ms. Stephie
  151. Business

    A key to the student’s ability to apply strategies so that school requirements, assignments, and exams are met in a timely fashion is

    asked by Erene
  152. Math

    You have a 5/16 in. drill bit. Will it drill a hole large enough to fit a 5 mm bolt? Show two different ways to answer this question. Explain your thinking. I couldn't even figure out the first way. Please help!

    asked by Whitney
  153. math

    what is your burger wrapping friends hourly wage after taxes if he works 9 hours a day, 4 days a week, and gets paid every 2 weeks? his paycheck is $591.12 after taxes.

    asked by alexis
  154. statistics

    Five cards are drawn from a standard deck, what is the probability of picking 3 face cards?

    asked by luke
  155. Chemistry

    A compound contains only potassium and iodine. A sample weighing 12.3 g of this compound contained 2.90 g of potassium. How many grams of iodine would there be in another sample of this compound containing 9.56 g of potassium? Do I find the mol of each

    asked by Madoo
  156. chemistry

    A 2.00 gram sample of Copper (II) acetate produced 2.48 grams of a Copper (II) Formate Hydrate. After heating the sample the final mass of the Copper (II) Formate was 1.69 grams. What was the degree of hydration for the Copper (II) Formate?

    asked by Jesus
  157. Chem AS

    On addition of aqueous sodium hydroxide to an aqueous solution of salt R, a white precipitate is obtained, soluble in an excess of the hydroxide. A white ppt is also obtained when R is treated with aqueous ammonia , but it is insoluble in excess. Which of

    asked by Ariana
  158. Chem AS

    When either chlorine or hydrogen chloride is passed over a heated metal M, the same chloride is produced. An aqueous solution of this chloride is acidic. Which one of the following could be M? A: Al B: Ba C: Cu D: Fe E: Na Ans: A Help w explanation please!

    asked by Ariana
  159. Big Data

    Suppose we want to assign points to whichever of the points (0,0) or (100,40) is nearer. Depending on whether we use the L1 or L2 norm, a point (x,y) could be clustered with a different one of these two points. For this problem, you should work out the

    asked by qwerty
  160. Chemistry

    Construct a cycle with the following steps: Begin with: 1 mol ideal monatomic gas at 300 K and 1 bar. Point A. 1. Isothermal reversible expansion till volume gets twice its original value. Point B. then, 2. Irreversible adiabatic expansion against

    asked by Vivian
  161. 7th grade math

    Can you check me answer? Mrs. Acosta's car can travel an average of 24miles on each gallon of gasoline. Write and solve an equaltion to find how many gallons of gasoline she will need for a trip of 348 miles. Ans: 348 = 24g 348/24 = g 14.5 = g. She will

    asked by Alexis
  162. maths

    Need Help, The number of cartons of juices to the number of cartons of milk to the number of cartons of soft drinks is in the ratio of 12 : 5 : 1. There are 66 more cartons of juices than soft drinks. How many cartons of milk are there?

    asked by J.Sarah
  163. Literature

    What is the meaning of this quote:"The main reason people struggle financially is because they have spent years in school but learn nothing in money. The result is that people learn to work for money but never learn to have money work for them." I know

    asked by Jezraiyelle
  164. Math

    Find the coordinatesof the point on the curve xy=10 in the first quadrant such that the normal line passes through the orgin. My work: Okay i believe this is an inverse variation. Therefore, y=10/x? Origin is @ (0,0) and i'm stuck to move on...

    asked by David
  165. statistics

    Five cards are drawn from a standard deck, what is the probability of picking 3 face cards?

    asked by luke
  166. Sociology

    plz help me asap Emile Durkheim was interested in "Function" of all of the separate elements that make up society. True or false (i think false ) An example of a positive informal sanction is when a parent gives a student praise for doing well on a test.

    asked by 2phoneeeeee
  167. geometry

    A garden is 40m by 20m.The flowerbeds are 2m wide on all sides.Area of the garden covered by lawn?

    asked by mogan
  168. math

    what pattern can you use to multiply a number and 9 if you know 10 times the number? give an example.

    asked by Bryce
  169. PHI208

    Robinson argues that integrity should be regarded as:

    asked by Renee
  170. environmental science

    slogan about water conservation

    asked by ai
  171. muncie high school

    Which of the following can be used to determine how much traffic a website is getting?

    asked by Anonymous
  172. Wolrd History (Ms. Sue)

    This is the final post I will post about this. However, what do you think of this as a whole? Does my writing require any improvements? Does it flow smoothly? Do you agree with my statements? I may seem a little paranoid about this, but I'm not very

    asked by Victoria
  173. Physics

    Question Part Points Submissions Used A hockey puck is hit on a frozen lake and starts moving with a speed of 12.90 m/s. Exactly 6.7 s later, its speed is 6.70 m/s. (a) What is the puck's average acceleration? Incorrect: Your answer is incorrect. m/s2 (b)

    asked by Cameron
  174. Chemistry

    why hcl dissociates more fastly than ether, reason ?

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  175. physical science

    using the cinetic theory explain what caused gas pressure

    asked by Jaycee
  176. Chemistry

    Report 2 decimal places and appropriate units, the molar mass of steric acid (C17H35COOH). Please help

    asked by Paul
  177. stats

    (a) Suppose n = 26 and p = 0.30. Can we approximate p̂ by a normal distribution? Why? (Use 2 decimal places.)

    asked by neyrod
  178. Physics

    During 0.19 s, a wheel rotates through an angle of 2.42 rad as a point on the periphery of the wheel moves with a constant speed of 2.88 m/s. What is the radius of the wheel?

    asked by Ann
  179. Physics

    A bicyclist climbs a hill 17 m tall and then coasts down the other side without pedaling. If the cyclist’s speed was 2.5 m/s at the top, what is it at the bottom (ignoring friction)?

    asked by Cecilia
  180. Social Studies

    what was the cherokee indians summer homes called

    asked by Mikiya
  181. physics

    turtle goes 0.50m/s rabbit goes 3.0m/s^2.. rabbit gives turtle 195 seconds head start. how long will it take for hare to catch turtle? 195*.5=97.5m +amount covered while rabbit is catching up

    asked by april
  182. Chemistry

    It takes how many ml of 1.5 M NaCl to make 500 ml of .38 M NaCl?

    asked by Mary Haney
  183. Maths

    Really need some help here., There was an I.T. Fair. 2/9 of the visitors were children. there were 4000 more adults from children. the ration of boys to the number of girls was 3:5. the ratio of men to women was 3:1. find the number of all male visitors in

    asked by J.Sarah
  184. math

    A study shows that 6% of household appliances fail during any given year. If a person has 6 household appliances, what is the probability that exactly 2 of them will fail next year? (9/2)*.06^2*.94^7 this is how I worked it but it was wrong can you tell me

    asked by Alyseia
  185. Physics

    the magnitudes of the acceleration are as follows

    asked by Anonymous
  186. Physics

    A pistol is shot upwards at an angle of 37 degrees above horizontal, with an initial velocity of 375m/s. What height does it reach? What is its horizontal range? (I pretty much know what formulas to use, but I'm not quite sure HOW to use them.. Also you

    asked by Devynn Austin
  187. Algebra

    Find the x- and y-intercepts of the graph of the equation. (Separate multiple ordered pairs with commas.) 4x − 5y = 4 x-intercept(s) (x, y) = y-intercept(s) (x, y) =

    asked by Kim
  188. math

    solve |2n-7|=3

    asked by Becky
  189. Geometry

    translate the following vertice (8,3) to (x-3,y-8)?

    asked by Brandy
  190. Math

    Is 4 +- square root 12 i the same as 4 +- i square root 12?

    asked by Anonymous
  191. Math- AP Calc

    If 3x+xy+4y=8, what is the value of d^2y/dx^2 at the point (1,1)? My work: 3+(x)(dy/dx)+(y)+4(dy/dx)=0 dy/dx(x+4)=-3-y dy/dx=-3-y/x+4 2nd Dervative: (x+4)(0-dy/dx)-(-3-y)/(x+4)^2 (x+4)(-(-y-3/x+4))-(-3-y)/(x+4)^2 (x+4)(y+3)/(-x+4)+(y+3)/(x+4)^2 *Mult.

    asked by David
  192. Maths

    Hi..Please help. I would have $13.20 left if I buy 7 similar bottles of jam. How much money do I have if I have enough money to buy 10 similar bottles of jam?

    asked by J.Sarah
  193. Math

    Jackie has a bag of marbles. In her bag, there are 25 red marbles and 30 blue marbles. What is the ratio of blue marbles to red marbles, in simplest form? What kind of ratio is this?

    asked by Amy
  194. English

    People move from country to country by ship, by train, by sleigh or by elephant. ---------------------- Is this sentence grammatical? Do you have some other good expressions?

    asked by rfvv
  195. Statistics

    a laptop manufacturer finds that the average time it takes an employee to load a laptop with software is 20 minutes with a standard deviation 8 minutes. suppose you take a random sample of 81 employees. the standard deviation of the sample mean is?

    asked by Kalyssa
  196. Chemistry

    Report 2 decimal places and appropriate units, the molar mass of steric acid (C17H35COOH). Thank you

    asked by Paul
  197. Math (Ms.Sue)

    How do you write an example of a part to whole ratio?

    asked by Amy
  198. AP Calc

    Find the equation of ALL horizontal tangents to the curve y^2=x^2+4/x, if any exists. My work: Derivative- First I multiply across and got x^2+4=xy^2 2x+0=(x)(2y(dy/dx)+(y^2) 2x-y^2=2xy(dy/dx) dy/dx=2x-y^2/2xy=x-y^2/xy I don't know what to do next... Can

    asked by David
  199. geography

    How would you describe the environment of New York City?

    asked by Zack
  200. Chemistry

    AgCl Ag+ + Cl- , the Ksp for the reaction will be . Ksp = [Ag+] [Cl-] how?

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  201. social studies

    what is the lowest point on dry land?

    asked by Anonymous
  202. Chemistry

    How to convert 24.63cm to nm^2

    asked by Paul
  203. history

    The Conflict : The India-Pakistani Partition Answer the following questions about the conflict you chose: 1.Who is involved (what countries/regions)? * 2.What is the basis of the dispute? (If there are multiple disputes between these two parties, focus on

    asked by selina
  204. History

    Hello,I have a problem with my history homework,Could somebody help me with that,please.What things changed,stayed the same/continued in Britain from the year AD-43 to year CC-1066?

    asked by Damian
  205. Math

    When Synthetically dividing to find a real root out of all Possible Roots, what must the remainder be in order to prove that the PR is an actual root? A.1 B. 0 C.-1 D.Sq root of 1 E. i My answer is B. 0. Am I correct?

    asked by kim
  206. chemistry

    A 26.6 g sample of an unknown compound contains 0.8 g of oxygen. What is the percent by mass of oxygen in the compound?

    asked by Mg Good
  207. Math

    Jane makes necklaces .she uses one pendant for each necklace.there are 6pendants and 10 ribbons in a pack.what is the least number of necklaces jane can make without having any ribbons or pendants left over

    asked by Sid
  208. AP English Language and Comp

    Whose sin is blacker- Chillingworth's or Dimmesdale's? Why? (The Scarlet Letter)

    asked by Ashley
  209. Math

    Solve by factoring x^3-4x^2-3x+18=0

    asked by Han
  210. History *repost* (sorry!)

    After the Gupta Empire collapsed, what group gained control of much of India? Muslims from Afghanistan Buddhists from China*** Christians from Ethiopia local Hindu princes Which of the following was NOT a part of the organization of the early Christian

    asked by SkatingDJ
  211. Social Studies

    What was one way the historical rivalry between the French and the English played out in the American colonies? A. The two European powers fought over control of present-day Floridia B. They competed over resources in the Ohio River Valley C. They clashed

    asked by Anonymous
  212. Pre Calculus

    Using Descartes' Rule of Signs how can you determine the number of positive and negative zeros (roots) a polynomial may have?

    asked by Ashley
  213. physical science

    A piston applies a pressure of 5,000 N/m2 if the piston has a surface area of 0.1 m2 , how much for can the piston apply?

    asked by mysti
  214. Biology

    Reasons why protein synthesis is important?

    asked by Anonymous
  215. math

    mrs.mcdermott is giving 6 students 3 piecies of many piecies did she give to all students?

    asked by jasmine
  216. AP Calc

    Find the point on the curve x=4y-y^2 where the tangent to the curve is a vertical line. My work: Finding the derivative. 1=4(dy/dx)-2y(dy/dx) 1=dy/dx(4-2y) dy/dx=1/4-2y Therefore, y cannot equal +2 or -2 Right?

    asked by David
  217. Math Proof

    00. b) if a_n-->infinity then b_n-->infinity I don't know where to start.

    asked by Ashley
  218. math

    w^12/w^18 A. w^30*** B. w^-30 C. w^6 D. w^-6 A?

    asked by Anonymous
  219. Math

    If 3x+xy+4y=8, what is the value of d^2y/dx^2 at the point (1,1)? My work: 3+(x)(dy/dx)+(y)+4(dy/dx)=0 dy/dx(x+4)=-3-y dy/dx=-3-y/x+4 2nd Dervative: (x+4)(0-dy/dx)-(-3-y)/(x+4)^2 (x+4)(-(-y-3/x+4))-(-3-y)/(x+4)^2 (x+4)(y+3)/(-x+4)+(y+3)/(x+4)^2 *Mult.

    asked by David
  220. Math

    Tim has forty five books. Jason has forty two times more books than Tim. How many books does Jason have?

    asked by Anon
  221. Math

    Write an example of a part to whole ratio.

    asked by Amy
  222. chemistry


    asked by emy
  223. Math

    Which expressions could complete this equation so that it has one solution? 4(4x - 3) - 6x *There are two answers* 12x - 12 -2x ** 9x - 12 4x + 2(3x - 6) 4(2x + 3) - 24 ** Marie has $830 in her bank account and withdraws $60 each month. Denise has $970 in

    asked by Anonymous
  224. chemistry


    asked by emy
  225. math

    5^5/5^2 A. 5^1 B. 5^2 C. 5^3 D. 5^4 Is the answer B? Thanks a bunch

    asked by Anonymous
  226. history

    1. When does the Spanish middle ages end?

    asked by Ullysses
  227. Maths

    Dear Friends, Please help on this problem :- Cindy draws 3 Squares with different sizes. The sides of Square B is 3/5 the total sides of Square A and C. The sides of Square C is 1/7 of the total sides of Square A and B. if the area of Square A is 144sqcm,

    asked by J.Sarah
  228. Math- Ms. Sue.. anyone!

    Which expressions could complete this equation so that it has one solution? 4(4x - 3) - 6x *There are two answers* 12x - 12 -2x ** 9x - 12 4x + 2(3x - 6) 4(2x + 3) - 24 ** Marie has $830 in her bank account and withdraws $60 each month. Denise has $970 in

    asked by Anonymous
  229. Math

    Determine the real roots of the polynomial equation: (x^2+1)(x-4)=0

    asked by Han
  230. Math

    Marla and her mom cooked 21.3 liters of spaghetti sauce. They used 18 jars of the same size to can it. About how much did each jar hold?

    asked by Mo
  231. Math

    Forty members of a group are making candles. One member drops out and the rest have to make three more candles each to make up. Each member makes the same number of candles. How many candles do they make altogether.

    asked by Scoop
  232. math

    Solve the proportion for u. (u−2) : (u+3) = 4 : 3

    asked by tyler
  233. Algebra2

    Please,Please explain how you get your answer."And"compound inequality -119 - - Thank You

    asked by Anonymous
  234. math


    asked by ruben
  235. chem

    If the passing of three half-lives leaves 33.1 mg of a strontium-90 sample, how much was present in the beginning?

    asked by Mg Good
  236. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    standard form: y=x^2-4x-5 vertex form: ? intercept form: ?

    asked by Anonymous
  237. Managerial Accounting

    I have a homework problem that asks me to do the following: 1. Prepare a schedule of total cash collections for October through December. 2. Prepare a schedule of total cash disbursements for October through December. 3. Prepare a cash budget for October

    asked by Jenn
  238. Math

    without solving, describe two ways to show that 2, -1, 3, and -2 are the roots of the polynomial equation x^2-2x^3-7x^2+8x+12=0.

    asked by Han
  239. Algebra

    Find the midpoint of the line segment having the given endpoints. (−5, −2), (8, 10)

    asked by Kim
  240. US History

    Were the colonists politically independent before the French and Indian War?

    asked by Rachel
  241. Math

    Find the point on the curve x=4y-y^2 where the tangent to the curve is a vertical line. My work: Finding the derivative. 1=4(dy/dx)-2y(dy/dx) 1=dy/dx(4-2y) dy/dx=1/4-2y Therefore, y cannot equal +2 or -2 Right?

    asked by David
  242. math

    rewrite in standard form f(x)=x^2 -x-6

    asked by Kimmie
  243. Math

    The density of ocean water at the surface is 1025 kg per meter cubed. Write an equation to calculate the mass of 12 meters cubed of ocean water

    asked by Frankie
  244. Math

    What is -3.702 + -9.78?

    asked by Anonymous
  245. English

    The detective bought drink after drink. Finally he went to sleep at the table. -------------------------- What is the meaning of 'drink after drink' here?

    asked by rfvv
  246. Math

    I'm trying to solve this without using the gcf. 23/525. X 63/92

    asked by Anonymous
  247. PHI208

    What are features of a practice, according to MacIntyre’s account?

    asked by Anonymous
  248. Math Gr 12

    State the x and y intercepts for each function below. Show all of your work. 1 y= ---- + 3 x-2

    asked by Victoria
  249. Pre Calculus

    If f(x)=-4x^3 +5x^2 +8 and c=-2 is c a factor of x?(Use the Factor Theorem)

    asked by Ashley
  250. Math

    Jane makes necklaces .she uses one pendant for each necklace.there are 6pendants and 10 ribbons in a pack.what is the least number of necklaces jane can make without having any ribbons or pendants left over

    asked by Sid
  251. math

    Why is 5 to the negative 4 power= 1/5 to the fourth power?

    asked by Sally
  252. Math Question

    f(x)=-5√-4x+4+2. Find the inverse of this function.

    asked by Stephanie
  253. geography

    How do i do geogrsphy bullseye co-ordinates homework

    asked by chloe
  254. Pre-Calc/Trig...

    vertex form:y-4=-(x-4)^2

    asked by Anonymous