Questions Asked on
September 27, 2014

  1. chemistry

    Calculate the empirical formula for compound ethyl butyrate (pineapple oil): C, 62.04%; H, 10.41%; O, 27.55% Can someone show me the steps?

    asked by Emely
  2. Health Help?

    1. A percentile rank represents the percentage of people who scored at or below the test score. True False 2. People who have high resting heart rates usually have high levels of cardiovascular fitness. True False 3. Resting heart rate is usually measured

    asked by Anonymous
  3. Trig

    A railroad tunnel is shaped like a semiellipse as shown below. A semiellipse is shown on the coordinate plane with vertices on the x axis and one point of intersection with the positive y axis. The height of the tunnel at the center is 27 ft and the

    asked by Lisa
  4. chemistry

    Determine the number of moles of H in 4.70mol H2O. Please help I tried different ways to do it and I got them all wrong.

    asked by Oliva
  5. Algebra

    A building is 2ft from a 9ft fence that surrounds the property. A worker wants to wash a window in the building 13ft from the ground. he plans to place a ladder over the fence so it rests against the building. he decides he should place the ladder 8ft from

    asked by Amber
  6. chemistry

    30 ml of sample of unknown strong base is neutralized after the addition of 12 ml of a 0.150 M HNO3 solution if the unknown base concentration 0.0300 M give the possible identities for the unknown base

    asked by mathew
  7. chemistry

    Hydrogen gas produced by this reaction is typically collected via water displacement, during which time the hydrogen gas becomes saturated with water vapor. If 238.4 mL of gas with a total pressure 1.27 atm was collected via water displacement at 29.4 °C,

    asked by A
  8. chemistry

    How do you calculate the mass percent composition of nitrogen in NO2?

    asked by Carlos
  9. math

    between which two square roots of integers can you find pi?

    asked by Anonymous
  10. History

    Why did the Hittites and others migrate from Central Asia to Mesopotamia? A- They needed more land for growing populations B- They were enlarging their empires C- The Persian army drove them out D- Climate change brought a mini ice age to Asia I think A.

    asked by Amberr
  11. Chemistry

    If you dilute 14.0mL of the stock solution to a final volume of 0.350L , what will be the concentration of the diluted solution? Before it, there was a question: How many milliliters of a stock solution of 5.60 M HNO3 would you have to use to prepare

    asked by Danielle
  12. Chemistry

    Please help! Calculate the standard change in enthalpy, ΔH°rxn, for the decomposition of calcium carbonate to calcium oxide CaCO3 (s) → CaO (s) + CO2 (g) Given that: ΔH°f CaCO3 (s) = -1206.9 kJ/mol ΔH°f CaO (s) = -635.1 kJ/mol ΔH°f CO2 (g) =

    asked by Jane
  13. math

    arnold has 24m of fencing to surround a garden, bounded on one side by the wall of his house. what are the dimensions of the largest rectangular garden that he can enclose? how do i solve this question please help step by step solutions please

    asked by sunny
  14. chemistry

    Imagine there is a tank of unknown gas that contains 53.31% carbon, 35.51% oxygen, and 11.18% hydrogen by mass. At 35.0 °C and 0.470 bar, 2.0 L of the gas has a mass of 3.3 g. Using this information, answer the following questions. a.) What is the

    asked by A
  15. chemistry

    Suppose 1.2x10^3 kg of C is mixed with 2.4x10^5g oxygen gas and carbon dioxide forms. 1. write the reaction and balance 2.which reactant is the limiting reagent and which reactant is in excess 3. How many grams of carbon dioxide will be formed.

    asked by frank
  16. chem

    What is the correct name of the compound that is incorrectly named 1-chloro-3-pentyne?

    asked by M
  17. algebra

    The vendor of a coffee cart mixes coffee beans that cost $8 per pound with coffee beans that cost $4 per pound. How many pounds of each sould be used to make a 60-pound blend that sells for $5.25 per pound? $8 coffee __________ $4 coffee __________

    asked by Marc
  18. physics

    A satellite of mass 205 kg is launched from a site on Earth's equator into an orbit at 200 km above the surface of Earth. (a) Assuming a circular orbit, what is the orbital period of this satellite? s (b) What is the satellite's speed in its orbit? m/s (c)

    asked by Dallas
  19. chemistry

    Air is 78.1% nitrogen, 20.9% oxygen, and 0.934% argon by moles. What is the density of air at 22 °C and 760 torr? Assume ideal behavior.

    asked by A
  20. World History Answer Check

    1. How did the Committee of Public Safety identify enemies of the state? A: The Committee of Public Safety indentified enemies of the state by the people who were under suspicion of betraying France. 2. Did the French Revolution live up to the revolution's

    asked by Victoria
  21. chemistry

    The half-life of oxygen-15 is 124 s. If a sample of oxygen-15 has an activity of 4800 Bq, how many minutes will elapse before it has an activity of 600 Bq?

    asked by Anonymous
  22. Personal Finance (Math)

    Becka borrowed $100 from her cousin at the rate of 6% per year. If the inflation rate was 2% that year, what is her cousin's actual rate of return on the loan? How do you work this out?

    asked by Luis
  23. chemistry

    A 8.50-g sample of solid AlCl3·6H2O was heated such that the water turned to steam and was driven off. Assuming ideal behavior, what volume would that steam occupy at 1.00 atm and 100.0 °C?

    asked by A
  24. physics

    A small toy airplane is flying in the xy-plane parallel to the ground. In the time interval t=0 to t=10.0 s, its velocity as a function of time is given by

    asked by Anonymous
  25. CHEM

    What is the IUPAC name for the molecule shown here? H I \ / C=C / \ I H

    asked by M
  26. Math

    A bag contains three black balls, four white balls and five red balls. Three balls are removed without replacement. What is the probability of obtaining a one of each colour b at least two red balls ?

    asked by Ariyo
  27. physics

    A small toy airplane is flying in the xy-plane parallel to the ground. In the time interval t=0 to t=10.0 s, its velocity as a function of time is given by υ⃗ =(1.50m/s2)ti^+[13.0m/s−(2.00m/s2)t]j^.

    asked by Anonymous
  28. physics

    The barrel of a rifle has a length of 0.97m. A bullet leaves the muzzle of a rifle with a speed of 601m/s. What is the acceleration of the bullet while in the barrel?

    asked by emily
  29. physics

    A basketball player throws the ball at a 53degree angle above the horizontal to a hoop which is located a horizontal distance L = 2.4 m from the point of release and at a height h = 0.9 m above it.What is the required speed if the basketball is to reach

    asked by karine
  30. chem

    The electron in a ground state H atom absorbs a photon of wavelength 121.57nm, to what energy level does the electron move?

    asked by sara
  31. chemistry

    A 4.78-g sample of aluminum completely reacts with oxygen to form 6.67 g of aluminum oxide Use this data to calculate the mass percent composition of aluminum in aluminum oxide. (Sorry need help with this!)

    asked by Luis
  32. Algebra 1

    Adding and subtracting polynomials. (6-t-t^4) + (9t+t^4) How do you solve this problem?

    asked by Alex
  33. chemistry

    in HNO3 titration, you add few drops of phenolphthalein indicator to 50.0 mL of acid in a flask. you quickly add 20.00 mL of 0.0547 M NaOH but overshoot the end point, and the solutions turn deep pink. instead of starting over, you add 30.00 mL of acid,

    asked by shane
  34. Math

    3x9=9x=( )= ( )

    asked by Bryce
  35. Physics

    Consider two toy cars. Car A starts from rest and speeds up with constant acceleration for a time delta t until it reached a speed of v and then continues to travel at this speed. At the moment car A reaches its maximum speed, car B, starting at rest from

    asked by Wes
  36. Material Sciences

    Given an aluminum shell perfectly bonded to a steel core, what is the thermal stress in the aluminum shell when the system is heated from the unstressed state (20∘C) to 180∘C? Consider only deformations in the axial directions. Give your answer in MPa

    asked by qwerty
  37. physics

    If the acceleration due to gravity on the Moon is 1/6 that what is on the Earth, what would a 100 kg man weight on the Moon? If a person tried to simulate this gravity in an elevator, how fast would it have to accelerate and in which direction?

    asked by Iworlock
  38. Statistics

    X is a normally distributed random variable X with mean 15 and standard deviation 0.25. Find the values xL and xR of X that are symmetrically located with respect to the mean of X and satisfy P(xL < X < xR) = 0.80. (Hint. First solve the corresponding

    asked by Anonymous
  39. social statistics

    a smoking researcher is interested in estimating the average age when cigarette smokers first began to smoke. Taking a random sample of 25, she determines a sample mean of 16.8 years and a sample deviation of 1.5 years. Construct a 95% confidence interval

    asked by Kenya
  40. physcis

    A pitcher throws a baseball horizontally from the mound to home plate. The ball falls 0.926 m (3.04 ft) by the time it reaches home plate 18.3 m (60 ft) away. How fast was the pitcher's pitch?

    asked by kash
  41. physics

    A geosynchronous satellite is one that appears to be fixed in the sky, a condition useful for telecommunications. If such a satellite orbits the earth at an altitude of 33000 km above the earth's surface, what is its centripetal acceleration? The radius of

    asked by anna
  42. chemistry

    A 8.80-g sample of solid SnCl2·2H2O was heated such that the water turned to steam and was driven off. Assuming ideal behavior, what volume would that steam occupy at 1.00 atm and 100.0 °C?

    asked by himesh
  43. Check my answers? Math help.

    2. Write an integer to represent owing your friend $10. –10 *** –2 2 10 3. Write the sum as a product, then simplify the product. (–8) + (–8) + (–8) + (–8) ( 2(–8) + 2(–8) = –30 4(–8) = –32 **** 4(–8) = 32 5(–8) = –40 4. What is

    asked by Sally
  44. physics

    A basketball is thrown at 45° to the horizontal. The hoop is located 4.4 m away horizontally at a height of 1.1 m above the point of release. What is the required initial speed?

    asked by anna
  45. chemistry

    2NiS2(s)+5O2(g)=2NiO(s)+4SO2(g) 1. how many kilograms of NiO would be formed from the reaction of .0125 mol of NiS2? 2. How many grams of O2 are needed to cmpletely react with 3.74 g of NiS2.

    asked by newsome
  46. physics

    . A 90cm uniform lever has a load of 30N suspended at 15cm from one of its ends. If the fulcrum is at the centre of gravity, calculate the force that must be applied at its other end to keep it horizontal

    asked by uchenna
  47. physics

    It takes the elevator in a skyscraper 4.5s to reach its cruising speed of 11m/s . A 70kg passenger gets aboard on the ground floor. What is the passenger's weight before the elevator starts moving? What is the passenger's weight while the elevator is

    asked by willia
  48. math

    what is the prime factorization of 140

    asked by anonymous
  49. computer science

    Mr Ali has given a test to his class. He would like to have the average score for the class as well as the highest and lowest scores. Write a pseudocode to calculate and display these values. Then convert your pseudocode into a program by using any

    asked by hanit
  50. Material Sciences

    The energy-separation curve for two atoms, a distance, r, apart is: U(r)=−A/r^m+B/r^n Derive and expression for the stiffness of the bond at the equilibrium spacing, in terms of A, B, m, n, and r0. S=dF/dr at r=r0:

    asked by qwerty
  51. math

    Which is greater, the increase in miles driven between 1998 and 1999 or between 1999 and 2000? What is that increase? Data given: 1998-75,288 miles 1999-117,391 miles 2000-126,304 miles

    asked by Amari
  52. Accounting Please help me

    Bethany Link delivers parts for several local auto parts stores. She charges clients $0.75 per mile driven. She has determined that if she drives 2,100 miles in a month, her average operating cost is $0.55 per mile. If Bethany drives 4,200 miles in a

    asked by Vanessa
  53. Physics

    A police car is traveling at a velocity of 20.0 m/s due north, when a car zooms by at a constant velocity of 44.0 m/s due north. After a reaction time 0.700 s the policeman begins to pursue the speeder with an acceleration of 6.00 m/s^2. Including the

    asked by Peanutbutter7
  54. math

    What is 1/10 of 200?

    asked by Bianca
  55. Engineering science

    A water pump produces 9KL of water per hour at a height of 70 m above the pump.The pump is driven by a 3 KW electric motor.calculate. 1) The work done per hour 2) The work done per minute

    asked by Thulani
  56. physics

    An ambulance with a siren emitting a whine at 1600 Hz overtaken and passes a cyclist pedaling a bike at 2.44 m/s. After being passed, the cyclist hears a frequency of 1590 Hz. How fast is the ambulance moving?

    asked by onon
  57. Math

    Cal had 6 comic books. After he gave 1 comic book to each of his cousins, he had none left. How many cousins does Cal have?

    asked by Bryce
  58. physics

    A block of mass m = 3.60 kg is pushed a distance d = 2.60 m along a frictionless, horizontal table by a constant applied force of magnitude F = 11.0 N directed at an angle è = 28.0° below the horizontal as shown in the figure below.

    asked by Anonymous
  59. physics

    A pot with a flower falls out of a window box in a tall apartment building. It passes the top of a particular window with a velocity of -1.7 m/s. It passes the bottom of this window 0.2800 s later? How tall is the window (watch sign)?

    asked by Jane
  60. chemistry

    an electron in n=5 emits 4052 nm to what energy level does the electron move

    asked by sara
  61. physics

    An acoustic burglar alarm consists of a source emitting waves of frequency 28.0 kHz. What is the beat frequency between the source waves and the waves reflected from an intruder walking at an average speed of 0.095 m/s directly away from the alarm?

    asked by onon
  62. Material Sciences

    The energy-separation curve for two atoms, a distance, r, apart is: U(r)=−A/r^m+B/r^n Derive an expression for the equilibrium spacing, r0, as a function of A, B, m, and n.

    asked by qwerty
  63. math

    Freya doesn't like peppers, so she grew 0 peppers in her garden. She divided the peppers equally among her 4 cousins. How many peppers did each cousin get?

    asked by Bryce
  64. Reading/language arts

    Write a sentence for the given topic, using a form of one of the following linking verbs in each sentence: smell, sound, feel, taste, grow. Use at least one predicate noun or predicate adjective in each sentence. 1) (dificulty or ease of writing) can you

    asked by Steven
  65. Chemistry

    Please help me! I don't know how to do this at all. Calculate the enthalpy for the reaction: NO (g) + O (g) → NO2 Given the following known reactions: NO(g)+O3 (g)→NO2 (g)+O2 (g) 03 (g)→1.5O2 (g) O2 (g)→2O(g) ΔH°=-198.9kJ ΔH°=-142.3kJ

    asked by Luca
  66. chemistry

    a student mixes 4 reagents together thinking that the solution will neutralize each other . The solution is mixed together are 50 ml of 0.100 M of HCL and 100 ml of 0,200 M of nitric acid 500 ml of 0.0100 M ca hydroxide and 200 ml of 0.100 M rubidium

    asked by mathew
  67. physics

    In a TV set, an electron beam moves with horizontal velocity of 2.5 × 107 m/s across the cathode ray tube and strikes the screen, 44 cm away. The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s2 . How far does the electron beam fall while traversing this distance?

    asked by sara
  68. Business

    The term that refers to doing any kind of business online is

    asked by Sue
  69. Economics

    Does this production possibilities curve reflect the law of increasing opportunity costs.explain

    asked by Y
  70. math

    I'm working on a school math project, and i need to make my own 2 plans, i know that you can split all 17.5 ct diamonds so that each pirate would get 4.375 ct diamonds but i want to know how i would split them up, like into to 1/2 s or 1/4 and i need

    asked by Penguin.anna
  71. Material Sciences

    A steel bar of length L and cross-sectional area A is fitted between rigid supports. Write an expression for the stress in the bar when the temperature is raised by an amount ΔT. Write your answer in terms of α,E and ΔT. Is the stress compressive or

    asked by qwerty
  72. Pre-Calc

    Solve the system of equations using either the substitution method or the multiplication/addition method answer: 3x+2y=14 2x-4y=4

    asked by Anonymous
  73. chemistry

    The complete combustion of salicylic acid releases 21.90 kJ of energy per gram of salicylic acid. In a particular bomb calorimeter (initially at room temperature), the combustion of 0.1182 g of salicylic acid, in the presence of excess oxygen, causes the

    asked by korko
  74. physics

    If a 1500 kg car stopped from an in 5.6 seconds with an applied force of 5000 N, how fast was it initially traveling?

    asked by Iworlock
  75. Algebra

    An herbalist has 40 oz of herbs costing $4 per ounce. How many ounces of herbs costing $1 per ounce should be mixed with these 40 oz of herbs to produce a mixture costing $2.20 per ounce? oz

    asked by Terry
  76. physics

    The roadway bridge over a canal is in the form of an arc of circle of radius what is the maximum car can cross the bridge with the ground at the highest point

    asked by Abhishek Kumar
  77. statistics

    According to U.S. News & World Report data, in 1995 tuition costs at Indiana University, a public university, were $2,984 per year, while the tuition costs at the University of Evansville, a private university in Indiana, were $11,800 per year. In that

    asked by mike
  78. geometric sequence

    The sum of the 2nd and 5th terms of a geometric sequence is 3.5. The sum of the 3rd and 6th is -7. Determine the ratio r of the sequence and the first term a.

    asked by h
  79. physics

    A spacecraft is in orbit close to the moon's surface. The centripetal acceleration is 1.6 m/s^2. If the radius of the moon is about 1.7 x 10^6 m, determine: a)the orbital speed b)the period of the orbit

    asked by Claire
  80. physics

    A state trooper chases a speeder along a straight road; both vehicles move at 160 km/h. The siren on the trooper's vehicle produces sound at frequency of 500 Hz. What is the Doppler shift in the frequency heard by the speeder?

    asked by onon
  81. algebra

    on an expressway, the recommended safe distance between cars in feet is given by 0.019v^2+v+14, where v is the speed of the car in miles per hour. Find the safe distance when the following takes place( round answer to three decimal places). v=35 mph

    asked by Marc
  82. CHEM


    asked by M
  83. Physics

    A car travels 120 meters in one direction in 20 seconds. Then the car returns ¾ of the way back in 10 seconds. a) Calculate the average speed of the car for the first part of the trip. b) Find the average velocity of the car.

    asked by Iworlock
  84. math

    Find the sum of the first 60 terms of the arithmetic sequence whose first term is −15 and whose common difference is 7.

    asked by gisela
  85. science

    an empty truck with a mass of 3000 kg has a maximum acceleration of 1m/s2 .what will its acceleration be when it carries a load of 1000 kg?

    asked by maziya
  86. Math plz help.

    Write the letter of the property shown in each example. a. Commutative Property of Multiplication b. Identity Property of Multiplication c. Associative Property of Addition d. Identity Property of Addition e. Associative Property of Multiplication f.

    asked by Anonymous
  87. physics

    A ball falls 5.00 m to the ground. It remains in contact with the ground for 0.027 s and then rebounds to a maximum height of 1.61 m. What acceleration did the ball experience while it was in contact with the ground?

    asked by Jane
  88. physics

    A car travelling at 60 km/h hits a bridge abutment. A passenger in the car moves forward a distance of 67 cm (with respect to the road) while being brought to rest by an inflated air bag. What force (assumed constant) acts on the passenger¡¦s upper

    asked by gregory
  89. Math

    What is half of 850

    asked by Ari
  90. TO M--urgent

    I named that compound as cis and it should be trans. The I atoms are on opposite sides and that's trans, not cis.

    asked by DrBob222
  91. math

    are the length of a side of a square and the area of the square related proportionally?

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Marketing

    I am creating my own company (clothing store) and have to create a circle graph and frequency table, and explain how they can help my company. I don't know what to put in them. I know a circle graph is often choosen to compare things like the cost of

    asked by Meghan
  93. Calculus

    Hello, my question is the following: The derivative of f(x) = ln(x) is given by f'(x) = 1/x. Find an equation of the tangent line to the graph y = ln(x) that passes through the point (0,0). So if I go through this using the typical method I use I have the

    asked by Joshua
  94. English

    How do I turn this into a really good thesis statement? In the myth " When Grizzlies Walked Upright" explain how the bears lived in relation to each other before and after the introduction of the female into their clan, and explain how both the bears and

    asked by Sofia
  95. Math

    4. What is the value of the expression below? |-4 -3| - |6 -2| -11 -3 3 11 *** 5. Which word phrase could represent the variable expression 3d + 5? Let d = Beth's age. five more than Beth’s age times three three times Beth’s age minus five five times

    asked by Princess Anna
  96. Math. I have a question.

    Tom wants to build a pen in his yard for his dog. He buys 800 ft of fencing. He concludes that he can only build a rectangle with sides of 300 ft and 100 ft.

    asked by Anonymous
  97. Biology

    What is the water potential of a 5.7 L water in which 2.1 moles of NaCl has been dissolved at 30 degrees celcisus? Help please? Can you show work as well? It'll be greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.

    asked by Ali
  98. language arts poem by pat mora

    how does the speakers mother fell about herself as a young girl

    asked by clra
  99. math

    midpoint (4,13) endpoint (0,6). find the other endpoint

    asked by Ernie
  100. physics

    A stone is thrown at 15 m/s an angle \theta below the horizontal from a cliff of height H. It lands 78 m from the base 6 s later. Find \theta and H.

    asked by karine
  101. math

    A rocket ascends at an angle of 60.0˚ with the horizontal. After 1.00 min it is directly over a point that is a horizontal distance of 16.0 km from the launch point. Find the speed of the rocket.

    asked by syed
  102. Algebra 2

    To estimate the size of a bear population on the Keweenaw Peninsula, conervationist captured, tagged, and released 50 bears. One year later, a random sample of 100 bears included only 2 tagged bears. What is the conservationist estimate of the size of the

    asked by LadyG
  103. physics

    The mass of a robot is 6930 kg. This robot weighs 2520 N more on planet A than it does on planet B. Both planets have the same radius of 3.01 × 106 m. What is the difference MA - MB in the masses of these planets?

    asked by S
  104. math

    If the area of a rectangle is 2,460 square inches, what are its dimensions?

    asked by Daniel
  105. algebra 2

    Solve each system of equation by grpahing? 3. y=-3x+6 2y=10x-36 4. y=-x-9 3y=5x+5

    asked by anonymous
  106. Biology

    Why does biomass decrease as we move up the biomass pyramid?

    asked by A
  107. physics

    An airplane is 50,000 m above an observer and 2.1 km to the west of them and 1.5 km to the north of you. Determine the angle to the plane in the x – y axis and the total distance to the plane from you. Choose the x-axis east, y axis north, and z axis up.

    asked by Iworlock
  108. physics

    Student wants to jump from their 3rd floor apartment window to the swimming pool below. The base of the apartment is 8.00 meters from the pool’s edge. If the window is 20.0 meters high, how fast does the student have to be running horizontally to make

    asked by Iworlock
  109. Finance

    1. What happens to companies with high operating leverage when the market declines? What happens when the market expands?

    asked by Chloe
  110. physics

    A ball is thrown at 14 m/s at 57° above the horizontal. Someone located 30 m away along the line3 of the path starts to run just as the ball is thrown. How fast, and in which direction, must the catcher run to catch the ball at the level from which it was

    asked by karine
  111. us history

    what are the four native languages in sc

    asked by frederick
  112. Math 2--questions

    7. Find the sum. –14 + 7 + (–3) –24 –18 –10 *** –4 8. A scuba diver descends 350 feet and then another 120 feet. Express the diver’s final depth as an integer. –420 ft 420 ft ** –470 ft 470 ft

    asked by Sally

    Does a molecular compound in water have hydration or have ionization ?

    asked by MAD
  114. US History

    Women made many contributions during World War I. Which area did they make the least impact? Nurses in the war Heavy industry Maintaining farms Truck drivers

    asked by Randy
  115. Biology

    1. Describe 2 methods of viral infection 2. How can a virus be helpful to its host? Thank you:)

    asked by Nicki
  116. Chemistry

    500 g of Fe reacted with water to yield 4.2 g of H2. Fe3O4 was also produced in the reaction. What is the %yield of H2?

    asked by Monika
  117. Business

    What happens to companies with high operating leverage when the market declines? What happens when the market expands?

    asked by Chloe
  118. Psychology

    A recent research study found that surfing the internet and accessing non-academic grades resulted in lowering students GPA. Dr. Rushmore studied the relationship between grades and non-academic surfing in a first-year introduction to psychology class.

    asked by John Doe
  119. Math

    Using the following cash flows for projects A and B, use payback period, discounted payback period, NPV, IRR, and MIRR to see if these are good projects or not. > Project A: (283,000); 46,000; 89,000; 104,000; 123,000; 187,000; and 72,000 > Project B:

    asked by James
  120. business

    Wellington’s Funds Flow Statement (Statement of Cash Flows) Sources Earnings after taxes $ 80 Depreciation 84 Decrease in accounts receivable 42 Increase in accounts payable 13 Increase in notes payable 196 Increase in accruals 22 Increase in long-term

    asked by v
  121. astro

    ProximaCentauriisapproximatelythesamedistancefromEarth(slightly less than 4.3 light years) as Alpha Centauri A, but it has an apparent magnitude of +11.05, compared to Alpha Centauri A’s magnitude of -0.01. How much more luminous is Alpha Centauri A than

    asked by kennisha
  122. chem

    /***\ \___/ hexane with a double bong in position 1-2 with 2 ch3 one on top one on bottom what would be the name of this

    asked by M
  123. home economics

    20 carriars in clothing and textile

    asked by 20 carriers in clothing and textiles
  124. Science

    Suppose a geologist is studying two distinct areas next to a spreading ridge. The magnetic direction of the minerals in the oldest area is opposite to the magnetic direction of minerals in the newest area. a) Which area is closest to the center of the

    asked by Whitney
  125. Physics

    A bike wheels rotate 4 revolutions. How radiant has it rotates?

    asked by Jezsie
  126. physics

    An electron in an atom has a speed of 2.2 × 10^6 m/s and orbits the nucleus at a distance of 5 × 10^-11m.a)What is its centripetal acceleration? b)A neutron star of radius 17 km is found to rotate at 5 revolutions per second. What is the centripetal

    asked by Diana
  127. ap physics

    2.7s , how far do you travel during this inattentive period?

    asked by anonymous
  128. chemistry

    If 70.0 mL of water is added to 30.0 mL of 0.400 M solution of NaOH, what is the new concentration of NaOH?

    asked by h
  129. Science

    a car is moving at 80km/hr and slows down to 13km/hr in 9.75 seconds. Calculate the car's acceleration Formula for acceleration= Final speed-Initial/Time

    asked by Coleson
  130. quanta tive skills and reasoning

    In a class of 250 students it was found that 140 took math 85 took psychology and 65 took both math and psychology how many students in the class took math or psychology?

    asked by angie
  131. history

    There were many examples that inspired the reform-minded spirit after 1900. Which was not an example? Muckrakers Plessy v. Ferguson Triangle Shirtwaist Factory fire The Jungle

    asked by Bob
  132. Math

    Explain why the expression (x^2+ 6) ------- (x^3+3) , which seemingly can be simplified, actually cannot be simplified.

    asked by Anonymous
  133. English

    This is for "When Grizzlies Walked Upright" explain? How did the bears lived in relation to each other? How did the bears lived in relation to each other before and after the introduction of the female into their clan How did both the bears and the female

    asked by Sofia
  134. Finance

    What happens to the cash flow statement for a company operating on a calendar year when a sale is made in December but the firm isn’t paid until the following January?

    asked by Chloe
  135. history

    In the Seven Years’ War, Spain fought on the side of France right? Native Americans were unable to resist successive waves of European immigrants at least partially because they were divided among themselves. this is true right?

    asked by Anonymous
  136. Math

    1.) Find (f - g)(x) if f(x) = 2x - 5 and g(x) = 4. 2.) Given f(x) = 4 and g(x) = 2x - 1, find (f - g)(x). Thanks so much! :)

    asked by Susie
  137. Health

    What are positive attributes?

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Simplify Practice.

    Write the difference 30 – (–12) as a sum, then simplify. Evaluate the following expression. Show all steps. 18 + 6m for m = 2

    asked by Anonymous
  139. Algebra 2

    y-1 ____ x+3 = -3/4 (equivalent ratio) can you explain the steps which you use to get this answer and why you use them . I am sorry I am a disable student and it hard some time to grasp this math fo rme.

    asked by Gena
  140. chemistry

    230Th+He____223Po+2 2H+----- please complete this equation

    asked by treasa
  141. math

    what does this question mean : Sketch a graph to show four graphs in each family. a) y=(x-3)(x+6) b) y= (x+1)(x+1)

    asked by sunny
  142. algebra

    1 cm to the third of aluminum weighs 2.7 grams if a sheet is 0.003 8 find the weight

    asked by joyce
  143. algebra

    on an expressway, the recommended safe distance between cars in feet is given by 0.019v^2+v+14, where v is the speed of the car in miles per hour. Find the safe distance when the following takes place( round answer to three decimal places). v=35 mph

    asked by Marc
  144. math

    The sides a,b,c of a triangle are such that a^2+b^2+c^2=ab+bc+ca.What type of triangle is it?

    asked by Nitumoni
  145. Algrebra

    A rectangular field is 3 yards longer than twice its width. If the perimeter is 156 yards. How wide is the field? 3*2=6 6*2=12 6*2*12=156 ??

    asked by SJ
  146. English

    What's the difference between the phrase: "It is not about you", and "It has nothing to do with you" Or do they necessarily mean the same?

    asked by Levi
  147. physics

    A satellite is in a circular orbit around an unknown planet. The satellite has a speed of 1.75 104 m/s, and the radius of the orbit is 5.15 106 m. A second satellite also has a circular orbit around this same planet. The orbit of this second satellite has

    asked by Anonymous
  148. Pre-Calc

    Help please Find f(2) and f(a+h) when f(x)=3x^2+2x+4

    asked by Anonymous
  149. Math

    explain why the expression (x^2+6) / (x^2+3) which seemingly can be simplified, actually cannot be simplified.

    asked by Anonymous
  150. physics

    5pi over 4

    asked by tammy
  151. Math problems.

    Use the order of operations to simplify the expressions in the next two questions. 15 – 6 • 9 ÷ 2 + 10 16. 4 • (6 + 3) + 5

    asked by Anonymous
  152. Algebra 2

    Please help me with this problem and can you write down the steps. y-1 ____ x+3 = 3/4 (equivalent ratio)

    asked by Gena
  153. Health

    What are example of a psychosomatic response, when talking about stress?

    asked by Anonymous
  154. Math one question?

    A scuba diver descends 350 ft and then another 225 ft. Express the diver’s final depth as an integer. –525 ft –575 ft 525 ft 575 ft

    asked by Anonymous
  155. math

    Identify the solution(s) of the system of equations, if any. x + 5y = 6 6x - 15y = 18

    asked by Brenda
  156. history

    Roosevelt addressed the struggles of industry with the National Industrial Recovery Act (NIRA). Which of the following was not one of the main components of this effort? African American labor assistance Public works projects National Recovery

    asked by Randy
  157. Algebra

    20 foot wire is cut so that the longer peace is four times longer than the shorter piece.what are the lengths of each piece?

    asked by Kim
  158. Psychology

    Would someone like to help me with it? T_T I need to identify the six principles of critical thinking in the following scenario...

    asked by John Doe