Questions Asked on
September 6, 2014

  1. Physics

    You toss a tennis ball straight upward. At the moment it leaves your hand it is at a height of 1.5 m above the ground, and it is moving at a speed of 8.0 m/s. (a) How much time does it take for the tennis ball to reach its maximum height? (b) What is the

    asked by John
  2. English 10

    This poem describes a train as if it were a horse. Examine the imagery of the stanza in bold. What does it describe? A) The rumbling a train makes as it passes by B) The smell of train tracks after a train has gone C) The sound a train makes as it blows

    asked by Pan
  3. English

    My father was a hard working man but didn't earn much money. Is this sentence correctly punctuated?

    asked by Laurie
  4. Math

    A pilot flies in a straight path for 1 h 30 min. She then makes a course correction, heading 10 degrees to the right of her original course, and flies 2 h in the new direction. If she maintains a constant speed of 655 mi/h, how far is she from her starting

    asked by Jason Q.
  5. prod and oper management

    Hahn Manufacturing purchases a key component of one of its products from a local supplier. The current purchase price is $1,500 per unit. Efforts to standardize parts succeeded to the point that this same component can now be used in five different

    asked by katy
  6. maths

    Two tangents XY and XZ are drawn from a point X to a circle with center W.If the length of XZ is 156 and the length YZ is 120,find the radius of the circle.

    asked by Nitumoni
  7. math 1 question

    Suppose you are building a brick border for a garden by stacking rows of bricks on top of each other. If the height of each brick is 2.5 inches and r represents the number of rows, which algebraic expression would represent the height of the brick wall?

    asked by SkatingDJ
  8. Chemistry

    What is the volume of 1.25 lb of mercury? The density of mercury is 13.546g/mL.

    asked by Hannah
  9. english

    it is a conversation between two friends about their journey to London. John asked Lee what he talked with the travel agent regarding their journey to London. Then, Lee told that the agent informed him that it takes some more time, at least one week. For

    asked by Ramesh Reddy
  10. Science

    Why are aboriginal clan systems considered human social systems?

    asked by Veronica
  11. chemistry

    which of the following statements correctly describes energy levels? A. Electrons can never move to a higher or lower energy level. B. In its outermost energy level, oxygen has 4 valence electrons C. The Second energy level holds a maximum of eight

    asked by Hideko
  12. Algebra

    Bill can mow his mother's lawn in 45 minutes. His brother Jim can mow it in 75 minutes. How long will it take them to do it together? Can someone help with with the work? But also an explanation of how it works? I want to understand this so I don't miss it

    asked by Eliza
  13. information technology

    While doing online research you enter this keyword search with a truncation character: man* Which of the following would not be a possible response to your search? (Points : 1) Mansion Men Mantle Manny

    asked by Rena
  14. Math

    Lindsey buy s a bag of each size of bouncy ball. She wants to put the same number of each size of bouncy ball into 5 party-favor bags. How many of each size of bouncy ball which she put in a bag?

    asked by Pietro
  15. Physics

    1.A bus travels 400 m between two stops. It starts from rest and accelerates at 1.50 m/s^2 until it reaches a velocity of 9.00 m/s. The bus continues at this velocity and then decelerates at 2 m/s^2 until it comes to a halt. Find the total time required

    asked by Anonymous
  16. physics

    a fire hose hold near the ground shoots water at speed of 6.8 m/s at what angle(s) should the nozzle point in order that the water land 2 dm away why are there two diffent angles?

    asked by kit flores
  17. Chemistry

    Why are alum rystals not supposed to washed in pure water?

    asked by Anoymous
  18. statistics

    Define the concept of independent events with regards to probability. Provide an example of an event that is independent and an event that is not independent

    asked by thankyou
  19. Computer Programming

    Need Python pseudocode and program that asks the user to enter the number of packages purchased. The program should then display the amount of the discount (if any)and the total amount of the purchase after the discount. Software co. sells a pkg that

    asked by Linda
  20. Statistics

    Event A occurs with probability 0.1 and event B with probability 0.5 A) What is the maximum probability that the intersection of A and B can have? B) What is the minimum probability that the intersection of A and B can have? C) If it is know that P(A

    asked by Rebekah
  21. precalculus

    The equation of the line joining the complex numbers -5 + 4i and 7 + 2i can be expressed in the form az + b \overline{z} = 38 for some complex numbers a and b. Find the product ab. I can get the equation of the line by slope intercept but I don't know how

    asked by Jamie
  22. Engineering

    A box with an open top is to be made from a square piece of cardboard by cutting equal squares from the corners and turning up the sides. If the piece of cardboard measures 12 in on the side, find the size of the squares that must be cut out to yield the

    asked by Trisha
  23. Math

    An all girl college began enrolling boys in 2005. By 2012 the ratio of boys to girls was 3 to 7. If there are 200 more girls than boys how many boys are there?

    asked by Michelle
  24. Math

    In above triangular prism,ab=3cm,ac=4cm,bc=5cm and cd12 cm,show that triangle ABC is a right-angled triangle

    asked by Paula
  25. chemistry

    What is the approximate Cl–Ca–F bond angle in the following molecule?

    asked by Chiongo
  26. chemistry

    Write the anodic reaction for the electrolysis of concentrated zinc chloride solution. (a) Using plantium electrodes. (b) Using zinc electrodes

    asked by Shane
  27. Stats

    A sample of 400 items is taken from a population whose standard deviation is 10. The mean of the sample is 40. Test whether the sample has come from a population with mean 38. Also calculate 95% confidence interval for the population.

    asked by Mritunjay
  28. thcs do can


    asked by dinh thu phuong
  29. physics

    A bus accelerates at 1.4 m/s2 from rest for 14 s. It then travels at constant speed for 23 s, after which it slows to a stop with an acceleration of magnitude 1.3 m/s2.

    asked by su_pona
  30. Geometry

    W, R, and S are points on a number line, and W is the midpoint of point RS. For each pair of coordinates given, find the coordinate of the third point. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. R=4, S=-6 Answer: W=-1 2. W=-4, S=2 Answer: R=-10 *Could you please

    asked by Anonymous
  31. physical science

    A simple lever is used to lift a heavy load. When a 60-N force pushes one end of the lever down 1.2 m, the load rises 0.2 m. Show what the weight of the load is 360N.

    asked by ann
  32. statistics

    At a school consists of 62% undergraduate, 55% of the students are males, and 48% of the undergraduate students are male. a. Determine the probability that a randomly selected student is either male or an undergraduate b. Illustrate the probabilities using

    asked by thankyou
  33. Physics II

    What is the sign and magnitude of a point charge that produces a potential of -2.00 V at a distance of 3.00 mm?

    asked by Steve
  34. Chemistry

    Find the pH of 1.0E-8 M H2S04 (H2SO4 2H^+ + SO4^2-) I have got answer to be 7.70, can you confirm the answer for me please? If it is not good, i'll be very grateful if you could leave some guides.

    asked by Matt
  35. statistics

    Define each of the following probability terms for the scenario of determining the probability that when a couple has 3 children, they will have exactly 2 boys. Assume that boys and girls are equally likely and that the gender of any child is not

    asked by thankyou
  36. statistics

    Determine the probability that the single card drawn from a standard 52-card deck is a four, a five, or a spade. Illustrate the probabilities using a Venn Diagram

    asked by thankyou
  37. Physics

    What is the connection between Weber’s Law, Fechner’s Law, and Steven’s Power Law

    asked by Vanessa
  38. algebra

    Help me Solve 1. (2p2 + 7p - 39) ÷(2p-7) 2 (n3 + 7n2 + 14n + 3) ÷ (n +2) 3. (p3-10p2 + 20p + 26) ÷ (p-5) 4. (v3- 2v2 -14v - 5) ÷ (v + 3) 5 ( x3 - 13x2 + 40x + 18) ÷ (x -7)

    asked by bheng
  39. Math

    Write the opposite of 0 Celsius and 32f temperature as integer. Plz help

    asked by Pam
  40. algebra

    a car rental company has two rental rates. Rate 1 is $56 per day plus $.16 per mile. Rate 2 is $112 per day plus $.08 per mile. If you plan to rent for one week, how many miles would you need to drive to pay less by taking Rate 2?

    asked by wanita
  41. CHEM 1A

    Can someone please help me..... I have limited reactant formula problem. I am completely lost. 2Ca(s) + O2(g) ----> 2CaO(s) Calculate the mass of Calcium Oxide that can be prepared from 6.87g of Ca and 4.58g of O2. I calculated 2Ca to .171mol and O2 to

    asked by Chad
  42. Pre-Cal

    There exist two complex numbers c, say c1 and c2, so that 2 + 2i, 5 + i, and c form the vertices of an equilateral triangle. Find the product c1 c2. I need help

    asked by Aditya
  43. Physics II

    What is the sign and magnitude of a point charge that produces a potential of -2.00 V at a distance of 3.00 mm?

    asked by Anonymous
  44. physics

    In reaching her destination, a backpacker walks with an average velocity of 1.22 m/s, due west. This average velocity results, because she hikes for 5.61 km with an average velocity of 2.69 m/s due west, turns around, and hikes with an average velocity of

    asked by Adel
  45. Chemistry

    A farmer supplies 1250.0 kg of a fertilizer that contains 10& nitrogen to his fields each year. Fifteen percent of the fertilizer washes into a river that runs through the farm. If the river flows at an average rate of 0.165 cubic feet per second, what is

    asked by David Cardenas
  46. physics

    A flat circular plate of copper has a radius of 0.278 m and a mass of 42.6 kg. What is the thickness of the plate? answer in units of m

    asked by Anonymous
  47. college algebra

    A large rectangular movie screen in an IMAX theater has an area of 7200 square feet. Find the dimensions of the screen if it is 10 feet longer than the width.

    asked by jai
  48. physics

    Two objects with masses 2.0 and 3.0 kg move toward each other, both with speeds V0 = 5.0 m/s. They collide head on and stick together. (a) Calculate their final velocity. (b) Calculate the amount of kinetic energy lost during the process. (c) Suppose the

    asked by Physics
  49. Physics

    A wooden bridge crossing a canyon consists of a plank with length density λ = 2 kg/m suspended at h = 10.0 m below a tree branch by two ropes of length L = 2h and with a maximum rated tension of 2000 N, which are attached to the ends of the plank, as

    asked by Giancarlo
  50. chem help plz

    While in Europe, if you drive 125km per day, how much money would you spend on gas in one week if gas costs 1.10 euros per liter and your car's gas mileage is 22.0mi/gal ? Assume that 1euro=1.26dollars.

    asked by ityi
  51. American Constitution Law

    Please help with this Law question: If a criminal defendant goes to trial but the case ends with a hung jury, can the government retry the defendant on the same charges? Why or why not? A. No. The double jeopardy clause prohibits it. B. No. The double

    asked by Pat
  52. Geometry

    Find the indicated values. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. B is between A and C. AB=2x+1, BC=3x-4, and AC=62. Find the value of 'x' and determine if B is a bisector. X=13 Is it a bisector? Yes 2. M is between L and N. LM=7x-1, MN=2x+4, and LN=12. Find

    asked by Anonymous
  53. Amrican Constitutional Law

    Police obtain a search warrant for Mary's house to search for cocaine. While executing the search warrant, the police look in a closet and find a sawed-off shotgun. The gun will be: A. admissible if it was immediately apparent as contraband. B. admissible

    asked by Pat
  54. Geometry

    Points EC bisects points AD at C. For each of the following, find the value of 'x' and the measure of the indicated segment. Please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. AC= 3x+6 and CD=2x+14 x=_______ AC=______ Answer: x=8 AC= 30 2. AC= 5x-8 and CD=16-3x x=______

    asked by Anonymous

    3 friend's A,B,C went for weekend party to mc Donalad's restruant and there they measure their weights in some oder in 7 rounds. A,B,C,AB,BC,AC,ABC. Final round measure is 155 kg then find the average weight of all the 7 rounds.

  56. Calculus

    Two points P and Q are connected by a straight road of length d. At time t = 0, a car starts driving from P to Q at a constant speed c. At t = 0, a bee starts flying from Q toward the car at a constant speed b > c, and takes a zig-zagging path, reversing

    asked by Robert
  57. Chemistry

    How many molecules of PbCl2 are produced when 5.00 g of Pb(NO3)2 reacts with HCl?

    asked by Kee
  58. physics

    A skateboarder shoots off a ramp with a velocity of 6.4 m/s, directed at an angle of 54° above the horizontal. The end of the ramp is 1.4 m above the ground. Let the x axis be parallel to the ground, the +y direction be vertically upward, and take as the

    asked by Anonymous
  59. English/Grammar help

    The sentences below have transitive verbs so each verb has a direct object. Read each sentences and underline its direct object. (Underline the subject once, and double underline the action verb and circle the do.) please correct me if I'm wrong! 5. He

    asked by Anonymous
  60. science

    How far does your automobile travel in meters during your reaction time if you are moving at 55 mi/h (25 m/s)?

    asked by Nicole
  61. Physics

    A ball is thrown vertically upward from the ground with a speed of 36.0 m/s.Suppose the acceleration of gravity were only 2.00 m/s^2 instead of 9.80 m/s^2 a)At what time does it have a velocity of 12.0 m/s upward? b)At what time does it have a velocity of

    asked by Celine
  62. Algebra III

    How do I determine the dimensions of the following matrix product? A 2x3 * B 3x5 ??

    asked by Kylie
  63. physics

    A spacecraft of mass 3.5 x 102kg was moving at 1.5 x 102ms-1 when its motor, operating at 8.4 x 102 kW fired for 5.0s Find the new velocity acquired by the spacecraft I don't know how to find the new velocity i found the work Power = w/t 840 x 5 = W 4200J

    asked by john
  64. Math

    A tank is filling with water from a natural spring. Two days ago the water was 10 feet deep, and yesterday the water was 12 feet deep. Assume that the water depth continues to rise at this same rate after today

    asked by Anna
  65. Chemistry

    determine the location of the non significant zeros by rewriting the number and placing a bar over the zeroes that are not significant. 1. 8040 2. 4.2 x 10^5 3. 4.70 x 10^-6

    asked by Anonymous
  66. English

    how do I start an Auto Biography? I mean what sentence should i start it with?

    asked by AJ

    Describe the correct technique for reading the meniscus of a solution in the buret.

    asked by Josh
  68. english

    2. In "The Censors," it is ironic that the Censorship Division doesn’t bother to check Juan’s __________ before hiring him. (1 point) mail references health pockets

    asked by stacey
  69. statistics

    A survey was conducted at a school to determine how many students use the outside recreational areas for studying versus recreational. Out of 43 students at the park 25 students were not studying. What is the probability that you would come across a

    asked by thankyou
  70. Chemistry

    A 14.0 kg sample of lead is measured out at 4 oC. Using the table on page 34, what is the specific gravity of lead?

    asked by Izzy
  71. Chemistry

    A 14.0 kg sample of lead is measured out at 4 oC. what is the specific gravity of lead?

    asked by Izzy
  72. English

    The sentences below have transitive verbs so each verb has a direct object. Read each sentences and underline its direct object. (Underline the subject once, and double underline the action verb and circle the do.) please correct me if I'm wrong! 1. Sam

    asked by Anonymous
  73. geometry help needed.

    I have a rectangle here with triangles inside. some triangles are blank others are shaded. -The area of the rectangle ABCD is 40in^2. What is the area of the unshaded region?

    asked by rami
  74. Math

    When you calculate a mean, the sign of the quotient always depend on the sign of the dividend. Why?

    asked by Fawn

    What are the possible sources of error in using a graduated pipet? in using a buret?

    asked by jessy
  76. Math

    What would be the new ordered pairs of reflecting the points (-1, 5), (-2, 2), (3, 2), and (2, 5)?

    asked by Anonymous
  77. Chemistry

    Give the number of significan figures and decimal places in each of the following: 1. 80750 X 10^-2 2. 9.9000 X 10^8 3. 30.366 X 10^4 cm^3 4. 0.11692 X 10^-5

    asked by Anonymous
  78. math

    A Norman window has the shape of a rectangle surmounted by a semicircle. If the perimeter of the window is 16.200 ft. give the area A of the window in square feet when the width is 3.000 ft.

    asked by luis
  79. (Please Help!) Analytic Geometry

    Find the equation of the parabola with directrix x + 1 = 0 and y = 1, and the length of the latus rectum is 4. Sketch the graph.

    asked by Jnr John
  80. Physics Help!!!!

    Describe what it means (describe the motion) if the acceleration vector has the same direction as the velocity vectors, and what it means if the acceleration vector has the opposite direction as the velocity vectors. Consider all four possibilities and

    asked by Layla
  81. Algebra

    Suppose that A = D + E and that D/A = 0.80. Solve for D/E. These are the steps I have taken, but I don't know how to proceed. 1. Divide A = D + E by A. 2. 1 = .80 + E/A 3. .20 = E/A 4. A/A = 1, D/A = .80, E/A = .20.

    asked by Eliza
  82. chemistry

    In the electrolytic refining of copper, write equation for the reaction of the impure copper.

    asked by Shane
  83. math

    A triangle having three equal sides is necessary and sufficient for a triangle having three equal angles

    asked by Anonymous
  84. math

    what is the reciprocal of 8??? i don't get how to do it.... can someone explain it???

    asked by Eden S.
  85. Law of Sines

    In Triangle ABC, a=15cm, c=9cm, and angle C= 35 degrees. Find b and angle b. (Recall sin theta= sin (180 degrees-theta). I'm not sure how to approach this.

    asked by Richard
  86. maths

    10th term of series

    asked by sutej.ym


    asked by ASHMITA
  88. visual arts

    What are the 7 principles of design

    asked by kamala
  89. Chemistry

    A gold cube that measures 3.00 cm on each side is lowered into a volumetric cylinder that has an initial reading of 5.75 mL. What will be the new water level?

    asked by Izzy
  90. Chemistry

    A gold nugget that weighs 20.053 g on the balance is lowered into a graduated cylinder filled with ethanol. If the initial ethanol level was 10.10 mL, what will the final ethanol level be?

    asked by Izzy
  91. Math

    Use ,or = |-8| _ -9 |-7| _ -8

    asked by Fawn
  92. Physics for Technology

    I have been out of school 27 years; no Algebra or Trigonometry training: only remedial math. This class is part of a Diploma program, no placement test required - I am out of my depth. I had a tutor for an hour last Tues., with another appt. this Tues.

    asked by James
  93. Math

    The air temperature is -10 degree Celsius. With the wind blowing at a speed of 15 km/h, this temperate feels like -17 degrees Celsius. How many degrees does the temperature change because pf the wind chill?

    asked by Anna
  94. MATH HEL PLZ!!!!

    what is the reciprocal of 8??? i don't get how to do it.... can someone explain it???

    asked by Eden S.
  95. science

    What are macro-nutrients?

    asked by karishma borah
  96. Teaching 4Grade Math

    You play your Xbox 360 every day for a month. Each week you realize that every time you play, your battery lift goes down by 5% each week. Say you don’t play for two weeks, how much %___ are you saving a week by not playing.

    asked by Dawn
  97. geography

    hello. I am a 7th grader and can you please help me in the topic realms of the earth?

    asked by spandana
  98. government

    favorite theory of government? background information: how i would pursuade ppl those who have different opinion might say: i response i would say:

    asked by reina
  99. math

    Write an equation which models how old in years each of you will be when you are three times as old as the younger person use age 10 and 48?

    asked by Pamela
  100. Algebra

    What would be the new ordered pairs of reflecting the figure formed by (-1, 5), (-2, 2), (3, 2), and (2, 5)?

    asked by Anonymous
  101. chemistry

    what topics are under periodic chemistry?

    asked by Elikem
  102. chemistery

    can you help me in elements and compounds?

    asked by spandana
  103. AP CAlc. AB

    limit x->0 (3k+k(x^2) sin(1/x)), if k is a positive constant

    asked by Lily
  104. physiscs

    if the largest mass that you could lift on earth is 150 Kg. What is the largest mass you could lift on the moon. My work 150kg/10NKg x/1.6Nkg on earth on the moon =24 kg on the moon

    asked by mickalia
  105. Science of the Atmosphere

    What is the temperature of air, given P= 90 kPA and the pressure is 1.0 kg(m^-3)? Thanks!

    asked by Rebekah