Questions Asked on
September 22, 2014

  1. physics

    A football is thrown with an initial upward velocity component of 15.0m/s and a horizontal velocity component of 17.0m/s . a:How much time is required for the football to reach the highest point in its trajectory? b:How high does it get above the ground?

    asked by kate
  2. Nouns

    Is "basketball" a proper or common noun?

    asked by Carpet Cleaner
  3. Chemistry

    How many grams of sodium carbonate are in a sodium carbonate sample that contains 1.773x10^17 carbon atoms? How do I work this out?

    asked by Sam
  4. grammar

    What is a simile for stone?

    asked by Sharon
  5. Science

    Explain how sunlight is the primary source of energy for your own life? Please help!

    asked by Sky
  6. college physics

    tennis ball rolls off the edge of a tabletop 0.900m above the floor and strikes the floor at a point 1.60m horizontally from the edge of the table. A: Find the time of flight of the ball B: Find the magnitude of the initial velocity of the ball. C: Find

    asked by katie
  7. Statistics

    The Graduate Record Examination (GRE) has a combined verbal and quantitative mean of 1000 and a standard deviation of 200. Scores range from 200 to 1600 and are approximately normally distributed. For each of the following problems: 1. Draw a rough sketch,

    asked by Jill
  8. Algebra 2

    Write the Expression as a complex number in standard form. 5i(3+2i)(8+3i)

    asked by Kaitlyn
  9. Analytical Chem

    Use activity coefficients to find the concentration of hydrogen ions in a solution of 65.0 mM butanoic acid and 0.05 M NaCl. The ionization constant of butanoic acid is Ka = 1.52 × 10-5. Take the size of C3H7COO– to be 500 pm. Find [H+], pH, and alpha.

    asked by Anonymous
  10. Empires

    I need help to compare and contrast the Babylonian and Hittite empires

    asked by Sara
  11. Chemistry

    How many carbon atoms are contained within 10.0 pounds of sugar, (sucrose) which has the formula c12h22o11?

    asked by Sara
  12. Art

    Portrait of Agostino Pallavinci by Anthony Van Dyck What element of art does this artist use most to create emphasis and balance? A. color B. line C. shape D. texture Is the answer A?

    asked by Gwen
  13. physics

    A military helicopter on a training mission is flying horizontally at a speed of 75.0m/s when it accidentally drops a bomb (fortunately, not armed) at an elevation of 310m . You can ignore air resistance. a:How much time is required for the bomb to reach

    asked by kaitlyn
  14. business

    . You've written a check to Goodwill Supply, and the check has been lost. What should you do? A. Stop payment on the first check; then write a second one. B. Send a counter check to Goodwill. C. Write another check immediately. D. Call Goodwill and tell

    asked by b
  15. 180g/l

    I want to make up a 180g/l solution acid using 98% Sulphuric Acid. How much H2SO4 do I use should I make a stock solution first.

    asked by Jillian
  16. chemistry

    In a butane lighter, 9.2g g of butane combines with 32.9g g of oxygen to form 27.8g g carbon dioxide and how many grams of water?

    asked by Anonymous
  17. Math

    Which of the following triangles cannot be solved using the sine law? a) angle a= 28 degrees, angle b= 75 degrees, side a= 24 cm b) side a=4 cm , side b= 11 cm c) angle a=28 degrees, angle c= 34 degrees , side b=5 cm d) angle b= 29 degrees, side b=5 cm,

    asked by Alex
  18. Math

    14+2m = 4m - 16 (no multiple choice) I don't understand it 4(x +2) = 14 - 2(3 - 4x) (no multiple choice) Eight subtracted from 4 times a number is equal to 4 less than 6 times the number. (not multiple choice) my answer is 8x - 4 = 4x - 6

    asked by Anonymous
  19. pre cal

    Find b, given that a = 18.2, B = 62°, and C = 48°. Round answers to the nearest whole number. Do not use a decimal point or extra spaces in the answer or it will be marked incorrect.

    asked by Anonymous
  20. Gonzaga

    Calculate the amount of heat released when 65.6 g of water at 55.5°C cools to ice at 0.0°C.

    asked by Brendan
  21. social studies

    What is "Yosemite"? Is Yosemite a district name? Or is Yosemite a valley called "Yosemite Valley"? Is Yosemite Valley in Yosemite, an area?

    asked by rfvv
  22. physics

    In a 100m race, Maggie and Judy cross the finish line in a dead heat, both taking 11.4s. Accelerating uniformly, Maggie took 1.80s and Judy 2.95s to attain maximum speed, which they maintained for the rest of the race. What was Maggie's acceleration?

    asked by afia
  23. algebra

    On a particular day, an airliner has 150 flights arrive early, 500 flights arrive on time, and 75 flights arrive late. What is the experimental probability that a flight will not be late? A. 75/725 B. 75/650 C. 500/650 D. 650/725

    asked by nautica
  24. physics

    A boy uses a slingshot to launch a pebble straight up into the air. The pebble reaches a height of 29.0 m above the launch point 3.3 seconds later. Assume air resistance is negligible.

    asked by Nat
  25. Science

    A controlled experiment is designed to test a ___. (1 point) control hypothesis theory** prototype Thanks I greatly appreciate it!

    asked by Dfca
  26. Help with Art!

    Dancers Backstage By Edgar Degas How did the artist use color to create emphases in this image? A. by using colors that were similar to the background B. by creating color contrast to focus on the main ballerina C. by using only cool colors D. by using

    asked by Gwen
  27. Help with Art!

    Still Life with Milk Jug and Fruit by Paul Cezanne How did he artist create balance in this image? A. by spreading the oranges out from the top left corner to the bottom right. B. by spreading the oranges out in a circular pattern around the plate. C. by

    asked by Gwen
  28. Science

    suppose that you are walking down the street. Describe the force acting on you, and describe how they change your motion

    asked by Esther
  29. Math

    Bobby has some of them are of them are red and the rest are green.if he has 7 green marbles, how many marbles does have altogether?

    asked by Xavier
  30. chemistry

    The problem si 209/83bi+64/28NI=272/111Rg+1/0n How to calculate the energy change in J/mol reactants? AMU amounts: Bi=208.980384 Ni= 63.927969 Rg=272.1535 What I have done is 1. subtract products from reactants. 2. multiply the result by 1.66054x10^-27kg

    asked by Nancy
  31. algebra

    Bob is going to China, and he wants to bring some DVDs on the airplane. If Bob has a collection of DVDs, in how many ways can he bring of them? A.3 B.5 C.455 D.2,730

    asked by nautica
  32. Social Studies

    Which of the following reasons made Oglethorpe recruit the Highland Scots? A. their clan colors B. The were good soldiers and fighters C. The knew how to produce silk D. They brought stronger cattle with them Is it C?

    asked by Amber
  33. Language Arts

    Why does the author of "The Drummer Boy of Shiloh" say it is a "solemn night for a boy just turned fourteen"? A. The wind is full of whispers B. The army is cramped near a church C. The boy will be in his first battle soon D. The boy does not like sleeping

    asked by Gwen
  34. Math

    Five added to 4 times a number is equal to 9 less than 2 times the number. 9x + 2 = 5x + 4 5x + 4 = 9x - 2 *my answer 4x - 5 = 2x + 9 4x + 5 = 2x - 9

    asked by Anonymous
  35. science

    An experiment was performed how the amount of coffee grounds could affect the taste of coffee. The same kind of coffee, the same percolator, the same amount a type of water, the same perking time, and the same electrical source were used. Identifying

    asked by Mia
  36. science 1 question

    A student measures the volume of a liquid and finds it to be 40mL. How many significant figures are in the measurement? 1 2 3 4 I do not know if it is 1 or 2!??

    asked by SkatingDJ
  37. Geometry

    a tree on a 30 degrees grows straight up. What are the measures of the greatest and smallest angles the tree makes with the hill? explain

    asked by Thu
  38. Basic math question

    Evaluate the square root of 9604 using prime factorization

    asked by Durga
  39. Math

    Maira drives at a constant speed for 3 hours and travels 175 miles. how far would she drive in 4.5 at the same speed?

    asked by Eren Jeager
  40. Physics

    An 80.0 kg rollerblader is at rest at the top of a 100 m hill at a 7o incline. The coefficient of friction on the hill is 0.110. What is the roller blader's kinetic energy at the bottom of the hill?

    asked by h
  41. physics

    What is the linear speed of Saturn in its orbit about the sun? Give your answer in meters per second. (Consider the orbit of Saturn to be a circle of radius 1.43×1012 m and that it takes 29.50 yr for one orbit around the sun.)

    asked by Cole Lovick
  42. math

    Yasmin wants to serve 150ml of juice to each of 15 guests. How many 500ml cartons of juice she buy? How much juice will she be left after serving her guests?

    asked by neha
  43. English

    What are you going to do for your home this weekend? 1. I am going to clean the windows this weekend. 2. I am going to clean the floor with a mop. 3. I am going to mop the floor. 4. I am going to vacuum the living room. 5. I am going to clean the living

    asked by rfvv
  44. Definiton

    What's the definition of 'culture trait'?

    asked by Monette
  45. math

    Meredith picked 4 times as many green peppers as red peppers. If she picked a total of 20 peppers, how many green peppers did she pick?

    asked by Jaquin
  46. mambane

    A 10.0g bullet is fired with a speed of 500m/s into a pendulum block of mass 5.00kg, suspended from a cord 0.600m long. Calculate: (a)the vertical height through which the pendulum rises. (b) the initial kinetic energy of the bullet. (c) the kinetic energy

    asked by Xolani Rudolph Ngovene
  47. physics

    A stone is dropped from peak of the hill. It covers a distance of 30 metres in the last second of its motion. Find the height of the peak?

    asked by iqra
  48. science

    make it right A lot of the rubbish we produce on land pollutes the park.

    asked by shaheer
  49. PSAT

    From 1990 to 1995, the value of one share of stock of XYZ corporation increased by 25%. if the value was D dollars in 1995, what was the value in 1990?

    asked by G
  50. math

    what are 3 fractions that have the same product when multiplied explain you answr

    asked by t aylor
  51. math

    Four monkeys ann,bob, carl and don set of to gather bananas after collecting their bananas they tired and fell a sleep Ann woke up first and ate 1/3 bob ate 1/3 carl ate 1/3 and don ate 1/4 He left 12 bananas for his 3 friends how many banana did monkeys

    asked by nc
  52. Chemistry

    I am having great difficulty with the following questions. Any and all help will be greatly appreciated. I have read the chapter and even looked up online tutorials. I still do not understand it. 2 NO (G) + O2 (G) > 2 NO2 (G) Write the equilibrium constant

    asked by Lissa
  53. math

    Alba asked why we don't talk about LCM and GCM. How do you answer?

    asked by KG
  54. physics

    A car has a mass of 1500 kg. If the driver applies the brakes while on a gravel road, the maximum friction force that the tires can provide without skidding is about 7000 N. If the car is moving at 18 m/s, what is the shortest distance in which the car can

    asked by Josh
  55. Math

    27 3 5 2 = 19 I am trying to determine what symbol I need between each number to make the sentence true. +, - X or / I am not clear if I can use the same symbol multiple times in the equation.

    asked by VIckie
  56. programming

    A local recording studion rents its facilities for $200 per hour. Management charges only for the number of minutes used. Create a project in which the input is the name of the group and the number of minutes it used the studio. Your program calculates the

    asked by Kesha
  57. Science

    In terms of energy, what is the difference between glucose and ATP?

    asked by Sky
  58. Science

    Explain the role of a hypothesis in a scientific investigation.

    asked by Sky
  59. Math

    Explain how you can solve 8x8 if you know how to multiply with 4 but not how to multiply with 8.

    asked by Bryce
  60. english

    what is a nouns

    asked by krishna
  61. Chemistry

    A graduated cylinder contains 56.3ml of water. A metal cylinder is dropped in the water and is completely covered by water. The diameter of the cylinder is 3.8 cm and the height of the cylinder in 5.4cm. What is the volume reading in the graduated cylinder

    asked by Jim
  62. english

    what really is a paragraph writing I don't understand plz help thank you

    asked by amrita
  63. Physics

    a frictionless mass1(1kg) is accelerated by mass two(1kg). The two masses are conceted by inextensible,flexible string. calculate the acceleration of the system of the two masses.

    asked by Monica
  64. physics

    what is efficiency of carnot engine between the temperature of 100 degree centigrade and 60 degree centigrade

    asked by mahwish
  65. pharm

    You receive an order written for 375 ml of D5W to be administered over 6 hours.

    asked by ski
  66. Art

    Figures viewing the lake by Peter Fabrics and William Hamilton Color was used in this image to create all of the following EXCEPT A. Emphasis on the central figure B. Symmetrical balance C. Unity D. Radial balance*** Is the answer D?

    asked by Beau
  67. math

    estimate each square root to one decimal place Ex what is the square root of 15

    asked by Ashish
  68. physics

    A speeder passes a parked police car at a constant speed of 39.2 m/s. At that instant, the police car starts from rest with a uniform 2 is overtaken by the police car? Answer in units of s acceleration of 2.77 m/s . How much time passes before the speeder

    asked by Anonymous
  69. science

    A Scientist wonders if the amount of Vitamin C that he feeds to rats will have any affect on the rat's mass. He measured both the mass of the rats and the amount of vitamin C in grams. I need to find the Independent variable, Dependent variable and the

    asked by Mia
  70. Math

    A circus performer walks on a tightrope 25 ft above the ground. The tightrope is supported by two beams and two support cables. If the distance between each beam and base of its support cable is 15 ft, what is the length of the support cable?

    asked by Mack
  71. integrated science

    list nine digestive enzymes in the body plz answer fast thank u

    asked by amrita
  72. algebra 2

    1. 5x+2>3x+10 =x>4 2. 8+2x< or equal too 6x-20 x> or equal too 7 3. 4(1-3n)-14>4(2n+3)-9n =? 4-12n-14>8n+12-9n 5. x/4-9 -p>-63 p or equal too 6 -t> or equal to 72 t< or equal too 72 9. -y36 10. define a variable, write an inequality, and solve each

    asked by anonymous
  73. physics

    A speedy tortoise can run at 0.08 m/s, and a hare can run 15 times as fast. In a race, they start at the same time, but the hare stops to rest for 1.8 min, so the tortoise wins by a shell (20 cm). How long does the race take? Answer in units of s What is

    asked by JG
  74. Science(Energy)

    Which of the following is the best example of transforming electromagnetic energy into thermal energy? A. when trees absorb sunlight for photosynthesis B. when the interior of a car absorbs sunlight and warms up C. when a solar panel absorbs sunlight to

    asked by DvD
  75. math

    The ratio of boys to girls is 3 to 7. If there are 200 more girls than boys, how many boys are there? Use a tape diagram to solve.

    asked by latonya
  76. Physics

    In order to qualify for the finals in a racing event, a race car must achieve an average speed of 230 km/h on a track with a total length of 1810 m. If a particular car covers the first half of the track at an average speed of 245 km/h, what minimum

    asked by Latoya
  77. Physical Science

    Johnson ran the 100 meter dash in 9.79 seconds. Calculate Johnson's average speed, in meters/second.

    asked by Macy
  78. Math

    Add the operation signs and parentheses where needed. 6 5 9 2 = 77

    asked by Anonymous
  79. chemistry

    After isolating the sulfonated product, the filtrate volume is found to be 25.25 mL. A dilution using 1 mL of filtrate and 99 mL of water gives a solution with an absorbance of 0.427. How many moles of indigo carmine were produced? (Molar absorptivity of

    asked by Michael
  80. Science

    which of the following is a correctly balanced equation A.2Cu+O2--> 2CuO B.Mg + O2--> MgO2 C. 3KCI+HNO3-->3HCl+KNOW D. CaCO3---> CaO+CO3 answer b

    asked by kim
  81. Math

    Find the vertex of the parabola y = f(x)= x^2 + 8 x - 11 x coordinate = y coordinate = Graph this function and estimate the x intercepts to the nearest tenth. Give your answers in order. x intercept one = x intercept two =

    asked by Irina
  82. Physical Science

    Superfly, mass of only 1 gram, but capable of flying 840 million km/hr. meets a locomotive with a mass of 20,000 kg, traveling 40 km/hr. Who has the greater momentum? I know I need to convert mass to kg and covert momentum in Kg-Km/hr. I just don't know

    asked by Macy
  83. English

    Posted by rfvv on Thursday, September 18, 2014 at 8:25pm. 1. She doesn't have a pretty face and a warm heart. 2. She doesn't have a pretty face or a warm heart. (Are both the same in meaning? What is the meanig of #1?) 1-1. She doesn't have both a pretty

    asked by rfvv
  84. math

    The Least Common Multiple of two numbers is 60, and one of the numbers is 7 less than the other number. What are the numbers? Justify your answer.

    asked by Priscilla
  85. Precal

    What is the exact value of sec theta if the terminal side of 0 contains the point (-7,13)

    asked by Anonymous
  86. help me in art please

    In figures viewing lake by peter fabris and william hamilton Color was used in this image to create all of the following except A. Emphasis on the central figure B. Symetrical balance C.unity D. Radial balance Is the answer d?

    asked by Beau

    Why dissolving gases in the liquids is exothermic while the phase is down ? explain please

    asked by MAD
  88. Chem

    I have a concentration of saltwater (NaCI) in that there was 23 g of salt dissolved in .025 L of water. How many atoms were dissolved? Is this how you set it up??? .39 x(6.022x10^23)

    asked by Maria
  89. Algebra

    Solve 5 < x-2 < 11 My answer is 7 < x < 13

    asked by Faye
  90. Algebra

    Solve 9 - c 15 My answer is 7 or -5

    asked by Paula
  91. Chemistry

    A 530 mL solution 10% HCl has been spilt onto the bench. It cannot be diluted or washed away. How much of the granular NaOH from the container seen in a previous photograph, must be used to neutralise the acid? [Using NaOH: MM = 40 g/mol]

    asked by Anonymous
  92. Math

    A ball is thrown up at the edge of a 550 foot cliff. The ball is thrown up with an initial velocity of 87 feet per second. Its height measured in feet is given in terms of time t, measured in seconds by the equation h = -16 t^2 + 87 t + 550 a. How high

    asked by Safina

    1 mole of nitroglycerin decomposes and release 5.72*10^3 KJ heat. to give CO2 H2O O2 and N2. A) write the balanced chemical equation B) calculate the work done assuming the temp of the reaction is 450K

    asked by PLEASEEEE HELP
  94. math

    Benjamin and Bob are marathon runners on a run from landmarks P to Q. Benjamin runs half the way and walks the other half. Bob runs half the time, and walks the other half. The two run at the same speed and walk at the same speed. Who finishes first?

    asked by j
  95. Math

    A rectangular field is to be subdivided in 6 equal fields. There is 1200 feet of fencing available. Find the dimensions of the field that maximizes the total area. (List the longer side first) Width = feet Length = feet What is the maximum area ? Area =

    asked by irina
  96. Math Help Please

    ABC Company is about 1614 feet tall. How long would it take an object falling freely from the top to reach the ground? Use a = 16t^2 I would appreciate any help. ^_^

    asked by Tiffany
  97. Calculus

    At a certain point on the beach, a post sticks out of the sand, its top being 76 cm above the beach. The depth of the water at the post varies sinusoidally with time due to the motion of the tides. The depth d is modeled by the equation

    asked by Nick
  98. Math

    A stack of 33 CDs is 1.5 inches high. How many CDs would be in a stack that is 3.5 inches high?

    asked by Eren Jeager
  99. Math

    A traditional Haida hand drum has a diameter of 14 7/8 in. and is 3 in deep. What is the minimum amount of hide used to make the drum if the hide covers only the top and lateral surfaces? PLEASE HELP!! Thank you

    asked by Cherie
  100. physics

    As it passes over Grand Bahama Island, the eye of a hurricane is moving in a direction 60.7° north of west with a speed of 37.4km/hr. Two hours later, the course of the hurricane suddenly shifts due north and its speed slows to 21.0km/hr. How far from

    asked by afia
  101. math

    Bella had 1/3 of a wall to paint.she painted 1/4 of what was left green and 1/2 yellow.what is the area of the region Bella.has not yet painted?

    asked by Bella
  102. algebra

    Is this set a subspace of R3 or not? Explain why or why not. Span{[1 2 1],[-1 1 3]} I've tried to do a three variable three unknown equation to solve for the scalars for each of the vectors but when doing it got very wrong numbers.

    asked by Jackk
  103. Chemistry

    How much energy(in calories)would it take to heat 13g of water 2 degrees Celsius?? 1.00cal/1g C = 13 x 2 = 26 Calories Is that right?

    asked by Joan
  104. Chemistry

    8.5 Ed's = 10 Ebb's, 12 Ersk's = 100 Ed's and 5 Ebb's = 1 Zum. How many Zum's in approx. 1 Ersk? Starts out: 1 Ersk*__________ Ersk

    asked by David
  105. Reading

    Read each sentence. On the lines provided,write simple if it has one independent clause. Write compound if it has two or more independent clauses. Write compound if it has two or more independent clauses. 1. I wanted to go to the concert,but my parents

    asked by Camille
  106. Math

    Sara has some fish, 2 birds, and 5 hamsters. She has 6 fewer hamsters than fish. How many fish does she have?

    asked by Chip
  107. Math

    What is a1 if a33 is equal to -2p and a74 = 26p? Our topic is arithmetic series and sequence. Thanks.

    asked by Erin
  108. What is the degree of this polynomial?

    I have the function: f(x)=3x(x−3)^2(x+2)^3(x^2−3) Would the degree be 7? Please let me know if I am correct.

    asked by Misa
  109. Math

    Jason is a salesperson in the electronics department store. He is 38% short of his goal for the week. His goal is to earn %450. For each CD player he sells, he earns $57. How many CD players does he need to sell in order to meet his goal?

    asked by Ed
  110. Physics

    An ice skater skates 13.3 m southwest, then 26.6 m east, and finally 39.9 m in a direction 51.5◦ north of east. Find the magnitude of the displacement required to bring the skater back to her starting point. Answer in units of m

    asked by Bob
  111. physics

    Instructions for finding a buried treasure include the following: Go 73.0 paces at 234°, turn to 135° and walk 122 paces, then travel 120 paces at 167°. The angles are measured counterclockwise from an axis pointing to the east, the + x direction.

    asked by afiadkay
  112. Algebra 2

    Given a point (-2,5determine a point that satisfies the specified symmetry. 1. Origin (2,-5) 2. y-axis (2,5) 3. x-axis (-2,-5) 4. y=x ? Could you check if 1-3 is correct and could you help me on #4

    asked by Alicia
  113. algebra

    the sum of to kim and tony's ages is 42, the difference in their ages is 4 years. what are the ages of kim and tony?

    asked by greg
  114. Algebra

    Given a point (-2,5determine a point that satisfies the specified symmetry. 1. Origin 2. y-axis 3. x-axis 4. y=x

    asked by Nick
  115. math

    A turtle starts moving north at 4 feet per minute from a point P. Five minutes later, a snail starts moving south at 2 feet per minute from a point 50 feet due east of P. What is the distance (in feet) between the two animals five minutes after the snail

    asked by Elaine
  116. Advance Algebra

    An open box is to be made from a rectangular piece of tin 12 inches long and 10 inches wide by cutting pieces of x-inch square from each corner and bending up the sides. a. Find a formula that expresses the volume V of the box as a function of x. b. Find

    asked by Soledad Jose-Dilao, Ed. D. et al
  117. alegebra

    A turtle starts moving north at 4 feet per minute from a point P. Five minutes later, a snail starts moving south at 2 feet per minute from a point 50 feet due east of P. What is the distance (in feet) between the two animals five minutes after the snail

    asked by Elaine
  118. math

    If the sun is aplroximantely 1.5×10^(11) meters from Earth, what is the approximate distance from Earth to Mars.

    asked by christina
  119. math

    an apple and a pear cost 25 pesos,a pear and a banana cost 19 pesos and apple and banana cost much i spend if i buys 1 apple,1 pear and 1 banana?

    asked by lorenz
  120. physics

    In the design of a rapid transit system, it is necessary to balance the average speed of a train against the distance between station stops. The more stops there are, the slower the train's average speed. To get an idea of this problem, calculate the time

    asked by afia
  121. chemistry-repost

    Sorry to post this again, not sure if it was seen. If someone has the time to help with the following question it would be really helpful. Posted by Nancy on Monday, September 22, 2014 at 9:55am. The problem is 209/83bi+64/28NI=272/111Rg+1/0n How to

    asked by Nancy
  122. Algebra

    The vendor of a coffee cart mixes coffee beans that cost $7 per pound with coffee beans that cost $5 per pound. How many pounds of each should be used to make a 50-pound blend that sells for $5.79 per pound?

    asked by Kim
  123. math

    Find the pressure exerted by a waterbed with dimensions of 2 m x 2 m which is 30 cm thick. (hint: use density of water)

    asked by Kelly
  124. Physics

    Find the pressure exerted by a waterbed with dimensions of 2 m x 2 m which is 30 cm thick. (hint: use density of water)

    asked by Kelly
  125. Precalculus

    Find two values for theta such that theta is greater than or equal to 0 but less than or equal to 2pi. 1. Tan theta=1.1071 2. Sin theta = -0.8818

    asked by Anonymous
  126. Math

    Show that a triangle with sides 3,4,5 inches long is a right triangle. Find the measure of the larger acute angle

    asked by Anonymous
  127. Biology

    Explain how sunlight is the primary source of energy for your own life? Please help!

    asked by Skye
  128. math

    he sales goal for your store this week is $22,682. The sales goal for your store this week last year was $20,128. Your store has averaged 1775 transactions per week for the last four weeks. What is the percent change in your sales goal from this week last

    asked by Anonymous
  129. Math

    For y=3 +7 cos 5 (theta - 28 degrees) Find y when theta=321 degrees

    asked by Anonymous
  130. physics

    A ball is thrown directly downward with an initial speed of 3.08 m/s from a height of 14.6 m. After what interval does the ball strike the ground? The acceleration of gravity is 9.8 m/s 2

    asked by Josie
  131. physics

    if the coeffiecient of friction between a 32kg metal plate and the floor is 0.16, what force is required to roll this metal plate across the floor at a uniform speed? how much work is done if the metal plate is rolled to a distance of 15m? Please response

    asked by Work
  132. Trigonometry (Math)

    From a point 5m. above the water surface, the angle of elevation of the top of a certain tree is 40°10' while the angle of depression to the foot of the tree is 63°20'. Find the height of the tree and the distance from the point of observation. -Complete

    asked by choleng13
  133. math

    give three numbers whose product is about 9000

    asked by LAKSHMI
  134. Community service

    Do you need to have hours to graduate high school?

    asked by Sara
  135. Math

    The Hotel Regal has 600 rooms. Currently the hotel is filled . The daily rental is $ 250 per room. For every $ 4 increase in rent the demand for rooms decreases by 4 rooms. Let x = the number of $ 4 increases that can be made. What should x be so as to

    asked by Irina
  136. algebra

    105/(-20+15) ------------------- 45/(-9)+12 Plz help me to solve this question. Thanks!

    asked by Pam

    The ones with ** ** around the answer choices is what I picked 1.Find the best word to complete the sentence. Because of the camera's precision, linesmen at national tennis competitions are now ___ from error in determining if a ball lands in or out of the

    asked by Matt
  138. science

    1.3 mol of calcium carbonate decomposed to calcium oxide and carbon dioxide. How many grams of calcium oxide is produced?

    asked by Xolani Rudolph Ngovene
  139. Chemistry

    4) Using your initial mass of copper (0.38), calculate the minimum volume of concentrated 12M nitric acid needed to completely react with your copper to form copper (II) nitrate 5) Using your answer from question 4 (2x10^-3 L), calculate the minimum volume

    asked by Anonymous
  140. math

    use the digits 3,5 and 7 to make two three-digit number with the greates possible sum.

    asked by Anonymous
  141. math

    find the product of 27*60.then explain how you would use mental math to find the product of 27*600.

    asked by LAKSHMI
  142. Inequalities


    asked by Coleson
  143. History of Old Europe

    Why did the system of feudalism arise during the Middle East? A. to develop an economic system B. to determine jobs within a city C. to defend the country from attacks D. to organize the household of noblemen my answer- A if its wrong, can you tell me

    asked by dddd47906
  144. math

    A student is attempting to factor a polynomial. Sample mathematical work is shown below. Which statement best applies to the sample mathematical work? Given 3x + 6, the factors of the first term are 3 and x, and the factors of the second term are 1, 2, 3,

    asked by Joshua
  145. Stats

    A trader is designing his investment portfolio. He has prepared a list of potential customers in which to purchase stock. These include 5 companies in Ag, 6 in manufacturing, and 9 in high-tech industry. The trader is going to print this list of companies.

    asked by Sarah
  146. social studies

    i need a crowley ridge acrostic poem

    asked by haden
  147. math

    Marianne buys 16 bags of potting soil that comes in 5/8 pound bags many pounds of potting soil does she buy? b. if her father calls and says he needs 13 pounds of potting soil, how many additional bags should she buy?

    asked by keith
  148. English

    What are you going to do after school? 1. I am going to go to academy. 2. I am going to go to an academy. 3. I am going to go to the academy. 4. I am going to go to my academy. 5. I am going to go to private institute. 6. I am going to go to a private

    asked by rfvv
  149. math

    ann takes a taxi at 2.10 per mile and she gives the driver a 5.00 tip she spend a total of 49.10 write an equation to represent total cost in terms of distance

    asked by mary
  150. geography

    How did the geography of China affect the development of early civilization there?

    asked by Sara
  151. chemistry

    A 2.556g sample of baking soda (NaHCO3)decomposes to produce 0.876g of solid sodium carbonate. Caculate the theoretical yield and the percent yield of the sodium carbonate. The equation is: 2NaHCO3(s) -> Na2CO3(s) + H2O + CO2(g)

    asked by frank
  152. High School Chemistry

    Determine the number of valence electron and the oxidation numbers for each of the following atoms. 1. Pb atomic #82 #valence e-'s= oxidation# =

    asked by Cassidy
  153. Math

    using four different digits, what is the least sum you can get when you add two 2-digit numbers? Write your problem

    asked by Karen
  154. make up

    If a printer markup is $55 and the markup rate is 10% of the selling price, find the selling price of the printer. S= M/R

    asked by tia
  155. Math

    How do I calculate this problem? Add the operation signs and parentheses where needed. The number are 6 , 5 , 9 and 2 that equal 77 .

    asked by Anonymous
  156. algebra

    In how many ways can a -person committee be formed from a group of people? A.30,240 B.63 C.126 D.252

    asked by nautica
  157. science

    what is another path that a scientist might follow using the data from an experiment that did not support the hypothesis .

    asked by Sam
  158. Algebra

    Solve -16t^2-8t=10 by completing the square

    asked by Marie
  159. math

    Follow the order of operations and find the missing number: 20+5 x(?+6)-12/2=64

    asked by Anonymous
  160. Math

    The movie theater donates 12% of its sales to chairty, From Cassie's purchases, the theater will donate at least $2.15 Which inequality below shows the amount of money m that Cassie spent at the refreshment stand A. m greather than or equal to 17.92 B.m

    asked by Coleson
  161. math

    Add the operation signs and parentheses where needed. 6 5 9 2 = 77

    asked by Anonymous
  162. geography

    How does chinas geography influence how people live in china?

    asked by Sara
  163. math

    Daphne gave away 3 more than half her apples. She gave away 17 apples in all. how many apples did she have originally?

    asked by alyssa
  164. chemistry

    How many grams of copper atoms are needed to supply the same number of atoms as does 235 grams of iron?

    asked by Anonymous
  165. mshadza high school

    2. A box that weighs 10.0 N is being dragged with constant velocity along a horizontal surface of the table by a rope that is at an angle ¥á of 45¨¬ with that surface. The tension in the rope is 5.0 N. What is the coefficient of friction?

    asked by dimpho
  166. Algebra

    Simplify (4-2i/-10+5i) x (3-i/-3+i)

    asked by Marie
  167. Algebra

    Please show how to solve for problems like this: How many pounds of coffee that costs 4.50/lb be mixed with 20 lbs of coffee that costs 7.50/lb to make a mixture that costs 5.00/lb

    asked by Ken
  168. algebra

    In a high school basketball game, a player on the home team makes two free throws. One student asks the student next to her what he thinks the probability of hitting two free throws in a row is. The student replies, "The probability of him making a free

    asked by nautica
  169. algebra 2

    x/4-9 -p>-63 p or equal too 6 -t> or equal to 72 t< or equal too 72 how do u do these

    asked by anonymous
  170. English

    What are all of the prepositional phrases in the following sentence: Ancestors, in every variety of dress, from the Elizabethian knight to the buck of the Regency, stared down and daunted us.

    asked by John
  171. chemistry

    Hydro chloric acid is usually purchased on the concentration of 36.5% . Why it is not obtained in 100% concentration?

    asked by Herin
  172. ALGEBRA

    A card is drawn from a standard deck of 52 cards. What is the probability this card will be a king or an ace? A. about 3.9% B. about 7.7% C. about 15.4% D. about 50%

    asked by nautica
  173. Math

    Aztec Peak in Arizona is the highest mountain in the Sierra Ancha Mountain Range. If the elevation of Aztec Peak is divisible by 2, is the elevation 7,963 or 7,964 feet? Explain your answer,using the rules of divisibility.______________

    asked by Anonymous
  174. help

    A big luxury car weighing 1.96 x 104 N (about 4400 lb), travelling in the x direction makes a fast stop; the x component of the net force acting on it is -1.50x 104 N. What is its acceleration?

    asked by Anonymous
  175. Algebra1

    Which variable can you replace with a number 10a + 6c = $ 80 ❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️❗️

    asked by Dylan

    Please check my answers...the ones with ----then a answer choice (is my answer) 1. Find the best word to complete the sentence. My brother clung ___ to his belief that Alfred Hitchcock was the greatest film director of all time. (Points : 1) coherently

    asked by Matt
  177. algebra

    a 25 inch piece of a steel rod is cut into 3 pieces so that the length of the second piece is twice the length of the first piece.The third piece is 1 inch longer than 5 times the length of the first piece.What are the lengths of the pieces

    asked by john
  178. Math

    Mount Baldy is the highest peak in the White Mountains of eastern Arizona. Its elevation is divisible by 3 and 9.Is the elevation 11,603;11,503;or 11,403 feet? Explain your answer,using the rules of divisibility.__________

    asked by Anonymous
  179. Chemistry

    Suppose a metal worker shapes a 3.4 mg piece of gold until it is a thin, perfectly square plate that is uniformly 8.6x10^-6 cm thick. What is the length of a side of the plate, in cm?

    asked by Sara

    What is an atom

    asked by Chuxinho
  181. math

    Ruth buys 20 pencils for $20. some cost $4,some $0.25 and some $.50 each. at least one of each. How many of each price?

    asked by al
  182. PHI208 week 4 reading quiz

    Robinson agrees with aquinas idea that? Honor is a subjective quality Honor is secondary to integrity Honor must be displayed in action Honor is secondary to magnanimity None of the above

    asked by Jessica
  183. Math

    Find the locus of points that satisfy (a) |z+1| = |z+i| (b) Re z = |z-1| and sketch them in the complex plane.

    asked by Bill
  184. Physics Help Please!!!!

    a pitcher throws a softball horizontally from a height of 1.25 m and notes that it strikes the ground a distance of 15 m from the point where it was thrown. how long did it take the ball to reach the ground? what was the velocity at which the ball was

    asked by Layla
  185. Inequalities

    6c greater than or equal to -10 Solve

    asked by Coleson
  186. Math

    Alice, Bob, and Charlie are three siblings with ages a, b, and c respectively. Their combine age is 18 years. Charlie is older than Bob. Alice's age is equal to twice the difference between Bob's and Charlie's ages. Bob's age is equal the average of

    asked by Jim
  187. algebra

    total $3.25 worth of coins nickels, dimes, quarters 2morenickels than dimes 1 more quarter than nickels how many of each coin

    asked by Anonymous
  188. math

    Explain why and when we would need to use LCM and GCD? Share, describe and summarize 4 examples of both.

    asked by KG
  189. Inequalities

    -16 ≤ 2/5k

    asked by Coleson
  190. geography

    what type of boundary marks the border between New york and connecticut

    asked by Dishna
  191. physics

    At serve, a tennis player aims to hit the ball horizontally. The height of the net is h=0.960 m, and server launches the ball from a height of H=2.20 m and a distance L=15.6 m from the net

    asked by afia
  192. algebra

    a charges $50 for gate and $3.50 per foot b charges $75 for gate and $2.25 per foot how many feet of fencing would result equal estimates?

    asked by Anonymous
  193. math

    A metal sphere has a mass of 1 kg. 1 cubic centimeter of this metal has a mass of 4.8 grams. find the radius. how do you work this out?

    asked by maya
  194. vocabulary

    the animals in the drought area traveled for many miles to reach a body of water where they could blank their thirst

    asked by jordan
  195. algebra 2

    1. 5x+2>3x+10 =x>4 2. 8+2x< or equal too 6x-20 x> or equal too 7

    asked by anonymous
  196. physics

    In the design of a rapid transit system, it is necessary to balance the average speed of a train against the distance between station stops. The more stops there are, the slower the train's average speed. To get an idea of this problem, calculate the time

    asked by afia
  197. physics

    Your opponent, in a desperate attempt to return your wicked serve, makes a high lob of the tennis ball that causes it to land out of bounds on the asphalt course behind you. It then bounces so that it just barely clears a 3.90 m wall that is 2.32 m from

    asked by afia
  198. physics

    One of the methods used to train astronauts for the effects of "zero gravity" in space is to put them in a specially equipped plane which has been stripped of seats and fitted with padded walls. The pilot then takes the plane up to an altitude of typically

    asked by afia
  199. criminal justice

    1. How corrections professionals ensure that they uphold the Constitution. 2. In what ways do corrections professionals use the social justice principles of equality, solidarity, and human rights to build a more just society. 3. How do corrections

    asked by kiri
  200. Chemistry

    How many protons are contained in a circular puddle of mercury that is 8.5 inches wide and .25 inches deep?

    asked by Sam
  201. physics

    You are riding in the back of an open pick-up truck in the snow as you pass your friend's house. Despite the fact that it is snowing you know that he has a habit of being in his bedroom with the light on and his bedroom window open. Being as you are riding

    asked by afia
  202. Physics

    An object is thrown upward from the top of a 10.0m high building at a speed of 10.0m/s. How fast is the object moving when it reaches the bottom of the building? The answer is 17.2 m/s but how?

    asked by Jeff
  203. Algebra

    Show me how to solve -5-(-6)=

    asked by Del
  204. Maths

    Find the 2 and 3 digit factors of 4396 using the numbers 1-9.

    asked by Grace
  205. simile

    What does the simile mean for a haze rises from the bay like a wall of gray closing you off from everything?

    asked by Sharon
  206. Biology Help!!!

    Describe the relationship between ATP and ADP and the importance of this relationship within a cell. My answer: ATP stands for Adenosine Tri-Phosphate, and is the energy used by an organism in its daily operations. It consists of an adenosine molecule and

    asked by School Lover


    asked by MAYA
  208. physics

    The masses of these particles are mA = 374 kg, mB = 516 kg, and mC = 155 kg. d1 = 0.414 m and d2 = 0.207 m. Calculate the magnitude of the net gravitational force acting on particle A.

    asked by Anonymous
  209. Social Studies

    In what year did the English establish Jamestown, their first permanent settlement? A. 1607 B. 1630 C. 1675 D. 1718 Is the answer A?

    asked by Gwen
  210. Biology

    If Ms. Brown were serving as a donor, what ABO blood types could receive her blood safely? Ms. Brown has A+ blood type

    asked by Milly
  211. Social Studies

    In 1619, the Virginia Company in London agreed to let the colonists have some say in their government. What was the name of the assembly that had the right to make local laws for the colony? A. the House of Representatives B. the Jamestown Council C. the

    asked by Gwen
  212. math

    (1,0) (3,4) (5,8) (7,12) what would be the output value when the input value is 12?

    asked by marty
  213. Finance

    Use the following information to calculate the covariance of asset A with an equally weighted portfolio of assets B and C. Asset Standard Deviation A 20% B 30% C 40% The correlation coefficient between A and B is 0.6. The correlation coefficient between A

    asked by Anonymous
  214. Math

    scott owns a manufacturing company that produces two models of entertainment centers. the athens requires 4 feet of fancy molding and takes 4 hours to manufacture. The barcelona needs 15 feet of molding and 3 hours to manufacture. In a given week, there

    asked by Kiara
  215. Social Studies

    The Jamestown settlers saved their colony by planting blank. A. maize B. cotton C. tobacco D. wheat Is the answer C? Thank You for any help.

    asked by Gwen
  216. science

    1.A melting glacier leaves behind _______ 2.One place to find large, moving _______ is in cold mountain areas 3. Glaciers scoop out _______ that can later fill up with water 4.The movement of some glaciers is helped by _____ 5.Climate change can affect the

    asked by Hanan
  217. English

    I need to find out 3 interesting things about Spiders (not wordy things) that I can use for my "Totemic Animal" homework, have any ideas???

    asked by Derp_Criminal2
  218. social

    what happens when people pay taxes in a community?

    asked by adhoma
  219. college physics

    A 52.2 kg parachutist lands moving straight downward with a speed of 3.75 m/s. If the parachutist comes to rest with constant acceleration over a distance of 0.794 m, what force does the ground exert on her?

    asked by sam
  220. government

    The United States has a mixed economy and is able to regulate many business activities. • What are the benefits of government control over business activities? •Should the United States government have more control or less control over business

    asked by anonymous
  221. AP Calculus BC

    A giant soda glass is formed by rotating the graph of f(x)= .03x^2+1.125, 0

    asked by Zaina
  222. pha

    You need to prepare 120 g of a 7% cream using a 21% stock cream and a 2% cream base.

    asked by ski
  223. Life sciences

    Explain the scientific interpretation of the fossils found in the cradle of humankind

    asked by Remember
  224. US History

    What is the difference between chemical and biological warfare?

    asked by too cool 4 u
  225. trigonometry

    A wheel with a 15-inch diameter is turning at the rate of 60 revolutions per minute. To the nearest inch per minute, what is the linear speed of a point on the rim?

    asked by steve
  226. Basic English

    In which sentence is the underlined word a preposition? A. The Constitution calls for equal rights for all. B. It was a sunny day, but Jane remained indoors. C. Senator Young objected to the bill, but he didn't say why. D. She skipped her breakfast, for it

    asked by fernanda
  227. US History

    If you were a diplomat or policy maker for a country, what steps would you suggest be taken to reduce or eliminate the use of and/or effects of biological warfare?

    asked by too cool 4 u
  228. Math

    A football is thrown by a quarterback, the footballs height in feet h with respect to time in seconds T can be modeled using your quadratic function. You want to know when the football will be 7.5ft in the air because that's about the right height that

    asked by BT
  229. integrated science

    what are atoms

    asked by amrita