Questions Asked on
October 2, 2014

  1. physics

    A crate rests on a flatbed truck which is initially traveling at 17.8 m/s on a level road. The driver applies the brakes and the truck is brought to a halt in a distance of 33.1 m. If the deceleration of the truck is constant, what is the minimum

    asked by confused
  2. Math Help!!

    3. Which one of the following pairs of numbers contains like fractions? A. 6/7 and 60/70 B. 1/2 and 3/2 C. 4/8 and 12/16 D. 5/4 and 4/5 17. Which of the following pairs of numbers contain like fractions? A. 5/6 and 10/12 B. 6/7 and 15/7 C. 3/2 and 2/3 D.

    asked by Sarah
  3. Spanish

    Sra. are my answers correct? Thank you so much for your time. Part I El condicional. Llene el espacio con la forma condicional del infinitivo dado. ¡Cuidado! Los acentos son importantes. 1. Mi esposo y yo _______ contigo, pero no nos sentimos bien. (IR)

    asked by Anna
  4. Earth Science - Please Check My Answer

    Please help with the following: Dani wants to measure the volume of a pebble. Which tool will give the most accurate measurement? A. a ruler B. a tablespoon C. a measuring cup D. a graduated cylinder I think the answer is mostly D. Is this correct? Please

    asked by Brady
  5. physics

    A golf club strikes a 0.040-kg golf ball in order to launch it from the tee. For simplicity, assume that the average net force applied to the ball acts parallel to the ball’s motion, has a magnitude of 7950 N, and is in contact with the ball for a

    asked by alika
  6. Physics

    The drawing shows two boxes resting on frictionless ramps. One box is relatively light and sits on a steep ramp. The other box is heavier and rests on a ramp that is less steep. The boxes are released from rest at A and allowed to slide down the ramps. The

    asked by Steve
  7. Physics

    A 0.60-kg basketball is dropped out of the window that is 6.1 m above the ground. The ball is caught by a person whose hands are 1.2 m above the ground. (a) How much work is done on the ball by its weight? (b) What is the gravitational potential energy of

    asked by Steve
  8. physics

    Three point charges are held at the corners of an equilateral triangle,if q=2 micro columb and length =3cm what is the resultant force on the +q charge

    asked by ejekwu harmlet
  9. Math

    When buying gasoline, you notice that 14 gallons of gasoline is approximately the same as 53 liters. Use this information to find a linear model that relates gallons to liters. Then use the model to find the number of liters in 25 gallons. Round your

    asked by Sue
  10. physics

    A car is traveling at 100 km/h, due northwest. The driver puts on the brakes and turns the corner. Four seconds later, he is heading east at 50 km/h. What is the average acceleration

    asked by ash
  11. statistics

    Why are unbiased estimators preferred over biased estimators?

    asked by Kerra
  12. geometry

    For every 10 yards on a football field, there is a boldly marked line labeled with the amount of yards. There are two parallel sidelines on each side of the field. If the 50 yard line is perpendicular to one of the sidelines, what is its relationship to

    asked by matt

    Which of the following statements is true? A hypothesis is created at the end of an experiment. The dependent variable is changed by the experimenter. The best hypotheses are written as answers to a question. Observations are often used to form questions

    asked by Casey
  14. math

    f(x, y) = 3y cos x, 0 ¡Ü x ¡Ü 2¦Ð what is the saddle point for this?

    asked by sara
  15. Chemistry

    Freon-12 is formed as follows: 3 CCl4 + 2 SbF3 -> 3 CCl2F2 + 2 SbCl3 150 g tetra chloromethane is combined with 100 g antimony (III) fluoride to give Freon-12 (CCl2F2). Identify the limiting and excess reagents, and calculate how many grams of Freon-12 can

    asked by Syndra
  16. Math

    2. Jane is making a suit which requires 2 5/8 yards for the jacket and 1 3/4 yards for the skirt. What is the total amount of material she needs? A. 4 3/8 yards B. 3 2/3 yards C. 4 yards D. 3 1/2 yards A?

    asked by Sarah
  17. Physics

    (II) Every few hundred years most of the planets line up on the same side of the Sun. Calculate the total force on the Earth due to Venus, Jupiter, and Saturn, assuming all four planets are in a line, Fig. 5–44. The masses are mV = 0.815 mE, mj = 318 mE,

    asked by clay
  18. Math - Please Check My Answer

    Please help me with the following: Which of the following statements most accurately describes the difference between 3x^0 and (3x)^0, if a difference exists? A. There is no mathematical difference between 3x^0 and (3x)^0. The two are equivalent

    asked by Brady
  19. Chemistry

    Silver chromate may be prepared by the following reaction. 2 AgNO3(aq) + K2CrO4(aq)  Ag2CrO4(s) + 2 KNO3(aq) Calculate the mass of silver chromate produced when 0.623 L of 1.345 M silver nitrate is reacted with 245 mL of 1.89 M potassium chromate.

    asked by Cj
  20. Math

    You drop a rock off a bridge. The rock’s height, h (in feet above the water), after t seconds is modeled by h = -16t2 + 541. What is the height of the rock after 2 seconds? A. –64 feet B. 605 feet C. 509 feet D. 477 feet I have no clue... please help

    asked by LovelyCaity
  21. Math

    Janice thinks that 20 hundredths is equivalent to 2 thousandths because 20 hundreds is equal to 2 thousands. Use words and a place value chart to correct Janice’s error.

    asked by May

    Tony and Alice are trying to reduce the amount of television they watch. For every hour they watch television, they have to put $2.50 into savings. The table shows how many hours of television Tony and Alice have watched in the past two months. Tony watch

    asked by STEPHON
  23. Math

    Four times the sum of a number and 15 is at least 120. Let x represent the number. Find all possible values for x. A. x ¡Ý 26 B. x ¡Ý ¨C15 C. x ¡Ý 15 D. x ¡Ý ¨C26 I tried it and cant find it.

    asked by LovelyCaity
  24. History

    "He that will not work, shall not eat." Which problem of colonial America is John Smith addressing in this statement? -Arriving colonists focused most of their time on finding gold. -Indentured servants and slaves often rebelled against their unfair

    asked by Amy
  25. physics

    What would be the resultant vector with an angle of 30° with the +x axis and has a y component of 1.2 Newtons?

    asked by Tony
  26. Math Help!!

    13. Simone has 5 employees in her flower shop. Each employee works 6 4/15 hours per day. How many hours, in total, do the 5 employees work per day? A. 30 B. 28 C. 31 1/3 D. 30 2/3 6 4/15 * 5 = 31 1/3

    asked by Sarah
  27. Calculus

    True or false: a) if f(x) is continuous at a, then the limit of f(x) as x approaches a exists b) if the limit of f(x) as x approaches a exists, then f(x) is continuous at a My answer: a) false b) true

    asked by Anonymous
  28. pre calculus

    Use Hooke's Law for springs, which states that the distance a spring is stretched (or compressed) varies directly as the force on the spring. A force of 265 newtons stretches a spring 0.15 meter. (a) What force is required to stretch the spring 0.2 meter?

    asked by tanner
  29. statistics

    heights of men on a baseball team have a bell shaped distribution with a mean of 172 cm and a distribution of 9cm. Using the empirical rule, what is the approximate percentage of the men between the following values? a. ___% of the men are between 145cm

    asked by mike
  30. Int. science

    Which of the following is an example of a cycle theme in science? seasons electrons and protons the solar system relationship between plants and animals

    asked by Mclovin
  31. math

    Astronomers sometimes use angle measures divided into degrees, minutes, and seconds. One degree is equal to 60 minutes, and one minute is equal to 60 seconds. Suppose that

    asked by brendan
  32. AC DC Circuit fundamentals

    If a 10k ohm and a 5k ohm resister are connected in series across a 12 volt source whats the voltage across the 10k ohm resistor and 5 ohm resistor?

    asked by John
  33. physics

    An object is being thrown upward at 50m How long does it take the object to reach maximum height? What is the maximum height of the object? How much time does it take for the audit to return to its original position? What is the velocity of the object when

    asked by Brittany
  34. English

    In the following literature selections,individuals experience rites of passage in various ways: The Bass, the River and Shelia Mant by W.D. Wetherell Oranges by Gary Soto I Know Why the Caged Bird Sings by Maya Angelou First Lesson by Philip Booth On

    asked by shy gurl
  35. Math

    15. If a 10-pound sack of potatoes costs $6.55, how much would 1 pound cost? Round your answer to the nearest cent. A. $1.65 B. $6.55 C. $.65 D. $.66 C?

    asked by Sarah
  36. Physics

    route that takes it 12 km [E] of its starting position in 24 min. In another 24 min, the bus turns around and retraces its path to the terminal.

    asked by Han
  37. businessomputer Information Systems

    A large department store has been attaching tags with barcodes to merchandise, and employees use barcode readers to scan merchandise at the cash register. However, the wireless barcode readers need new batteries often. Also, using this system for inventory

    asked by kody
  38. Physics

    Having trouble on the question below. Would you do need to convert the km to meters and then multiply (4700*9.8*165500)? The first woman in space, cosmonaut Valentina Tereshkova, flew in 1963. She orbited the earth 48 times during her 70 hour 50 minute

    asked by brandi
  39. Calculus

    Find all values of x if any where the tangent line to the graph of the given equation is horizontal? y= x - sqrt (x) I am very confused would I work it like this? y = x - x^-1/2 then set x = 0? Please explain. thank you!

    asked by Erin
  40. Physics 1

    A disk rotates with constant angular acceleration. The initial angular speed of the disk is 2π rad/s. After the disk rotates through 17π radians, the angular speed is 18π rad/s. (a) What is the magnitude of the angular acceleration? answer in rad/s2 (b)

    asked by Nat
  41. LA

    Which of the following has a meaning similar to inevitable? expected*** avoidable unpredictable uncertain Which sentence uses the past participle of the verb bring? I have brought my diary with me every day except today. I brought my diary with me

    asked by SkatingDJ
  42. Science

    glass bottles in a recycling plant move along a conveyor belt up to a crushing machine at a constant speed of 0.5 what statement is true about the net force on the bottles as they move A. The force on the bottles are balanced B.The forces on the bottles

    asked by Coleson
  43. Science help?

    On the global grid, the prime meridian is at _____. 0 degrees latitude 90 degrees latitude 0 degrees longitude 90 degrees longitude

    asked by anonymous
  44. chemistry

    A student mixes 4 reagents together thinking that the solution will neutralize each other . The solutions are mixed together are 50 ml of 0.100 M .hydrochloric acid 100 ml of 0.200 M of nitric acid 500 ml of 0.0100 M calcium hydroxide and 200 ml of 0.100 M

    asked by mathew
  45. Science

    1. The process of nitrogen fixation uses oxygen to produce carbon dioxide- false? 2. While a pyramid of numbers or biomass can be inverted, a pyramid of energy cannot- false? are my answers correct?

    asked by Bethany
  46. Math

    A quart is one fourth of a gallon. Dan drank half a quart of milk. What fraction of a gallon did Dan drink?

    asked by Sandy
  47. Fraction

    One egg is 1/12 of a dozen. How many eggs is 3/4 of a dozen?

    asked by Sandy
  48. math

    joyce and her father are 48 and 20 years younger than her grandfather.if the product of ages of joyce and her father is 480,find the equation which represents their age

    asked by mizba
  49. Math

    Find lim h->0 [f(2+h)-f(2)]/h where f(x)=|x-5|-7

    asked by Sabrina
  50. Physics

    An electric rod of 2000 watts rating boils a certain quantity if water in 10 minutes, the heat is generated for boiling this water is? answer is 12 X 10^5 Joules, but I cant solve it please solve it

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  51. physics

    direction of drag force i.e air resistance .is it always upward?or like friction force it just concern with opposing motion can be in any direction? in a motion it can be in any direction opposite to direction of motion?

    asked by zoha
  52. Biology

    What is the product of the oxidation of methanol? I'm not sure if it's formaldehyde? And would the product have water for an oxidizatiation

    asked by Tina
  53. Sociology

    Norms must be followed for a society to function smoothly. (Points : 2) true or false Emile Durkheim was a sociologist influenced by Charles Darwin (Points : 2) true or false

    asked by 2phonne
  54. chemistry

    in an experiment, 24g of magnesium metal reacts with 73g of hydrogen chloride solution to produce hydrogen gas and 95g of magnesium chloride. Write the word, skeletal and balance eqautions

    asked by Anonymous
  55. algebra

    a squirrel can run at a speed of 20 miles per hour. How many feet per second is this?

    asked by Jenn
  56. Physics II

    The force on the rectangular loop of wire in the magnetic field in the figure below can be used to measure field strength. The field is uniform, and the plane of the loop is perpendicular to the field. Justify the claim that the forces on the sides of the

    asked by Ashton
  57. Social Studies

    The most important motivation for the English government to support the exploration and settlement of land in North America was... a. the desire to spread Christianity b. the need to separate from the Catholic church c. the need to protect England from

    asked by Brandi
  58. physics

    A net force of 5.34 N acting for 4.23 s on a mass initial at rest, causes it to travel 4.75 m in a straight line. What is the mass?

    asked by Erin
  59. Math - Please Check My Answer - Probably Last One!

    Please help me with the following: The volume of a cylinder is found using the formula V=πr^2h,where r is the radius of the base and h is the height. The volume of a rectangular prism of the same width (2r) and height h, as the cylinder, is found by

    asked by Brady
  60. physics

    Explain why the line touches the x-axis at approximately 30oC and 45oC.

    asked by Anonymous
  61. Chemistry

    What amount of energy is required to melt a 27.4 g piece of ice at 0oC? The heat of fusion of ice = 333 Jg-1 Heat required to melt the ice 9.12e3 = J What amount of energy must be removed from 123 g of water to cool it from 71.6oC to 9.41oC? Specific heat

    asked by Jill
  62. Trigonometry

    The depth d in feet of the water in a bay at is given by d(t) = 3/2 sin (5πt/31) + 23 where t is time. Graph the depth of the water as a function of time. What is the maximum depth of the water to the nearest tenth of a foot? (Enter only the number.)

    asked by Mariah
  63. World civ.

    Peat is mostly oxygen carbon nitrogen

    asked by blackveilbridesarmymember
  64. Business Computer Information Systems

    A large department store has been attaching tags with barcodes to merchandise, and employees use barcode readers to scan merchandise at the cash register. However, the wireless barcode readers need new batteries often. Also, using this system for inventory

    asked by Anonymous
  65. physics

    A snowmobile is pulling a large sled across a snow-covered field. The weight of the sled is 3560 N. If the coefficient of friction of the sled is 0.12, what is the pulling force supplied by the snowmobile?

    asked by ben green
  66. chem

    Which of the following ions contains lone pair of electrons at the central atom? A) SO4 2- B) NO3 - C) IO3 - (Is there any ways without drawing the diagrams and I could still able to figure out the answer???) Thx very much

    asked by ivan
  67. Math

    10. Yolanda spends 8 2/3 hours per month playing soccer. Approximately how many hours does she play soccer in a year? A. 416 B. 104 C. 197 D. 28 I think it is B because there are 12 months in a year.So I took 8 2/3 and multiplied it by 12 and got 104 for

    asked by Sarah
  68. Science

    Calculate What is the net force on the box if it's 15N going to the left and 10N going to the right? HOw will the unbalanced forces change the direction of the box

    asked by Coleson
  69. History Help!!

    Which descriptions of the roles of the popes and patrons of the arts in restoring the city of Rome are accurate? Choose all the correct answers. A- organized teams to find ancient statues buried in Rome. B- commissioned artists to create stunning paintings

    asked by Skye
  70. history

    How did the 1839 Act of Union affect the Cherokee? A. It gave the Cherokee their own lands for the first time. B. It forced the Cherokee to merge with the Creek. C. It joined the Eastern and Western Cherokee into one tribe. D. It banned slavery in Cherokee

    asked by katt
  71. chemistry

    1) what potential impurities were removed during recrystallzation? 2) two solids with different identities are frequently mixed together & do not melt, why do you suppose that the solids actually melted?

    asked by niki
  72. physics

    Forces of 8.85 N and 2.21 N act at right angles on a stack. What is the mass of the stack if it accelerates at a rate of 4.4 m/s^2?

    asked by Tony
  73. chemistry

    530 mL solution 10% HCl has been spilt onto the bench. It cannot be diluted or washed away. How much of the granular NaOH from the container seen in a must be used to neutralise the acid? [Using NaOH: MM = 40 g/mol] 1. I have NaOH + HCl --> NaCl + H2O. 10%

    asked by Anonymous
  74. alika

    A golf club strikes a 0.040-kg golf ball in order to launch it from the tee. For simplicity, assume that the average net force applied to the ball acts parallel to the ball’s motion, has a magnitude of 7950 N, and is in contact with the ball for a

    asked by Anonymous
  75. French

    How to say pay attention, everyone in French?

    asked by Anonymous
  76. physics

    A water-skier is being pulled by a tow rope attached to a boat. As the driver pushes the throttle forward, the skier accelerates. A 65.6-kg water-skier has an initial speed of 5.2 m/s. Later, the speed increases to 11.9 m/s. Determine the work done by the

    asked by alika
  77. Trigonometry

    What are the phase shift and the vertical shift for the function f(x) = cos 4(x+5) + 3? And what direction is each shift going in (up or down)?

    asked by Anonymous
  78. physics

    A 17-kg sled is being pulled along the horizontal snow-covered ground by a horizontal force of 20 N. Starting from rest, the sled attains a speed of 2.2 m/s in 8.4 m. Find the coefficient of kinetic friction between the runners of the sled and the snow.

    asked by alika
  79. Physics

    A train is moving parallel and adjacent to a highway with a constant speed of 22 m/s. Ini- tially a car is 35 m behind the train, traveling in the same direction as the train at 36 m/s and accelerating at 4 m/s2. What is the speed of the car just as it

    asked by Sean
  80. ph

    A gymnast is swinging on a high bar. The distance between his waist and the bar is 1.15 m, as the drawing shows. At the top of the swing his speed is momentarily zero. Ignoring friction and treating the gymnast as if all of his mass is located at his

    asked by alika
  81. physics

    A pendulum consists of a small object hanging from the ceiling at the end of a string of negligible mass. The string has a length of 0.73 m. With the string hanging vertically, the object is given an initial velocity of 2.0 m/s parallel to the ground and

    asked by alika
  82. Physics

    The hare and the tortoise are at the starting line together. When the gun goes off, the hare moves off at a constant speed of 10 meters per second. (Ignore the acceleration required to get the animal to this speed.) The tortoise starts from a dead stop,

    asked by Sean
  83. physics

    The (non-conservative) force propelling a 1.90 x 103-kg car up a mountain road does 6.70 x 106 J of work on the car. The car starts from rest at sea level and has a speed of 20.0 m/s at an altitude of 1.80 x 102 m above sea level. Obtain the work done on

    asked by alika
  84. physics

    A car accelerates uniformly from rest to 18.4 m/s in 4.36 s along a level stretch of road. Ignoring friction, determine the average power required to accelerate the car if (a) the weight of the car is 6.11 x 103 N, and (b) the weight of the car is 1.01 x

    asked by alika
  85. physics

    A lumberjack (mass = 95.7 kg) is standing at rest on one end of a floating log (mass = 218 kg) that is also at rest. The lumberjack runs to the other end of the log, attaining a velocity of +2.54 m/s relative to the shore, and then hops onto an identical

    asked by alika
  86. Chemistry

    What is the number of double or triple bonds in the formula C3H8? What is the number of lone pairs Around each atom? And what is the number of single covalent bonds? I also need help with the formula C3H6O with the same questions! For C3H8 I got 10 single

    asked by Meena
  87. physics

    Batman (mass = 89.1 kg) jumps straight down from a bridge into a boat (mass = 452 kg) in which a criminal is fleeing. The velocity of the boat is initially +12.9 m/s. What is the velocity of the boat after Batman lands in it?

    asked by alika
  88. physics

    Object A is moving due east, while object B is moving due north. They collide and stick together in a completely inelastic collision. Momentum is conserved. Object A has a mass of mA = 16.7 kg and an initial velocity of nu Overscript bar EndScripts

    asked by alika
  89. Economics

    State of the good is pure private, pure punlic, or mixed. 1. County zoo 2. UPS Delivery 3. Air conditioning 4. Flood control projects 5. Elementary education 6. Pollution 7. Math tutor I think they are: 1. Mixed 2. Mixed 3. Mixed 4. How is a project a

    asked by AnaGloria1020
  90. physics

    A wagon is rolling forward on level ground. Friction is negligible. The person sitting in the wagon is holding a rock. The total mass of the wagon, rider, and rock is 90 kg. The mass of the rock is 0.26 kg. Initially the wagon is rolling forward at a speed

    asked by alika
  91. Science

    A 2kg ball at rest experiences two forces The force on the left is 13.2 N and the force on the right is 15.4 N Calculate the net force in newtons on the ball as it moves to the left. Subtract 15.4 and 13.2?

    asked by Coleson
  92. math

    divide 15 into thirds and subtract from 14 divide in half

    asked by demicha
  93. Science

    1.)When evaluation was first processed which of the following was used as evidence to suport the idea (1 point) a.)observations of nature**** b.)laboratory experiments c.)extensive fossil collections b.)genetic sequence 2.)a farmer sprays insecticide on

    asked by Hannah
  94. Algebra 2

    Please work this problem. A= 1/2 h(c+d) h=

    asked by Anonymous
  95. business

    When hired by Imp, Inc., Jake immediately began his job as an inventory clerk. He was learning by doing in an approach to employee training called A. apprenticing. B. on-the-job training. C. employee orientation D. vestibule training.

    asked by MikeP
  96. Plane and Spherical Trigonometry

    A man walks 20 meters from point A to point B, Then he turns 80 degrees and walks 35 meters towards point C. How long is the distance AC? Draw the triangle

    asked by Nathan
  97. Math Help!!

    Someone please help.

    asked by Sarah
  98. Probability

    A box contains 10 balls. Three of them are white, five are red, and two are black. Calculate the following probabilities: a) The first ball extracted is red. b) The first ball extracted is red or white. c) The second ball extracted is red given that the

    asked by Bol
  99. Science--3 questions? :c

    15. The___hypothesis suggests that our solar system evolved from a huge rotating cloud of dust and gas. 16. Lines of____are used to measure distances east or west of the prime meridian in degrees. 17. The major difference between a topographic map and

    asked by anonymous
  100. Geometry

    The volume of a sphere is 3,000ð m3. What is the surface area of the sphere to the nearest square meter?

    asked by Amie
  101. math

    Select the expression that represents the statement "27 more than a number

    asked by wanda
  102. math

    Solve the equation. -6p - 21 = 3p - 12 A. 1 B. 3 C. –3 D. –1 im sure its D but I wanna make sure am I right?

    asked by LovelyCaity
  103. physics

    Drow a velocity time graph graph for the ball starting 1.0 s before the collision to 1.0s after the collision

    asked by mathew
  104. Math

    Solve the equation. 6 = 2(x + 8) - 5x A. 2/3 B. 3 1/3 C. - 2/3 D. -3 1/3 I don't know :/

    asked by LovelyCaity
  105. Physics

    To give a 20-kg child a ride, two teenagers pull on a 3.6-kg sled with ropes, as indicated in the figure. Both teenagers pull with a force of 55 N at an angle of 35 ∘ relative to the forward direction, which is the direction of motion. In addition, the

    asked by Anonymous
  106. math

    I am a decimal with a value in the thousands place.In my tenths place,you will find a digit one less than the digit in my Hundreds place and three less than my other digit.My last digit is 3.What decimal am I?

    asked by farzan
  107. Science

    Find the mean time for each ramp length Mean 3.6s Find the ball's acceleration for each mean time using the equation below where D is distance or ramp length and T is time Acceleration=2D/T^2 1.5m(Distance) Use 3.6

    asked by Coleson
  108. ENGLISH

    english is not my first language ,plz help i m writing an essay .. In order to prevent the risk factor of social media, parents should involve in children social media and other online issues. .Parent should win the confidence of their children and

    asked by shamn
  109. Social Studies

    Who exemplified the Enlightenment? A. George Whitefield B. George Washington C. Jonathan Edwards D. Benjamin Franklin*** Am I right on D being the answer? Thanks

    asked by Anonymous
  110. Social Studies

    How did colonists feel about the Navigation Acts? A. Colonists resented the Navigation Acts because the acts limited their trade with nations other than England. B. Colonists generally like the Navigation Acts, because the acts gave them greater access to

    asked by Anonymous
  111. math n2

    AB is a vertical cliff. C is a point 380m from the cliff. the angle of elevation to the top of the cliff is 58 degrees. calculate the height of the cliff

    asked by alistar
  112. n2 maths

    A lead cylinder with a diameter of 25 cm and a heighth of of 40 cm is melted. the lead is used to cast lead spheres with a radius of 3 cm each. calculate how many spheres can be casted from the available lead.

    asked by alistar
  113. Math

    if jerry bought 6 shoes for 85 dollars, how much would fred have to pay for 17 pairs at the same rate?

    asked by Anna
  114. Intro to Physical Science

    A diver (mass 100kg.)drops from a height of 12 meters and reaches the pool below at ground level. 3550 joules of heat energy are generated due to friction. With what speed will the diver hit the water?

    asked by Bonni
  115. Math

    Mr Kim mix cement and sand to make a mixture.He uses 2 pails of cement for every 5 pails of sand. (A) Find the ratio of the number of pails of cement to the number of pails of sand. (B) If he uses 24 pails of cement,how many pails of sand does he use? (C)

    asked by Dan
  116. Algebra

    How to Name Like terms? 5m+4+3m+6p do I just name 5m and 3m or is it more complicated than I think?

    asked by help meeeee
  117. Math

    1/6 * 5/8 in simplest form.

    asked by Kiyo
  118. physics

    even if drag force i.e air resistance is greater in magnitude as compared to other force ,there will be no motion in the direction of drag force, right?motion will be still in direction of that 'other force 'but as it is less than drag force there will be

    asked by zoha
  119. science

    The chemical formula for copper sulfate pentahydrate is CuS4°H2O. Based on your observations, what do you think happens to this formula when the crystals are heated? In assuming that the answer has something to do with the h2o because when it's heated it

    asked by alyssa
  120. math

    Find the actual and approximate number days: december 8, 1972 to june 25,1980

    asked by niezel cavite
  121. Distributive Property Algebra

    I have two questions I don't understand and I need you to explain the steps of each problem to me? Thanks. Use the distributive property 8(6-2) Use the distributive property to multiply 7(c+4) I will be putting this in my notes.

    asked by Helpmeeee
  122. math

    Find the actual and approximate number days: september 8, 2008 to december 25, 2008

    asked by niezel
  123. physics

    I am having great difficulty with this question. A block is placed on a frictionless ramp at a height of 12.5 m above the ground. Starting from rest, the block slides down the ramp. At the bottom of the ramp, the block slides onto a frictionless horizontal

    asked by Johnny
  124. Math

    Solve each problem. Blank x 10=2 tens

    asked by Amari

    Factor each of the following expressions completely and then simplify, if possible: a: ax + 2x b: ax - 2x c: 3x - 4x + 7x d: 3x^2 + xy - x e: (a + b)(c + 1) - (a + b) f: x^2 - 9y^2 g: (x^2 - y^2) + x + y

    asked by KG
  126. essay

    can anyone help me to check my essays for penn foster ? please!! i wrote it my penn foster returned it. if anyone anyone increase the word and edit my mistake!

    asked by apon
  127. Sociology

    Societies norms, values and beliefs are enforced through internalization and sanctions (Points : 2) true or false An example of a positive informal sanction is when a parent gives a student praise for doing well on a test. (Points : 2) true or false Emile

    asked by 2phonne
  128. Math

    7/9*3 in simplest form. How do you multiply with a whole number?

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Trigonomrtry

    I had asked help for a question and Steve gave me this answer on how to set up equation 20-x/6.11=tan28 degrees The answer is approx 16.75 ft. I still don't know how to do this! When I do it I get different answer. Could you please break this down step by

    asked by Cherie
  130. Georgia State History

    In 3–5 sentences, explain the impacts that European contact and settlement had on the Native Americans.

    asked by peevie
  131. statistics

    c. The arrival of large jobs at a computer centre forms a Poisson process with rate 2 per hour. The service time of such jobs are exponentially distributed with mean 20 minutes. Only 4 large jobs can be accommodated in the system at a time. i. Determine

    asked by ras
  132. geometry

    Two rectangular panels are used to construct the four office cubicle. They are designed to pivot at the center Line NS. If the two panels are pivoted to increase the size of one office what happens to the adjacent offices? The opposite office? In order for

    asked by Sacha
  133. Math

    Lucas says that since 40x70 and 60x50 both have factors with a total of two zeros, they will both have products with a total of two zeros. Is this correct? Explain. 40x70=2800 and 60x50=3000. They both have zeros in the answer. Right

    asked by Amari
  134. Int. science

    The creation of graphs usually occurs during _____. data analysis data collection observation questioning I think it might be B

    asked by Mclovin
  135. physics

    I am struggling with this. A wombat of mass 22.0 kg starting at rest slides 13.0 m down a tree at a speed of 5.80 m/s just before reaching the bottom. (a) What is the change in the gravitational potential energy of the wombat during the trip? (b) What is

    asked by Johnny
  136. Simplify this Expression?

    Simplify the following Expression z-2z+4z+6 Can you please explain to me step by step? I will be adding this to my notes. Thanks.

    asked by Helpmeeee
  137. Physics

    A wire carrying a 20.0–A current passes between the poles of a strong magnet that is perpendicular to its field and experiences a 2.47–N force on the 3.10 cm of wire in the field. What is the average field strength?

    asked by anonymous
  138. Pre-Calc

    1.) Suppose that y varies directly as x. If y is 5 when x is 30, the constant of variation is 150. True Or False 2.) If w varies directly as z and w = 9 when z = -6, find w when z = 3. 3.) If y varies directly as x and y = 2 when x = 4, find x when y = 4.

    asked by Anna
  139. Physics Constant Force question help.

    A constant force acting on body mass 5 kg changes its speed from 2 m/s to 7 m/s , the direction of motion remains unchanged, find FORCE. answer is 2.5, but help me solve it, thanks

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  140. Physics

    A 2.87 kg object initially moving in the positive x-direction with a velocity of +4.87 m/s collides with and sticks to a 1.96 kg object initially moving in the negative y-direction with a velocity of -2.55 m/s. Find the final components of velocity of the

    asked by Courtney
  141. physics

    (a) What is the direction of the force on a wire carrying a current due east in a location where the Earth’s field is due north? Both are parallel to the ground. Answer: Direction of force is Vertically up from ground (b) Calculate the force per meter if

    asked by anonymous
  142. Chemistry

    1)what potential impurities were removed during solventless aldol recrystallzation? 2) two solids with different identities are frequently mixed together & do not melt, why do you suppose that the solids actually melted? (why do you assume that it has been

    asked by niki
  143. Physics II

    A positively charged particle is moving with a velocity v in a large homogeneous magnetic field. (a) If the field is 4 mT, the mass of the particle is 33·10−9 kg, its initial speed 8.1 m/s, and its charge 6 μC, what is the magnitude of its

    asked by Ashton
  144. algrebra

    a purse contain $6.00 in quarters and dimes. there are 17 more quarters than dimes. find the number of quarters and dimes

    asked by Anonymous
  145. government

    what is the function of article 1 of the constitution

    asked by anonymous
  146. Math

    Lisa can run a mile in 8 minutes.Which is the most resonable time for her to run a 10-km race?

    asked by Jocelyn
  147. English

    What are some major obstacles, failures and triumphs in Jay Gatsby's life? What is the development of career or interests of this character in the book? I can't remember many points for the first question and for the second question I don't really

    asked by J
  148. History

    Need help on this question..I think it is "a" but not sure. Spanish Friars most likely settled in the Georgia barrier island to: a. convert Native Americans to Christianity b. find gold and silver c. find free farm land d. establish a colony for freedom of

    asked by Bailee
  149. Biology

    Why is protein synthesis important?

    asked by Anonymous
  150. English

    Has anyone here read the Gift of the Magi? I want some confirmation on a few parts.

    asked by Anonymous
  151. Social Studies (SS)

    Sorry I accidentally put math but can you please Describe George Washington's expeditions into French territory.

    asked by Anon
  152. algebra

    parts x4= strap

    asked by dom
  153. math

    Find eight team members: write the integer represented

    asked by Lauren
  154. 6th Grade Math

    If you are given a true equation and you add the same number to each side, the resulting equation is also a true equation. If you are given a false equation and you add the same number to each side, will the resulting equation be a true equation or a false

    asked by t-man
  155. science

    A hypothesis _____. must be tested is supported by large amounts of data is accepted by the scientific community must be proven true for an experiment to be worthwhile

    asked by mr.mitchell
  156. Eletrostatic

    Three charges q, 2q, and 3q are arragend to form a equileteral triangle. A charge Q is placed at the center of the triagle. What´s the Net Force about Q. Give the modulus and the direcction of the force.

    asked by Vinicius Bersek
  157. maths

    A student says that the perimeter of a rectangle with length 2x-1inches and width 3x inches can be written as 10x-1inches because 2(2x-1)+2(3x)= 10x-1. Explain why the statement is incorrect

    asked by Gabby
  158. Algebra ll

    X^2 - 25/2 AND 37/K^2-K-30 I really need help with these two problems.? •Explain in your own words what the meaning of domain is. Also, explain why a denominator cannot be zero. •Find the domain for each of your two rational expressions. •Write the

    asked by Anonymous
  159. Math 3 quick questions

    Factor: A.). 4(3x+1)^2 -5(3x+1) +1 B.) 5(2-3x)^2 -28(2-3x)+15 C.) 2(3a-4)^2 - (3a-4)(a+2)-6(a+2)^2

    asked by Rain
  160. Algebra


    asked by Alex
  161. Math

    the scale drawing of a billboard is 21ft wide and 10.5ft high, what is its scale?

    asked by Anonymous
  162. Math

    (11/8)(-1/3) = my answer is 11/24

    asked by Anonymous
  163. Health

    How do I distinguish a symptom of schizophrenia from a warning sign?

    asked by Anonymous
  164. World civ.

    Which type of coal is only found in Pennsylvania? anthracite bituminous peat

    asked by blackveilbridesarmymember
  165. Biology

    What are some of the reasons why everyone does not have the same pulse rate at rest?

    asked by Kiki
  166. health

    The ________the concentration of HIV in semen or genital fluids, the more likely it is that HIV will be transmitted to a sex partner. A. Lower B. Weaker C. Higher D. All of the above

    asked by uvuv
  167. health

    There is no treatment that can cure ________. A. Herpes B. Bacterial Vaginosis C. Chlaymdia D. Syphilis

    asked by vuvu
  168. math

    Suppose that a crayon weighs the same as a marker. You have a box of crayons, 4 extra crayons, and 20 markers. Let b be the number of crayons in the box. A scale balances with all the crayons on one side and all the markers on the other. You remove markers

    asked by william
  169. Rodriguez

    use implicit differentiation to find the slope of the tangent line to the curve of x^2/3+y^2/3=4 at the point (-1,3sqrt3)

    asked by Nancy
  170. math

    explain what do you need to do to extend number pattern?

    asked by ashley
  171. Inverse variation

    -6(8k+4) = 21 + 3k

    asked by Chloe
  172. history

    Hello.I need some advice with my history homework...Change and continuity in Britain before 1066....Thank you for yours help.

    asked by Damian
  173. I have brain freeze - HIS204

    I have total brain freeze on this queue. I remember the Reagan time but not well. Any help would be greatly appreciated. What cultural issues caused the most friction during the Age of Reagan?

    asked by WolfeMaster
  174. Math (Implicit Differention)

    use implicit differentiation to find the slope of the tangent line to the curve of x^2/3+y^2/3=4 at the point (-1,3sqrt3)

    asked by Nancy
  175. Math

    How do you divide FFE/AC? (Note: These are hexidecimals)

    asked by Crissy
  176. english

    what is the symbolism and theme in the story Royally Crushed by Niki Burnham? I need it for an essay and I'm having trouble with it.

    asked by sarah
  177. Explanation

    Will someone explain to me how and when to cite for a biographical essay?

    asked by Victoria
  178. statistics

    Analyze data to determine whether or not you think there is a relationship between height and ability to lift weights (at least as measured by the bench press). 1- Compute a linear regression line to fit this data, also2- compute the correlation

    asked by Nicole.H
  179. physics

    On a spacecraft, two engines are turned on for 525 s at a moment when the velocity of the craft has x and y components of v0x = 4780 m/s and v0y = 8850 m/s. While the engines are firing, the craft undergoes a displacement that has components of x = 3.54 x

    asked by Julie
  180. 4th grade math

    explain what do you need to do to extend number pattern?

    asked by Ali
  181. Biology

    What are some of the reasons why everyone does not have the same pulse rate at rest? i think it would be age, gender, weight, but im not sure why

    asked by Kiki
  182. Algebra 1

    Jenny simplified the expression 7x + 5y + 4(x – y) – 6 and listed the Number Properties used: c) Redo the problem correctly. Justify each step using the correct Number Property. (2 points) Jenny’s Work Number Property Used 7x + 5y + 4(x – y) – 6

    asked by Bianca
  183. Math

    1. t + 27 = 21 t = –6 t = 47 t = 6 t = –47 2. 24 = m – 32 m = –8 m = 56 m = 768 m = –56 3. Tamara has eaten 1,400 calories for breakfast and lunch. She has 800 more calories, c, that she can eat for dinner. Write and solve an equation to find

    asked by Anonymous
  184. writing,essay

    I have to wirte an essay ,about 300 words on ''A people without the knowledge of their past history, origin and culture is like a tree without roots'' Marcus Gravey I have really no diea where to start, thank you for the help

    asked by Raphael
  185. Math Question

    Suppose that y varies inversely as x. If y = 63 when x = 3, the constant of variation is 189. True Or False?

    asked by Laya
  186. geometry

    AB=9a BC=12a AC=42 I don't understand how to work this out if I don't have say 3y+1.

    asked by Cesar
  187. statistics

    binomial probabilities one in four adults is currently on a diet. Find the probability that the number who say they are currently on a dies is (a)exactly three, (b)at least three, and (c) more than three

    asked by isabella
  188. math

    Solve the equation. x - 9 = -6x + 5 A. 14 B. 7 C. 2 D. 21 please help :(

    asked by iBangCookies
  189. chemistry

    luminum oxide is an important starting material for making cryolite, Na3AlF6 (a compound used to give fireworks their yellow colour). First the aluminum oxide is synthesized from aluminum and then reacted with sodium hydroxide and hydrogen fluoride gas. If

    asked by tj
  190. Montclair

    20 + 5 * (? + 6) - 12 / 2 = 64

    asked by Erick
  191. Chemistry

    Aluminum oxide is formed by reaction of excess oxygen with aluminum. 4 Al(s) + 3 O2(g) -> 2 Al2O3(s) Calculate the mass of aluminum required to form 18.2 kg of aluminum oxide if the reaction has a percent yield of 83.4%.

    asked by Cj
  192. Math

    According to the U.S. Census Bureau's most recent data on the marital status of the 242 million Americans aged 15 years and older, 124.2 million are currently married and 74.5 million have never been married. If one person from these 242 million persons is

    asked by Jim
  193. Math

    Find the equation of the tangent line to the graph of y=3cot^4x at x=pi/4 3cot^4(pi/4)=3(1)=3

    asked by Brittany
  194. Math--4 practice questions?

    1. t + 27 = 21 t = –6 t = 47 t = 6 t = –47 2. 24 = m – 32 m = –8 m = 56 m = 768 m = –56 3. Tamara has eaten 1,400 calories for breakfast and lunch. She has 800 more calories, c, that she can eat for dinner. Write and solve an equation to find

    asked by anonymous
  195. Chemistry

    What is the final temperature, in oC, after a 27.0 g piece of ice, at 0oC, is placed in a styrofoam cup with 120 g of water initially at 70.5oC. Assume there is no transfer of heat to or from the surroundings. The specific heat of water = 4.184 JK-1g-1 The

    asked by Mike
  196. Science

    Explain the following quote: ... it was several weeks before an emigrant from Earth could adapt to it. On the Moon the human body had to learn a whole set of reflexes. It had, for the first time, to distinguish between mass and weight. A man who weighed

    asked by Kimmy
  197. chemistry

    Light travels at the speed of3.0x10^10 cm/sec. what is the speed of light in feet per hour? I'm not sure on how to start it.

    asked by mike
  198. Math

    hi, I need to know what interval mean I couldn't find it

    asked by Hope
  199. Physics

    A motor of a certain elevator gives it a constant upward acceleration of 0.767 m/s2, the elevator starts from rest, accelerates for 2s, then continues with a constant speed. a) What is his final speed after 2s? b) Calculate speed after 1 ,and 3 s.? c) How

    asked by John
  200. Physics

    A= 2i + 3j - k, B= 4i + 2j - 2k, Find a vector x parallel to A but has magnitude of B ? Answer is √12/7 (2i+3j) - K solve it , i have mcat admission test please solve it

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  201. Math

    The depth d in feet of the water in a bay at is given by d(t) = 3/2 sin (5πt/31) + 23 where t is time. Graph the depth of the water as a function of time. What is the maximum depth of the water to the nearest tenth of a foot?

    asked by Anonymous
  202. Vectors problem help?

    If A = 3i + 6j -2k, then unit vector parallel to A will be answer is 3/7i + 6/7j - 2/7k solve it please, because i don't know how he got that answe thanks

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  203. Biology

    which heart beat measurement is most indicative of your general health i think it is your resting heart beat, but im not sure why>

    asked by Kiki
  204. Math

    Solve the equation. - 1/3m – 7 = 5 A. –4 B. –15 C. –36 D. 6 lost here, any help :)

    asked by LovelyCaity
  205. Math

    If you divide a certain number by 17, the quotient is 47 and the remainder is 2. What is the number? What is the sum if all the numbers less than 496 that divides evenly into 496? The ratio of girls to boys in a class is 3:2m. If there are 35 students in

    asked by URGENT!!!!
  206. chemistry

    1. A sample weighing 1.30 mg was analyzed to determine the concentration of a certain compound (FW =292.16 g/mol) using UV/Visible spectrometry. First, the sample was dissolved in 5.00 mL volumetric flask. A 1.00 mL aliquot was drawn up, placed in a 10.0

    asked by Chris
  207. math

    A 70% acid solution is to be mixed with a 40% solution. How many gallons of each solutions are needed?

    asked by phil
  208. business computer Information Systems

    A large department store has been attaching tags with barcodes to merchandise, and employees use barcode readers to scan merchandise at the cash register. However, the wireless barcode readers need new batteries often. Also, using this system for inventory

    asked by Anonymous
  209. Math

    between were erika is standing to the vertical distance from the kite is 75 meters. how high is the kite in meters a.)125 b.)100 c.)25 d.)15 My answer is c am i correct ?

    asked by Hannah
  210. Calc

    True or false: a) if f(x) is continuous at a, then the limit of f(x) as x approaches a exists b) if the limit of f(x) as x approaches a exists, then f(x) is continuous at a My answer: a) false b) true

    asked by Anonymous
  211. Technology in Day Care 

    Which of the following is not a reason why an early childhood teacher would choose to use a virtual field trip over live, hands-on experience? A. The actual trip would be too expensive. B. The location is too far away. C. It wouldn't be safe to take the

    asked by Amanda
  212. Chemistry 30

    50.0 mL of 0.200 M NaOH neutralized 20.0 mL of sulfuric acid. Determine the concentration of the acid. Show a balanced chemical equation, all work, and the answer rounded to three decimal places.

    asked by Ade
  213. math

    If a recipe calls for 2 2\4 of something but I only have 1\4 measuring cups. How many 1\4 cups do I need to use?

    asked by kentrell
  214. Math

    I have the following data set of 12 numbers that make up landmarks. 5,,7,7,7,8,9,10,14,15,15,16,16,17,18. How do I display them on a bar graph?

    asked by Karin
  215. Chemistry 30

    Complete the following reactions by moving only one proton at a time. Identify the acid (A) and the base (B) on the left-hand side of the equation, and the conjugate acid (CA) and the conjugate base (CB) on the right-hand side of the equation, according to

    asked by Ade
  216. Chemistry

    Many important metals occur as sulfide, arsenide, and antimonide minerals, especially in the Sudbury mineral complex. The first step in processing these ores involves “roasting” the ore in air to produce the metal or metal oxide, along with nonmetal

    asked by digpal rana
  217. Chenistry

    Be able to calculate the pH of a solution prepared by mixing 50.0mL of 0.200M NaH2PO4 (pKa2=7.20) with 50.0mL of 0.120M NaOH. I did work out a pH of 7.38 but I am not sure if i need to take into account any dilution of the mixing of solutions and do you

    asked by Vicki
  218. Math

    I don't understand how this statement is true: If AB = BC then B is the midpoint of AC

    asked by Anonymous
  219. Math

    Solve the equation. x/5 + 9 = 4 A. 65 B. –25 C. 5 D. 20 I think its B

    asked by LovelyCaity
  220. chemistry

    For the adiabetic expansion of an ideal gas a) does the gas do work? B) doesd the internal energy of the gas increase, decrease or remain constant? C) what happens to the temperature? Please check my answers A) yes the gas does work because it is expanding

    asked by Nancy
  221. algebra 1

    Find the x and y intercept of this equation: 10x-70y=210 I keep getting the wrong answer. Can you show me how to set it up and work it out?

    asked by Brainiac
  222. Physics wavelength question, help please .

    The energy of an X-RAY quantum of wavelength 1.0 X 10^-10 m is. its answer is 1.99 X 10^ -15, but i don't know how to solve it , thanks help please

    asked by Shahab Mirza
  223. Financial Mathematics

    The Z Corporation needs $180,000 in 60 months. If they deposit $2,000 per month for the first 20 months, $2,500 for the next 20 months, and $2,000 + R for the last 20 months, what is R if they can invest at 7%(12)?

    asked by Max
  224. math

    eva wants to make two pieces of pottery.she needs 3/5 pound of clay for one piece and 7/10 pound of clay for the other piece.she has three bags of clay that weigh 4/5 pound many bags of clay will eva need to make both pieces of pottery?how man

    asked by keon
  225. Chemistry 104

    A student has 10.0mL of phosphate solution that contains 1.0M PO4{3-}.The Student reacts this with excess ammonium & magnesium under basic conditions to produce 2.2034g of struvite. Calculate the % yield.

    asked by Samantha
  226. Math

    Please check my answers I think they are right if not please tell me where I went wrong. Thanks The annual net income of general electric for the period 2007-2011 could be approximated by P(t) = 3t^2- 24t +59 billion dollars (2

    asked by john
  227. physics

    A box has a mass of 0.345 kg. It is on a very smooth (frictionless) horizontal surface and is acted upon by a force of 3.76 N at an angle of θ = 57.1° with the horizontal. The magnitude of the acceleration of the box is m/s2?

    asked by n
  228. Math

    Write the given sentence as an equation. Tim’s age in 7 years will be three times what it was 19 years ago. A. 3(t + 7) = t – 19 B. t + 19 = 3(t – 7) C. t + 7 = 3(t – 19) D. 3(t + 19) = t – 7 need help

    asked by LovelyCaity
  229. algebra

    seven more than twice a certain number?

    asked by sha
  230. physics

    A soccer ball is kicked from the ground with an initial speed of 19.4 m/s at an upward angle of 49.8˚. A player 48.5 m away in the direction of the kick starts running to meet the ball at that instant. What must be his average speed if he is to meet the

    asked by Alexa
  231. Science

    When a nonzero net force acts on an object the force A.changes the motion of the object B.Must be greater than the reaction force C.Does not change the motion of the object equal to the weight of the object

    asked by Coleson
  232. Math

    How to simplify ((x-8) - (x-3))/(8 - x)?

    asked by Anonymous
  233. chemistry

    530 mL solution 10% HCl has been spilt onto the bench. It cannot be diluted or washed away. How much of the granular NaOH from the container seen in a must be used to neutralise the acid? [Using NaOH: MM = 40 g/mol]

    asked by Anonymous
  234. Physics

    Forces of 9.5 N and 5.12 N act at right angles on a reddish-green block of mass 3.19 kg. How much acceleration occurs?

    asked by Tony
  235. physics intro

    A truck with a mass of 14,0 00 kg is pushed with a force of 9200 N. If the frictional force is 2150 N what is the truck’s acceleration?

    asked by ben green
  236. maths

    in a class of a hundred students ,50 are footballers,30 are basketballers & 20 are both footballers & basketballers .represent the above information in venn diagram

    asked by Titus
  237. English - Parts of Speech

    I want the definition of all Parts of Speech(not too short, not too long) with five examples. Thanks in advance.

    asked by Ken
  238. chemistry, biotechnology

    The question is: "The molar extinction coefficient of pure antibody is 1.4 absorbance units per milligram antibody @280nm. You have a concentrated antibody solution, so you make a 5-fold dilution and measure @280, getting an absorbance of 0.845. What is

    asked by Jennifer