Questions Asked on
September 12, 2014

  1. Pre-Calculus/Trigonometry

    Help please Tracy has a cell phone plan that provides 250 free minutes each month for a flat rate of $29. For any minutes over 250, Tracy is charged $0.35 per minute. Which of the following piecewise functions represents charges based on Tracy's cell phone

    asked by Anonymous
  2. Chemistry, Help!

    a) A 750-mL sample of hydrogen exerts a pressure of 822 torr at 325 K. What pressure does it exert if the temperature is raised to 475 K at constant volume? b) Aluminum oxide, Al2O3, is used as a filler for paints and varnishes as well as in the

    asked by Yates
  3. Statistics

    1. A poll of 700 persons attending the Taste of Chicago showed that 455 persons, 65% of the sample, believed that the food was overpriced. It is estimated that 1,250,000 persons attend the Taste. Statistics suggest that, although 65% plus or minus 5% of

    asked by Amy
  4. Science

    a body rolled on a surface with speed of 10m/s comes to rest after covering distance of 50 m find cofficient of friction

    asked by Sudhanshu
  5. Math(Geometry) beware its hard for sixth graders!

    In order to rescue Sela's cat, her mother propped a 19 foot long ladder against a tree at a 42° angle with the ground. How many feet above the ground was their cat? Round your answer to the nearest tenth of a foot? 1. 21.2 ft 2. 14.4 3. 12.7 4. 28.4 I

    asked by dddd47906
  6. Language Arts - Please Check My Answer For This

    Please help me with the following: Read the sentence. Juanita used her affinity for numbers to help her design a computer program that relied on college-level math formulas, even though she was only in middle school. Based on the context clues in the

    asked by Brady
  7. math

    Every marble in a jar has either a dot, a stripe or both. The ratio of striped marbles to non-striped marbles is 3:1, and the ratio of dotted marbles to non-dotted marbles is 2:3. If six marbles have both a dot and a stripe, how many marbles are there all

    asked by john
  8. Chemistry 1300

    1) Aluminum metal reacts with chlorine gas to form solid aluminum trichloride, AlCl3. What mass of chlorine gas (Cl2) is needed to react completely with 163 g of aluminum? 2) Magnesium (used in the manufacture of light alloys) reacts with iron(III)

    asked by William T
  9. The Curriculum

    What is the best strategy to use when a teacher is providing for learning of physical knowledge as a part of science? A. Give detailed information by telling children about physical knowledge. B. Have someone demonstrate an experiment and debrief. C. Set

    asked by Daniela
  10. social studies HELP

    Check my answers please 1. Politics most informs a persons actions in a. Civic life *** b. work life c. private life d. school life 2. Which of the following best describes the purpose of the US Constitution? a. it restricts the rights of citizens b. it

    asked by taylor
  11. Algebra 1

    A chemist has 10% acid solution and 60% acid solution. HOW many liters of each solution does the chemist need to make 200 L of a solution that is 50% acid?

    asked by Francisco Ayala
  12. Statistics

    In a survey of 80 high school football players who committed to play in the Division III CCIW conference, 64 said that they would work out in their high school weight rooms in the summer before college. The margin of error for the survey was 6%. A census

    asked by Amy
  13. Chemistry

    A portable electric water heater transfers 255 watts (W of power to 5.5 L of water, where 1 W=1J/s.How much time (in minutes) will it take for the water heater to heat the 5.5 L of water from 27∘C to 49∘C? (Assume that the water has a density of 1.0

    asked by Lisa
  14. Medical 2

    This 82 yr old female was admitted for acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive pulmonary disease. The progress notes indicate that the patient received a transfusion for anemia. The discharge diagnoses state acute exacerbation of chronic obstructive

    asked by jackx2
  15. Urgent History, Check Answers Please

    The first significant trading post was __________. Poste de Arkansea The reputation of the Spanish was diminished after the Battle of __________. The Twin Villages The Twin Villages were located in Montague County, Texas, and __________ County, Oklahoma.

    asked by Katt
  16. English 1

    A common theme for each of these selections is? (A Cub Pilot, Barrio Boy, No Gumption, and I Know Why The Caged Bird Sings) a- to become mature, people must learn important lessons from experience b- to govern well, people in authority must treat young

    asked by Ash
  17. Chemistryyy

    a) A standard solution of 0.243 M NaOH was used to determine the concentration of a hydrochloric acid solution. If 46.33 mL of NaOH is needed to neutralize 10.00 mL of the acid, what is the molar concentration of the acid? b) A 0.150 M sodium chloride

    asked by Xaxus
  18. Math Problem (please help)

    A company that manufactures bicycles estimates that the profit P (in dollars) for selling a particular model is given by the equation shown below, where x is the advertising expense (in tens of thousands of dollars). P = –35x3 + 2500x2 – 275000, 0 ≤

    asked by Ada
  19. Veterinarian assisted

    1. In the __________, an animal patient's hair is clipped and its skin is scrubbed to prepare for surgery. A. hospital ward B. surgical suite C. treatment area D. grooming area 2. Supervision of the treatment area is usually the responsibility of the A.

    asked by Jessica
  20. Linear Programming

    We produce two products: product 1 and product 2 on two machines (machine 1 and machine 2). The number of hours of machine time and labor depends on the machine and the product as shown in Table 64. The cost of producing a unit of each product is shown in

    asked by AB
  21. science

    Turning on the switch in a flash light starts a chemical reaction in the batteries. The chemical energy is turned to light energy and the flashlight lights up. Which part of this an example of a process?

    asked by jeremiah
  22. Algebra

    Peter buys 84 yards of fence to make a play area for his puppy. He wants the area to be 28 yards long. What is the area of the play area if he uses the entire fence he bought?

    asked by Isabel
  23. Algebra

    Pick a number. Double it. Multiply the result by 3. Add 24. Divide by 6. Subtract your original number. Is the result always the same? Write a convincing argument for what happens. HELP!

    asked by Kali G
  24. Math

    On an EKG strip a nurse determines that a patient's heart is beating 5 times every 4.5 seconds. Calculate the time for each heart beat. I don't really understand what the question is asking for? Is it looking for how often the beats will occur (4.5/5)= 0.9

    asked by RIC
  25. Maths

    Diagonals of a rhombus are 6cm and 8 cm. Find the length of the side of the rhombus.

    asked by Kirthana
  26. Descrete maths

    Show that the following conditional statement is a tautology without using truth tables.[ p ^ ( p ! q )] ! q 8. Without the use of truth tables, determine whether ( : p ^ ( p ! q )) !: q is a tautology. show all your work

    asked by Tefo sello
  27. chemistry

    3. Describe the subatomic structure of the nucleus of carbon-14, including the structure of each nucleon. Draw a picture. Describe the forces that hold the nucleus together and draw them on your diagram. Write the equation for the carbon-14 isotope decay

    asked by Jenna
  28. History

    Evidence of trade between the French and Wichita was found where in Oklahoma? Thank ya!! I can't remember the answer to this one, I know it was a creek/lake, i just cannot remember the name, thankies!!

    asked by Katt
  29. Algebra

    Rename each of the following using the distributive property of multiplication over addition: A: ax+ bx+ 2x B: 3(a+b)+ x(a+b) and explain how you got this answer please!

    asked by Kali G
  30. Medical Coding 2

    What codes are assigned for a patient admitted for an azathioprine I drug-induced aplastic anemia (initial encounter)? The patient has peripheral neuropathy of multiple joints of the lower extremities secondary to severe rheumatoid arthritis. ICD-9-CM

    asked by jackx2
  31. Accounting

    Ultra Leather Products sells leather clothing at both wholesale and retail. The company has found that there is a higher rate of uncollectible accounts from retail credit sales than from wholesale credit sales. Ultra computes its estimated loss from

    asked by Christian
  32. Chem2

    At 25C, the concentration of lead(II) sulfate in a saturated aqueous solution is 7.9 x 10^-M. Determine the volume, in liters, of saturated solution of lead(II) sulfate that contains 1.0g of lead(II) sulfate.

    asked by Izzyrun
  33. Biology

    Breaking the hydrogen bond between two water molecules is called dissociation. true or false

    asked by anonymous
  34. Accounting

    1. Compute the estimated uncollectible accounts at the end of the year using the following rates: Current 1% 1–30 days past due 3% 31–60 days past due 9% Over 60 days past due 25% 2. As of December 31, 2013, there is a credit balance of $208.20 in

    asked by Christian
  35. Language Arts Answer check PLEASE

    1) What can you infer from this sentence near the start of "The Story Teller"? Most of the aunt's remarks seemed to begin with "Don't," and nearly all of the children's remarks began with "Why" A) It is a long trip to Templecombe B)the aunt is extremely

    asked by billy
  36. maths

    An ant must walk from one vertex of a cube to the "opposite" vertex (that is, the vertex that is farthest from the starting vertex) and back again to its starting position. It may only walk along the edges of the cube. For the entire trip its path must

    asked by john
  37. The Curriculum

    Which approach is most likely to enhance children's ability to classify objects? A. Explain in detail what attributes are and how they vary and quiz children about their comprehension of this instruction. B. Provide the materials that could be classified

    asked by Daniela
  38. The Curriculum

    In which of the following are children ages two to four primarily interested? A. What they make (the product) B. Working with the materials (the process) C. The larger concept (the theme) D. Success (the evaluation) My answer is b.

    asked by Daniela
  39. language arts

    What does the Aunt in the story teller find improper about the bachelors story? A. It makes fun of Bertha's goodness. B. It has too many fantasy elements C. It unrealistically suggests virtue is always rewarded. D. The bachelor tells it without invitation,

    asked by Gwen
  40. Chem Help

    Assuming that no azetropes are formed, would it be easier to separate n-hexane and benzene or n-hexane and toluene by distillation? Explain? Thanks!!!

    asked by Chem Help
  41. chemistry

    The density of pure copper is 8.96 at 20°C. If 6.50 g of pure copper pellets is added to a graduated cylinder containing 13.4 mL of water, to what volume level will the water in the cylinder rise

    asked by blake
  42. Correction Please

    The length of a rectangle is 3 feet less than twice the width of the rectangle. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 144 feet, what is the length? am looking for the length, not the width. Thanks

    asked by Barbara
  43. Chemistry

    3. The Haber–Bosch process for fixation of nitrogen is one of the more important chemical reactions ever invented. Without the invention of this process, which is used to make ammonia for fertilizer, the world’s population would not be as large as it

    asked by TomR
  44. physics

    A stone is whirled at the end of a rope 30cm long, makes 10 complete revolution in 2 seconds. Find (1) the angular velocity in radians per seconds. (2) the linear speed, (3) the distance covered in 5 seconds

    asked by godwin
  45. Algebra

    you need 3 3/4 yards of material for 1 shirt how many shirts can you make with 116 1/4 yards of material

    asked by Gloria
  46. Maths

    The diagonals of a rectangle ABCD meets at O. If the angle BOC equal to 44 degree, Find other angles.

    asked by Kirthana
  47. computer science

    In the Meteorological institute at Ruritania, one can find the following at Shiaho Railway Station in 2013 • In May 22 days with rainfall totaled 89 mm in that month • In June 1822 days with rainfall totaled 127 mm in that month • In Jule 8 days with

    asked by Tefo sello
  48. Algebra

    A large grain silo is to be constructed in the shape of a circular cylinder with a hemisphere attached to the top (see the figure). The diameter of the silo is to be 30 feet, but the height is yet to be determined. Find the height h of the silo that will

    asked by Ashton
  49. example

    n2ole nh3 how much quantity is required for n2 anmd+3h2------2nh3 if we want to prepare 5m h2

    asked by gu
  50. exam three americangov section 3

    What is the meaning of the cartoon? 5.0/5.0 A. Street mimes deserve their constitutional rights. B. The powers of Congress are limited. C. The powers of Congress are unlimited. D. Many federal laws tend to be unfair. Question 2 of 20 5.0/ 5.0 Points What

    asked by austin
  51. math

    -10+8=8+(-10) name the property illustrated

    asked by bob
  52. Pre-Calculus/Trigonmetry

    Write the equation of the line that is parallel to the x-axis and goes through the point (1,4).

    asked by Anonymous
  53. physics

    an object of mass m moves with a uniform speed v round a circular path of radius r.if its angular speed is g the magnitude of the centripetal force acting on it is?

    asked by Josephine
  54. math

    Write .4(5) as a fraction. The parenthesis represent it as a repeating decimal: .455555555555555555555 But what is it in a fraction?

    asked by math
  55. Physics

    Bill throws a tennis ball vertically upward such that it leaves his hand with a speed of 12 m/s. Bill catches the ball at the same height from which he released it. Assume that air resistance is negligible, so the tennis ball can be considered to be in

    asked by Danielle
  56. Mathematica

    what percent more than 1/3 is 3/5?

    asked by Bobby
  57. math

    an object weighing 40 tons hits an object at 40 MPH what is the force of the impact?

    asked by james
  58. equations

    3/16 * N = 24? What does N equal please help!

    asked by Bobby
  59. organic chemistry

    Can a person be able to find some 1-Pentanamine (Y = NH2 over the counter ?

    asked by Linzie
  60. organic chemistry

    or perhaps comparable over the counter?

    asked by Linzie
  61. english


    asked by ashel
  62. grammar and punctuation

    The patient was taken to the operative suite, placed supine, anesthetized, and intubated in the usual fashion

    asked by Lisa

    Create a java program that will calculate the current grade in a classroom. The program should ask for 5 grades as well as total point value per grade available.

    asked by JORDAN
  64. math

    An investment adviser invested $14,000 in two accounts. One investment earned 4% annual simple interest, and the other investment earned 2.5% annual simple interest. The amount of interest earned for 1 year was $458. How much was invested in each account

    asked by Alana
  65. math

    Running at an average rate of 4 meters per second, a sprinter ran to the end of a track. The sprinter then jogged back to the starting point at an average rate of 2 meters per second. The total time for the sprint and the jog back was 2 minutes 6 seconds.

    asked by Alana
  66. math

    A plane leaves Chicago headed for Los Angeles at 520 mph. One hour later, a second plane leaves Los Angeles headed for Chicago at 620 mph. If the air route from Chicago to Los Angeles is 1800 miles, how long will it take (after the first plane takes off)

    asked by Alana
  67. math

    v = 1/3 pie^2 h; solve for h

    asked by Alana
  68. programming

    create a program using java that calculates the current grade in a classroom. the program should ask for 5 grades as well as the total point value per grade available.

    asked by JORDAN
  69. History

    I have to write a page report explaining how the 1920s laid the foundation for today's society. I just wanted to know if the stuff I am adding in my essay are relevant. I was going to include how people in the 1920s started putting stuff on credit via

    asked by Meghan
  70. Physics

    A baseball goes from zero to 37 m/s in 0.177 m/s. What is its average acceleration? Answer in units of m/s^2.

    asked by Wendy
  71. English 1

    In "A Cub Pilot" what does the author mean when he says the Mississippi is "fickle"? A- the river provides work for many pilots B- the river is only one of the many pilots that can work. C- the river often floods, endangering the people that live near it

    asked by Skye
  72. question repost damon

    Since some tutors don't check back, i want to repost this to damon: what percent more than 1/3 is 3/5? It said 3/5 was wrong, and I tried but i don't know what happend

    asked by Bobby
  73. trigonometry - kindly help, needed badly

    From a point on the bank of a stream,the angle of elevation of a tree top on the opposite bank is 38 degrees and 23 mins. And from a point 200.6 ft. straight back from the bank, the angle of elevation of the tree top is 20 degrees and 22 mins. Find the

    asked by rhinechilde
  74. Canadian history

    I read an Article " we are as well as we are" by James Ronda which is an Indian critique of seventeenth century Christian missions. I have few questions on this How have these missions been seen as and how have they changed over the years ? I know that the

    asked by Mohammad
  75. Statistics – Lab Week 2

    11. Using the empirical rule, 68% of male heights should be between what two values? Either show work or explain how your answer was calculated.

    asked by Jean
  76. physics

    A soccer ball is kicked at an angle of 30° to the horizontal with an initial velocity of 16 m/s. How far does the soccer ball go?

    asked by clay
  77. physics

    You are enjoying a day at the amusement park, riding a roller coaster, when suddenly a section of track up ahead crashes to the ground. You estimate that the cart is travelling at 5 m/s horizontally on the track before you begin to fall through the air. If

    asked by Anonymous
  78. History

    WHat were the twin villages protected by?

    asked by Katt
  79. math

    there are 12 students at the lunch table two thirds of the students ordered a hamburger for lunch one half of those students that ordered a hamburger ut cheese on it. and what fraction of the student at luch table order a cheeseburger

    asked by milena
  80. physics

    A flower pot is thrown out of a window with a horizontal velocity of 8 m/s. If the window is 1.5 m off the ground, how far from the window does it land?

    asked by clay
  81. advanced algebra

    The population of a town is divided into three age categories. A random sample of each category is surveyed about voting choices. This type of sampling is called

    asked by nautica
  82. language arts

    which statement about possessive noun is true? Possessive nouns are always capitalized possessive nouns show ownership possessive noun name a specific person place or thing. possessive nouns are never capitalized.

    asked by crazy girl
  83. physics

    Consider the two observers O and O′ at the origins of the frames of reference S and S′ respectively, which are in relative motion at constant velocity v along the x-axis as illustrated in figure TMA 1_Fig1. Suppose the origins O and O′ as well as the

    asked by segzy
  84. physics

    how does sound travel I a swimming pool

    asked by rainbow
  85. nutrition

    How many grams of fat would you have to eat if you want your diet to be one in which 30% of your calories come from fat, and your caloric intake is 2000 calories?

    asked by TayB
  86. maths

    Solve the set of linear equations by the matrix method : a+3b+2c=3 , 2a-b-3c= -8, 5a+2b+c=9. Solve for a

    asked by segzy
  87. nutrition

    1. Do you think manufacturers are intentionally misleading consumers regarding serving size listings on their products. Why or why not?? 2. What kinds of standards for food labeling would you recommend to manufacturers?

    asked by TayB
  88. nutrition

    Case Study: Billy is a 9 year old boy whose parents believe he has Òa problem with sugar.Ó They do not allow him to eat candy, cookies, cakes, ice cream or sodas at home. He went to a big, fun-packed birthday party one day and ate cake and ice cream,

    asked by TayB
  89. nutrition

    Is adding a fiber supplement or eating a large bowl of a fiber-fortified cereal just as health as eating a diet high in fiber?

    asked by TayB
  90. Physic

    A ball is thrown vertically upward with a velocity(v) against the gravity. It reaches the maximum height(h) & returns back to the hand of the thrower with a velocity(u). Draw velocity time graph & position time graph for the situation?

    asked by AJOY
  91. Algebra

    I posted this earlier but the number was wrong. I don't know why it didn't post the other pie symbol. And ofcourse the extra pie throws me off! A large grain silo is to be constructed in the shape of a circular cylinder with a hemisphere attached to the

    asked by Ashton
  92. Biology

    A hydrogen ion is the same as a proton true or fasle

    asked by anonymous
  93. computer science

    The problem is to calculate the usable area in square feet of a house. Assume that the house has a maximum of four rooms, and that each room is rectangular. I need help writing a program description,analysis,test,and with pseuocode with it.

    asked by Michelle
  94. algebra

    I'm not sure how to answer this question? 1

    asked by Janet
  95. math

    Explain and show hot to convert 0.765 to fraction

    asked by brittney
  96. Algebra

    The cost of purchasing x meter lengths of a certain rope is: C=1/5x^2-8x+100 per rope. What is the length of the cheapest rope that can be purchased?

    asked by Hannah
  97. language arts

    what is the relationship among the bachelor neon and the three children in the storyteller? He is the children's uncle and the aunts brother in law. He is engaged to marry the aunt that has never met the children before. He is someone that other characters

    asked by crazy girl
  98. algebra

    True or false if the statement is not true give a counterexample. 1.If a>b,and c is positive, then ac>bc? 2.if a^2=b^2,then a=b? 3. If a>b,and c is positive,then a/c>b/c?

    asked by Hannah
  99. Statistics

    The following are weights (in lbs) for a sample of 11 baby boys at the age of 18 months: 21.8 22.2 23.4 24.6 25.1 26.7 27.3 28.0 29.8 30.9 31.2 What is the 80th percentile estimate for these sample?

    asked by Aurora
  100. Physical Education

    Mental or emotional problems may cause physical problems. True False Is the answer True??

    asked by Gwen
  101. MATH

    Explain why the digits in a place value system with base, b, are 0,1,... b-1 and why no digits for numbers greater than b-1 are needed

    asked by TAY
  102. Biology

    A company seeks to develop an herbicide that kills plants by directly interfering (at the cellular level) with plants’ ability to maintain turgor pressure. An herbicide could accomplish this by disrupting the membrane of _____.

    asked by Sabina
  103. The Curriculum

    Which of the following teacher statements is most helpful in helping a child develop a script for sharing his emotions with classmates when they knock over the block tower that the child has built? A. "You're unhappy they knocked over your block tower.

    asked by Daniela
  104. Math

    If I am traveling at a speed of 65 mi/h and graph the distance I travel over five hours, would the graph be linear?

    asked by Anonymous
  105. physics

    'Point charges of 0.26 ìC and 0.79 ìC are placed 0.25 m apart.At what point along the line between them is the electric field zero?'

    asked by Nic
  106. The Curriculum

    Which of the following is not a good technique for stimulating children to value the arts? A. Talking with children about beauty in nature and the arts B. Creating and sharing your own artistic projects C. Integrating art and music into the curriculum D.

    asked by Daniela
  107. Algebra

    For all real numbers a and b, 2a • b = a^2 + b^2

    asked by Sam
  108. Math

    An investment adviser invested $14,000 in two accounts. One investment earned 4% annual simple interest, and the other investment earned 2.5% annual simple interest. The amount of interest earned for 1 year was $458. How much was invested in each account?

    asked by Alana
  109. Chemicals of Life/Chemistry

    Which weighs more: a liter of water at 20 degrees C or a liter of water at 80 degrees C. Explain.

    asked by Sarah
  110. The Curriculum

    Which of the following approaches helps children in their aesthetic development? A. Having children discuss what they're going to make before they begin B. Varying the materials available for children to use and balancing novel with familiar materials C.

    asked by Daniela
  111. Math

    Matt made two types of pie: strawberry and blueberry. He cut all of the strawberry pies into 20 slices each and all of the blueberry pies into 15 slices each. If Matt cut the same total number of slices of each type of pie, what is the minimum number of

    asked by Josh
  112. Math

    A plane leaves Chicago headed for Los Angeles at 520 mph. One hour later, a second plane leaves Los Angeles headed for Chicago at 620 mph. If the air route from Chicago to Los Angeles is 1800 miles, how long will it take (after the first plane takes off)

    asked by Alana
  113. Algebra 3-4

    The first stage of a rocket burns 28 s longer than the second stage. If the total burn time for both stages is 152 s, how long does each stage burn? Describe how you found your answer. I was originally thinking to divide 152 by 2 then add 28, but I

    asked by Samantha
  114. The Curriculum

    When are children who live with overly critical or controlling adults particularly vulnerable? A. During years two and three, when they're exercising increased autonomy B. During elementary school, when involved in real task completion C. During

    asked by Daniela
  115. Physical Science

    Modern oil tankers weigh over a half-million tons and have lengths of up to one-fourth mile. Such massive ships require a distance of 4.8 km (about 3.0 mi) and a time of 22 min to come to a stop from a top speed of 26 km/h. (a) What is the magnitude of

    asked by Dolly
  116. physics

    An elephant walks east for a distance of 30 km, then walks north for a distance of 16 km and finally north east at 300 for 18 km. Find the magnitude of the elephant’s total displacement in kilometers. Please explain how I would do this problem? Do I add

    asked by jessica
  117. In Response to Previous Math Question

    What parent function describes the set (-1, -1), (0, 0), (1, -1) (-2, -8), (2, -8)? So should I write f(x) = x^2 or f(x) = -x^2 for the parent function?

    asked by Anonymous
  118. Physics

    Two forces are applied to a car in an effort to move it, as shown in the following figure (cannot attach picture), where F1 = 416 N, 10 degrees to the left of north and F2 = 356 N, 30 degrees to the right of north. What is the sum of these two forces

    asked by Riley
  119. L.A

    In which sentence is the eord immensely used correctly? A. The woman put her jacket on immensely B. The child said she liked the cake immensely C. "Sit down!" Said the aunt immensely***** D. The runner finished the race immensely. Is the answer C?

    asked by Beau
  120. Goverment

    Since the founding of the nation, there have been countless debates regarding how much power and autonomy should be afforded to the states in relation to the federal government. How much power and autonomy should Texas have in relation to the federal

    asked by M
  121. CIS111(Computer)

    How many folder menu options are available in Windows 7?

    asked by LaBridget
  122. Pre-Calculus

    Hello! Can someone check and see if these answers are correct? Thanks! 1.) If a line with slope of 1/2 is perpendicular to another line, then the slope of the other line is -2. TRUE or FALSE? (I choose True) 2.) If Segment QR || Segment TU and the slope of

    asked by Lee
  123. MATHS


    asked by vaibhav
  124. Organic-Chem Help

    You wish to purify by distillation a material that has a boiling point of 205 C and reacts with air but this material will decompose if heated above 150 C. How would you set up the system to distill this material? Show steps Pleaseeeee!!!!!!!!!! Thank

    asked by Tanya
  125. MATH

    The length of a rectangle is 3 feet less than twice the width of the rectangle. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 144 feet, what is the length?

    asked by Barbara
  126. Chem Help Please Urgent!!!!!!

    What is the boiling point of a solution of 0.515 grams of acenaphthene (C12H10) in 15 grams chloroform (CHCl3) given pure chloroform has a b.p. of 61.7 C and a Kbp of +3.63 C. Thanks!

    asked by Kim
  127. chemistry

    How much of each solution will you need to mix to obtain 100 – 120 ml of 20 mM buffer pH 4.0? A. 35 ml sodium acetate + 90 ml acetic acid B. 100 ml sodium acetate + 16 ml acetic acid C. 16 ml sodium acetate + 100 ml acetic acid D. 90 ml sodium acetate +

    asked by saraly
  128. Physics

    Displacement vector A with arrow points due east and has a magnitude of 2.62 km. Displacement vector B with arrow points due north and has a magnitude of 2.26 km. Displacement vector C with arrow points due west and has a magnitude of 1.4 km. Displacement

    asked by Rob
  129. -Math-Desperate

    An investment adviser invested $14,000 in two accounts. One investment earned 4% annual simple interest, and the other investment earned 2.5% annual simple interest. The amount of interest earned for 1 year was $458. How much was invested in each account?

    asked by Barbara
  130. Still confused

    An investment adviser invested $14,000 in two accounts. One investment earned 4% annual simple interest, and the other investment earned 2.5% annual simple interest. The amount of interest earned for 1 year was $458. How much was invested in each account?

    asked by Barbara
  131. still confused

    The length of a rectangle is 3 feet less than twice the width of the rectangle. If the perimeter of the rectangle is 144 feet, what is the length? am looking for the length, not the width. Thanks I know the width is 25

    asked by Barbara

    How can we determine the equivalence point ( or end point ) in the curves in titration ( strong acid/weak base and weak acid/strong base )

    asked by MAD
  133. Math Problem (please help)

    Find all the zeros of the function. When there is an extended list of possible rational zeros, use a graphing utility to graph the function in order to discard any rational zeros that are obviously not zeros of the function. (Enter your answers as a

    asked by Ada
  134. physic

    A 22.2 kg mass attached to a spring scale rests on a smooth, horizontal surface. The spring scale, attached to the front end of a boxcar, reads T 44.1 N when the car is in motion. If the sring scale reads zero when the car is at rest, determine te

    asked by Anonymous
  135. government

    Montesquieu is noted for giving our Founding Fathers the concepts of “Separation of Powers” and “Checks and Balances.” How did Montesquieu think power should be divided This separation seems to be common sense to us, but it was a radical change for

    asked by reina
  136. Finance

    Assets required for operation: $2,000 Case A – firm uses only equity financing Case B – uses 30% debt with a 10% interest rate and 70% equity Case C – firm uses 50% debt with a 12% interest rate and 50% equity

    asked by Anonymous
  137. physic

    what would the reading on the scale if the boxcar were moving at a constant velcity

    asked by Anonymous
  138. Math

    A waiter made $120 in tips after waiting on 6 tables. What was the waiter's average tip per table?

    asked by Jon
  139. Physics

    A flat go-kart track consists of two straightways 100 m long with semicircular ends which have a radius of 25.0 m. A go-kart executes the curved end with a constant tangential acceleration while SLOWING from 12.5 m/s to 5.0 m/s. Determine the magnitude of

    asked by Mia
  140. physics

    Cameron kicks a football with an initial vertical velocity of 18.5 m/s and an initial horizontal velocity of 18 m/s and there is a flight time of approximately 2.0 s. Will the field goal travel far enough to make the field goal from 29 m away (if the ball

    asked by Danny
  141. Physics

    At some instant, a particle traveling in a horizontal circular path of radius 7.80 m has a total acceleration with a magnitude of 15.0 m/s2 and a constant tangential acceleration of 12.0 m/s2. Determine the speed of the particle at this instant(initial

    asked by Frank
  142. English

    Can you put this sentence into completely every word in present tense and still make this sentence make sense. Humans are never satisfied

    asked by Anonymous
  143. math

    fill in the following table, assets required for operation $2000 Case A - firm uses onlyequity financing Case B - firm uses 30% debt with a 10%interest rate and 70% equity Case C - firm uses 50% debt with a 12% interst rate and 50% equity

    asked by Anonymous
  144. Math

    Ms Boyd leads tha national math club at the middle school where she teaches. At the first club meetting of the school year ,60% of the students in attendance were boys.If there was one fewer girl then boy in attendance, how maby students attended the first

    asked by Rana
  145. physics

    A girl delivering newspapers covers her route by traveling 2.50 blocks west, 3.50 blocks north, and then 5.50 blocks east.

    asked by Anonymous
  146. US History

    Describe the role of the Quakers, Puritans, and Indians and how each of these groups felt about these leading nations. (By leading nations I mean the three world powers; Great Britain, France, Spain) This is only half the question. I answered the first

    asked by Abbey
  147. Math

    What parent function describes the set (-1, -1), (0, 0), (1, -1) (-2, -8), (2, -8)?

    asked by Anonymous
  148. physics

    A car begins at rest at t0 = 0. The car starts moving and finally covers a distance d = 617 m in a time tf = 105 s. In a coordinate system with north being the positive x-direction, the car's motion is in the southern direction (see figure. What was the

    asked by joe 13
  149. Math 112

    A student says that there can only be 360 different rays emanating from a point since there are only 360 degrees in a circle. How do you respond?

    asked by Enis
  150. computer science

    Using visual logic build a program that asks the user for a whole number, N

    asked by Sarah
  151. Math Problem (please help)

    IF x = 3 How much is 2(6x) + 2 (W)

    asked by Anonymous
  152. Humanities

    It is called post modern world, it is a humanities class, i have to write a 500 word essay on the poem "English girl eats her first mango" by John Agard. (a kind of love poem) If I did tell she hold this gold of sundizzy tonguelicking juicy mouthwater flow

    asked by Amber
  153. Algebra Grade 10

    A man wants to create a Japanese garden with a parabolic footbridge to cross the creek in front of his garden. The bridge needs to span 5 meters and - according to the design he has selected - is 2 meters tall at the apex. Find a quadratic model that

    asked by Hannah
  154. Grade 9 Math

    how would you expand: -(w - 30)^2 + 80w + 600

    asked by Tenneal
  155. Numerical Analysis

    Consider the equation 8x^4 − 12x^3 + 6x^2 − x = 0. For each of the two solutions x = 0 and x = 1/2, decide whether the Bisection Method or Newton’s method will converge faster (say to eight place accuracy), without running the calculation. I don't

    asked by Ashley
  156. science

    if the paramecium overheats, what could happen to the metabolism

    asked by tom
  157. Science (college level)

    1. What solar temp is needed for the peak intensity of radiation to occue at .2 micrometers? Remembering that humans can see light only between .4 and .7 microns, would the sun look brighter or dimmer at this new temp? 2. How much variation in earth

    asked by Jason
  158. computer science

    CSI 16 1 Group Assignment 1 201 3 P age 2 of 6 1. 1. How many milliseconds (ms) are in 1 second? 2. How many microseconds are in 1 second? 3. How many nanoseconds (ns) are in 1 millisecond? 4. How many microseconds are in 1 millisecond? 5. How many

    asked by Tefo sello
  159. social studies check

    Which of these is a non-monetary positive incentive for entrepreneurs? a) the need to hire and train workers *** b)the risk of starting a new enterprise c) the satisfaction of creating new products d) the responsibilities of running a business Pete's

    asked by taylor
  160. computer science

    Under the Von Neumann architecture, a program and its data are both stored in memory. It is therefore possible for a program, thinking a me mory location holds a piece of data when it actually holds a program instruction, to accidentally (or on purpose)

    asked by Tefo sello

    How do the indicators work , by changing color ?

    asked by MAD
  162. MATHS

    Calculate the probability of withdrawing 13 balls of yellow color in 16 draws from a bag of 93 balls having 38 red, 34 yellow and 21 pink balls.

    asked by SR
  163. Art

    The picture is of colorful clogs. Through this collection, you can gain a better understanding of all of the following except. A. The history and traditions of a group of people. B. The diversity of a group of people during a specific time period. C. The

    asked by Gwen
  164. math

    What is a proper factor?

    asked by Lauren
  165. programming

    write a program that performs a survey tally on vehicle. The program should prompt for the next person until a sentinel value of -1 is entered to terminate the program. Each person participating in the survey should choose their favorite from the following

    asked by Anonymous
  166. science

    what the heck ms.sue you literally skipped over my question. i've been next to my computer screen waiting for you to answer my question.

    asked by tom
  167. programming

    write a program that performs a survey tally on vehicle. The program should prompt for the next person until a sentinel value of -1 is entered to terminate the program. Each person participating in the survey should choose their favorite from the following

    asked by Anonymous
  168. Algebra

    Find the value of x for which the area is a maximum: A = 800 + 20x - 1/2x^2

    asked by Hannah
  169. Math

    Wile E. Coyote catapults himself off of a 500 ft. cliff with an initial velocity of 20 ft/sec. His height t seconds after catapulting is given by the function h(t) = −16t2 + 20t + 500 . (Note the y-intercept of (0, 500). a. Find his maximum height (Hint:

    asked by Irina
  170. Math

    Find the equation for the exponential function that passes through the pairs of points given. Through (-1,2) and (3,1). I don't know if this is the right way to work this or what the next step is i am just very confused. Please help, thank you! y=Ab^x

    asked by Student
  171. Physics help please!

    Explain why the sum of the masses of the uranium nucleus and of the neutron does not equal the total mass of the products of the reaction. I guess its a theory question. Someone please explain!

    asked by Ariana
  172. math

    The machining center at a production facility has three lathes of differing ages and thus precision. The oldest, machine A, produces finished units of product of which 88% are good, 8% are blemished, and 4% unusable. Machine B produces 92% good, 6%

    asked by samuel
  173. physics

    A car begins at rest at t0 = 0. The car starts moving and finally covers a distance d = 617 m in a time tf = 105 s. In a coordinate system with north being the positive x-direction, the car's motion is in the southern direction. What was the car's average

    asked by joe new
  174. chemistry

    Calculate the final temperature of 30mL of ethanol initially at 15∘C upon absorption of 913J of heat. (density of ethanol =0.789 g/mL)

    asked by Lisa
  175. English 1

    In "A Cub Pilot" the author says: "Judgement is a matter of brains, and a man must start with a good stock of that article, or he will never succeed as a pilot." Which of the following best restates the author's idea? A: Riverboat pilots must have good

    asked by Skye
  176. chemistry

    How many kilowatt-hours of energy are necessary to heat the air in the house from 9∘C to 30∘C? The heat capacity of air is 1.03 J/g∘C.A room contains 45kg of air.

    asked by Lisa
  177. chemistry

    25.6mL of ethanol (density =0.789 g/mL) initially at 5.4∘C is mixed with 30.4mL of water (density = 1.0 g/mL) initially at 20.4∘C in an insulated beaker.Assuming that no heat is lost, what is the final temperature of the mixture?

    asked by Lisa
  178. English 1

    Which of the following is a characteristic of the young narrator in the memoir "A Cub Pilot" A: frantic B: pious C: discouraged D: incompetent

    asked by Skye
  179. chemistry

    when 21.6g of carbon were burned in the presence of 73.9g of oxygen 16.3g of oxygen remain unreacted. What mass of carbon dioxide was produced

    asked by Anonymous
  180. math

    In a class90% of the students were present on a certain day. if there were only 36 students present on that day. how many students were absent?

    asked by Kanishk
  181. College Algebra

    A boy can row a boat at a constant rate of 5 mi/hr in still water, as indicated in the figure. He rows upstream for 24 minutes and then rows downstream, returning to his starting point in another 16 minutes. (Round your answers to two decimal places.) (A)

    asked by Ashton